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First Image Of Alice Eve From Star Trek Set Provides Character Clues [UPDATED – In Color] May 11, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Another behind the scenes photo from the Star Trek sequel production is whipping around the Internet. The interesting thing about this one is that it is the first picture fearing actress Alice Eve, and she is in costume – which may give us clues about her character. Check it out below, but beware of potential spoilers. [UPDATED w/ original color photo]


First image of Alice Eve From Star Trek set

UPDATED: Here is a posed photo showing Zachary Quinto (Spock) and, for the first time, Alice Eve, in Star Trek sequel costumes.

Eve and Quinto pose (in costume) with owner of That’s Sweet Dessert Truck on location with Star Trek sequel on Tuesday May 8

This image was uploaded earlier this week to the Facebook page of That’s Sweet Dessert Truck, with the message "Our private event today with the cast and crew of the new Star Trek movie!!! Thank you JJ. Yes that is Spock!!!" The photo was shot on May 8th, the last day of filming for the sequel. Since showing up on Facebook it has also been posted on and it has also been making the rounds on Tumblr and other social networking/sharing sites.  

In the image you can see both Eve and Quinto are wearing a similar jumpsuit style uniform. While Eve’s has been folded down, the pants portion and belt indicate it is the same outfit. The only notable difference is that Eve is wearing a tank top instead of a crew neck shirt underneath (but that might not even be seen on screen). The implication of Eve and Quinto wearing the same outfit is that that Alice Eve’s character could also be a member of Starfleet (just like Quinto’s Spock). The picture also makes it clear that Eve is playing a human or human-looking alien (unless her hair is hiding a pair of Vulcan ears). 

Original reports stated that Eve’s character is new to the canon. TrekMovie hasn’t been able to confirm (or debunk) those reports, however many fans have conjectured she could be playing a familiar character. Guesses have included Yeoman Janice Rand, Nurse Christine Chapel, Lt. Marla Givers, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, Dr. Carol Marcus, and others. Of that group all but Marcus were members of Starfleet. And if the outfit is indeed some kind of flight suit, that might not fit a nurse or doctor very well, but this is an alternative timeline so you never know.    

Some readers have also proposed that the jumpsuit outfit could be something related to a specific colony or installation. This type of thing seen in the original Star Trek, such as the outfits worn at the Tantalus Penal Colony in "Dagger of the Mind," or the jumpsuits worn on the Omicron Colony (which Spock briefly joined after being drugged by the local flora) in "This Side of Paradise" (see below). In this case, Eve’s character could be a member of this particular colony or installation (which may or may not be part of Starfleet). 

Leila Kalomi (Jill Ireland) and Spock (Leanard Nimoy) wearing colony jumpsuits in Star Trek’s "This Side of Paradise"

Not first time seeing this jumpsuit costume + look at other sequel costumes seen so far

And  from the looks of it, this appears to be the same type of uniform we saw back in March being worn by John Cho (Sulu) and Zoe Saldana (Uhura) – although theirs were mostly obscured by the crew coats.

John Cho and Zoe Saldana spotted in same jumpsuit uniform

If you look closely you can see this uniform does use color strips around the collar to designate your department, like the standard uniforms seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Quinto’s uniform has a hint of blue and Zoe’s has a hint of red – just like their regular uniforms. Unfortunately the top of Eve’s uniform isn’t visible, so there is no way to figure out what division she is in. 

Flight suit uniforms have touch of color matching standard uniforms

In a way, these jumpsuits are somewhat reminiscent of the Starfleet uniforms from the 22nd century, as seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Standard uniforms from "Star Trek Enterprise"

While primarily grey, these new jumpsuit uniforms appear different than the one we also saw Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) wearing in other behind the scenes spy shots.

Quinto and Pine in grey uniform

In those cases, the two seem to be wearing a variant of (or part of) the officer’s uniform seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Grey officer’s uniform in "Star Trek"

So the sequel seems to offer the cast a number of opportunities for different outfits and uniforms, in fact Quinto has been seen in a third type of outfit…the so-called "volcano suit."

However, don’t worry, the standard colorful uniforms will also be featured in the film, as seen in the first set of spy photos from the set.

Spy shots from sequel shoot show the regular uniforms will also appear in the film

Thanks to Nony for the tip


1. StevenPDX - May 11, 2012

Sweet! It’s kind of fun (in a spoiler kind of way) to piece together all these little clues…and see how close or far to the mark I was when the move actually comes out.

2. T'Leba - May 11, 2012

Love the photos! Can’t wait for the movie!

3. THX-1138 - May 11, 2012

She’s Khan!!

4. Rico - May 11, 2012

Even though they said she’s a new character, due to recent other reports my money is that she is playing Carol Marcus.

5. Lt. Dakin - May 11, 2012

Leila Kalomi?

6. Daoud - May 11, 2012

It is not known one way or another whether Carol Marcus was previous to TWOK at some point part of Starfleet. Easily she could have been the “little blonde lab technician” before she got her PhD in “girl genius”.

7. Sassy - May 11, 2012

I am going to be SO pissed if Christine Chapel is not in the Star Trek sequel.

8. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 11, 2012

Regardless. She is a Beautiful Woman. I can just see Kirk going after her. Lol

9. Reign1701A - May 11, 2012

Quinto REALLY looks like Nimoy’s Spock in that snapshot. I think the black and white contributes to that though.

10. ster julie - May 11, 2012


@5. Now THERE’S a thought. Leila and Spock had…something…in TOS 6 yrs before “Operation: Annihilate!” Could this be the “Catfight of the Quadrant: Leila vs. Nyota”?

11. Allenburch - May 11, 2012

She looks good.

12. Jeff - May 11, 2012

Is that a “desert” truck… or a “dessert” truck?

13. Daoud - May 11, 2012

Anyway… I pray that of all the options, they’ve chosen to introduce Carol. Bibi Besch was a wonderful woman, whom cancer took way too soon. Alice has a bit of resemblance. Also, she makes a nice partner for Pine onscreen. We had an origin story in ’09 of Kirk… how about a Carol and Jim origin story this time!
From resemblance and hairstyle in the snack truck photo, I’d think they were aiming for a Dehner look though. The vexing clue to that is that The Boborci purposely omitted her from the IDW comic book sequence that retold WNMHGB. It even almost suggests Dehner is McCoy’s ex! All I got left is my Bones.

