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Details On New Hallmark Star Trek Party Supplies and Upcoming Christmas Ornaments May 3, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Merchandise,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS , trackback

Are you going to have a party to celebrate the new Star Trek movie? If so then Hallmark has you covered with a new line of Star Trek movie themed party supplies from invites to cups and plates to thank you notes and more. Hallmark has also announced their Star Trek ornaments for 2009. See below for all the new Hallmark Star Trek goodies.


Surprise! Hallmark Star Trek Party Supplies
Nearly every big franchise has this something in common. It isn’t just the big budgets or box office returns. It isn’t just the toy lines and marketing. To really be a big player in Hollywood, a film has to have one more key ingredient: party supplies! Everything from Star Wars to annual Disney films get transformed into paper plates and cups, and this year Star Trek joins the party.

Hallmark’s Star Trek "New Frontiers" party supply line features all the usual items. Here is a list of items with pictures for those wishes to Trekify their birthday party or summer picnics.

Invitations (in 8 packs) — These cards feature the text "You have been chosen…" on the front, and inside "…to boldly go where no one has gone before."

Plates — 9" Dinner size (with 8 plates per pack) and 7" Dessert plates (8 plates per pack).

Hot/Cold Cups (9 oz with 8 cups per pack) — These paper cups are nice because they work for coffee or tea (Earl Grey?) and cold beverages such as soda.

Napkins (6" x 6" lunch napkins with 16 napkins a pack) and Dinner Napkins (4" x 4" with 16 napkins a pack).

Stickers (in 4 packs with 6 stickers a sheet) — The stickers feature Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nero, the Enterprise, and the Star Trek logo and are good for decorating invitations or as loot bag treats.

Thank You Notes (in 8 packs) — These cards feature the text "Thank you" on the cover, and "You helped make the mission a success" inside.

Trekkies who wish to Trekify Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthday parties, summer outdoor parties, or celebrate ST09 party style, no longer have to fight, for their right, to party.

The Hallmark "New Frontiers" party supplies are available exclusively from a few online party retailers. For small or bulk orders, fans could order from

The party supplies are just arriving now just around the same time as Deco Pac Star Trek cake decorations. (see previous TrekMovie article).

Get a Star Trek cake with your Star Trek party supplies


Hallmark 2009 Star Trek Ornaments

For collectors this time of year is is always a bit of Christmas in Spring with the annual release of the Hallmark Dreambook. Since 1991 this is the time when we learn what Star Trek themed ornaments Hallmark has planned, and this year they have four (one of which isn’t actually in the Dreambook which is available online). Here is the breakdown of what can be on your tree this Christmas. 

Klingon Battlecruiser
2009 is not only the year of the new Star Trek film, it is also the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. To celebrate, Hallmark has a Klingon Battle Cruiser ornament that illuminates, featuring a sculpt by fan favorite Lynn Norton. At 5" wide, the Klingon ornament will be available for $32.

"The Menagerie"
2009 is The Year of Pike, both with his important role in ST09, and his inclusion in the Hallmark ornament line. "The Menagerie" ornament will sell for $28 and features the voices of William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Pike’s chair beeps and lights a "yes or no" depending on if you have been naughty or nice. Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers and 3.25" inches tall, the ornament is battery powered which means you could display it all year on a desk.

Starfleet Phaser
Both sound (phaser and original dialog) and lighting effects are included with this TOS phaser. It is battery operated and 3.75" tall.

Lt. Ilia
While not included in the Keepsake catalog, TrekMovie has learned that there is a fourth ornament this year. Available in limited quantities during the Ornament Debut weekend of October 10-11th will be a 4.5" tall Lt. Ilia ornament. While the ornament is named Lt. Ilia it is really as the character appears in probe form, with the jewel and "sonic shower" robe. The ornament is attached to a hexagonal shaped base like the ones used by the Enterprise crew to walk to V’Ger from the hull. The sculptor is Julie Forsyth and the item will retail for $15. We know you, as Ilia says, "require this information."

How to get your ornaments

The Klingon Battlecruiser and "The Menagerie" ornaments will be on sale at the Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event at local Hallmark stores his July 11-12,2009. The Starfleet Phaser will be available at the Keepsake Ornament Debut Event this October 10-11, 2009.

There are several ways to get your ornaments. If you get a copy of the exclusive Dreambook catalog for those in the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (available now) or the regular edition of the Dreambook catalog (available online and in stores), there is an order form you could fill out and give to your local store. They will often reserve the ornaments for you that you could pick up at these events. Also, the ornaments will most likely be available for ordering at soon. You could also just try any local Hallmark after July 11th and they should have some available for purchase.

