Michelle Yeoh Talks Prepping For ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ Movie

Michelle Yeoh is following up her Academy Award win from earlier this year by reprising her Star Trek: Discovery role as Emperor Georgiou in a made-for-streaming movie: Star Trek: Section 31. Last week we reported Paramount+ is getting ready to start shooting in January and now the star is talking about her return to Star Trek.

Prepping something “very special”

The latest comes from Collider, who spoke to Yeoh about her upcoming Netflix series The Brothers Sun and asked for an update on her next project. Yeoh confirmed that she has already started prepping for Section 31:

“I just came back from Toronto, and what does that tell you? We are definitely prepping. We are definitely going full steam ahead. And thank you. Section 31 is very special to me, and I’m so happy we’re doing it.”

This new comment from Yeoh confirms our reporting based on industry sources that the Section 31 project, which was initially planned for production this fall but was delayed due to the double strikes, is back on track and readying for production. According to those sources, Star Trek: Section 31 will begin filming on Monday, January 29th. The production is scheduled to last six weeks, wrapping up on March 13. The streaming movie was written by Craig Sweeny and is being directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi.

The Section 31 movie will be shot in parallel with season 3 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which began production last week in Toronto. Section 31 is being shot at Toronto’s Pinewood Studios on the former Star Trek: Discovery stages. Strange New Worlds is shot at CBS Stages Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, but both productions share some assets including the Pixomondo AR Wall Stage in Toronto.

Michelle Yeoh in Discovery “Die Trying” (Paramount+)

Yeoh mentioning how Section 31 is “very special” to her picks up on what executive producer Alex Kurtzman said at NYCC in October, when he said the actress used her new clout as an Academy Award winner to ensure the project didn’t get derailed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Kurtzman told the NYCC crowd:

“So we are back on our feet after the strike with Section 31. It is happening. Michelle [Yeoh] is just the most extraordinary person on every level. She had one of one of the most unbelievable years that anybody could ever have in the history of ever, and she had a million opportunities to hit the jackpot on it and do other things. And what she did with all of the power she had accrued is make sure that Section 31 was moving forward.”

So far the only cast member confirmed for Section 31 is Michelle Yeoh. The official Section 31 movie announcement from April did include a statement from Yeoh:

“I’m beyond thrilled to return to my ‘Star Trek’ family and to the role I’ve loved for so long. Section 31 has been near and dear to my heart since I began the journey of playing Philippa all the way back when this new golden age of ‘Star Trek’ launched. To see her finally get her moment is a dream come true in a year that’s shown me the incredible power of never giving up on your dreams. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for you, and until then: live long and prosper (unless Emperor Georgiou decrees otherwise)!”

Yeoh has described the Section 31 movie as “Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy.” The Paramount+ announcement included this synopsis:

In Star Trek: Section 31, Emperor Philippa Georgiou, joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past.

Hopefully, as the project gets closer to production we will get more details.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned to TrekMovie for more updates on Star Trek: Section 31 and other Trek projects in development.

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I sure hope this is watchable.

Me, too. Georgiou is just not that interesting a character.

I feel the opposite. Love Georgiou and Yeoh, and hope this does well.

she and yeoh own the screen every time they appear

I would honestly prefer an S31 movie starring Julian Bashir. I loved to watch the S31 episodes in DS9 and it surely would be interesting to see Bashir going against this organisation. Maybe he could infiltrate them and so on… But that’s just wishful thinking.  

However, I still think Georgiou is one of the more interesting characters on Discovery, so it could be worse. In general, Discovery only has a few interesting characters, for most of the cast I don’t really care. 

helpful lol

I can’t wait to see this. Discovery S5 and the Section 31 movie are my most anticipated new Trek content for next year.

Me too!

I very much doubt that you’ll see this next year, it’s possible but I don’t think post production will complete in time. Next year you’ll get discovery s5, lower decks, and maybe prodigy. That’s all.

I’m wondering the opposite. They may not want Disco to be the only live action trek in ‘24, and it’s unlikely SNW 3 will be ready.

But the S31 movie isn’t a typical blockbuster affair: it’s much more like a double length episode of Discovery than a huge movie that needs a year in post production. No reason they can’t have it ready by November. The question is whether they want it for ‘24 or save it for early ‘25.

I suspect we’ll also get some major announcements later in 24 about new shows— whether it’s a Picard spinoff, or something entirely fresh.

I think Academy is still on target to start production in mid-2024, so 2025 is likely to start with SNW S3 (though I’d be really happy if that was able to start in late ’24), then LDS S6 (assuming it’s renewed) in the summer, and followed by the first season of Academy in the fall.

If filming starts in January like it’s supposed to, and is done within six weeks it should be possible to see this movie in late 2024. SNW will likely be early 2025, even if all of post production work is completed before 2024 is over, but I can’t imagine they will sit on this movie until 2025 if it’s ready and can stream around the holiday season.

