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Report: Star Trek Sequel To Wrap By January 2012 + Abrams Expected To Direct April 28, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Today brings more news on the Star Trek sequel production schedule. A report on Paramount’s planned reboot to the Jack Ryan franchise (which stars Chris Pine) includes an update on how Paramount sees the 2012 Star Trek sequel fitting into their production plans. Details below.


Report: Star Trek to wrap by January 2012 + Abrams expected to direct

A month ago news came out that Paramount had shuffled their production schedules around and switch places for the Star Trek sequel and their Jack Ryan reboot, both starring Chris Pine. The move was due to the studio not being happy with the script for the Ryan reboot. Today Deadline is reporting that Paramount has inked a "7-figures" deal with screenwriter David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Spider-man, Jurassic Park) to handle the rewrite for the now untitled Jack Ryan reboot.

The Deadline report also includes an update on Paramount’s plans for the Star Trek sequel:

I’m told the hope is to start production on the Ryan film sometime in January. JJ Abrams is busy finishing and will be promoting Super 8, but then he’s expected to be back at the helm of the Star Trek sequel, which has Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof finishing the screenplay. That film has a June 29, 2012 release date. Pine would then move right into Jack Ryan.

There has been some concern on slippage for the Star Trek sequel shooting start date. Last summer producer Bryan Burk told TrekMovie he expected production to start in early summer 2011. Since that time estimates have migrated, first to late summer and more recently co-writer/producer Roberto Orci has pegged September as the target date for production.  JJ Abrams’ Star Trek took around 3 1/2 months to shoot, so if Paramount wants Chris Pine on the Jack Ryan set by January 2012, September may be as far as they can push it to start shooting the Star Trek sequel (not to mention the time required for post-production).

Regarding JJ Abrams directing the Star Trek sequel (in addition to producing), Deadline’s reporting is consistent with previous TrekMovie and other industry reporting that there is an expectation for Abrams to return. However, Abrams has said he will not announce any decision until after he sees the first script draft, which is currently being finalized.

Window for JJ Abrams (pictured above directing "Star Trek") to go into production on the sequel is tightening

POLL: Expecting Think Star Trek in Summer 2012?

What do you think? Do you have faith that they can meet that June 29, 2012 release date, or do you expect the Star Trek sequel to be delayed.

When expect Star Trek sequel?

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1. Tiberius III - April 28, 2011

No more lens flares, please.

2. Anthony Thompson - April 28, 2011

I’ll believe it when I see it.

3. thandrahan - April 28, 2011

All good-especially if Abrams does direct!!!

4. Bucky - April 28, 2011

Hypothetical: if Abrams passes on the script, the release date would be pushed back. But he won’t. So it won’t. But, for some reason, I would still like to see the flick in early Nov. ’12.

5. Bucky - April 28, 2011

Also: I totally miss the old ST Sequel logo with the Ghostbusters two fingers. Nothing wrong with that, bring it back, yo!

6. Lt Bailey - April 28, 2011

Really…no lens flares and lock the camera down…. or use a steady cam at least. Most of all, I hope they stick with this schedule.

7. Tiberius III - April 28, 2011

5. Except that it isn’t ST2.

8. Ahmed Abdo - April 28, 2011

@ 2: I will second that.

They better get going with the production now before it is too late for the movie to come out in summer 2012

9. Gabriel Bell - April 28, 2011

I really don’t understand why everyone hates the lens flares. They accomplished exactly what they were designed to do. They made every scene seem bigger and bolder and made it feel like so much more was happening outside of the frame.

I absolutely hope Abrams’ keeps the same style. It worked perfectly.

10. FiveMinutesToMidnight - April 28, 2011

They have just over a year and they’re barely into the writing stage at this point. I’m hardly an expert, but surely pre-production alone takes months, let alone the colossal amount of time needed for shooting, effects, other production elements AND post-production. If you ask me summer 2013 would be a generous estimate and they may well go for fall/winter 2013 just so they don’t have to rush.

11. FiveMinutesToMidnight - April 28, 2011

@ 9: Sure they worked in that respect, but sometimes you just want to have a decent look at the bridge without getting blinded.

12. Vultan - April 28, 2011

I remember in my graphic design classes years ago we would put lens flares all over a poster or logo in Photoshop—just for giggles, of course. Everyone knew they were in bad taste and, if used in a serious manner, suggested a certain lack of confidence in one’s design skills.

So, no-no, Mr. Abrams. The flares need to go… unless your ultimate goal is to sell aspirin with your movies.

13. trekker 5 - April 28, 2011

oh my God! when i saw this on my Twitter i about fell outa my chair!!
this is awesome news! even though it don’t tell us much of what we don’t already know,its still exciteing!! i think J.J. will take the helm on this 1 too,he has us,and we won’t let him go! as far as the date,i back Bob and the team 100%,i don’t think they’d let us down like that.

14. Jesustrek - April 28, 2011

Hey Orci ya es tiempo de ver a Uhura sentada en la silla del capitan como en TAS y mas oficiales con apellidos como Salinas,Gonzalez ,Rodriguez etc….Saludos

15. Xai - April 28, 2011

ALL I want is the title… please?

16. skyjedi - April 28, 2011

Still no Script wow guys this is as ridiculous as Revenge of the Sith almost starting shooting without a script.

Or that Transformers 2 script, which has to be blamed on Bay because no one hereabouts will take credit for its awfulness.

17. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 28, 2011

I have faith that premiere on June 29, 2012… LOL… I ‘m trusting it … Mr.Bob Orci wherever you are, right? … Please do not leave me bad, with the naysayers… +LOL

:-) :-)

18. Bucky - April 28, 2011

Technically, if this is Star Trek 12, shouldn’t it be subtitled “So Very Tired”

“Again with the Klingons!”

19. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 28, 2011

And regarding Jack Ryan reboot … I have faith too… at least until Chris Pine is attached to this project! … How many writers have tried to rewrite this script? … LOL

:-) :-)

20. DeafPoet - April 28, 2011

There were a couple of moments where the lens flares got ridiculous but I generally like the aesthetic of the film and hope that they mostly stick to it.

As to the scheduling business, if they’re wrapping in January it’s certainly going to be tight. Wouldn’t be surprised if this gets pushed back to November or December but I’m holding out hope.

21. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 28, 2011

I hope J.J Directs. Lens flares are not. He is a A List Director!!!!

22. Cygnus-X1 - April 28, 2011

I wouldn’t mind seeing another director take a crack at it.

Someone like… an analogue of Irvin Kirschner for the new Trek films.

23. Moe - April 28, 2011

As mentioned above I didn’t mind the lens flares. I really kinda liked them. If anything he could just decrease the amount of them. But if I remember correctly, during the commentary of ST:XI they were all joking about the amount of lens flares. So I’m sure it’ll be less.

Anyway I’m beyond excited for them to start filming!!! :)

24. Trekboi - April 28, 2011

it will be finished on time but it will be a rush job because they assume the fans will see anything like they akways do.

25. Dr. Cheis - April 28, 2011

I have a feeling it will meet the original release date, even if quality suffers for it. Paramount now knows these movies will make money, and may not feel they need to push back the date things aren’t going as planned.

26. D-Rock - April 28, 2011

1st post – long time time lookie-loo (sp?) and fan of the website
Trek fan since Generations (It got me) but Star Trek ’09 made me feel like a kid again….(I’m 30 sumthinish…..)….pretty thankful for that. It’s AMAZING that we have a writer/producer (thanks dude!) on these boards. Can’t wait for the next flick!!

27. Red Dead Ryan - April 28, 2011

I predict summer of 2013, since if the sequel gets delayed, Paramount is unlikely to release it in the fall of 2012. It’s a summer tentpole franchise now. Just as it should be.

By the way, isn’t there a joint actors’-writers’ strike coming up soon?

28. J.C. England - April 28, 2011

Thank you, Anthony! This news update is what this
website is all about.

I had very little faith that the first movie was going
to be any good, especially with Abrams’ schedule.
But it was out on time (the Summer time, anyway)
and was incredible, to say the least.

Abrams & his team can do it.
…and extra lens flares with that please!!

29. boborci - April 28, 2011

14. Hmmm. Tal vez.

30. boborci - April 28, 2011

16. I dont blame bay. I am just as guilty for making the 11th highest grossing movie of all time;)

31. Thomas Jensen - April 28, 2011

Ok, I’ll break out the sunglasses to avoid burning out my corneas.

32. I'm Cherokee Jack - April 28, 2011

No lens flares in the next movie.Can you imagine the result if they kept the flares and added 3-D on top of that? You would go blind.

33. Phil - April 28, 2011

People are getting a bit panicky here – please remember that most of the standing Enterprise sets are done, and soft pre-production should be getting them back up. Sorry boys, it’s back to the brewery for engineering.

34. Daoud - April 28, 2011

Of course it’s a brewery: the secret ingredient in making warp jumps is hops. That gives you warp hops… gets you there faster… hahah.

@30: I think ILM deserves some credit! I mean, the level of detail in their creations is fascinating. Amazing tools they’ve constructed. Imagine if you got them doing Doomsday machines or something….

35. I'm Cherokee Jack - April 28, 2011

Trek ’09 was originally scheduled for Xmas ’08,then the premiere was moved to the following May.I’m looking for history to repeat itself.Perhaps this time we’ll get some Yuletime Trek in ’12.

36. Buzz Cagney - April 28, 2011

Just do what they used to do on Trek movies and use stock sfx footage!.
Do that and we can get it in the cinemas by this Christmas!
Hey, it never used to bother us! :-D

37. - April 29, 2011

Just found this leaked photo from the new set. Seems like things are more advanced that we have been led to believe.

38. Jim Nightshade - April 29, 2011

it has to release in the summer! If they wait for xmas it will be too late for those of us on west coast–the big mega quake will sink the west coast into the ocean on dec 21–armageddon anyone?

39. Keachick - April 29, 2011

#30 LOL! I gotta love our Bob Orci. Yes, and you are quite right for taking some credit for that movie’s success. I am tired of ROTF naysayers. I thought there was a little much in the way of battle scenes, fighting etc, but it had a good amount of drama/comedy. I just keep thinking who and what the transformers were and their target audience. So they made it for older teens. So what? It is one of my young daughter’s favourite movies and I can enjoy it along with her. It is what it is.

Frankly, there seems to be some disrespect shown towards people who happen to like a “mainstream” movie that some here don’t like, as well as constant criticism being hurled at the writer(s) and director. Enough already. I am sure that Bob Orci is as aware as anybody of the various mistakes he thinks he made in the writing and production, even though I may not necessarily agree with him, if I knew what he considers to be mistakes.