14. crazydaystrom - May 11, 2012

Yeah. When Zachary squints he looks a lot more like Nimoy. I wonder who’s the lucky guy holding on to Carol Marc…uh Nurse Cha…er, ah Ms. Eve.

15. Radioactive Spock - May 11, 2012

I’m wondering if it was made black and white to conceal the color of her uniform, which might give further clues to her character. Sneaky sneaky. At any rate I’m loving every minute of the ride to Trek X2!

16. PEB - May 11, 2012

i always like seeing new uniform variants that are worn along with the standard. makes starfleet feel more like a real unit -as my boyfriend always reminds me of the many different uniforms used in our modern military. enterprise and ds9 really showcased that.

17. Valenti - May 11, 2012

She’s Kara Thrace?


18. JohnnieHF - May 11, 2012

Could it be Number 1?

19. MJ - May 11, 2012

Anthony, why are you reasonably certain that Alice Eve is wearing a flight suit in that photo? I see that she may have on a starfleet belt, but it looks to me like she is in just casual normal clothes otherwise? Perhaps they were on break, and she just kept her costume belt on but slipped into some casual attire? What she is wearing looks more like JC Pennys than a flight suit?

20. Phil - May 11, 2012

Looks like she’s playing a woman…..

21. Blowback - May 11, 2012

20. Not just a woman… A blonde woman!

22. Anthony Pascale - May 11, 2012

If you look closely, Eve has just folded down the top section of the flight suit. The bottom part is the same as Quinto’s. Note the pocket, the belt and the rest that is just hanging there attached to the pants as a single piece.

the only difference is she is wearing a tank top as opposed to a crew neck shirt underneath (and who knows if that is even seen on screen)

23. MJ - May 11, 2012

@22. Ah, thanks!

24. Timofnine - May 11, 2012

Could she be the Starfleet Lady that fell in love with Khan in Space Seed and went to live with him on Ceti Alpha V, before getting KO’d by the Ceti Eel? Nice potential love triangle with Kirk going on there!

25. drew - May 11, 2012

oh god no!!! – ‘This Side of Paradise’

26. Amish Electrician - May 11, 2012

Nurse Chapel wore white…i think

27. rm10019 - May 11, 2012

I hope she is Janice Lester and takes command of another Starship!

28. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

Uniforms – looks earlier Starfleet than 23rd Century. After Star Trek Enterprise perhaps? I can imagine those arrow shapes on the chest, denoting different dept. colours. There’s a delta, instead of a mission, or starship assignment patch on the arm.

Unless it’s just colony issue. Crew on starships get the latest gear, while those stuck for years on planets could be a bit behind the times.

29. Killamarshtrek - May 11, 2012

Has anyone noticed, what looks like a mission patch on Zach’s left arm?

30. Jeff - May 11, 2012

Borg Queen?

31. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

They make better uniforms to fit somewhere in continuity, between ENT and TOS, than anything seen aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin (in my opinion).

32. none - May 11, 2012

it cant be leia,carol or chapel .according to JJ Abrams she is new to the trek universe.

And I m happy about that…its time trek expands there universe like star wars.

so yeah…it kind of sucks that khan is the villan…

33. La Reyne d'Epee - May 11, 2012

This Side of Paradise was the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this photo, could be anything, though.

34. Commodore KorTar - May 11, 2012

Interesting to note that today’s featured article on is the following ….

Dr. Janet Wallace, I wonder if this was a random feature or if the people at know more than what they’re letting on?

35. TrekkieJan - May 11, 2012

Looks like they may have ditched the ugly football jerseys, although it’s a shame to lose the colors. The guys look like they’re wearing Dockers.

36. Tom.web - May 11, 2012

It would be a lopsided story without Marla McGivers. Including her doesn’t make it a rehash. It simply means there is coherence between the two time lines….. Like the important elements and relationships stand fixed like mountains on the landscape.

37. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

Whatever the emblem is on that belt. It’s matched on the arm, I’d say. An earlier Starfleet delta perhaps? A bit NASA-esque.

38. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 11, 2012

She has Elizabeth Dehner’s hair…

I know whas this film is! It’s a mashup of every well-known Star Trek episode!

39. Tom.web - May 11, 2012

Hair is not really relevant. A wig easily rectifies that.

40. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

Shoot me down in flames, but isn’t the guy in the middle Zach Quinto’s brother? Appeared in the last film, as that Romulan with Wil Wheaton’s voice! :\

41. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

My eyes may be tricking me.

42. VZX - May 11, 2012

They totally remind me of “This Side of Paradise.” It looks like the grey jumpsuit Spock wore in that episode. Maybe Eve is playing Leila Kalomi? Are we sure those jumpsuits are Starfleet issued?

43. crazydaystrom - May 11, 2012

” isn’t the guy in the middle Zach Quinto’s brother? ”

I don’t know about that but I binged ‘sh!t eating grin’ and that picture came up.

44. jello cutter - May 11, 2012

Archeaologist, Plot is about a mysterious artifact and a quest to gain power/controle. Yaaaaay I figured it out.

45. Tom.web - May 11, 2012

42– you REALLY believe she’s leila?

Wrong storyline.

She’s either Marla or a new character. Neither rand nor chapel would begin that flight suit. Not that I see Marla in it…. But she’d be in it before the other 2.

46. Basement Blogger - May 11, 2012

This is not logical but I hope Alice is a good girl in the movie. I thought she was charming in “She’s Out of My League” and she’s a fine actress too. So I hope we see more of her in Star Trek.

I found it interesting that she watched all TOS shows. Why? Is she going to produce a new TV series? :-) One can dream. Maybe her character is one of the lesser characters from the series. Rand? Chapel? One year is long time to wait.

