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Karl Urban Reveals Cumberbatch Star Trek Sequel Character? July 9, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,Spoilers,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

One of the biggest points of speculation about the Star Trek sequel has been about the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch. There have been rumors, reports and denials about his role and today brings a brand new possible revelation, this time coming from co-star Karl Urban. More details and potential spoilers below.


Cumberbatch as Gary Mitchell?

The latest report on the villain character being played by Benedict Cumberbatch comes from SFX Magazine who are quoting Karl Urban from a junket for his upcoming film Dredd. According to SFX, Urban said of Cumberbatch:

"He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

SFX says that this comment came "towards the end of a lengthily interview" about Dredd. The character of Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell (originally played by Gary Lockwood) appeared in the (second) pilot for the original Star Trek series, Where No Man Has Gone Before." Could it be that Karl Urban has let the cat out of the bag and revealed that Cumberbatch is playing Kirk’s friend who became a maniacal super-man after passing through the galactic barrier? Many sites across the web are today taking Urban’s comment as an official confirmation.

Karl Urban apparently reveals that Cumberbatch (with Quinto in spy shot-R) is playing Gary Mitchell (as seen on TOS-L)

Of course much of the speculation and reporting about Cumberbatch has been about the character of Khan Noonien Singh. Many sites (including this one) had reported sources indicting that Cumberbatch was Khan. However, following these reports Simon Pegg issued what seemed to be a clear denial calling the notion of Cumberbatch as Khan "a myth." So perhaps Urban’s comment follows up with Pegg, moving the notion from Khan to Mitchell.

On the other hand, Urban’s comment completely contradicts co-writer/producer Bob Orci who recently denied Cumberbatch was playing Gary Mitchell. In addition, Gary Mitchell has already been seen in the new movie universe, specifically in the first issues of the new IDW Star Trek comic books. The new ongoing comic series is being overseen by Orci and others on the Star Trek team and it seems a somewhat unlikely that the first storyline for the new comics would feature the villain for the upcoming sequel.

Cover for Star Trek #2 featuring Gary Mitchell (and his silvery eyes)

This new comment from Urban is the latest salvo in what appears to be a back and forth about Cumberbatch’s character that has been going on for months. For now TrekMovie cannot confirm Urban’s comment and we still stand by our earlier reporting. However, there appears to be a lot of noise and possibly misinformation going around regarding the role being played by Cumberbatch. It is also a distinct possibility that Urban, who is a big Trek fan and well-versed in the lore, was just having some fun with the SFX interviewer.

Officially everything regarding the plot or new characters for the sequel are rumors from Paramount’s perspective.  So yes it is possible Cumberbatch is playing Khan, or Mitchell or even some other character.


1. Matt K - July 9, 2012

I would be really surprised if he was Gary Mitchell, especially with the comic book connection (as Anthony mentioned in the article).

2. jon1701 - July 9, 2012

Given that the pics show him in a Starfleet uniform it does make more sense. That said, with all the secrecy I can’t believe urban would just blurt it out like that.


3. Cat - July 9, 2012

So Alice Eve would have to be Dr. Elizabeth Denner then. Makes sense.

4. Spyres - July 9, 2012

I think each cast member should “let it slip” that Cumberbatch is playing a different classic character each time they’re interviewed.

For instance, someone like John Cho could chime in with “I think Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the Horta will set a new standard”. ;-)

5. shpock - July 9, 2012

But I was POSITIVELY ASSURED by posters here that it was Khan.

6. miketen - July 9, 2012

I will be glad if it is not Khan. There are so many TOS characters to choose from that they don’t need to go back to Khan.

7. dr.kirk - July 9, 2012

Great idea, better than Khaaaaaaaan. Classic idea and new. Perfect.

8. Geodesic - July 9, 2012

It could be intentional misdirection.

9. Cat - July 9, 2012

Oops, bad spellcheck: s/b Dr. Dehner.

I had my hopes up for Cumberbatch playing the role off Dr. Roger Corby, with Alice Eve as Nurse Chapel.

Given the success of android role in Prometheus, and also the upcoming sequel to Bladerunner, why not?

But who would play Ruk?

10. Spock's Uncle - July 9, 2012

Would much prefer Mitchell to Khan…

11. Sho - July 9, 2012

I think Urban is just having a little fun with us. He’s been established as knowing his Trek lore and is likely aware of the intense debate among fans.

12. John Fischer - July 9, 2012

I think the villain will be Lazarus

13. Bobby - July 9, 2012

4, 11, others – Agreed. I totally think they are screwing with us.

I will be shocked if its either Mitchell OR Khan at this point.

I would have guessed Mitchell as a possibility early on, but I agree with the notion that the comic book is a good sign that it’s NOT gonna be him.

14. drumvan - July 9, 2012

didn’t gary mitchell die in the new comic series? maybe someone who has read it can (and will) chime in. if that is the case, the movie won’t have mitchell as the villian. the comics are supposed to be a “lead-in” for the sequel not a re-hash.

15. Geodesic - July 9, 2012

Maybe he’s Sybok, but his ears got trimmed in a haircut accident.

16. samrock83 - July 9, 2012

I agree that Urban is just having fun. He knows his every word is being followed. And the fact that he is a huge Trek fan further supports the idea that he is name-dropping a character well known to Trekkies but not to the casual movie-goer. That’s my impression.

17. OldDarth - July 9, 2012

If they are redoing, ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before,’ not a fan of this idea.

If Cumberbatch is playing Mitchell and they are doing something different with the character that could be interesting.

But I hope this does not involve another alternate reality storyline. They got away with it for the reboot and now they need to stay away from it big time.

And for a long time.

18. Newman - July 9, 2012

He’s playing Q, can’t you tell?

19. Aurore - July 9, 2012

@ Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, DamOn, Mr. Abrams

Does Benedict Cumberbatch play Gary Mitchell in the upcoming Star Trek sequel ?

No one’s watching; you can tell me.

20. Geodesic - July 9, 2012

Mr. boborci: If you are reading, will we get to see a mustachioed Chris Pine as George Kirk in this movie? Maybe in the 3rd movie?

Thanks in advance.

21. VZX - July 9, 2012

Bob Orci denied that Gary Mitchell is in the movie. I heard him state it live on the air. Actually, I heard it while I was on the phone with the radio station, so, because of the 3-second delay I heard it before anyone else!

Anyway, why would Orci just blatantly lie about the Mitchell character?

Or is Urban the liar?

Or…wait…maybe Urban is not saying Cumby is playing Mitchel in the movie, but rather that that his…..forget it, I’m at a loss.

22. Joseph Chapes - July 9, 2012

Maybe if he is really Mitchell, the movie would start out with a flashback to events depicted in the comic and it would seem like Mitchell died and Kirk lost a friend. Then the rest of the movie focuses on telling a new story of Mitchell returning. It could present some interesting story possibilities for Kirk trying to save and redeem his friend.

23. rm10019 - July 9, 2012

One of his eyes is still glowing at the end of the comic, and he is left adrift presumed dead, quite a different ending for him than the TOS episode! I sure hope this is for real, because I have never actually seen people eat crow, and this would be an ideal circumstance.

24. CJS - July 9, 2012

Possible. More likely Urban’s just trying to throw us off. If it is true, then the next time Urban sees JJ it’ll be the director who is judge, jury and executioner. “I am the law.”

I haven’t read the comic book yet, so I don’t know if Mitchel meets the same fate in the JJ-verse as he did in the prime. But I always felt that even in the prime universe the character might have survived being entombed under that rock and come back looking for vengeance.

25. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“Anyway, why would Orci just blatantly lie about the Mitchell character?
Or is Urban the liar?”

They are artists. Not liars.
They are probably being creative with the facts.

Can’t people be a little more appreciative of that OVAH HERE?!


26. RHJR - July 9, 2012


27. No Khan - July 9, 2012

As long as we don’t get Khan. Gary Michell is in the same mold as Khan, a god-like man. That wants to dominate others. So this makes sense since the powers that be always want to clone the Khan story.

28. Joel - July 9, 2012

Let them screw with us. All of the misinformation is serving to drum up interest in the film. Given that it’ll be over 4 years between movies, this is helping to build buzz before posters/trailers/tie-ins start coming out.

It’s definitely not Gary Mitchell, but I’m enjoying the fun. Maybe part of their non-disclosure agreements included misinformation they could put out there when the cast gave interviews?That’d be a fun trick.

Anyways, hope they release a teaser poster at Comic Con and maybe we’ll have a teaser trailer before we know it!

29. Danpaine - July 9, 2012

….or, an interesting and rather underhanded way to boost sales of that particular comic issue around the time the movie comes out….

…but that’s just the cynic in me talking. Hopefully not. That would be a pretty lame thing to do.

30. Bobby - July 9, 2012

28- Haha, yep I’m enjoying it too. Pass the popcorn! :-)

31. Vger23 - July 9, 2012

This is hillarious. They’re just messing with us!

My guess is that it is not a re-do of any original series character.

32. Do You Wanna Dance - July 9, 2012

“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

His Gary Mitchell? Maybe he creates an android or son and calls him Gary Mitchell.

Maybe Cumberbatch is a Q.

33. Do You Wanna Dance - July 9, 2012

Or, maybe “Gary Mitchell” is slang for “villain?”

34. Cygnus-X1 - July 9, 2012

Urban is winding us up. It can’t be Gary Mitchell. That wouldn’t make chronological sense.

35. Quatlo - July 9, 2012

Hope Gary Lockwood got a nice check for his image on the comic book.

36. Phil - July 9, 2012

Next week Chris Pine will let it slip that you haven’t been choked until you’ve been choked by a Finnigan…..

37. Christopher Rpberts - July 9, 2012

Actually swap the Great Barrier for the galactic one… and Gary Mitchell could’ve been the suprise that saved Star Trek V The Final Frontier.

38. Andy Patterson - July 9, 2012

to quote Superherhype….”Assuming Urban’s statement is not an intentional red herring, one possibility — albeit a rather speculative one — is that there was some miscommunication about the name “Gary Mitchell” when the actual character is “Gary Seven.” Played by Robert Lansing in the episode “Assignment: Earth” (originally intended as a pilot for a “Star Trek” spinoff), Seven is a man of mystery who, working for an intergalactic organization, attempted to prevent nuclear war on Earth in the year 1968. In a pre-Abrams series of “Star Trek” novels, Seven’s mission directly connects him with Khan during Earth’s Eugenics Wars and could, potentially, be the source of the original Khan sequel rumors.

Pushing speculation even further, cast member Peter Weller bears a decided resemblance to Lansing and it’s possible that he and Cumberbatch play Seven from two different time periods (or timelines), much like Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy did in the original film.

Though hardly proof, the original reports from the set photos claim that Spock’s attempt to use his Vulcan nerve pinch on Cumberbatch’s character are ineffective, something that was also true of Seven in “Assignment: Earth”.

To which I say,….now, isn’t that intersting?

39. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

Karl Urban is also a Star Trek fan, so he knows who Gary Mitchell is, and I’m not buying it. To let the name slip so casually after all the secrecy? I think he either misspoke a character he is familiar with from being a TOS fan, or he is dis-informing us.

40. eowyn - July 9, 2012

I can hear them… I can hear them laughing at us right now. And I don’t care. I like scavenging news in between movies. It makes the movie more gratifying and fun to watch. Bring it!!!

41. Duncan MacLeod - July 9, 2012

38. Almost off-topic, do you think the reason that Gary Seven never took off as a show is that it was too close to Doctor Who premise wise?

42. Shannon Nutt - July 9, 2012

“I think Cumberbatch’s Edith Keeler is going to be exemplary!”

You heard it here first, folks.

43. Jack - July 9, 2012

4. (laughs). Exactly. The guy who plays Keenser will let it slip that BC’s playing Janice Lester. Or the Mugatu.

5. yep, there was plenty of “how do you know I killed him, Mrs. Fletcher?” evidence — Cumberbatch has dark hair and new muscles, and they had previously talked of casting a hispanic actor. And, as we all know, Khan is the only hispanic guy in history with dark hair and muscles. Oh, and a spy picture shows him in a struggle with Spock and possibly overpowering him, and possibly resisting the nerve pinch — except it’s a still, so who knows (if it makes it into the movie at all) what transpires before and after (he could have passed out from the neck pinch a microsecond after the photo was taken).

Sill it (Basement Blogger’s evidence) points to Khan as much as to anybody else (the starfleet uniform doesn’t really rule anybody out yet).

Lawyer: Police were looking at hispanic suspects. And the killer has dark hair and muscles. The suspect has dark hair and muscles, therefore, our suspect is the killer. He is also, therefore, hispanic.

44. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 9, 2012

J.J. Abrams must be happy now … no matter if it’s true or not … no one believes it or at least doubt that … ………..perhaps, maybe, talvez…. LOL

;-) :-)

45. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

Even though I know the graphic novels already ‘covered’ the Mitchell story in a decent remake of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, I must say I wouldn’t mind if Gary Mitchell were indeed the new villain. Maybe he survived his ‘death’ on Delta Vega somehow (the original Delta Vega; not the 2009 one)? Or maybe the graphic novel will be a foreshadowing or something. Who knows?

At any rate, I think this is a MUCH better use of Cumberbatch as an actor than more obvious, tyrannical Khan. Mitchell has far more to play as a character. He starts out as a popular shipmate and good friend of Kirk’s who slowly evolves into a omnipotent monster; with the friendship corroding the whole time. Using Mitchell also offers an opportunity to fill in more dramatic shadings of the Kirk character as well; how will he deal with having to kill a good friend? It also fills in more of the ‘missing picture’ from his time at the academy (which we saw some of in ST09). Some of that potential was glimpsed in the graphic novel version of “Wher No Man Has Gone Before” too….

As long as the script is NOT just a lazy, note-for-note redux of “WNMHGB” then I’m totally 100% OK with this rumor, if it’s true….


46. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

PS: It also explains why Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform variant, too…

47. Remington Steel - July 9, 2012

Anthony, you dont have to say, but you know who he is playing dont you? You must have people on the inside….

Not asking you to say, but you know who he is playing right??

48. KHAN 2.0 - July 9, 2012

what a bunch of BULLSHIT!

ITS KHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!! (if i could make 20 font that i would)

49. Anthony Thompson - July 9, 2012

Bob, are YOU laughing?

50. LizardGirl - July 9, 2012

Looks like Spock’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

51. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 9, 2012

probably is Gary Mitchell… ;-) :-)

52. LWR - July 9, 2012

He is actually playing the SMOKE MONSTER. The entire plot of the movie is that the crew of the starship enterprise goes back in time to fix the final season of LOSt so it makes sense.

53. Nony - July 9, 2012

Of course, SFX probably neglected to add “…said Urban with a laugh” at the end of that report.

54. dep1701 - July 9, 2012

I REEAAALLY don’t want it to be Khan, but the arguments about him being in a starfleet uniform variant don’t actaully prove anything one way or another.

Doesn’t anyone remember that for a portion of “Space seed” Ricardo Montalban’s Khan wore an Enterprise uniform? It would make sense. He had to change clothes sometime.

55. Bill - July 9, 2012

He does have the Starlfeet-esque pointed sideburns in that photo. . .

56. Hugh Hoyland - July 9, 2012

Its a mashup, Gary Mitchell + Khan = New Super Villain! :]

57. Sewanee - July 9, 2012

See? I told you so!

58. Jips - July 9, 2012

Just as long as it’s not Khan then I’m happy with whatever villain Cumberbatch is playing.

59. Factchecker - July 9, 2012

William Shatner is playing Harry Mudd.

60. Kirk, James T. - July 9, 2012

They said they wouldn’t do Khan so I’m thinking it’s Gary Mitchell. Roberto Orci did say that there were going to be clues in the comic books as to what the movie may feature – perhaps Gary Mitchell returns!

61. D for me - July 9, 2012


62. Plum - July 9, 2012

Soooo, if this were so then Chris Pine is playing James R. Kirk? ;p

63. Kirk, James T. - July 9, 2012

However…. It could be that the cast and crew have been told to throw people off by saying different things, keeping the world guessing – JJ Abrams’ way of confusing people into thinking it isn’t Khan when it could be Khan, or it could be Mitchell, or it could be someone completely new…

We wont know for sure until the time is right.

64. Starbase Britain - July 9, 2012

I think this is a decoy. Karl Urban is a big fan of TOS and i think he’s thrown that out there as a bit of a laugh. Karl knows the great characters from TOS.

65. Mirror Jordan - July 9, 2012

Was his death in the first Ongoing comic definitive? Nah. So if the villain is Mitchell, I’m completely cool with that. It’s a better idea than redoing Khan.

66. Mentalist - July 9, 2012

Star Trek was amazing so I can’t wait for the new one to come out

67. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 9, 2012

“his Gary Mitchell” = the new villain of Cumberbatch =… like Gary Mitchell… definitely… ;-) :-)

68. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

At the very least (because of his Starfleet uniform and as Bill pointed out in # 55, the starfleet issue sideburns), it’s very possible Cumberbatch is playing a character who is in Starfleet…

But as I said in # 45, I really wouldn’t mind Cumberbatch playing Gary Mitchell at all. And “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was (IMO) a far more interesting episode than “Space Seed.” Gary goes through a very interesting, more tragic arc (best friend/popular shipmate to evil demi-god); well worth exploring in feature length…. if (and it’s a big IF) this rumor is true.


69. njdss4 - July 9, 2012

Just don’t let it be Khan. Gary Mitchell was only in one pilot episode of TOS, so it wouldn’t be so bad to do an alternate universe story about him.

70. Phil - July 9, 2012

Maybe Karl meant Larry Winchell, a mad 23rd century accountant, or Barry Schnitzel, a pastry chef bent on revenge, or Gary Marshall, a cyrogenically frozen insane movie producer, or Harry Rimshell, a power hungry p**n star who chops up his enemies….

71. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012

Normally I would assume that Urban is playing with us, but it rings a bell that about two years ago Bob posted here saying the next movie would be about one of five things, which he then listed……and I think Gary Mitchell was on that list.


72. Damian - July 9, 2012

I’m still holding out hope (however slim) that the villain is a completely original character not seen before.

73. Legate Damar - July 9, 2012

I think I’d prefer Khan. People have complained that with Khan it would just be a remake of Space Seed, but I don’t really see how they could have Gary Mitchell as the villain without it just being a remake of Where No Man Has Gone Before.

74. SuperBat - July 9, 2012

Remember Q’s penchant for wearing Starfleet uniforms when he’d appear?

What if…Cumberbatch is not playing Khan OR Mitchell, but rather…


Think about it…talk about discovering “new life-forms.” And maybe the NuTrek team has their Trelane offer up a homage to Q by wearing a Starfleet uniform.


75. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

Karl Urban: “He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

Nope. I don’t believe that Karl Urban didn’t get the memo. Every time I read that quote I crack up.

76. Disinvited - July 9, 2012

Except Cumberbatch’s performance has been called “scary”. If asked to compile a list of 60’s TREK’s scariest characters, it would take me some time before I’d get to Mitchell. At best, that character’s dilemma in the Shatner pilot seemed to me like just a borrowed concept from the decade’s earlier THE OUTER LIMITS episode, THE SIXTH FINGER, which introduced the concept that a holding action was all that was needed to avert the threat from a rapidly forward evolving being.

The 2009 movie’s danger supposedly threatened the entire galaxy in one galaxy, and indirectly trillions in another. How do you amp Gary to scary after you’ve gone there? Not to mention if Spock Prime is going around ordaining Captains for Starfleet, why would he zip his lip about a source of Plato’s stepchildren juice that could keep what remained of his Vulcans safe from a Mitchell galactic threat?

77. Andy Patterson - July 9, 2012

41. Duncan MacLeod – July 9, 2012
38. Almost off-topic, do you think the reason that Gary Seven never took off as a show is that it was too close to Doctor Who premise wise?

You know, I’ve never watched a single episode of Dr. Who. I’ve had similarities pointed out to me. Gary Seven always seemed more ‘James Bond’ from outerspace to me. He always seemed his own thing to me. My assertion has always been it wasn’t sold properly and “It Takes a Thief” was the show that went on instead.

78. Holo J - July 9, 2012

He is obviously just messing with the interviewer, there is no way he would let important information like that slip. Nice try Karl ;)

79. denny cranium - July 9, 2012

this was an obvious attempt to “coitus” with the fans.
Bor Orci is probably giggling like a school girl right now.

80. denny cranium - July 9, 2012

Bob Orci sorry sp.

81. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“On the other hand, Urban’s comment completely contradicts co-writer/producer Bob Orci who recently denied Cumberbatch was playing Gary Mitchell.”


