Series Of Fine Art Star Trek Prints Launching Thursday With New ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Poster

Fans of the first Star Trek movie are about to get a fresh look at the 23rd-century odyssey. Vice Press will be releasing a series of posters and fine art prints, starting with new film posters for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Vice Press Star Trek fine art prints

The UK-based pop culture outfit Vice Press will launch its Star Trek line on Thursday, September 21st, 2023. Many prominent artists will contribute works to the series, however, the Star Trek: The Motion Picture art will be done by Matt Ferguson, one of Vice Press’ founding partners. Ferguson’s design will be a strong callback to the original 1977 poster art, but with a fresh composition aligning Ilia, V’Ger, and the refit USS Enterprise. Two limited editions will be available, a regular edition featuring English text and a rainbow foil edition featuring Japanese text.

Regular edition TMP poster

Matt Ferguson opted to take the lead in the poster series because he’s a longtime fan:

Star Trek has always been a part my life. I come from a family of Trekkies, so for me getting to make new Star Trek art for my own company is such a thrill. I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got cooking! Engage!

Japanese-type foil edition

The project is a great example of “alternative poster art,” a trend that has been growing in popularity among sci-fi fans and film enthusiasts for years. While a movie’s original poster art will always be iconic, that poster’s job was to sell the film to fresh audiences. Fans who have grown to love a movie for years often appreciate a poster designed for them, one which might offer more detailed visuals, more references to the story, or could simply use a more fitting art style. Alternative poster art is frequently the work of independent illustrators, but occasionally, a company such as Vice Press will obtain the license to produce the work commercially. Ferguson explains the distinction between original poster art collectors and alternative poster art fans in an interview with unLTD:

I’ve always said that I’m not making posters for people who collect posters; I’m making posters for people who like the thing the posters are about. So, if I make a Jaws poster, it’s for the people who like that film, and not really for the hardcore collectors out there. It’s allowed us to open what we do up to more people.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster will be available for sale at 6PM UK time (1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific) on September 21st. The regular edition will be £39.99 (about $52) and limited to 200 prints. The rainbow foil edition will be £49.99 (about $65) and be limited to 175 prints. Both will measure 24×36 inches. You can order them directly from

More Star Trek art from Vice coming

The TMP poster is just the beginning. Vice Press has announced that future posters will also play homage to the original Star Trek movie posters, but also feature new designs as well. Classic pieces in the series will include remastered editions of Bob Peak’s original Star Trek movie posters. There will also be new pieces by other artists such as Florey, Paul Shipper, Rachael Stott, and Danny Schlitz.

They have released some teaser images for some of the remastered Bob Peak posters…

Tease for Bob Peak Star Trek: The Motion Picture II remaster

Tease for Bob Peak Star Trek: The Motion Picture II remaster

Tease for Bob Peak Star Trek II remaster

Tease for Bob Peak Star Trek II remaster

Vice also teased a couple of newly designed Paul Shipper prints themed around Star Trek: The Next Generation

Tease for Paul Shipper TNG poster

Tease for Paul Shipper TNG poster

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming Star Trek art from Vice here at TrekMovie.

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Paul Shipper is the best poster artist in the biz today. Really captures the artistic side of poster art.

well….these look like they’ll be awesome. Pity I don’t have the wall space!

That new TMP poster is incredible

Don’t like them. The art is as stiff as the movie.

So it’s completely the opposite of your….

Got to have the Japanese version of TMP poster!!!

I’m a huge TMP fan. I want that poster! It’s stunning!


Bob Peak’s work doesnt need reimagining, anymore than 2001’s vfx need an uprez (as if you could uprez 70mm.)

“Come come, Mr. Scott, young minds, fresh ideas; be tolerant.”

“I don’t think these kids know how to steer.”


Beautiful work!

How disappointing that they sold out so fast today.

This company really underestimated the fan market for this and I’m not too impressed. I had to work today so it wasn’t able to instantly login and grab on. From $15,000 starship models to artwork posters that don’t have enough stock, the Star Trek merchandise market continues to amaze me on how pathetic it is.