I know many are not fans of the Section 31 and Emperor Georgiou storyline, but IMHO there is sooooo much potential for the S31 movie. And to have a global star like Michelle Yeoh involved, I can’t wait to see what the writers have come up with.

As for Discovery, after an abominable first half of S1, the show did get better until a very up and very down inconsistent S3. S4 was not bad, but not good either, just meh. Let’s hope S5 can salvage what at least has been a series that helped spawn Short Treks, SNW, Picard, LDs, Prodigy and now Section 31.

See, and I thought the first half of S1, problems and all, was the most interesting Discovery has ever been. I still wish we could have seen the show that Fuller had envisioned.

Very much agree; I actually thought the pilot and several shows that followed were pretty good. Bringing it into the MU was a creative disaster.

It was reported back then that Fuller had planned to go to the mirror universe even earlier during the season. However, it’s unclear If he intended to do the same story we got or something else.

You know in retrospect, I think the first 6 episodes had some good plot elements and I think they could have made some minor tweaks that would have made the story quite palpable for most Trek fans. But the complete transformation of the appearance of the Klingons was a little tough to take and Burnham’s complete disregard for orders which eventually led to the death of Captain Georgiou really disengaged many legacy fans.

Looking forward to this. Fans should want this to do well, it may nudge along a future feature for the big scree….

Even if we don’t get a big screen feature anytime soon, a guaranteed annual streaming movie or two would be great too. Completely agree: If we want to see more streaming film events, fans absolutely need to support this and not criticise before even a frame of footage has been shot.

So it is fans duty to praise and serve?

I don’t think so…

Missing my point. Fans can complain and vent all they want once the final product has been delivered and seen. Then that’s an informed opinion.

But to complain and judge a production, sometimes even harshly, when it hasn’t even begun shooting yet, makes zero sense at all.

Support and encourage the fact that we’re finally getting ‘TV movies,’ watch it on release day, then decide afterwards whether it was good or not.

As a fan, I approach everything excited and planning to love it! Sometimes I am disappointed, but I always want to love anything we get.

I have a bad feeling about this…


Oh, joy…

I don’t.

The “facing the sins of her past” focus just might be the saving grace of this venture.

There’s not enough pain receptors in her body to make that a satisfying reckoning.

At first I wasn’t on board for a 31 series, and still aren’t. But a movie on the other hand I am absolutely on board for!
Same with Starfleet Academy, maybe a couple movies or feature length episodes would fare better.

Since time travel is an element in the Section 31 movie, it can literally take place at any time during the ENT, TOS/TAS, and TNG/DS9/VOY eras.

My preference would be for it to take place during the Enterprise era.

Narratively it makes the most sense because it sends Georgiou as far back in time to when the Mirror and Prime Universes were closets together while still allowing to take place during a recognized era of Star Trek.

How awesome would be if it took place 20-odd years after Mirror Hoshi established herself as the first Empress of the Terran Empire?

Hoshi versus Georgiou would be fantastic.

I want Sloan back from the 24th century

That would be cool too.

Well said my friend, well said! 😎👍

Would love if she bumped into Sloan.

Maybe she goes back in time to revisit various key events in Trek canon via the Guardian (anniversary film like Trials&Tribulations)

That would be awesome.

Secret Hideout is really in their prime. The company’s already making the greatest Star Trek shows of all-time (Strange New Worlds & Lower Decks) and now it has the chance to make the greatest Trek movie ever.

I can’t wait to see where Carl pops her out at. I’m guessing back to the 23rd century so her molecules don’t fly apart.

My hope is that by doing it as a movie they’ve condensed down whatever “good idea” they had for the Section 31 series they were planning, and instead of that idea being stretched over 10 episodes with a whole lot of boring filler in-between, they can basically hit all of the big moments to make a watchable movie.

I watched 3 seasons of Discovery before deciding it wasn’t my thing. I’m hoping for the best and I’m willing to give this a chance too.

I will probably watch this because:

1. Michelle Yeoh is one of my favorite actresses ever.

2. I’m hoping they bring back the world of Disco S1/2. I want to see L’rell and Ash Tyler again. I liked that era. I hated the jump 900 years into the future, especially since they didn’t do anything new story wise.

Actually I would like to see Tyler and L’Rell again too. I don’t get why they don’t show up on SNW?

Fingers crossed we get to see them at some point. Both Tyler and L’Rell had interesting interactions with Captain Pike.


I hope it does well for the sake of the franchise.

There’s a little more noninformation about the QT Trek on variety’s site right now.

When the writer sez ‘hard r’ but not much swearing, I’m thinking it is like holding somebody’s hand in a transporter beam to cut it off, and then spraying blood all over the chamber.

Isn’t there a Monty Python sketch like that? People getting body parts injured or chopped off and explosively bleeding? I remember a piano player getting his hands severed at the wrist when the keyboard cover falls on his wrists and the fountain of blood…

And Michael Ironside def needs more than just a hand up after Arnold cuts him off in total recall.

Wow, a verhoeven trek, that’d be going a bridge too far, wouldn’t it?

