Saldana: Star Trek Sequel In Pre-Production By End Of 2010

The next Star Trek movie is now expected to arrive in the Summer of 2012, or in about 30 months. Before that happens, it has to have a script written, go into pre-production, then production and then post-production. In a recent Avatar related interview, Zoe Saldana gave an update on when she thinks work will begin on the film.


Pre-production starting in a year?

Saldana offers this update at MTV:

I spoke to J.J. and Bryan Burk, his producing partner at Bad Robot, and they are still in the middle of building the script with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, and we’ll probably be going into pre-production around this time next year.

Zoe’s timeline is mostly consistent with recent comments from the film makersi. Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams recently told TrekMovie he expects the follow-up to Star Trek to be released in the Summer of 2012. And co-writer Roberto Orci recently told TrekMovie the writers plan on diving into the script in early 2010.

This time shouldn’t take as long

The script for the first Star Trek film was finished in January 2007 and the film was officially announced and went into pre-production in February 2007. Production started in November 2007 and wrapped in March 2008. The original release was to be Christmas 2008 and even though Paramount moved the release to the Summer of 2009, post production was mostly finished by Christmas 2008. The entire schedule was 22-23 months from pre-production start to completion.

However, the making of the Star Trek sequel will very likely be shorter. There is much less work to be done in the pre-production phase as the cast is mostly in place and much of the design and construction work is done for the Enterprise, costumes, etc.  Assuming a May 2012 release, then a pre-production start around Thanksgiving 2010 would give them 18 months for pre-production, production and post-production. That is a bit tight, so it would not be surprising if pre-production started earlier than a year from now, and Orci did say they expect the script to be done by late Spring, so there would be time to start earlier if they wanted.

The big remaining logistic question is who will direct the sequel. JJ Abrams has stated he plans to spend much of 2010 directing a different movie he is currently writing. However, in another recent TrekMovie interview, Abrams said he believed he would still be available to direct the sequel. We will probably not have the final word on the director and release dates until the film gets the green light and that wont happen until the script is finished, which should be sometime in the Spring of 2010.

Of course, just like for the first movie, will be there every step along the way, providing news, commentary, rumor squashing and more.

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Very cool…

Ahh, memories of visiting this site day after day, for months on end, just for posts like this one.

The joys of new Star Trek and!!

I can’t wait. Now, I have a reason to visit here more often.

I wonder and hope they keep the script as secret as they did the last time– even though I’ll be checking this site constantly in case they don’t. I guess that’s contradicting myself.

I also really hope that this movie can be about exploration, the unknown, mystery, and a complex, not typically “evil” adversary. Although Nero was multi-layered and had sympathetic reasons for his mission of vengeance, he was still a “bad guy.”

Many of the best Star Trek episodes did not deal with “bad guys” vs. “good guys” and I wish a new Star Trek movie could capture that element of the television series, just doing it in a much bigger way.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home both did this well, although I don’t want to see an Earth-based movie like TVH. The Wrath of Khan and Nemesis stand out at the opposite side of the spectrum. I think it’s time for a Star Trek that is more like TMP and TVH in that the crew is dealing with something much more interesting than just the good guys vs. the bad guys. And remember, both of those movies did very well at the box office.


The world will not end in 2012?


*Dreaming about the next movie since I saw the last one for the first time.*

The trick is developing a story that consumes a 100 million $+ budget.

I’m sure the team can consume whatever budget Paramount approves (right, boborci?).

And I second the nostalgia of tracking every infinitesimal bit of news on this site. Anthony, you’ve got you work cut out for the next 2 1/2 years, at least!

– Harry

NO KHAN. New voyagers & adventures please!

I want to see an Abramsverse version of the Excelsior.

Anyone know if it will be IMAX?
If so, will portions of it be filmed for IMAX 3D like Paramount originally wanted from Abrams for ST XI?

I went back to see ST many times during the summer because of the immersive IMAX experience; both picture and sound. You can sit anywhere in an IMAX theater and you get the full 3D sound.

Looking forward to another journey at TrekMovie. I can only imagine what we’re gonna get from TrekMovie throughout the creation of TrekXII. At least this time we’ll have Star Trek: Online to help get us through the wait !