….But, then again, it’s Roberto Orci we are talking about (no offense, Toto):

“Roberto Orci: Exactly [laughs]. We were used to saying we had only seen four lights instead of three lights.”


As I said earlier, the man is an artist….


82. Wanderer2012 - July 9, 2012

This is getting old. The reality is, everyone will know who the villain is well in advance of the movie’s release. The “element of surprise” is impossible, and while I’m no expert in marketing, I can’t imagine that this sort of protracted secrecy serves a significant, verifiable marketing purpose. Abrams & Co. should stop being so coy, lest people think that their movie won’t be worth watching for anything more than superficial reasons such as “who’s playing who” and “what will they blow up this time.”

83. Disinvited - July 9, 2012

The only way I can draw these apparently disparate facts into one Trek character is if Cumberbatch is playing Garth of Izar, a shape changer that could take on the guise of Mitchell or Khan (maybe he studied Khan’s campaigns at the academy?)

Disturbed Garth I can envision as being portrayed “scary”.

84. denny cranium - July 9, 2012

a little off topic but I have some Trek friends who refer to the Star Trek 2009 movie as that “JJ thing.” They refuse to call it Star Trek.

85. Disinvited - July 9, 2012

#77. Andy Patterson – July 9, 2012

There’s no way you could know this but Jon PertWee’s Dr. Who was pretty much played as Bond type character however his apparel seemed more of A Bond FROM the 60’s movie, CASINO ROYALE.

86. Disinvited - July 9, 2012

#76. Disinvited – July 9, 2012….”The 2009 movie’s danger supposedly threatened the entire galaxy in one galaxy…”

That should read “The 2009 movie’s danger supposedly threatened the entire galaxy in one UNIVERSE…”

87. Adolescent Nightmare - July 9, 2012

You people is ridiculous.

88. emesbe_x - July 9, 2012

Maybe he plays “Future Guy” from Enterprise… LOL!

89. MJ - July 9, 2012

Anthony, as much as it pains me to say — given I had made the big Khan prediction last Fall which you seemingly confirmed several months back — I think both your “inside sources” and Karl Urban are deliberately F’ing with us all to keep the character a total mystery. This is most likely a deliberate and organized campaign by JJ to keep things totally secret, which also fits in why they are not showing up to ComiCon.

LET’S FACE IT ANTHONY AND EVERYONE– We don’t know what the hell is going on with the villain???

For the sake of not completely giving in, I will stick by my Khan prediction, but my confidence in that prediction has now been significantly lowered.

90. MJ - July 9, 2012

@87 “You people is ridiculous.”

Y’all got um an opinion there, Buba?


91. Whalien - July 9, 2012

Well, I hope it IS Gary Mitchell. If it is, then I won’t mind the Klingons being in it too (as has been rumored). That would be an intersting combination…

92. Christopher Roberts - July 9, 2012

88. …and who might that have been?

He asks in all seriousness. :))

93. NCC-73515 - July 9, 2012

Vulcan was destroyed in Of Gods And Men… Mitchell was the villain in Of Gods And Men…

94. Vultan - July 9, 2012


Agreed. I haven’t a clue who or what the villain is. Not even going to guess at this point.

Respect to those behind the scenes. The mystery box is still… mysterious.

95. George Zip - July 9, 2012


And Alice Eve is playing the Teri Garr character. It’s a backdoor (hey) pilot for a new film series called ASSIGNMENT: EARTH.

96. P Technobabble - July 9, 2012

Whoever he’s playing, he’s impervious to the neck pinch. Start listing them…

97. AJ - July 9, 2012

I’d like to think that the villain is Mitchell given the moral imperative of his story. Ben Cumberbatch in that role is spot-on casting, much as Gary Lockwood’s was back in the day. He then moved up a notch to Stanley Kubrick.

Wait, I take that back. That would mean Malcolm McDowell moved down a notch from Kubrick to David Carson via Nicholas Meyer.

In any case, Karl Urban may very well be messing with us all, as he is one of us. A right ratbag if he is. ;-)

98. Davidos - July 9, 2012

#71, or, um, anyone

What were the five things boborci listed, saying the movie would be about or feature one of them? I’ve been trying to find the post but can’t!

99. Craiger - July 9, 2012

#95 Spock’s never pinch couldn’t stop Gary Seven, Kirk had to stun him, in Assignment Earth. In that one photo it looks like Uhura is about to stun him. Maybe Gary Seven is an undercover Starfleet Officer?

100. Vultan - July 9, 2012

I would love to see Assignment: Earth turned into a series—a sort of Doctor Who for the Star Trek universe.

Too bad the original wasn’t picked up.

101. sean - July 9, 2012


You’re talking about it, I’m talking about it, hundreds of websites across the internet are talking about it. I’d say as a marketing tactic it’s a pretty dammed good one.

102. Andy - July 9, 2012

I feel so conflicted. Damn you J.J!

103. MJ - July 9, 2012

@84 “a little off topic but I have some Trek friends who refer to the Star Trek 2009 movie as that “JJ thing.” They refuse to call it Star Trek.”

For my part, they would not be my friends then. I have standards.

104. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - July 9, 2012

You’ve got to be kidding.

105. David - July 9, 2012

Some people have said a key character makes a surprise return at the end of Star Trek Ongoing 10. If someone has read this comic, can you tell us who it is? Is it Mitchell?

106. Punkspocker - July 9, 2012

I’m still hoping for an original character. Why waste a brilliant actor like BC? Why hire 3 writers to write something that’s been done before. I’m still thinking it’s going to be very original. I’m sticking with that. Original all the way.

107. spyres - July 9, 2012


Right on. Why waste a brilliant actor like BC on a character like “Sherlock” that’s been done before?

108. Andy Patterson - July 9, 2012

“100. Vultan – July 9, 2012
I would love to see Assignment: Earth turned into a series—a sort of Doctor Who for the Star Trek universe.

Too bad the original wasn’t picked up”

Aye, lad. It is.

I think it would have had to have been done back then though. Though, seeing Men In Black III got me thinking it could be done now,….but in a retro way.

109. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012


To find out the five options Bob Orci once listed here as to the next movie, ask Aurore…..she has a razor-sharp memory and probably remembers the entire list!

110. Razor - July 9, 2012

Tom Hanks has a walk on role in this movie…Spotted in studio 18 on Paramount while trek was being filmed…

111. El Chup - July 9, 2012

Gary Micthell sounds far, far more likely based on the evidence we have seen so far.

Som questuon is, who is the person yanking Mr. Pascle’s chain with Khan (band also probbaly wrong about Nimoy being in the picture)?

112. Shannon Nutt - July 9, 2012

Has anyone seriously considered Cumberbatch could be playing SAM KIRK? He appeared in the comic books, very much alive and wasn’t killed off. We all know how JJ is about family issues.

113. Viking - July 9, 2012

Karl was tweaking us. Everybody knows Cumberbatch is playing Balok, and Peter Weller is his on-screen ‘alter ego’ on the Fesarius.

114. Aurore - July 9, 2012

“To find out the five options Bob Orci once listed here as to the next movie, ask Aurore…..she has a razor-sharp memory and probably remembers the entire list!”

Oh great…

What’s wrong with asking Roberto Orci DIRECTLY???


115. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

# 100, # 108

I agree.
Assignment Earth would’ve/could’ve been the American Doctor Who. Especially his little eccentric touches like a seemingly ditzy but very smart secretary, and a shapeshifter cat. It would’ve been a fun show….

Although (IMO) the British do ‘whimsy’ MUCH better than Americans. Americans seem to be a bit heavy-footed when it comes to that type of storytelling.

As for the Gary Mitchell? IMO, it’s a win-win. If Cumberbatch is indeed playing Gary Mitchell (a character practically begging for big budget feature film exploration) or an entirely new character, I’ll be happy either way. There is FAR more evidence for the Mitchell theory than the Khan theory:

* First, Cumberbatch looks a lot more like Gary Mitchell than Khan Noonian Singh.

* Second, he’s wearing a Starfleet uniform (and hair style). Yes, Khan wore a Starfleet shirt in “Space Seed” but he didn’t cut his hair with pointed sideburns! Or powder up his skin or put in bright blue contact lenses. At least we can reasonably assume the character (Mitchell or not) IS in the Starfleet in some capacity…

* Third, he resists a neck pinch (something Khan’s augments couldn’t do in “Space Seed”). For Gary Mitchell, that’d fit. Just as the phaser rifles didn’t seem to work on him.

* Fourth, the crew may be trying to lower him into the aforementioned volcano (a previously mentioned plot element) in an effort to kill him (it wouldn’t take a volcano to kill Khan… but to kill a demi-god? Hmmm…).

Arguments against:

* It was already covered in a recent IDW graphic novel that most likely only hardcore ST fans, including myself, read (not a terribly strong argument, IMO). Not likely, but still a reason.

* The new movie could easily wind up just being a lazy remake of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Possible, but based on the phenomenal success of ST09 I give Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof and Abrams a LOT more credit than that….

And of course, as I’ve said all along, it could still very easily be an all-new character (and I’d be totally cool with that as well).

So for me? Mitchell or new character; I’m good…. ;-)

116. RJM - July 9, 2012

Don’t believe it, it’s misdirection again!

117. Craiger - July 9, 2012

We are also forgetting does the general movie going public know who Gary Mitchell is? I would think JJ would want to use a villian that the general public is familar with. Nero was an exception in the 2009 movie because the general public knew about Kirk and crew and the Enterprise.

Now that I think about does the general public know about any TOS villains except the Klingons and maybe the Romulans?

118. J.A.G.T. - July 9, 2012

No if that rumour actually DOES turn out to be true (which I doubt) that would be KINDA cooler than having Khan as a villain.

119. derp - July 9, 2012

Pffft….it is obviously Khan and Gary Mitchell’s love child.

120. Cervantes - July 9, 2012

Sadly, I reckon Urban was messing about…but I’d truly prefer to see a big budget Gary Mitchell storyline rather than a reboot of an already excellent Khan movie!

121. Weerd1 - July 9, 2012

I would prefer Mitchell to Khan, but I would more prefer–and expect it will be–a new villain.

122. Rico - July 9, 2012

I have a hard time believing this is how we will learn who the villain is going to be, so I’m not buying it at this point.

123. TS - July 9, 2012

Urban lies. It’s Garth of Izar. It makes sense with all the Starfleet/Section 31 shadowy weirdness that has been playing out in the Vendetta Conspiracy and Return of the Archons storylines in the comic book lead-in.

He’s an ex-agent in jail for being crazy and then Section 31 releases him to spy on Klingons or something after realizing that Klingons and Romulans have trade agreements and the Romulans now have Red Matter and the Narada’s ship designs, he goes rogue, then they have to beg Pike to call up Kirk and the crew to help. Pine and Quinto get to pontificate on the ramifications of the dark side of the Federation and they see how any one of them could be a “Garth”.

124. Jack - July 9, 2012

Have we debunked the nerve pinch thing yet?

I still say those pictures could be showing anything, say, Spock just reaching around and about to give the nerve pinch — they don’t necessarily show him resisting it. Same with the fight — in the full scene, Spock could overpower the guy. We just don’t know.

All we know from those pictures is that they’re of a struggle — or a rehearsal or blocking of one — and that Cumberbatch is wearing a starfleet uniform. And some sort of coat (a lab coat?). That’s it.

Sure, the villain could be superhuman, or not human at all — but you can’t really tell from these photos.

It’s all guesses. Like all guesses, they could prove to be correct. But it’s still just guessing at this point.

125. That stinks - July 9, 2012

Mitchell to me, would be a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better choice than Khan.

Not as good a choice had Mitchell been a main character in the last movie, but still, a much better choice than Khan.

Dehner was not in the comic. She changed her mind about her transfer when she found out McCoy was on board.

Could Alice Eve be Dehner?

I think logically though, Urban was pulling a fast one.

126. tribblesinthedark - July 9, 2012

Well one thing’s for sure. He’s playing the british prime minister and a snake-like character in The Simpsons.

127. Capt Krunch - July 9, 2012

I said this a month ago! Alice Eve as Dr Dehner…makes more sense than Khan….He doesn’t even look the part….

128. Montreal_Paul - July 9, 2012

I much prefer that it be Gary Mitchell than Khan mainly because TWOK is such an iconic movie. Trying to capture lightning in a bottle twice is near impossible. Plus it would suffer from endless comparisons.

I would still prefer it not being a remake of one of the episodes though. But Mitchell does make sense… especially after the way it ended in the comic book… kind of left it open to a possible return.

I initially guessed that it would be Gary Seven… just the way everything added up.

I guess we’ll see who it is within a few months.

129. MJ - July 9, 2012

@124. I disagree. I think we can obviously assume this guy has incredible strength. How are why we don’t know, but incredible strength is confirmed.

Anthony, any chance of comments from you on my post @89? I will of course understand if you want to “play possum” on this.

130. Dunsel Report - July 9, 2012

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” + modern CG + a little bit of “Akira” = can’t lose.

131. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

I agree with many of the above opinions that this could very easily be misdirection on Urban’s part, and that Cumberbatch is indeed playing a new character. Either of the two options work for me equally well.

Gary Mitchell or entirely new character. Either it’s a classic TOS character begging for further exploration or a mysterious new character.


132. P Technobabble - July 9, 2012

Cumberpatch is playing an alternate-world combined character of Mitchell, Khan, Seven and Karidian’s daughter, Lenore.

133. Bricklayer - July 9, 2012

@127 Orci has said that Eve will be playing a character new to canon. Or not previously included in canon. Whatever your viewpoint may be.

134. Jonboc - July 9, 2012

Could be Mitchell eh? I like the idea. Hope it pans out.

135. Romulus - July 9, 2012

I, m miffed that my wife told me about this after she read digital spy. Anthony your loosing exclusives to celeb rags. And your lack of updates are getting worse. just saying

136. D-Rock - July 9, 2012

I know JJ likes his secrets, and I do like JJ….But, they have to be worth the payoff, not like Super 8. Otherwise, it starts to get annoying.

– Signed, the Vocal Minority.

137. Aurore - July 9, 2012

@109.Harry Ballz.


If you were referring to the list I’m thinking of, Mr. Orci once said that he did not recall ever authoring it ( post 78 ):


P.S. : The list seemed to be from another “source”:

138. martin - July 9, 2012

MIght be that Cumberbach is playing Dr. Sevrin. Word is that Paramount Records is about to release a new version of “Hey, Out There”.

139. darkman - July 9, 2012

Someone here thought a Garth of Izar movie would work, so props to OP. It would make a good plot: Major captain goes nuts and we examine what makes for a great leader and Kirk’s role as captain is first questioned and finally affirmed.

140. MDSHiPMN - July 9, 2012

This is just what they wanted.

141. kmart - July 9, 2012

If it were Khan it should be the politico from WEEDS who got cast; the guy practically CHANNELS Montalban, the same swagger, diction, tilt of head. Plus he is actually in demand these days, probably more than TheCumburman (though I admit the latter was fine in TINKER TAILOR, as was everybody.)

142. MJ - July 9, 2012

Here is a weird, but worth consideration, thought. Perhaps Anthony is part of the misdirection — I mean, maybe he was offered a sweetheart deal early on that if he mentioned Khan as the villain, that he would get special access to exclusive stories later. I can see going for that, if they invite you into their club…it would be hard for me to refuse doing this if JJ called.

143. TremMadeMeWonder - July 9, 2012


I dont know how you did it* here on TrekMovie.
But Last? How did you do it*?

Harry. You’re to blame as well.

*yeah, you have to click my name for a hint.

144. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 9, 2012

Now try.

Sheesh. Typos.

145. D-Rock - July 9, 2012



146. Jack - July 9, 2012

“I think we can obviously assume this guy has incredible strength. How are why we don’t know, but incredible strength is confirmed.”


147. captain spock - July 9, 2012

peps I twittered Bob & sent the artical to him & asked him to visit here.. so its gary mitchell. I say dont count on it untill its a fact. why bob said in an artical the 5 people that are not in the movie. gary mitchell was listed as one of those people not in trek2.
may be this a ploy to throw is off, or to keep us guessing who the villian is until trek2 comes out or it can be the truth that mitchell is the villian we will see in a few months peps
or..maybe they will devulge the villian when a trek2 trailer come out hopefully very soon or we have to wait to we see trek2,next may..
i know one thing right now i dont care whos the villian right now i want to be surprised on who the villian is it ruin the movie for me if i know the villian before i see the movie .
bet ya when JJ finds out their will be H*ll to pay when he get ahold of carl urban ..for the slip of his toung . JJ must be very peeved right now.

148. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012

Well, I don’t think its going to be Gary Mitchell. I think Karl Urban is screwing with our heads here. If it is Gary Mitchell, then Bob Orci deliberately lied a few weeks ago when he said no villain from the comics would be in the sequel.

Now, I suppose one could split hairs and make the case that Gary Mitchell wasn’t a true villain, as he couldn’t control his newly acquired powers.

But the thing is, we’ve already seen Gary Mitchell in the comics. What would they do differently if he’s in the sequel? And quite frankly, the whole “resurrection from the dead” story device has been done to death not just in Trek, but in movies and shows in general.

149. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 9, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. We all know you are here and we all know you are having a good laugh.

150. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 9, 2012

if indeed he is Gary Mitchell. I would have no problem with that. Also. Gary and Khan in the same movie would be a good twist.

151. MJ - July 9, 2012

@146. Huh? Actual unauthorized footage and photos from the set.

152. Emperor Mike of the Empire - July 9, 2012

I would not mind seeing a flashback to seeing Kirk McCoy and gary mitchell at the Acedemy. Maybe show some other Cadet’s as well. Maybe one BND. Del Trame.

153. rynocarp - July 9, 2012

Orcification please.

154. Garth of Compton - July 9, 2012

I think Karl Urban was having fun at the expense of eager nerds who are pissing in their pants with anticipation of the revelation of who the new bad guy is. Has anybody thought of the Immortal Guy Flint maybe? I am throwing that out there. Urban knew that the name drop would evoke the response its getting. Nerds tripping all over themselves and stressing out over this. I am sure we will know before the end of the year. I dont like spoilers. I despise them. Does anybody missed being surprised anymore? If we had the internet in the 80’s we would have known Luke was Vaders kid the day the movie came out. Really geeks relax its just a movie. I am not following the comic series. It doesnt hold my interest and comics are apocrypha which means that technially unless stated in the film they dont count. Countdown was completely inconsistent with the film and it turns out it did not count. When JJ is ready to reveal he will reveal in the meantime chill out. This is silly. No disrepsect to the Trekmovie dude but come on people. I doubt its Gary Mitchell. One of the things I hated about Next Gen Films with the exception of First Contact was that they kept making stuff that they could have played on TV. This is a new universe with new possibilities and outcomes. I dont want to see a rehased episode of the original series. If they do that and buck to nerd pressure I will have a fit. I want to see something different. Spock and Uhura smashing. That was cool. Spock got the girl. Did anybody get how cool that was and she is soooo fine! The days of making Trek movies for Trek fans purely is over and I am still mad at Rick Berman for not using Captain Ben Sisko instead of milk toast Janeway in Nemisis. Film was not great but Avery Brooks should have been that Admiral. I digress….

155. MJ - July 9, 2012

@149 “Hey Bob Orci. We all know you are here and we all know you are having a good laugh.”

1. I think you are right.

2. It is starting to really piss me off.

— Peter Jackson – there is a guy who know how to respect and treat his fanbase. Not a bit of Hollwood elitism or sarcasm for the fans in his bones.

156. Bob Mack - July 9, 2012

#15 – don’t you mean a “mechanical rice picker?”

As for miss-direction, there’s so much miss-direction out there now that I don’t think we can presume that Gary Mitchell’s appearance in the comics really means anything. It’s not confirmation of Mitchell, but the comic itself and statements made about it are just as likely to be miss-direction as any other statements.

Given the Starfleet uniform and seeming resistance to a neck pinch I’d figure Mitchell, Gary Seven (undercover in Starfleet) or an essentially new villain. Khan makes sense except for the uniform – but maybe he needed something to wear and a uniform was handy?

157. Bob Mack - July 9, 2012

Could the film be written in such a way that the villain is never revealed – even in the film itself? Mr. Orci – feel free to use that concept. TrekMovie.com could be debating this same topic for years to come!

158. Jack - July 9, 2012

“Peter Jackson – there is a guy who know how to respect and treat his fanbase. Not a bit of Hollwood elitism or sarcasm for the fans in his bones.”

Here we go.

159. Phil - July 9, 2012

@142. Gonna disagree with you on this one – I think Anthony holds to some level of journalistic integrity here, to the point where I don’t think he’d deliberately participate in the misleading of an audience. I have no proof, but he really has not come across like someone who would agree to that.