47. Red Dead Ryan - May 11, 2012

Alice Eve is playing a scientist, that would be my guess. Perhaps Carol Marcus. Yeah, earlier reports have said it would be an original character, but seeing as how nobody has confirmed or denied it, anything is possible.

We have learned nothing new today. Obviously they are too cheap to give us colour photos, as it somehow could spoil the sequel. (Sarcasm)

48. Nony - May 11, 2012

@ Christopher Roberts

Nope, not Quinto’s brother. This is Joe Quinto:

That guy really does remind me of someone, though. He looks like one of those soapy TV actors whose names I can never remember.

49. AB - May 11, 2012

I don’t think this is likely, but just to throw out a kind of far-fetched theory: Perhaps she winds up in borrowed Starfleet clothing for the same reason BC’s character (let’s assume Khan or Joaquin) is in a uniform. Maybe there’s a slim chance she’s another augment.

50. captain spock - May 11, 2012

drew – May 11, 2012
oh god no!!! – ‘This Side of Paradise’

thanks drew ….that was the episod i was looking for, if you look on quintos left arm their appears to be a patch wonder what it saids on the patch maybe Enterprise hum…..thinking!

51. Mikey M - May 11, 2012

I was hoping they
would do a tribble movie.

52. Walter Kozlowski - May 11, 2012

I think he just drives the truck.

53. John from Cincinnati - May 11, 2012

I still like the original uniforms the best

54. Suellen from Savannah - May 11, 2012

I like to original uniform better than any other. The color denoting operations command and science make sense. The uniforms in 2009 were kind of lame. The rest of the movie was great if not my old style Trek, but some change in good and script explained the AU well.

55. Harry Ballz - May 11, 2012

Alice Eve will probably play a Starfleet love interest for Kirk. That way when Cumberbatch’s character tortures and kills her, it’ll give Kirk legitimate motivation to go batsh*t crazy and fight BC to the death.

M’yeah, that’s the ticket.

56. Sebastian S. - May 11, 2012

# 17.


Good one… ;-)
(as a BSG fan, I like that).

So, she’s wearing a Starfleet flight uniform. I’m guessing she’s as advertised; a character new to the ST mythology (not Carol Marcus, and I doubt she’s Yeoman Rand, although it’s a possibility). Not every character has to be a remake of a TOS character, though (thank goodness!). That certainly wasn’t the case in ST09 (there were plenty of new characters in that one).


57. Sebastian S. - May 11, 2012

# 55.

Harry Ballz~

That was my thinking as well. A ‘red-shirt’ love interest. I’d be interesting if she were, like Vesper Lynde in 2006’s Casino Royale, the woman who’s (possible) death prevented Kirk from ever committing too deeply to one woman ever again…

58. Harry Ballz - May 11, 2012


Sebastian, yes, exactly!

59. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 11, 2012

Hmmmm… ;-) :-)

60. Toothless Grishnar Cat - May 11, 2012

Hope they’re not transitioning into the TMP uniforms…

61. Obsidian - May 11, 2012

It would be kinda cool if in one of the later movies they start wearing similar uniforms to the ST II – VI. Those were always my fav unis.

Also, I hope Spock’s relationship with Uhura continues. It was great! So surprising! And it worked well…

62. somejackball - May 11, 2012

see, told ya it was Khan’s wife

63. Harry Ballz - May 11, 2012


I just went to the Ender’s Game Blog……..saw your latest photo…

nice beard you have going on.

64. Thomas - May 11, 2012

Given J.J.’s fondness for secrecy, either Quinto signed a contract in blood in order to post this picture, or both he and Alice Eve are going to be purged from this movie like two Soviet officials that have fallen out of favor.

65. departmentQ - May 11, 2012

Thats gotta be in the Bay Area…I recognize the dessert truck from a “food truck mafia” get together in Milpitas…

66. Buzz Cagney - May 11, 2012

Not more uniform designs! Good grief.
I remember the good old days when Kirk putting a wraparound tunic on was the fashion highlight of the whole season!

67. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2012

Updated image with original color image and source. Turns out it was posted by the guy who runs the Dessert Truck. Ironically he posted it with thanks to JJ…not sure JJ is going to be thanking him back.

68. Azrael - May 12, 2012

Well there goes my theory that the pic was black and white to prevent us from seeing her skin color. Darn I was really hoping she wasn’t human in the movie.

69. Bucky - May 12, 2012

I’m calling away-mission variants for an extended sequence. Kind of like the spacesuits from the orbital skydiving sequence. Majority of the time they’ll be rockin’ the standard colours. I kinda hope it’s not in the climax they’re wearing those cuz if Kirk is in command & fighting somebody for the finale it’s about time we saw a big screen Kirk-in-Gold fight for once.

70. Smike - May 12, 2012

Wow…even this pictures shows some lense-flares :-)

The new uniforms remind me of Enterprise. Obviously they wanted to get rid of the colorful uniforms after one movie only. Although I liked them, I guess it’s best…

71. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

Hm, remembers me of Leila Kalomi in “This Side of Paradise”. Outdoor-uniforms for colonists. According to memory-alpha Leila and Spock first met in 2261, the episode we know is set in 2267.

72. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

@#5 Lt. Dakin – Thats also my suggestion.

73. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

And it’s obvious they tell the story about finding a new home for our vulcans, but something happens… ^^

74. Soonerdew - May 12, 2012


Respecfully disagree. One of most tortured elements of movie; inauthentic and gratuitous. Spock is no longer authentic to his character. Uhura is scheming opportunist, Spock is just another whupped step in the ladder. Hope its eliminated.

75. - May 12, 2012

Apparently Dame Edna Everage has been cast for the following star trek film to be titled The Wrath of Khan’s Mum.

76. Pauln6 - May 12, 2012

Use Cumberbatch’s real mum, Wanda Ventham – she’d be freakin awesome!

77. CmdrR - May 12, 2012

We don’t know that Carol Marcus wasn’t with Starfleet at one time.

78. crazydaystrom - May 12, 2012

61 Obsisdian –

“It would be kinda cool if in one of the later movies they start wearing similar uniforms to the ST II – VI.”

