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Star Trek ARG Report 9: Uranometria + augmented reality + another video from Malak0 April 30, 2009

by Aliotsy Andrianarivo , Filed under: Star Trek ARG , trackback

The Star Trek ARG is heating up this week with more real world sightings of clues, leading to more clues and at this point it looks like the Romulans may be all over this planet…oh no! See below for our usual breakdown of all the latest stuff happening.



Uranometria, augmented reality, another video from Malak0, …


NOTE: if you are new to the Star Trek ARG see ‘Quick review’ at the bottom of this article

April 27th Clue 1: Contain The Threat makes contact, shares grid clue
Shortly after the last TrekMovie ARG update, Contain The Threat responded to inquiries with a variation of this email:

For your own safety, send us all information you have on these rogues. They want to destroy your planet, and we are here to help you stop them. We know these traitors all too well and can figure out what their plans are if you send us any of their belongings or any information you intercepted. We have their coded key from Berlin-Madrid but if we are to access the data it hides, you must send us the combined access-point quad. If we do not get to this data first, the rogues could unleash destruction unlike anything you can imagine. We have no time, if you want to save your world, tell us now what we need to know. Do you know how this connects to the quad?

Some people received the following images attached images from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, no doubt taken after Sunday’s event.

"thebruce" at Unfiction noted that the second image is a rotation of "APUS":

Unfortunately, the clues yielded no further progress on cracking the grid puzzle, so community members continued to press Contain the Threat for more clarity. Some emailed the QR codes found so far. Contain The Threat followed up with a second email and a diagram illustrating the correct placement of the CHAMAELEON QR code on the input grid:

This is helpful to us. However, if the rogues are using a combination of the quad, they therefore have an input grid. You must help us find it. Only then can we properly use the rotation and coordinate indicia to enter the pieces of the quad.

April 29 Breakthrough: ‘GeneLaBarre’ breaks puzzle to yield … another puzzle.
Two days after the reveal of the, many players were frustrated and despondent with the lack of progress, and particularly, the all-or-nothing nature of the twenty minutes worth of clicking grid pixels could result in no feedback on how close one’s attempt was.

Commenter "GeneLaBarre" suggested a solution:

@139 – Did anyone try turning the codes based on the letters like in the picture from Madrid, meaning APUS = 4, turn by 4 pi (0 degrees)? Chamaeleon works, too, based on the clue from the containthethreat gmail – 10, turn by 10 pi (180 degrees)

doh – math a bit off, meant 4 * pi/2 and 10* pi/2 (to give the degrees above) – Anyone tried that?

Hours later:

If no-one has tried mine, i will try entering it now.

It was correct! It took my email, and now there is a new box. the solution here:

Nice work, "GeneLaBarre!"

April 29 Clue and Breakthrough: ‘warp_10′ figures out Uranometria acronym
Shortly after "GeneLaBarre" broke the grid puzzle, the first three users through (AyandesS, GeneLaBarre, and one other?) received emails from ContainTheThreat:

We have been diverting your quad entries. You were one of the first three to pass to the next entry point. We may require some more help to gain access. Do you understand the meaning of this document discovered with one of the rogues?

Community members quickly recognized the attached image as the cover of Johann Bayer’s star atlas, Uranometria. There was also a new puzzle up on an 11-character password.

"Bev" had the following musings on TrekMovie:

I am sure the containthethreat email said something about the coded key from Madrid and Berlin (’anomadsclue’?) was useless without the quad. I guessing it means they needed the quad (grid?) out of way to be able to use the ‘coded key’? I am thinking about the title yet. It has eleven letters, this is right? And eleven WORDS in the proper title, and some commas. Has anybody made progress with that?

"Bev’s" mention of "anomadsclue" refers to the Berlin-Madrid QR code from the last update: 4,N0M4D5,C1U3:.

"SarahB" set up a spreadsheet for community members to log their attempts at cracking the password. After nearly 100 attempts, "warp_10" entered the ARG chatroom, asked what the puzzle du jour was, and astutely (and immediately) observed that ANOMADSCLUE is an anagram of the acronym for the full title of Bayer’s Star Atlas: Uranometria Omnium Asterismorum Continens Schemata Nova Methodo Delineata Aereis Laminis Expressa.

Community members rearranged the letters into the correct order (UOACSNMDALE) and then transliterated the original "133tspeak" letters, yielding: U04C5NMD413.

This successfully accessed the next part of…

April 29 and 30 Clue Smorgasbord: PHPChatUsers wake up, another Malak0 video, augmented reality …
"warp_10’s" breaking of the passcode triggered a flurry of updates. First, viral chat site updated:

PHPChatUser5: Are you OK?

PHPChatUser4: Sí, pero somos solo nosotros ahora. Tienen Janus.

PHPChatUser5: What happened?

PHPChatUser4: No lo sé, Sólo sé que no puedo quedarme aquí nunca más. ¿Dónde estás?

PHPChatUser5: I’m back.

PHPChatUser4: ¿Dónde?

PHPChatUser5: I don’t know if I’m more surprised he sent them after us, or that they actually listened. If he wasn’t insane, I’d be flattered he saw us as a threat.

PHPChatUser4: Perdimos todo, pues, porque es tan difícil creer su reacción?

PHPChatUser5: How can you ask that?

PHPChatUser4: No perdamos tiempo al discutir si su venganza puede ser justificada, Kaleh, no puedes ver que no tenemos ninguna oportunidad contra ellos separadamente. Nuestra única oportunidad para igualizar es estar juntos. Esto no es de nosotros nunca más, es de averiguar que nuestros amigos no hayan sacrificado todo por nada.

PHPChatUser5: Well, the test signals proved we need more than just us to amplify to their scanners…I hope Karnis got his history right.

PHPChatUser4: El plan de Karnis fue tonto.

PHPChatUser5: It may be the only reason there’s still two of us.

PHPChatUser4: ¿Qué vas a hacer ahora?

PHPChatUser5: Finish this, fix and send this damn warning. It looks like our old friends are tampering with Janus’ model – but I think we can still get the orbit coordinates from it. Then, we can try the original frequency and we have to get the waveform from Karnis’ comm!

PHPChatUser4: Veré lo que puedo hacer, pero entonce debo venirte.

PHPChatUser5: Maybe, just watch your back.

PHPChatUser4: Sí, tú también.

____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____

____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____

And a translation, courtesy of "Banana9" at Unfiction:

PHPChatUser5: Are you OK?