40. U.S.S. Enterprise B - April 29, 2011

Bob, when can we expect the announcement of the official Title for the sequel?? I’m very excited to find out what you guys come up with – hopefully something a little more interesting that just “Star Trek” – how about “Where No Man Has Gone Before?” or something. You guys will figure it out but let us know!

41. Keachick - April 29, 2011

I am having a hard time trying to guess whether the sequel will make its due date or be released by December 2012. If it is released later, the Star Trek sequel will then be our summer blockbuster movie! OK? not really as it will mean another six months of tortuous waiting.

42. Jack - April 29, 2011

30. Always with the box office…

43. Buzz Cagney - April 29, 2011

Now that James Cawley has corrected the messed up timeline they can just use the Phase2 sets.
There’s a big time saver (no pun intended!) right there. ;-)

Can’t wait to see the ‘classic’ bridge on the big screen. And as far as I know that bridge has a built-in LFSA or Lens Flare Suppression Array(certainly I don’t remember seeing any before!) so thats another problem sorted!

44. DeafPoet - April 29, 2011

30 boborci

Look, it wasn’t a very good movie, but it’s pretty cool that you always have that in your pocket when people talk shit about it! Haha

45. Buzz Cagney - April 29, 2011

#44 lazy though, settling for No11!!
:-p :-D

46. Vultan - April 29, 2011


16th highest grossing movie? What, you couldn’t get the number 15 spot?! For shame…

Seriously though, not sure I’d be bragging about that particular movie in any shape or form. Lots of money spent on a product doesn’t always equal quality. Remember, there was a time when people were spending millions on… beanie babies [shudder] and the Macarena [double shudder].

47. Vultan - April 29, 2011

Whoops. I meant 11th highest grossing, not 16th. One of these days I’m gonna learn my numbers. :-o

48. Keachick - April 29, 2011

#43 Like the LFSA. It must be a part of a tech upgrade that happened when the bridge had to be repaired after its encounter with Nero and the Narada…The LFSA should make everything much easier for those working on the bridge and for those who watch the workers. Does it have the capacity to extend to all the interiors of the ship? Of course, occasionally, a genuine flare from a sun or other might slip through, but that’s OK.

49. Buzz Cagney - April 29, 2011

No, Keachick, that particular ship has now gone.

Maybe you haven’t seen the news…

Its the original ship that has the LFSA, the Nero Universe 1701 never had the LFSA installed.

I will admit, all joking aside, i quite like the lens flares. To be honest i never even really noticed them as being a problem.

50. Oh my! - April 29, 2011

Lens flairs rule! Adds so much extra with such an easy effect! I say keep em! But what do I know I’m just a normal guy who loves star trek and loved the latest film big time! Keep it the way it was otherwise it will be downhill from there! Remember it’s not just for us trekkys now it has the ability to reach more people than us! And I think they will areciate flairs!! That’s my penny’s worth

51. Basement Blogger - April 29, 2011

I’m a little concerned because the time it takes to film it will be tight with the Mission Impossible reboot for Pine. Thankfully, the script will be done by the time they shoot unlike the new Men in Black film and there should have been a lot of pre-production done. Right Bob? After all, I’m assuming the film will be released in 3D and hopefully it will be shot in 3D. So there will be a need for planning of the cool 3D shots. Hey I’m optimistic.

By the way, a trailer for the new film might not be out till what February? How are we going to keep the buzz going? Hey, CBS how about an animated CGI TV Star Trek movie in the prime universe? With Shatner and Nimoy… Come on Les Moonves. How about we cast your wife Julie Chen in it too?

52. Star Trek Sequel Fan Already - April 29, 2011

C’mon JJ! I’m crossing my fingers here! It won’t be Star Trek without you!

53. Princess Kate Middleton - April 29, 2011

I hope that the Jerry Goldsmith theme music from the Star Trek Insurrection end credits will be used at the end of the 2012 Star Trek sequel. It would be a bonus if they include Russell Watson’s ‘Where My Heart Will Take Me’ (the excellent album version).

I hope James Kirk will have better fighting skills in the sequel and be a hardcore badass like Liam Neeson in Taken. I hated watching him lose the fights against the Starfleet officers, Spock and Nero. In particular, the fight between Kirk and Nero was pointless and anticlimactic. A wasted opportunity for an amazing and action-packed fight which would have made Kirk’s triumph at the end by avenging his father all the more emotional and uplifting. The Picard/Shinzon fight at the climax of Star Trek: Nemesis was more satisfying and even the Riker/Reman Viceroy showdown.

Four amazingly gorgeous and talented actresses (Jennifer Morrison, Rachel Nichols, Winona Ryder and Diora Baird) were wasted in the last movie and should have had more screentime.

54. Elsa Sanchez - April 29, 2011

The sequel needs a larger all-star cast with many recognisable actors making cameo appearances.

There need to be larger space battles with more starships.

I hope that James Kirk has several (human) love interests like James Bond and that they are played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young actresses.

I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12 as a singer and her character could have dark connections to the Orion Syndicate (the mafia of the Star Trek universe) who should be the villains of the sequel. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.
Midway through Star Trek 12, I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a concert of hers on a distant planet like with Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element (1997). When she sings Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or Just Dance, her show could be raided by Syndicate henchmen who have a thunderous phaser fight with Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

55. Magdalena - April 29, 2011

I was really disappointed that they killed off George Kirk in the last one. Chris Hemsworth gave a tremendous performance and the scene at the beginning of the film was heartbreakingly sad. It is unfortunate that they won’t revisit the character and now Hemsworth’s career is going to explode when Thor is released, it is highly unlikely he will ever reprise the role. It would have been good to have even done a film centred on George Kirk and shown how he got together with Jennifer Morrison’s character, Winona Kirk. When it was announced that James Kirk’s parents would be included in the film, it seemed that there would be several flashbacks with his parents in them but this did not turn out to be the case.

