‘Star Trek: Picard’ Spin-Off Still Not In Development, But Terry Matalas Has Thoughts On “What If We Did More?”

Ever since Star Trek: Picard wrapped its third and final season last April, there has been lots of talk about a potential spin-off. Dubbed “Star Trek: Legacy” by Picard showrunner Terry Matalas, this idea has seen a lot of support from a popular fan petition to many of the cast and crew talking up the idea. So naturally during the Picard season 3 reunion panel at Trek Talks 3, the idea of a spin-off came up.

What if there were a Picard spin-off

Trek Talks is a marathon of Star Trek panels streamed live on January 13 on YouTube to benefit the Hollywood Food Coalition. The most packed panel of the day was the Picard season 3 reunion featuring showrunner Terry Matalas, actor/director Jonathan Frakes, and stars Gates McFadden, Jeri Ryan, Ashlei Sharpe-Chestnut, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, and Todd Stashwick. It was co-moderated by TNG and Picard (seasons 1 and 2) actor Jonathan Del Arco and TrekMovie alumni Dr. Kayla Iacovino. While talking about technical details on the darker lighting for the show Matalas said he would do some things differently “if we were ever to do more.”Jonathan Del Arco immediately jumped on the mention of “more” but Matalas quickly clarified, saying “I’m not alluding to anything… I wish, I wish, there is no…[spin-off in devepment]”

Del Arco wasn’t going to let it go at that, noting how there has been a lot of discussion about a Picard spin-off, adding a personal note “I’m still hopeful that at some point we see more – whether it’s a movie or a series or something – with this cast.” Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Sidney La Forge) was asked her thoughts on she pointed to how the season finale wrapped up with Jack Crusher and her on the USS Enterprise-G, saying “You see all of us, you see Jeri [Ryan as Captain Seven of Nine] in the final image of the show and you kind of see what could come to be. I don’t think we’re done telling any of this. I think we can continue to go.” This garnered nods and smiles from the rest of the panel including Ryan, who would likely be the star of a show set on the USS Enterprise-G.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Ensign Sidney La Forge, Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation”(Paramount+)

With all eyes on Matalas he tried to deflect it to Jonathan Frakes, saying “I think we’ll just let Jonathan take this,” but Frakes demurred, noting how he still has “wounds” from CBS after leaking stuff at conventions in the past. When moderator Kayla Iacovino quickly asked if that itself was a leak, Matalas finally jumped in to speak about a follow-up, saying:

“No, there truly isn’t [anything to leak]. You know it’s interesting because the end of the show, that last scene – although it is a setup for spin-off – it wasn’t designed to be a setup of spin-off… The right ending for the Next Generation is passing the torch to the next Next Generation. And without doing that,  it wouldn’t feel right. So that was watching – literally – their children go off on the Enterprise and paying off Seven of Nine’s wonderful arc from Borg to captain of the flagship. That just felt like a proper ending.”

After squashing the idea that a spin-off is in the works, Matalas immediately started talking about the possibilities a spin-off could offer:

“I think what’s interesting about a series that has been on the air for so many decades is the evolution of things. Michael [Dorn] and I were talking, what if we did more? You think, what’s the Klingon Empire like [in the early 25th century]? The last time they were an allegory to the Russians kind of, and now? What would they be up to and what does that mean for Worf and what does that mean for Alexander? So what’s so great about this kind of very, very long format – the fact that Leonard Nimoy played Spock for how many years? I mean, that’s incredible. I don’t think you ever really need to fully say goodbye to any of these characters or storylines. I think it’s that’s what’s so special about what we’re doing.”

Todd Stashwick chimed in that this point to lobby for bringing his Captain Shaw back, saying “I think it’s interesting that you brought up Spock because he died and came back to life, adding it is “kind of an established trope.” Matalas laughed and joked that since he “did it with Data” it was “time to move on.”

Michael Dorn as Worf and Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker in “The Last Generation”

Watch Trek Talks 3

There is much more to the Picard panel, which was the longest of the event. Here is the full live stream replay for Trek Talks 3. (Video should jump to the start of the Picard panel at 5:04:24)

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It’s funny, but if Shaw were going to be part of it, I could get behind this more — they killed off my fav of the new characters with Shaw going down. And if I never see Picard’s fake-Brit son with the superpowers again, that’s a win!


In reference to Picard being from France, but then his son has a British accent, and then we have Jack looking nothing like Picard…the whole thing just comes across as fake to me. I could have phrased that better though

Jack was born in Britain, hence he’s British. It’s not where your father comes from. Get a clue.