PHPChatUser4: Yes but it’s just us now. They have Janus.

PHPChatUser5: What happened?

PHPChatUser4: I don’t know, only know that i can’t stay here no longer. Where are you?

PHPChatUser5: I’m back.

PHPChatUser4: From where?

PHPChatUser5: I don’t know if I’m more surprised he sent them after us, or that they actually listened. If he wasn’t insane, I’d be flattered he saw us as a threat.

PHPChatUser4: We lost everything, why is it so hard to believe in what he did?

PHPChatUser5: How can you ask that?

PHPChatUser4: Lets not lose time arguing if his revenge is justified, Kaleh, can’t you see that we don’t have a chance against them if we stand eachone alone. Our only chance to fight back is to stay together. This isn’t about ourselves anymore, is to make sure that our friends haven’t sacrified everyhting in vain.

PHPChatUser5: Well, the test signals proved we need more than just us to amplify to their scanners… I hope Karnis got his history right.

PHPChatUser4: Karnis’s plan was stupid.

PHPChatUser5: It may be the only reason there’s still two of us.

PHPChatUser4: What are you gonna do now?

PHPChatUser5: Finish this, fix and send this damn warning. It looks like our old friends are tampering with Janus’ model – but I think we can still get the orbit coordinates from it. Then, we can try the original frequency and we have to get the waveform from Karnis’ comm!

PHPChatUser4: Gonna see what i can do, but then i’ll meet you.

PHPChatUser5: Maybe, just watch your back.

PHPChatUser4: yes, you too.

"Mel" used the chat transcript to piece together the most thorough character analysis yet:

We know now the Romulans true names:

1. Sargash
2. Karnis
3. Janus
4. Candir
5. Kaleh

1. Sargash is a relative young man and a hothead. He was the one with the Sudokus who tried to get our help.

2. Karnis is also a man. He has lost the device in Paris, which MalakO found. He is probably missing or even dead.

3. Janus is a quite grumpy man. He was the one sleeping and hiding in Berlin at the Kunsthaus Tacheles. He got caught and was hurt by the other Romulans who are behind the containthetheat warning.

4. Candir is a man, too. He is quite level-headed. He has a relationship with Kaleh.

5. Kaleh is the only woman of the group. Also very level-headed. She has a lot of authority in the group. She is the woman in the picture with the forehead tattoo who hold the shield with the Berlin and Madrid coordinates. She is in a relationship with Candir.

At around the same time, Malak0 sent out a frustrated email:

Arrêtez de m’embêter à la fin! Qqn au nom de Ferdinand m’a envoyé des instructions qui ont fait marcher l’appareil- donc je suppose que c’est à vous. Envoyez l’argent- stop playing games.


Translation from the Mibbit chat (thanks "Mel," unfortunately don’t recall who this was):

“Stop mocking/bothering me. I’m finished! Someone named Ferdinand sent me the instructions to make this device work. I suppose it’s you? Send the money — Stop playing games.”

The morning of April 30, Malak0 posted a new video, letting us know that he’s figured out how to get the device working:

"GeneLaBarre" graciously translated what Malak0 was saying in the video:


Ok. So, I’ve had a lot of replies after the video I posted online recently. And I’ve also had several interesting offers. But it was actually before I managed to make this device working. I’m going to show you how it’s like. It’s pretty incredible.` You have to do this… It’s a kind of a 3D hologram projection, pretty incredible. You can interact with the content this way ; moving it. I can show it from a closer angle. If you’re the person or the organization who’s lost this object, I imagine you want it back so contact me to make me an offer. Voilà.

Am I the only one who thinks that melodic sound will be set over a phat beat and used as music when the credits roll for this ARG? I am? Oh well …

And for those of you who worried — Malak0 assures us that those footfalls he’s reacting to are his mother, and not "Fe" coming to finish him off!

And finally … if you enter warp_10’s solution to the passcode puzzle on (U04C5NMD413), download the requested plugin, and have a webcam handy, you’ll be treated to our next puzzle: an augmented reality star chart. Have no idea what that is? Check out the videos from "Raphael" and myself ("aliotsy"):

The stars and planets show up when one waves QR codes and the background image to at one’s webcam. Occasionally, when a star or planet is highlighted, the "Location Signifier" box lights up with a number. Also occasionally, a "Submit" button appears, where one can "confirm a location signifier." What does it all mean? Does it related to the holographic projections from Malak0’s found device?

Thank you!
I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the folks who have been dropping by from the chatroom to keep the TrekMovie comments up-to-date with the latest progress, especially "Mel," "Matt," "ATVNPF," and "Tom." I appreciate you for making an effort to ensure that those who can’t participate in the chat can still stay informed.

Star Trek ARG – A quick review
The Star Trek Alternative Reality Game began a couple of weeks ago after some fans spotted URLs on the walls of ‘Star Trek Dance Party’ photos up at, these clues led to more sites, which in turn led to more clues. Here are the previous TrekMovie articles on the Star Trek ARG:

Also, all TrekMovie articles regarding this are now in a single Star Trek ARG Category.

What do you think? — and A NOTE before you comment
Before you post clues or speculation in the comments below, check the previous TrekMovie articles (including comments) to be sure they haven’t already been covered.

Star Trek ARG Forum
TM community member "Tom" hosts the very active ARG chat where much of the problem-solving is taking place. He has set up a forum for posting clues and speculation. It also includes links to the chat.

Other resources

Any new clues or theories? Let us know!
but again, be sure to check previous posts to make sure they haven’t been covered. If you really think you are on to something, send in a clue to tips [at]
com. However, please keep tips to new (at least semi) verified clues, and not just speculation, that is what the comments are for.


1. Enc - April 30, 2009

this one i havnt been following.

2. Megg - April 30, 2009


It is really cool and all, but how is anyone ever supposed to remember all this? Talk about complicated. I hope it leads to something fun! Thanks for the update! That can’t be easy to keep track of.

3. ThePhaige - April 30, 2009

I believe Steven Hawking is working on this one…….

4. Enc - April 30, 2009


5. Casaubon - April 30, 2009

Aliotsy – Thank you for your work on this. Great update.

6. Kalashnikov - April 30, 2009

I really doubt that, he’s sick from what I heard.

7. Browen - April 30, 2009

Maybe the stress of making this ARG is what lead to his bad health ;)

8. Thomas - April 30, 2009

I’m sorry, I followed this at the beginning but now I’ve almost completely checked out.