There better not be any scenes cut from the sequel. All of the cut scenes should have been included in the last film. J.J. Abrams made a bad call removing the Rura Penthe scenes. He said that the test audiences were confused by those scenes in particular. I am at a loss as to what was so confusing about the inclusion of the Klingons in the film. It was absolutely shocking to leave such a huge plot hole regarding where the villains were for 25 years. It makes them look lazy and stupid on top of the fact that they were superficial. Nero and Ayel would have had more depth at least as well.

56. trekker 5 - April 29, 2011

Mr.Orci,do you have an update on the title? is it in place yet?

57. Paul - April 29, 2011

Keep the lens flares please it made the cinematography visually more interesting & in the future you can bet there will be a lot more lights so the same again if not more so!


58. Anthony Thompson - April 29, 2011

29, 30.

I am honestly shocked. I had thought you wouldn’t show up on this board again until you could say, “The script is done and submitted”.

59. Blake Powers - April 29, 2011

# 16 just got pwned by boborci… I remember the first time i got pwned by boborci.. it was a magical experience. He pwns very well.

60. Gary - April 29, 2011

As an unpaid, unhired producer of the Star Trek sequel, I hereby order the following:

* no lens flare nonsense,
* the engine room should look like an engine room, and
* don’t shake the camera unless it is really necessary–remember, Star Trek is not a documentary and no amount of “you are there” will change the fact I’m in a theater full of people checking their text messages or when the film is available on DVD, I’m at home on the couch watching the film in my underwear.

Make it so.

61. Danpaine - April 29, 2011

I say next Christmas for a release.

As to the director, I wouldn’t have minded someone else taking The Chair, personally. But I’m sure it’ll be good anyway. It’s all about the story. Bad story = bad movie. Pretty simple.

Respect what came before, like Orci & Co. did last time, and the story will be great (again).

62. ensign joe - April 29, 2011

# 30 boborci

“16. I dont blame bay. I am just as guilty for making the 11th highest grossing movie of all time;)”

Not adjusting for inflation.. but congrats.. I know all my friends went to see it for the story :)

63. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 29, 2011

Bob, what are doing here? Why aren’t you panicking like the rest of us? Hey, you don’t happen know something we don’t?

64. Aurore - April 29, 2011

“29, 30.

I am honestly shocked. I had thought you wouldn’t show up on this board again until you could say, ‘The script is done and submitted’.”

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…

Now, Mr. Orci , you have to take the bait (as I just did , though the comment was not directed at me ; nobody’s perfect ).

You just GOT to. Por favor!


65. ensign joe - April 29, 2011

But for the record.. I actually liked ROTF.. but not so much for ST09.. go figure

66. Mel - April 29, 2011

I am also not a fan of the new sequel logo on trekmovie. It is practically only a black rectangle. You can hardly see the delta logo and the ’12.

I hope the new movie will air as soon as possible. It should have been only two years between the movies. Three years is too much.

67. Anthony Thompson - April 29, 2011


I’m just a frustrated fan. Sincere apologies to Bob.

68. captain_neill - April 29, 2011


Hard to believe Transformers 2 is that high up in the highest grossing films ever.

69. trekker 5 - April 29, 2011

#68,i know!! Aurore hi! good 2 hear ur thoughts on this (yet again) story that tells us alot of what we already know!

70. Aurore - April 29, 2011


And,I’m just an annoying fellow fan. As I said ; nobody’s perfect, Anthony.


71. Jack - April 29, 2011

A couple more balls jokes and it could have been the ninth. Eighth if all the Sam Witwicky stuff had been replaced with an LOLCats slideshow (for the girlfriends).

72. andrew - April 29, 2011

“I dont blame bay. I am just as guilty for making the 11th highest grossing movie of all time”

New Kids on the Block sold a lot of records. It doesn’t make them a good band.

73. Dennis Bailey - April 29, 2011

They are on a very compressed shooting and post production schedule – something that, as Variety noted in an excellent article the other day, is becoming the “new normal” for summer blockbusters.:

That said, Paramount is presumably expecting Abrams to direct. For him to decline at this point would set off quite a scramble for a suitable replacement and would likely damage his relationship with the studio.

74. Aurore - April 29, 2011

Hi, Olivia!

You’re right about the article.

75. trekker 5 - April 29, 2011

will they ever tell us anything new?!

76. Aurore - April 29, 2011

75. Olivia.

As far as I know, yes…I mean… it depends. Maybe.

77. Cygnus-X1 - April 29, 2011

How funny would it be if the promo poster for the Trek sequel consisted only of a brewery with lens flares bouncing off of the name “Budweiser.”

That’d learn’em, wouldn’t it.

Oh and Jar Jar Binks peeking in from the corner of the shot.

That would be awesome.

78. boborci - April 29, 2011

Maybe Star Fast, Star Furious?

Or perhaps T.R.E.K.