He also doesn’t seem to understand that the two actors aren’t actually father and son.

I mean, I’m not enthused about a spinoff either but for very different reasons. I like the pairing of Seven/Jack. They worked well together.

LOL, nice try.

The father and son CHARACTERS ON-SCREEN ARE NOTHING like each other, don’t remotely look and sound alike, don’t have any of the same mannerisms, and have very few similar personal traits. So it’s UNCONVINCING to me that Jack is Picard’s son — bad that’s writing and bad casting.

I am sure there are some genetic pre-dispositions toward things like mannerisms and personal traits, but there is also a huge amount of environmental and nurturing elements. These two characters barely knew each other existed until a few months before we see them meet in the show, so very little of Picard as an individual should have any influence on who Jack is as an individual. Then you also have being raised in a totally different and arguably less stable environment by a single mother looking to avoid any of the issues of Picard’s past and you have all the ingredients for Jack to be a completely different person than Picard. I don’t really understand why you would expect these two characters to sound or act alike in any way.

Well, you’ve really talked yourself into it. Good for you! :-)

I would just add this, knowing that they casted an actor that looks and acts not any way whatsoever like Picard, why go the extra mile with the British accent thing to take the lack of resemblance to Picard to a new EXTREME? That’s just WTF-level dumb???

If the only thing you can control in terms of giving the audience some convincing that he is Picard’s son is the voice, then you ask the actor to try to tone their voice in a way that somewhat resembles Picard. Like, duh! Not, “hey, I just had this great idea, let’s given him a British accent, because it sounds cool” LOL, again, just inexplicably moronic.

No shit — that’s nuts to have that storyline given he already looks nothing like Picard, shares no mannerisms, has completely different personality traits. It’s like they said when creating the show, “well he’s rather unconvincing as Picard’s son, tell you what, let’s make it even less convincing for the viewer by giving him a British accent”… LOL, are you F’ing kidding me?

That’s the issue, Professor Plum. ;-)

Actually – if you rewatch that incredible 1:1 scene between Picard and Beverly in sickbay, Picard asks about the accent. Beverly only says he went to school in London and “never shook it.” It is never said where specifically Jack was born.

My understanding of Jack’s “powers” was that they came from his connection to the Borg. Now that the Borg are gone (please, please, please, fingers crossed with a cherry on top let the Borg be gone, or at least never mentioned again in new content) I would assume his “gifts” are gone. I took more of an issue with Ensign Jack Crusher being “special counselor to the captain.” He was clearly fast-tracked through the Academy because of his parents names, but put the guy on 3rd shift security or something lol.

NOBODY wants a Starfleet Academy show, but we are getting it. EVERYBODY wants Star Trek: Legacy and it looks like we are not going to get it…This really makes me question the competency of the people in charge of Star Trek…This is a no brainer

With the behind the scenes drama at Paramount I wonder if we will get either.

Until they announce a cast and start date, things could go either way.

Agreed. Paramount will at this point all most certainly merge/sell to another studio and whatever happens with Trek will likely be in that Studio’s hands.

I don’t think any new Trek is getting developed that wasn’t already in the pipeline. So for now, I think the answer is no.

Again….speak for yourself. I’m perfectly happy seeing a different part of the Trek universe and have no issue with TNG and friends sailing off into the sunset. And I’m not alone with this opinion.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some PIC/TNG characters revisited, but yeah, much more enthused about Academy.

You are in the vast minority


Just because you claim something doesn’t mean it’s so. You have no idea what the vast majority or the vast minority want. You simply don’t. So stop gatekeeping.

Facts, nobody but hardcore nerds want a Starfleet Academy show that is likely to be a spinoff from the unpopular Discovery…Fact: Picard season 3 gave the fans what they wanted to see and the ratings soared…You are in the vast minority

I love how you try to take subjective opinions and claim they are facts.

You’re continued posts like this are making you look foolish. You way overplay your hopeful opinions to the extent that people are more focused on your outlandish claims than what you are actually trying to say

“You’re continued posts like this are making you look foolish.”

You’re = you are

Talk about looking foolish.

Process over substance = you are a clown show!

BTW, I never claimed or promoted “process over substance,” that’s your conjecture. Merely pointed out that without proper grammar, the points you’re so clumsily attempting to make aren’t really that at all — for one who so opinionatedly and consistently points fingers, and calls others names across the board, you really can’t take your own venom. 😉

At least I can offer a show. Process and substance; it’s all in the balance, clown! 🤡

Not my circus, not my monkeys, but I definitely know you are the clown, and your dumb-ass, “look at me” shtick that you show up with here is your clown show.