9. subatoi - April 30, 2009

Thank you Aliotsy, for putting all the news together. I do it in another language so I know it’s hard, and you’re very helpfull. Thanks!

10. Marcus Johnson - April 30, 2009

What is this? Is this a game?

11. Dr. X - April 30, 2009

Well, it’s all very interesting, and very convoluted, but I hope the end of this leads to something which can be enjoyed by all, not just those who have figured out the clues to this ARG game.

12. dayxday - April 30, 2009

I draw the line at this sort of nerdishness.

13. SaphronGirl - April 30, 2009

Live stream of the US premiere!

14. SaphronGirl - April 30, 2009

Sorry, wrong link:

15. Pat Payne - April 30, 2009

If they put this much thought into a freakin’ MARKETING CAMPAIGN, then the movie had better be made of pure awesome.

(I’m pretty sure it will be, but just sayin’…)

16. illogical - April 30, 2009

Just wanted to say it’s been a blast working with everyone in the chat room to solve these puzzles. It’s been challenging, friendly, and fun for a group from across the globe. Afterall, that’s what Star Trek is about, isn’t it?

I really think we are nearing the culmination of this whole thing. Stay tuned…

17. richardmartin - April 30, 2009

This whole AR~G should be novelised to make it understandable.

18. Mr. Anonymous - April 30, 2009

PUSA. So that band, the Presidents of the United States of America, must be up to no good! =)

19. Ian - April 30, 2009

14. I can’t get the player to load. Anyone else having this issue?

20. Ian - April 30, 2009

Nevermind, it starts at 9 easter! haha

21. ProperTrekkieUK - April 30, 2009

Wow…augmented reality has waded into this one too! Blimey! Even with these updates I feel a little lost but then I can’t dedicate as much time to it as some people! Still I think its cool! If anyone needs any help doing boring stuff let me know :D

22. Daoud - April 30, 2009

#17 That’s a great idea, richardmartin. Perhaps they can commission Alan Dean Foster to do the job! It would tie in with the official movie novelization, and perhaps also include novelizations of the Countdown comic, the Paul Pope Spock comic, and the prequel to Countdown. ADF could make a meganovel out of all this. Call it “Prelude and Fugue on the Future Begins” This ARG is definitely the Fugue! And if anyone’s ever studied the playing of fugues, you know the headaches they bring!

#0 Aliotsy! Superb job with the review again, and the cat-shepherding you’ve been doing. Thanks also to Anthony to his willing to give the ARG attention here. Yet again, making the new one-stop Trek spot.

#ARG I can’t help but think we’re looking at the local Solar Neighborhood. Has anyone tried matching from the few-years ago “Star Trek Maps”, or from the original FJ “Technical Manual” of the nearest stars? Any solitary yellow star could be the Sun. And there’d be a triple system (Alpha Centauri) nearby with two yellows and a small red.

23. Matt - April 30, 2009

Daoud, we sort of have. And by “we” I don’t include me, since I can’t actually see the webcam stuff. There’s a neat little flash thing:

This is our stellar neighborhood. But I’m not sure if it’s a match with whatever they’re seeing. Never really got confirmation on that.

(Regardless, that’s pretty cool on its own)

24. caseylee4ts - April 30, 2009

There is a new reference to the Eridanus constellation on the unfiction board…

(hope the link works…)

25. Daoud - April 30, 2009

Well, Eridanus contains two nearby stars of importance, epsilon Eridani (a/k/a Pelione) and 40 Eridani (also known as omicron-2 Eridani, home to Vulcan)…

#23 Thanks! I couldn’t remember where his site was. It’s really cool on its own, that’s for sure. Somewhere out there is yet another one I’ve seen. Also, there’s the excellent Star Trek Dimension site:

26. Matt - April 30, 2009

25 – Daoud, I’m hearing happy rumblings in the chatroom because of the link you posted. Not sure what it means, but still I thought I’d pass it on.

27. The Beezer - April 30, 2009

I’ve input the code three times, and get nothing. Help?

28. Matt - April 30, 2009

Which input code are you referring to?

29. The Beezer - April 30, 2009

Oh, i mean the password for the website.

30. caseylee4ts - April 30, 2009

Has anyone translated the Romulan characters on the background image? I tried, but its kind of difficult to the untrained eye? Are the characters rotated 90degrees clockwise??

31. Matt - April 30, 2009

@29 – To get to the place we’re at now, it’s U04C5NMD413

@30 – On the chat site I know it was worked on. Don’t know of a final translation. I’ll poke around and see ‘what’s what’ with that.

32. Daoud - April 30, 2009

#30 Yes, indeed they are rotated 30 degrees.

The link to compare against is at Omniglot:

We’ve never figured out what the 3 to the 4th power looking characters would mean. Notice also the small one-space-character/ligature “km” at the bottom of the middle column (after you rotate it all back). The last column I think was E X P.

#26 Matt, the STDimension site is a heap of a lot of fun too. Somewhere in it is a “real stars” 3D map that’s interesting too, like the link you brought forth…
(the bottommost section)

Do you remember specifically what was getting them buzzing in the chat room?

33. Daoud - April 30, 2009

yikes… #30 in #32, I meant to say 90 degrees. Had #30 on the brain.

34. The Beezer - April 30, 2009

Oops, I was putting an O instead of a zero. lol. To all: I’ve been following the ARG as best as I can, but I’ve missed a few steps. My only question is, how on earth do we know how to translate Romulan? Is there a romulan alphabet somewhere?

35. Daoud - April 30, 2009

As I just noted again in this thread in #32… and in previous threads…
The link to compare against is at Omniglot:
“Romulan alphabet is located there.”

36. Isaac - April 30, 2009

You gotta use trigonometry to solve this?!

37. Matt - April 30, 2009

@32 – General words of thanks for the link. It seemed to be useful to multiple people. But I couldn’t tell you how since, well…. you know. No webcam.

38. Commodore Redshirt - April 30, 2009

I know I thanked you in the IRC chat, but I also want to do so here.
We would not have made it this farin the ARG without all your hard work.

Big thanks should also go to Mario, LtPiper, WarpTube, Raphael, Nebula, thebruce, chink2love, Dougrass, and many others…
plus all the mib’s. Their comments and the over-all exchange of ideas has been amazing.

I’m glad to have been a part of it and hope I’ve helped in some small way.
Again, Thanks!

-David (aka Commodore Redshirt)

39. hairy trekker - May 1, 2009

I’m just gobsmacked by the complexity of all this.