160. Craig Henry - July 9, 2012

Urban is just messing with us. There’s no way they’d put all that effort into a comic series only to contradict it, since *SPOILER ALERT* he dies in it. Or if they’re not, they’d have to address in the movie how he didn’t actually die in the comic, which most of the audience won’t have read anyway.

161. Dr. Cheis - July 9, 2012

I miss having auto-fill in my browser. Accidentally entered my real name instead of my screen name. Oops, now the world knows who Dr. Cheis is in real life.

(not that anybody cares…)

162. Adam Cohen - July 9, 2012

This is a Star Trek movie, not the landing at Normandy. Misinformation is all kinds of ridiculous. Is it really a spoiler to say who Cumberbatch will play? No. Just come clean with the fans and move on.

163. Jack - July 9, 2012

159. Anthony’s not a journalist . But I doubt he’d be willingly in on it. His sources could have fed him dodgy intel.

164. Punkspocker - July 9, 2012

#107- yes sherlock holmes has been done so many times before, and it will always be done. Its classic. Like Hamlet. I finally like the updated bbc sherlock. Why would creative people who have inherited star trek do something thats been done before? The crew of the enterprise are classic-they will live on. I just think the writers will give us an original story involving a classic crew.

165. Jerry Modene - July 9, 2012

One could argue that Gary Mitchell wasn’t truly a villain, so if it’s him, then “no villain” from the comics is in the movie.

If it does turn out to be Mitchell, I hope they find a walk-on cameo for Gary Lockwood.

166. Punkspocker - July 9, 2012

#154- you make some great points.

167. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

Urban just smacked the beehive to get some buzzing. It works. Every time.

168. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

And that Karl Urban quote STILL cracks me up every time I catch a glance.

169. Lostrod - July 9, 2012


“Vulcan was destroyed in Of Gods And Men… Mitchell was the villain in Of Gods And Men…”

It’s been awhile since I watched it, but I thought Charlie X was the villain …


170. Vultan - July 9, 2012

One thing seems to be for sure here: “Gary” was a much more popular name in the ’60s than it is today.

Am I right?

171. MJ - July 9, 2012

@161. @160 My granddad always said, “never buy anything from a guy with two first names.” :-)

172. MJ - July 9, 2012

@170. Oh, yea. Know several old guys named Gary, can’t recall one kid I know named Gary.

Man, dude, you must be really bored tonight?

173. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

# 155 MJ~

“1. I think you are right.

2. It is starting to really piss me off.

– Peter Jackson – there is a guy who know how to respect and treat his fanbase. Not a bit of Hollwood elitism or sarcasm for the fans in his bones.”


That’s a bit harsh to characterize Orci as a Hollywood ‘elitist’ who mistreats his fans when the guy has spent so much of his own time on these boards talking directly to US? You don’t find too many big time Hollywood players (and Bob Orci is a major success; make no mistake) who take the time to go on message boards and talk one-on-one with their fan base like he has so often in the past.

IMO, Bob Orci has been very generous with his time on Trekmovie and very patient considering some of the nasty remarks said about him and his works on this site. Kudos to Orci for having a thick skin and a lot of patience with us Trekgeeks, and for wisely realizing that you’ll NEVER make a Trek film to satisfy ALL Trek fans nor should you even try… just make a good movie (as I believe ST09 was).

At this point? I don’t know WHAT to believe. But I think the Gary Mitchell rumor is FAR more plausible than the Khan rumor. Cumberbatch looks a LOT more like Gary Mitchell than he does Khan. He also is wearing both a Starfleet undershirt and sideburns. And he appears to have superhuman strength (the last of which would apply to Khan as well, but Khan’s people were still felled by Vulcan neck pinches….).

Now, I know they already did the Gary Mitchell arc in the IDW comics (which I read and enjoyed, by the way), but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t do a big screen EPIC version of it as well (leaving the comic as a interesting path-not-taken variation of the Mitchell story; sort of like the Star Wars comic strips of the 1970s and early ’80s). Only the ST faithful likely read the IDW comic version of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, and I doubt that it’s existence alone would preclude a big screen version of “WNMHGB”. Who knows?
Too early to tell….

And of course, there is still the possibility that Cumberbatch is playing a new character (my first choice). Time will tell (as will patience).

174. MJ - July 9, 2012

@169. No disrespect to fan films, but not only was that one not canon, it was so bad that it should be shot out of a cannon.

175. MJ - July 9, 2012

@173. Not talking about Orci specifically — talking about Emperor Mike’s inference that the Supreme Court is messing with us and laughing their asses off at our expense. That is what I am talking about.

But thanks for the term paper on Orci — I agree — he is a good guy.

176. dmduncan - July 9, 2012

165: “If it does turn out to be Mitchell, I hope they find a walk-on cameo for Gary Lockwood.”

Me too. And if they name his character Larry Woodcock that will be extra special.

177. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

# 175 MJ

Two paragraphs is a term paper?
Wish you were my high school English teacher back in the day….


As for the Supreme Court laughing at us? Judging by how ape-s#!t we sometimes get on these boards, I’d say we’ve earned it….

178. MJ - July 9, 2012

@177. You have a point there! LOL

PS: Just put in my ST-TMP remastered audio CD set that arrived today — WOW, it sounds so cool !!!!

179. Sebastian S. - July 9, 2012

# 165 Jerry Modene~

I think a Gary Lockwood cameo (maybe as an admiral?) would be in order if it were possible (and if it’s not too late). He’s still very active on the convention circuit and I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him a few times. He’s a cool guy.

Still have his autograph (and Keir Dullea’s) on a 2001 poster in my hallway. If a fire breaks out in my home? I’m grabbing my wife first, and then my framed 2001 poster…. ;-D

180. Vultan - July 9, 2012


Not so much bored, just the only fact I can gather from this mess.

181. freezerenno - July 9, 2012

Yer, would be a failure at the box office if it is Gary Mitchell.

The public are just not interested in omnipresent beings with glowing eyes. Has to be a straight down the line villain or it becomes way to niche. Yep, Trek geeks maybe want complex villains, however the people that can help the movie make 250 million domestic – no way.

Khan or Klingons is the logical choice for the producers and studio. There in this to make money, not appease a few Star Trek fans.

This is a STUDIO movie, remember, made for the MASSES. Why the hell do you thick they rebooted the Joker in the Dark Knight and not some obscure niche villain – you do the math.

182. catballou - July 9, 2012

Isn’t it obvious? Cumberbatch is playing Commander John Koenig, and Alice Eve, Dr. Helena Russell.

183. Boborci - July 9, 2012

bones, what r udoing?!?!?

184. Jack - July 9, 2012

183. What? It’s not part of a 428-step master plan of deception?

Don’t tell us your getting soft , like Peter Jackson?

185. Montreal_Paul - July 9, 2012

@181. freezerenno

And an genetically enhanced human from the “Eugenics War” drifting in space in a sleeper ship is a “straight down the line” villain? That is more complex than a crew memeber being “zapped” and becoming a bad guy.

186. Greg2600 - July 9, 2012

Sad that we’re here guessing which character is being rebooted, instead of anticipating all new characters. To jive with the theme of these movies, why not just jump right to a Star Trek crossover with the Marvel universe? That’s who these new Trek movies are made for, comic book movie loving teenagers. Not those who grew up dreaming of going to space, or working on new technology to facilitate that. Did they even bother hiring a science consultant? All they needed on the last one was a plumbing consultant to figure out how to get “Scotty” out of the drain.

187. Montreal_Paul - July 9, 2012

183. Boborci

Bob, any news on the title and when it will be made public?

188. LizardGirl - July 9, 2012

I do hope all this hype pays off. Because if it doesn’t then this so called “marketing” scheme may just induce the most epic wave of nerd rage seen to date. I am so confused and mentally strung out trying to figure out who Cumberbatch is playing, among other things.

I just keep hoping that the prize will be worth the perpetual frustration. I’m beyond begging for anything at this point. The phrase “ask and you shall receive” holds no sway here. I get the distinct impression that I’ve been dancing for the entertainment of unknown handlers. I’m really tired of dancing now. I put no stock in this new Gary Mitchell “development”. Not because I think it’s funny, but because I’m feeling disillusioned. When’s the last time we’ve received any official information about the new movie? I can’t even remember.

My…emo-ness really has nothing to do with TrekMovie at all (but bad robot is a different story). I love this site and will read the articles but I doubt any major information (such as the correct identification of the villain or plot elements) will be released firstly through the internet (as cool as that would be). At this point, I’m more interested in the Hashbro toy (no joke or sarcasm!). I would love to know more about other Trek developments like that.

189. Ahmed - July 9, 2012

@183. Boborci

Was Bones correct or not ?

190. denny cranium - July 9, 2012

He speaks! Boborci
@103 mj
Thats whats cool about my friends
We can disagree and still be friends at the end of the conversation
I supported trek 2009
They didnt

191. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012



I’ll tell you how she did it! TPTB shut the friggin’ thread down, barring any further posts! She won by default!

“The game was called on account of rain! No fair!!”

192. denny cranium - July 9, 2012

But hey gary mitchell or khan its all good either way

193. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012


Oh, and TMMW, thanks for revealing to everyone here that I have WAY too much time on my hands! :>)

194. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


“Larry Woodcock”

In the p0rn version of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, one of the actors was named “Harry Cockwood” He was showing off his “phaser” to Elizabeth Done-Her. :-)

195. Andy Patterson - July 9, 2012

To quote a scene from Team America…..


196. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012


Aurore, your P.S. thread seems to be the source of the information.

So, the list of possible villains is not from Orci…………huh!

I knew if I taunted you, you’d do the research for me. Thanks!

Damn, I’m good! Somebody give me a corporation to run!!

“Kneel before Ballz!”

197. JP - July 9, 2012

Seriously guys… everyone knows the villain is the mirror universe Jake Sisko. Let it go already with your Khan’s and Mitchell’s.

198. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012

194. “Harry Cockwood”

(to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn)

“All together now……oh, Harry cock wood and she don’t care, Harry cock wood….”

199. Bender Bending Rodriguez - July 9, 2012


Mr. Orci, did you just drop us a cryptic clue?

200. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


That’s the spirit, Harry!



201. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012

183+199. “bones, what r udoing?!?!?”

I think Bones would answer, “what I always do…..turn guess into a chance to dish!”

202. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 9, 2012

Good God, this is tiresome. Don’t the Lords just love kicking dirt into the faces of the peasants.

203. Chris Rod - July 9, 2012


gotta love it! lol

204. MJ - July 9, 2012

@81. “The public are just not interested in omnipresent beings with glowing eyes.”

Right, those Thor and Avenger movies didn’t do to well, did they….

205. MJ - July 9, 2012

@190 “@103 mj. Thats whats cool about my friends. We can disagree and still be friends at the end of the conversation. I supported trek 2009. They didn’t.”

No problem, Denny. Was just having fun with your post. I don’t take my posts here as seriously as a lot of people take them. Seriously, I am not have the ass I pretend to be!


206. Jack - July 9, 2012

310 more days of this.

207. Saucy Orci - July 9, 2012

OK, guys! Enoughs is enough. I feel your pain. Here is the rundown. Have you heard of the butterfly effect? Well, in a galaxy far, far away, Obi Wan Kenobi is hanging up one of his jock straps. It’s full of genetic material that never seems right. While it is blowing on the washing line, a strong Tattoine gust takes it up into the air, where it is mysteriously sucked into a worm hole that leads to another universe – the Abramverse of Star Trek. For centuries, the jock strap lingers at the bottom of a swamp, where the aforementioned genetic residues start to mutate. Slowly over millennium, a form starts to manifest; a form very similar to that of a certain British actor (and it isn’t Alec Guinness!). It isn’t Khan or Gary Seven. Welcome to our new villain, the very wicked Long Straw Draws!

208. AJ - July 9, 2012

I think he’s playing Lt. Barry Mitchell, brother to Gary and Harry Mitchell, all sons to Larry and Mary Mitchell of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

209. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012

206. Jack “310 more days of this”

Dammit, you’re right!!

(cocks gun)


210. JP - July 9, 2012

Dear JJ Abrams and Bob Orci,

If the movie includes 7of9 and Hoshi having time travel induced sexy time you can have ALL of my money. It won’t even matter who the villain is.

211. Jack - July 9, 2012

PS. Bob. I’m a big fan of the amazing Spider-Man. I liked the small-movie vibe and the tight focus on Parker. I liked that Webb didn’t go all epic, on either the superhero stuff or on the love story. I’m hoping you guys keep that. Were you either of you ever readers of Ultimate Spider-Man? I’m a fan. I loved the idea that Spider-Man was this skinny kid with a backpack and a bunch of real problems…

212. MJ - July 9, 2012

@209 Hold on Harry before you do that…..remember……

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

213. Andy - July 9, 2012


Typically Bob Orci uses the name boborci, with a lower case b. Is this the true orci? If so, can you give us any morsel of information on the situation?

214. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


Ewww……so that explains the midichlorians. :-)

215. Buzz Cagney - July 9, 2012

I’ve been thinking its Mitchell for some time now but hasn’t Orci discounted the character?

216. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


Don’t forget about the crazy cross-dressing Uncle Carey Mitchell! :-)

217. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


He did. But I’m thinking Mr. Urban is pulling our legs.

218. Buzz Cagney - July 9, 2012

#5 yes, and one of them in particular was very impressed with himself when he thought he was right about it being Khan.
How silly must he be feeling now.

219. Red Dead Ryan - July 9, 2012


Well, until the villain is confirmed, I’m sticking with my prediction.

If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. But not today. :-)

220. Saucy Orci - July 9, 2012

Kirk: “You’re cornered, Draws! You can’t escape. If you try, you’ll be smothered in psychic fridge magnets…

Long Straw Draws: “Your psychic fridge magnets are no match for my fruit bowl punch! Prepare to die, Kirk!”

221. MJ - July 9, 2012

@218. Hey, if I am wrong, I will be the first to admit it. I am not like the 75% of the people here who either don’t give credit/show sour grapes when someone is right, but yet “disappear” from posting when their own comments don’t pan out.

What you see is what you get with me…like it or not. :-)

222. Basement Blogger - July 9, 2012

First, I’m glad that Anthony clarified his position. TrekMovie stands by its story that the villain is Khan. (.”.. and we still stand by our earlier reporting.”) When I tried to argue that point, I was called stupid because I said Paramount officially considers all this stuff rumor while TrekMovie stood by its story.

But back to what Karl Urban uttered. Yeah it makes it less likely that it is Khan. You can look at Cumberbatch, see that he has a Starfleet undershirt and has pointed sideburns. Starfleet? On the other hand, the search for a Hispanic actor, the superhuman strength, Cumberbatch had to work out, black hair, video commentary about teasing Khan, and Anthony’s sources, all point to Khan. And by the way, I’m not rooting for Khan. Been there, done that.

I’ll say I’m wrong when we find out. I’m not wed to Khan. I just point out that the evidence says Khan. and still believe it is him unless the evidence points in another direction.

By the way, we’ve been punked by Star Trek cast and crew before. Remember how we crawled over each other to figure out the name for the deflector dish? I say it’s called the radar looking thingy. :-)

223. Rod (Dunedin, New Zealand) - July 9, 2012

My mate Karl is being a typical Kiwi … we love to drink Speight’s and talk shit.

224. banned - July 9, 2012

deleted by admin

225. L4YERCAKE - July 9, 2012

We want the finest wines available to humanity. We want them here, and we want them NOW!!! :)

226. UKTrekkie - July 9, 2012

It won’t be Gary Mitchell.

Read issue 2 of the ongoing comic series and you will see why.

227. Saucy Orci - July 9, 2012

KIRK: What can you tell me, Bones, about… about this Long Straws Draws.

BONES: Well, I can’t tell you much, Jim. I’ve never seen anything like him before. If I were pushed to hasten a guess…

SPOCK: A guess will not suffice, Doctor.

BONES: If I may continue, Spock… If I were to hasten a guess, well, I’d have to say that he has more in common with a custard cone, than a carbon based life form.

KIRK: A custard cone, you say? Hmm, mighty trifling. That would then render our phasers completely useless against him. Spock, any suggestions?

SPOCK: While the good doctor’s hypothesis is possible, the statistical chance for such a life form existing are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 to one. However, Captain, it would be prudent to take precautionary measures. I will therefore modify the ham slicer, and prepare the treacle donuts.

228. La Reyne d'Epee - July 9, 2012

Oh well. Something else to talk about for the remaining 10 months…

229. Yammer - July 9, 2012

Outstanding prank, I believe.

230. boborci - July 9, 2012

210 would u settle for it as a dvd bonus feature?

231. Tarrax - July 9, 2012

230 boborci

“210 would u settle for it as a dvd bonus feature?”

I sure would. ;)

232. Harry Ballz - July 9, 2012

224. boborci “shelly D”

WTF does that mean?

233. Saucy Orci - July 10, 2012

KIRK: You may be in a position to torture me with your sausage rolls, but you’ll never take away my dignity, Draws! NEVEEERRRRR!

LONG STRAW DRAWS: You are a vain man, Kirk. Perhaps we do have something in common.

KIRK: We have NOTHING in common!

LONG STRAW DRAWS: Oh, please don’t flatter yourself! Kirk, your suffering is only beginning! PREPARE THE LEMON EYE DROPS!!!


LONG STRAW DRAWS: Yes, it saddens me that we must conclude our brief friendship. However, there is much work to be done in conquering the galaxy, and there is little room for both of us. Good bye, Kirk!


234. Saucy Orci - July 10, 2012

SPOCK: Mr Scott, please increase the engines to Warp Factor 7.

SCOTTY: Aye, sir!

SPOCK: Mr Sulu, prepare to disengage the modified sandwich dispenser unit, at the following coordinates.

SULU: Sandwich dispenser unit in position, sir.

SPOCK: Lt. Uhura, send a sub-space frequency message to Star Fleet headquarters, informing them of our intention to rescue the captain from Long Straw Draws. All sandwich dispenser units are now in place for the operation.

UHURA: Yes, sir. And would you care for your afternoon easy listening?

SPOCK: Hmm? Englebert Humperdink, please.

UHURA: Aye, sir.

235. Saucy Orci - July 10, 2012

SPOCK: [Communicator] Spock to Doctor McCoy.

BONES: McCoy here.

SPOCK: We have found the Captain. He is in need of immediate care… beam down now. The Captain has been brutalized with an array of sausage rolls and a bottle of potent lemon eye drops.

BONES: On my way with a medical team. McCoy out!

236. The Source - July 10, 2012

Well since Urban spilled the beans here ya go. It’s Kirk on the Enterprise battling the Klingons (who have stuck a deal with Peter Wellers sinister corporate character) in space while trying to pursuing Mitchell across the galaxy who is headed to kill Kirks woman who is a scientist on a volcanic planet that Wellers Corporation has a base at running experiments for a weapon. Mitchell kills Captain Pike coming to Kirks aid in the climatic battle at the volcanic planet at the end.

The Source

237. BCri - July 10, 2012

Well …
Cumberbatch doesn’t look Sikh to me.

238. Andy Patterson - July 10, 2012

138. martin – July 9, 2012
MIght be that Cumberbach is playing Dr. Sevrin. Word is that Paramount Records is about to release a new version of “Hey, Out There”.

You’re playing right? I did make that suggestion over a year ago. Further elaborating on a modern day take on his followers. And are they really releasing that song? No, you’ve got to be kidding. Ben Stiller and I are the only ones who like that episode. Ok, you got me.

239. helen - July 10, 2012

I wish the film’s producers had a more interesting angle to spin instead of who the villain is. That worries me more than anything.

240. Dr.Kirk - July 10, 2012

Gary Mitchell would be an intelligent choice of character. Whatever they have done, it would be far better than Khaaaaaan. Hope, Karl Urban said the truth.

241. Matt from Bradford Uk - July 10, 2012

I think he might be a 13th model of Cylon.

242. Davidos - July 10, 2012


To answer myself…

“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

Not sure that this quote originates from Bob Orci.
Article here: http://trekmovie.com/2010/10/25/rumor-no-khan-for-star-trek-sequel-but-known-tos-villain/

243. Phil Da Gooner - July 10, 2012

As Winston Churchill said:
“I cannot forecast to you the action of *Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key. That key is **Russian national interest.”
Speech broadcast on 01/10/1939

* Substitute: “J.J”
** Substitute: “JJ’s Audience interest”

244. Alec - July 10, 2012

GM is completely the wrong choice, if he is the choice. How can Kirk become best friends with an entirely new to screen character and then, presumably, kill him or otherwise defeat him, within 2 or so hours? It will feel ‘forced’.