Ah, now it all makes sense! It’s what you perceive as some “look at me” competition that really gets to you and triggers your hostility like clockwork — after all, you basically “live” in this site’s comment sections!

Have a nice life! (Oops, too late for that!) 🎪🙈🙉🙊

Cool, I was waiting for the clown to start with the jokes. If only there was a way you could do a virtual bright red nose horn to squeeze here now, lol. Thanks!

You truly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Opinions aren’t facts.

Yes, PIC S3 was a delight. Is it sustainable, though? I don’t think they can work that storyline much longer. Yes, bring out some two-hour movies throughout the year and catch up on these characters. Star Trek is expensive. Not only production-wise but also in actors’ salaries. Jeri Ryan and others will (rightfully) demand higher paychecks. I’d love to see it but production-wise? It’ll be hard to sell the suits on it.

100%. They’re banking on getting younger fans. I don’t think that’s worked.. at least not to the degree they think.

No one wants a star trek academy series set in the discovery universe an in a dystopian future. Now one set in Star Trek Picard showing how the academy recovered after the Borg attack, With the ability to bring in guest tutors such as O’Brian, Torres Quantum Slip stream drive an other technology, Paris teaching piloting skills, Neelix teaching trading and politics of the delta expanse. Now there potential in that show.

Whoever says “nobody wants academy” is just plain stupid and in denial of reality because they don’t want to see it and will cry like a little baby when they hear someone else does.

I certainly don’t want it. I loathe what Discovery did to the Federation in the 32nd century. But I also know enough to know I don’t speak for everyone. Just everyone I know.

I don’t want Starfleet Academy either. It was a bad call when Harve Bennet proposed it. And its still a bad call.

Give us some serious sci fi.

I’ve always thought of such a concept as Star Trek meets 90210 and it frankly makes me cringe. I hope I am wrong and that is not what they are thinking, but if that is the demographic they are going for then….

I’m okay with it set in the Discovery universe. And the problem with setting it in the post-Picard universe is that Matalas slapped the galactic reset button good and hard in the last episode. Starfleet buffed all the phaser burns out of the fleet and StarBase One. All the young Starfleet members are a-okay. The rest of the Federation doesn’t seem to mind that Starfleet was easily compromised. Starfleet Command made nice with the families that got phasered out of existence. Going to the Academy now just means you have to hang around just long enough to get fitted with a spiffy uniform, so there really isn’t any need to have legacy characters teaching shit. It’s all there in canon, so there really isn’t much to see moving forward…..

I’m not sure about that. PIC S3 pulled a HARD BSG when they said that all ships were compromised because they were networked. We may not have seen it on screen but I have to believe Starfleet pulled an Adama and revisited whether that was such a good idea and pulled it. Even if we didn’t see it after the fact.

You’re reading a helluva lot into that that wasn’t there. The ‘year later’ epilogue pretty much said straight up that everything was great again. The only thing they left dangling was that Admiral CMO Crusher’s spiffy transporter filter was going a great job finding changelings. That’s dropping a subtle hint the Founders still have dirty deeds on their collective brains….

If they make Legacy and never bring back the TNG crew members, that’s just fine with me. If they are on this show, they should be sparsely used and not in every episode.

Please stop the clowning nonsense. Your “NOBODY” BS took only 15 minutes here to be refuted just by Phil and I so far. And quite a few fans, including me, do not want Legacy — so there, I just disproved your “EVERYBODY” BS on that bonehead, brain-fart as well.

You are embarrassing yourself by making such blanket, ignorant statements which can be so easily disproved within minutes of your post.

Let me state it clearly…The vast majority of fans do not like Discovery (I personally enjoy it) and couldn’t care less about a Starfleet Academy spinoff…Picard season 3 on the other hand was a huge hit and Star Trek: Legacy is far more likely to appeal to a much larger audience…ST: Legacy is just better business

And again, you have no idea what the vast majority of fans do or do not like. You don’t.

I loved the first two seasons of Discovery more than the recent two to be honest. Yet, my #1 current Star Trek show is Prodigy. The final season of Picard is my honorable mention. I’m more hyped about season two of Prodigy and also Legacy than the final season of DSC and Academy combined.

“the vast majority of fans do not like discovery.”

