Comic Con 08: Diamond Select and Hallmark Reveal New Trek Items

Two more Star Trek’s licensees are revealing new items at Comic Con 2008. Diamond Select Toys have a Star Trek III two-pack depicting Kruge and Maltz (and more). And Hallmark is showing off a prototype for one of their 2009 Keepsake Ornaments, depicting a scene from "The Menagerie." Pictures and more details below. 


Star Trek III – A First for DST:
The Kruge/Maltz 2 pack, available this winter, are the first Star Trek III: The Search for Spock items available from Diamond Select Toys. The initial sculpts look very detailed and excellent likenesses. The two pack also includes a detailed figure of Kruge’s pet (which was referred to as a ‘monster dog’ but some think of as the first targ). Kruge has been a figure before, featured in the ERTL Star Trek III line and offered by Playmates Toys during the 1990s, however this is the first ever Maltz figure offered by any Star Trek company. Michael Leavey of Diamond Select tells TrekMovie that these figures are just ‘one offs’ and not necessarily the beginning of a line from Star Trek III.

Kruge, Maltz and the pet
(click to enlarge)

DST was showing off a prototype of their upcoming TOS era tricorder which we have seen before, but the real news on that item was happening on the web. Shortly before Comic Con started, Art Asylum, designers and sculptors of most of DST’s Star Trek items, revealed on their Star Trek blog, high res images of the screens for both the medical and the science tricorders.

Graphics for DST/AA TOS Tricorder Screens
(click to enlarge)

Both tricorders are available this Fall and can be pre-ordered now.

Star Trek TOS Science Tricorder


Star Trek TOS  Exclusive Medical Tricorder Replica w/ removable scanner


(Action Figure Express, available October)
(Entertainment Earth exclusive pre-order, available October)

2009 Hallmark Ornament Revealed
Hallmark was also previewing some of the 2009 ornaments, including one of the Star Trek line. It shows a scene from TOS "The Menagerie" with Kirk, Spock and Pike. Although the prototype didn’t show it, Kevin Dilmore of Hallmark (who is also a Star Trek writer) tells TrekMovie it will come complete with sounds from the episode and Pike’s chair light will flash. Dilmore also said this is only one of four planned ornaments for 2009, with the others including at least one ship and one figure, but he wouldn’t provide any more details.

3 beeps for ‘Merry Christmas’ ?
(click to enlarge)


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seriously though, i’m pre-ordering both tricorders, and as i wait for shipment i’ll lesrn how to sew to make my own TOS uniforms.

I don’t get it… why make Toys based on characters from one of the worst TREK movies?

Where are Chang? Chancellor Gorkon? Azetbur?

And as Tiny Pike so aptly observed, “God *beep* us, every one.”

Um, I notice they haven’t run through all the ship designs yet. Until then, I’m not sure I need every scene recreated. Good episode and all, but as a Christmas ornament? I’d rather have the space hippies.

Kruge’s pet wasn’t a targ! Targs are big warthog things, first introduced in TNG: “Where No One Has Gone Before.” Kruge’s pet was smaller and very different, more of a half-timberwolf, half-lizard, according to the script. Visual FX supervisor Ken Ralston called it a “monster dog.” (The novelization gave it the name Warrigul, but I don’t think it named the species.)

I agree, Chris – I never believed that ‘monster dog’ to be a targ, particularly after we saw one in TNG and as a toy (Toby, right?) in DS9/Voyager. However, Memory Alpha’s thoughts are as follows:

It is also possible that the Klingon monster dog seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and the Jackal mastiffs seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country were different breeds of targs based on similar appearances and similarity to canine breeds.

Those tricorders are so cool. And….and…the scanner! I’ll say again….you guys go. I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another Master Replicas item with these guys in business.

Did you think Trek 3 was one of the worst?
I thought it had some great moments. The story was full of holes but I though Nimoy did a nice job directing.

It was far sight better than Trek 5, Nemesis, or Insurrection.


Does anyone know if the medical scanner makes the appropriate noise?

#3 so true

Star Trek III wasn’t as good as Khan, of course, but I still liked it. Somewhat slow, but what great character moments (“Jim….your name…is Jim.”) I also loved the consecutive scenes where Kirk springs McCoy out of Federation Prison, Uhura puts “Mr. Adventure” in the closet, and the Excelsior tries to chase the Enterprise, only to say “Good Morning Captain.”

The Star Trek III figures and ships were not made by Galoob. They made the early TNG figures. The Star Trek III line was made by ERTL, the model kit people. Look it up.

Star Trek III is one of my favorites, really, that and IV, I actually like it better than II-that movie trilogy of 2,3, and 4 is really the only thing I love about Star Trek, so this is actually one of the few news items I’m excited about here.

Targ’s are for eatin’, according to ‘Enterprise,’ and look like razorbacks.

star trek III also features some of ILM’s best work. though the movie is simpler than TWOK, the effects were better. better than V, and the effects are better than Insurrection’s CGI. but then models will always look better than CGI.