@ 9… sweeeeeeet

You know, ST XI is great but I kind of miss the advanced techo-babble and intellectual experience of TNG and Voyager. I am regularly enjoying my DVDs of those series, but would be nice if CBS started a new ST TV series.

Enterprise (w/Archer) was excellent, and was canceled prematurely. CBS should broadcoast a new series over their air (unlike Enteprise which was over UPN), sell the DVDs/Blu rays quickly (like BSG had 1/2 seasons on sale), and also make the show available over iTunes video.

I am going to be eager to check the site every day for any bit of Star Trek 12 news!

I wonder if the ST XI actors would agree to a TV series. Paramount may have made a mistake by making a movie first.
Imagine if CBS casts a new crew for a TV show, that puts Paramount and the ST XI cast in a bizarre situation of not being the main ST culture of 2010+.

I’d be curious to know how much the ‘3D’ process would add to the production time of the film. There were some messages here in the summer that 3D was an option as the tech seems to be mainstreaming, and is coming to home video as well.

‘Avatar’ will certainly up the ante, but JJ and team are up to the task, for sure.

Were the Enterprise sets saved, or will they have to build them again?

I must now begin a regimen designed to clean my palate, so to speak, so I can go into Trek2012 with fresh hopes and no pre-judgements (or at least, no pre-judgements until they start showing us trailers and stuff).

I did this for Trek2009 and the results were … mixed. But I will do my best to let the last film nowhere near my hopes for the next one. Because it would not be a help.

I hope this first movie’s served as a proper learning experience for them. Star Trek was a solid movie but lacked some elements that make a good Trek movie. I honestly think if they hired on a few Trekkie nerds they’d do well because advise from people like us could have cleared up a lot of the movie’s problems. Still, this is the first real news about the new movie, so I’m happy. Already made peace with having to wait, but if it makes it that much better I’m fine with that.

Oh, man. Looks like I’m about to get re-hooked onto this website. (That’s a good thing, though, right?)

After getting the DVD for ST09, I’m ready for a sequel.. Not that I want anything rushed! I say, let the crew and cast take their time to make a good movie. I can wait until summer of 2012, if we’re going to have a sequel as good as, say.. “The Dark Knight” was, in comparison to its predecessor.

(Or, TWOK in comparison to TMP, for a more ‘Trek-related example.)

In any case, can’t wait. Keep up the good work, Abrams, Orci, and everyone else out there. :D

It sucks haveing to wait almost 3 more years to get another movie, it wouldnt be so bad if there were new trek episodes on tv.
I am really surprised there havent been any talks for a new series, after how well recieved the new movie was.

posted before i could finish with my post….
The other thing that many others have said would be a nice filler would be if CBS went the same route as syfy has gone with stargate SG1 direct to dvd/tv movies.

they could continue the prime universe in 90 to 120min dvd fillms featureing either new crews or (depending on if its cost effective)bring back tng ds9 or voyager era crews.

just a thought.

Neil Blomkamp , if JJ passes on it. Or Shane Carruth (the writer/director of “Primer”).

I would like to see Irwin Kirschner who directed robocop 2 and the empire strikes back do the sequel if abrams cant do it. I’m not kidding though..these are my two favorite movie sequels of all time

and in 22 months we will see the return of khan on his 30th anniversary of star trek 2.

For those who dont want khan, concider the tie in potential of khan in the sequel..

wrath of khan 30th anniversary

spark interest in eugenics wars = TOS episode Space Seed

as well as next generation, deep space 9, and..groan,…Enterprise.

Box Sets, itunes downloads, soundtracks, comics, novels..all tied into khan. and to paramount , khan is guarenteed money in the bank..

and a Special DVD-Blu-Ray box set featuring Space Seed, Wrath of Khan directors cut and Trek 2012.

okay then after, I wont mind if the klingons are in it. or gary mitchell, kelso,
and the rest…


Luckily I’ll have Star Trek Online to get me through the wait

Three years between movies?

Great! By the end of the trilogy, it’ll be called: Star Trek: So Very Very Tired!


No offense, but I think the last thing they need to do is bring on Trek nerds.

#5 – the world is scheduled to end in December 2012, and the ST sequel is scheduled for summer 2012, so no worries.

However, there is a faction who believe that due to various calendar errors, the end of the Mayan calender actually coincides with November 2011. Now that would indeed sucketh as we would not be able to see the new ST movie.

