Sonequa Martin-Green Teases “Big Thing” And Familiar Faces In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Paramount+ in April and the series star is dropping some hints about what’s coming.

Big thing and familiar faces in season 5

On Thursday, Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green was at the SCAD TV Fest in Atlanta and TV Line got her talking on the red carpet about season 5. When asked about what fans can expect, Martin-Green picked up on past comments about how this season has a shift in tone, but noted the show will still have “big” stakes:

“Even though the stakes are as high as it could possibly be—because there’s a big thing, there’s a big thing in season 5—there’s also a great sense of adventure and fun that we were really adamant about injecting into the show. So it is a bit of a tonal shift that I think people will enjoy.”

A clip released at CCXP in December showed Burnham and Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala) fighting an alien monster (see below), indicating a reunion; they were separated in the season 4 finale following his arrest for going rogue against the Federation in the fight against the Dark Matter Anomaly (DMA). Martin-Green would not confirm anything beyond saying  “That trailer would seem to suggest that they are on some sort of mission together.”

When TV Line asked what the chances are we are “going to see some familiar faces outside the crew” in season 5, Martin-Green got a bit coy, teasing:

“Oh, that’s a nice question. I hope those chances are good.”

It’s unclear if these familiar faces could be returning characters from previous Discovery seasons (like Lorca, Georgiou, or Spock), a character from another Paramount+ show, or a legacy Star Trek show.

You can watch the exchange below.

Season 5 in April

The season 5 cast includes Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker), and Blu del Barrio (Adira) along with new cast member Callum Keith Rennie (Rayner).

New season 5 cast photo (Paramount+)

Here’s the previously released synopsis for the new season:

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well … dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

Paramount+ unveiled a season 5 clip at CCXP in December with Burnham and Book dealing with an unusual alien creature. Watch the clip below:

Discovery seasons one through four are currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Austria. Seasons two and three are also available on the Pluto TV “Star Trek” channel in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel.

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It’s Ash Tyler, right?

It’s Tuvix


That would be freaking awesome lol

Could they keep a cameo of Prime Lorca showing up secret for a year?

Sure they can.

I don’t think Lorca is going to happen. I love Jason Isaacs, but I feel like we’re past his character.

Yeah I think if they were going to do it it would have been in season two. At this point, it feels unlikely.

I bet they’ll get Nhan in there somewhere.

I’m guessing it’s Riker whose been in a transporter buffer for the last 800 years.

Yes, it’s Riker. The whole show is a holodeck simulation he’s been watching while thinking about standing up to Admiral Pressman.

That’s choice!

I’d rather see Pressman back (or at least Terry O’Quinn.)

I like Terry O’Quinn a lot in Millennium, good actor.

That might have been easier to shoot as additional scenes. Just use the Picard sets if they were up at the time for any bits not on Discovery.

(that was a joke, for anyone who might think I’m being serious!!)

It’s salamander-janeway’s and salamander-paris’s greatx2000-great-grandkids.

I’m not going to start speculating. We know so little it would just be me writing fanfic over here if I tried. Excited about this season. I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Should get a release date soon. Won’t be much longer.

We got the release date the other day April 4th 2024

::::Googles frantically:::

Sorry. Don’t see it anywhere. All I get is somewhere in April.

April Fools !!! :-))

It makes sense it would be the closest Thursday to First Contact Day given they’ve already picked that time of year.

Can’t wait…it’s been too long since the real thing.

Hmm I wonder what the big thing could be. She finally becomes an Avenger?

Only after she causes an invasion of the Earth and gets half of the Avengers killed. They eventually put her in charge, of course.

Well of course.

Excellent comment. Gave me a chuckle.

Burnham spends the season in prison after Starfleet finds the old records of her conviction but not her subsequent pardon. Vance acts as her attorney using the law degree all Starfleet officers mysteriously have. We get one scene an episode with Saru doing something or other on the Discovery, of which he is first officer and Tilly is captain.