God I hope not! Never liked those uniforms. Warmed up to them eventually, sure, but of ALL the Trek unis those are my least favorites.

Just sayin’.

79. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

70. They’re not getting rid of the TOS-like uniforms. Simon Pegg recently joked about putting his work clothes on again – over on Twitter, with a pic of his red engineering top.

No, this is either a separate branch of Starfleet… like colonists or miners, or scientists, or possibly a lost crew from another time. The S.S. Valiant or something like that?

The blue or turquoise colour might indicate sciences.

80. Bill Murray - May 12, 2012

I’m intrigued by the comparison to the ENT uniforms. We know that Peter Weller who portrayed Paxton on ENT is in the movie. Could these uniforms be part of flashback scenes connecting the ENT era (the only prime universe Trek that is unchanged by Nero) to the Abramsverse? I would love to see the Terra Prime storyline linked to the new movie! Paxton’s interest in eugenics would be logical. Could he be the key to Khan’s discovery?

81. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

Interesting that Spock would be wearing one though. Although, that could be as simple as just needing something to change out of his “volcano suit” into.

Star Trek: Enterprise characters ended up in U.S.S. Defiant uniforms, just because those clothes were handy.

82. smeghead - May 12, 2012

80 I like your thinking there, Bill!

83. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

Did J.J. Abrams take this photo? Look at those lens flares!

Wait, it couldn’t be Abrams. These flares are natural, and they don’t wash out the faces of the actors so that you cannot even tell who they are, so they’re nothing like Abrams Flares.


84. Cat - May 12, 2012

If Alice Eve is introduced as Dr. E. Dehner, then Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell.
If she is Nurse Chapel, then Cumberbatch is…Dr. Roger Corby?

85. Lee - May 12, 2012

77 – True. According to the novels, Carol Marcus was a member of Starfleet (or so says the Memory Beta website) at one time in the Prime Universe.

86. Sunfell - May 12, 2012

Spock always cuts a great figure in a flight suit. Trek Movie needs to dig out some shots from “This Side of Paradise”- he’s wearing one in that, as well as “Spock’s Brain”.


87. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

#49 – I thought you might be right.

88. Sunfell - May 12, 2012

Whoa- waitaminnit- is that a flight cap folded in Quinto’s hand? I’m ex-USAF- I know what a folded flight cap looks like.

That would be an interesting twist on the uniform…

89. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

#87 – should be “think” you might be right…hehe

90. Aaron - May 12, 2012

More uniforms = more action figures!

91. Driftwood - May 12, 2012

I think Eve would be perfect to play Carol Marcus. I would love to see that chatacter introduced, whether or not we ever get to see Khan.

I also would like to see Nurse Chapel but I think I don’t think Eve I’d the right type. Chapel was more prim and proper, less glamorous.

92. VZX - May 12, 2012

Ehh, I’m just going to go out on a limb and stick to my Leila Kolami theory. Just to be different.

93. The Professor - May 12, 2012

She is Nurse Chapel. She is going to compete for Uhura’s affections.

94. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

The grey flightsuit look, feels kind of retro. Like 50’s sci-fi. Belts and caps. Pockets maybe. But more in the future than what ST:ENT went with. Zippers and poppers, dark/light NASA flightsuits… more mechanics or workmen overalls.

95. J.A.G.T. - May 12, 2012

uh… mom pants…

96. Smike - May 12, 2012

So it’s gonna be GENERATIONS all over again, with two different sets of uniforms used simulateously… I wish they would make up their minds. Either keep the TOS-style ones or go with a new concept…

97. Smike - May 12, 2012

“simultaneously “that is :-)

98. Karen Brown - May 12, 2012

Blonde woman, sounds like a classic Kirk romantic interest. *laugh* Which can range, admittedly, from casual yeoman to scientist, to the movie’s villain. Be interesting to see what she plays.

99. Bird Of Prey - May 12, 2012

My prediction: Alice Eve plays Nurse Chapel, who wants to have Spock for herself, and therefore hires an assassin (Cumberbatch) to kill Uhura. This is too much lady drama for Spock, so he flees into a volcano (hence the heat protection suit), where he can meditate in peace. ;-D

100. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

@#86. Sunfell – Thats it! A remake of Spocks brain!!! Old Spock will be killed in Trek XII, but they will use his brain as a kind of computer for advisory function!!

101. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

And uniforms are much more original than in the first movie. In Trek XI the uniforms had this kind of grid

102. T'Cal - May 12, 2012

“80. Bill Murray – May 12, 2012
I’m intrigued by the comparison to the ENT uniforms. We know that Peter Weller who portrayed Paxton on ENT is in the movie. Could these uniforms be part of flashback scenes connecting the ENT era (the only prime universe Trek that is unchanged by Nero) to the Abramsverse? I would love to see the Terra Prime storyline linked to the new movie! Paxton’s interest in eugenics would be logical. Could he be the key to Khan’s discovery?”
That would be outstanding!

“90. Aaron – May 12, 2012
More uniforms = more action figures!”

“96. Smike – May 12, 2012
So it’s gonna be GENERATIONS all over again, with two different sets of uniforms used simulateously… I wish they would make up their minds. Either keep the TOS-style ones or go with a new concept…”

103. I'm Dead Jim! - May 12, 2012

@17 Ha ha, yeah, that was my first thought too when I saw Eve… STARBUCK!

104. Smike - May 12, 2012

Okay, MAYBE there are two different time periods involved! Now THAT I could perfectly accept. However, using these ENT-style overalls at the same time with the TOS-style uniforms would be absolutely unforgivable.

IF there are two different time periods involved it could either be a time somewhere inbetween ENT and ST09 or some (alternate) future period we haven’t seen yet, be it post-NEM or just somewhen along the new timeline.

Maybe they discover Khan in TOS-style uniforms and meet with him five years later, wearing the new jumpsuits…Space Seed and TWOK in one movie :-)
But I also like #80’s idea…

105. No Khan - May 12, 2012

I hope there is no Carol Marcus or son. Superman Returns anyone!