I’d be curious as to your scientific methods here. But you can’t. Because it’s just more insipid dipshtterry from brainless turds who just want to pretend — like those idiots at Nerdrotic — that the thing they don’t like is universally hated.

Academy is meant to bring new fans into the Trek franchise. TOS/TNG fans are aging. It makes sense busines wise to appeal to a new group of fans.

It’s ending earlier than originally planned, and that tells you all you need to know about how it’s doing. SNW is the flagship show now, I’m afraid.

“EVERYBODY wants Star Trek: Legacy” 

Not everybody.

If not “everybody” I’d say the vast majority

I think this is right. Also.. why can’t we speak colloquially without someone chiming in to say it’s not EVERYBODY? of course it’s not. If we were standing next to each other having a conversation, it wouldn’t even be a question.

Just look at how many signed that petition! Way more than signed for SNW

I wouldn’t have minded a spinoff from Picard. Personally sooner have Elnor on the Enterprise then Picard’s son since he went to the Academy. The nepotism of the ships crew was a little overboard. Liked how on DS9 Jake Sisko wanted to do something besides Starfleet. Wish the ship was still called the Titan or Seven got the Enterprise F. Don’t mind the Academy show at least I hope it leads to a complete original characters ect.

The E-F was decommissioned. It was on a screen in the season 3 premiere.

BTS the ship was severely damaged and was not recoverable. The E-F’s participation in the events of Frontier Day were ceremonial.

Yeah, if we’re handing off the torch, I’d much prefer Elnor and Soji to Jack. Maybe Jack can bite it heroically defending Sidney from a Klingon or something.

It’s 100% down to the ego of those running the show.

My personal feeling is that any Trek is better than no Trek, so I have an open mind to whatever the powers-that-be might serve up. (though that was sorely tested with the recent “Very Short Treks”)

So true

I guess I’m nobody.

There was a time nobody was asking for a show set on a Cardassian space station either.

I wouldn’t say no one but there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for an Academy series. Assuming it moves forward, SNW and Picard season 3 set a new bar for viewership expectations and this series will have to deliver.

Keep in mind it seems to be built off the infrastructure of Discovery and will probably share the AR wall and other sets with SNW. It’s a cost cutting measure that means it can be a modest hit.

I don’t really consider the forum chatter much of an indication of enthusiasm. They haven’t even cast anyone yet.

If you’re dropping $70 – $100 million per season, modest hit isn’t going to cut it anymore.

All I’m saying is start up costs will be considerably lower. I’m not trying to have a boring argument with the clout seeking doomsayers around here. Seems a bit early to be dancing on the show’s grave.

It’s not about dancing on the show’s grave, it’s about how the streaming landscape has changed along with expected performance metrics.

Why bother with a spin-off from an unpopular program that nobody wants? On the other hand Picard is a cultural icon. Along with Kirk and Spock he is Star Trek to the general public. As Picard season three’s ratings proved that’s what the public wants from Star Trek

Again with the “nobody”. Don’t the mods still ban gatekeeping here?

Well this dude is making such a fool of himself, I’m guessing the mods probably feel sorry for him…lol

Exactly! There is zero enthusiasm for a Starfleet Academy show and Picard did set a new bar of viewership. It’s really as simple as that.

Lol, there you go with your “zero” BS again. I’m enthusiastic about it so right there I’ve just proven this statement wrong — so easy to refute these black and white statements — like taking candy from a baby!

I’m guessing you live in a black and white house, wear black and white clothes, drive a black car with a white interior, and have a Dalmatian for your pet?

There is zero enthusiasm for a Starfleet Academy show

Again, that is patently untrue. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Lol, AWESOME !!!

Absolutely correct

Hey Einstein, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE HE IS ABSOLUTLEY CORRECT since he said “There is zero enthusiasm for a Starfleet Academy show,” — yet myself and some others here have stated we are enthusiastic about the show — so THE NON-ZERO CASE HAS BEEN PROVEN…so his statement is proven factually wrong, as correspondingly, your “Absolutely correct” is proven to be factually wrong.

I personally believe that when folks advocate for a Legacy show, what they’re really advocating for is the legacy sensibility that Matalas brought to new Trek. He brought back the nautical/naval tradition, the formal language of serving on a bridge, ship to ship submarine-type warfare, fleshed out characters with actual character arcs. No YA Trek. No fast and furious Trek. Old fashioned Star Trek? Sure. It’s the brand identity I understand and value. Others may not.

I’m glad you saw that legacy Trek sensibility expressed in PIC S3. With the exception of episode 4, however, I did not, and I’ve been a fan since ‘72.

