All Access: ‘Picard’ Episode 303 “Seventeen Seconds” Review & ‘Discovery’ Ending/Future Of Star Trek Discussion

Laurie and Anthony start the podcast with the breaking news that Star Trek: Discovery is ending with season 5 and an overview of what might be next for the Star Trek Universe on TV. They talk about the addition of Star Trek: Voyager to the Pluto line-up, new comments from both Chris Pine and J.J. Abrams about the stalled follow-up to Star Trek Beyond, and the upcoming arrival of Lower Decks season 3 on DVD. They pivot to a round-up of Picard news and interviews from Ed Speleers, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn, then talk over some of the fan theories about who might be conspiring with Vadic. Then they review Picard 303, “Seventeen Seconds,” which includes some debate about the scene that inspired the episode’s title. They wrap things up with a fun comment from James Worthy and a great resource for finding Star Trek events.