Second ‘Engagement’ Of Star Trek The Exhibition Opens In Phoenix In November

Over the summer Star Trek The Tour (which opened and closed in Long Beach in the Spring), was re-born as Star Trek The Exhibition with the first stop opened in San Diego in June. At the time we reported that there would actually be two concurrent exhibitions going and now the second one has been announced, kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona in November.

Risking like a Phoenix…in Phoenix
Star Trek The Exhibition is a 12,500 sq. foot touring interactive exhibit which brings the world of Star Trek into museums, covering the history of franchise from all 5 Trek TV shows and 10 feature films. While the first ‘engagement’ remains open in San Diego, the second engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition is now being installed at the Arizona Science Center and will to the public on November 16th (and will remain open for a few months).

Features of the Arizona Exhibition include:

  • Re-creation of the USS Enterprise D bridge from Star Trek The Next Generation, allowing you to take home a picture of yourself in the captain’s chair
  • Recreations of TNG era transporter room, where you can get ‘beamed down’ (and get a picture)
  • Two motion simulator rides (featuring voice acting of Michael Dorn)
  • Green screen room where you can ‘Star with the original cast’ in a scene from and take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends
  • Dozens of original props, costumes, and models from all five Trek series and the feature films

TrekMovie will provide an update later with more details on what original props, costumes and models will be on display. In comparing what was on display at ‘The Tour’ in Long Beach and what is now at the San Diego Exhibition, there is certainly plenty of stuff left to choose from.

Tickets for the Phoenix engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition go on sale Saturday, November 1st for Phoenix Science Center members and Saturday, November 8th for the public at and the Admissions Counter at Arizona Science Center.

San Diego exhibit still going
The first engagement of Star Trek The Exhibition in San Diego has been a big success for the San Diego Air and Space Museum which has seen over 60,000 visitors since the exhibit opened in late June (which is double the regular attendance). That exhibit will remain open until January of 2009. Visit for more info on the SD Star Trek Exhibition.

After closing down in San Diego, this engagement of The Exhibition will move on to another museum, which has not yet been identified.

Crowd lines up for the opening San Diego exhibition

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when will it come to europe?

When will it come to New Zealand !!

That “Star Trek Enterprise” poster sure would be cool to have.



what happened to the original series bridge that I thought I remember seeing? Not that I mind the D bridge, but I got to see that at the Experience. That video of Shatner sitting in the captain’s chair was the same thing, right?

I’m Glad Its reopening

wew can take hoe a picture of ourselves in the captians chair

Spelling alert :]

And tomcatjosh

Nice to see ya.
it’s buffs79 from the Movie Forum

Wow. Is this still around?

…According to a couple of OMBloggers who work for Space Center Disney – aka the Johnson Space Center Visitor’s Center – they’ve scrapped plans to host the exhibit there in Clear Lake. So no exhibit in Texas, which gets passed over for a lot of these travelling exhibits it seems.

Yay! Something I can go to! :)

Come to TAMPA!

I caught The Exhibit in San Diego. It was fun.

When’ll it be in the Big Apple? We east coasters watch Trek too!

Didn’t I see a schedule when it first opened in Long Beach. Something about other cities in the next year???? What happend to that schedule???
I know, I know, “it took a left turn at Albuque!”

For once Phoenix gets something early in the run….

Hopefully, our local Trek club can get involved in some manner.

#9 MORN is in Tampa?……cool, so am I…small universe….would love to see it come here or at least O-Town aka Disneyville.

Peace and love life

They’re really saturating the western states with this so far…i guess it’s going to slowly and gradually move east….do hurry to the midwest!

East Coast! East Coast! And I’m really hoping it’s mainly TOS!!

I agree with MORN…come to Tampa!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s coming here. I went and saw it in Long Beach because I figured it would never make it to Phoenix. This is a nice surprise.

What! No exhibit in Texas. Anthony! Your Agoniser Please.

# 7 Om. Your Agoniser Please. What do you mean Not in Texas. There are a lot of Trek Fans. Especialy Here in Austin.

Have the dates and locations for the near future been announced?

Just went this past weekend, and just posted photos at my blog. It was cool, BUT one of the two rides were down, and I have to say that the exhibit felt – incomplete. I actually think that if they combined this exhibit with the Vegas Experience you would have Trek nirvana…

17…Yeah…TAMPA…the convention center or MOSI could use the business.