Ah, I’m gonna miss Sonequa. This whole new age of Trek TV all began with her. I remember watching the TV premiere on CBS! Looking forward to the final season. I do think it’s ending at the right time :-)

I bet this won’t be that last we’ll see of Michael Burnham.

I suspect she’ll be a frequent recurring guest star on Academy.

I hope so, that will drive the haters, CRAZY!

Can’t wait. Star Trek has been pretty boring without new Disco.

It’s been weird for me in the lead-up to this season. I always–and I mean always–look forward to a new season of Star Trek. I have since the 1980s, no matter what show it’s been. I’m very easy to please with Star Trek: give me a new episode or a new film, and I am THERE. I can find reasons to enjoy “Sub Rosa” and “Threshold” and “The Mark of Gideon” and Star Trek: Nemesis and even “These Are the Voyages.” But I can’t muster any enthusiasm for this season, and that saddens me. Discovery has gotten worse and more ridiculous with each season, and even though SMG and others are acting like this season’s premise is something new and exciting, everything they’ve revealed so far sounds very derivative. I’ve yet to hear anything that makes me excited for it. And I’m so tired of “big things” on Discovery. Enough with the big things. Just tell good stories, better utilize all the characters, tone down the melodramatic whisper-crying, and stop trying to out-big-thing that last big thing that out-big-thinged the previous big thing. Frankly, I’m relieved there won’t be a season six, because Discovery has become the little starship engine that thinks it can but never actually can. For me, I have only one item on my season-five wish list (explain how any of this leads to the Short Treks episode “Calypso”), but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. So I don’t have high hopes for what’s to come.

Yeah, middle-school-level silly cartoons with fan service gimmicks are where it’s all at in Star Trek these days.

Because it’s an awful show. Bad writing , bad acting and bad directing. I didn’t even finish season 4 and don’t ever care to. I stopped after episode 8.

It’s nothing but bad cliches and the same tired formula every season with convoluted storylines.

How this show ever got 5 seasons is beyond me?

Couldn’t you say the same about VOYAGER? I couldn’t believe a series could be so stale, stupid and pointless week in and week out, so I still haven’t seen half the shows (and probably gave up partway through on dozens of them.)

Though, thinking about it a bit … VOYAGER at least had a good color palette and a nice (if overly spacious) engine room.

Voyager had it’s problems for sure and my least favorite show from the golden era of Trek, so we agree on that. I didn’t really watch it when it aired because I didn’t have UPN where I lived at the time. But when I caught it much later, I began to really love it after the fourth season. The first two were rough to me like TNG was but loved it more after that.

And always loved Janeway. I’m hoping to see her in live action again. Maybe she will be in a streaming movie. Never seen Prodigy so can’t comment on that show.

Do you like Discovery? Sounds like you like it more than Voyager.

I know some people view Prodigy strictly as a kids show but I truly love it and it’s so much more than that. And if you are a Voyager or Janeway fan as you said, I would recommend giving it a shot at least. But if animated shows aren’t your thing, that’s cool obviously.

And I can safely speak for Kmart and say the answer is definitely no lol. However he may like it more than Voyager possibly.

Maybe I would like it but I’m not into cartoons in general. Both that and Lower Decks just does nothing for me. Lower Decks seems too comedic and goofy for me. I heard good things about both of them but I think I’m just too old to enjoy those shows. They seem like shows for younger people and not old farts like me.

Maybe I might try and give Prodigy a chance one day since I heard the real Janeway and the Doctor will be in the second season.

Maybe it could be a Kurtzman show that’s not a total disaster.

Completely get your point. Not every Trek show is meant to be for every fan. That’s literally the point with all these new shows, they are purposely meant to aim to different people depending on their age and interest. SFA is not meant to be for every fan either.I wish some just accepted that lol.

But if you ever do try and give LDS or PRO a chance, you could come away surprised. People were very skeptical of LDS, me included, but seem to have won over a large segment of the base, including old farts like me lol. But Prodigy is probably more your speed in terms of its tone, so I would say try that one first; especially if you’re a Voyager fan as you clearly are.

