June 2008

ShatnerWatch: Talking Abrams, Saving The Earth, Making A Pony?

It’s another Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. This week, we have Shatner discussing his life, his career, and (again) J.J. Abrams. This report also raises several questions: Will Boston Legal receive any Emmy nominations this year? Can Shatner save the Earth from everyone else? Is Shatner really designing new versions of My Little Pony? The answer to one of these questions can be read below! 

Star Trek The Experience Closing In September [UPDATED]

In May TrekMovie first reported that the future of the Star Trek The Experience at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas was in doubt after its contract ended in December. Recently we reported that talks were continuing to the end of this month, but apparently a decision has been made in the last couple of days and the contract will not be renewed. After over 10 years in operation, The Experience will close its doors in early September.

Nichelle Nichols Almost Had ‘Star Trek’ Cameo?

According Nichelle Nichols, the original Uhura, there was talk about her getting a cameo role in the new Star Trek movie. Nichols, who has previously spoken enthusiastically about visiting the movie set and meeting both the new Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and director JJ Abrams, made this new revaluation Saturday at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Perth Australia.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Cloverfield 2, 300 2, Transformers 2, Batman 2 + Heroes, Atlantis, Jericho & more

This week we have good news on the follow-up to to 300 and bad news on the follow up to Cloverfield. Plus details on the Transformers and Dark Knight sequels along with more new trailers, images and movie posters than you can handle. In TV Land Jericho is still making news, plus we got Heroes details, Atlantis photos and more. Also the Saturn awards were this week and JJ Abrams Lost was the big winner. All that and more below.

FanMade: Production Updates On Phase II, Farragut, Hidden Frontier & Exeter + Enterprise Production + more

Summer seems to be the time for Fan Productions to do their filming. For this belated FanMade we have production updates from the producers of Phase II, Starship Farragut and Hidden Frontier, including some exclusive preview photos. We also have an update on the Filmation-style fan made animated series and a new Enterprise fan production that is all about action (figures). Lastly there is a rare update on Starship Exeter.

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.27.08 – Happy B’Day JJ Edition

This week, Celeb spied with its little eye an out of this world chat with the Shat, a Trek composer named as one of Michael Giacchino’s major influences, J.J. Abrams being political, the new Kirk and Spock out on the town,  a new movie for Alexander Siddig, a potential series for John Billingsley, The Doctor and Q getting musical, and more. Plus lots of bdays to report, including one for JJ Abrams today! Read on!

Science Friday: Mars, Cars, Spins, & Skins

This week is an exciting one for Mars scientists who found evidence for water ice and nutrients necessary for supporting life on the surface of Mars. Also in Mars news, the mystery of the "two-faced" planet might have been answered. This plus an accidental ‘electron spin’ discovery in the laboratory could lead to faster computers, a new ‘dermal skin regenerator’, and our gadget of the week: the GINA BMW shape-shifting car.

Mulgrew To Join Daniel Radcliffe In Equus On Broadway

Exit Patrick Stewart and enter Kate Mulgrew, look out New York another Star Trek captain is headed to Broadway. Today it was announced that Kate Mulgrew (Voyager – Capt. Janeway) has been cast in the Broadway revival of Equus which starts its 22 week run in September. Mulgrew is the first American cast for the US run, joining Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter series) and Richard Griffiths (History Boys) who are reprising their roles from the London run of the play.

Library Computer: Review + Author Interview + Exclusive Excerpt From “Myriad Universe: Infinity’s Prism” – Part 1

This week, the Library Computer begins its look at the six ‘what if?’ tales of alternate history featured in the two new ‘Myriad Universes’ anthologies. We start with "A Less Perfect Union," an alternative take on the TOS era based on a successful Terra Prime and a solidly isolationist Earth. But history takes a turn again, and brings T’Pol along for the ride. We have a review, author interview and exclusive online excerpt.

