‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Teases Season 5 “Surprises” For Weekend Panel At Brazil’s CCXP [UPDATED]

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery is set to arrive in early 2024, but there haven’t been any official updates since San Diego Comic-Con in July. That will change this weekend, as Paramount+ is holding an official Discovery panel at CCXP in Brazil.

Disco in São Paulo

Today São Paulo, Brazil began hosting CCXP 2023, the biggest pop culture convention in Latin America. Paramount+ has staked out Saturday for a panel highlighting four original shows—including Discovery. The press release states “Fans will see exclusive first looks and hear from the stars of Halo, Star Trek: Discovery, The Thundermans Return and more.” The release also promises “exclusive, never-before-seen content and other surprises” for the panel. Specifically for Discovery, Paramount+ is sending series star Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham) along with executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise. The Paramount+ panel begins at 4:15 PM local time (2:15 PM ET / 11:15 AM PT).

This morning on Twitter/X, Michelle Paradise teased “surprises” for Discovery:

This will be the first major event that both actors and writer/producers could attend since the double strikes hit Hollywood. Paramount+ will likely use CCXP to set a specific release date for season 5. It also sounds like there will be more footage and/or imagery for Discovery released. TrekMovie will report on any new announcements or releases coming out of CCXP.

Paramount+ is also on the convention floor offering interactive experiences and themed photo opportunities for many of its shows, including Star Trek: Discovery. Paramount+ Brasil posted videos from the show floor showing off the captain’s chair.

UPDATE: Sonequa’s message to Brazil

On Thursday evening Sonequa Martin-Green posted an Instagram video from her flight to Sao Paulo talking about how excited she is to go to Brazil for the first time and promising “lots more to come” from the panel.

Final season to be an “epic adventure”

Co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman did attend the Star Trek Universe Panel at New York Comic-Con held in October during the SAG strike, just days after the WGA strike ended. There were no announcements or releases related to Discovery, but he did speak about the final season:

“We have finished it. It will be airing early next year. It’s an incredibly satisfying ending to a show that is so near and dear to my heart. Sonequa Martin-Green gave the performance of her life. I think you guys are going to love it.”

Previously released image of Sonequa Martin-Green in Discovery season 5

As previously announced, the fifth and final season of Discovery is moving away from the usual galaxy-ending storylines, with the showrunner promising a shift in tone to more action and adventure. The official description of the season is:

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well … dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

In addition to Martin-Green, the returning cast includes Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), and Blu del Barrio (Adira).

The first teaser for season 5 was released at New York Comic Con over 13 months ago. Paramount+ also released a clip of the opening 5 minutes of the season premiere at San Diego Comic-Con in July. You can see both below.

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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A new trailer and premiere date, 1000%. Not my favorite new Trek, but I’m glad it’s back for a final season.

I’m glad as well, but I’m more hyped about season two of Prodigy on Netflix, season five of Lower Decks on Paramount+ and season three of Strange New Worlds on that same streamer.

Looking forward to seeing new episodes though i still find it sad that Discovery is coming to an end as it has been the best of the modern Treks and quickly became my 2nd favourite Trek show.

No one can deny that the show has been a success (and that is a fact) for Paramount and ignited a new era of Trek shows. It is sad that the shows life was cut short because of Paramount’s financial trouble but at the end it has gotten 5 seasons for which we should be grateful and again that is a sign of success that no one can twist or deny.

I hope we will see these awesome group of characters again in the future.

All good things……

And also Discovery…

especially Discovery …

Queue up the same group who always complains about discovery on nearly every article, but who always hypocritically dole out the fake outrage on me in spades when I dare to be critical of lower decks on some of those articles.

;-) lol

I will definitely call you out with the Lower Decks posts… but I actually enjoy all the new Trek that has been produced. And I am sad that this will be the last season of Discovery. Nothing hypocritical about me.

Fair enough!

At least it tried after season 2 to not just be another prequel show. I swear the people who make trek are obsessed with going backwards in Trek timeline. Why FFS. I really don’t get it since Voyager, 3 Movies and 3 Series going backwards. I am losing interest big time in Star Trek, it is stagnating in it’s own past. 25th century is what a huge trek fandom wants.
Make it so…..

Well said!

Here comes the eternal victim again. Nobody’s criticizing anything. Calm down.

Lol, I clearly thought it was funny. You’re the one who needs to calm down, dude.

Again, your fake outrage on me — Thanks for proving my point for me! Lol

“Again, your fake outrage on me”. Thanks for proving my point. Sorry you missed the Black Friday diaper and pacifier sale.

Yeah, I should have joined you for that sale.

Persecution complex much, there?

Nope, just ironically laughing out loud. I think the hypocrisy is hilarious and entertaining.

I love how most folks here cannot handle a difference of opinion. Warms the cockles of my heart.


with the showrunner promising a shift in tone to more action and adventure

How is this different than any other season?

It’s not. I tend to not read whatever a showrunner will say about his or her series. It’s always word salad hype in an over enthusiastic tone. I’m getting too old to be taken for an idiot.