I may take you up on your suggestion and give Prodigy a chance then when season 2 starts. But I really don’t watch much cartoons.

How much is Janeway in the first season? Do you like the new characters? It sounds like you do.

I absolutely adore the new characters! :)

They are all great IMO. Dal, Rok, Jankom Pog (probably my favorite), Zero, Murf and Gwynn are all very developed and have great personalities and back stories. I really loved how their backstories became a big part of the show, especially Dal (but no spoilers).

But oddly I think that’s another issue with the show, because they are all kids. The show is obviously designed for kids and why they went that way, but I think that’s what pushed away a lot of the older fans as well. They still want to have adults on the ship and making orders. Janeway was meant to kind of do this in season one but she was just a hologram. And she was more the mother figure.

They have other adult characters like the villains, etc, but all of them are there to respond to the kids basically.

But season 2 sounds like it will be a more traditional show. We know Admiral Janeway will be leading the ship which I think excites more people in general. And we’ll have real Starfleet officers as well.

But I do think the show is still about the kid characters as it should be. But now they are part of a more traditional setting. I don’t know if the show will be better or not but hopefully more people will take to it.

Sorry I ranted on so long I didn’t get to your other question lol. I’m sure I’m not spoiling anything but there are actually two Janeways on the show, holographic Janeway and the real Admire Janeway. To make it clear Kate Mulgrew is in every episode but not the case with both Janeways. Holographic Janeway is basically in every episode but Admiral Janeway is about half.

Either way you’re getting a lot of Janeway lol.

Thank you! You’re really easy to talk to here. The kids flying a starship really bothered me too but I guess that was the point.

And two Janeway’s are always better than one… except maybe in Endgame lol.

That still worked out for everyone in the end so my point stands.


Voyager was a mediocre show with some good eps. Janeway is overrated — she made some really bad decisions along the way.

So was TOS and TNG at times too. But I still enjoy all those way more than something like Discovery that just feels like a mess of a show and not even Star Trek. I hated everything about the first season, especially the weird Klingons.and it felt like it belonged in another universe entirely not Star Trek. And really don’t like Burnham.

The shows in the golden era weren’t perfect but they all felt like Star Trek and why I can watch those even with their flaws. These new shows mostly feel Star Trek in name only and just badly written.

What I love about all the classic shows is they all had heart and optimism. I think that’s why they are still watched so much in the fanbase today. VOY had so much heart IMO and why I always loved it.

That was the thing that felt so off about DIS early on, it just had no heart. I know they were just trying to do something different but as you said one of the reasons it didn’t feel like Star Trek to many. They have rectified a lot of that in season 2 and exactly why we got Pike in the first place. He was that character that brought that kind of energy and optimism the show lacked.

I think if they could redo DIS today, there would be lots of changes with it.

That’s a good word, heart. They all feel like Star Trek and not ashamed of it. I like all the Captains although Kirk is still my favorite by a mile. Shatner’s Kirk not these new people playing him. But if others like them more power to them. Janeway is my second favorite.

I actually liked Pike more when he was in Discovery. That’s probably a weird thing to say knowing how much I hate that show but he had a little more grit on that show.

Now he just wants to be everybody’s cool dad. Sisko was a dad, very cool too but has real grit.

I truly still love Pike but I have seen those complaints to including here. I do wish they stop having him in the kitchen all the time though. It feels like overkill and probably another reason why he comes off less gritty to some.

Edit: Last time I said this I was accused of being sexist although my dad was a cook lol. I just like to see him be more a Captain and not make serious decisions in the kitchen like they had him do in season 2.

Someone accused me being sexist against a woman here although I am one as well lol. It happens I guess.

Pike is still a good character but they made him too soft. I wouldn’t want to be in a war with him. He just doesn’t have that fire like Kirk, Sisko or Janeway does IMO. Like when things gets really tough.

But I will always want to be with Sisko when a fight breaks out lol. That’s someone who will get the job done.