It would also be too close to the TOS episode.

Khan is the no: 1 villain. It should be Khan. There is much more scope with Khan.

245. crazydaystrom - July 10, 2012

Anthony knows. He just ain’t sayin’.

Just sayin’.

246. Holger - July 10, 2012

I think they’re intentionally spreading confusion so they can nullify leaks.

247. Aurore - July 10, 2012

196. Harry Ballz – July 9, 2012
Aurore, your P.S. thread seems to be the source of the information.
So, the list of possible villains is not from Orci…………huh!


I see you read the parts from my post that said; ” Mr. Orci once said that he did not recall ever authoring it”, and; ” The list seemed to be from another ‘source'”….before clicking on the links .

“I knew if I taunted you, you’d do the research for me. Thanks!”

Yes, sir. You’re the Master Baiter. A provocateur extraordinaire.
Karl Urban ain’t got nothing on you.
You so eviiiil,sir. You’re also welcome.

“Damn, I’m good! Somebody give me a corporation to run!!”

Somebody should sir. As you said, you have plenty of time on your hands; you’d do great things.

“Kneel before Ballz!”

…Please.Not in public. Sir.

248. Mark from Germany - July 10, 2012

I still feel, that Cumberbatch may play Q. Impersonating all those Foes of Kirks past….

249. Harry Ballz - July 10, 2012


oooh, Aurore, I feel dirty. this is a good thing.

250. Elelith - July 10, 2012

Q would not take a row with Spock – he is risen above sth like this.

Maybe BC is playing a brand new villain – and Karl wanted to play a practical joke on us.
In this timeline everything is possible und nothing is predictable – that is what I like the most in this new movies.

251. VZX - July 10, 2012

After reading a lot of the comments, I realized that I forgot that Urban is a huge Star Trek fan. He watched the entire series on blu ray with his son even before he got the part of Bones.

Anyway: This makes me think he’s just messing with the fans. He knows Trek lore, and this is something that will stir up the interwebs.

I’d do the same thing. Watch em squirm!

252. Sebastian S. - July 10, 2012

This new movie is starting to feel like a giant ST-fan Rorschach test; we’re all seeing in it only what we wish to see in it. ;-D

Personally, I still secretly wish it were a new villain, but I’d be OK with Gary Mitchell as well (a great TOS character; more interesting than Khan IMO. As a former academy friend, GM offers more of a window into our hero, Kirk). And physically at least, the role fits Cumberbatch a LOT better than Khan….

The only things I’ve read in print (confirmed from actual cast members in the press) is that it’s not Khan and that Cumberbatch is indeed playing Gary Mitchell.

Until I read or hear something from Bob Orci or another member of the production staff directly affirming or denying these statements (which they conveniently haven’t)? That’s what I’m going with.


253. USSEXETER - July 10, 2012

There goes my Chewbacca theory. :/

254. Elelith - July 10, 2012

#253 a pretty good compromise! Rorschach-test – exactly! :D

I’ll just wait and see what the sequel will bring! I am really looking forward to it.

255. Do You Wanna Dance - July 10, 2012

Funny how people are saying, “well, he’s wearing a Starfleet uniform.”

Haven’t we seen enough TV shows and cliches where a person sneaks into the closet at the hospital to throw on a white jacket or some scrubs?

For all we know, the Starfleet uniform he was wearing could be his disguise.

256. drumvan - July 10, 2012


absolutely! :) although it wouldn’t be in 3d then. drat!

257. Aurore - July 10, 2012

232. Harry Ballz – July 9, 2012
224. boborci “shelly D”

WTF does that mean?

Possibly a fellow artist, sir…


258. Crusade2267 - July 10, 2012

This confirms in my mind that all of the Khan stuff has been misdirection, and the real villain is actually Nilz Baris after getting hopped up on some bad quadrotriticale muffins.

259. Lyle - July 10, 2012

I’m betting that Cumberbatch is actually playing the role of Stavos Keniclius 5.

260. Christopher Roberts - July 10, 2012

shelly D must be where everybody assumes the pea to be.

Not shelly A, B or C.

Round and round they go. Where it stops, nobody knows…

261. MC1701B - July 10, 2012

255. Plus, everyone seems to forget that KNS spent at least one act of “Space Seed” as a redshirt.

262. TrekMadMeWonder - July 10, 2012

193 Harry.

That is s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o funny!!!!!


Congratulations Aurore. You did deserve it.

I will miss that thread.

263. Daoud - July 10, 2012

K-Maxx and Shelly D? What in the world is Orci up to….


264. filmboy33 - July 10, 2012


I have to agree entirely with your post. I understand JJ and company wanting to keep the plot of the film a secret until as close to release as possible. But not revealing the villain seems a bit obsessive and ultimately pointless.

The team behind this relaunch of Star Trek have said on multiple occasions that they look to Nolan’s Batman films as an influence on how they approach Star Trek. Now granted they are referencing the story approach Nolan has taken with the material. However Nolan is known, like JJ, for being very secretive when it comes to the details of his films. But even so, Nolan had no problem making the villains in each Batman film known long before the release of the film in question.

We knew Heath Ledger would be Joker in the TDK almost a year before its release. We knew Tom Hardy would be Bane and Anne Hathaway would be Catwoman. Granted, Miranda Tate has been a mystery to this point. But by and large, we knew who was playing who in Nolan’s Batfilms.

Did knowing this information ruin the experience of seeing the films? No. Although I have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises.

I agree with you that keeping every detail a secret only makes some suspicious of the quality of the film in question. Now I have faith in those involved with this film. However, I just don’t understand how telling us who Cumberbatch is playing will somehow spoil the whole film?

Perhaps Mr. Orci can explain to us the logic behind this move by Team Abrams. I feel as though knowing the villain only generates more interest in the film and also more speculation from fans like us.

I won’t die or anything if I don’t know who the villain is until close to release. But again I don’t understand the need to keep it a secret and then play games with the press and fans. It is like a giant tease and one that will quickly lose its appeal to fans and non fans alike. Sure teases can be fun for awhile, but eventually one becomes bored with it and tunes out.

Team Abrams can have fun with this now. But I feel the time is coming soon where they will have to give something up.

265. Rivas Jakarta - July 10, 2012

My money’s on Cumby playing the Salt Vampire. Or perhaps Q

266. Dunsel Report - July 10, 2012

Benedict will receive good notices for his dark turn as David Gerrold’s “Bem.”

267. Robman007 - July 10, 2012

Well..we were told that each of the new comics has something within it that points to the sequal, so maybe the hint in the first 2 is Mitchell. Hmm…

I still think it’s Garth.

268. La Reyne d'Epee - July 10, 2012

265. Although I don’t want any rehashes, if it had to be anyone, I’d want it to be Q as well. There’s so much you can do with that character.

269. rogue_alice - July 10, 2012

Ooops. Is the franchise now in a search for a new actor to play McCoy?

270. Jack - July 10, 2012

He’s playing Nero — he wasn’t killed, somehow ended up back in time again, and well, the tattoo removal made him look a little pasty and British.

271. TrekMadeMeWonder - July 10, 2012

264. filmboy33

Basically because Trek fans are way more inquisitive and persistant about finding our ahead of time what’s in thier next Trek. It’s part of the fun of being a Trekkie these days.

Plus, haven’t we seen enough poorly selected leaks already?

It would be smart for t TPTB to release something cool in a controlled fashion.

272. MC1 Doug - July 10, 2012

Personally, I much prefer the idea that the antagonist be Gary Mitchell!

273. somethoughts - July 10, 2012

dam I’m confused :)

274. banned - July 10, 2012

deleted by admin

275. rynocarp - July 10, 2012

Gary Mitchell would be so much cooler than Khan- make it so Orci. Er, I mean, hope you guys have already made it so.

276. Picard's Fish - July 10, 2012


the return of Corbin Bersen!

277. Orb of Wisdom - July 10, 2012

It’s ironic that Karl Urban says that since he himself looks more the part of the original Gary Mitchell than Benedict Cumberbatch does. Not knocking Cumberbatch, but if they were going for Gary Mitchell all along, they should have cast Supernatural’s Misha Collins.

278. crazydaystrom - July 10, 2012

Bob Orci,
If you get the chance would you mention to JJ –

I WANT to savor and enjoy your ‘slow burn’ manner and technique of uber-controlled dribs and drabs of info. And I WOULD if you would rev things up to THAT level! No doubt there’s a game plan (no doubt???) but DAMN MAN! It would show so much appreciation (and I dare say, respect) for us who appreciate (and again I daresay, respect) what you’re doing for and with Star Trek if you’d be at least a tad more forthcoming.

One imagines that the title will be revelatory of the ‘villain ‘ or the plot or both. Hence the secrecy there? If so this poses the question- How can early knowledge of either hurt or take away from enjoyment of the film? We are going to know the title of the movie before we see it anyway. Why not now?

We’re the faithful, at least most of us. You’re going to get our money. Throw us a bone why don’t you?

The real fear of course is that ultimately the movie will be anti-climactic to all the frustrated anticipation. *cough*Prometheus*cough* How about not doing that? Thanks


I hope we’re going to get some quality nonfiction tech and ‘making of’ type books with this new movie. if they’re good, like I said, you’ve got my money.

Anyway, thank you Bob. Thank you JJ. Thank you Bad Robot. And thank you my beautiful Elizabeth, coy and vivacious. You are the opposite of all this Star Trek frustration, real and important.

279. Melissa - July 10, 2012

Ok I’ll spoil it for you:

He is playing ….

….Captain Ronald Tracey :)

280. Aurore - July 10, 2012

224. boborci – July 9, 2012
shelly D

shelly, I like your work.


281. Craiger - July 10, 2012

Could they be trying to do the sequel like the Avenegers and have a GOD like being go up against Kirk and crew?

282. Red Dead Ryan - July 10, 2012

It’s going to be a long time before they reveal the villain.


I agree that there is no reason why they can’t reveal who the villain is. But they aren’t going to do that. We’re not going to get a trailer until the fall at the earliest.

And don’t be surprised if Paramount pushes back the release date for the sequel. They’ve already done it to “GI: Joe: Retaliation” and other films. May 2013 is looking to be pretty crowed, with “Iron Man 3″, “Pirates of the Carribean 6″ and “Fast and Furious 6″ all coming out within weeks of each other. I think there’s also a couple of other blockbusters I can’t remember too.

283. Sebastian S. - July 10, 2012

# 281

Well, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (where Gary Mitchell first appeared) certainly came before the “Avengers” movie (although the Avengers comics predate ST by about 3 years or so….).

Chicken or the egg? ;-D

284. Sebastian S. - July 10, 2012

It’s also a shame that CBS/Paramount isn’t doing a ST2013 panel event at Comic Con this year. I’m attending Comic Con San Diego (as I have for the past 8 years or so) and I was actually hoping to see something besides ST trinkets for sale at the booths…

It’s less than a year before the movie debuts; it would’ve been a perfect opportunity to get the fanboy juices flowing (even more so than they are already).

A missed opportunity, IMO…

285. Chris Doohan - July 10, 2012

Gary Mitchell!!! I was hoping it was Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver.

286. Kevin - July 10, 2012

That’s it. They are purposefully screwing with us at this point. It will be official when a 3rd classic villain is mentioned in an upcoming interview by a cast member plugging a different film.

287. robert asbury - July 10, 2012

If people want new characters and not a rehash of something old, like Khan (One of the greatest villians of all time) then why are they going to see a film called Star Trek with characters named Kirk and Spock in it? Dumbasses.

288. Montreal_Paul - July 10, 2012

I honestly don’t mind the secrecy thing. I do get it. But the thing that gets me is the misdirection. That’s just toying with us. I know that it is probably a marketing ploy to get buzz continually going about the movie. I am also pretty sure that those “leaked” photos were purposely leaked as well to feed into the frenzy. Every couple of months we will hear something like this again… just to keep the buzz alive until 1- the title is released then 2- the generic poster is released then 3- an ambiguous trailer is released then 4- other posters are released along with press info until finally 5- other longer trailers are released.

289. Bamasi - July 10, 2012

#276 don’t you mean “Wrath of Corbin Bersen”

290. Craiger - July 10, 2012

RDR what if they pushed it back to Dec. 2012 right in time for Dec. 21? LOL.

291. Craiger - July 10, 2012

The X-Men are the villains and Cumberbatch is Xavier. LOL.

292. Phil - July 10, 2012

@281. Been there, done that. Trel V, and Q.

293. Gilberto - July 10, 2012

He’s playing Moriarty… But, seriously. It makes sense, since BC’s clothes and sideburns are definetely Starfleet’s. And he appears to have superpowers. Also, SOMEBODY would let the cat aut of the bag sometime. As for the comics… THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN, AND NEVER SHALL BE CANON!!!!

294. Frederick - July 10, 2012

Well, I’ve been on here a few minutes and no more virus attacks. Good! I was afraid of visiting for the last month or so because every time I did I had to fight off a trojan attack. I wasn’t the only one to have it happen. I am glad somebody fixed it.

I have thought it was Mitchell from the start since he appears to be wearing a Starfleet undershirt. Except for the denials by Orci and the comic appearance, I would still think so.

Either Urban is playing with us, or Orci’s statement and the comic are intentional ploys to lead us away from the obvious.

295. Silvereyes - July 10, 2012

Must be true… Bob is using the confound-o-ray mind-discombobulator on us…

296. Craiger - July 10, 2012

Phil, Mitchell has GOD like powers.

297. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

OK, time for a reality check:

#1 one of the boborcis was a Boborci with a cap B so that’s obviously fake. And I’d like to ask Anthony to check the IPs to see if the other ones are real or not.

#2 On what planet would Benicio play Gary Mitchell? It’s the same role Cumby got… IF we can believe any of the misdirection to date.

#3 TLV says one more time: Cumby wears prosthetics and those “leaked” shots were a JJ staging to throw everyone off the scent. When the truth comes out, you can offer me your most voluptous Vulcan virgins as tribute to my perspicacity. :)

298. Azrael - July 10, 2012

@293. Yes they are, according to Paramount, Bob Orci, and EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED IN MAKING THE FRAKING MOVIE.

299. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@298: TLV has said many times before: NO TOS UNIS IN JJST2. We get the weird new gray things. Get your virgins lubed up and ready for transport. :)

300. MJ - July 10, 2012

@297. What us TLV? Should I be aware of this?

@288 “I honestly don’t mind the secrecy thing. I do get it. But the thing that gets me is the misdirection. That’s just toying with us.”

Montreal Paul, “old friend!” we finally are 100% in agreement on something — good point!

@282 “And don’t be surprised if Paramount pushes back the release date for the sequel.”

If Paramount did then, my take away would be the film is not that strong.

301. MJ - July 10, 2012

BTW, now that I have “slept on this,” and given that Anthony seems to not be backing down from his “original sources” info, and that he is not posting at all here in this thread, I am feeling today more confident again about my Khan prediction.

The “MJ Khan Confidence Factor” has rebounded to 60% today. :-)

302. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@300: Yes, but only if you have a supply of Vulcan virgins on hand. BTW, I like them petite and with that nice little curl at the tip of the ears a la T’Pring. :)

303. Craiger - July 10, 2012

I wonder if another reason that they aren’t releasing the villains name and they don’t think he is a strong enough villain and all this is hype about Cumberbatch and how he is playing the villian is just hype. I am sure Cumberbatch is good as Sherlock and other roles he has played but as MJ said maybe the sequel is not the strong.

I think Orci said to me once about not wanting to know who the villain is a spoiler and he referenced I think T2 and people knowing Arnold wasn’t the villain that time and he thought that spoiled T2 for him.

How long ago did we know Bain and Zod were the villains in Man of Steel and The Amazing Spiderman? Did that spoil those movies for anyone?

304. Craiger - July 10, 2012

Sorry I mean The Dark Knight Returns not The Amazing Spiderman.

305. Shannon Nutt - July 10, 2012

You meant Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, Craiger. :)

306. Sebastian S. - July 10, 2012

# 297 TLV~
” #2 On what planet would Benicio play Gary Mitchell? It’s the same role Cumby got… IF we can believe any of the misdirection to date. ”

Probably a rewrite.
They were probably going to have Khan in an earlier draft (when they were courting del Toro for the part). Del Toro fell through; they did a rewrite. I (personally) don’t know if it’s Gary Mitchell or not. What I do know is that physically speaking, Cumberbatch is far more suited to the role of Gary Mitchell than Khan Noonian Singh (Mitchell was, IMO, a more interesting character too). If the villain is still Khan (and I 99.999 % doubt it), it would be a real casting blunder; especially if the leaked photos are accurate. Why would Khan (suddenly) be pasty-skinned, blue-eyed, wearing a Starfleet uniform AND sporting Starfleet-style sideburn style?

Come on, now. Whoever Cumberbatch is playing? I sincerely doubt it’s Khan. And to be honest? I’m not sold on Gary Mitchell, either. But IMO it’s a preferable (and more logical) alternative….

307. Sebastian S. - July 10, 2012

# 306

I meant “Starfleet-style sideburns.” Not “-style sideburns style.”

I really wish we had an EDIT function…. ;-)

308. Phil - July 10, 2012

Hey, it’s way too early to be waving red flags about a weak story. JJ is keeping what he can under wraps, but it’s a safe bet that domains will need to be registered in the next couple of months, and if second unit shooting is done eventually a test screening will occur. If then, they run into problems then we can comment about weak story…

309. Randall - July 10, 2012

The way to solve this is for Abrams, Orci, et al to knock off the stupid games and just reveal who the villain is. For god’s sake, WHAT does it hurt? As others have pointed out, we all knew WELL in advance who Batman was going up against in The Dark Knight. We know fairly well in advance who the villains were in the various Spiderman movies, including the new one. What the hell is the big deal? Does the studio really think this hypes the film, to have all this guessing going on? Maybe for a while—but we have a WHOLE YEAR to go before the thing comes out. I know I, for one, am already thoroughly sick of the back and forth about this. I don’t see how it increases anyone’s likelihood of seeing the movie, of convincing people who aren’t inclined to see it to actually do so. Star Trek fans will see it. Those who aren’t ST fans—what the hell do they care who the villain is in advance? They just want a good, fun movie.

I have ZERO belief that Cumberbatch is Khan. It makes no sense, and it would frankly be offensive in this day and age for a non-Indian to play that role. ST had to cast Montalban back in the 60s in that role because there weren’t many (if any) Indian actors in Hollywood at that time–and the role called for an actor of formidable weight, because the character is such a powerful presence. It had to be an actor who could equal the show’s cast. Even if you could have found Indian actors in that day to cast, it’s doubtful any of them would have had the experience and demonstrated screen presence that the role called for. So Montalban. TODAY things are VERY different, and it would be easy to cast that role using an actual Indian actor—and as it should be. Having an Englishman in to play an Indian would be ludicrous—and as I say—offensive. Like putting someone in black face.

But back to the point. Which is, it’s time to bring this silliness to an end. If Cumberbatch is playing Mitchell, then say so. Like any of us won’t go see the movie because of it. And like non-ST fans would care.

310. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

#306: Unlike the rest of LTV’s impeccable prognostications, there is insufficient information being processed by my tricorder to determine Cumby’s exact role. The highest statistical probability of a role that would fit both actors is some type of Klingon. I remind you that doing a FAST rewrite of Khan to Mitchell or vice versa would challenge even the prodigious writing genius of boborci, the Lord Of The Screenplay himself. :)

311. Vultan - July 10, 2012


Sebastian, I think you’ve quite logically stumbled on to who Cumby is playing in the new movie:

Ambrose Burnside


312. MJ - July 10, 2012

Seriously dudes, what is LTV?

313. Anthony Lewis - July 10, 2012

It is pretty clearly Khan. Why else would they be holding out on it for so long.

They want the Anderson Cooper effect here.

*The night the film opens*

JJ: The villain in Star Trek 2 is………………………KHAN
WORLD: Yeah we’ve know for a while now, it’s not that big of a deal.

314. Azrael - July 10, 2012

@312. No idea man, tried a google search and all I can find is a Hamptons public access channel, lifetime network, a steel company, and a bunch of foreign tv stations.

315. Phil - July 10, 2012

Okay, it’s an executive decision to keep movie details secret, and at some level I can understand why. On the otherhand, everyone knew how Titanic was going to end before James Camerons movie hit the theaters, and I’ve read The Hobbit, so there should be no suprises there, either. Patience is required here, and we need to have a little faith that the story will unfold as it should…

316. Xplodin_Nacelle - July 10, 2012

I think it’d be cool if it was Mitchell. I’d like to see him buddy up w/ Kirk @ Starfleet Academy. Maybe there’d be a jealousy thing w/ him & Spock??? (POSSIBLE ABOVE PICTURE SPOILERS) …………………………………….