I think S3 was the first new series where I didn’t get the impression that the creators actively hated Star Trek and wanted to be doing anything else, which was nice. But man, it was really, really, really dumb.

I believe Matalas openly talked up season three as a love letter to the fans. I was able to embrace the fan service for the first five episodes, at which point it was all downhill from there. I’ll admit it was nicely made, and the cast brought their A game, but the story was garbage.

No, I think people really enjoyed Picard season 3…I think they want that to continue in ST: Legacy

You make a good point — those are the aspects of Picard season 3 that I really liked. However, then it degraded into a Star wars space opera zombie fest at the end and so those good attributes kind of went away for me.

Point of order: “space opera zombie fest” could also describe the Borg episodes of Voyager and First Contact. Maybe Regeneration as well.

Yeah, you are right. Picard S3 went a bit further though — I mean the last ep is basically a copy of ROTJ.

OH MY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT! I never saw the parralells before.

Could have done with some Ewoks though.

Whose wearing the bikini?


I liked Season 3 but yeah once the Borg were revealed I mentally checked out. I was like stop, just stop. Enough with the Borg already.

Yes. Matalas has a true understanding of what Trek is on a fundamental level. Something the other show runners do not. They mostly have a superficial understanding of the IP. That’s why I don’t really care what concept they pick, if they pick Terry to run it. I’m open to anyone who would share his approach and understanding of it, actually.

You don’t know what anyone wants

“NOBODY wants a Starfleet Academy show”

“EVERYBODY wants Star Trek: Legacy”

Neither of those statements is remotely true, of course. Many do not want Legacy, and many do want Starfleet Academy. You speak only for yourself, not fandom, and there has never been a case in fandom when EVERYBODY or NOBODY has ever wanted the same thing, or even close to that.

For the record, I want neither. I want something original and completely different.

I feel like that Academy show is contractually obligated to happen, I mean this concept was going around since the early 90s where it was first pitched as a potential story idea for Star Trek 6. I don’t know why the people in charge have been so eager about this concept for so long a time.

I don’t mind an Academy series, but I have no interest in one set in the 31st Century.

Yes, the time period is much more of a problem for me than the overall concept of the show.

I want a starfleet academy show. I mean, at least it sounds like something new and different instead of just more of the same, which is what Legacy would be.

Even though I don’t want to add to the debate too much, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out I read an article on another site today that talks about how the 32nd Century is Trek’s future.

‘EVERYBODY’ wants it? A crew of geriatrics in space is not appealing to me!

As a fan who really wants a Captain Seven spin-off, I am very excited about Academy. I really want to see what they come up with. Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds have taught me to trust Kurtzman. As this era’s “Berman,” I’m sure Alex Kurtzman would love to give Terry Matalas keys to another office, considering the huge buzz around S3 of PIC and a possible Legacy spinoff. Even Kurtzman has suits he has to answer to. Until the potential merger either happens, or is squashed, I don’t think another new show is going to be announced.

Exactly! I can’t amplify it enough. “Star Fleet Academy” is the show only Paramount executives want because they think it would “appeal to young people.” As though Star Trek has ever NOT brought in its share of young viewers. And as though sci-fi fans can’t smell a pandering “young person” show a mile away.

Been saying for a bit now that the strike likely killed any shot a Picard Season 4/Picard spinoff/Legacy show. Time to move on….

Agreed, except perhaps the Picard TV movie and a couple other future TV movies could continue the fan service that so many can’t seem to let go of.

In the end its going to be less about fan service for Paramount and more about what’s going to maintain subs.


To bad the Academy show wasn’t the 25th century at least.

Why, so LDS characters and Chakotay can show up? Lol, no thanks, been there done that.

Yeah I see your point. The 32nd Century doesn’t seem that popular.

You are correct on that, but I do think “rebuilding” Starfleet Academy is more interesting than just picking up any year in Starfleet Academy in the 25th century.

It’s an interesting concept that occupies what has become a niche corner of the Star Trek universe. Discovery introducing Pike, the Enterprise and Spock was arguably the undoing of Discovery by not allowing it to stand on its own in season 2 and then allowing SNW to overshadow it.

The Academy series is basically Paramount+ doing Kurtzman a solid for delivering on SNW but I suspect that if they hadn’t already greenlit and announced the Academy series before Picard season 3, a Legacy series would have been viewed by Paramount as a safer bet with Discovery season 5 being a wrap on that era.