Exclusive Interview: Ron Moore Talks Movies (Past and Future)

In the third and final part of our retrospective interview with Ron Moore, the veteran writer talks about the two Trek feature films he co-wrote with Brannon Braga. We also discuss JJ Abrams new Star Trek feature, including Moore’s visit to the set. Lastly Moore talks about his new non-Trek movie projects. [AUDIO + Transcript below]

TrekInk: Review New Frontier #4 + Guide to TPB Collections + Manga Delay

This Trek Ink we take a look at the 4th issue of Peter David’s New Frontier comic series where it begins to hit its climax, opening everyone’s eyes as to what is going on, and setting up the explosive conclusion. We also have a guide to the IDW Trade Paperback collections and some news on the Tokyo Pop Manga that was supposed to come out this month.

Paramount Crosses $1Bil For 2008 – Becoming More Reliant On Franchises

Today Paramount Pictures announced they crossed the $1 Billion mark in domestic sales (after crossing $1Bil in int’l sales last week). Currently the #1 ranked studio (as they were in 2007), this is a turnaround for Paramount which rarely broke into the top 5 in recent years. However, changes are in store and it appears the studio is becoming more reliant on franchises (like Star Trek).

LeVar Burton: Fans Want To See TNG Cast One More Time

Levar Burton (TNG’s Geordi LaForge) is profiled with an interview in the new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine. The interview focuses on Burton’s current work as a director (something that he thanks former Star Trek producer Rick Berman for giving him his start in), but he does also talk about the last Star Trek film and also the next one…and his hopes for a possible TNG movie.

Conventional Wisdom: Tips On Picking A Convention

The failure of FedCon USA was big news this week and it isn’t the first con to go down, however such things are rare in the world of conventions. Today Trekmovie.com presents a brief history of conventions, including a couple of past failures to provide some context. We also take a look forward with a guide to trusted cons and tips for fans to avoid con disappointments.

Exclusive Interview: Ron Moore – Fighting The Trek Clichés

In the second part of the exclusive TrekMovie.com interview with Ronald D. Moore [see part 1], we talk about how on TNG he railed against the Trek clichés, how on DS9 he and the team were given more latitude, how he wished it went differently with Voyager and how his time with Trek influenced his new show, Battlestar Galactica.  [AUDIO + Transcript below]

John Billingsley – Hero of FedCon USA

Since TrekMovie first reported the abrupt demise of FedCon USA last weekend, there has been much debated and discussed during the postmortem. Although the failure of FedCon USA unfortunate, it is worth highlighting how the actors who showed up, especially Star Trek Enterprise’s John Billingsley (along with his wife Bonita), went above and beyond to make the best of a bad situation. See VIDEO below.

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.20.08

In this special, late edition of CelebWatch (special because it’s late), we bring you news on what Patrick Stewart is doing now that he lost that Tony Award, an update on Meaney’s Life on Mars, Shatner declaring he is not a hustler, Chris Doohan in concert, plus the Holodoc and Q hosting a concert, and several interviews, so check it all out below.

Science Friday: Summer Solstice Edition

Phoenix has continued to dig on the surface of Mars in search of the oh-so-elusive water ice, with some new trenches and new glitches. NASA is hard at work designing the next generation of space suits that will take our astonauts to the moon and beyond. New nanotube technology looks promising in defeating cancerous cells. Also, TrekMovie celebrates the Summer Solstice with you! All this plus our gadget of the week: the futuristic Kohler Crevasse sink.

TrekInk: Reviews – 4 Latest Trek Comics

Due to various shipping and other issues, TrekInk has some catching up to do. As such, we’re going to do a quick review and summary on each of four recent Trek comics: the second "Assignment Earth", then the third "New Frontier", the second "Enterprise Experiment", and closing it all out with the final issue in the "Intelligence Gathering" series.

The Collective: Review DST Wrath of Khan Figures

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is often cited as the best Star Trek film, yet it ironically had very little merchandising and not a singe action figure. That all changed in 2007 as Diamond Select celebrated the 25th Anniversary of TWOK by starting a line of action figures and toy ships. This week TrekMovie takes a look at the entire line of DST TWOK figures, including the latest figures released in the last month.