106. Smike - May 12, 2012

@102: They used TNG and DS9 uniforms simultaneously in GENERATIONS instead of coming up with a new design as they did two years later für FC… I really don’t want to see something like that again…

107. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2012

The sense I get is that different uniforms are used for different purposes in the movie. And having variety is a good thing in my view.

In GENERATIONS there was no rhyme or reason for the variation. I think we can infer from the 2009 STAR TREK movie that the colorful TOS style uniforms were worn when on duty on board a ship. The grey uniforms were worn when stationed at Earth (and possibly when at any base). These jumpsuits probably also are for some kind of specific purpose or mission, like the orbital skydiving suit seen in the 2009 movie. Or it is possible the jumpsuits are worn to fit in with or infiltrate some other group that wear jumpsuits.

Unlike the old days, they now have the budget to have a variety of wardrobe. The only other film that did this was the last Trek film with a big budget, Star Trek: TMP. Kirk seemed to change outfits every scene in that film.

Anyway, I dont see how having different uniforms is a bad thing. That is how the real military works, so it adds realism. And of course collectors should be happy as it creates opportunities for more collectibles.

108. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

Using the DS9 jumpsuits in “Generations” was dumb. It didn’t really make sense for “Voyager” either.

109. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - May 12, 2012

#90 …. I like your thinking ….. :-)

110. Radioactive Spock - May 12, 2012

My guess is Khan doesn’t start out as a bad guy, Alice Eve plays a character similar to Marla McGivers, who is fascinated with and falls in love with Khan, but through whatever circumstance of the plot, she dies. Khan blames Kirk, and proceeds to wage his famous brand of vendetta.

111. Jamziz - May 12, 2012

Have to say I’m underwhelmed by these costumes – only ones that look promising are the “grey uniforms”

112. charles charles - May 12, 2012

I think the star fleet uniform for any TOS reboots or spin-offs should stay the same. The Trek 2009 film took the same unifrom and made it modern, slick, and appealing to Trek newcomers. However, it did not compromise the spirit, originality, and memory of anyone who enjoyed TOS. If the new black uniforms are standard issued Star Fleet uniforms that replaced the old yellow/blue/red im gona be super pissed. Then again thats from a Trekkie’s perspective. This is jj abrams so he might be able ot pull it off

113. WillH85 - May 12, 2012

I can only hope it’s Chapel so we can finally move on from the stupid Spock/Uhura romance. Plus it would just be cool to have her back as a character. Carol Marcus would be cool too, though.

114. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2012

I think the star fleet uniform for any TOS reboots or spin-offs should stay the same. The Trek 2009 film took the same unifrom and made it modern, slick, and appealing to Trek newcomers. However, it did not compromise the spirit, originality, and memory of anyone who enjoyed TOS. If the new black uniforms are standard issued Star Fleet uniforms that replaced the old yellow/blue/red im gona be super pissed.

Firstly you do not speak for “anyone who enjoyed TOS” and as someone who has been tracking fan reactions, one thing that actually doesn’t seem controversial is the new colorful uniforms and how they honor the original design. Also, where exactly are you getting the idea that they are being replaced (ironically you hate them and yet don’t want them to be replaced?) Anyway, the article clearly states (and shows photographic evidence) that they are not being replaced.

The small sampling of spy photos are the tip of the movie’s iceberg and more importantly, they are all from locations. All the scenes shot on the Enterprise were done on closed sets, and in those shots they are all wearing the standard uniforms. And in at least one case we can see Spock and Uhura wearing the standard uniform when not on board ship (see above). So again I note that when they get off the ship, in certain circumstances, there are specific outfits for specific missions. This is actually something that we saw in the 2009 movie and in all versions of Star Trek on TV. Do we really want to see them wear the same uniform/outfit through the entire film?

115. trekmaster - May 12, 2012

Anthony, the standard uniforms look pretty much like the ones we know from the original series. In opposition the 2009 version had this grid pattern. What so you think? See the difference?

116. CJS - May 12, 2012

Everything released concerning this film is a giant fake out. Alice Eve won’t even be in the film. JJ’s masterpiece will be producing a Star Trek movie without a single valid clue as to its content being uncovered by the most dogged fan base in the world, Star Trek fans.

117. Captain Rickover - May 12, 2012

# 115 rekmaster

I think that’s because these spy-pictures are not in HD.

118. DiscoSpock - May 12, 2012

115 – What “grid” pattern are you talking about? Do you mean the Starfleet “arrowhead” patterning throughout the fabric? Not a grid, but…okay.

It’s still there in the new ones. Look at the photo of Simon Pegg’s costume and chair (he Tweeted it, it’s been posted here and elsewhere) and you will see that the patterning (or “grid” if you insist) is still there.

The far-off, grainy photos of Spock and Uhura don’t show that patterning because they are, well, far-off and grainy.

119. Stokiespock - May 12, 2012

Dr carol Marcus hair same colour same length and probably showing Spock the genesis cave phase 2 !!! Of a a three phase project !!!

120. Stokiespock - May 12, 2012

JJ likes his outfits he talked about this a lot in the 1st film !!! As well

121. star wars harry potter star trek lord of the rings x-men fan - May 12, 2012


I doubt the S/U relationship will end and I hope it doesnt.

Romance is needed in every film regardless of the genre.

Also Quinto Spock comes off as very unfriendly,aggressive and snobby in comparison to Nimoy’s Spock..I doubt he will put of with Chapel crush.

And Alice Eve is not Chapel….she is a new Trek character

lastly I dont want a silly love triangle to take centre stage to this new star trek just will not work since there will be too much going on.

Unless the love triangle looks like this

Arwen-Aragon-Ewoyn = Uhura-Spock-Chapel

122. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 12, 2012

The uniforms in the 2009 version were fine. The grid pattern is a minor variation. The important aspect is that they kept the original TV TOS series colours, which is more than fine by me.

These grey uniforms do look like a jumpsuit or similar designed for specific activities, where wearing the usual uniforms could be inappropriate. Also fine by me.

#105 – Huh? Carol Marcus and son are part of the prime universe’s future TOS canon. They were brought to us in 1982 in TWOK. Superman Returns came much, much later. There is no comparison. Different story, different franchise.