If you are wondering why there are not Star Trek movie ornaments this year, it is actually not that uncommon. Due to the long lead time to make the ornaments, it isn’t until the following year that you see versions from the most recent Trek movie. Let’s hope that 2010 will bring the the new Star Trek to our trees.

TrekMovie will continue to bring you information on the Hallmark ornaments. Imagine this: it is winter and you are decorating. You are watching Star Trek 2009 on your DVD player and you sip egg nog and watch Captain Pike blinking away on your tree. Do the holidays get any better?


1. Startrek4life - May 3, 2009

Very nice! Party hard the Star Trek way!

2. Pragmaticus - May 3, 2009

Good Lord they’re certainly going all-out.

3. Mark - May 3, 2009


4. mntrekfan - May 3, 2009

i don’t know about that Menagerie ornament. Kirks hair looks goofy, but that Klingon Ship…I likey!

5. Ashley - May 3, 2009

new Enterprise looks great from the front in the second and fifth pics :)

6. The Governator - May 3, 2009

hmmm… interesting.

7. That One Guy - May 3, 2009

Dang… my birthday was today… would’ve been nice beforehand, but whatever goes.

8. Ryan Danekas - May 3, 2009

Heh… Cool stuff.

9. 750 Mang - May 3, 2009


10. Captain Quail Hunter - May 3, 2009

I have yet to see any pictures of the Nacelles lit up on the Enterprise. I guess we will not see the blades move like we did in the first teaser trailer “Under Construction” Every pic it is to dark to see.

11. TrekFoCo - May 3, 2009

Very exciting…I already have my orders in on these…and I can’t wait! No doubt the Christmas of 2010 will bring the “new” movie Enterprise…or so we can hope!

12. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - May 3, 2009

“Earl grey?” Shame on you, Trekmovie, for making a TNG reference!!

All I see up there is TOS merchandise….and it makes me very pleased.

13. TK - May 3, 2009

The Klingon Battlecruiser ornament is gonna be mine! *snatches it up* >:D

14. THX-1138 - May 3, 2009

I guess this sort of spoils the surprise for my birthday this month. Oh well.

15. HomerT6 - May 3, 2009

Sweet!! :D Birthday stuff!! :D And my birthday is next Sunday!!

16. Gigastazio - May 3, 2009

Captain Pike, have I been a naughty boy this year?


17. Locke for President - May 3, 2009

Every year I think to myself, “They’ve run out of ships to make an ornament out of.” Then they come up with something and I think, “Oh, yeah, why didn’t I think of that!”

The worst year was the one with Data and Picard in the Romulan shuttle. Very lame.

I remember the older lady at the Hallmark store being very confused when she pulled out the Borg cube from the box to check and see if it worked properly. She took one look at it and said, “Oh, this is . . . . interesting.” She didn’t understand why someone would pay $30 for a square piece of plastic. I told her I understood where she was coming from, but I needed it to keep my collection intact.

It could have been poop on a shingle, and I would have bought it to keep my ship collection intact. I don’t buy the other ones, though. Just the ships, since the very beginning.

18. Squire of Gothos - May 3, 2009

Interesting on the Illia ornament… that it will be limited in quantity? I’ll be sure to pick that one up. I like the other ones as well. I’ve actually fallen off picking up the ornaments however. It’s been several years since I bought any but have most of them from before that time.

I’m glad they are paying attention to The Motion Picture and it’s 30th anniversary.

19. DAYXDAY - May 3, 2009

It’s about time we get a K’tinga ornament!

20. dep1701 - May 3, 2009

The napkin and plate images look terrific… almost too good to use. They beg the question; why couldn’t the posters from Trends have images that nice? Both of those shots of the Enterprise in particular look much better than the publicity shot that Trends used ( and made even darker ) for their poster line. We received a prepack box of three styles of Trek posters ( the rather monochrome crew montage, the aforementioned Enterprise still, and a collage of the series captains and ships ) in my store, and I can’t say I was impressed by them. Obviously, Hallmark was given a better selection of images use.

Too bad such nice artwork is being put on use and toss items!

BTW: I want you to know how much I appreciate your articles. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know where and when to look for these items. I’ve gotten that old rush from ‘trekking’ out to actual stores to ‘seek out’ these new collectibles. Thanks for all your descriptions and demos.

21. dep1701 - May 3, 2009

Sorry, I meant to say JOHN, I really appreciate your articles

22. abcde50 - May 3, 2009

The new Enterprise is absolutely stunning….. from every angle!

23. Will_H - May 3, 2009

I’m still annoyed that they have forgotten that the trio was always Kirk, Spock, McCoy, not Uhura. Even if its just them trying to be more PC it still buggs me.