I wish I liked Discovery more. Still, exploring the galaxy with Starfleet is always good…

Another season of Discovery from Michelle Paradise, another shift in tone. They have no idea what they’re doing. Apart from casting choices.

There’s nothing wrong with shifting the tone to keep things interesting. It just has to be good.

Captain Michael Burnham is the greatest captain in Star Trek history.


After Captain Nog

Dude, being a little hard on Noggles there… especially when one Capt. John Harriman of the Enterprise-B holds a place in the annals of Starfleet captain history.

Interesting point, how many new characters post the Berman era could be compared to legacy characters like Nog, Bashir, O’Brien, Kira Nerys, Odo, Sisko etc etc did we ever get the characters we want with “Nu-Trek”? and even where they are revisiting legacy characters with new actors as with the JJ Movies and SNW are we happy with the re-interpretations? I am not saying any more than that at the risk of being censored, I have strong opinions on Star Trek as it is the greatest work of media ever created (up to a point) but I do love debate & discussion, the end of this show here is giving us a chance to bring some of these points out. As I said on another post, Saru is a character that I hope we will see for many more years to come. I would have said Capt Shaw too from PIC but they went and killed him off. I think those are the only 2 characters that have made any impact for me personally in the last 20 years of “Nu-Trek” but would love to hear what other fans think.

You’re so right! Burnham only irritates me, all the new Picard characters were a snoozefest, Raffi being particularly insufferable, all this stuff is just so weak. I don’t watch “Silly Trek” as I call it with Lower Decks and frankly SNW also. I actually don’t watch much of any NuTrek – I’ve only season Disco S1, LD S1, Picard S1 and 3, a few eps of SNW and none of Prodigy. I think it’s all pretty much schlock except for Picard S3. I don’t mind that they’re taking the storytelling in new directions, I just wish I *cared* about the stories they’re telling, and that’s down to the characters and the way they’re (not) written. But I’m also glad the shows have found their fans and are keeping Trek alive to some degree.

Absolutely looking forward to this. I’m okay not getting much new footage. I’d rather be surprised, so I’m good with just a premiere date.

The only “surprise” that I wanna hear is that the final season doesn’t suck like the previous seasons. I’m so glad this show is ending.

So predictably funny how Silvereyes has nothing to say on these types of posts… The “Silvereyes DSC Free Pass” lives! Lol

If I dared to say something this negative on LDS that dude would be all over me, and he knows it…freaking hilarious! Lol

Well. I’ve only mentioned my disdain for Disco a handful of times now. You however, spam the boards with your dislike for a couple of the shows ad nauseam. You might want to tone it down a bit – Friendly Advice.

I’m actually looking forward to Discovery. I’ll criticize it if it warrants criticism, but I’m giving S5 a chance.

And again, if you have something to say to me put your big boy pants on and have the courage to say it directly to me and not go behind my back replying to another poster.

You’re clearly looking for a confrontation but dude, I’ll do you a big favour and not engage…

I’m just going to do like so many others here and ignore your posts. You are just too dense. My cat gives me more intellectual stimulation than you. Just a matter of time when you’ll get banned again anyway.

Again, the hypocrisy. Last week you were commenting to others about my post being critical of the Silly Tilly BS name calling (instead of addressing me directly). So you give yourself a free pass there too.

You have a completely different set of rules here on how you expect me to comment versus how you yourself comment, and the sadly humorous thing is that you don’t event realize it? Look, I like you, dude and enjoy our conversations, but you have been constantly “lecturing me” over and over the past three weeks on so many of my posts, which looks to be something new and targeted at me? I can take it though, provided you stop this facade that you have this moral high ground — that’s just not credible.

This is classic narcissism, I hope you understand that.

I like that Discovery banner of Burnham. I whip my hair back and forth! I hope they bring it to a satisfying conclusion!!

I just hope we see more SARU in future. At the risk of my posts being censored that is all I will say about Discovery.

I think we should all appreciate the fact that Discovery was the show that brought this new age of Trek back and made it an ongoing success that it is now. While the quality of the show varied over the course of its run (I still prefer the first season barring those horrible klingon designs) I think it accomplished what it was trying to do. I also think that this is the ideal time for the show to bow out as more than this would have overstayed its welcome and less would have made it inaccessible in the long run. So as the first of many I think the show was a success but in terms of its storytelling quality I think that is debatable.

Discovery did successfully launch Trek on television again. It successfully piloted Strange New Worlds. Beyond that, the show seems creatively cursed. Its premise was crippled from the beginning when its creator was fired, and its characters never seemed fully formed, despite multiple attempts to fix them. Some people like the show, and they at least get a final season to enjoy.

You are correct about the show not starting on a good note – Fuller was the one with the original concept and how he wanted it to be. But the show was never an ensemble show, and the focus was always supposed to be on Burnham. The did listen to fans… the did change the Klingons to give them hair… the left the past. Setting the show in the future was a smart decision.