Plus we all know that Gary introduced Jim to certain “little blonde lab tech” (that he almost married) – (POSSIBLE ALICE EVE CHARACTER)…………………………………..cool idea for sure!

317. lazarusnine - July 10, 2012

Khan would be boring. Gary Mitchell…that I could get behind! I count ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ amongst my favourite Star Trek episodes.

318. NuFan - July 10, 2012

Most people are perfectly happy with who the villain is. The old timey fans keep ignoring that.

319. Vultan - July 10, 2012


Okay… who is the villain?

320. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@312: It’s ME… The Last Vulcan, LTV! Did they put sleeping pills in your last glass of Romulan Ale? :) (Just kiddin’… soporific pharmaceuticals are nullified by the kali-fal’s alcohol molecular valences.)

321. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

Er… that was TLV, not LTV. Dyslexia was common on Vulcan too, until boborci blew it up. :)

322. Nano - July 10, 2012

Gary is only a half truth my money is on “Gary Seven” with Eve playing either the mysteries Isis or Roberta Lincoln!!!

323. kinooruen - July 10, 2012

All evidence seems to point to his role being “Charlie Noonian Mitchell X.”

324. Nano - July 10, 2012

I really don’t understand keeping the secrecy of the Villain, most Trek fans will or have figured it out already, and if not they will with the trailers. Secondly that bit of information it isn’t going to stop a true Trek fan from parting with their cash. Finally the my 2nd consideration for the villain is time traveling Wesley Crusher…

325. Harry Ballz - July 10, 2012


Wesley Crusher?!?!

&*$@ THAT!!

326. RNase-free Jeff - July 10, 2012

Ah, the intrigue continues. No matter who the villain ends up being, I think JJ and the gang are getting what they want, which is interest and attention to the movie (which is sadly still 11 months away).

My hope/money is still on Garth of Izar, except, you know, without the whole transformation ability from Whom Gods Destroy. I still think he would be a fantastic villain to pit Kirk against.

327. Craiger - July 10, 2012

Could the who is the villain, who isn’t the villain start becoming like the boy who cried wolf? Would we even believe JJ if he said who the villain was? This would make me think that the sequel isn’t going to be good because they might not think their villain choice isn’t that great.

328. Craiger - July 10, 2012

On the other hand wouldn’t knowing who the villain build up hype for the movie? Or are they afraid if they say who it is becaue people will think the villain sucks and wont want to go see the sequel?

329. Daoud - July 10, 2012

I think they meant OLV, On Location Vacations…

where location shooting information was often found for Star Trek.

330. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@329: This is getting to be like that game where you whisper something to one person and by the time it gets back to you around the circle it’s completely different.





Get it? :)

331. Daoud - July 10, 2012

@326 I’ve had Garth since the sequel was greenlighted as the logical choice. Why not have Garth, already the hero of Axanar, almost killed during Nero’s incursion, and just freshly “cured” by the Antosians…. thus we get to watch him *get* mad.

Plus, if he’s Garth with shape changing ability, then of course his Gary Mitchell will be memorable, as will his Khan… he can shape change to look like them!.

332. MJ - July 10, 2012

@330. Ahhhhhhhhh! :-)

I thought that was in reference to some internet-based site reporting news on Trek. @297 said:

” TLV says one more time: Cumby wears prosthetics and those “leaked” shots were a JJ staging to throw everyone off the scent.”

So I thought this was some web site or Cable channel 789 or something?


333. The Unknown Poster - July 10, 2012

Damn it! It better not be Khan!! I will never see this movie if its Khan!! I will never pay another cent for Star Trek if its Khan!!!! &^@!* that it better NOT be Khan!!!!!!

Khan has been done already!!! These writers are HACKS! Hacks, I tell you!! Rehashing Khan shows no creativity!!! We’ve SEEN him already!!!

They better NOT be rehashing someone we’ve already seen before!!!! NO KHAN!!

But Gary Mitchell? Cool beans.

334. MJ - July 10, 2012

“Khan has been done already”

“But Gary Mitchell? Cool beans.”

LOL. Did you even read what you wrote, dude, before you hit the “say it” button? You just contradicted your entire rant. :-)

335. Phil - July 10, 2012

20,000 credits that TUP’s head explodes….

336. Tracey - July 10, 2012

#333 was probably sarcasm

337. Ahmed - July 10, 2012

I’d rather have Gary Mitchell in the movie, after all we seen the character only once in the second TOS pilot.

338. Phil - July 10, 2012

Cumberbatch is Walter Winchell?

339. section9 - July 10, 2012

God dammit, I want my Space Hippies!

We reach, Mo Fo!

340. guest - July 10, 2012

The pr strategy is all wrong at the moment. Forget the who is the villain strand and just give me more beach shots of Cumberbatch. THAT will keep the buzz going on tumblr

341. Aurore - July 10, 2012

213. Andy – July 9, 2012

“Typically Bob Orci uses the name boborci, with a lower case b. Is this the true orci?…..”

Truth be told, at times, when following the discussion on this thread, I must admit that I wondered the same myself….However, it had strictly nothing to do with the way his name was typed….

So strange…

342. RNase-free Jeff - July 10, 2012

@339 The ultimate fan endurance test: How many times can you hear Kirk be called “Herbert” before you leave the theater?

343. Phil - July 10, 2012

Someone pops up here on occasion with a lower case phil. To the best of my knowledge, not an instaban offense, though there might be an exception for Big BobOrci….AP can see IP addresses, so I’m guessing an impersonator would get the quick boot.

344. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@332: I was referring to the times that I, the great, omnipotent, and next to Oekon, Vulcan deity: ME=TLV have stated all of the tenets of what IS going to be in JJST2 due to my advanced Sele-an-t’li wisdom and powers of observation. And by all the Vulcan souls in Hamlan who cry out to boborci with a single voice which states: “Why the F### did you have to blow up our nice little planet” I will be proven correct by release date. :)

345. StevenPDX - July 10, 2012

Wow…340 posts and climbing. Talk about a topic that generates buzz!

If I read Orci’s comment “Bones…what are you doing?” I have to believe that’s a tongue-in-cheek dismissal of Gary Mitchell as the villain. These guys are some of the hottest creative minds in Hollywood. They cranked out a 2009 Trek that, for the most part, appealed to both the fan base and the general public. And they have enough Trek in their blood to know what we’ll accept and what we’ll howl about.

Whether it’s Mitchell or Khan or Xindi (okay…just kidding), I’m sure the movie will be two hours of Trek-worthy fun.

346. StevenPDX - July 10, 2012

P.S. In support of the Gary Mitchell theory: Spock is a strong dude. And in the photo at the top of the story, he’s getting the stuffing kicked out of him (a one-handed choke that both of Spock’s hands can’t break?)

Gary Mitchell had some pretty cool powers and he was strong. And they can add the eyes in post-production.

I’m just sayin…

347. Jack - July 10, 2012

The griping about “we’ve seen Khan already” is like the griping about Spiderman’s origin story — “we’ve seen this before!”


People have always complained about the supposed lack of fresh ideas. “Since 1903, Hollywood has made 29 versions of The Three Musketeers” says the story.

348. Jack - July 10, 2012

343. The site doesn’t always remember login information anymore, so maybe bob just put his in lower case.

349. MJ - July 10, 2012

@347 “People have always complained about the supposed lack of fresh ideas. “Since 1903, Hollywood has made 29 versions of The Three Musketeers” says the story.”

Yea, and that is the reason why I have only bothered to see 3 out of the 29 movie versions of that story…great point, although I don’t think it was the one you intended to make. ;-)

350. The Unknown Poster - July 10, 2012

It was indeed sarcasm.

Im in favour of Khan.

351. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@183, now if you are the real boborci… why would you have stated a quote that was only found in TOS: A Private Little War? Cumby is Tyree? Hmm…. Things that makes you go hmm… well, after all, Arsenio IS back…

352. RNase-free Jeff - July 10, 2012

@347: The one caveat I hold with the Spiderman reboot is that it wasn’t revisiting the origin 30 years later, it was revisiting it 10 years later (rotten Sony)!

I think the big difference in the concern over Khan is that there isn’t an obvious new avenue to take the character in, unlike the Joker in the Dark Knight. Jack Nicholson’s Joker, while iconic, was pretty silly, and it was an obvious choice to make the character darker and more dangerous in The Dark Knight.

But Khan was already dangerous and dark in TWOK, so where do you go with him? You can’t do the opposite and make him more tongue-in-cheek. Therefore, the only thing to do would be to do a carbon-copy characterization. And while Cumberbatch could definitely bring his own mannerisms and flare to the character, he’ll still be the angry power-hungry megalomaniac Khan. I just don’t see them being able to paint Khan in a fresh light with him as the villain.

But who knows, if they have chosen Khan, then I’ll still be there to watch it and I bet it’ll be a blast. As long as Cumberbatch’s Khan requests all the ladies to rearrange their hair for him.

353. draderman - July 10, 2012


354. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 10, 2012

Cumberbatch is Greedo!

Will Kirk shoot first?

355. WillH85 - July 10, 2012

I hope this is right, he would make a great and much more original villain than Khan would of been. So many great stories that could be told around Gary Mitchell.

356. No Khan - July 10, 2012

Sideburns Pike/Greenwood didn’t even have sideburns. You throw that evidence out. The question is can Khan look like Cumberbatch looks in those stills? I say no. Does he look like Mitchell yes more so with dark dyed hair. I just get happy anytime there’s a chance that we are not getting Khan again. My feeling is BC is playing someone new.

357. Al - July 10, 2012

I don’t think it is Gary Mitchell. I think it’s going to be a new villian. If it was going to be Mitchell, they should’ve cast Joshua Duhamel ( Who played Captain Lennox in The Transformers films) Josh looks more like the original Gary Mitchell.
At this point, we know there is going to be a villian or villians. I just want a kick ass movie, with hopefully some exploration along the way. Trek 2009 didn’t have an exploration or anything “Trek” for that matter.
Dr. Soren from Star trek Generations could’ve been a great villian, if the writers and producers would’ve stop playing star trek safe.
I really love what JJ abrams did with the camera movements in Trek 09. He kept it fluid and moving.
Unfortunately, the last several Trek movies, kept the camera still, like what you saw in the tv series. We can’t have that in a big screen movie.
That’s why they are called motion pictures.
I’ll be there opening day ( granted that I’m still alive…lol) and will be seeing it once again on the IMAX screen here at Lincoln center in NYC. ( Folks…that’s the real IMAX here…not those other fake IMAX theathers littered throughout the city)

358. Planet Pandro - July 10, 2012

For the sake of being really out there, IF Cumberbatch was Garth, who had shape shifting abilities, then he could be Khan, Gary Mitchell, Sybok,Apollo, etc all in the same movie! Scary indeed!

359. No Khan - July 10, 2012

@357, So you would rather have Joshua Duhamel cast just because he looks like Gary Lockwood rather than a great actor like BC?

360. Al - July 10, 2012

After the 3rd trek film, you know what would be cool ? For them to give The next Generation crew a proper sendoff !!! Not a reboot, but set it in the PRIME universe. I would love them to do an adaption of Peter David’s excellent book: IMZADI.
Why these producers haven’t tapped some of the Trek novels is beyond me.

361. Al - July 10, 2012

@357…yes…besides he’s a good actor. Don’t take transformers for his acting chops. The man is a decent actor. They cast that guy as Spock didn’t they, because he has a striking resemblance to a young Nimoy.
Matt damon would’ve made a better Kirk, but Chris did alright. Not a standout in my opinion. His performance was passable.

362. sean - July 10, 2012

It’s all misdirection. Cumberbatch is really playing…Gamera! The prosthetics mentioned are the turtle shell he’ll have to wear throughout the film. You heard it here first!

363. Battle-scarred Sciatica - July 10, 2012

@223 Rod (Dunedin, New Zealand) – July 9, 2012

BLOODY HELL! someone else from Dunedin posts here?

Wow, I thought I was the only one!

Bollocks to Speights. I’d much rather drink the Invercargill brews.

Good on ya, mate!!


Anyway – whatever Karl says, I don’t give a shit!

364. Viking. The One And Only. - July 10, 2012

What it boils down to is, I’m going to be moderately irritated (as opposed to red-eyed pissed, I suppose) if ANY TOS antagonist is pulled out of the proverbial recycle bin for the sake of HAVING an antagonist. I can dig having a Trelane, Harry Mudd, Gary Mitchell, Khan, or even Apollo, for that matter, as a as long as they’re not a mimeograph of a 45-years-ago writer’s fantasy. Make Khan the repentant tyrant as a secondary plot device, manning up at a pivotal point in the story. Or, Mitchell the angst-ridden, misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster, trying to show he’s retained his humanity while things are coming apart in a much deeper crisis. Or a Harry Mudd who didn’t become an gluttonous, opportunistic coward and a nuisance. It’s an alternate timeline – a cinematic opportunity to look back and, to paraphrase Shatner’s Kirk in ST:V, ask what would have happened to these characters if they would have ‘turned left when I turned right?’

365. MJ - July 10, 2012

@360 “After the 3rd trek film, you know what would be cool ? For them to give The next Generation crew a proper sendoff !!! Not a reboot, but set it in the PRIME universe. I would love them to do an adaption of Peter David’s excellent book: IMZADI. Why these producers haven’t tapped some of the Trek novels is beyond me.”

You are being sarcastic, right?

366. Gary - July 10, 2012

Damon was never going to happen .
He is too expensive and typecast as Bourne , and that image doesnt fit Trek IMO

367. Craiger - July 10, 2012

I have breaking news here is the real sequel villain.


368. dmduncan - July 10, 2012

Neil Patrick Harris would make a great Trelane. But other than about 42 stalwart Trek fans, who the hell else wants to see Trelane on THE BIG SCREEN?

369. Craiger - July 10, 2012

Or Cumberbatch could just be a rouge Starfleet officer, not Mitchell that is trying to stir things up between the Federation and the Klingons.

370. Aurore - July 10, 2012

“For the sake of being really out there, IF Cumberbatch was Garth, who had shape shifting abilities, then he could be Khan, Gary Mitchell, Sybok,Apollo, etc all in the same movie! Scary indeed!”

I personally would not find the idea of a villain with shape shifting abilities original. Nor would I find it interesting.

But, I’ve been wrong before; for a while after its release, I thought Star Trek 2009 was nothing more than a remake of a TOS episode ( or movie )…


371. Ralph Pinheiro - July 10, 2012

would it be a coincidence?

1- In the comic Spock uses the nerve pinch in Mitchell, he falls, loses some of the powers and Kirk shoots him with a phaser – In paparazzi photos, Spock tries to use the nerve pinch in Cumberbatch and fails.

2- In the comic Mitchell plays chess 3D with Kirk – in rumor Abrams was looking for a chess player to scene in the movie.

3- In the comic Mitchell’s coffin is shot into space – Peter Weller talks about having a ship and being an executive.

372. AJ - July 10, 2012

I think Cumberbatch plays JJ Abrams in the film. It will be a wonderful “4th wall” epic on the scale of “Blazing Saddles.”

373. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 10, 2012

Okay, people… seriously, don’t you realize that “interview leaks” are the most dependable source of information on a movie? The actor’s in an interview, he’s been working on a set for months where the name is casually tossed around, and sure he’s been told not to tell anyone, but when you sit down and get interivewed, you relax, you’re not thinking about the “strict” rules, and you let stuff slip. Happens all the time. I would take this information to be more reliable than what the writers say. You know they have nothing against lying in order to protect plot points. Karl Urban made a mistake during the interview – actors do that all the time. They’re just regular people, you know.

374. Jack - July 10, 2012

371. (Laughs) Exactly.

375. RAMA - July 10, 2012

I don’t know if it’s real or not, BUT I did say that Gary Mitchell would be in it :-P

376. Red Dead Ryan - July 10, 2012

We don’t know the plot. We don’t know who the villain is. We don’t know if we’ll see a toilet on the Enterprise.

What we do know is that someone, either a Red Shirt, or one of the bad guys, will get shot.

377. Oddness - July 10, 2012

Haha Karl Urban looks more like Gary Mitchell than Cumberbatch.
Has anyone come out to officially denounce this or is it still floating around unchallenged?

378. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

@376: With the new gray overall type uniforms there are no more red shirts. Maybe red shoulders! :)

379. Jack - July 10, 2012

373. Are people *here* actually taking this seriously? I can see that happening on all the news sites where the writers know nothing about Trek and haven’t been following the news of the movie. But, come on, he concludes an interview mentioning a guy his boss just confirmed wasn’t in the movie.

Dude’s clearly kidding.

Unfortunately, Urban’s an actor, not a comedian.

380. The Last Vulcan - July 10, 2012

This is how it works:

Urban says Cumby plays Mitchell.
He will but not exactly.
He’ll play Gary Lockwood’s most famous role:
Dr. Frank Poole!

Now open the pod bay doors, computer! :)

381. Oddness - July 10, 2012

That was my take also… I actually laughed after reading it.
But then I thought…That would be kind of cool and got a little

382. Tom - July 10, 2012

This confirms it. It’s Khan.

It’s a red herring.

If the villain wasn’t Khan, JJ wouldn’t need to challenge anything, because everyone is talking about how it’s Khan, and they’d be safely off in left field.

Since JJ (via Karl) dropped this bit of (obvious) misinformation, it’s clear that they felt it important to draw people in a different direction.

It’s Khan, folks.

383. dmduncan - July 10, 2012

379: “Unfortunately, Urban’s an actor, not a comedian.”

I dunno, man. I think it’s pretty funny.

384. dmduncan - July 10, 2012

See? I read the quote again, and again I cracked up.

385. AJ - July 10, 2012

Urban said Gary Mitchell. Might as well have said Finnegan. He’s a joker and he’s pulling all our legs

386. Daoud - July 10, 2012

I like the idea still that Peter Weller plays Captain Ron Tracey, who upon finding out about Khan and the Botany Bay from Prime Spock’s intelligence debriefing about threats… and seeks him out. Where does that put Cumberbatch? On board the Botany Bay, awakened by the Exeter (which Boborci confirmed is a starship name used in the sequel)…. Had it been Del Toro, Khan was a no-miss option. With Cumby, is it like Spartacus, and all the males are named Khan on the Botany Bay? That’s pretty much the Khan option.

387. Andy Patterson - July 10, 2012

339. section9 – July 10, 2012
“I want my Space Hippies!

We reach, Mo Fo!”

I stand corrected. Ben Stiller and you and me.

388. Gary neumann - July 10, 2012

I would love to get a villain in a star trek movie with my name. Gary. Why not? After all the anot so many Gary’s like they used to.

389. Gary neumann - July 10, 2012

*There are not. Sorry!

390. Phil - July 10, 2012

@378. There is an outtake reel floating around from Trek2009, with a few images of some of the cast members in that grey dress uniform that didn’t make the cut. Can’t read too much into that for meaning in the upcoming movie, if they had planned to use them last time around, too.

391. Buzz Cagney - July 10, 2012

#382 yes, its Derek Khan from Chelsea. He is intent on World Domination but he also enjoys going up the West End for a musical and a nice meal.
Let it go, it ain’t Khan.

392. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012

Bob Orci

we know you can’t reveal anything about the movie, but how about an idea on a timeframe for when we can expect a trailer to drool over and dissect?

Pretty please?

393. Some random Trekkie - July 11, 2012

Still funny here :D I love all the comments.

Ummm, I thought about Pine’s interview when he mentioned that BC’s villain will “help Kirk grow” – normally this involves personal connections (e.g. former friendship) to the villain. It is not necessary that it’s Mitchell – just think about the possibilities the new timelime offers. So it could be a brand new guy Kirk knows from the academy (or from Iowa – maybe the kid that is walking along the road when JTK ‘borrowed’ stepfather’s car – who knows?! Ok… just manic… xD)

394. RNase-free Jeff - July 11, 2012

@370 I would think that, if they chose Garth of Izar for the villain, the shape-shifting aspect would be a)silly, and b)unnecessary for the character, since they could use him at the moment when he goes mad, but still has command of his ship. Maybe he’d piss off the Klingons and the Enterprise is sent to stop him. Then it would be cool to see how Kirk can hold up against one of Starfleet’s master tacticians. Now I think that would make a pretty sweet villain.

395. Keachick - July 11, 2012

#223 – “Good on ya, mate!” (Darn – BsS beat me to it)

“Kneel to Ballz!” OK, Harry, as you wish, just don’t expect a licking…:)

I have no idea what to make of all this. I doubt that the villain is Gary Mitchell, but anything is possible at this point. I tend to think that Karl was referring to Cumberbatch’s portrayal of a Gary Mitchell TYPE character.

