All Eyes Are On Lieutenant Harry Kim In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #17

This week IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series continues with part 5 of the “A Savage World of Glass and Bone” storyline, with Captain Sisko and the crew of the Theseus trying to stop a war with the space dinosaur Tzenkethi… and their Romulan friends. Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing co-write the series with art by Marcus To. We have covers and a preview of issue 17.

Star Trek #17


Galactic war is imminent in the penultimate issue of arc three of the Eisner-nominated Star Trek series.With Federation, Romulan, and Cardassian forces all vying for leverage over the Tzenkethi war fleet, Captain Sisko is left with no choice but to request official assistance from Starfleet after he and his crew have fallen out of favor with the warmongering reptilian species. However, the proposed solution-and only option Starfleet is willing to approve-is questionable, with the potential of endangering not only the Theseus crew…but the galaxy at large.


Cover A by Marcus To

Cover B by Megan Levens

RI cover by Jake Bartok


Five-page preview:

Star Trek #17 available Wednesday

Star Trek #17 arrives on February 21. The final issue of the “Glass and Bone” storyline arrives on March 20 with issue #18 (see cover below). You can order issue 17 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

First Look: The gods are coming to the party in next Star Trek arc

Starting In April IDW starts up a new six-issue arc (Star Trek #19-24) titled “The Pleroma” which delves into the issues of divinity that have arisen since Sisko’s return from the celestial temple. This theme will be represented in a series of special variant covers by J.J. Lendl in a stained glass style that all fit together. IDW editor Heather Antos previewed the next arc and special covers with ScreenRant:

“A lot of what this year of Star Trek has been about is dealing with the gods. And in this next arc of Star Trek… let’s just say we’re bringing the gods to the party in this book. There’s a lot of religious allegory that’s going on. J.J. is actually the one who came up with the stained glass concepts. He’s just so brilliant, so talented, the way his mind thinks in design is just beyond anyone else I’ve ever worked with, how quickly he comes up with these ideas. I just asked him if he wanted to do a set of connecting variants for this upcoming arc called Blue roadmap for Star Trek, it’s going to be six issues, we’re visiting the gods and finally confronting them basically. All of this has been building to this moment where Sisko gets to go and have a chat, if you will, with the Prophets.”

The J.J. Lendl covers feature characters from the ongoing Star Trek comic series as well as a pantheon of god-like entities from the franchise. You can see them all fit together below. “The Pleroma” kicks off on April 17.

Six covers by J.J. Lendl for “The Pleroma”

Star Trek collections

IDW’s first collection from the Star Trek series (titled ‘Godshock”) collects the first six issues from the series. You can order Volume 1 in hardcover from Amazon for $20.07 or $7.28 for ebook/Kindle. The second volume (titled “The Red Path”) collects issues 7-10 and was released December 5. You can order Volume 2 in hardcover from Amazon for $24.99 or $7.65 for ebook/Kindle.

On March 12 IDW will release a hardcover collection of last year’s “Day of Blood” crossover of their ongoing Star Trek and Defiant series. The release collects Star Trek: Day of Blood, Star Trek: Day of Blood–Shaxs’ Best Day, Star Trek 2023 Free Comic Book Day issue, Star Trek issues #11–12, and Star Trek: Defiant issues #6–7. You can pre-order now at Amazon for $27.99.

Keep up with all the Star Trek comics news, previews and reviews in TrekMovie’s comics category.

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Harry Kim hot. We’re looking forward to his parts of these even though we’re not fans of these comics at all.

Now on the other side of our father’s funeral. That was a day, a definitely exhausting day. Also got officially diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Have an appointment with a therapist on the 27th. Also trying to get back onto bipolar meds. Was prescribed some Friday but it’s been a hassle getting them so fingers crossed that we can today.

Best wishes as to all these struggles you’re having lately. Hang in there.

Did you mean to post this personal information here?

Those comics are getting more and more ridiculous.

“Lt. Harry Kim”? Seriously? C’mon, Harry was either an Ensign or a Captain, but nothing in between. How am I supposed to believe this comic takes place in the Prime Trek Universe?

“Lt. Harry Kim”. Ha!

And before you mock my mocking, remember that Cadet James T. Kirk went from cadet to Captain in the course of one Kelvin movie. He skipped every step!

“Kelvin movie”

You just explained the lapse in logic.