40. Mee - May 1, 2009


Even the new home video gots some of them “lens flares” in it.

Im begining to think its not about Romulans at all. I think Lens flares have invaded…. Quick, smash all lights before tos too laaattteee!!!!!

41. dfinn - May 1, 2009

My thanks also to Aliotsy for a great article, and to all those who have contributed to this incredible puzzle.

It is an INCREDIBLE puzzle, but it also seems VERY complicated. What fun, though!

42. Matt - May 1, 2009

Device tone pattern – a,b,ba – b, cd, efg

Commas are pauses, dash separates it into two parts. Repeated letters are the same tones. I assume numbers should go in the place of these letters, but as of yet I see no way of figuring out what those numbers might be.

There *are* Romulan characters in the hologram, but they are too blurry to make out, and Malak0 has already said he will not help in that regard.

43. caseylee4ts - May 1, 2009

Just to put another set of eyes on the Romulan script in the background of the Bayer site…

Rotate the background 90 degrees counter-clockwise (or just tilt your head to the right…) – the 9 at that top below is the right-most faded character of the bottom row with a faded green outline around it.

Note: Lower case letters signify subscript and ^ signifies superscript – The ? is because I’m not sure what that is. It looks like an M or a 7 but both would have to be rotated to fit the positioning of this character…

3^4 9
G (or 4?) Y X
fG M P
3^4 K^? K^?

44. caseylee4ts - May 1, 2009

And of course the formatting didn’t go though…

45. caseylee4ts - May 1, 2009

Okay, try this link. I used MS Paint to put my translations next to the Romulan letters/numbers.

46. Matt - May 1, 2009

@45 – Thanks. It seems to me that some people keep forgetting to follow through with translating this background.

Also, there’s no better program than MS Paint. ;-)

47. Daoud - May 1, 2009

#43-5 Casey, I think that last line you mean 3^4 ^k^?

I think it reads km? “km” makes a lot of sense for kilometers, or kellicams.

Ahead of that G(4?) perhaps the little f serves as a decimal point, or as an opposite sign (a/k/a negative sign).

48. The Other Dave - May 1, 2009

@42 Matt are you sure about the tones? I figured them out as

D G G D – G C G G D D G G D

but I could be wrong….

49. Daoud - May 1, 2009

Also, maybe the superscript 4 is actually a degree symbol type indicator (or actually a G for ‘gon’ the rare metric unit 1/100 of a right angle. 100^g = 90º.)

50. Matt - May 1, 2009

@48 – The letters aren’t supposed to be their note values, they are just there to show the pattern. Think sonata form ;-)

(I mean, this isn’t sontata form. Just to preemptively clear up any confusion)

51. Dr. Cheis - May 1, 2009

When I was asked to install the plugin, I noticed some interesting details in the license agreement, specifically near the top it listed what looked like coordinates for the company’s HQ. I’ve never heard of this plugin before so I don’t know if it’s in-game, but it might be worth it to examine the license agreement with the same kind of scrutiny as some of the other texts.

PS: Am I the only one who thought the device was the Romulan equivalent of Simon?

52. caseylee4ts - May 1, 2009

#47 & 49 – Thanks for the tips, Daoud. I agree that “km” makes the most sense, but the figure doesn’t quite look like an “m” so that’s why I left it as a “?”. Also, I thought the same thing about the little “f” that it might be a decimal or something, but I can’t find any other good translation website that has puntuation or other characters (such as the degrees symbol). Some of the others that I’ve found have such different Romulan script that it doesn’t even apply to this. I’ll keep searching for other Romulan translation tools. I’m really thinking the text in the background isn’t as random as it would be on-screen in a movie or TV show. So far, nearly everything in this game has served a purpose somewhere. I think this is no different.

53. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

Regarding the tones: There are only two pitches – G and D, but they cycle through three different waveforms, specifically, square, sawtooth and sine.

I’ve extractred the loop and amplified it for your dissection, and I’ve also transcribed the loop exactly, along with my interpretation of what waveforms are being used. I have the page posted on my personal web site:

Square notehead = Square wave
Hollow notehead = Sine wave
Triangle notehead = Sawtooth wave

At least that’s how I hear it. I might not be 100% on the waveforms. Feel free to improve on my “research.”

54. D for me. - May 1, 2009

km as in kellicams? I know that’s Klingon, They share technology, or they did.

What do Romulans use for distance?

I’ve done some research but I’ve come up short.

55. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

Oh, and it also occurred to me to break the pitches down into their frequencies. Perhaps there’s a clue in these numbers:

High G: 196.998 Hz
Low G: 97.999
D: 293.66 Hz

If anyone has better numbers for these, feel free to offer them.

56. Matt - May 1, 2009

@53, 55 Gigastazio –

Excellent work! I was unable to derive any numbers from those tones. Are those values akin to, say, A440? Is that where they come from?

The pattern the tones make, when written out, strikes me as being coordinate-like. But without any other clues associated with those sounds, it’s impossible (for me, anyway) to figure out just what we’re supposed to be searching for there.

57. J.J. Savard - May 1, 2009

Perhaps you have to use the printout of the background, and triangulate a certain star…

58. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

56: Matt –

Right – like A440 – those are the frequencies (cycles per second, measured in Hz) for those pitches. I’m hoping that someone better than me can get them a little more precise. And I do agree that they may represent some kind of set of coordinates. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start, though.

59. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 1, 2009

interesting that this frequency is A440, and 40 Eridani is the Trekkian home to Vulcan…..

That 40 is interestingly conspicuous.

60. Matt - May 1, 2009

Well, unfortunately A440 doesn’t come into play here. That’s the tuning pitch for an orchestra, and I was just using it as an example so that I could understand where those other numbers came from.


61. pinky - May 1, 2009

I’d say the tones in the video, the beat, is morse code…?

62. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - May 1, 2009

oh, dummy on me, Matt. Sorry.

63. The Other Dave - May 1, 2009

Maybe the pitch frequencies might have something to do with the stuff that the romulans were collecting.

64. caseylee4ts - May 1, 2009

Like an antique version of Simon? :)

65. Matt - May 1, 2009

If Malak0’s device is the future of Simon then count me as a long-term fan of that game.

66. Matt - May 1, 2009

New chat!

Happened sometime this evening (evening for me is CST-US). Working on a translation now.

67. Matt - May 1, 2009

Best I can do, sorry.

