First Image Of Alice Eve From Star Trek Set Provides Character Clues [UPDATED – In Color]

Another behind the scenes photo from the Star Trek sequel production is whipping around the Internet. The interesting thing about this one is that it is the first picture fearing actress Alice Eve, and she is in costume – which may give us clues about her character. Check it out below, but beware of potential spoilers. [UPDATED w/ original color photo]


First image of Alice Eve From Star Trek set

UPDATED: Here is a posed photo showing Zachary Quinto (Spock) and, for the first time, Alice Eve, in Star Trek sequel costumes.

Eve and Quinto pose (in costume) with owner of That’s Sweet Dessert Truck on location with Star Trek sequel on Tuesday May 8

This image was uploaded earlier this week to the Facebook page of That’s Sweet Dessert Truck, with the message "Our private event today with the cast and crew of the new Star Trek movie!!! Thank you JJ. Yes that is Spock!!!" The photo was shot on May 8th, the last day of filming for the sequel. Since showing up on Facebook it has also been posted on and it has also been making the rounds on Tumblr and other social networking/sharing sites.  

In the image you can see both Eve and Quinto are wearing a similar jumpsuit style uniform. While Eve’s has been folded down, the pants portion and belt indicate it is the same outfit. The only notable difference is that Eve is wearing a tank top instead of a crew neck shirt underneath (but that might not even be seen on screen). The implication of Eve and Quinto wearing the same outfit is that that Alice Eve’s character could also be a member of Starfleet (just like Quinto’s Spock). The picture also makes it clear that Eve is playing a human or human-looking alien (unless her hair is hiding a pair of Vulcan ears). 

Original reports stated that Eve’s character is new to the canon. TrekMovie hasn’t been able to confirm (or debunk) those reports, however many fans have conjectured she could be playing a familiar character. Guesses have included Yeoman Janice Rand, Nurse Christine Chapel, Lt. Marla Givers, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, Dr. Carol Marcus, and others. Of that group all but Marcus were members of Starfleet. And if the outfit is indeed some kind of flight suit, that might not fit a nurse or doctor very well, but this is an alternative timeline so you never know.    

Some readers have also proposed that the jumpsuit outfit could be something related to a specific colony or installation. This type of thing seen in the original Star Trek, such as the outfits worn at the Tantalus Penal Colony in "Dagger of the Mind," or the jumpsuits worn on the Omicron Colony (which Spock briefly joined after being drugged by the local flora) in "This Side of Paradise" (see below). In this case, Eve’s character could be a member of this particular colony or installation (which may or may not be part of Starfleet). 

Leila Kalomi (Jill Ireland) and Spock (Leanard Nimoy) wearing colony jumpsuits in Star Trek’s "This Side of Paradise"

Not first time seeing this jumpsuit costume + look at other sequel costumes seen so far

And  from the looks of it, this appears to be the same type of uniform we saw back in March being worn by John Cho (Sulu) and Zoe Saldana (Uhura) – although theirs were mostly obscured by the crew coats.

John Cho and Zoe Saldana spotted in same jumpsuit uniform

If you look closely you can see this uniform does use color strips around the collar to designate your department, like the standard uniforms seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Quinto’s uniform has a hint of blue and Zoe’s has a hint of red – just like their regular uniforms. Unfortunately the top of Eve’s uniform isn’t visible, so there is no way to figure out what division she is in. 

Flight suit uniforms have touch of color matching standard uniforms

In a way, these jumpsuits are somewhat reminiscent of the Starfleet uniforms from the 22nd century, as seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Standard uniforms from "Star Trek Enterprise"

While primarily grey, these new jumpsuit uniforms appear different than the one we also saw Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) wearing in other behind the scenes spy shots.

Quinto and Pine in grey uniform

In those cases, the two seem to be wearing a variant of (or part of) the officer’s uniform seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Grey officer’s uniform in "Star Trek"

So the sequel seems to offer the cast a number of opportunities for different outfits and uniforms, in fact Quinto has been seen in a third type of outfit…the so-called "volcano suit."

However, don’t worry, the standard colorful uniforms will also be featured in the film, as seen in the first set of spy photos from the set.

Spy shots from sequel shoot show the regular uniforms will also appear in the film

Thanks to Nony for the tip

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Sweet! It’s kind of fun (in a spoiler kind of way) to piece together all these little clues…and see how close or far to the mark I was when the move actually comes out.

Love the photos! Can’t wait for the movie!

She’s Khan!!

Even though they said she’s a new character, due to recent other reports my money is that she is playing Carol Marcus.

Leila Kalomi?

It is not known one way or another whether Carol Marcus was previous to TWOK at some point part of Starfleet. Easily she could have been the “little blonde lab technician” before she got her PhD in “girl genius”.

I am going to be SO pissed if Christine Chapel is not in the Star Trek sequel.

Regardless. She is a Beautiful Woman. I can just see Kirk going after her. Lol

Quinto REALLY looks like Nimoy’s Spock in that snapshot. I think the black and white contributes to that though.


@5. Now THERE’S a thought. Leila and Spock had…something…in TOS 6 yrs before “Operation: Annihilate!” Could this be the “Catfight of the Quadrant: Leila vs. Nyota”?

She looks good.

Is that a “desert” truck… or a “dessert” truck?