396. andrewtellis - July 11, 2012

I believe they’re going to combine elements of Space Seed and WNMHGB by making Gary Mitchell genetically enhanced instead of psionically powered.

397. Ralph Pinheiro - July 11, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,
I´d like to have a question cleared up.

will the movie be a sequel to this comic book (Star Trek Ongoing)?

398. TheKeeper - July 11, 2012

Early on it was said the there would be a non traditional villain in the film.
It was also said that the comics had already thrown out hints of who the villain would be.

Given these two fact alone Gary Mitchell would be a vary non traditional villain and a hint of his return was indeed thrown into the comics at the end of the retelling of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (one glowing eye)

While Bob Orci may have denied Mitchell being in the film bare in mind JJ Abrams persistence in keeping secrecy about the project and his love to surprise the audience, even when the correct answer is put to them, denial of it must prevail by all involved.
Misleading to the fans, Yes, but entirely necessary

In the first glimpse video clip taken by a stage hand of Cumberbatch puling Spock’s hand away from his neck after trying to apply the Vulcan Nerve Pinch every one jumped on the fact that only a human with super human strength like Khan would be able to do that, the second guess was Gary Mitchell.

A third guess might be Dr. Roger Korby, an android seeking to give all humans the prefect physical bodies
thus preventing death, illness and other biological hardships of being flesh and blood.

399. Norbert Steinert - July 11, 2012

Love Karl Urban. He plays jokes on the fans and is delighted by the confusion he caused among us. LOL. This man is really funny.

400. SB - July 11, 2012

Guys. Guys. Guysguysguys. Guys. (Also Girls. I’m using “Guys” generically. Deal with it. Where was I? Oh yeah.)


I have the perfect solution to finding who the villain is. (Honestly, this is SO cool, swearzies. You’ll be so kicking yourself you didn’t think of it. My own brilliance amazes me. I’ve gotten off the track again, haven’t I? Sorry. Here we go:)

Guys–no wait, I did that. Sorry. Ahem.

Okay. Okay. Okayokayokay. Here’s my plan:

1. You wait until the movie comes out.
2. You buy a ticket…

401. Montreal_Paul - July 11, 2012

382. Tom – July 10, 2012
“This confirms it. It’s Khan.”

How so? It confirms nothing. For all we know it could be Gary Seven or Finnegan or someone new.

402. The Unknown Poster - July 11, 2012

Here’s my wild guess.

He is not Khan but he *is* one of Khan’s crew.

Because its the Klingons that find the Botony Bay before the Enterprise in this timeline, BC’s character is awoken first. He kills Khan and takes over leadership of the group.

403. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 11, 2012

This reminds me of this news here:

There it is said that an “informant close to the production” said: “It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

404. Sebastian S. - July 11, 2012

# 382. Tom~

I really don’t think so.
Khan is somewhat unlikely. Khan didn’t have pale skin, bright blue eyes, a Starfleet uniform or the Starfleet sideburn style. Physically at least, it’d be an odd casting choice (and potentially offensive in this day and age)

# 402 UP~

A possible member of the Botany Bay crew?
This is a possibility (in fact, it was an idea I courted myself when the Khan rumor was in full bloom). But I still think it’s unlikely (for some of the reasons above).

Whomever the villain is, my guess is that it’s a rogue Starfleet officer. Gary Mitchell is possible, and certainly a better casting fit for Cumberbatch, but I’m not 100% sold on that one either, at this point.

I’m starting to believe that the Khan rumor and possible Gary Mitchell disinformation (Urban may have been kidding; he’s an ST fan, he knows the material) are ALL just ruses to keep us guessing and wallowing in bulls**t until the official trailers come out…

But (on a final note), I’d be totally OK with the villain actually being Gary Mitchell; he’s a character worthy of revisitation. IMO, a more interesting character than Khan. The fact that he and Kirk are old academy chums could give new insight and shading into who Kirk is. The fact that we never ‘saw’ him in ST09 is irrelevant. We only saw three actual days of Kirk’s three years at the academy….

405. Jai - July 11, 2012

This is probably misdirection; Karl Urban is pulling everyone’s leg (and drumming up some more publicity for the movie). Probably with the Supreme Court’s amused approval, given the predictable reaction to the ongoing who-is-the-villain mystery.

Meanwhile, in a certain other franchise where the people involved don’t play silly games with the audience/fans prior to the movie’s release, “The Dark Knight Rises” has blown everyone away in special advance screenings: http://movies.uk.msn.com/features/how-good-is-the-dark-knight-rises

Don’t worry, no major spoilers in that article. Just plenty of encouraging information. Apparently the movie even got a standing ovation and left people “speechless”. Exciting stuff.

406. NoKhanPlease - July 11, 2012

Interesting that at least from what I’ve read on fan comments, the general reaction to Khan has been negative, but the general reaction to Mitchell is positive.

If we are to believe sources, the character is neither.

407. n1701ncc - July 11, 2012

I find this very interesting. Several weeks ago bob orci responded to my post saying that could he really sell a movie to Star Trek fans that universe was being threatened by Gary Mitchel or better yet the Wrath of Gary. So now what do I think. I think there are 2 possiblities

1. Its is Gary Mitchel and Bob was playing games with us


2. It is a Gary Mitchel type character. It is possible Kirk had more than one friend at Star Fleet. Maybe thats what Mr. Urban was saying when he said ” I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”
He might have been comparing the 2 characters.

Anyway can we please get a title for the damn movie soon. I think the wait is long enough. Also a small trailer would be nice too.

Come on Bob can we get something soon!!!!!

408. Ados - July 11, 2012

Whole panet is getting into this thread..

409. Daoud - July 11, 2012

Gary Khan? Yeah, let’s hope we get something soon out of The Boboracle.
Or they can title their next film, “People Don’t Like Us”.
“I don’t like you either.” (Star Wars reference for these Star-Wars-loving Star Trek producers.)

410. Aurore - July 11, 2012

394. RNase-free Jeff – July 11, 2012
@370 I would think that, if they chose Garth of Izar for the villain, the shape-shifting aspect would be a)silly, and b)unnecessary for the character, since they could use him at the moment when he goes mad, but still has command of his ship. Maybe he’d piss off the Klingons and the Enterprise is sent to stop him. Then it would be cool to see how Kirk can hold up against one of Starfleet’s master tacticians. Now I think that would make a pretty sweet villain.

I like what you are saying.

Nevertheless, should the villain be human, must he be genetically enhanced, godlike, or with abilities putting (most) humans at a (physical) disadvantage?

When I first heard of the Gary Mitchell “reveal” I confess to not being interested in the context in which Karl Urban had uttered the name of the character. The very fact that the character mentioned was not Khan Noonien Singh was more than enough to make me happy.

And, all I could really say amounted to ; “I hope the movie is good.”
For, I am not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing such characters. Again.

“Mere” humans , their motivations etc…can be scary, as well.
Harry Lime, Hans Gruber, Keyser Söze scared me,or at least were interesting bad guys to me, and, I enjoyed hating them. Keyser Söze is still a mystery to me, though. And, I’m not even sure I hated them.

In fact, I didn’t.

411. Ralph Pinheiro - July 11, 2012

I think Urban was saying, “…some kind of Gary Mitchell”.

412. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

Maybe this is all some kind of viral marketing campaign. We’re all talking about Star Trek without there being any new filmed stories outside of fan stuff. Perhaps the fake trailer that hit the Internet is really not fake. I mean look at the quality of the trailer. Link.


413. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - July 11, 2012

If Cumberbatch is Mitchell, Alice Eve must be Elizabeth Dehner. Really. She must.

414. Thomas - July 11, 2012

412. Basement Blogger

No, it’s definitely fake. There are clips of Kirk that are definitely lifted from the last movie, as well as footage from other movies as well (namely, Alien Resurrection). Besides, the YouTube description explicitly says it’s fan-made.

415. Aurore - July 11, 2012

“Perhaps the fake trailer that hit the Internet is really not fake. I mean look at the quality of the trailer.”

I surrender Bernie.
I’ve just watched it again, and, this time I can’t ignore the truth.

Khan will be in the sequel.


416. Captain Peabody - July 11, 2012

Maybe Urban’s referring to “his Gary Mitchell” not in the sense of him actually playing the literal character Gary Mitchell, but merely in the sense of him playing the same type of character? Kind of the way you might say “his King Lear” or “his Macbeth”? Urban is a Trek fan, after all…

So that would mean that he’s playing a Starfleet officer that gets transformed into a superhuman, and possibly one who knows Kirk pretty well…which, basically, is really not much new info. What say you, boborci?

417. T'Cal - July 11, 2012

I love the Gary Seven idea that ends up being a pilot for a TV series called Assignment: Earth. If we can’t have TV Trek until the movies are over – and I don’t know why that it – a Trek inspired show would be worthwhile.

418. Red Dead Ryan - July 11, 2012

Why would the writers do a Gary Mitchell comic then have him (or a “Mitchell-type” character) show up in the sequel? That’s just lazy writing.

Especially in the case of Gary Mitchell, who was killed off in the comics. Why bring him back to (presumably) be killed off again?

Or will the writers disregard the comics, after saying the comics, in the new universe, are considered canon?

If it’s a character similar to Gary Mitchell, then the Trekkie audience is going to compare Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain to Mitchell.

It’s going to be Khan or some other bad guy.

419. Marshall McMellon - July 11, 2012

I think it’s going to be Lt. Glenn Quagmire. According to The Family Guy timeline TOS canon, he did briefly serve on the USS Enterprise.

420. Marshall McMellon - July 11, 2012

… and in that flashback/cutaway/Manatee gag- he asked Kirk to introduce him to Uhura.

Hence the big fight scene with Spock.

I’m going with it.

421. MJ - July 11, 2012

@399 “Love Karl Urban. He plays jokes on the fans and is delighted by the confusion he caused among us. LOL. This man is really funny.”

If that is the case, then I for one, don’t think this is one bit funnty. F’ing with the fans in an environment where the won’ even give on on freaking still shot from the movie or even do some minor teaser at ComiCon…IS NOT FUNNY!

If you want to have a complete secrecy program…fine…but to do that and also F with the fans with misdirection/lies…that is completely asinine as shows a complete disrpect for this fans.

No, Norbert Fenton Mudd, I am not amused.

422. Red Dead Ryan - July 11, 2012


Agreed. The fact that these guys have deliberately misled (and potentially flat-out lied to) us is getting tiresome and shows a lot of disrespect to the fans, as you say.

The way its going, we won’t be getting any substantial piece of news for another six damn months. Sheesh!

I mean, c’mon, Christopher Nolan released the names of the villians from “The Dark Knight Rises” almost a year ago. That has only helped to build up the hype.

423. Red Dead Ryan - July 11, 2012

Damn, my post was meant for MJ.

424. jim - July 11, 2012

Perhaps he did an impression of Gary Mitchell on set using his patented smoldering stare? I do a rather good Chewbacca, but that don’t mean I am in Star Wars. Ya get me?

425. MJ - July 11, 2012

@423. Thanks RDR.

And BTW, “Bucky”, if he is still around, owes me an apology for freaking out on me 1.5 montsh ago for suggesting that some in the Supreme Court may be lying/misdirecting us.

426. trekprincess - July 11, 2012

Bob Orci pretty please tell us who Benedict is going to be this isn’t fair for us Trek fans :(

427. Aurore - July 11, 2012

394. RNase-free Jeff – July 11, 2012

P.S.: As I said, and, if I understood you correctly, I like what you wrote; Garth of Izar without the shape shifting aspect could be worth watching. And, Unless I’m mistaken, I believe you are the only poster who made that suggestion as far as the character is concerned. Hence what I wrote earlier in 410, despite your ideas regarding the character. Since, from what I’ve read so far, most of the fans who wish to see him probably expect him to have his”transformative gift”.

So, would the powers that be go for “your” version of Garth of Izar?
I don’t know.

In any event, I must say that I would personally much prefer to see a totally new character to the canon.

428. Smike - July 11, 2012

Gary Mitchell / Dr. Dehner would be perfectyl fine with me. But I wonder what would happen if a ship full of already genetically enhanced supermen would be confronted with the radiation of the Galactic Barrier… Khan is Mifrchell’s position… Think about it! Even the Hulk wouldn’t stand a chance then :-)

429. Elias Javalis - July 11, 2012

A lie ? Perhaps. The half truth is that Cumberbatch is some kind of Starfleet something. The other half truth could be..”Ok, lets give em a fake combat between Zackary and Benedict (the notorious scene), and let the rumors spawn…whatever!!

430. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012

What I can’t get over is the following:

They film a major motion picture, with hundreds of people involved, and NOBODY spills the beans?

I mean, c’mon……..in the last few months, there hasn’t been some fat teamster who worked on the movie, maybe moving scenery around, out drunk at a sports bar, spilling his guts about the production to anyone who would listen?


431. Aurore - July 11, 2012

“I mean, c’mon……..in the last few months, there hasn’t been some fat teamster who worked on the movie, maybe moving scenery around, out drunk at a sports bar, spilling his guts about the production to anyone who would listen?”

Aaahhh…. these people in Hollywood, could really teach some people a thing or two about the art of keeping one’s mouth shut……

You say “Astounding” I say “Impressive”, baby.


432. Montreal_Paul - July 11, 2012

421. MJ

Yes, I can’t believe we agree on something! “times, they are a changin’…”

Secrecy regarding a project is the Director’s (and Studio’s) discretion. And no matter how much it drives us crazy to get details… it really is okay. I think most people get it and respect it. The blatant misdirection just pisses me off. Instead of toying with everyone… just keep your mouth shut and say that you can’t comment on it. I am pretty sure that Anthony’s “inside source” is also guilty of this as well. And, who knows, that whole casting bit about Benecio Del Toro and the other Latin actors may have been part of that too. Do we even know for sure that Del Toro was offered the part?

It’s all about keeping a continuous buzz about a movie.

433. 1701guy - July 11, 2012

Well it does fit with other known facts.

Alice Eve could be Dr. Dehner.

The film title could simply be “Where No Man Has Gone Before” – with our without the “Star Trek” in there.

A godlike villain would certainly be “bigger” and “bolder” than the previous movie.

It forces Kirk to mature.

434. Phil K - July 11, 2012

You assume that Karl Urban “accidentally” let it slip. He’s a New Zealander. He’s not that daft. Likely he’s just had a little fun with Trekkites to lead them away from Khan. I still believe Cumberbatch will be Khan

435. Phil K - July 11, 2012

…if he was Mitchell, he wouldn’t be grabbing Spock by the throat. He’d merely GESTURE. Khan on the other hand would show his Uber-menschen strength BY grabbing a strong alien like Spock by the throat and lifting him off his feet.

436. Aurore - July 11, 2012

“You assume that Karl Urban “accidentally” let it slip.”

On another thread I said that I did not believe that Karl Urban had accidentally revealed anything.

I’m personally very grateful to him; people (especially on other sites) are now talking about a Star Trek character other than Khan.

It’s somewhat refreshing. From my perspective.

437. Space City Con - July 11, 2012

Trek2 actor Joseph Gatt will be in Houston, Aug 10 – 12. We should go ask him.

438. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

There’s no way in the world Urban was letting something slip, which pretty much confirms to me that Gary Mitchell is not the character Cumberbatch will be playing.

As I’ve said before, I don’t care if he’s playing Khan, Mitchell, Greedo or Bernie Madoff as long as it is done well. I just want a thoughtful, exciting and engaging film. The writing will make or break it. If we have a good story that honors Star Trek, with some decent character development, it won’t matter who is the “villain.”

439. sean - July 11, 2012


“Meanwhile, in a certain other franchise where the people involved don’t play silly games with the audience/fans”

Really? Like the whole Marion Cotillard playing Talia Al Ghul or denying that Liam Neeson would be reappearing as Rhas Al Ghul or Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow? Nolan plays the same ‘I’m not telling game’, he’s no different than JJ in that regard. Both love viral campaigns and slowly revealing things on their own timetable.

440. sean - July 11, 2012

Also, I still don’t buy that Simon Pegg would directly lie about it not being Khan. Mislead, misdirection, sure. But he definitively stated it wasn’t Khan (or at least that Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan).

441. SFC3 - July 11, 2012

I can’t believe anything anymore…

442. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

Christopher Nolan was indeed very secretive about Dark Knight Rises and the other Batman films, but we knew Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker long before the film came out.

We also knew Anne Hathaway was playing Selina Kyle long ago. However, we still have almost a year before we see the next Star Trek film, and Cumberbatch’s role will probably be revealed quite some time before the release.

It’s hard to weight the secrecy of one director against the other. They’re both very much alike in that respect, though it does seem to me that Nolan isn’t quite as obsessive about it. Maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, this guessing game is starting to make me weary, but I’ve never liked playing games. I like things out in the open for everybody to discuss. I’d much rather discuss what IS, rather than what MIGHT be.

So I’ll personally be glad when we know more details.

443. dmduncan - July 11, 2012

430. Harry Ballz – July 11, 2012

What I can’t get over is the following:

They film a major motion picture, with hundreds of people involved, and NOBODY spills the beans?

I mean, c’mon……..in the last few months, there hasn’t been some fat teamster who worked on the movie, maybe moving scenery around, out drunk at a sports bar, spilling his guts about the production to anyone who would listen?



If they can keep a secret in Hollywood, they can do it in the Pentagon.

444. AJ - July 11, 2012


Pretty easy to make that happen: Agree with the unions to restrict pre-agreed bonuses to all members until a certain date when the lid comes off.

With Paramount’s current record of tentpole releases, I think there’s a 30% chance they actually made the film, but that’s just me.

445. Jack - July 11, 2012

If only they’d just come out and say they’re not telling, period, until this thing gets closer. Make up some bullshit excuse like ‘our fans are very smart and better versed in Star Trek lore than we are, if we given them too many details, somebody will figure the entire plot out — with a year to go, we’d like to keep the cat in the bag as long as we can.

Nobody’s entitled to know anything about a movie, a year before it comes out. Anybody who says they want to know solely because it will help market the movie and raise awareness is either lying or fooling themselves. We want to know because ‘how dare they not tell us?’ that’s it.

446. Craiger - July 11, 2012

I just thought of on other Bad Guy what if Cumberbatch is Apollo?

447. Keachick - July 11, 2012

To those who want the main villain revealed – learn patience. There are some who don’t want or need to know who the villain is and once the name gets out and becomes confirmed, then there is little way that those who want to be surprised, come opening night, will have that.

Just think of this movie like a pregnancy, before the days of ultrasound and blood tests could determine the sex of the feotus. You HAVE to wait and see and plan for either eventuality. I did this with my first two pregnancies which was a combined wait of almost 18 months and both times I got to say, “OMG – it’s a boy!!!” I found out that we were having a girl half way through the third pregnancy, due to factors not present in the first two pregnancies.

We women have had to WAIT over many millennia for the outcome of any pregnancy and in times where the continued life of the mother and/or baby were by no means certain.

Get a perspective. PATIENCE!

448. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

447. Keachick – Thank you for the parental advice, but please allow me to play devil’s advocate here.

Before the days of ultrasound and blood tests, did you have different doctors and nurses telling you that your child was a boy, then a girl, then an alien, then a God? I’m willing to bet your patience would have been tested.

That’s essentially what’s being done with the fans. I understand the frustration that some people are experiencing. It’s great that you don’t feel the same way, but others do, and telling them they must have patience will only make them feel castigated, and certainly won’t germinate any seed of patience within them.

I’m only slightly annoyed at the game, but I understand why others feel differently. In this case, the gender of the child is known to those who play the games, and it creates a feeling in some that they are being manipulated.

449. Montreal_Paul - July 11, 2012

447. Keachick

I’m with you, Keachick. I really don’t like the spoilers that much and would rather wait to see the movie to find out about it! I don’t want to know everything about it before I actually see it. I like to be surprised by things in the movie.

450. AJ - July 11, 2012

In all truth, if they said “GARY MITCHELL!” 99.9% of the public will not give a damn.

The ST villain with the most public recognition these days is the Borg.

This means the secrecy is being kept especially for fandom, with eyes winking everywhere in Hollywood because the story is so awesome, we’re all going to die.

The worry is that Ben Cumberbatch is going to play a villain like Lazarus, the fans will all wink back, and then be forced to sit through a sequel to “Alternative Factor” (theoretically speaking, of course), which stank.

451. No Khan - July 11, 2012

@361, I personally don’t think Quinto looks exactly like Nimoy. I think most people & the media talk themselves into it.

@373, I agree it could be a slip. I’m about 50 – 50 on it being a slip by Urban.