79. P Technobabble - April 29, 2011

First, why don’t people who criticize the writers show us something better? Where’s the link to your far superior scripts? If William Goldman came in here and started criticizing the writers, agree with him or not, at least Goldman actually has some credits to his name. But when so many Joe Six-packs toss out completely subjective criticisms as if their opinions were a statement of fact, I have to say: prove it. Show me what you can do.

It’s fine to dislike something and say, “This is my opinion.” It’s not fine to say, “The story sucked,” as if the commenter knew better than anyone else when a story sucks and when it does not.

I believe we have to keep coming back to the game of numbers. If a movie grosses a ton of money, it means a ton of people went to see it., hmm? Now, let’s say 9 out of 10 people said the movie was awful. First, would there even be a sequel? Second, would those 9 out of 10 who didn’t like the first one bother with the sequel? And if the sequel does as well as, or better than, the first one, wouldn’t that mean the majority of those people who went thought it was a good movie? Why wasn’t “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” a big hit? Because hardly anyone went? Why didn’t they go? How many of those people who went actually thought it was a good film, in spite of reviews and poor reception? And could the people who didn’t go even say it was a bad movie if they never saw it?
So, look at the Transformers movies objectively. The first one grossed around $300 million – a fair amount of people went to see it, no? The second grossed around $400 million. (These numbers come from Box Office Mojo). Did more people go to see it the second? And how many of the people who didn’t like the first one bother to see the second?
Bottom line: I don’t think anyone should just blurt out “the movie sucked,” or “the story sucked,” because there will always be people who disagree with you. And if millions of people like something, there’s got to be SOMETHING to it, hmm? Or would you just say millions of people have poor taste?

80. ensign joe - April 29, 2011

“Bottom line: I don’t think anyone should just blurt out “the movie sucked,” or “the story sucked,” because there will always be people who disagree with you.”

Conversely you could say:

Bottom line: I don’t think anyone should just blurt out “the movie was great,” or “the story was awesome,” because there will always be people who disagree with you.

But then we wouldn’t have these wonderful talkbacks ;)

81. P Technobabble - April 29, 2011

72. Andrew

You have to take into account exactly WHO New Kids were supposed to appeal to. I didn’t like ’em, but I was never a 13 year old girl. But there were some moms who liked ’em because they weren’t a threat, or a bad influence on their kids. The newest kid Justin Beiber certainly doesn’t appeal to me in any way, shape or form, cos I’m a 54 yr old guy. But I won’t deny his own generation loves him and they think he’s good and they’ve made him rich and famous.

82. Christopher Roberts - April 29, 2011

Wow. 30 people voted for Never/Cancelled.

Should I cancel any long-term plans, because the world’s going to end soon?

83. Aurore - April 29, 2011


And, you call yourself a writer?

Furiously Star T.R.E.K.

Here ‘s a title for you.


84. Bucky - April 29, 2011

I can’t hate Revenge of the Fallen that much, one robot tore the face off another robot and then punched it through the chest. That one moment was more entertaining than anything in, say, GI Joe.

85. Robert Paulson - April 29, 2011

It should be titled “The Apology” as the last one was was rubbish. And David Koepp writing a Jack Ryan reboot .. remember his work on the Shadow. Think I’ll pass and read a good book instead.

86. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 29, 2011

#78 – boborci …

Sharp tooth aliens might = boborci … tal vez … perhaps … a bit …

just kidding … a bit …. LOL

:-) :-)

87. Desstruxion - April 29, 2011

I like the lense flares. I don’t like the brewery.

88. Ziro - April 29, 2011

the release date is reasonable, for now

just get John Noble to play an alien in it

89. George - April 29, 2011

Even thou this is a late start for any production to try and make a summer release Star Trek has a big advantage here. First of all most of the Enterprise set would just have to be taken out of storage and freshened up. Which leave only a few other sets to be created. Second of the visual effects side. ILM already has the Enterprise computer model already done plus various other smaller vessels used in the first movie. So the reserch and development of these things are taken out of the overall time needed to have the film ready for summer 2012.

90. Chadwick - April 29, 2011

78. boborci

lol, oh Bob……!
TMP theme for Star Trek 13

91. jeannie Spock - April 29, 2011

Let’s hope it is bit more of a ‘grown up’ movie this time. Reliance on a good story – not action scenes and SFX.
Better character interaction – more Spock – less Uhura and not aimed at 13 year olds.

…..I couldn’t give a sod about breweries or lens flares.
Oh – and it would be nice to see Nimoy again if only for a minute or so.

Make it so!

92. Jai - April 29, 2011

Bear McCreary would be an excellent choice to compose the main theme tune for the next Trek movie, or at least the background score. He did some incredible work on Ron D. Moore’s “Battlestar Galactica”, especially during the earlier seasons.

Bob Orci,

If you’re interested, Bear can be reached via his own website (he frequently posts friendly replies to comments there too): .

93. the quickening - April 29, 2011

Not up on my Hollywood facts, but how many good scripts have been written that hit the motherlode on the first draft?

The article above mentions that even the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie getting rewrites.

Is Orci finishing up the first draft of this movie?

Hate to be negative, but more and more, I’m getiing a strange feeling about this film.

94. Nelson - April 29, 2011

I’m not sure I’ll care about this next movie, whenever it comes out. The longer it takes, the less I’ll care.

Sorry to say that. I’m a true TOS fan, so that’s where my interest lies. I know the JJ Abrams film was aiming for a new audience and succeeded well! It looks great, has great effects, but its not my Trek anymore. It has an entirely different vibe, as it should. And on the whole, well done. But I don’t even watch the blu ray!