TSFS has the distinction of Kirk risking everything for his two best friends.

In TWOK he was reacting to an old enemy and HAD to fight for his ship and life……in TSFS he was safely back on Earth and didn’t HAVE to do anything, but, of course, he did.

Some could argue that it shows more heroism and bravery when you ELECT to place yourself in danger for the greater good, as compared to simply responding in self-defence because you HAVE to……I always appreciated ST:III for that aspect.

Does Pike’s chair beep once or twice?

Nah, I think STIII was a pretty good film, good characters, story, and visuals.

It at least kicks the s*** out of every other odd numbered Star Trek film, as well as the even numbered Nemesis.

#2—-Did I miss the toy Sybok or something? I like TSFS. The only “bad” original film was STV: The Great Trek Turd Of ’89…

The Science Tricorder display shows temperature in Fahrenheit! Are you kiddin’ me?! Every geek knows Starfleet uses Celsius and the metric system! ;-)

Trek III is a great movie. I just bought it on sale for 5 bucks and I was surprised how well it has aged. Besides, any excuse to add more Klingons is a good excuse. The figures look awesome.

Not exactly the moment I would have chosen to be commemorated on my Christmas tree. I can’t imagine what Hallmark is thinking? A horribly disabled man in a ‘wheelchair’ ornament???

21. Max
Wow. Nice to hear you don’t think Christmas is for “horribly disabled men in wheelchairs”.

Love the Tiny Pike!

Oh, and I always thought of TWOK, TSFS, and TVH as three chapters in the same story, and not really separate films at all.

#8 Insurrection was a great film with an interesting twist, it also got back to the basics of what this great franchise was about moral and ethical issues. It’s one of the best Trek films out of the lot. But I agree Nemesis sucked.

That sucks they didn’t tell us anything about the E-D and no new pics.

22 Izbot..
Not to dishonor horribly disfigured people in wheelchairs.. but I share the presumed sentiments of CmdrR & Max. I could certainly think of more cheery TOS scenes to inspire a Hallmark holiday ornament.

Although it’s for that same reason I want to own the Pike decoration.

19 Holger
Heh! Yep, maybe early on, the Federation had problems introducing the Metric System to Starfleet. (Apparently a few TOS script writers were slow on the uptake.) Then again, a Tricorder could easily perform any conversion from Celsius – to Fahrenheit, from Credits – to Quatloos. Maybe the readout display is based on user preferences. Speaking of which, I’ve always wondered what the hell Spock is “reading,” looking down at the top of the Tricorder, with the display section facing out…

that Kirk Pike and Spock ornament looks great!
of course the light must flash on the wheelchair

At last, John Laroquette has an action figure. He and Bill should have a good laugh about that on the Boston Legal set.

Where’s the Amok Time ornament with Kirk and Spock squared off, the gong SFX, the fight music, T’Pau voice clips etc? I’ll admit the Pike scene is outta left field for Christmas, but whoever is coming up with these knows their Trek. Another good scene would be from Mirror Mirror. Maybe the agony booth, or Kirk at the transporter console with Spock aiming his phaser?

Okay, just realized I basically said “I prefer armed combat or torture to a man in a wheelchair for a Christmas ornament.” I’m sure one of you would have pointed that out to me.

26. Crewman Darnell
“I could certainly think of more cheery TOS scenes to inspire a Hallmark holiday ornament.”

Actually, the scene depicted (notice K & S in their dress uniforms) is one of the more heart-lifting humanistic moments in the original series. This is Spock almost sacrificing everything for his former captain — then being exonerated by a Starfleet that agrees with Spock’s actions — even though he defied a law that could’ve gotten him executed. It says compassion and sacrifices made for loved ones goes beyond the letter of the law. It resonates with Spock’s sacrifice years later in TWOK and Kirk’s sacrifice of the Enterprise to save Spock in TSFS. This is a key tenant of the Star Trek philosophy embodied in this one little scene.

#27: I think the implication made with these new tricorder props is Spock nearly always held his tricorder incorrectly. I too wondered, since I was a child, what Spock was reading on his tricorder since the device’s screen always faced out towards the audience.

#32 Spock was just always so advanced and cool that he could hold his tricorder backwards and instantly know what the readouts were! He didn’t need to look! ;)

ST III The Search for Spock is most notable for its portrayal of Klingons. Remember, prior to this film Klingons were last scene in STMP where they were mostly in shadow, spoke only in Klingon and their portrayal was extremely stiff and wooden. Christopher Loyd deserves the credit for creating what we now know as our beloved Klingons. It my opinion it was the Klingons and their portrayal that saved that clunky film from bringing an early end to the entire franchise.