3. THX-1138 –
what happened to the original series bridge that I thought I remember seeing? Not that I mind the D bridge, but I got to see that at the Experience. That video of Shatner sitting in the captain’s chair was the same thing, right?”

If I remember correctly there are two traveling exhibits (as the article indicates), one has the TOS bridge (San Diego) and one has the TNG bridge (Phoenix). Someone correct me if I’m in error.

“Risking like a Phoenix…in Phoenix”

Shouldn’t that say “Rising”, not “Risking”?

OMG!!! It’s Coming here… to the Valley…. This is the perfect news I needed to hear after the day I had today… only 18 days till it arrives…. YAY!

Why not Seattle? that is close to me…I really want to see this without having to go more then a days travel!

Either Seattle or preferably Vancouver would be nice for me. Wouldn’t be surprised if either comes soon.

But I’m thinking it could be next summer’s big exhibit at Science World, here in Vancouver (if you don’t know it by name, your certainly know it by it’s photo).

Seattle would be great and with the sci-fi museum (I said it again) it would be a natch.

Thanks Izbot. I’d rather see the TOS bridge Hope I get a chance.

YES!!! I can go see it.

Anthony, if you need a reporter to go and take pics and report after it opens up, I’m game! I manage a business and write reports often and was a news reporter in highschool.

Maybe I can actually go this time….

It’s a pity that Star Trek just isn’t big enough in Singapore to warrant such a major exhibition coming by again. We had one (the Star Trek World Tour) almost a decade ago but that did so badly they couldn’t afford to ship all the containers back to Europe.

The company that runs Star Trek the Exhibition is based in Atlanta Georgia! Any idea when it will be in the ATL! Titanic is also a property of the same company and is hear on viewing right now!

Yes TRavel to Seattle please…..I live in Tacoma……Seattle Center would be dandy!! It would help pass the time with no experience in vegas sigh

I hope the Exhibition appears at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia! Years ago there was a Star Trek science exhibit that visited a number of cities during the run of TNG, including Philly. My fondest class trip memory is expounding upon the Trek exhibits on display with my classmates. Needless to say, I was the only student who fully appreciated the trip in my sixth grade class!


20 mins to Arizona Science center from my home town smile!!! i cant wait. it’s our turn lol…

MOSI did have that similar Star Trek Exhibition about 10-12 years ago. So, I’m sure they’ll pick it up. Well I hope.

comez ta floreeda!

Why are earth are they splitting it up? If the tour coming to my area is the Arizona version with Picard’s Mariott bridge instead of the TOS bridge recreation and the Guardian, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

“Star Trek The Exhibition is a 12,500 touring interactive exhibit.”

12,500 dollars?

Yeah……what’s the 12,500 thing? Need to get to San Diego before Jan 2009!

I wish I could get over for this

I would love to get to the exhibit. Sitting on the Captains chair and viewing the recreated sets.

Oh I wish I could afford to get to the states right now.

There was one in London around 6 years ago and I loved it, got a phot of being transported.

I am glad the exhibition is still going, glad to see Star Trek is still being remembered.

Sweet! Any of you other Phoenix folks want to go as a group? That could be fun…although I’m a TOS guy and need to get to San Diego as well.

Ok Anthony. You may keep your Agoniser for now. I do hope they come here to Texas..I do hope you give us lots of pics to see.

#41 and #42

I would venture to guess that’s 12,500 square feet, but what do I know?

Wasn’t it supposed to come to San Francisco?

to quote Glenn Campbell…”by the time I get to Pheonix”….

I might could do that. It’s closer than Vegas. Maybe I’ll wait till it comes to Texas.

28. THX-1138 –
“Seattle would be great and with the sci-fi museum (I said it again) it would be a natch.
Thanks Izbot. I’d rather see the TOS bridge Hope I get a chance.”

I am a Seattlite myself. The company I work for has been interested in bringing it here (we brought Bodies: The Exhibition last year which is run by the same touring company). I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed.

46. Silvereyes –
“#41 and #42
I would venture to guess that’s 12,500 square feet, but what do I know?”

That’s correct, 12,500 square feet.