I’d rather watch TOS on blu ray, then see what happened in JJ Trek. I’ll see this next film probably. The main thing that came out of JJ Trek that I really liked was Pike. Maybe I’ll spin the disc for that!

95. Simon - April 29, 2011

#92 – STAR TREK doesn’t need endless drumbeats and Celtic woman moans.

Michael G. is a better composer and can continue his work he started on TREK 2009.

96. Harry Ballz - April 29, 2011

78. Bob Orci



I knew it!!

97. THX-1138 - April 29, 2011

Boy, that pic reminds me how much I don’t really care for that bridge.

I don’t think the movie should be called Star Trek II. There is already a Star Trek II. I also don’t think it should be called Star Trek XII. It doesn’t have anything to do with the previous franchise in my opinion.

Just call it Star Trek: The Something Something Something.

And I don’t mean you should add a title for the “something something something” part. I mean you should actually call it that. That’ll confuse ’em.

98. Cygnus-X1 - April 29, 2011

“Star Trek II: Mugato Rising”

“Star Trek II: Crouching Klingon, Hidden Vulcan”

“Star Trek Too”

99. John from Cincinnati - April 29, 2011

Lose the lens flares, shaky camera, atari joystick stations to either side of the captain’s chair, the red floor of the bridge, actually the entire bridge needs to be re-done.

100. Harry Ballz - April 29, 2011

Star Trek II: Enter Mugatu

101. Cygnus-X1 - April 29, 2011

Thumbs up.

102. Cygnus-X1 - April 29, 2011

@ 100.

Thumbs up.

103. Jack - April 29, 2011

92. Michael Giacchino’s score kind of made that last movie for me. That and Pine in his underwear.

100. I’m in. Or at least give the poor misunderstood mugatu a speaking part, like maybe Jordan, the ITguy.

104. THX-1138 - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: Rise of the Tribbles

105. THX-1138 - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: Revenge of the Rectal Prolapse Creature

106. THX-1138 - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: Amanda’s Pissed Off Ghost

107. Jack - April 29, 2011

105. LOL/barfing a little.

108. THX-1138 - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: The—

*Knock it off!!*


109. Harry Ballz - April 29, 2011


Star Trek: Next Stop: Uranus

110. Aurore - April 29, 2011


Star Trek : The Terran Empire Strikes Back.

111. VZX - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: The Star Trek

112. Aurore - April 29, 2011

Star Trek : The One With Sharp Tooth Aliens And A Shirtless Kirk In It.

113. Keachick - April 29, 2011

Star Trek – The Pine/Gorn

114. Aurore - April 29, 2011

Star Trek : The Future Begins In A Shower Unit.

115. Christopher Roberts - April 29, 2011

Star Trek The Search for Vulcan

Star Trek The Vengeance of Vulcan

Star Trek To Boldly Go… (back and glue all the pieces of Vulcan back together)

116. P Technobabble - April 29, 2011

80. ensign joe

Sure, I hear what you are saying, and I admit the debates are fun. But I think there’s a difference between saying “The movie was great,” and “The movie sucked.” From the position of the person who says it sucked, they are expressing some negative feelings. The person who says it was great is expressing positive feelings. Now, which person is stuck with the problem — the one who feels positive, or the one who feels negative? I think if a movie leaves one feeling good and positive and happy, then it’s only natural that person would blurt out “The movie was great!” Obviously, not everyone will agree, but it’s definitely better to feel positive and blurt that out than it is to feel negative and blurt that out. That’s how I see it, anyway.

117. Christopher Roberts - April 29, 2011

116. So what you’re essentially sayin’ is if you didn’t like the film… bottle it up inside? Doesn’t sound to healthy to me. How can you not talk about something that bothers you? Maybe Ensign Joe should wrap his disappointment up with humourous remarks… Get it out his system that way.

118. Maj - April 29, 2011

Well, while everyone’s joking around, Bob has probably just spilled the working-title for the sequel.


119. dmduncan - April 29, 2011

What we absolutely need is the “walking wall of characters” scene…you know, where all the characters are lined up shoulder to shoulder walking in slow motion toward the camera, preferably to some cool music.

(I am not serious, by the way. Please don’t do that.)

120. Keachick - April 29, 2011

The problem is (and I have seen this a lot on the IMDb boards and not just for Star Trek 09 but other movies as well) that very often those who do not like something continue to be very vocal about it long after the movie has left the cinema screens. Now I can understand why someone with a positive view of a movie would like to continue watching, reading, dissecting and generally enjoying what is still a good experience, but not why someone who does not like something would continue to hang around, as it were to wallow in the unhappy experience. This seems off, almost psychological sado-masochism on the part of the person who dislikes the movie.

In a few days, it will have been two years since Star Trek 09 first screened on cinemas worldwide at the same time. Why wallow in hatred, anger, disappointment etc for so long?

121. Aurore - April 29, 2011

75. Olivia ,

If our fellow poster in 118 is right, Mr. Orci has, perhaps, already answered the question you asked in 56 : T.R.E.K.

So, what do you think ?!

122. Harry Ballz - April 29, 2011

I’m sorry to see that my post regarding an alien race of ants was erased.

123. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 29, 2011

Star Trek: Back Into The Breach.