Picard S1 almost crossed that bridge didn’t it.

That was an eyeful, wasn’t it? (could also be used in any James Bond movie where an Eiffel Tower memento gets stuck in a baddie’s peeper.)

I predict a fleet battle at the end. Because every new Trek thing needs to finish with an over the top, fleet stand-off/battle.

Lol, you are probably right

As long as the good guys win let’s do it!

You don’t think it’s a bit silly that at the end of almost every season of new Trek there’s a big fleet battle/face-off?

Maybe there is, never really noticed. Maybe that’s because I like starship battles. There were so few in TOS. But to your point for those who don’t I can see why this would be eye-rolling. Anything overdone looses its appeal.

As usual, agree bro! 👍

You’re a man of taste and distinction.

I can very well say the same to you good sir!

There is still time to not make this thing


I don’t give two bars of gold pressed latinum about Adolf but this could turn out to be decent. I’m more positive about it that it’s just a TV movie and maybe we will get more if this one is successful like a Janeway or Legacy movie!

I’m really hoping other characters show up too! Trip or Worf would be a dream. Not counting on it but anything is possible in Star Trek!

At least bring back Carl!!!

Legacy characters. Of course.

I agree with the others you just got too annoying and just say the same thing over and over again. I can’t block you here so I’m asking you to just ignore me from now on.

Thx! Bye

Assuming Georgiou stays in the prime universe *please, fingers crossed* there’s a lot of opportunity. I’d like to see her jump around a bit. It would be a good opportunity to correct a couple of mistakes ENT made when it ended … perhaps we could learn that Trip is still alive, and he and Malcolm Reed are Section 31 agents in their later years. Or she could visit somewhere in the time after the Enterprise-B was launched, and meet Sulu and Chekov (that would be a blast), and then end up where she started, where DSC began … it would be nice to see Ash Tyler and Chancellor L’Rell again … the movie could conclude with Georgiou helping Tyler start to make Section 31 the top secret (not known to everyone) organization it’s supposed to be.

I love all these ideas! 😄

I would love to see Trip and Malcom working together and they pull in Georgiou for some secret mission in the 22nd century. I also want to see L’Rell and Tyler back too and she obviously has a relationship with them.

The best idea someone mentioned would be to do a multi era story and pull in legacy characters from different time periods with the help of Carl. Now THAT would make it feel like a real event movie and even get fans who isn’t excited about it more interested. I’m not holding my breath but it would be mega cool! 😎

And I’m OK with going back to the mirror universe but I really want the main story to stay in prime. But they probably will show more of her past life too so it would have to be in the MU.

They can do some great things with this concept.

Legacy characters. Of course.

Now you’re just coming off bitter.

Leave me alone.

BTW are you the same iMike from Trekcore? I assume you are and just changed your handle a bit. If so always happy to see you my friend! 🙂

I am … always great to see you too … I enjoy engaging with you even when we disagree on something. I know you aren’t really a fan of Georgiou, but I’m happy that you are open to the possibilities of this movie event.

OK I thought so! We talk a here a lot these days but just wanted to make sure. Sadly more than we do on Trekcore lately. ☹️

And you know how much I love talking to you too. I’m happy we can be good friends here even if we don’t always agree on everything. You don’t get triggered unlike some people lol. I love talking to Amirami and he hates both Captain Janeway and VOY and as you know that’s one of my favorite show too but I love talking to that guy. And they are just TV shows, it’s not that serious. He’s actually a big reason I started posting here. I’m glad to see more of my favorites from Trekcore here like you and a few others! 😄

Discovery writers and directors are involved so I don’t expect a quality product but I’ll watch it because Michelle Yeoh is always fun.

Yes, I have similar feelings. But I think that it’ll be watchable. ;-) I Mean, I’m not a big Discovery fan either, but the show is at least ok.

I am so freaking excited for this!!! I know there’s a lot of distaste among many for the character of Mirror Georgiou, but she’s fun to watch and Michelle Yeoh is a bonafide star. My one hope is that they keep her in the prime universe … other than that I’m excited to see what the writers have come up with, what possible points in the timeline Georgiou can play in, and the unique casting opportunities that may pop up.

Mississauga is not Toronto

To everyone except Mississaugans it is.

So excited for this!!

Hope she shows up on Strange New Worlds as a guest. That show really needs some interesting people on it.

I’m glad she has stuck with this, and even used her clout to push for it, given some of the mess Trek has been in the last year with the strikes. If it’s good, then brilliant. If it’s not, well at least they tried something out of the box.

I’d love to see them take more of a risk with stand-alone TV movies, if the costs allow.

I’m actually excited about this now. Hopefully it will be good.

Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy.” 

Uh, not that I don’t like the two film series, but it has little to do with Star Trek. Well, despite all that, I can imagine that I will like the film, I even like the Kelvin trilogy. With the emphasis on LIKE; it’s not like I could / would watch those films umpteen times. (That’s different with the old Trek series, of course. 😉)

But let’s wait and see.