24. garen - May 3, 2009

the ornaments lack something this year, for sure. just somehow…they dont seem as iconic.

25. dennya - May 3, 2009

Really? Pike from The Menagerie as a Christmas ornament?

Yes, because nothing says “the holidays” like a disfigured quadraplegic starship captain!

26. noirgwio - May 3, 2009

I missed out on the Reliant last year… >:+/ I don’t want to miss that Klingon battlecruiser!

27. cpelc - May 3, 2009

Kirk’s got a mullet in the Menagerie ornament.

28. Yippeekaiyaymofo - May 3, 2009

SWEET, I must have these!!!
Esp the Pike!

Hey only 4 days until Anthony’s obligatory “The Wait is Over” post!

Anyone else predicting this? lol

29. JimJ - May 3, 2009

#12-LOL: How about coffee? “This is my chicken sandwich and coffee…”

30. Bob - May 3, 2009

Are those party supplies available at Hallmark stores??

I saw a cake at Food4Less with the Enterprise topper. $24.00 was way too much to just get that Enterprise.

Is the cake Enterprise also available at Hallmark stores?

31. starfleetmom - May 3, 2009

Why is the battlecruiser to dang expensive?

32. ety3 - May 4, 2009

#10 —

The blades are on the inside of the nacelles, so maybe we will see them.

I’m still trying to figure out if they light up blue or red. Or both.

33. Jeyl - May 4, 2009

Dang, that is a hefty price for the battlecruiser. Still, I’ll need three to complete the scene.

34. John Tenuto - May 4, 2009


The cup does have the entire crew although that isn’t visible in the publicity photo. Favorite McCoy is there!


Here is an irony, Hallmark stores do not usually carry Hallmark party supplies! While normally they are available at retail stores, the Star Trek line is an Internet exclusive to various online companies. If you go to, there is a bakery locator for you to find someone who could either order the supplies to make a cake or who have the Trek cake items.

35. CAPT CRUNCH - May 4, 2009

I hope the Klingon cruiser is the same scale as the 1701-A they put out a few years back…
Let’s have a Star Trek party!!!!!

36. The Bear - May 4, 2009

The Klingon ship looks cool – would love to have that one, but it’s a little pricey. I’m very interested in the Ilia ornament. I hope the sculpt looks good. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up any ornaments, but if that one looks good I’ll definately get it.

Thumbs down on “The Menagerie” ornament. Just doesent look good. It would have been great if they did Pike walking off with Vina to the lift. They could have put a nice Christmas spin on that one.

37. CmdrR - May 4, 2009

Me getty Klingon Battlecruiser!

38. Tony Whitehead - May 4, 2009

Hallmark has a habit of making incredible ornaments. I have two…one of Kirk in his command chair which is really well done and the other one is most likely the best TOS item I own…Kirk with Tribbles.

If you haven’t got that one, you shouldn’t rest until you do…

Merry Christmas a bit early!

39. Star Trek Guy` - May 4, 2009

Well, it looks like they used the “good” Enterprise on the cake!! Yahoo!

The Abramsprise sucks!

40. dep1701 - May 4, 2009

#23 – Have you considered that the reason Uhura is so prominent in the new product lines is that she has a much more important role in this movie than she ever did before? I believe this more than any attempt at being PC.

It would seem to me that since, according to this film, Kirk and McCoy are just meeting, that “holy troika’ of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy is not yet established.

Also, the fact that since she is an “attractive young lady” and the only prominent female crew member , it makes sense to use her image to attract young males and perhaps suggest to young females that there is a character in this film to appeal to them as well ( so that could be a mix of PC and Non-PC, I guess ).

It doesn’t bother me that Uhura is finally getting a chance to shine and is featured in the artwork. Does anyone else remember that almost all the publicity for TMP revolved around Kirk, Spock, and ILIA ( particularly in the movie one-sheets ). At least Uhura has been there almost from the beginning, so her inclusion seems natural to me ( too bad it couldn’t have happened for Nichelle Nichols too ).

41. Michael - May 4, 2009

The Klingon ship is a must have..but 32.00 for essentially a static ornie w/ possibly only the photon tube that lights?
The Pike is ok, Kirk looks like someone dropped a ball of paint on his head, rather than carefully detailing his hair.
Nothing says Merry Xmas like a deformed dude in a wheelchair! Ho Ho hopeless!
The Phaser is the worse in detail..yeechhhh! Hope the sound is worth the other low standard design aspect.
I will preorder them all. No on the Ilia. It will either look very good or really bad in likeness. I may pick some up for those that can’t find them due to the limited factor. The party supplies look cool, not my crew of choice and a bit childlike for my party decor for 51! The cake topper may be cool, and put away for my next B’day 1/3/2010! Wonder if Safeway sells it? Anyone have a list of stores that carry it?