Like most other things in the 32nd century, I don’t even get why the Academy needs to be rebuilt. Warp went away but Earth didn’t blow up. They could have still recruited and trained new cadets. And it’s not like impulse drive went anywhere for them to still traverse the solar system.

Well, I don’t think it would be as black and white at that. Perhaps it was significantly downsized and was laser-focused on just training that could support survival of what was left?

Sure that could be a possibility.

From what I remember, Earth left the Federation, stopped space exploration activities and focused their efforts on protecting Earth. Apparently, Starfleet was dissolved and replaced by the United Earth Defense Force. Now obviously, the new Defense Force may have continued using some of the left-over Starfleet infrastructure, but both the scale and the program were probably very different.

There is also a chance that the new (or rejuvenated) Starfleet won’t have its Academy on Earth.

Great points!

Would be a shame.

It was just tweets before the strike. It’s just tweets after the strike.

I don’t think we’re getting Legacy, at least not exactly as we’re all imagining it. But everything Picard did goes into the Sandbox that anybody can go and pick up on later. We’ll see what happens down the line.

I never expected to be talking about new Chakotay stories in 2024. Things change.

In that case, the strike may have been a blessing in disguise then.

I’m not trying to make a point about Chacotay. I’m just saying most of us didn’t have him on our 2020’s bingo card.

You don’t know what is going to resonate with future writers, or what corners of the universe can be useful tools at some point.

I hear you.

Not just Legacy and not just because of the strike. With both WBD and Skydance eyeing Paramount, previously announced projects are at risk as they look to reduce debt before a potential acquisition or merger.

There’s a lot of anxiety over at Paramount. WBD would mean the end of Paramount+, a lot of layoffs and Paramount originals moving to MAX with a shift in expectation in how they are expected to perform.

Exactly which means Trek would no longer be the flagship franchise as DC is the flagship for MAX.

If WBD acquire Paramount…..Trekkie ’90 Fiancé’ reality show in virtual space.
They can have the couples in cosplay and act out Fanfiction episodes….and have it be the ‘Starfleet Fiance’ Academy’ show the budget allows

I just hope the IP of all things ‘Star Trek’ doesnt get separated again like the ultimately awful Viacom CBS/Paramount split up.

A Star Trek reality show. Oh, my. Please don’t give them any ideas!

ST: Legacy absolutely HAS to happen

Waiting for the kick back

It was such a sweet softball right over the plate that I kind of felt sorry for the guy given his enthusiasm, and so I wasn’t going to respond…lol

“I don’t think you ever really need to fully say goodbye to any of these characters or storylines.”

Modern Trek summed up. All legacy characters, all nostalgia, all the time.

Did a legacy character rear end your car once?

I bet it was Gate McFadden and the accident was quite a crusher!

I bet it was Gates McFadden and the accident was quite a crusher!

That reminds me of the terrifying oil change I got once — it turned out it was Armus, instead of the 10W40 I’d ordered.


Fans complained in the run up to Discovery there were no legacy characters. Now fans complain that shows are revisiting Legacy characters.

Its almost as if there are different types of fans, huh?

Ugh. Again with Emily and her absolute hate for anything about legacy characters and nostalgia. I am guessing you don’t keep any kind of photo albums either.

I mention it often because it comes up often. Every day in fact. If it’s not talked about in the news article itself (Here, Matalas basically suggests he wants to keep pandering to nostalgia forever), then it’s all people talk about in the comments (“which legacy character could appear in which show?”)

Maybe that’s because fans want to see that? Maybe that’s because Matalas wants to make that? That is why you hear of it so often. You seem to be the only one complaining about it.

Nostalgia isn’t a bad thing when supported by the story and not altered to be unrecognizable in writing or depiction. I’m all for it when it is presented truly, and organically.

Shelby, Ro, Tuvok, Moriarty and Lore were pivotal to the story and presented organically were they?

All except Moriarity were.. I can live with that.

Not really.

Once upon a time gatekeeper used to be a no-no….

I consider S3 Picard to be the end of the Star Trek story. It is the end of the silver age of Star Trek. I will come back to the STU if they ever greenlight Legacy. I’m not interested in prequels or the 32nd century. I used to watch anything with the UFP logo, but I’ve been disappointed too many times.

I agree with this about 80%. I will still watch anything labeled Star Trek, but if i dont like it then i wont re-watch. PS3 is highly rewatchable.

But Legacy is about going forward with the story with a connection to past characters. Bummer it won’t happen

My guess?