I have to agree with the majority on the ST III debate. I think that it isn’t great but certainly is not the worst of the movies. It is slow, and patch, but once it gets going you can’t keep you’re eyes off it. I think that Kruge is one of the best Klingon characters ever introduced to Trek. The battle is great, the way he susses out that Kirk is bluffing, and the brutality of David’s death (his scream still makes me crindge to this day), I think that ‘Docs’ performance depicts a true Klingon Commander perfectly.

27: “I’ve always wondered what the hell Spock is “reading,” looking down at the top of the Tricorder, with the display section facing out…”
… and the display being blank grey all the time. :-)

But here’s another one: The science display says: Scan of 3 SQ. KM. But the coordinate axes have a length of three unnamed units each, making the area 9 square units. If 9 square units are 3 square kilometers, the unit on the axes must be: 1/squareroot(3) kilometer, which is a strange unit indeed.
My god, how geeky can I get :-)

I know nobody will read this, but I used to go to AA’s old site quite often, mainly for the forum. It was one of the most informative sites online for collectibles and to Art Asylum’s credit, was fairly critical of some of AA and DST’s application and business practices. When the AA site was taken down and replaced with the countdown, I knew the end of objective discussion about collectibles was nigh and the AA flag waving would begin. I was actually online the moment it came back up. While you do get some great pics of products in developement like the tricorder pics above and the new Enterprise D, long gone is the interaction between the people that butter Art Asylum’s and Diamond Select’s bread. And it feels like something of a copout.

And where the heck are the BSG ships? $150 statues are NOT what AA is about. I would SOOO scoop up a collection of ships from that show in the $40 to $50 range. But $150 for a resin statue? Give me a break! There are actually limits to a collector’s budget.

#31 – Thanks, Izbot. You hit on precisely what we discussed when we were planning the Pike ornament. I think that will be underscored once you can hear the dialogue clips we selected to play with the scene.

#16 – The Pike chair beeps and blinks one AND twice (depending on which “line” Pike is saying at the time.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to see our ornaments at Comic-Con. One of our booth visitors was none other than David Gerrold himself, who came to check out our ornament scene from “The Trouble with Tribbles.” He liked it so much, he autographed it for our staff!

And while I wasn’t able to comment in detail about the 2009 Star Trek line when Anthony and I spoke earlier in the con, I’ve since found out that representatives of Keepsake Ornaments were talking about the line in detail to people who asked. So, without further ado …

Two of the remaining ornaments for 2009 will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Hallmark will offer ornaments of the K’t’inga-class Klingon battle cruiser (complete with incredible detail of the hull plating and glowing torpedo launchers) and the Ilia probe (sporting her white outfit and neck jewel – pheromone glands sold separately). Ilia will be a limited-quantity ornament, as was the one of Lt. Uhura in 2007, so be prepared to hit your Hallmark Gold Crown store the day it goes on sale.

The last ornament for 2009 will be a TOS hand phaser that lights and plays sound effects as well as lines of dialogue just as this year’s TOS communicator ornament does. The line choices are very cool (I got to help pick ’em) and this ornament is one we’ve wanted to do for a long time. If you like the communicator (and people who saw it and played with it this weekend sure did), then you’ll love the phaser.

So, there you have it!


Great to know that a geek has his hand in all this.

That’s Mr. Geek to you, sir. :)

Then a thousand pardons to you, Mr. Geek.

The geeks shall inherit the Earth!

#38 – Kevin Dilmore
Although I know this is a Star Trek site, can you please share the details of the other 2009 popular culture ornaments (Star Wars, Indy & Super Heroes) that were one display at the show.

Thank you,


If you feel it is inappropriate to list non-Star Trek info here, please e-mail me. My e-mail address is

38. Kevin Dilmore

My name is Steve Kelley and I just finished authoring “Star Trek The Collectibles” book due out next month.
I am now in the process of creating a Star Trek Collectibles magazine and I am having a very hard time reaching anyone at Hallmark about doing a story on past ornaments and on the latest pieces for this holiday season for the premier magazine (due out in November).
Can you offer any help in this?
If you don’t see my contact info here you should be able to get my contact info through this site by talking to John Tenuto.

Thanks :o)

Hello all.

After whining endlessly for Hallmark to give us the Miranda Class RELIANT, I finally got my wish… and a Shuttle Tydirium to boot (thank you very much)

Here’s my new whining list:

I. USS EXCELSIOR or Excelsior E-B
II. Ambassador Class E-C
III. USS PROMETHEUS- (no need for break-away parts)
V. Nebula Class USS Whatever
VI. Constellation Class USS STARGAZER
VII. Earth Spacedock
VII. Deep Space K-7
VIII. An actual hanging glass frame Hologram of “The Doctor”

I’m so excited about these tricorders!
I just have two questions:
1) Is there anywhere to store the scanner that comes with the medical tricorder? And,
2) I have been looking for a pair of Original Series womans uniform boots… but I can’t find any. Are there any out there or am I stuck to just finding something that looks like them?
If anyone could help it would be very much appreciated. Thank you :)