42. Planet Pandro - May 4, 2009

Nice ornaments…this is the first year I will be graduating my ST ornaments to their own small tree. These would be a welcome addition!

43. cagmar - May 4, 2009


But putting the Uggoprize on a napkin so one could potentially wipe his or her dirty mouth on it and then toss it in the garbage –? They’re making this too easy…

44. Kevin Dilmore - May 4, 2009


(Even though I kinda hope I’m not – I just wanted to say it.)

Thanks for the write-up! We’re always appreciative of the support you offer us.

And just to be clear, our “The Menagerie” ornament is not a naughty-or-nice detector. ;) It lights and beeps at the appropriate points in Pike’s dialogue with Kirk and Spock.

45. Kosher Coder - May 4, 2009

That’s it.
I have SO got to throw myself a party!

46. T Drake - May 4, 2009

I’ll be getting all 3 ornaments for sure, but I like The Klingon Battlecruiser and Phaser best!

47. jerr - May 5, 2009

Why are they all battery operated now? The Klingon ship looks great, but it runs on batteries and will only turn on when you press a button. I liked the old ones you plugged in so the lights were always on. Shame

48. Kevin Dilmore - May 5, 2009

#47 jerr, you’ve hit on a common issue among ornament enthusiasts: the battery vs. the “pigtail” connector.

There’s pros and cons to each, one of which you named. It is fun to walk past a tree and see everything glowing rather than punching buttons. On the other hand, battery-powered ornaments can be crafted to more accurate and “realistic” specifications as the sculpts do not have to be roomy enough to accommodate the electrical components required to meet specs to plug into a light string. Take a look at the sculpts for the NCC-1701 in 1991 and 2006 for an example of what I mean.

And for collectors like me who display some Star Trek ornaments year-round on my desk at work, I dig the battery-powered option. I love running my TOS transporter when I need a little TOS in the air. Same with last year’s TOS communicator and this year’s phaser. My one regret is that I can’t show off the cool lights and sounds of my Guardian of Forever ornament. Yep, it’s a pigtail. :) Besides, I’d not like my little ornament recreation of the Mutara Nebula battle with my NCC-1701-A and Reliant ships as much if they had those connectors dangling astern.

I hope the coolness factor is enough to outweigh which power source you prefer.

49. Lynn A. Norton - May 5, 2009

#48. Thanks for your comments and explanation, Kevin. I get the same power supply questions from ornament collectors and Star Trek fans alike. Hallmark and I have had the Klingon cruiser on our short-list for many years. Unfortunately, it would have been considerably deformed if it was made to plug into a miniature light string. All such ornaments have to undergo strict testing by Underwriters Laboratories for electrical safety. The design for the electrical enclosure comes first and then I have to try to tastefully sculpt a tiny starship around it. I would have done my best to keep it in character, but I hope you will enjoy the accuracy of the battery powered version much better.

50. Mauricio M. - May 9, 2009

2009 is not only the year of the new Star Trek film, it is also the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. To celebrate, Hallmark has a Klingon Battle Cruiser ornament that illuminates, featuring a sculpt by fan favorite Lynn Norton. At 5″ wide, the Klingon ornament will be available for $32. Klingon Battle Cruiser ornament is cool diffected So Sweet…….

51. Frontier rider - December 22, 2009

Does anyone know of a power supply I can use to display all of my ornaments as a collection. I have been collecting from the beginning and most are the pigtail type that require plugging into a light string (no more than 3 per string). Even If I need to purchase multiple power supplyies it would be better than having all thet extra light and heat from the strings.

52. Mike Dugan - December 27, 2009

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I don’t get one. One? As she always has my wife has gotten me a copy of each of the ornaments for my birthday Dec 26. I don’t spoil it by finding out ahead of time what is on tap. Accidents do happen from time to time but normally I manage to be unaware of… Oh my G…. Finally

Lynn Norton.. Wow, nice job on the Battle Cruiser. You didn’t disappoint me, I’ll tell you that. The Phaser.. who did the Phaser? It’s almost life size! and “The Pilot” ( that’s all I could think of to say at that moment… i just sat there looking it the last of the three ornaments recalling memories….
My son in Law asked, “What is it?” So I told him, “We watched Capt Pike on our Black and White TV. I remember being horrified when the alien turned into some hidious creature while Captain Pike had him by the throat. I had night mares for several days and my Mom telling me I needed to get over it or I wouldn’t be allowed to watch another episode. I’d say Ms Rogers, you’ve done your job.
Bravo, to all three Artists and to Hallmark.

53. Tobias Kaopua - October 26, 2010

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