Discovery came at the right time – the height of the streaming wars. CBS needed an anchor and knew Star Trek would deliver. I don’t think we could’ve anticipated at the time that it would spawn 5-6 new shows depending on how you’re counting. But you’re right about creatively cursed – it’s probably inspired the most ire within the fandom of any production. I very passionately dislike it, although I agree with alpha ^ that S1 was my favorite and I actually liked it quite a bit. It didn’t hit what it was aiming for – something like BSG and GOT type drama in a Star Trek setting – but it swung for the fences and managed a solid double. Everything that came after it, however, was not good, barring the fluke success of Picard S3 (for me at least).

I’ve enjoyed Discovery despite how uneven it has been and look forward to watching the last season.

I love that Discovery is the only of the new shows pushing Trek FORWARD, and not relying on nostalgia and legacy characters…

…now if they can just improve the writing, characters, visuals, cinematography, and stop the preaching, hugging, crying, declarations of love, respect and friendship every two minutes… we might have a solid show.

Ha! Exactly.

Well said.

Well, I can say this about the show, it holds the very sad distinction for me that it’s the only Trek production I ever gave up watching. I struggled till the end of season two, and threw in the towel. I feel badly for those who will miss it, though. LLAP.

I mostly tuned-out at the end of Season 2. (Though I actually liked the show initially, but thought the detour to the MU and the Lorca reveal was a cosmic-level creative misfire from which the series never recovered.) In fairness, though, to this day there are episodes of “Voyager” I’ve never bothered to watch, and I’m certain the same would be true of “Enterprise” if that hadn’t been canceled after four seasons.

I agree with this, but I think there were two cosmic-level misfires: one was the mirror universe detours, the other was the time jump. It *might* have recovered from the former.

The latter gave us 800-year old ships of the line, a political landscape that was basically Somalia or Haiti writ large, ghost stories, boring characters present only to broadcast social justice messages, more of the infamous hugging and preaching, etc.

The only way in which DISCO has left the Trek universe better than it found it is the character of Saru.

Whatever her other virtues, Michael Burnham was arguably responsible for starting a war that killed millions. The entirety of the show’s run could have covered the resolution of that war, followed by how the character might, at least in the eyes of some, went about redeeming herself, even if she never became a line officer again. I actually think as an actress that SMG would have been up to that challenge. Too bad the writers weren’t.

Well put. I think SMG could have pulled that off as well, she’s a good actress given proper writing. Also agree with what River said above, the only redeeming character of all of DSC, imo of course, was Saru. Otherwise, as you’ve said, misfires galore throughout its run.

Also fully agreed with this. I don’t understand why they were so intent on wrapping up the Klingon war in one season (for that matter, effectively half a season). It was all very rushed.

SMG hasn’t done a bad job of portraying a human who is culturally Vulcan, but I do think the series needed other compelling characters.

Another flaw of DISCO has been the entire “middle decks” premise. We’ve still never met the chief engineer, and it’s never been made clear who the CMO is, either. The only bridge officer who’s been somewhat developed is Owosekun, and they could have done a lot more with her, particularly the neo-Luddite upbringing.

It’s the exact opposite. If Georgiou, Saru and Starfleet had listened to her and implemented the “Vulcan Hello” tactic the war would be been preempted in it’s infancy. The fact that they all ignored her correct advice led to actions by her that accidentally started the war anyway is on Georgiou, Saru and Starfleet, not Michael.

If they had all followed her advice then the war most likely never happens — it’s that simple.

Starfleet’s systematic lack of strategic thinking, massive intelligence failures and a Nevil Chamberlain-like attitude towards the Klingons led to the complete cluster-F where Michael ended up being a complete scapegoat for Starfleet’s failings.

“Starfleet’s systematic lack of strategic thinking, massive intelligence failures and a Nevil Chamberlain-like attitude towards the Klingons led to the complete cluster-F where Michael ended up being a complete scapegoat for Starfleet’s failings.”

Well, that’s actually a reasonable position (and somewhat reminds me of the defense Lee Adama made on Baltar’s behalf in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA reboot). Too bad that argument couldn’t have eventually been made on the show itself, as opposed to the comments section of a fan website, instead of just handing out medals to everyone and calling it a day

Thanks, and you’re right — I’m giving this position of mine with more gravitas and logic than it was presented to us as, unfortunately.

Same, the Lorca reveal was honestly what sank the show, when it “jumped the shark” so to speak. A shame it happened so early in its run that they had to immediately course correct. The problem with the serialized nature of the show is that you can’t simply skip the episodes like you might Enterprise or Voyager, of which there is a lot of skippable content and a lot of great, umissable episodes. But for Disco in particular, if you aren’t into the story of the season and its characters, you gotta skip the whole thing. At least I can watch SNW a la carte, but even then I choose to watch TOS over the shallow copy SNW pretends to be.

Well, when we hear the same old boring buzz words like epic, you know it’s going to be a disaster. Also, don’t be surprised if Yeoh plays a tiny role in the movie Section 31.

I’m surprised it’s still on the air. Stopped watching it during season 2.

The anticipation and popularity of a particular entry in this franchise is usually evident by the number of comments posted and level of interaction. There’s not a lot going on here.