Watch: LEGO Remake Of Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

The Star Trek Into Darkness trailers have inspired many mashups and even a ‘sweeded’ no-budget remake, but a new Lego remake may be the best one yet. Check out “Star Trek Into Brickness” below.   


Star Trek Into Brickness

The following Lego remake of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer was done by by Antonio and Andrea Toscano.


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Wow. Freaking awesome.

I hope they got paid for that. That was some serious effort and look so authentic. That took some major time.

BTW. Can we have a new poll? Say, Lego vs. Cre-o?


Wow. So, was that entirely stop-motion? and done using existing (some modified) lego bricks etc? Amazing.


I think it went over like a ton of bricks.

Nicely done!

Very, very cool.

And to answer the question; Lego YES, Cre-o NO

That was nicely done!

Fun, well done!

Too cool. That must have been a lot of work.

Fantastic! Love it…LOL!


;-) :-)

@13. Keachick

This isn’t really relevent to lLEGO, but you asked a few days ago (in reference to the forthcoming game) whether Vulcans could have blue eyes. I replied there, but late, and you might not have seen it.

T’Pring’s preferred, Stonn, had blue eyes, according to his photo on Memory Alpha. So I guess that should settle the case that Vulcans can indeed have blue eyes.

#13. Keachick… Hey!

Apparently Mr. Shatner is in NZ for 2 days… Did you see him? ;-) :-)

No. I had no idea William Shatner is in NZ. I have just watched his radio interview with Mike Hoskings just now. It was recorded yesterday, Tuesday, 19 March (NZ time).

Here it is, for those who might be interested –

The “brown bag wine tasting” reminds me of the scenes from the movie Bottle Shock (with Chris Pine)…

It’s the expressions on those Lego guys and gals that really sell it.

Star Trek fans are the best and most creative fans there are.

LEGO… With lens flares! Awesome sauce!

Wow. Who has the time to do something like that?


#17. Keachick

Great! Thanks for the link! ;-) :-)

That’s it. Alice Eve is gonna be remembered for that screamy face forever!!

That’s it. Alice Eve is gonna be remembered for that screamy face forever!!

William Shatner is 82 years old this Friday, 22 March.

He said he was working on a new musical album. He also admitted he could not sing…:) Yes, I know, Bill, but he has a wonderfully expressive and melodic speaking voice. I loved him as Kirk in Star Trek – his voice was a stronger than it is now, but the range was always there.

I recall Chris Pine noting an episode where Shatner/Kirk did his version of the first lines of the US Constitution – “We, the People…” and said he could not imagine himself saying it quite that way and laughed (I am paraphrasing here). This was when, at the same time, Chris said he had only watched some of the first season. I thought the episode came from the third season. Chris Pine and I were both wrong…:) It comes from Season 2 – The Omega Glory. I can’t imagine anyone else saying it quite that way either…LOL. Of course, the other outstanding episode in terms of Shatner/Kirk giving a full-on vocal performance was in the episode Return to Tomorrow (season 2 again). This had him banging his fist on the table top and then he, at the end, almost whispers “Risk is our business…”.

I loved it then, love it now. You go, William Shatner.

Chris Pine has the wonderful opportunity to learn from a man with a wonderful speaking/vocal range. Unfortunately, since then, actors like Harrison Ford has been put up as being the acting style to follow. His vocals are, to me, for the most part, monotonous and lazy.

Chris – learn from the Shat, not the Ford!

I don’t comment much, but I have to say… that was awesome!! great work.


@ 24-

That’s the same sound/ face/ scream I made when I saw my first klingon P3N1S 👹🙀🙉👍

Uh-oh! Awkward!!! (Kre-o Star Trek, anyone?)

On the other hand, it’s AMAZING!

That “Risk is our business” monologue is classic Shat/Kirk Trek. Great stuff!

The Lego ST Into Brickness is well done and cute. How could a Trekkie not smile watching that?


Inb4 :

This proves Cumberbatch is Khan.


I saw more details of the film’s content than watching the other trailer several times…


If you look closely at 1:59 you can see Xon.

That is awesome!!!

That is totally brilliant, I loved the lego ‘fly-past’, ‘water’ and ‘explosions’ the best. So funny.

sweet! My grandsons love legos and they want this if it comes out!!!

Heck of a job, guys!!

Shat finally admitted what the rest of us have known for years…he can’t sing.

Awesome! I love LEGO films! :-D

After ST09, the purists said, “Lego my Star Trek!” And now that’s what they got – fantastic!

That was cool! :)

At 0:52, you can see Batman and Robin walking away from the camera.