MOST people have never heard of the Academy show. Nor have MOST people heard of Legacy.

MOST are out of the loop, nowhere near this intensity of fandom. This site is an exception, and is not an indication of MOST people’s views.

If either of these shows actually comes into existence, only then will we know how they feel about it.

While I certainly don’t speak for anyone I would agree that a Star Trek fan site is no place to gauge the interest or even knowledge the general population has of Trek.

Maybe they could start by doing a Captian Shaw show first, where TNG characters could make cameos and then go from there to the legacy show after Picard. So you have one Shaw prequel and then a Legacy sequel. Although I feel like they want to concentrate their resources on that Academy show for the foreseeable future.

It would be interesting to see how they resurrect him. I mean as long as it’s not magic blood lol. Maybe a doctor was able to bring him back after Picard et al left the ship?

Around town and around the industry, Terry Matalas is becoming known as “Mister Star Trek.” Now, I don’t have especially strong opinions about a Captain Seven ‘n’ Raffi ‘n’ Jack show, but it does seem strange that Paramount wouldn’t have “Mister Star Trek” at least be developing something. Even with the strife at Paramount Glob, letting “Mister Star Trek” walk away from Star Trek and sign a deal with a rival is corporate malpractice. Shari Redstone, I know you have a lot going on right now, but you control the Star Trek conglomerate and this is “Mister Star Trek” we are talking about. Just think, Terry Matalas was only fully in charge of one season of Star Trek, and already he has earned the moniker “Mister Star Trek”. Just think if he oversaw a seven season run of Star Trek — Star Trek could really go gangbusters like never in this century.

As others have mentioned here, I just don’t think it’s the right time with Paramount on the verge of being sold to another studio. They have to seem as successful as possible while simultaneously keeping costs down. Trek both costs a lot to make and while it hits the top 10 in streaming, streaming itself is not a money maker. And Trek has never been able to survive on network tv.

Uhm..too many ST shows, and ST is being diluted. There should be 1 or possibly 2 shows at the most. Too many, and people don’t care about ST any more. Just settle on one or maybe even two, elsewise it is weak, like coffee with too much water.

Well with the state of Paramount now they can’t flood P+ with Star Trek like they were planning anyways.

I could see netflix being a saving grace perhaps. They wanted STNG spin of show for years an then got served Discovery instead which badly soured netflix an paramount relationship but with netflix saving prodigy, I could see them stepping up to fund Star Trek legacy.

Netflix def has deeper pockets than P+ seems too so if all goes well with Prodigy then maybe?

Given that Star Trek Picard ran on Amazon Prime, not Netflix, Prime may be more likely, assuming they are interested.

“Seven of Nine’s wonderful arc from Borg to captain of the flagship”

So the underdog Titan-A/Enterprise-G is now the flagship? Is there no end to Matalas’s fanwankery?

I never understood the whole, “It’s the Enterprise so it must be the flagship” thing. The 1701 and 1701-A weren’t the flagships. The D was. Don’t know about the E or F. But even way before Matalas people went way overboard with that idea IMHO.

100%… I never liked the idea of there even being a “Flagship” as they use the term. I don’t think the Navy has one ship that they brand as the best overall in the fleet.

I think it has since been retconned with SNW that the 1701 is the flagship of its day.

I don‘t think this is going to happen, as much as I like the idea. Strange New Worlds is too similar. They like their shows to be diverse and personally, I agree with the sentiment. Also, SNW is more marketable, since it uses the still insanely popular characters from TOS (who everyone has heard of, even if they don‘t watch Star Trek).

I had thought if they were going to produce the Section 31 show then the Titan (not the Enterprise-G) could have worked well as a recurring element, along with the Worf/Raffi pairing, in that. Also with Shaw as captain. But they didn’t do any of that.

So, yeah, I want this to happen in some form. But to clarify what I want and how I want it, conceptually speaking (opinion alert) –

The bridge crew as shown in the S3 finale as principal castPeppering in of Legacy cast in guest spots / recurring roles that aren’t in every episode.Don’t stop with the fan service, but dial it back. Continue to make whatever you use supported by the story. Make it have purpose, as it did in 98% of Picard S3Matalas as showrunner / producer / director (depending on the format i.e.- Show or movie) is essential. It needs him as the head creative.Even if it isn’t Legacy, put Terry in charge of it. His approach to story and character, along with his understanding of what Trek is about is what we need in all these shows.

Enough is enough. Enough Old Trek. Lets do New Trek.

