All Access: Review Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode 205 “Charades”

[Review starts at 20:51]

Tony and Laurie start off discussing the SAG-AFTRA strike and how that can impact Star Trek production and promotion, especially San Diego Comic-Con and the 57-Year Mission convention in Las Vegas. . They then round up the latest news on awards, including an Emmy snub for Picard and Strange New Worlds making it into the streaming top 10. There’s also a new book offering some clues on Lower Decks season 4. Finally, the podcasters talk about the passing of Enterprise executive producer Manny Coto.

For Strange New Worlds the podcast first looks over the latest TrekMovie exclusive interviews including listening to what Jess Bush (Christine Chapel) had to say about Roger Corby. Tony and Laurie then turn to the week’s main topic, reviewing “Charades,” where they mostly agree, but also had different takes on this “big swing” towards another rom-com style episode.

They wrap things up with talking about a special Treksperts podcast about Manny Coto and a special moment between William Shatner and Picard production designer Dave Blass at Star Trek: The Tour.