123. Anthony Pascale - May 12, 2012

The standard uniforms have not changed…still have the delta pattern weave

124. trekmaster - May 12, 2012


It`s not just the pattern but the colors as well. the 2009 version had much darker colors, so the spy pics show uniforms much more similar to original TOS.

125. DJT - May 12, 2012

Galaxy quest.


126. Montreal_Paul - May 12, 2012

119. Stokiespock

You’re kidding me. Right?

127. DeBeckster - May 12, 2012

I was hoping for a shot of Ms. Eve in a original uniform mini-skirt. Perhaps that will be in the movie. Something else to look forward to.

128. Basement Blogger - May 12, 2012

Thanks for the update Anthony.. You pointed out that the jumpsuits have a touch of color to match the divisions. So they’re Starfleet. I guess. One year still a long way to wait.

129. Christopher Roberts - May 12, 2012

I’d also like to offer a quick note of appreciation to AP, for putting up past examples of flightsuits/jumpuits in Star Trek… including Enterprise. They were a fixture of the Original Series – from Dr. Roger Korby in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”, to miners in “The Devil in the Dark” and the Kelvans from Andromeda in “By Any Other Name” (presumably having taken over those humans, including one who looked like the Doc from Forbidden Planet ).

130. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012

I liked how they went back to the TOS style uniforms. What I don’t like is the delta-shield pattern. I think they should have left it plain, or gone with a grid pattern.

131. Johnny - May 12, 2012

Nurse Chapel is mentioned in ST09 — when Kirk wakes up in sick bay with a reaction to the vaccine, McCoy calls for “Nurse Chapel”, and she replies.

Of course this doesn’t mean Alice Eve won’t be playing her — it just means she’ll have a different voice than the random one heard in the first film.

132. VZX - May 12, 2012

130 RDR: Yeah, I fully agree with you. The classic TOS uniforms were the best part of the movie. The delta shield pattern was a little silly and cheesey, though. Didn’t the Superman Returns movie do the same thing with a Superman-symbol pattern in the costume? It darkened the colors, same with the new Trek uniforms. So, I guess the costume designers feel darker=cooler.

133. Red Dead Ryan - May 12, 2012


I think the uniforms were an example where TOO much detail ends up being overkill. That’s the reason why the ’09 uniforms are dated already as opposed to the TOS versions. Which is ironic.

134. VZX - May 12, 2012

133: Good point. Still, I can overlook the cheesey pattern from afar and enjoy the awesomness that is the classic Star Trek uniform.
The uniform updates I do think were improvements from the original is the v-neck with black undershirt showing and solid metal delta shield insignia and rank bands on the sleeves.

135. VZX - May 12, 2012

Question: If the Starfleet uniforms were updates of the classic design, do you think the same will be done with the Klingon uniforms? In the deleted scenes from Trek 09, the Klingons just wore helmets and trench coats, but that does not rule out what they might wear onboard a starship.

I’m hoping for some throwback design elements on the new Klingon uniforms that resemble the TOS versions. (even the bubble-wrap belt buckles).

136. Dave1119 - May 12, 2012

# 55, 57, and 58. Harry and Sebastian… Very good line of reasoning. I hope the movie has that kind of emotionally-charged drama. (Although I don’t really want to see Alice hurt :) ).

#102. T’Cal. I’ve always suspected that too. I think that Peter Weller’s character may go out looking for Khan deliberately, seeing him as a potential ally. I hope that he is tied in with Paxton from Enterprise too.

137. Sebastian S. - May 12, 2012

# 136 Dave

A girl that pretty shouldn’t get hurt, agreed! ;-D

However, the harder Kirk falls for her (her looks don’t hurt in that regard), the more devastating an impact it’d have on the younger Kirk in his future relationships (and the reason he is such a galactic Lothario)

138. La Reyne d'Epee - May 12, 2012

137. I suppose it’s perfectly ok for ugly girls to be hurt. In your brain women are always judged purely on looks I suppose. How shallow. How good-looking are you, then?

139. La Reyne d'Epee - May 12, 2012

…hope she’s not a stereotypical love interest, of the sort Uhura was reduced to last time around.

140. CaptainSMAW - May 12, 2012

When I see the “Volcano Suit” I think of the TOS issue Environmental suit.
Look at it in the entry on Memory-Alpha here:

141. Christopher Roberts - May 13, 2012

“Volcano Suit” reminds me of the ENT EVA suit. Same bronze colour. Just a bit more advanced. Like Spock could press a button and it’s got Bat-shields or Bat-armour.

142. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

# 138

It was just a joke… hence the laughing face at the end of my sentence.

My goodness!
You act as though women never admire or compliment men for their looks either.

143. DiscoSpock - May 13, 2012

124 – I think the colors look just like they did in ST09. The only difference is the lighting on the costumes. I haven’t seen a photo yet with different colors/hues on the costumes.

144. Marshall McMellon - May 13, 2012

They need to add a like button function here. Some of the comments here just made me LOL! Tip ‘O the Hat to THX “She’s Khan!!”


145. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 13, 2012

I wouldn’t have a clue what a “stereotypical love interest” is. A person either likes/loves another person or they don’t. There is nothing “stereotypical” about the Spock/Uhura relationship nor anything “non-stereotypical”. They were two people who discovered they had things in common… much like what happens thousands/millions of times throughout time – past, present, future. The only thing stereotypical are the repetitive cliches and criticisms posted here.

146. Sebastian S. - May 13, 2012

# 145.

Well said, Keachick.

I interpreted the Spock/Uhura romance in the new timeline as two characters who followed a different path than they did before (for a variety of different reasons, no doubt).

Sometimes you meet someone you feel that, in a different time or under different circumstances, you could’ve had something with. I think Spock and Uhura (in ST09) are merely acting on a flirtatious impulse that was even vaguely hinted at a couple of times in TOS (“Man Trap”, “Who Mourns for Adonais?”, “Charlie X”, etc). And that with just a bit of tweaking, it bloomed into something more.