PHPChatUser5: You there?
PHPChatUser4: I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Did you see who got the child to protect the wave?
PHPChatUser5: Yeah, yeah – look, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve added 3 inputs to the generator, I’ll send them to it, and if they can help get the research, they can enter
PHPChatUser4: We can solve (it) together.
PHPChatUser5: Oh great, you’ve lost it, too. We NEED help!!! Nero’s lapdogs can see that, why can’t you?
PHPChatUser5: Sorry, listen – I’ll send you my specific location, but I’m not far from my original coordinates.
PHPChatUser4: Just take a couple of days to arrive. Leave when you know about so that we can find. This is the game properly, this will give us the best opportunity to send the message …. Our cousins and you’ll get the’ve saved them all.
PHPChatUser5: We can only hope.
____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____
____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____

Hmm…. pretty overt reference to Nero there. Just trying to get this posted, will read it more in depth later.

68. LtPiper - May 1, 2009

Could these Romulans be part of the underground that Spock was involved with that would up somehow back here and are trying to warn Vulcan of what’s going to happen in the future? After all by this time Vulcan already has or come close to having warp drive since they are as advanced as they are when we get to First Contact and know that they have supposedly already been here via Enterprise.

It’s a streach but it still makes Achernar is the base star for eridanus aka Alpha Eridanus in Bayer terms relevant. It is a large flat white star. The base star in the romulan star chart is a large flat white star we believe to also be Alpha eridanus. Somehow the star chart at plugs into the formula to get the romulan star chart oriented right so they could transmit to Vulcan which is in the Eridanus system.

69. Slaynest - May 1, 2009

Slightly better translation…

PHPChatUser5: You there?
PHPChatUser4: I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Did you see I got the kid to protect the wave?
PHPChatUser5: Yeah, yeah – look, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve added 3 inputs to the generator, I’ll send them to it, and if they can help get the research, they can enter
PHPChatUser4: We can solve it together.
PHPChatUser5: Oh great, you’ve lost it, too. We NEED help!!! Nero’s lapdogs can see that, why can’t you?
PHPChatUser5: Sorry, listen – I’ll send you my specific location, but I’m not far from my original coordinates.
PHPChatUser4: I will take just a couple of days to arrive. I will let you know when i get near for us to meet. This is the right thing to do, and will give us the best shot to send the message…. Our cousins will receive it and you will save us all.
PHPChatUser5: We can only hope.
____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____
____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____

70. Mario - May 1, 2009

fast, all go to the chat irc channel, something has happenedn, a new site, has come by the php5 twitter

71. Matt - May 1, 2009


This is interesting. Our waveform has made an appearance.

72. Matt - May 1, 2009

I suspect it’ll have to look like this in the end:

However, we’re missing a LOT of info for the moment.

73. LtPiper - May 1, 2009

What I have so far

74. Gigastazio - May 1, 2009

I’m betting that in those fields on the bottom left you input the numbers 2, 3, 2

75. illogical - May 1, 2009

The Vulcans will save us?

76. Matt - May 1, 2009

@74 Gigastazio – 100% agreement

@75 illogical – Other way around, I think. ;-)

77. Mario - May 1, 2009

giga, are you there?
can you log in the chat room, it would help a lot!,

78. Matt - May 1, 2009

We’ve gathered quite a selection of stuff just from foolilng around with this new site. Here’s a sample (from user warp_10):

One odd thing, a couple of people have noticed what looks like a monkey peering into a telescope. It’s not in every one, but sometimes it’s in there.

Quite odd!

79. Matt - May 1, 2009

Better look at the “monkey:”

Screenshot courtesy of ‘Mario’

80. bob hitching - May 2, 2009

email received from

For scnners to pick itup, we MUST broadcast the wsarning message as often as possible!! Play it as many times as you can in as places as possible. Get others to broadcast your transmission itwill increase amplification! I’m sure the Vulcans will REWARD! our efforts!!!RememberEarth has NO chance fighting alone only Vulcan has the technology to stop him.

does ‘Qoph’ mean anything to anyone?

81. caseylee4ts - May 2, 2009

Forgive my naivete, but where did “Qoph” come from? I didn’t see it anywhere…

82. Matt - May 2, 2009

My question too. I don’t see Qoph anywhere either.

83. Matt - May 2, 2009

As many of us were toying with the new site, we got an email from our friends at CTT:

“I’ve shared a document with you called “eridanus”:

It’s not an attachment — it’s stored online at Google Docs. To open this document, just click the link above.

We have the data and we are sharing it, because we know that you will
do your duty.”

84. RealistTrekkieinCymru - May 2, 2009

contain the threat just sent me an email

85. Inspector - May 2, 2009

So Nero has gone back farther into time to destroy Vulcan – located in Eridanus – and our Romulan friends here are trying to stop them?

Jeez. I missed a lot.

86. Inspector - May 2, 2009

No, I actually missed more than that…

87. Inspector - May 2, 2009

Who is this Thad Gruber?

88. AJ - May 2, 2009

Qoph obviously refers to the darn monkey

89. Matt - May 2, 2009

@88 – Yes, but that word is not used.

ANOTHER email, this time from Thad Gruber himself (first email was from containthethreat):

“Subj – You are ours

Offer this data to Kaleh, this way she will trust you.”

Creepy! Only thing is, he didn’t include any data. Probably refers to the spreadsheet (see comment 83).

90. PV - May 2, 2009

I tried to match the signal on “” with the ones from the video. Here is my try:

Square Frequency:600
Square Phase:0.4
Sine Frequency:225
Sine Phase:0.2
Saw Frequency:375
Saw Phase:0.2

I guess that OR stands for “Originator / Recipient”, i.e. “earth/vulcan” or something like that.

91. Matt - May 2, 2009

That’s outstanding, PV! The only thing that looks off about it is the very end of it. My instinct is to adjust the Square Frequency, but that just throws everything off.

So maybe this is it!

Just need that OR thingie.

92. Daoud - May 2, 2009

Qoph is the origin of the letter Q, and ‘qoph’ did mean ‘monkey’ to the Phoenicians.

93. Matt - May 2, 2009

That word has come from out of the blue in this context though. Not sure why it ever came up.

94. bob hitching - May 2, 2009

[quickly, more later…]

baronqoph2 is the account name used by PHPChatUser5 to setup the website.

you can see it in the error message at

95. Matt - May 2, 2009

Ahh. Thanks for the explanation. That word just seemed to come out of nowhere, earlier today.

96. Matt - May 2, 2009

The background on has changed. Why? Not sure.

