Pluto TV Adds Dedicated ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Channel

PlutoTV is part of the Paramount Global portfolio of services, and as we’ve reported before, the ad-supported free streaming service has multiple Star Trek series that run on their “Star Trek” and “More Star Trek” channels. PlutoTV has been streaming Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager on those two live Star Trek channels. This week, PlutoTV launched a third channel in the USA, solely dedicated to a Deep Space Nine. This is a first for Trek on PlutoTV.

3 live Trek channels

Adding a channel just for DS9 is part of Pluto’s 10th anniversary celebration:

In April, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in a big way, welcoming a dedicated Deep Space Nine channel to our growing Star Trek lineup and more.

The Deep Space Nine channel is already up and running next to the two other Trek channels…

Pluto now has 3 Trek channels

Pluto’s original Star Trek channel is now dedicated to streaming episodes of TOS and TNG. For now the More Star Trek channel is streaming episodes of Voyager.

Trek on demand

In addition to episodes being shown on live-streaming channels, select seasons of Star Trek: The Original SeriesStar Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager are also available on demand.

Star Trek plays a big part for Paramount’s free streamer. Periodically Pluto has Star Trek movies streaming live and on demand. And when new seasons of Paramount+ original Star Trek shows arrive they often use their “Paramount+ Picks” channel to stream season premiere episodes for free.

Pluto TV’s advertisements often feature Trek in some manner. This includes their most recent “Couch Potato” advert which aired during the Super Bowl.

And back in October, Pluto TV had this TNG-inspired advertisement

Pluto TV is available on the web at, and via apps for smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at

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As a kid, I used to tell my friends if there was a 24/7 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine channel, I would absolutely tune in regularly.

I think my kid self just called my bluff.

I watch Star Trek on Pluto TV nearly everyday.

Same here. It’s great to have on ‘in the background’ while making dinner, etc.

Someone can dedicate an entire channel to Deep Space Nine, but the owners of Deep Space Nine can’t convert it to HD? To quote a droid from another franchise, “This is madness!”

I feel you but like hear me out

I think one of these things is far more expensive than the other

There’s an old adage about gratitude that goes something to the effect of, “If you find yourself having to walk for miles because your car broke down, try to remember how many people would be thrilled to be able to take that walk.” In this case, if your vision is good enough to make a real distinction between standard-def and HD, be happy you can see that well. Many others can’t, myself included.

Damn, that really sucks, Michael. Is it cataract-related or something less treatable? I’m always worried about vision myself, given the connection between diabetes and blindness.

The Pluto news is pretty good, as I still haven’t gotten season 5 on dvd, which is where my favorite Eddington show appears, plus the baseball card episode.

My vision has been terrible for my entire life, with myopia so severe that it lands me in the top 95th percentile. The good news is that it’s been correctable, so while I was never going to fly the space shuttle (or anything else) I’ve been able to wear contacts that allow me to drive and do just about everything a person with normal vision can do. It’s gotten somewhat worse lately, where I’ll now be in the ridiculous position of having to wear glasses on top of my contacts to see things up close, but that’s my particular burden to bear and I’ll deal with it while still indulging my passion for photography. I’m 65, am in mostly good health, still have the greater percentage of my hair and can press 200+, for all of which I’m grateful. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. 😊

I actually got a doctor’s excuse to get out of swimming in high school owing to what he described as my 20/500 vision (I think it was a bit less than that), saying I’d keep colliding with the pool walls unless the school wanted to make me prescription scuba masks (oddly enough, I met up with my dad later that same year and found out he actually did have a prescription scuba mask for snorkeling, which I guess makes sense given he lived in Hawaii and was probably as nearsighted as I was.)

Wow, my long-lost nearsighted brother. (My actual brother’s eyesight is even worse than my own.) After losing an expensive pair of glasses — there’s no other kind with my prescription — I came to understand that swimming in the ocean would always be problematic for me.

In Canada Pluto has one Star Trek channel and the play TOS and TNG on it. They’ll play roughly 4 or 5 TOS episodes then same amount of TNG episodes and keep rotating.

Yeah, I am envious of those in the US because they not only have two channels plus the new DS9 channel, they also have TOS, TNG and DS9 on demand. To top it off, Pluto US also has a Stargate channel showing episodes of SG1 and Atlantis. Up here we have one live only channel of TOS and TNG.

That said, I guess I should not complain because CTV Sci-Fi channel does show multiple episodes of TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise along with SG1 throughout the week and weekend mornings.

Here in Australia our doesn’t have any Star Trek

Thanks for keeping things in perspective. Hopefully sometime soon, Pluto adds a Trek channel to their lineup down under.

Wow great news! I’m amazed how popular DS9 has become the last few decades.

Yup pretty cool. IMHO DS9 is perhaps my favorite series competing head to head with TNG followed by TOS. SNW is also up there too, but not quite in the league with the top 3!

I recently fully rewatched the series (first time since it aired and I was a wee child glued to it) and I can’t honestly say I know what I think of it. Season four and five were almost exclusively excellent and the rest was ups and downs, save for season seven which was almost complete garbage. I loved the best of it and couldn’t stand a lot of it. Do I love the show?? I don’t even know. It left a bad taste but when I look a bit further back I remember how much I loved some of it…and I’m glad it’s getting some love b/c I think the best of it is among the best of Trek. But I can’t say I want to go back to this style of making a season of television. 🫠 I’d love to see some of the available characters again, though, some kind of follow up that did away with the worst flaws. (I do need to read the comics.)
(And in case anyone wants to do the toxic nostalgia song n dance, I only did that rewatch b/c modern Trek star Tawny Newsome talks DS9 up at every opportunity. And overall it left me so grateful for the modern era and newly appreciative of the work done in the past. And pleased that I’ll get more of the references in Lower Decks now I’m refreshed, lol)

I agree, for the most part. Season 7 is not garbage and had some of the best episodes, but the final 10 were rough. But I think that is what left that “bad taste.”

If were to rank the 7 seasons of DS9 from best to worst:


That is how I feel now, but that could change after another re-watch.

Nothing wrong with liking what you like. I happen to think that the best of DS9 was as good a Star Trek as we’re ever likely to get, but that doesn’t mean the series as a whole was anything like perfect.

I still haven’t seen several trill-oriented eps because the whole subject doesn’t speak to me. Doesn’t stop me from being blown away by a number of great and good eps, though.

am thinking by season, it would probably be, top to bottom:

Looks like the “More Star Trek” channel is now the Star Trek: Voyager channel. So DS9 and Voyager both have their own “new” channels.

I’m guessing the More Star Trek channel will add something to the rotation besides Voyager. Otherwise, it seems like they would have renamed it the Star Trek Voyager channel when they were making their changes. I would love for every ST series to have its own channel, or at least for TOS to have its own channel, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

I would imagine Pluto’s unpausable live streaming format probably doesn’t work the best for DS9’s serialized nature. But definitely can cater to the fan wanting o drop in and “trek channel surf”

Pluto needs the ability to pause live content . Even if it’s a max of 15 mins. You can do that with current cable.

Right now it’s literally like watching over the air TV before VCRs were created. No ability to pause or even ” record ” what your seeing.

I disagree. I actually like the lack of ability to pause to mimic the “before-time.”

Also, if you have Paramount + or the shows on disc, then you can pause them that way.