@402, This was exactly my feeling from the minute the Khan rumors started. because BC looks nothing like a Khan.

@404, I agree GM story would be worth re-imaging. I just wish GM had been shown or talked about in ST 09.

@421 I like the fact we have to figure it out. Its part of the fun of these boards. I hate spoilers and appreciate directors who care enough about the story & the fans that don’t want to know everything about a movie before its released.

452. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

450. AJ – I quote you:

“This means the secrecy is being kept especially for fandom, with eyes winking everywhere in Hollywood because the story is so awesome, we’re all going to die.”

Now I’m not sure if I want to see it or not. I’m not sure any movie is worth dying for. Dang, I was SO looking forward to this!

453. Keachick - July 11, 2012

#448 – That’s because people keep asking and get pissed off even when no reply is forthcoming. I suspect even if Bad Robot did tell us who all the characters were, that people will get angry, impatient, calling Bob & co for being hacks with little or no understanding of Star Trek and so it will go on and on and on and on… This will be because the story/plot has not been revealed so some of characters, they claim, shouldn’t/couldn’t be in the story, that such a villain is lame, uninteresting, boring, not whatever enough…all I sense with some posters here is possession of much dukha, dukha, dukha…oh dear, what to do?!

454. Sybok'sSecretBrother - July 11, 2012

I still say he’s Trelayne…

455. Jack - July 11, 2012

I get taht people are really impatient and really, really, want to know… but I’m getting a little tired of “Chris Nolan and Peter Jackson did, why can’t these guys….” If my kids were saying this, I’d say, “Go live at Christopher Nolan’s and Peter Jackson’s houses, if it’s better than here.”

And if Anne Hathaway had been playing random woman, or a brand new character, would we have had to know a year in advance? And, if I recall, they were, apparently, plenty pissed when that photo of her in costume came out.

Man, we’re an entitled bunch.

We want to know because we want to know and we hate that they’re not telling us — that’s the only reason. If we’re claiming it’s better for the movie or for marketing, or for the world at large, well, then we’re either lying or kidding ourselves.

Seriously, how will knowing who the villain is right now make any difference to how much you’ll enjoy a movie that comes out in 11 months? And it certainly won’t build positive buzz. especially if it’s an existing character and every news site on earth does a “what the story might be” profile, like a bunch did on Mitchell this week. That’s certainly not going to drum up interest from the general public — “oh, it’s a guy named Gary… oh, it’s a guy named Garth… I just looked up that episode and it sounds lame.. skip!”. Look at how everybody made their minds up about Spider-Man before they saw it, pretty much solely because they knew it was telling the origin story again (for only the second time on film, ever – I’m not counting Electric Company, Nicholas Hammond or that Japanese guy).

All it does is give us 11 months to complain about their choices. Heck, they could just blow a little smoke and say something along the lines of:
“hey, we’ll be keeping it a secret as long as we can because we know our fans — they’re smart, and they’ll figure out the entire plot if we give them names or details — and we want to keep it a surprise for them and for everyone. They may not like it now, but if they’re anything like us, they’ll thank us later.”

456. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

453. Keachick – I don’t disagree with you one bit. Some people will NEVER be happy with what they hear. I loved the first film and hope I feel the same or more with the next one.

Unfortunately, it is a very vocal minority that bashes all efforts no matter what. I used to be really pissed at them, but I try to take it in stride these days. Most of the time I never address them. I’d rather talk with people like you, who possess reason and logic over emotionality, especially anger.

There’s nothing we can do about the haters and trolls. Only Anthony has that power. We’re just guests in the same room. I’m trying to get along with most people, but there are those I simply have to ignore. Otherwise, I’d go crazy.

Thanks for “talking” and have a splendid day. Cheers!

457. Craiger - July 11, 2012

At this point even if Orci posted in here who the villain really is would we even believe him?

458. Jack - July 11, 2012

PS. Has there been a poll on this recently? Say,
a) we deserve to know right now who the villain is
b) they should have told us six months ago like they supposedly promised(?)
c) we can wait. what difference will knowing make when the movie doesn’t come out until next May?

459. Craiger - July 11, 2012

AJ, I disagree I think the most recongnized Trek villian is actually villians – the Klingons. I don’t think most of the general public know about the Borg. Unless they know the line “Resistance is Futtile?” What is Cumberbatch is an undercover Klingon agent in Starfleet desguised as a Human? Maybe he wants to get his hands on the Augment formula? Or he could be Arin Darvin? What if its an updated Trouble With Tribbles? Wasn’t their a rumor about carniverous Tribbles?

460. Craiger - July 11, 2012

I also think knowing who the villain would give alot of hype for the sequel. If they are keeping it under wraps they must not have alot faith in the villain and feel revealing the villain could hurt the sequel?

461. Devon - July 11, 2012

“If they are keeping it under wraps they must not have alot faith in the villain and feel revealing the villain could hurt the sequel?”

No, that is completely ridiculous. Some of you guys are purposely trying to find things that aren’t there. Just stop already.

462. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

@ 414

Thanks Thomas for the information. I was guessing that since the faux trailer said fan made, the Supreme Court guys could say being fans, it was fan made. But I think you’re correct about parts of it being lifted from Alien Resurrection. I detect the lower jaw of Brad Douriff. (Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings) I hate to say that I will not be reviewing Alien Resurrection to debunk it since I only like Alien, and Alien 2.

Still got a feeling we’re being punked. And everybody who cites The Dark Knight rises is correct. Chris Nolan let Bane and Selena Kyle out of the bag about a year before the release. Did that make me not want to see the movie? No. Maybe Khan is too much of “been there, done that.” Perhaps it’s too much of appealing to an audience’s recognition of a brand name. See “Battleship” or check that. Don’t see “Battleship.” :-)

463. Aurore - July 11, 2012

@ Roberto Orci

In a few days, I hope Zachary Quinto says:

“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his space amoeba is going to be out of this world brilliant.”

Yeah, you know talking about Gary Mitchell can only go on for so long.


464. RNase-free Jeff - July 11, 2012


Thanks Aurore,

If the did choose to do Garth, or any character for that matter, I don’t think they need super powers or god-like abilities, because it could be very compelling to have someone who out-matches Kirk on a tactical or intellectual level. We already have enough movies about supervillains with otherworldly abilities, so why not do the opposite and have a shrewd, calculating master for Kirk to go up against, get his butt kicked by, and then learn to use some of his own shrewdness (corbomite, anybody?) against him.
Hence why I’ve felt that if they had chosen a Klingon villain (and had to choose a previous character), it should be Kor, because he was presented as bloody sharp in Errand of Mercy.

465. Jack - July 11, 2012

461. Agreed. Nobody ever just comes out and admits that they just really, really want to know who it is.

Craiger, the name of the villain isn’t going to mean anything at this point. It’s either a brand new name, a name connected to one of our characters somehow, or a classic Trek character. So, say you get the name — then what? The thing’s a year away. And we won’t stop with knowing the villain — we’ll want a synopsis and more, and more and more. “We’re fans, so it’s unfair to make us wait to see the movie until it’s released!” Or something. It will never end.

Batman, Superman and Spiderman are about the battle with the villain. They’re comic books. The only stories, generally, are villain-based stories and there are limited viillains to choose from. And there are also myriad stories, and variations on those stories, for each villain.

For existing Trek guest stars, we got one story — you bring up a name, and well, the possibilities are pretty limited. Sure, they could tell something brand new… but I actually think a year of bloggers and newspapers saying “Here’s what we know about Ron Tracey – he was a one-note character who went a little Heart of Darkness-y and turned into a dick in a really heavy-handed, simplistic, cheesy episode about yankees and communists and the worship of the declaration of independance.” on every website on earth, well, it’s not exactly marketing gold.

In the best Trek — the movies — at least, the villain hasn’t really mattered all that much, they’ve just been a means for conflict in the story. The Wrath of Khan, ultimately, wasn’t really about Khan. There are exceptions. But they’ve always been protaganists more than dastardly villains, and the worst Treks (Insurrection, Nemesis, Generations) were the most villainy ones.

Would knowing Nero’s name a year in advance have added anything to the experience? Would it have brought in new viewers? Would knowing, a year in advance, that Chris Plummer played a guy called Chang add anything to the experience? Would it have generated buzz.. “oh, okay, the name’s Chang… I gotta see that! I love Chinese food!!”

466. Craiger - July 11, 2012

BB – I am with you. Orci seems to think we knowing the villain would spoil the movie. I guess he figures people wouldn’t go see the movie if they hated the viillain choice? I think they are basing secrecy too much based on Trek fans reaction knowing who the villain is when sales from Trek fans wouldn’t generate much money anyway right? Its the general public is where the money is and I think they will go see it if they think the movie looks good when they see the trailer not based on who the bad guy is.

467. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

@ 463


Ha, ha, ha. Hey is it as hot in France as it is here in the United States? We’re melting.

By the way, maybe the actors were instructed to mislead us. Like I said maybe we’re being punked. Or maybe the cast and crew is Khaning us. Sorry.

468. Spacerguy - July 11, 2012

I thought it might shed some light if I carried out a Khan and Mitchell tally here at Trekmovie. Short range scans of everyone here has produced some fascinating trek readings.

Khan is mentioned 161 times. Mitchell is mentioned 188 times.

Can somebody please give me the benefit of wisdom or logic. What do these findings mean? Is trekkidom torn between two villains?

469. Jack - July 11, 2012

462. “And everybody who cites The Dark Knight rises is correct. Chris Nolan let Bane and Selena Kyle out of the bag about a year before the release. Did that make me not want to see the movie?”

It did for me, actually.

If the reviews are good, I’ll go see it. Who am I kidding, I’ll go see it anyway (I see every big genre pic).

But, yes, I was disappointed in Hathaway playing Kyle. I hope I’m proven wrong. None of the trailers or clips has got me particularly interested (although I’m a big Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan, so he’s a draw) — I can’t see Hathaway being great as Selina Kyle or Hardy being great as Bane (and what I’ve seen of their costumes thus far looks silly to me, but, again — I’ll wait to see them on screen), from what I’ve seen so far. I was never a big fan of Catwoman or Bane. But, hopefully, I’m wrong. It’s tough to tell from trailers and clips.

Usually, I get really sick of hearing about these things and then get re-energized when the junkets start a couple of weeks before. I was so tired of hearing about the avengers. I liked the movie. But I probably would have lbeen more excited about it more had I not been hearing about it for 4 years. But, hey — that’s just me.

470. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

@ 465


I tend to agree with you regarding Star Trek villains. Unlike Joker, Star Trek villains were used to drive the stories. The Joker had multiple motivations. Rob. Kill. Kill Batman or toy with him. Anarchy. He was all over the place.

What is Khan’s motivation. Rule the world. Once freed in Space Seed. Rule the universe. The operative word is rule. It’s one note.

In the excellent “The Amazing Spider-Man” we had a great villain in The Lizard. Why? He was complicated. Even as the Lizard, his evil plans made sense. Perhaps that was an evil evolution of his alter ego as Dr. Connors. I even had some sympathy for The Lizard or was that Dr. Connors. See what I mean.? The guy was complex.

The best villains in Star Trek are the Borg. In a twisted way, their motivation to assimilate makes a kind of evil sense. Everybody gets improved. Okay, they lose their individualism. That’s not good. But still a complicated villain.

I just hope the guys in the Supreme Court are true to their word. They want to go deeper. And Star Trek is about ideas. Scientific and philosophical.

471. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

@ 469


I think Ann Hathaway will make a great Catwoman. But once I saw those pictures of her last summer, I’ll admit I hated her “mask.” Okay, they said they were goggles. Stil, they flip up and they become cat ears.

One, they look ridiculous. Two, they don’t disguise anything. You can guess that she is Ann Hathaway. Did it make me not want to see the movie? Not really. Little things can kill a movie. But since I haven’t seen it, I can’t judge it.

And by little things, I can cite an example. In the James Bond movie, “The World Is Not Enough” they cast Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist. First, she’s not that good as an actress, at least in this movie. Second, she is not believable. I cringed watching her in all the scenes. Nuclear scientist. My a_s or should I say her a-s..

472. Jack - July 11, 2012

470. Agreed! I’m glad you liked Spider-Man, BB. I thought I was the only guy here who liked it. :)

473. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

471. Basement Blogger – The big difference between Denise Richards and Anne Hathaway is that Hathaway can act. At least, in my opinion. And as bad as Richards was, at least we had the beautiful Sophie Marceau to offset Richards’ plasticized beauty and dull acting.

472. Jack – I also liked Spiderman. You are definitely not alone.

474. Jack - July 11, 2012

I like Anne Hathaway — but that was my initial take, not sure why. Also, when she was cast, she had just been in a while bunch of movies. Maybe I’m just a contrarian jerk.

Yeah, that mask and those cat things bugged me too — but if anyone can pull it off, Nolan and company can. I think part of why I wasn’t thrilled was because the previous movies, especially the second one, made this all fit (sort of) in our world. They really toned down the camp and the overboard art-direction (arguably). And, while I could buy Ledger as a make-up wearing maniac (or Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow), I wondered if Catwoman and Bane might be pushing the believability. The few clips I’ve seen (there are very few) she seems pretty, er, slight… but I’ll be thrilled if I’m wrong. These guys (the Nolans and Goyer) should understand catwoman — this ain’t Halle Berry and Sharon Stone.

But, yeah, the trailers make it look a little cutesy — “Mr. Wayne, your wife took the car.” “My wife?!?” Then, Kyle in full mask (!?) driving away. Tee hee.

475. Jack - July 11, 2012

“And by little things, I can cite an example. In the James Bond movie, “The World Is Not Enough” they cast Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist. First, she’s not that good as an actress, at least in this movie. Second, she is not believable. I cringed watching her in all the scenes. Nuclear scientist. My a_s or should I say her a-s..”

Lol. Sometimes I worry that these guys (Orci, Abrams and Kutzman) might, er, inject some of that into Trek.

476. MJ - July 11, 2012

Comparing Ann Hathaway to Denise Richards? You got to be kidding, right? That is like comparing steak to spam.

477. MJ - July 11, 2012

Again, folks, if they want to go full secrecy, whatever, I can live with it and I get the logic about wanting to story, etc. to be fresh when we see it.

However, if in addition to being secret, they are either getting personally amused, or they think its some really clever new style of viral marketing, to “F” with us fans through misdirection and lies, well, I have a major problem with that. That is insulting and completely disrespectful to us fans — we deserve better than that!

PS: Bucky, I am waiting for that apology!

478. Red Dead Ryan - July 11, 2012

Knowing that Catwoman and Bane were going to be in “The Dark Knight Rises” didn’t spoil my anticipation for the movie.

Just like knowing who the villain is for the Trek sequel will not dampen my anticipation.

What I don’t want though, is a plot synopsis. That would be going to far.

479. Craiger - July 11, 2012

RDR – I think knowing who the villain is would build up hype for the film. Unless they want to wait on building up the hype for the sequel until say Jan. 2013 since the movie doesn’t come out until May 2013.

480. Jack - July 11, 2012

MJ and RDR are here, let the outrage commence. :)

Craiger — I just don’t see how knowing the villain will make a difference. Why do you guys want to know (or think you deserve to know) a year in advance?

481. Craiger - July 11, 2012

I think because the fans want to speculate what the story will be about.

482. Craiger - July 11, 2012

Plus if it will be a been their done that. Unless if they do use any of the old character fans could specluate how the old TOS villains will be in this alternate timeline?

483. Vultan - July 11, 2012

Why do Trek fans want to know who the villain is? The same reason diehard sports fans want to know who the first round draft pick will be, who the new defensive coordinator will be, to what city the team will be moving, etc., etc., etc.

They’re interested. That’s what fans do.

484. banned - July 11, 2012

deleted by admin

485. Red Dead Ryan - July 11, 2012


So, is the title of the sequel going to be “Where Nomad Has Gone Before”?

486. Craiger - July 11, 2012

No Bob this is the villain.


Bob, I got a movie you could reboot. Ever seen The Final Countdown?

487. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012

484. boborci “Cumberbatch plays Nomad”

Hey, Bob, if any actor could pull it off, I’d bet on Cumberbatch! He’s superb!

488. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

Hey bob does V-ger make a cameo?

489. No Khan - July 11, 2012

We need a poll.

Who do you want CB be playing in ST?

Someone Re-imaged from TOS
Someone Totally New

I’d love to see these results.

490. dmduncan - July 11, 2012

So cool. Fingers are crossed they make this version of Nomad look just like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.

491. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

Where Nomad has gone before… over the Rainbow!

492. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012

I think Bob is giving us a clue……Cumberbatch will be playing Nomad as someone who speaks very limited English, like Tarzan. I can hear the dialogue now…

Kirk: “You killed my friend! Who are you?”

Nomad: “Me Nomad”

Kirk: “Of course you’re mad! You’re insane!”

Nomad: “No mad, Nomad!”

Kirk: “You don’t have to say it twice!”

Nomad: “Twice?”

Kirk: “Yes, no mad!”

Nomad: “What?”

Kirk: “What what?”

Nomad: “Now you say twice”

Yup, I smell a winner!

493. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

Whale Probe, V’ger, Nomad and Balok …. Three Probes and a Baby!

494. Sor(a)n the Gorn - July 11, 2012


When did bob confirm that Exeter is a name used in the new movie?

I didn’t notice this anywhere.

I don’t think it’s Kahn

495. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

Just realized Nimoy directed Three men and a Baby. Pretty ironic on my part! LOL

496. L4YERCAKE - July 11, 2012

Cumberbatch is awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his performance as a Tribble is going to be exemplary.

497. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

Well, if anybody can play a tribble, I suppose Cumby can do it. I would have thought they’d use CGI. He’s gonna be one great big tribble.

498. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

From the brows up Donald Trump would make a great tribble!

499. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012


Is that how they’ll make him appear menacing?

“Hey, listen pal, my middle name is tribble!”

500. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

Hey Harry your name is a synonym for tribbles!

501. VZX - July 11, 2012

Wait,, Cumby plays Nomad? As in the video game? Cool, I used to play Nomad a lot when I was a kid! I wonder if Cumby ever beat the game, it’s pretty tough.

502. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012


Cool, Walt!

503. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

Yeah, a tribble IS nothing but a hairy ball, right? I wonder how Cumberbatch will interpret the critters…

Hey, Harry Ballz, do you purr like a tribble?

504. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

502.Awesome right!

505. somethoughts - July 11, 2012

Hey boborci, how about a teaser trailer and posters

506. Harry Ballz - July 11, 2012

503. “Hey, Harry Ballz, do you purr like a tribble?”

Only if you know where to rub! Oh, and be sure not to feed me!

507. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

What if I only feed you after midnight?

508. Walt Kozlowski - July 11, 2012

If it is Gary Mitchell,they can relace the ” R ” with ” T ” on the Tomb-stone!

509. Basement Blogger - July 11, 2012

@ 475

Don’t forget Jack. The Original Series injected sex into the show. Remember all the scantily clad women? Still can’t figure out how they kept those strips of cloth to stick to Andrea’s breasts without having a Madonna malfunction. (What Are Little Girls Made Of?) It’s a miracle of science.

510. MJ - July 11, 2012

@509 Agreed, BB.

Jack, bubbie, you really need to go back and watch some TOS episodes.

511. Jack - July 11, 2012

I know. But, yeah, that was 1966. Can we have sexuality and sensuality (and fun) without being cheesy and sexist? Isn’t this movie supposed to be set in a credible future?

512. Jack - July 11, 2012

483. The same reason diehard sports fans want to know who the first round draft pick will be…

A year before he’s actually chosen? ;)

513. Jonboc - July 11, 2012

#484. “Cumberbatch plays Nomad…”

Hmmm….and nomad spelled backwards is Damon….as in Llindelof. Very clever Bob, who would have guessed Cumberbatch is playing Damon Lindlelof? Genius!

514. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

511. Jack – I don’t think they’ll have Kirk be the ladies man he was in TOS. Done that way today, he’ll just come off like a slut. There was definitely an element of it in the movie (gorgeous green girl) but I don’t think there’s any way they’ll have Kirk sleeping with every beautiful woman he encounters.

At the very least, I hope they show his love the the BIG girl, Enterprise.

515. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 11, 2012

513. Jonboc – I think Bob means DaiMon, which means Cumberbatch is playing a Ferengi!

516. Drew - July 11, 2012

Tired of the Khan shit, and have been for a long time. As a ST fan for 40 years JJ has done the best ever treatment of that show. The Wrath of Khan was not even supposed to be about Khan, it was supposed to be about the Klingon named Kor. Space Seed was a throwaway episode and the movie was the beginning of dumbing down Star Trek to an already pathetic American public. The Mitchell idea is far better, and fits in with the evolution of the characters. The appearance of Delta Vega in ST was a good clue.