124. Chris M - April 29, 2011

I’m pretty sure Star Trek 2012 will make the release date! if it is delayed however Star Trek could be going head to head with The Dark Knight Rises which is due to be released around 3 weeks later, therefore for Star Trek 2012 to macth or out perform Star Trek 2009 they have to make the June 29th release date!!

One thing I would like is a little more info on the new movie, even it it’s just a teaser poster of some sort. I remember how excited I was the day I first saw the teaser poster for Star trek 2009:

125. Basement Blogger - April 29, 2011

@ 122 Harry Ballz

I am sorry to see that Harry Ballz got cut off.

126. Harry Ballz - April 29, 2011

Thanks, BB!

I simply mentioned the phrase “golden showers’ and was instantly erased from our known universe.

127. Basement Blogger - April 30, 2011

TrekMovie doesn’t get it. There are many people that are wild about Harry Ballz. In our universe, I know people who like tea bags and snorkeling that love Harry Ballz.

128. P Technobabble - April 30, 2011

117. Christopher

Nope. If you re-read my original post, you will see that I said everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially when they don’t present their opinion as fact. Bu the point I guess I’m making very poorly is that good feels better than bad. People who didn’t like a movie really aren’t doing themselves, or anyone else, a favor by grumbling about it over and over. Some of these people get really nasty, as well. But people who enjoy a movie and go on about it are really just celebrating, and sharing their good feelings.
I honestly have no issue with someone saying, “I really didn’t like the movie, and here’s why…” And, for the most part, that’s what we do get in here. But there are a few who stoop to belittling and insulting others, which is something I have a tough time dealing with, being a peace, love and happiness guy.

129. P Technobabble - April 30, 2011

126. Harry

“…I simply mentioned the phrase “golden showers’ and was instantly erased from our known universe…”

I think I saw your post in a video store…

130. Frank Wales - April 30, 2011

78. You could always try crossing the streams:

Mission: Untrekable

Star Warps


131. ensign joe - April 30, 2011

128. P Technobabble
“But there are a few who stoop to belittling and insulting others, which is something I have a tough time dealing with, being a peace, love and happiness guy.”

I would agree that insults have no place here.

132. ensign joe - April 30, 2011

120 Keachick

“why someone who does not like something would continue to hang around, as it were to wallow in the unhappy experience”

I would think some just want attention, some are bored, and some are just really passionate fans of Star Trek that don’t immediately jump ship when things are not quite where they would like them to be.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

133. ensign joe - April 30, 2011

120. Keachick
“Why wallow in hatred, anger, disappointment etc for so long?”

I was taught at an early age its not right to hate. So, I don’t hate.

Anger? What’s to be angry about? While I have my issues with the new film I also get a sense that those involved really care about their work and what they do with this franchise. They are doing their best and that’s all I can ask for.

Disappointment? Sure there is disappointment.. but no wallowing.. things change and many times not in a way we like.. So? You put that oar in the water and try to adjust course as best you can..

134. skyjedi2005 - April 30, 2011

Star Trek II, another visit to the Apple Store with Harold and Kumar.

135. skyjedi2005 - April 30, 2011

Star Trek 90210.2

Top Gun Trek 2.

136. Charla - April 30, 2011

#124 ChrisM,
“One thing I would like is a little more info on the new movie, even it it’s just a teaser poster of some sort. I remember how excited I was the day I first saw the teaser poster for Star trek 2009:”

Thanks for the link to that page. At that point time, I really didn’t even know that there was another Trek movie in the works, and I wouldn’t have been as interested had it not been for the way they introduced the movie.

But when I did find out, the clever subtleness of the advertising did pique my curiousity. I really like the way they really didn’t name it but displayed the well known badge with the combination of colors implying Kirk/Spock.

Then followed by the trailer of a man welding atop of a spaceship- another great strategy- I thought ok, great! another mediocre maybe decent movie for us Trek fans-

Then when I seen the movie- WOW! I have been here at this site since! LOL I hadn’t had this much fun since- gonna say it- Star Wars! I was 11 when that came out. (Not that I didn’t enjoy the other ST films) So, yes I agree, I am looking forward to just a little tease in the upcoming new year for our movie at the least. I think they will do it too.

137. Harry Ballz - April 30, 2011


In the immortal words of Sulu, “Oh, my!”


Let me guess, that video was entitled, “Singing In The Rain XXX”?

138. Woulfe - April 30, 2011

Star Trek 2 : Just when you thought it was dead, it’s back baby !

Or is that title too long ?


139. Jamie - April 30, 2011


Would be nice to see at least one of the actors from LOST appear in the new movie as part of the crew , Id like to see Sawyer in it !

Go Sawyer!

Lets not get too outlandish here, yet…I believe the production of the sets, the makeup, visual effects could use a bit of polishing and rethink how serious we should be on the very fine details on such things.

I did not like spocks look, he looked too clean, too squeeky . What has come before does not neccessarily work on something that is new.
The uniforms are wayy too 60;s, and this is what…2011? I like the uniforms when they where dressed in the red, that looked great and should run with that.

Just think, the federation recieved a major blow from an outside influence and even changed the time line so this time around, id think the federation should amp up its defenses, its offenses, its technology.

Just think, nero is sort of like the al qaeda..having caused a major blow to the fleet and destroyed an entire homeworld. So therefor, the federation has to beef itself up now, and take matters alot more differently than the other time line.

The tone of the next movie, depending on the story, needs to be gripping, daring, hang by your seat and making you guess.