Yes, exactly. I’m pretty disappointed in how they’ve written Pike, especially in season 2. To the point where he’s being used for comic relief. Very emasculated, imo.

Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by this. I really like the original Pike in The Cage, someone who has a little more edge to him.

This Pike just comes off too easy going and almost afraid to offend anyone. I originally didn’t have a big problem with it on Discovery but I thought we would eventually see a more serious and commanding side on SNW as well. Unfortunately it only got worse.

People were saying exactly the same thing about those “golden era” shows at the time, though the consensus was that TNG eventually found its footing in its third year and DS9 towards the end of its first season. Large segments of the fanbase never warmed-up to “Voyager” or “Enterprise” at all. Trust me, I was there.

How will the current era of shows eventually be remembered? Ask me in twenty years.

I know. In fact I was telling I think it was Tiger2 how my old TOS friends hated those shows too at the time, especially TNG and DS9. Today though lots of people love them. I talk to others all the time.

Maybe that will happen with Discovery but I’ll probably be dead when that happens. It’s certainly not happening now.

To each his own, DSC S1 was the best Star Trek season I had seen since DS9 S7. Enterprise was was a slog to get through — what a tremendous disappointment that show was for me.

And TNG really didn’t feel much like Star Trek to me until the 3rd season — and a lot of fans had those complaints at the time.

I’m happy for you.

The Orc Klingons was one of the dumbest things they did with Discovery, and there is an entire list of really dumb things done with that show.

I also love Voyager but it was also my first show! 🙂

But yeah a lot of dumb things done on that one too of course. The biggest one for me has just name: Kazon. A species that has warp power but can’t find water??? What were they thinking? 🙄

But still love it!!!!

Very much agree about the Kazon lol. There is a great video of the Voyager cast at a convention where they are there roasting the Kazon. They have room in stitches. It’s hilarious.

Like I said I really like Voyager but it is my least favorite show in the golden era. But I love them all. They all feel like true Star Trek for me although TOS will always remain at the top of my list and that has a lot of ridiculous and dumb things in it too.

I’m certainly not blind to all the issues the old shows have, but I can still enjoy all of them regardless.

Can’t say the same with these new shows except Picard season 3. Did you like that one too or had problems with it?

Oh yeah loved Picard season 3 bro! Best season for me since Enterprise but I will go farther and say DS9. I been wanting a show like this since 2001 when VOY left.

It had it’s problems as well but when you compare it to awful shows like Discovery and the first two seasons of Picard it’s no contest in my book.

But if others thought it was bad, that’s OK of course. We’re all still Trek fans we’re not all going to agree on everything. I just like talking about Trek with people who aren’t crazy! 😂

Picard season 3 is really the only show I have cared about in 20 years. It’s sad to say that since I been a fan for so long but it’s the truth.

Kurtzman Trek just doesn’t really do it for me. For me Trek ended in 2005. I only seen half of Discovery because it’s so bad and SNW is OK but just feels like it’s trying so hard to be another TOS but doing it very poorly IMO. Maybe season 3 will be better but not holding my breath.

But I know that one is really popular. I don’t think Discovery is at all.

And you’re right we’re all Star Trek fans we don’t have to love everything. I know plenty of people who can’t stand either TOS or TNG and those are my favorites. I’m sure people like the new shows a lot too. Many people eople seem to love Lower Decks but it’s just not my thing either. I don’t even want to watch it. None of is personal, fans should just be happy with they like.

See for me I never been a big TOS fan. It’s just too outdated for me. And I always been more into the 24th century shows and my main focus. I like it but I can’t watch like I do the other shows. My best friend here, Amirami also grew up with it.

For SNW I really like it but that’s probably because I’m not a huge TOS fan like you and so many others here. So the canon issues don’t really bother me and I just watch the show for what it is. And it’s the first prequel I liked, certainly more than Enterprise and Discovery lol. Oddly it’s now tied with Enterprise for me and I used to loathe that show as well. Now enjoy both but neither my favorite show either.