Glad it may not be Khan. The vocal accolades Cumberbatch got is another clue the the Mitchell thing. Tired of the “homage” crap to a ST movie that was supposed to be a TV movie in the first place, Nimoy only did it because it killed off his character.

Bad movie does not have to be the premise for what will almost certainly be a good one.

517. MJ - July 11, 2012

“Space Seed was a throwaway episode..”


“dumbing down Star Trek to an already pathetic American public.”

Elitism and condescension and anti-Americanism…you just won the negativity trifecta and are now enshrined in the asinine commentary hall of fame here — congrats!

Dude, you wouldn’t know a good Trek episode/movie if it hit you upside the head and called you papa.

518. UKTrekkie - July 12, 2012




519. banned - July 12, 2012

Deleted by admin

520. Aurore - July 12, 2012

464. RNase-free Jeff – July 11, 2012

“….Hence why I’ve felt that if they had chosen a Klingon villain (and had to choose a previous character), it should be Kor, because he was presented as bloody sharp in Errand of Mercy.”

“What role can be played by a ‘Latino’ or an Englishman equally well?”

For a poster, on another site, the answer to that interesting question was “Klingon!”

Would you bet “quatloos” on it?
The poster in question certainly did….

Aaaaah….Hispanic actors….Despite everything I’ve said and read so far, I haven’t forgotten them……


521. rynocarp - July 12, 2012

519. So Cumberbatch’s Gary Mitchell isn’t going to be exemplary?

522. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

@519 (and I pray you are the real boborci) therefore it seems that there may be a number in his surname a la seven?

523. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

@519: OK, so he aint Admiral Mitchell of Starbase 97, and he’s not the Captain Mitchell of the Terra Nova colonists, and he’s certainly not Crewman Mitchell the junction operator on Voyager, so he must be Gaunt Gary, the pool hustler on the holodeck! :)

524. Aurore - July 12, 2012


Gary Siete ?


525. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

@519 OK, so let’s sum up

Gary Seven
Gaunt Gary
Crewman Mitchell
Captain Mitchell
Admiral Mitchell

Since 2-5 were very minor characters, and IF boborci is the real one and IF he’s not tossing us a line, we have a black cat in our future! :)

526. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - July 12, 2012

It doesn’t really matter to me much who the villain is or if it is revealed by an actor or producer in advance. I would just like a good movie, and of course Spock/Uhura. That information, I will get in advance of watching the movie because I do not want to see a break-up of any kind.

What I do find interesting is how if this “slip of the tongue” statement had been made by any other actor than a fellow kiwi (or Chris Pine), then certain people here would be flying off the handle about these actors and their carelessness in making revealing comments, and during an interview no less. Where’s the professionalism?!! But since it is a fellow kiwi, people are riding the “don’t know what to make of it” train. Okay. I see…

Anyway, best of luck to all on post-production. ;-)

527. trekprincess - July 12, 2012

Bob Orci tell us truth is or is he not playing Gary Mitchell which I think would be a great choice :):)

528. Aurore - July 12, 2012

467. Basement Blogger – July 11, 2012
@ 463
Ha, ha, ha. Hey is it as hot in France as it is here in the United States? We’re melting.

I’m not melting is all I’m going to say, Bernie.


“By the way, maybe the actors were instructed to mislead us. Like I said maybe we’re being punked. Or maybe the cast and crew is Khaning us. Sorry.”

Of course they are.
But, it doesn’t matter anymore; I’ve accepted the fact that Khan would be in the sequel. I mean, please Bernie, didn’t you read my post in 415???

Stop tormenting me!


529. Aurore - July 12, 2012

464. RNase-free Jeff – July 11, 2012

“If the did choose to do Garth, or any character for that matter, I don’t think they need super powers or god-like abilities, because it could be very compelling to have someone who out-matches Kirk on a tactical or intellectual level.”

I completely agree with you, RNase-free Jeff.

530. P Technobabble - July 12, 2012

I think my starship’s been hijacked by a red-shirt…

531. Montreal_Paul - July 12, 2012

516. Drew

Are you on crack? Or just a troll?

532. VZX - July 12, 2012

Gary Shandling

533. drumvan - July 12, 2012

urban’s quote: “He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

should be: “”He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be FACEMELTINGLY exemplary.”

is that it bob?

534. Basement Blogger - July 12, 2012

@ 519

Okay, Bob Orci, I’ll play. You say Karl misspoke with just one word. And the word is “his.” Which means BC’s not playing Gary Mitchell. How come I feel like we’re doing a scene from Futurama’s “War is the H-Word.” That’s the one where Bender just for fun, has to guess the word that will set off the bomb in his body. Okay, you have to see the show.

535. Chris Roberts - July 12, 2012

He’ll be playing Gary Lockwood. A Hollywood actor. Very meta.

536. Basement Blogger - July 12, 2012

@ 528

It was so hot last week, I forgot the line. “We’re melting. Melting. What a world. What a world..” Yesterday it was a cold 92 degrees in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Hey they’re making a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. James Franco is going to play the Wizard. And the witches? Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams. And who is going to play the evil witch?. Ann Coulter. I keeeed. I keeeed.

It’s going to be Chelsa Handler. I keeed. I keeed.

It’s Mila Kunis.

537. Craiger - July 12, 2012

What if Cumberbatch is just a Klingon spy in Starfleet?

538. banned - July 12, 2012

deleted by admin

539. Gary Neumann - July 12, 2012

538. as in YES ;)

540. Jackson Lake - July 12, 2012

I just thought of a way to make Gary Mitchell work and not contradict anything. If you follow a similar structure to Wrath of Khan it could work. There had to be a significant portion of the audience in 1982 that hadn’t seen that particular episode so they explained the backstory in the movie. Khan and Chekov catch everyone up to speed and then later you have Kirk remember Khan. That whole story would have been brand new for a lot of people but they get it explained to then.

I’ve also always thought that the original Gary Mitchell died a little too easily for a demigod. One could easily come up with a resurrection story and have him come back to take revenge on Kirk. Or whatever. The comic book story would basically depict that backstory for the new universe which would be explained onscreen in the actual movie. Boom! Comic book still canon and you’ve got a movie fans and normal people can enjoy with doing the readings.

541. ChuckAmuck - July 12, 2012

538. boborci

You mean the word Urban misspoke has three letters? That takes out “he’s,” “and” and “his.” :)

542. ChuckAmuck - July 12, 2012

538. boborci

“the word has three letters”

Everybody knows that the bird is the word.

543. banned - July 12, 2012

deleted by admin

544. ChuckAmuck - July 12, 2012

543. boborci

And we’re loving every minute of it. :)

545. ChuckAmuck - July 12, 2012

You can’t fool us, Bob. It’s obvious who Cumberbatch is playing in the movie…

He is VIGO! Kirk and crew are like the buzzing of flies to him!

546. Craiger - July 12, 2012

Hey Bob, did you see my suggestion for a rebooting The Final Countdown?

547. Vultan - July 12, 2012

But Seven has five letters… ;)

Well, if not an original character, I’m hoping for Gary Seven. Mitchell is okay too.

548. Ralph Pinheiro - July 12, 2012

Mr. Bob Orci,

has comic Star Trek Ongoing link with the movie or not?

549. banned - July 12, 2012

deleted by admin

550. Jonathan - July 12, 2012

Kor – three letters

“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

Replace one word:
“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Seven is going to be exemplary.”

551. Flaming Nacelles forever - July 12, 2012

oh God.

Bob – you’re having too much fun. Please don’t tell us anything. I want ot be suprised.

552. Jack - July 12, 2012

Has the real Bob Orci been here at all?

553. Ralph Pinheiro - July 12, 2012

Did Karl Urban misspeak? He is trekker, he knows about Gary Mitchell and Gary Seven. Forget it.

Mr. Orci, how about a teaser trailer and posters. Give us some news.

554. Aurore - July 12, 2012

543. boborci – July 12, 2012
“You’re all a bunch of fools. I’m playing you.”

….Here comes the strange feeling again….

Some people seem to enjoy “every minute” of what’s happening, here.
I don’t.

Is@543 the real Roberto Orci? I have my doubts.

I’m only human; If I’m wrong I’ll apologise ( or will be banned ).
So be it.


555. NCC-73515 - July 12, 2012

I guess ‘his’ should simply be ‘our’ in boborci’s mind ;D

556. GraniteTrek - July 12, 2012

“519. boborci – July 12, 2012

karl misspoke, however he only misspoke one word.”

Aha! He’s going to play Paul Mitchel, the beauty salon guy who has been transported from the past to give the entire cast a Shatner-ific hair treatment! The cat’s out of the bag! :)

557. boborci - July 12, 2012

last few posts are not me, the real boborci.

558. Ralph Pinheiro - July 12, 2012

Hey, real Bob Orci.

Mr. Orci, how about a teaser trailer and posters. Give us some news. something this year?

559. Montreal_Paul - July 12, 2012

To the REAL boborci…

When are you going to release the title of the movie and when is the preliminary movie poster coming out?

560. Stephan Urkel - July 12, 2012

boborci, in honor of Comic-Con 2012, could you give us something as a gift for this Nerdiday?

561. Phil - July 12, 2012

@557. There’s never a moderator around when you need one.

562. Trekprincess - July 12, 2012

Boborci so yes it is Gary Mitchell then come on stop fooling around and tell us the truth :):)

563. Sagart - July 12, 2012

Hey Bob, since there’s no Trek Panel for SDCC, how about someone coming along to the Trek Con in Vegas next month? A 4 Day Trek Con is the place for big announcements, not that silly gathering in San Diego!! It would make my trip from Ireland VERY worthwhile :)

564. Basement Blogger - July 12, 2012

@ 557

Thanks for the heads up, The Real Bob Orci. It was kind of obvious after reading post 549. I thought Anthony had a way to stop trolls from using your name. Hey, what do I know? I’m a blogger not an IT specialist.

But how do we know you are the Real Bob Orci? Write your dissertation on the Kennedy asassination. ;-)

565. Red Dead Ryan - July 12, 2012


566. Red Dead Ryan - July 12, 2012


You’re an idiot. “The Wrath Of Khan” and “Space Seed” are both considered some of the finest installments of all of Trek.

The rest of your comments are asinine as well. To correct MJ a bit, you actually belong in the Asinine Comment Hall of Shame. :-)

567. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

Anthony, there HAS to be some way on your forum software to prevent weirdos from using boborci’s name. There really should be a lockout function as these bozos appropriating his name are a real problem. Thanks.

568. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

Yes, I agree that Drew’s comments in 516 are asinine but he MIGHT be onto something with the Delta Vega thing… AND the well known story that JJ wanted the BB coming into view at the end of JJST1. So Cumby is Mitchell and Weller is Khan? Hmm…. interesting possibilities…

569. Phil - July 12, 2012

@567. When discovered, Anthony bans them. Impersonators can usually be identified by their IP address….

570. Phil - July 12, 2012

@567. Also, Bob pops in here just often enough to know that while this stuff happens, it’s rare. Also, anyone who has been around a while kind of knows how Mr. Orci sounds on these boards. Even with people he disagrees with I don’t think I’ve seen him be rude or dismissive. If anything he tends to be a bit oblique when answering a Trek related question that we all know he’s not going to cough up any info on.

571. Aurore - July 12, 2012

Roberto Orci said that the “last few posts” were not his.
I wonder which posts were actually his upthread. One poster @213 seemed to have his doubts. So did I.

572. Allenburch - July 12, 2012

To Tell the Truth – Remember that old TV game show?

“Will the real Roberto Orci please stand up?”

Who here would win that game based on the comments in this thread?

573. Shannon Nutt - July 12, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is playing Bob Orci in the movie. A villain we can really jeer!

574. drumvan - July 12, 2012

@557 the “real boborci”.

anthony, we’re going to have to shoot them both, ala “whom god’s destroy”. it’s the only way :)

575. Jenna - July 12, 2012

Maybe just remove the word “his”. Someone else’s Gary Mitchell, btw, is going to be exemplary…

576. gingerly - July 12, 2012

*rouses herself like a walking dead extra*

Just peeking in on you guys. :) Good to see some things remain consistent.

Mom’s doing better. She’s walking again, which is a miracle.

I’ve been a fan of Cumberbatch’s since Starter for Ten.

And it’s so much fun to say his name *takes time to say it three times, beetlejuice style*, I could give a crap what he’s playing here, as long as it’s substantial. Though his Gary Mitchell would rock. He already has the super-weirdo pale eyes.

Though, the folks who insist he’s playing Khan do remind me of the “It’s a lion, it’s huge!” folks from Cloverfield days.

The Batch will rock your socks in a self-effacing, polite, witty, pale, British way as opposed to the strangely hot ( yes, I would have let Nero hit it and made him forget all about his dead wife and SPOOOOOCKKK!!!!), funny, Aussie, brogue-ish way.

I cannot wait for the sequel. :)

Oh and Hey, Bob Orci, hey!!! Wishing you many pleasure-filled hours examining some crazy conspiracy, when you get a break. ;)

P.S. I would totally not pirate any extra screeners you may get of trek 2, so please, feel free to mail it to me. ;)

P.P.S. Title- suggestion: Star Trek: Will of the Enemy?

577. Jai - July 12, 2012

Well, it ain’t Gary. Not sure if “Garth” works as a suitably villainous name anymore either:

“Party on, Spock.”
“Party on, Jim.”

If you catch my drift ;)

Ah, the 1990s. What an innocent, rose-tinted time.

“I did not…have s_x with…that woman…Nyota Uhura.”
“Captain Kirk, please remember you are under oath.”
“I was never under her.”
“Excuse me ?”
“Er, it depends on what your definition of ‘under’ is.”

578. Vultan - July 12, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack is available on youtube and some other sites. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but this track is my favorite so far. (Warning: the final 30 seconds or so may cause your brain to explode.)


Gotham’s reckoning indeed.

579. Vultan - July 12, 2012

Well, “brain-exploding” may be overselling it just a bit, but it’s the most intense thing I’ve heard from Hans Zimmer in… uh, ever.

580. THX-1138 - July 12, 2012

Hey has anyone heard? Cumbebatch is playing Gary Mitchell!

581. Jack - July 12, 2012

580. “spits out coffee”


582. Craiger - July 12, 2012

That hasn’t been confirmed yet. Some suggest Urban could be toying with us.

583. Jack - July 12, 2012

554. I’m only human; If I’m wrong I’ll apologise ( or will be banned ).
So be it.

Is it really that easy to be banned? Are we all living in terror of arbitrary banning. Man, WordPress gives AP godlike powers.

“musn’t a god have compassion?!”

584. Aurore - July 12, 2012

I’m glad to hear your mother is doing better, gingerly.

585. Aurore - July 12, 2012

“Is it really that easy to be banned? Are we all living in terror of arbitrary banning. Man, WordPress gives AP godlike powers.”



586. dmduncan - July 12, 2012

576. gingerly – July 12, 2012

Hi gingerly! Good to see you again and glad your mom is doing better.

587. Vultan - July 12, 2012

Same here, gingerly. Good to hear your mom is improving.
Best wishes.

588. Joel - July 12, 2012

Two things.

1. There might be some validity to Urban’s claims

2. We could actually see some Star Trek footage at Comic Con, despite Paramount not actually having a booth there.


589. THX-1138 - July 12, 2012


Where’d all this coffee come from?

Anyway, boborci says that they aren’t going to release the movie after all.

590. P Technobabble - July 12, 2012

boborci — do they still have identity-theft in the 23rd century?

591. PEB - July 12, 2012

has TrekMovie stopped reviewing the IDW ongoing Trek comics? I honestly havn’t gotten into the crossover Trek books but ongoing Trek#10 was a good issue. The little twist in the end was very nice. And I take it the b-story in part 1 and 2 is the reveal of the “JJ Universe” Section 31? Anyway, if you’re a fan of the books, hopefully you’re reading them. They’re pretty entertaining.

592. Hugh Hoyland - July 12, 2012

I can’t guess the word he got wrong. But Gary Mitchell is two words. So does that confirm it IS Gary Mitchell??? (Why do I still think its Khan?)

Stay tuned for further details.

593. AJ - July 12, 2012


Yup, they’re going in for 7 months of re-shoots, with Lindelof on board for re-writes….wait.

I can’t believe no one has uttered a sound about the 2nd unit in Iceland. They’d be easy to spy on there. Must be the White Walkers done ’em all in.

594. No Khan - July 12, 2012

I just watched the Space Seed & I saw one of Khan’s men go down with a neck pinch. Khan was never neck pinched. So that throws out that Idea that these Supermen can withstand a Vulcan neck pinch.

595. Anthony Pascale - July 12, 2012

sorry about the fakes

the remaining boborci above is real.

596. dmduncan - July 12, 2012

I like the new “banned, deleted by admin” thing. It’s better than deleting the post and leaving all posts referencing it suddenly referencing the wrong thing.

597. Aurore - July 12, 2012

596. dmduncan – July 12, 2012
“I like the new banned, deleted by admin’ thing. It’s better than deleting the post and leaving all posts referencing it suddenly referencing the wrong thing.”


I don’t know if “god” has compassion, however, he seems to know what he’s doing….But…what do I know?

I’m only human…


598. Vultan - July 12, 2012

Wish him to the cornfield, Anthony.
Wish him to the cornfield… please….

599. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

@595: Thanks Anthony. The last thing any of us want to see is boborci getting drowned in fakes so he stops hanging out here. I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of frequenters here when I say that we REALLY appreciate his contributions and respect him immensely (even though he exercises really bad judgment in picking planets to blow up…) :)

600. Basement Blogger - July 12, 2012

@ 595

Thanks Anthony. The fake Bob Orci got me. Yeesh. I feel like Bill Murray after getting slimed in Ghost Busters.

601. Basement Blogger - July 12, 2012

@ 600

Last Vulcan

Let me second that. I really appreciate Bob Orci for taking the itme to hang out with us Trekkers, and engaging in conversations and debates. My favorite stuff talking with him is UFO material.

By the way, Bob, National Geographic is doing a UFO show. Does that mean the truth is going to be revealed soon? :-)

602. dmduncan - July 12, 2012

As long as Bob doesn’t start questioning whether HE is the real boborci, we’re good.

603. The Last Vulcan - July 12, 2012

@601, I think that we certainly qualify to be the official boborci fan club! :) It really speaks volumes for the consideration he has for the fans that he puts in the time here that he does. I’m sure he has lots of other things to do as he’s not exactly on welfare, so that merits double kudos! THANKS BOBORCI!

604. Shilliam Watner (Click for Trek Ships Poster) - July 12, 2012

I, too, appreciate Mr. Orci’s appearances here, and hope that phonies don’t turn him away. I’ve even been impersonated here, but that was a day when somebody was impersonating everybody, so I don’t really fell all that special.


605. Hugh Hoyland - July 13, 2012

#602 dmduncan

I admire Bob Orci quite a bit. He could sit back and enjoy the rewards of his job. But at least he speaks his mind about whats going on in the world and spends a lot of time trying to inform people about the corruption that plauges our society. :)

He might want to start a blog or something where like minded folks can go and share info and chat ect. (I mean when he finds time between making movies!)

606. dmduncan - July 13, 2012

To boborci, let us send a collective “You da man!”

607. Aurore - July 13, 2012

“To boborci, let us send a collective ‘You da man!'”

Oh please….

Let us not overdo it either.

I mean, what has he done for ME….um…….us….I meant…us, lately?


608. dmduncan - July 13, 2012

@607: You are a tough crowd, Aurore! (And I do not mean to imply multiple personalities!)

609. Aurore - July 13, 2012

“….(And I do not mean to imply multiple personalities!)”

Of course you don’t, we know that…

610. Aurore - July 13, 2012


we know that = I know that

( Ahem…damn typos…)


611. Azrael - July 14, 2012

@607. Well, he did not become so angry at the abuse directed at him by some, that he wrote a movie where the Enterprise is dramatically destroyed in the first 10 minutes followed by Cumberbach”s character spending the next 2 hours wiping out all Federation planets in alphabetical order. Just sayin ;)

612. Aurore - July 14, 2012

“@607. Well, he did not become so angry at the abuse directed at him by some, that he wrote a movie where the Enterprise is dramatically destroyed in the first 10 minutes followed by Cumberbach”s character spending the next 2 hours wiping out all Federation planets in alphabetical order. Just sayin ;)”

….Well, I do not know about that… for sure…yet.

Just sayin’….


613. mike m - July 15, 2012

Garth , formerly of Izar

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