97. Mario - May 2, 2009

this is the right code! transmit!

98. Matt - May 2, 2009

Transmit how, Mario?

99. Mario - May 2, 2009

repeat the signal, i believe that would be the trick

100. Mario - May 2, 2009

i believe if many people re-transmit it (ie, play the damned video) the equalizer on alertvulcan could reach a maximum and start broadcasting

101. Matt - May 2, 2009

Mario, we’d first have to know a) the right waveform, and b) the right “fr” and “OR.” PV (comment 90) has an excellent waveform, so that’s good. “Fr” is 232, we already know. But “OR?” We don’t even know what that means, much less what value to put there.

So we need to be “broadcasting” the right signal repeatedly, not the wrong ones.

102. Bender B Rodriguez - May 3, 2009

quick update: while it’s not repeatable (just yet), a theory could be that if enough unique users input onto the same code, it could unlock some interesting user_ids.

first, we had user_id=KNBTN, and after some consistent waveform submissions from a few late night (EST/US) folks, we uncovered:


since this hasn’t been replicated, I’m hesitant to follow through with any theories. But in the meantime, as an experiment, please input the following:

OR: 1645666560
Square fr: 600 phase: 0.4
Sine fr: 225 phase 0.2
Saw fr: 375 phase 0.2

(PV’s near perfect mimicry of Malak0) and a hypothesis that the OR code is in fact, a Location Signifier.

So if it works, and enough users “amplify” the signal, we might just get another cool user_id.

103. bob hitching - May 3, 2009

I couldn’t find any reference to Space Monkeys in the CTT spreadsheet so maybe the Qoph thing is a dead end?

But I just scored a hit on alertvulcan; this one seems to be transmitting the correct message:

104. hitching - May 3, 2009

Here’s how you can save yourself some time and see all 20 variants of the alertvulcan videos:

Install FLV Player – – it’s a program that lets you view the FLV files contained in the alertvulcan flash movies.

There are 20 videos to enjoy; through – copy and paste those URLs onto FLV Player to see them.

14.flv is my personal favourite. Enjoy!

I’m working on another post to explain how I think we can amplify the transmission correctly, like

Stay tuned!

105. JJ Savard - May 3, 2009 has just been hacked by the IRC crew.

106. Matt - May 3, 2009

Another email arrived from ContainTheThreat. Pretty much the same as the one yesterday with the spreadsheet. Added at the bottom is:

“data set now partially complete. incorrect location signifier not yet
identified, or corrected. you must assist.”

I guess they’re just telling us we’ve gotten nowhere.

107. Matt - May 3, 2009

Excellent work in the chat room has been rewarded with a Bayer site breakthrough. jamesintucson was able to identify one of the two missing “Location Signifiers,” the one for Vulcan. When entered into the box, it yielded a long scrolling list of info about the system. But the important part was this:

Unfortunately, that Frequency code was not enough for But seriously progress was made.

Thanks, James!

108. Matt - May 3, 2009

I neglected to mention what that number was. In Bayer, enter this: 129959104

Pretty darned cool.

109. Weekly Linkfest « Games Alfresco - May 3, 2009

[…] new Star Trek movie has some AR in its ARG (but I don’t really […]

110. Mel - May 3, 2009

That is also the “right” video.

111. Mescad - May 3, 2009

I took the sound from the video I was sent this morning, using the above method:

and sped the audio up by 3-400%. This reveals that the transmission we are sending to the vulcans is … — … which most people will recognize as SOS in morse code.

112. Daoud - May 3, 2009

Ummm, wait. “Vulcan has no moon.”

113. Inspector - May 3, 2009

@112- “That’s no moon… that a battle station!”
oh, wait. wrong movie.

114. Mescad - May 3, 2009

Someone on IRC said that they wished I’d posted my sped up version of the transmission audio. Here’s the transmission.flv audio, sped up 350%. It seems really clear to me that this is supposed to be SOS even though I do acknowledge that it makes no sense to send “SOS” to Vulcans. You can blame the PM’s for that! :)

115. Matt - May 3, 2009

I think it’s clever that it’s potentially SOS. My only issue with it is that we can’t use it to create our waveforms.

In fact, we have no guidance on waveforms. The best attempt we have, PV’s, does not work. Or apparently doesn’t. Or the O/R doesn’t. Or the Fr doesn’t.

Who knows?

116. Daoud - May 3, 2009

Maybe it’s because Vulcan is not ready to receive? ;)

Pacing! I don’t think the PMs expected the Eridanus Code to have been broken so efficiently. They’ve probably not anticipated the teamwork that’s developed with us all over the past few weeks. :)

117. Matt - May 3, 2009

Tried to post a video to my Facebook page, hoping that maybe spreading it around a little bit (though this is not really what I want to spread around) may help propel us forward a little bit.

Didn’t work. The app in the video is broken.

Like everything else, it seems.

118. GoSunDevils - May 3, 2009

Any chance a new update could be posted? It seems like a lot has happened since April 30 and it gets kind of hard to follow just by looking at the comments. :)

119. Matt - May 3, 2009

@118 – I’m sure that’s something we’ll work on, because we all agree about the comments.

This video comes courtesy of ‘natenaterson’ on the chat site. This is after entering the proper “Location Signifier” for Vulcan:

120. Bev - May 4, 2009

Replicate this?
and @55 Gigastazio is nearest in frequencies I’m sure with saw sine square.
We can do it!!

121. bettinac - May 4, 2009

@aliceforrest says @55 Gigastazio is close in frequency but we must get the right phase…

I looked up values for musical notes frequencies and found the following differences from Gigastazio’s. Don’t know if this will make a difference…

High G: 196.998 Hz –> 196 Hz
Low G: 97.999 –> 98 Hz
D: 293.66 Hz –> ok

122. DS9 Rocks - May 4, 2009

I assume people received this from WeMust@alertvulcan:

I just got it by putting something random into the alertvulcan site (I was just catching up on the weekend’s events).

123. NCC-73515 - May 4, 2009

All the user_id codes are right there in the animation next to the waveform console ;)

124. DS9 Rocks - May 4, 2009

ok, except i don’t see PI7VE

125. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 4, 2009

Hey Matt and everyone – re the sinewave, Matt kept pointing out that the tuning frequency was like A440 – any chances our phases are 4, 4, and 0?

Can’t build a graph from here, just an idea.