Since so many of us are throwing their hat in the ring I will too – not at all interested in an Academy series, haven’t been ever since it was proposed back in the 80’s. That said, I get TPTB want to draw a younger crowd, naturally, I get that. It would be cool if they made it a one-off film like Sec. 31 instead. As to a Legacy show, I’d be more interested in that but not holding my breath. Honestly, my entire interest in the future of Trek has kind of flatlined, sadly. Prequels, remakes, retreads, recasting.

I wouldn’t mind a Legacy show or something similar, BUT, I would want a change in tone other than what was previewed at the end of Picard S3. That whole unprofessional nonsense with Jack Crusher on the bridge of the new Enterprise was cringy. What exactly are his qualifications and position on the ship? He is a special made-up advisor who will be engaged in constant hijinks and told to stay out of Captain Seven’s chair all the time like a dog being told to stay off the furniture? No thanks.

I really need these new Star Trek shows to start showing professionalism on Starfleet vessels again.

His qualifications? He’s the fruit of Jean Luc and Beverly’s loins.

Yes but even in universe they pretty much admitted on the shuttle that Jack got the position exactly because he is JL and Beverly’s son. He has no real qualifications other than serving as a doctor under the CMO perhaps. But not as an advisor to the captain. They are pulling a Wesley Crusher 2.0 here. Ironic considering Wesley is his brother LOL.

For my money, Jack is so much more grating than Wesley ever was. Wes had his insufferable moments, but he was also just an awkward kid a lot of the time. Jack is one step off from being Poochie.

Picard Season 3 was nearly perfect because its storyline was faithful to the narrative-thread of Star Trek: The Next Generation. From its storyline came so many inspirational lessons– i.e. “Do not seek anger. Do not seek blame,” from Worf; the importance of memory and identity, in the case of Data; the value of the past, a lesson taught by Laris and gloriously revealed by the Galaxy Class Enterprise-D; the great importance of relationships, as proven by the entire cast.

Star Trek Legacy would be splendid, especially in our preset time, either as a series or a movie. For it to be as successful as Picard Season 3, it needs to be faithful to the narrative-thread of Star Trek: TNG and should build upon the deep lessons taught and exemplified by the cast.

It heartens me that someone got all all those lessons. The number one lesson than I took from it is that Star Trek should not try to be Star Wars, and needs to get back to intelligent people working as a team in the future to solve problems and avoid wars — and that goes especially for Star Trek that wants to claim it’s part of The Next Generation legacy.

Regarding Star Trek Legacy, I don’t think the show runners will be able to help themselves but to continue to give Jack those super powers that we saw at the end of season three — that will be a ‘get out of jail free’ plot device that I predict they will use serval times per year. I don’t want to see that kind of show — I don’t need to see Jack become the scarlet witch of Star Trek

I thought they had used the oldest Star Trek plot device to reverse the Borg changes that had allowed the new plot device to control the minds of all the young adults in Starfleet.

Good observation for the overall mind control, but I think Jack still has those powers he used at the end.

Jack’s “powers” IMHO should only apply to the Borg, as he got them from partially being born from the collective (as I understand it ?) So IF (and this is a BIG IF) Legacy were to finally drop the Borg as an antagonist maybe his powers wouldn’t be brought up again.

Paramount+ plus is a mess and there will never be a STAR TREK LEGACY! :(

Perhaps if it were handled by someone other than Matalas. He is a poor writer.


Matalas makes several implications during the commentaries on the Picard Season 3 Blu Ray that the Legacy show is happening. Of course I am probably reading too much into it, but he states it many times how the next show will happen almost as matter-of-fact.

Well, here’s hoping!

Unless he knows that the Picard movie is going to be a legacy vehicle. I would not be surprised if he’s directing it.

Should have refit the D.

Oh my.

I still have faith (of the heart) we will get a legacy show. But yes unfortunately Paramount is not in the best shape these days and I don’t think putting on 12 Star Trek shows on P+ is going to exactly save them or that service. But as long as they want to just make more Star Trek and one they know would be a huge hit out the gate like Picard itself was, I just don’t see them not doing at some point.

Maybe if Picard season 3 had the same negative reception as the first two did, OK but it’s really a no-brainer, but it probably still a very expensive one unfortunately.

If there is a spinoff I would like to see a connection with the events of Lower Decks such as whether or not the Ferengi join the Federation, an alliance with the Orions, etc. Also maybe resolve what happened to Chakotay.

Prodigy season 2 is coming to Netflix so I expect Chakotay will be addressed there.