DAMMIT, need more power and omph comming from the weapons and torpedos, THIS IS 2011 now lets kick some romulan ass!

140. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 30, 2011

#139 – Jamie

Yes about the actors from Lost … I had suggested Evangeline Lilly to be the “possible love interest” for Kirk … but it seems she is quite pregnant now … so I guess it will not be possible!.. . LOL

:-) :-)

141. Keachick - April 30, 2011

#139 – “I did not like spocks look, he looked too clean, too squeeky . What has come before does not neccessarily work on something that is new.
The uniforms are way too 60;s, and this is what…2011? I like the uniforms when they where dressed in the red, that looked great and should run with that.”

I don’t agree at all. This is who Spock is. He worked then and works as he is now, as Quinto/Spock.

I hate the red uniforms. When I first saw TWOK, I wondered wtf is with those (blood) red uniforms. I am so pleased we now have an Enterprise crew wearing a more updated version of the great TOS uniforms. I have always liked the colours. The colour and style of the uniforms need not change at all!

Nero is a one-off. He is not Al-Queda. You mean, like the USA “beefed itself up” and got itself involved in a hopeless war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and managed to drag its allies into this scenario through the UN… Sense of balance required here.

142. Chris Doohan - April 30, 2011

16. Bob Orci

Great come back. Lol

143. Charla - May 1, 2011

139 I agree with keachick- it works.. yes the uniforms are definitely reflective of the 60’s series. But in this reality, the Star Trek reality, it is not 2011, but even further in the future- the 22nd century. Classic traditional uniforms are always in style imo.

They didn’t wear the red uniforms until they aquired higher positiions within Starfleet. The other crew members even wore red as well, just not as decorated as the officers.

Remember this is the beginning, not the middle or the end of the story line. So yes it is perfect, staying within what we know what was in TOS.

And Spock being too clean? Yeah, he is clean, he’s a vulcan who has dignity and pride in who he is and what he does.

But I will give you this, that the comments about Spock and the uniforms are new complaints I haven’t heard yet! Usually it’s the same complaints-flares, engineering, romance, etc. At least these are different! LOL

144. ripleyaeryn - May 1, 2011

I want Scott Bakula as Admiral Archer with a Scotty reunion in the sequel. I was surprised by his answer at Fedcon regarding this (Yes, I was at Fedcon and I asked him this question)

145. Hugh Hoyland - May 1, 2011

Yeah, that was another thing about Star Trek 09 that I loved, the retro uniforms! Back when the motion picture came out I had heard that they were going to use the TOS uniforms, but was suprised when they didnt.

That kinda took me out of the picture for a minute or two (The powder blue ones actually grew on me after a while lol). I really didnt like the “red” design all that much, but it became the standard look for the movies so I got used to them.

146. Harry Ballz - May 1, 2011

When I went to see TWOK on opening night, it really made me see red!

147. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 1, 2011

I think the “clean appearance” of Spock is because he had to look very young… he was not the Spock with age that appeared in TOS… maybe in the sequel he does not look so clean, so young… even though the film is an immediate response to the previous… Spock already has also experienced “strong moments” as his mother’s death and the destruction of Vulcan… no one is immune to these experiences after all! …

… and I love the uniforms in TOS! … I hope there are no major changes in costumes for Star Trek 2012!

:-) :-)

148. Hugh Hoyland - May 1, 2011

146 Harry


149. Hugh Hoyland - May 1, 2011

147 Dee

Nah I dont see any costume changes for the sequel.

150. Harry Ballz - May 1, 2011

Hugh, it’s always fun when I make you giggle! Thanks!

151. Charla - May 1, 2011

Harry, you make alot of us giggle! :D

152. Harry Ballz - May 1, 2011

Charla, you make me happy when you say that. Life SHOULD be a giggle!

153. Christopher Roberts - May 2, 2011

121. Oh no. Does that K stand for Klingons then?

154. Aurore - May 2, 2011

I thought of Kronos or Klingons.

But, let us not get ahead of ourselves, here.

After all, the keywords in post 78 were “Maybe” and “perhaps”.


155. Christopher Roberts - May 2, 2011

154. Hopefully it is just a maybe or a perhaps.

While it’s not a dealbreaker for me… Klingons are overused across the franchise. ENT could’ve done without them… for the most part.

I was hoping new universe, new rules… might’ve elevated another race, someone largely unexploited to their level.

Klingons deserve pushing back background status, in much the way Romulans were in the films. Still a threat. But trading off the fact there’s already enough information out there about them… and very little known about some of the others, just broadly drawn charactures.

156. Harry Ballz - May 2, 2011

I refer to people who cling to the hope that it will be Klingons in the next movie as CLING-ONS!

157. Aurore - May 2, 2011

156. Mr. Ballz.

Congratulations.You made me giggle.


158. Harry Ballz - May 2, 2011


oh, goodie! Now, how about a picture?

159. Aurore - May 2, 2011


Oh! Look,Mr. Ballz! A squirrel!


160. Harry Ballz - May 2, 2011

Are you implying that he’s after my nuts?

161. Aurore - May 2, 2011

160. Mr. (“Smooth”) Ballz .

Why do you sound surprised ?

162. Harry Ballz - May 2, 2011

Good thing my hair grows fast! That squirrel better bring a machete!

163. Red Dead Ryan - May 2, 2011

The squirrel will be whackin’ while you’ll be jackin’!

164. Harry Ballz - May 3, 2011

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