All Access: Review Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episode 13 “All the World’s a Stage” & ‘Star Trek 4’ Update

Tony and Laurie use a recent interview with Zoe Saldaña to talk about the uncertain future of the next Star Trek movie, then get into some of the details on an upcoming auction of props and costumes from Star Trek: Picard as well as the latest SkyShowtime launches in Europe. They discuss a theory about the Borg that connects VoyagerProdigy, and Picard, then take a look at the newest Admiral Janeway log on Instagram. After that, they review Prodigy‘s newest episode, “All the World’s a Stage.” They wrap up with a story about Jimi Hendrix and Leonard Nimoy hanging out together and Neil Shurley’s episode of Enterprise Incidents about TOS’ “The Way to Eden.” (Yeah, brother.)