#24 Empire Strikes Back. Classic movie. Classic example of how to make a sequel. Robocop 2? Example of how NOT to do a sequel. But to each his own.

As for the 3 year wait, I’m all for it. Summer ’11 will be crowded with movies like “SpiderMan 4”, “Pirates of The Carribean 4”, “Transformers 3” and others taking huge pieces of the pie. Those movies get more mainstream audiences than Star Trek ever will. Unfortuneately, Star Trek needs its hardcore fan support because only a small percentage of the general audience will check out the sequel. There will potentially be a bigger piece of the money pie in ’12.

@ 30.

But 2012 looks like a possible target for the Dark Knight Sequel. Thats if Chris Nolan announces this january if he continues to do the sequel. Trek-quel will have to deal with Dark Knight Sequel and maybe Iron Man 3 ? Because iron man 1 came 2008 and the sequel is coming 2010. So the third should come 2012 ? Also, Spiderman 4 has been put on indefinite hold at the moment, so it should be done for a 2012 release frame also….

But yea, summer 11 looks crowded as it is.

#24; Toddok :: “.. as well as next generation, deep space 9, and..groan,…Enterprise. ..”

Hey, hey, no Enterprise-bashing, dude. To each his own, of course, but season four = love (for me). Sure, I’ve yet to find a single person in my entire school who’s heard of Scott Bakula, but it was good once it got its space legs.. or ‘Trek legs.

And I’d love to see some other (short-lived) TOS characters standing on the bridge (or somewhere on the Enterprise). Gary Mitchell? Bring him on. Lee Kelso? I love that guy! Nurse Chapel? Don’t make the movie without her.

#30; Ryanhuyton :: They’re making another Transformers movie? You’ve got to be kidding me. D: Well, anyways, don’t forget about Breaking Dawn and whatever else comes out of the Twilight movie production team. It’s a huge money-making franchise, and not going away.

Nonetheless, you bring up some very good points. ‘Trek got lucky this year, despite the many huge movies that did really well at the box office. Hopefully the sequel will do just as well, if not better.

#31 Yes, I do understand that there will also be heavy competition in ’12, just a bit more in the way of a bigger piece of the pie. As for a sequel for “The Dark Knight”, that is still up in the air. Christopher Nolan doesn’t seem (at least right now) too keen on returning to direct another “Batman” flick. As for “Spider Man 4”, we just have to assume that it still will come out in ’11 until we hear something official from Sony.

I don’t have a problem with Khan in the movie. I don’t have issues with them doing anything like that, because after seeing the first movie, I have complete confidence in their ability to make a brilliant next movie, no matter who the bad guy or the subject matter. Just have at it.

I agree with number 34. I love this team and will be happy when the Sequla comes out, Hope it has Klingons and good Character moments!

#32 I too enjoyed “Enterprise”. It became great once it got its ‘Trek “nacelles” heh heh. As for “Transformers 3” that was announced well before number 2 came out. Let’s hope “Star Trek” gets even better and luckier in ’12!

Irvin Kershner is an interesting choice-he is in his 80s tho-id like spielberg,or cameron, maybe bob zemeckis–1st choice jj-heres hopin

Sequal in 3 years isn’t bad, hopefully it will be a sequal that does as well as Dark Knight and Wrath of Khan or better!

Dr. Dastrum’s Son or Dr. Dastrum’s SOM [Son Of A Madman]