It seemed ‘logical’ to me…. ;-)

147. Chancellor Gowron - May 13, 2012

She’s probably a new character. If not, then my money is on either Q, or the Female Changeling.

148. Azrael - May 14, 2012

@146. You ever wonder how much of what Spock said about Uhura when he was mind melded with the Medusan ambassador came from his mind and not the ambassador’s? Cause I have, for a loooong time. :)

149. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 148

When he quoted Byron? Yes, IMO, he sounded more like a ‘liberated Spock’ talking than Kodos the Medusan. Smooth, Spock! ;-D

Again, with a bit of tweaking (no doubt an influence of differing circumstances in the ST09 timeline), the S/U romance made perfect sense to me.

As for Alice Eve? I’m still sticking with the “doomed Kirk love interest” theory (ala Vesper Lynde in “Casino Royale”). But we’ll see….

150. Factchecker - May 14, 2012

So Spock is getting all the women instead of Jim.

151. Spockchick - May 14, 2012

@ 88. Sunfell – May 12, 2012

Whoa- waitaminnit- is that a flight cap folded in Quinto’s hand? I’m ex-USAF- I know what a folded flight cap looks like.

That made me LoL! All I could think of was a jumpsuit and cap….


Well, at least Pine and Quinto have the eyebrows to be Tracy Brothers. Pine is Alan (Thunderbird 3), Quinto is Virgil (Thunderbird 2), which makes Pike Jeff Tracy (the Boss-man) and Alice Eve is, of course, Lady Penelope.

152. none - May 14, 2012


No not really,if you watched the dvd commentary JJ and his crew said they didnt want to the typical romance where the hero gets the girl. which is what the Kirk and uhura romance would have been.

JJ Abrams said he rather have the nerdy geek (spock) get with the her instaed of the ladies man which is jim.

This is one of the reasons why I loved the 09 film.when I was watching it with my sister. The first thing i asked her was so when do uhura and kirk have sex.

I made the statement when I was watching the bar scene where kirk was shamelessly hitting on her.

my sister who had already since the film told me immediately that she was spock’s girl friend and I was pleasantly sprised.

I honestly thought the romance would have been kirk/uhura like all other romances in fantasy where the girl must alway end up with the handsome hero who saved the day.


153. Elias Javalis - May 14, 2012

Looking good there girl!

I did a little search on imdb, I found an article where Nimoy debanks rumor of his appearance. Plus, Barney Burman (Klingon – Prosthetics) isnt onboard.

Makes me think, nooo klingons? Whats next? No Khan?

154. Harry Ballz - May 14, 2012

No Khan?

Who khan say for sure?

155. Azrael - May 14, 2012

@153. Where did Barney come from? If it was DS9 or something then he probably wouldn’t be working on the film anyways, plus how do you know that Klingon’s even need prosthetics at the current time (they could be TOS style and not need prosthetics).

156. Christopher Valin - May 14, 2012

@73: Yeah, it’ll go something like this:

Young Spock: Hey, Old Me, we found a new Vulcan homeworld!

Spock Prime: Fascinating. Where is it located?

Young Spock: It’s called Ceti Alpha V. Not great for humans, but for us, it’s virtually a paradise.

Spock Prime: Yeah, um… I hate to interfere with the past, but…

157. Sebastian S. - May 14, 2012

# 154 Harry Ballz

I know I certainly Khan’t.
As for the Khan/no-Khan dispute: Khan’t we all just get along? ;-D

158. Legate Damar - May 14, 2012

Overall I enjoyed Trek XI, but the Spock/Uhura romance made absolutely no sense. Apart from the fact that Saldana’s performance wasn’t even a little bit similar to the role that Nichelle Nichols created, the movie just takes place way too early for Spock to be in a relationship with anyone. At this point in Spock’s character development, he would never admit that he had emotions, let alone enter a relationship with a human. Besides, he should still be engaged to T’pring at this point (the Kelvin’s destruction wouldn’t have changed that, and Spock’s backstory was pretty much unchanged in the new movie). Maybe by the time of the TOS movies, Spock would be comfortable enough with his emotions to enter a romantic relationship with a human, but Uhura still seems an unlikely choice. Apart from a couple of vague hints in a single TOS episode, there has been no evidence that the original Spock and Uhura had any feelings for each other. If Spock ended up with any human then it would probably be Nurse Chapel, but that always seemed to be a one-sided attraction.

159. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 158

Have to disagree on a younger Spock being less comfortable with emotions; just watch the younger (13 yrs younger) Spock in the “Cage” flashbacks in “The Menagerie”. He’s somewhat more emotional than his older counterpart (he shouts, he expresses disappointment when Pike refuses to answer the Columbia’s distress call, he smiles at a singing plant, etc).

Even in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Corbomite Maneuver” (2nd, 3rd episodes) he still does the emotional shouting on the bridge….

As for his Uhura romance? See the various flirtations Spock and Uhura had during TOS (Man Trap, Charlie X, Who Mourns for Adonais, etc). And as for Spock’s engagement to T’Pring? It didn’t stop him from feeling guilty over his fling with Leila Kalomi in “This Side of Paradise.” It wouldn’t be the first time an engaged person screwed around on his/her fiance (sadly). Not to mention that T’Pring was also seeing Stonn on the side (both sides are equally guilty in that regard). And how do we know the Kelvin destruction didn’t shake up Spock’s engagement, too? Ripple effect. And lastly, Spock and Uhura’s fling probably took a left turn into Seriousville when Vulcan was destroyed (no Vulcan, no fiance). As for Nurse Chapel? Spock never really reciprocated her feelings for him.

I can understand how some see the S/U romance as arbitrary or out of the blue, but IMO it is not really illogical or without precedent, either….

160. Desstruxion - May 15, 2012

In my opinion, Star Trek Enterprise had the best uniforms of all the series. They seemed more practical.

161. Chancellor Gowron - May 15, 2012

159-The reason that he showed emotions in episodes like The Cage really had more to do with the writers having not yet decided that Vulcans didn’t have emotions then anything else. Really, until Wrath of Khan, he absolutely refused to admit that he had emotions. A romance with Nurse Chapel wouldn’t really make much sense since Spock never reciprocated her feelings, but it would make more sense then his relationship with Uhura.