126. WarpTube - May 4, 2009

I’ve just noticed that Malak0’s video has been pulled from youtube:

“An error occurred, please try again later”

Could this signify a new (clearer?) video coming soon?

127. WarpTube - May 4, 2009

@ 125 – just tried it, no transmission.

128. LtPiper - May 4, 2009

Malak is working fine here.

129. reboot - May 4, 2009

maybe the image should be reversed take a look 300-4 100-9 200-5

130. Matt - May 4, 2009

@125 – ATVNPF No. Sorry. I was using A440 as an example. Unfortunately those numbers couldn’t apply here.

131. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 4, 2009

@130 ok, Matt, just revealing my musical ignorance Figure there has to be a clue for those phases out there somewhere.

132. hitching - May 4, 2009

From Gigastazio’s analysis of the frequencies in Malak0’s video:

Square Frequency: 300
Sine Frequency: 100
Saw Frequency: 200

And from trying most of every combination of phasing:

Square Phase: 0.5
Sine Phase: 0.0
Saw Phase: 0.5

(which nicely matches the S.O.S. morse code that Mescad found in the soundtrack of the resulting transmission)

From the crash site:




… results in the correct transmission video:

133. Matt - May 4, 2009

Brilliant on the ‘S.O.S.’ bit, hitching. I’ve sent mine a while ago now but the internet must be jammed. ;-)

I don’t think I quite understand the correlation between the note frequencies and this (square, sine, saw), but oh well. Hopefully it’s behind us now.

134. Matt - May 4, 2009

Ok, finally got one of them back (took forever!).

Different user_id. At first glance, we don’t seem any further along with this than yesterday. Nice to have the right wave form, but the question has to be asked, “And then what?”

135. LtPiper - May 4, 2009

They all appear to be different as I got

136. Matt - May 4, 2009

Yup. And they’re not registering on that chart/graph thing either. We had better luck with that yesterday it seems.

137. Gigastazio - May 4, 2009

Glad to be of help! Analyzing sound is about the limit of my usefulness, though.

138. Matt - May 4, 2009

@137 – Yeah, thanks! You were on the right track from the beginning!

What I don’t understand is this: take D. It is represented in the tones as a saw, sine and square. So how that value, 293.66, translates into only one of those three options is something I don’t get. It’s what threw me off the right path, to be honest.


139. m - May 4, 2009

Very interesting — I would’ve expected the site to do something different, now that we appear to have the correct transmission. We shall see…

140. m - May 4, 2009

Although the original Alert Vulcan e-mail did implore us to play it in as many different locations as possible. Perhaps once a certain number of us transmit, something new will happen.

141. WarpTube - May 4, 2009

I have also made a working transmission.

I believe the email from alertvulcan asks us to get people to click on them, so as much as I hate to spam, it might be the only way to progress the game so please help!

142. Inspector - May 4, 2009

As great as WarpTube’s video is, I think this one is EVEN MORE entertaining.

See for yourself:

Dark days, when we have to spam ourselves.

143. Inspector - May 4, 2009

But watch WarpTube’s, too. Just so you can compare. Over and over again. ANd maybe we’ll save the planet.

144. Gigastazio - May 4, 2009

138: Yeah, I never figured out the logic behind that either. But that’s what makes this a team effort. :)

145. caseylee4ts - May 4, 2009

According the the email, it wants us to transmit the same one as many times as possible. Since PDKDU is the tallest on the graph at, we should probably just play this message “as many times as you can in as many places as possible.”

Email below:

“For scnners to pick itup, we MUST broadcast the wsarning message as often as possible!! Play it as many times as you can in as places as possible. Get others to broadcast your transmission itwill increase amplification! I’m sure the Vulcans will REWARD! our efforts!!!RememberEarth has NO chance fighting alone only Vulcan has the technology to stop him.”

146. caseylee4ts - May 4, 2009

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just refreshing the one I placed in #145. Every few minutes I go back and refresh the page to play the video again. I don’t know if this counts as separate plays, but it’s worth a shot and easy to do while I’m working. :) (not that I’m doing this at work, of course… shhh)

147. Matt - May 4, 2009

@144 – Yeah. A team effort that relies on some hand holding by the powers that be. :-p

Glad you and I are on the same wavelength with that, though (no pun intended. Ok, it was.)

@145-46 – Do what you’re doing, but try it with this one instead:

148. Matt - May 4, 2009

New Tweet from our favorite Romulan on Twitter:

“PHPChatUser5 think some of you may have found correct imputs!!! Is the signal clear? My attempts come out static”

Nice typo, I might add. Anyway, we are trying to make a concerted effort with this one:

149. The Other Dave - May 4, 2009

So maybe because of this whole ALT history thing of the new movie, they are trying to advance first contact with earth.

to illustrate:

Romulans come to present day

Romulans get us to send signal to Vulcans

Vulcans come to present day earth

Romulans meet the Vulcan, explain the situation.

Vulcan’s say the Science Directorate has said that time travel is impossible, therefore they are lying, crazy, or both.

That mean this whole thing is for a moot point?

150. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 4, 2009

Phases were 5 0 5 to represent S O S???

Is that really how it worked out??


151. caseylee4ts - May 4, 2009

Wow… nice catch… didn’t even notice that… [sigh]

152. hitching - May 4, 2009

the transmission *does* sound like static until you speed it up, perhaps phpchatuser5 needs to fiddle with the transmitter or we need to fiddle with the video somehow before the Vulcans will come rescue up from Nero

153. Matt - May 4, 2009

Anyone else having problems posting it to Facebook?

154. Matt - May 4, 2009

New message from ‘Kaleh:’

“PHPChatUser5 Putting in the 3 inputs seems to work. Transmit it as much as you can!!!! I know Vulcan will reward us for warning them!!!”

She’s encouraging us to keep clicking on the “correct” waveforms. In other words, this:

Click often!

155. Matt - May 4, 2009

I should add — Not just “click,” but “spread.”

156. bettinac - May 5, 2009

So there are two more days till the film opens. Has the game come to this…ie. we simply keep spreading this link until opening night when we might possibly have this Vulcan spaceship arrive to save the earth? I’d like to see that…question is, where?

157. D for me. - May 5, 2009

Bozeman, Montana. DUH!

158. LtPiper - May 5, 2009

No Bozeman was in that other time line.

159. D for me. - May 5, 2009

I sure hope they don’t all have to go to the top! The movie will be out on dvd by then.

160. The Other Dave - May 5, 2009

The timeline should be pretty much intact until the Nero Incident, shouldn’t it?