Back when we still had the origional tv series Star-Trek there was this episode where Dr. Dastrum [Inventor of the ships computer] was testing the M5 version of the computer.
This new ships computer was supposed to be the best computer ever found. It could do thing way faster than any human alive & it could think way better anc clearer than any human alive.
Since Dr. Dastrum infused the computer with his one brain engrams it would think like Dr. Dastrum.
After the computer went out of its way to attack a freigher with around 100 souls onboard Captain Kirk [James T Kick – William Shatner] had to find a way to TURN OFF a runnaway insane ships computer that had the engrams of it’s insane creator = Dr. Dastrum…
HE was sent into a medical treatment facility and unfortunate to have his rank shot down a few pegs….
DR. Dastrum’s SON remembers what Captain James T Kirk did to his WORLD FAMOUS DADDY WHO BUILT ALL THE SHIPS COMPUTER SYSTEMS….
Can anyone here say “REVENGE TO CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK”
One small tiny problem though…. Captain James T Kirk [Admiral JTK] gets himself killed while helping Captain Picard stop Dr. Soran in the NEMISIS incident…
THUS DR. Dastrums’ son works out a plan with the top space phonoma scientistes from many different species and comes up with a plan of action….
#1 – Go into the NEMISIS again
#2 – Picard finds Admiral JTK
#3 – Both of them go back to stop Dr. Soran but this time they get there 1hr before Dr. Soran lands on the planet he is about to destroy… [hopes to destroy]
THUS by knowing where the device is located they are able to set a time bomb on it rigged to go BOOM 1/2 minute before it shoots the deadly beam at the star and thus killing Dr. Soran ONLY and now you have Admiral James T Kirk & Captain Picard alive and well…
BUT The Son of Dr. Dastrum only did this nice thing to make sure Admiral [Captain James T Kirk] is alive so he can unfold his scheme to “GET HIS REVENGE ON JAMES T KIRK FOR DIS-HONERING HIS MENTALLY DERANGED DADDY BY HAVEING HIM PUT INTO A MENTAL HOSPITAL”
And Since he continued his daddy’s work and built all the other space ship’s computer systems…
What hell can he wrath with James T Kirk [unfortunatly everyone else also has to suffer as well]

It will appear on the next STAR-TREK Movie sometime in the future

COULD a movie be something like the above?
Just wondering if one could be made like that….
AND it would re-introduce Admiral James T Kirk back into the movie at least one more time… AND only the writers can determine if Admiral James T Kirk dies again or lives to be in another movie.

Three years between movies. Bum.

Anthony, if it comes out May 2012 it WILL be 3 years since the first movie’s release.


I agree. And while we’re at it, a few less Star Wars fanboys in the mix as well :)

we know whats due out summer 2011 – the final Potter, Spidey 4, Pirates 4, TF 3…….also Thor, Capt America, Green Lantern etc

so Star Trek wouldve had MAJOR competeition there – esp with the first 4 (thats got to be the most crowded potential billion $ blockbuster summer in years)

but what about Summer 2012? if you go on various schedule sites the only really big one thats a lock for summer 2012 is The Avengers…

but what about stuff like Batman 3, Indy 5, Ghostbusters 3, X Men: First Class? i imagine some or all of them will be targeting summer 2012…and where would MI 4 and Bond 23 fit in i wonder – summer 2012 or xmas 2011/12? (Bond would probably be xmas)

whatever happens its the right that Trek 2 goes for Summer 2012 – not just for the time to do it but as i cant remember a more crowded summer than 2011 (and i thought 2009 was pretty crowded!)

#40: Revenge of Dr. Daystrom’s son won’t work because:

A. It assumes the mainstream movie goer has seen the TOS Episode “The Ultimate Computer”.

B. It assumes the mainstream movie goer has seen Star Trek “Generations” and is familiar with James Kirk’s leaving the TMP time line via falling into the Nexus Ribbon.

Too many spoilers and story revealing details on for Trek ’09. This time I want to be really surprised.

For Chinese Theatre Tour guide and others who need a little Trek in between movies… Please check out Star Trek Phase 2, these fans are creating the 4 and 5 year of the original TOS.

If you can’t wait for the next movie, the latest episode was a two parter “Blood and Fire”, they have three more in the can to be released this year!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Phase 2 Great Job!!!!!

I come here every day, for my daily Trek fix. I’ve given up all other Trek sites,even the official CBS one(and I used to subscribe to it, when it was the Communicator magazine).

#28, I agree also. And I speak as one of those Trek nerds,carrying around 43 years of Trek baggage, & impossibly long story-arcs in my imagination.I WANT JJ & Co to ERASE ALL of that, with his new ALTERED Trekverse.

I’m anxious for JJ, O & K to steer a new course. SPIKE that canon, JJ. PLEASE!

I’m really dying for the sequel. I’m glad i ended the decade on a good note with this new trek movie. The decade was tough for trek overall. Started it out with Trek collapsing on itself. But it was reborn at the end.

Got to be JJ directing, he got it right the first time- why mess with that? I know I would be leery of someone else directing.