160-Enterprise had the second best uniforms of all the series, the best being the ones introduced in First Contact, and used in DS9 and the rest of the TNG movies. The ones in TOS, TNG, Voyager, and the first few seasons of DS9 looked more like pajamas than uniforms, and the ones used in the TOS movies didn’t really look like what you would expect space travellers in the future to be wearing. The Enterprise uniforms were great because they looked like what you would expect space travellers will be wearing in 150 years.

162. Azrael - May 15, 2012

@161. The writers never decided that Vulcans have no emotions, quite the opposite, Vulcans do have emotions, they just suppress them. This fact has been clearly stated through all ST series.

163. Azrael - May 15, 2012

Oh and also Enterprise sucked infected rectum in my not the least bit humble opinion.

164. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 161

I agree that during filming of “The Cage” they hadn’t quite settled on Spock struggling with his emotions yet, but it’s on the screen for all to see, so IMO, it counts. ;-)

I just think Spock and Uhura are a nice pairing. If folks disagree? Fine, no sweat. But I personally look forward to seeing how it influences their working together in future ST movies…..

# 163

While I wouldn’t state it quite so *ahem* colorfully (LOL), I would say that ENT season 4 was the only season of the show that truly felt like a TOS prequel and that I really enjoyed. The rest of it was pretty so-so most of the time (kind of felt like VGR most of the time). I enjoyed the pilot “Broken Bow” as well, but I had issues with all that ‘future guy’ stuff. ENT season 4 remains a favorite of mine, though…

165. Azrael - May 15, 2012

@164. I enjoyed the Augment story, and the Mirror U tale, but the “temporal cold war” and the Xindi crap was enough to make me spew. I had many other problems with the show (which reminded me of DS9, my least favorite ST other than Enterprise). Now I know you disagree with me on DS9 so l think we should just leave that part alone :). Now I only used the wording I did so that there could be no possible confusion about my meaning, I think I got that covered. Later

166. Sebastian S. - May 15, 2012

# 165

I also liked the Vulcan Kir’shara arc as well from ENT season 4. But yes, I also very much hated the Xindi/temporal cold war stuff as well. It felt like Berman and Braga attempting an attempted ret-conning of TOS. Like Lucy Lawless once said on The Simpsons: “Anytime you see anything like that? A wizard did it….”

As for DS9? I have no problem agreeing to disagree. :-)
Personal tastes are as individual as fingerprints, IMO. We’re all here on this site because certain elements of ST attract us as fans, but not necessarily the SAME elements.

And yes, your wording and meaning were crystal clear…. ;-D

167. Brad - May 16, 2012

I liked the concept of Enterprise but the problem that I had with Enterprise,Voyager, and DS9 was the soap opera style of program.That was not what GR had in mind for the Star Trek Universe.I guess I’m a purist. I grew up on TOS,watching it every Friday night.I still liked them all.I’m Brad,my wife is Janine.We named our daughter,she’s 5 now, JADZIA.We actually found out that it is Polish and means warrior princess.I am hoping that they revisit ‘Where No man has Gone Before’.The actress looks alot like Dehner.The ST books continued that story,where Gary Mitchell and E Dehner recieved a tiny bit of the Q power while “Q” was being ‘jailed’ in the galactic barrier. It would be a great story tying in almost ALL the Star Trek stories.Come to think of it, it all makes sence. Spock fought with Mitchell on the almost barren planet.One of the main pictures that I’ve seen was Spock fighting someone in a Star Fleet shirt on a seemingly dusty barren planet.Maybe it was Mitchell. This is making more sence all the time. I need to revisit all the leads and see if it all falls into place. That would be cool, to get ‘Q’ involved with Kirk and Spock.A YEAR is a long while to wait!!!

168. Brad - May 16, 2012

Sebastian #159: Your right about the ripple effect. If you add the books in to the mix, Spock was never accepted into the Vulcan Science Acadamy. He left after a fight with his father and they didn’t talk until ‘Journey to Babel’ So we can’t apply ANY of the logic and information that we have from the old TOS to the new one. Looks to me like the jump suits are a lot heavier then the on ship suits, suggesting that they are for outside planetary work,which means that the woman was also outside as was the person that Spock was fighting with in other pictures.Khan story was all aboard ship in the original until the very end, after the fighting was done,besides I doubt that they will revisit a story that is already in movie form this early in the new series.Unless she is new the only female that kinda fits,that I can see,planetary duty,fleet uniform,ect. is E. Dahner. While it was true that Marcus was involved with Star Fleet at one time, it was never aboard ship but was at HQ science research, and Spocks onetime love interest mentioned was not Star Fleet but was a science colonist.No insignia.So far all the pictures would fit the Where No Man Has Gone Before story line, IF we are not getting prepared, deliberatley misleading information!

169. Montreal_Paul - May 16, 2012

168. Brad

I believe that it was stated that Alice Eve will be playing a character new to canon. She won’t be playing a character we have seen before. I can’t remember if it was Bob Orci or in an article on here when the casting news came out.

170. Xplodin_Nacelle - May 16, 2012

My vote’s for Carol Marcus, & I’m hoping they have Gary Mitchell introduce her to Kirk!!!

171. Sebastian S. - May 16, 2012

I keep hearing that Alice Eve should be Dr Dehner, or Rand, or Carol Marcus, etc. Hmmm…

I guess not many other people read that part about Alice Eve’s character being new to the ST canon…. ;-)

172. Azrael - May 16, 2012

@171. Apparently none of those people can read, they must post using voice to text software cause only complete illiteracy can excuse not being able to read something pointed out so many, many times.

Ok maybe thats a little mean, but it still feels accurate, :(

173. Christopher Roberts - May 17, 2012

My issue with the Future Guy stuff, was that we still don’t know who he was… but that’s okay, never did the writers!

I guess they were leaving him openended, so they could connect future sixth or seventh seasons, with the first two.

174. Christopher Roberts - May 17, 2012

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