Anyway… I pray that of all the options, they’ve chosen to introduce Carol. Bibi Besch was a wonderful woman, whom cancer took way too soon. Alice has a bit of resemblance. Also, she makes a nice partner for Pine onscreen. We had an origin story in ’09 of Kirk… how about a Carol and Jim origin story this time!
From resemblance and hairstyle in the snack truck photo, I’d think they were aiming for a Dehner look though. The vexing clue to that is that The Boborci purposely omitted her from the IDW comic book sequence that retold WNMHGB. It even almost suggests Dehner is McCoy’s ex! All I got left is my Bones.

Yeah. When Zachary squints he looks a lot more like Nimoy. I wonder who’s the lucky guy holding on to Carol Marc…uh Nurse Cha…er, ah Ms. Eve.

I’m wondering if it was made black and white to conceal the color of her uniform, which might give further clues to her character. Sneaky sneaky. At any rate I’m loving every minute of the ride to Trek X2!

i always like seeing new uniform variants that are worn along with the standard. makes starfleet feel more like a real unit -as my boyfriend always reminds me of the many different uniforms used in our modern military. enterprise and ds9 really showcased that.

She’s Kara Thrace?


Could it be Number 1?

Anthony, why are you reasonably certain that Alice Eve is wearing a flight suit in that photo? I see that she may have on a starfleet belt, but it looks to me like she is in just casual normal clothes otherwise? Perhaps they were on break, and she just kept her costume belt on but slipped into some casual attire? What she is wearing looks more like JC Pennys than a flight suit?

Looks like she’s playing a woman…..

20. Not just a woman… A blonde woman!

@22. Ah, thanks!

Could she be the Starfleet Lady that fell in love with Khan in Space Seed and went to live with him on Ceti Alpha V, before getting KO’d by the Ceti Eel? Nice potential love triangle with Kirk going on there!

oh god no!!! – ‘This Side of Paradise’

Nurse Chapel wore white…i think

I hope she is Janice Lester and takes command of another Starship!

Uniforms – looks earlier Starfleet than 23rd Century. After Star Trek Enterprise perhaps? I can imagine those arrow shapes on the chest, denoting different dept. colours. There’s a delta, instead of a mission, or starship assignment patch on the arm.

Unless it’s just colony issue. Crew on starships get the latest gear, while those stuck for years on planets could be a bit behind the times.

Has anyone noticed, what looks like a mission patch on Zach’s left arm?

Borg Queen?

They make better uniforms to fit somewhere in continuity, between ENT and TOS, than anything seen aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin (in my opinion).

it cant be leia,carol or chapel .according to JJ Abrams she is new to the trek universe.

And I m happy about that…its time trek expands there universe like star wars.

so yeah…it kind of sucks that khan is the villan…

This Side of Paradise was the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this photo, could be anything, though.

Interesting to note that today’s featured article on is the following ….

Dr. Janet Wallace, I wonder if this was a random feature or if the people at know more than what they’re letting on?

Looks like they may have ditched the ugly football jerseys, although it’s a shame to lose the colors. The guys look like they’re wearing Dockers.

It would be a lopsided story without Marla McGivers. Including her doesn’t make it a rehash. It simply means there is coherence between the two time lines….. Like the important elements and relationships stand fixed like mountains on the landscape.

Whatever the emblem is on that belt. It’s matched on the arm, I’d say. An earlier Starfleet delta perhaps? A bit NASA-esque.

She has Elizabeth Dehner’s hair…

I know whas this film is! It’s a mashup of every well-known Star Trek episode!

Hair is not really relevant. A wig easily rectifies that.

Shoot me down in flames, but isn’t the guy in the middle Zach Quinto’s brother? Appeared in the last film, as that Romulan with Wil Wheaton’s voice! :\

My eyes may be tricking me.

They totally remind me of “This Side of Paradise.” It looks like the grey jumpsuit Spock wore in that episode. Maybe Eve is playing Leila Kalomi? Are we sure those jumpsuits are Starfleet issued?

” isn’t the guy in the middle Zach Quinto’s brother? ”

I don’t know about that but I binged ‘sh!t eating grin’ and that picture came up.

Archeaologist, Plot is about a mysterious artifact and a quest to gain power/controle. Yaaaaay I figured it out.

42– you REALLY believe she’s leila?

Wrong storyline.

She’s either Marla or a new character. Neither rand nor chapel would begin that flight suit. Not that I see Marla in it…. But she’d be in it before the other 2.

This is not logical but I hope Alice is a good girl in the movie. I thought she was charming in “She’s Out of My League” and she’s a fine actress too. So I hope we see more of her in Star Trek.

I found it interesting that she watched all TOS shows. Why? Is she going to produce a new TV series? :-) One can dream. Maybe her character is one of the lesser characters from the series. Rand? Chapel? One year is long time to wait.

Alice Eve is playing a scientist, that would be my guess. Perhaps Carol Marcus. Yeah, earlier reports have said it would be an original character, but seeing as how nobody has confirmed or denied it, anything is possible.

We have learned nothing new today. Obviously they are too cheap to give us colour photos, as it somehow could spoil the sequel. (Sarcasm)

@ Christopher Roberts

Nope, not Quinto’s brother. This is Joe Quinto:

That guy really does remind me of someone, though. He looks like one of those soapy TV actors whose names I can never remember.

I don’t think this is likely, but just to throw out a kind of far-fetched theory: Perhaps she winds up in borrowed Starfleet clothing for the same reason BC’s character (let’s assume Khan or Joaquin) is in a uniform. Maybe there’s a slim chance she’s another augment.

drew – May 11, 2012
oh god no!!! – ‘This Side of Paradise’

thanks drew ….that was the episod i was looking for, if you look on quintos left arm their appears to be a patch wonder what it saids on the patch maybe Enterprise hum…..thinking!