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No Wins For Star Trek at BAFTAs – Giacchino Wins For Up February 21, 2010

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Another day and another Awards show. The Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) were held tonight in London. Star Trek was up for two awards, but did not prevail. However, Star Trek’s Michael Giacchino won another award for his Up score. More details, plus full Star Trek Award Season scorecard below.


Hurt Locker dominates BAFTAs – no wins for Trek

Star Trek originally was on the ‘long list’ for 10 different BAFTA awards, but in the end it only picked up 2 nominations, for sound and visual effects. Tonight Star Trek lost to Avatar for Best Effects, which isn’t a surprise. However, it was a bit surprising that both Star Trek and Avatar lost to The Hurt Locker for Best Sound. Here is the breakdown of the two categories where Star Trek had nominations:



Star Trek’s Michael Giacchino picked up another award with the BAFTA for Best Music for Up, which should continue to position him as the front-runner for the Oscar.

Composer Michael Giacchino with his BAFTA for ‘Up’

The big winner of the night was The Hurt Locker with a total of 6 BAFTA Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. Avatar ended up with 2 BAFTAs (Sound and Production Design). There was also some love for sc-fi as Moon director Duncan Jones won the BAFTA for Outstanding British Debut.

The full list of winners is at MovieFone and at The BAFTA Awards show will be broadcast on BBC America at 8PM Sunday night.

And it looks like no other Star Trek celebs showed up at the BAFTAs, or at least none that stopped for photos (hey Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg, where are you?). So for no good reason, here (below) is a picture of Kate Winslet on the red carpet. More BAFTA red carpet at BBC and The Guardian.

Winslet at the BAFTAs — she would make a good Vulcan priestess


Star Trek Award Season Scorecard
The Award season is coming into the home stretch. JJ Abrams Star Trek movie has made history for the franchise, picking up more award nominations than any Trek before. However, so far wins have been mostly elusive. Here is the award show scorecard, with a list of Star Trek nominations and the final result

Upcoming Award Shows


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1. Green-Blooded-Bastard - February 21, 2010

And too bad about the losses

2. Charles Trotter - February 21, 2010

Not surprised.

3. MvRojo - February 21, 2010

“Hurt Locker”‘s win for Sound isn’t that surprising. Effective use of sound to build tension in some moments and lighten others is more effective than overwhelming use of sound (“Avatar”).

4. allister gourlay - February 21, 2010

Total mince!

5. Chris2 - February 21, 2010

Wake me up when the increasingly tedious/meaningless “awards season” has come to a blessed end.

6. William Kirk - February 21, 2010

I hope Hans Zimmer gets the Oscar for his music to Sherlock Holmes…

7. Hugh Hoyland - February 21, 2010

Talk about no respect, geeze. I honestly think if they had an award for “ANY MOVIE RELEASED IN 2009″ Star Trek would still lose.

8. I am not Herbert - February 21, 2010

Kate Winslet at the BAFTAs — “she would make a good Vulcan priestess”

Mmmmm… I can feel the “plak tow” rising in my blood! =)

9. Robert H. - February 21, 2010

It seems as though there is a grand conspiracy against Star Trek.

10. Dan - February 21, 2010

Michael has the Oscar in the bag, way to go!!!

11. Christine - February 21, 2010

Well that’s a shame.

But I’m really proud of M. Giacchino. He deserves it — totally!

12. Charla - February 21, 2010

Happy for Michael, and I agree with Hugh on this one too, if there were any awards for “any movie released” Star Trek would lose that too.

I am soo done with the awards……

13. ryanhuyton - February 21, 2010

I can’t believe the complaining here. Both “Avatar” and “The Hurt Locker” deserved their awards. “Star Trek” deserved to win as well, but it didn’t.
Nobody should feel bad as both “Avatar” and “The Hurt Locker” were great movies and clearly deserve all accolades for their technical achievements. On the other hand, if “Star Trek” fails to win anything at the Saturn Awards, I think I might have to join all of you in screaming

14. Syn4Ever - February 21, 2010

Im just happy that Star Trek didn’t get any Razzie noms.

15. Buzz Cagney - February 21, 2010

Oh well, never mind.
How about we give out a Trekmovie Award?……

And the Trekmovie Award for top Star Trek Movie of 2009 goes to *drumroll*…… (tension builds……) YES, Star Trek ’09 is THE WINNER! yaaaaaaaaa!!

16. captain_neill - February 22, 2010

Although it would have been great for Star Trek XI to win at the BAFTAs I have to say I was not suprised.

It seems Avatar is the queen Sci Fi movie at the moment and I think it is going to get all the accolades.

I love Avatar but I can begin to see that it is getting a bit over rated.

Star Trek has to win at the Saturn Awards, we know that past Trek movies have won there. So it has to win something.

It was cool in 1997 when Brent Spiner got Best Supporting Actor for First Contact.

17. Eli - February 22, 2010

Hello Kate!

Any chance for a “Titanic” sequel? :-D

Rose plays a nurse on the sister ship Brittanic when she sinks after striking a mine in the Mediterranean during world war one?

Huh? Huh?

18. Lauren - February 22, 2010

I think Star Trek is being snubbed for some reason

19. SJU - February 22, 2010

I watched it this year and last year. Keep wondering why it’s called “Orange” BAFTAs.

20. ryanhuyton - February 22, 2010

The whole “Star Trek is being snubbed” complaint is getting tiresome.
Its like some people think there is an anti-Star Trek conspiracy going on.

21. captain_neill - February 23, 2010


seems to be no different than it was in the good old days

Trek getting overlooked, it always did.

22. Buzz Cagney - February 23, 2010

#19 Its sponsored by Orange, which is a telecoms company.

23. ryanhuyton - February 23, 2010

#22 I wonder how long it is before an advertiser’s name is attached to the Oscars? I.e “Oscar Meyer Oscars” or “Oscar Meyer Academy Awards”?
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