As far as Lower Decks I do love it but even I’m surprised how much I do! 😂

It’s not a show for everybody and I can’t blame anyone if they think it’s stupid. But I can’t get enough personally. This was actually the first NuTrek show I liked as crazy as it sounds.. Can’t wait for season 5!

But I think you should stay far away lol. But I would suggest trying out Prodigy though. I see Tiger2 recommended it. You may not like it either but it tells great stories IMO and yes Janeway is in it..🙂

TOS so important to me it’s really hard to explain. That show is what made me get into the field I am today. I watch both that and TNG every year. I love them both equally in many ways but TOS is a tad more special being part of my childhood and upbringing.

I think it means more to us old farts who was living when it originally aired lol. I know to a lot of younger people today it comes off like a farce and outdated. I’m not offended over it, it is a very old show today and made in a very different time. My own daughter won’t even watch it. She loves TNG and really liked the Abrams movies but won’t touch TOS. We always argue who is the better Kirk lol.

Like I said people should just like what they like. I’m just happy she watches any Star Trek at all. She likes Voyager and Deep Space 9 too. Not as fond of Enterprise as I am but also watches it. I don’t know if she seen any of the new shows though.

I will take your advice about Lower Decks lol. It’s more for you young people I think. I may give Prodigy a chance since others seem to really like it. Especially with Janeway there. I probably will skip season one but try out season two when it starts. This was a good conversation. Not everyone here is uptight lol.

Tiger’s right, I gave up on DSC about five minutes into season 3, and it was really only Pike that got me for season 2, and that was pretty tenuous at times, especially the last ep of s2, which I found abominably structured and executed.

VOYAGER was a disappointment because I saw an interview with Mulgrew after she came on, and she just came off so smart and with-it that I felt, okay, this is going to work … and then very nearly nothing seemed to. Part of the problem for me is that VOYAGER was going heavy on the cg ships, which were not successful IMO, so even the eye-candy aspect was disappearing and nothing character or storywise was there either. And ENT … geez, I lasted till that weird CD-ROM game looking future library at the start of s2 and quit that.

Thanks for the response. I understand why you felt that way about Voyager.

I always loved Enterprise and my third favorite show. But I know others hate it. I’m old enough to just let people be and enjoy or hate whatever.

I don’t like Kurtzman or Abrams Trek much at all but I do like more Trek than hate it overall. My favorites are TOS, TNG, Enterprise, DS9 and the TOS/TNG movies minus Generations for killing Kirk off. But I actually liked everything else.

Never watched the cartoons so those don’t count.

Which are your favorite shows?

Most of TOS (I can even rewatch some of the stinkers, because there are usually character grace-notes in them), well over half of DS9, along with maybe two dozen TNGs.

Oh, and I’ve watched TAS several times, and find several good, though in general animation is not often my thing, outside of UP, THE INCREDIBLES and THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE.

I watch all of TOS (yes even the stinkers lol). I can’t watch TAS though and I remember watching it when they originally aired. But the animation was too rough for me and I don’t really like cartoons. Last time I watched that was literally in the 80s I think. There are a few I like too though.

Wow you have a limited selection of what you like. I don’t feel too bad of what I hate now lol. But it’s a good idea not to waste your time on things you just think are mediocre. I see you don’t like any of the Kurtzman and Abrams stuff… good call lol.

I actually watched TAS back in 2021 doing a grand rewatch of the entire franchise. When I started watching it, I didn’t think I would be able to finish the first season, but once I got used to the animation I really did start to enjoy it. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again or anything but I’m happy I finally saw it after all this time.

And even better, now I understand the LDS TAS easter eggs more. :)

I think the trick with TAS is to just listen to it from another room.

Shoot, I used to do that sometimes with TOS when the video signal was too bad to watch, plus I am one of those who actually audio-taped big chunks of several episodes, just to be able to hear the music and the big speeches over and over.

My main takeaway with watching a bunch of TAS recently was how badly I wanted to reread Alan Dean Foster’s expansive novelizations … I found about a dozen episodes worth of the books used, but would really like to reread the later couple, which are about 80% new material if I remember correctly, like huge parts about Kirk rooming with a Klingon at Starfleet Academy.