161. D for me. - May 5, 2009

I would think. But, if Vulcans are coming to earth now instead of 2063, I guess not.

162. Daoud - May 5, 2009

#161 The Vulcans were already in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s ;)

So, how many of the OTHER waveforms also need to be near peak, Matt? I think we’ve gotten 6JCS1 to the top, perhaps all the others need to be raised also? for example.

I think if you push 6JCS1 to the top, as it goes beyond, doesn’t it seem to shrink the others? Hard to tell if we should be alternating between all 10 userids that show on the graph?

163. Matt - May 5, 2009

Don’t know, but it’s as good a guess as any, Daoud. But as someone said in the chat, if we try to get all of them above the blue lines we’ll be working on it until the movie is released…. on DVD.

164. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

Sorry, guys; I hate to be critical of the PM’s who put a lot of work into this game, but barring some as-yet undiscovered, borderline-apocalyptic purpose for it, I think the video waveform spamming business is lame…esp for a game that started out with a well-staged crash landing of a Romulan spacecraft in the UK…

165. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

Yeah, and maybe the DVD will have a Special Feature that goes through an analysis of the ARG and explains each of the steps we’ve had to take in detail, including the steps we have yet to take. And then everything will be clear to us and we’ll finally be able to finish the game! But by then all the websites will no longer be active so none of us will ever get to see the fruits of our labor (and for some of us, wasted time at work). And by that time the sequel will be soon coming out and there will be a whole new ARG to figure out. And we’ll all either be so sick of ARGs that we’ll want to throw up, or be so smart that the new one will be figured out before many of us even have a chance to participate….

Did I go too far??… I went too far… sorry… :)

166. Matt - May 5, 2009

I don’t disagree, ATVNPF.

Just been reported at the chat site that the video has reached the 50,000 mark for views. It’s one of our theoretical benchmarks, so we’ll see if anything happens.

167. Daoud - May 5, 2009

#165 Your frustration is something we’ve all felt at some point over the past two months.. no problem!!! You’ve been helping greatly too. With all the rush of ideas, I think we’ve made a lot of progress. Otherwise, we’d still be trying to decipher what APUS:01-05 meant. Looking back now… there have been a lot of d’oh points though.

Anyway, it’s hard to expect much from an ARG that started from trashy photos of trashy people taken by a trashy person, (and borderline pedophile under laws of the state they were in) Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter. Was it okay for a 20 year old to be hopping a 15 year old? Great thing to attach Star Trek to.

168. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

@167 LOL Daoud…. if I never have to see another CobraSnake photo it’ll be too soon!!!

169. Matt - May 5, 2009

@167 – Personally I don’t know about any of that. But I liked the way this game started. Very mysterious. It’s what drew most of us in, and was cleverly done.

As for Cobrasnake, if they’re having a good time then I wish them the best. (I guess as long as it’s all legal? :-p)

170. subatoi - May 5, 2009

Since there’s no new update, can someone put links to the main waves, so we can spread those?

171. subatoi - May 5, 2009

Another question – am I correct that both the CTT guys and user5 works for the same goal now, convincing us to transmit?

172. D for me. - May 5, 2009

The PM’s must all be way smarter than the rest of us. To whoever ok’d this game, what the hell were you thinking?

173. Matt - May 5, 2009

I’ve had my notepad out this entire game. :-p But fair is fair – we have not completed this so we can’t see the whole picture yet. Let’s just see how this plays out.

But speaking of that, does anyone have any new ideas? :-\

174. D for me. - May 5, 2009

Is anyone capable of playing all the videos at the same time to see if there is something hidden in there? Kinda sounds like a voice transmission in there to me??

I haven’t given up, just frustrated.

175. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

Maybe the number of clicks on the video increases our Vulcan “reward” :D

I’ve got it – they’ll send us a message telling us of our great reward, but they won’t send it before they get blown up.

176. D for me. - May 5, 2009

We have to figure out a way to play them at the same time! When we play the ones that are lower, they rise and the other ones fall! Someone figure that out. I know it’s beyond me.

177. aliotsy - May 5, 2009

“O” just tweeted: “Something’s wrong. I think it only amplifies when individual signals are played repeatedly….”

178. Matt - May 5, 2009

ARGH! Have we not been doing that?

179. D for me. - May 5, 2009

So we only need to play one of them?

180. D for me. - May 5, 2009

Or am I on the right track playing them all together?

Confusing as HELL.

181. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

So instead of everyone spamming a handful of videos, everyone should create multiple individual videos with different user_id’s and play them???

Or create three videos – one with the sine, one with the square, and one with the sawtooth??


182. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

Perhaps we should get as many people as possible to play this one (like we’ve discussed before)…

183. Matt - May 5, 2009

Or just pick one, which is what we’ve been doing (for the most part) already.

Credit goes to Aliotsy, and then Raphael in the chat room for this, but perhaps the key really is embedding it on social network sites (facebook etc…). Then when the movie opens Thursday, the video will change and it’ll say “Watch Star Trek,” or some odd thing

Problem with that is that many of us have done that already. Can’t do it more than we already have!

184. aliotsy - May 5, 2009

@183 Matt – Also want to point out that I’m not particularly thrilled with the idea that all of this effort may culminate in us simply spamming a commercial for Paramount on our Facebook accounts. That would be a pitiful payoff that’s incredibly disproportional to the the incredible teamwork, enthusiasm, and dedication people have put in to this.

It’s a disappointment akin to a 21st-century “Drink More Ovaltine.”

185. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

I’m beginning to wonder if they are tracking user_id references in the links to the unique IP addresses that “click” on them. That is, 5 hits from 5 different IP addresses for a single user_id’s video might be worth more than 5 hits from *one* IP address.

That theory, unfortunately, is consistent with getting the links out to as many diverse places as possible, getting as many unique clicks as possible, for the purposes of spamming an Ovaltine message..

That would be supremely disappointing.

186. Matt - May 5, 2009

I am tempted to take mine off of my Facebook page. I felt weird putting it on there in the first place.

But yes I totally agree with you, aliotsy.

187. D for me. - May 5, 2009

They obviously don’t stay at the top once you get them there.

188. LtPiper - May 5, 2009

If it’s embedding it then I feel like I have wasted the past month banging around and doing all the sh** for nothing I won’t be in the theater as planned on Thursday and Saturday. This has turned into a big smelling pile.

189. D for me. - May 5, 2009


190. D for me. - May 5, 2009

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