And ENT … geez, I lasted till that weird CD-ROM game looking future library at the start of s2 and quit that.

LOL, yeah, that and infamous decontamination chamber scene were to of the most dumbass things I saw in Star Trek, although the decontamination chamber scene does have a non-Star Trek reason to visually appreciate it…lol

I’m one of the weirdos that loved VOY out the gate. Never my favorite but I truly enjoyed every season of it. The crazy thing is VOY was really the only other show that I enjoyed its first season outside of TOS. But you’re also talking to someone who doesn’t think TFF is all that bad, so yeah lol.

But my grand rewatch of the franchise confirmed that in 2021 when I watched the entire show again since it went off the air and still loved it (although there were so many episodes I forgot…some for good reason lol).

The only two shows I watched again and again are TOS and TNG. But I rewatch a lot of Enterprise in the past few years too.

These new shows I haven’t had any motivation to watch them again except Picard season 3. I seen that one twice too.

I can’t ever imagine watching anything of Discovery again when it’s over. I don’t know if I’ll even watch next season because I still haven’t finished last season yet.

There was another really nice thing to look at on voyager as well

My one problem with Voyager is that they wanted us to believe that the crew was low on resources. Funny how they never ran out of shuttles.

I so wish TNG had bought into the idea of replication being bad for space-time and everybody having to go back to carrying what they needed or bartering for it. The magic box tech is just too much IMO, always felt that way.

Couldn’t you say the same about VOYAGER? “

And Enterprise!

– The show tells its viewers the crew love each other, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face, instead of quietly SHOWING it.
The show preaches constantly, again, not very subtlely.
The show’s cinematography is awful. There are only two colours orange and teal.
The show doesn’t know what it wants to be, so instead of growing every season, there’s a tonal reset button.
The show hasn’t developed it’s (admittedly awful) cast enough so that Burnham is the only one who realistically can get stuff done.

Some of the many reasons why Discovery isn’t hitting.

I do think the cast is mostly pretty good. I don’t think Martin-Greene is overly talented, since I also wasn’t impressed by her acting on The Walking Dead, and Ian Alexander was dreadfully dull as Gray. The others, I think, are just saddled with broadly written characters. They can’t get a grasp of their own characters for the same reason the audience often doesn’t–bad writing. But I can’t fault the actors for that. Jones, Yeoh, Rapp, Chieffo, Cronenberg, del Barrio, Cruz, Ajala, Ancheril, Fehr, Latif, Notaro, Isaacs, Mount, Frain, Kirshner, Romijn, Peck, and especially Wilson are all solid actors. They just don’t have good material to work with. I can’t decide whether or not Wiserman is a good actor since I’ve never seen her in anything else, and her character is so grating on the nerves that this might be pushing me away. It could be the writing and directing, though, not the actor. Others, like Oladejo, Kwok-Choon, Coutts, Rowe, and Cheesman, have no characters at all and very little dialogue–just meaningful glances at each other–so I have no opinion of them at all after four years, other than “They are present.” And that’s not how a show should be done.

Awful cast? Seriously? I can get some of your other takes, even though I disagree with them, but that comment is just wack / out there???

Detmer, Stamets, Tilly, Owosekum, Gray, Culber.

Yes, awful.

I like Staments and Culber.. The others not so much lol.

And it took me three seasons to warm up to Staments.

Emily uses “cast” when she means “characters,” and either can’t or won’t learn the difference.

Agree or disagree, that was a splendid rant. Kudos.


Imagine poor Lorna if they added Raffi to the cast this year? :-)

Starting to think this season is in the mold of TNG’s “The Chase” which would fit the “Big Thing” concept and also allow for some crossover-type stuff through like historical holos or maybe some time travel? By the way if this is a riff on The Chase, I’m cool with that.

I just rewatched The Chase and it was a good episode because it focused on the detective work rather than the action and Picard wasn’t the smartest and most capable person in the entire universe. His whole crew helped to piece together the mystery.

I’m just not convinced Discovery can pull off an entire season of what TNG managed to do in a single episode, but maybe I will be surprised. I’m hoping I will be.

Fascinating. Still, I’m more hyped about season two of Star Trek: Prodigy than the final season of Discovery.

Is the a Remake of thr Chase?

That would at least be interesting. The Chase is one of my favorite episodes. That’s when Star Trek had big ideas and wanted to make you think. Now, not so much.

a good script maybe? would be gread in 5 years…

“An ancient power” … could it be, the Iconians?

Maybe the Preservers.

Legacy characters. What a surprise.

Highest stakes ever ever ever, future of the universe kind of stuff probably. What a surprise.

Eh….when does Prodigy come back again?

I want to be excited about this last season, but yeah still not feeling it.

Thanks so much for that valuable input.

I’ve done that plenty of times although I’m guessing few people see my input here as ‘valuable’ lol.

the heck is wrong with you why is it so hard for you to let people express an opinion without you ragging on them

Tiger you’re one of the kindest ppl on Trekmovie, never getting into arguments, just saying I appreciate your comments and am with you on your opinion – Disco bites

Thank you I appreciate that albatrossity. Truly dude. :) And it’s fine, I been told waaay worse things over the years lol.

The constant teasing for a big reveal only works if the answer is intellectually complex, and emotionally compelling.

Given the way they tell stories on DSC I suspect we will all enjoy it more when it’s done.

They did that multiple times, whether you liked the result or not. But fans like you don’t actually know what they want.

WTF are you talking about?

If there is a big mystery, and I have to wait week after week, I want to learn something useful each week. Does that really happen on DSC? I just rewatched season 2 and even on rewatch, it really doesn’t make sense.

If I feel like I haven’t learned something useful about the plot, or a something about character – their interior or their motivation, then do I have any basis to actually enjoy what I have seen?

Have you never felt that on this show? And other shows? Are they too long for the thin thread they are based on? Are they throwing too much in?

OR are they accomplished stylistically, like THE CURSE, which keeps you captivated despite very unsympathetic leads. SAME STUDIO.

So my point is that on rewatch the character insights are more clear. Flaws fold away because during a binge we don’t have a week to discuss them all.

I certainly felt that work for me on the first two seasons. But you’re right on the last two seasons. Discovery was weakened starting in season three when the show runners started listening to all the fans who were whining on the Internet — and so we got a watered down more traditional Star Trek version which doesn’t really fit discovery all that well. The first two seasons for me were fantastic.

Nothing about Discovery makes sense. It’s just a truly awful show.

I can’t imagine even trying to rewatch any of it so at least you were willing to keep trying with it. I don’t have the patience. There are way too many good shows out there to watch instead of trying to enjoy mediocre ones.

Replace “Discovery” everywhere in your post with “Enterprise” and I will be in 100% agreement with you.

I don’t need your agreement because I don’t care.

You keep responding to me obsessively for some reason. Please stop. You’re getting creepy fast.

Yes, exactly. I see no future scenario where I’ll try to watch DSC again. I quit at the end of S2, and even going that far was a struggle. So it ended up being the only Trek show I ever gave up on, which was sad.

I’ve seen most of it but not all. I tried watching the first season but gave up around episode 10. I couldn’t bare it. It didn’t feel like Star Trek at all. I did watch all of season 2 and the only one I watched completely. I gave up watching both seasons 3 and 4 early too. I can’t get into this show at all.

I was only able to get through season 2 because I liked watching Pike and I wanted to see the Enterprise again. But so much of it was bad too but better than the first season I guess.

I did the same. I quit at the end of S2. Then during the pandemic decided to give it another chance. Watched S3 and S4 after… S3 made S2 look like a masterpiece and S4 was even worse… Yet I’ll still watch S5, not sure why.

I hope they take some big swings! And then talk about said big swings in every interview and press release.

Sigh.. I see the mystery box is alive and well.

Prime Lorca should only show up in SNW