Watch: Bad Robot Variant Of Star Trek Into Darkness Intl Trailer + Caps Of New Footage

There is yet another version of the new Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer to see. This one was shared by Bad Robot today via their twitter feed and it contains some new footage and a couple of newly annotated shots. See what’s new below.


Bad Robot’s Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

Early this morning the official Twitter feed for JJ Abrams Bad Robot production company sent out a tweet with the message "Further into Darkness" and a link to a new page on the site which has the video of an alternative version of the new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Watch the new trailer (uploaded to Youtube) below

New footage

The new footage shows a an explosion on a ship, but which ship isn’t clear. The first part shows the explosion blowing a hole in the ship…


…and the second part of the new shot shows people being sucked out of the hole in the ship (which appears to be at warp).

Newly annotated shots

The Bad Robot variant also adds a couple of annotations. Presumably these annotations will be seen in the actual film.

More ‘shot by shot’ analysis

Check out TrekMovie’s other analyses:


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Now the year is official!: 2259!

Thanks for finding this!

don’t like that universe.

So is people being blown out into space going to be a thing in Abrams movies? I don’t see how they can top being blown out into space at warp though.

I’m almost wondering if the scene with Harrison in the brig will go something like this:

“you think you are safe, you are not.” etc. etc.

*things start blowing up on ship*

“have I got your attention, now?”

“One of our top agents”

Hmmm. Like James Bond. Well trained, but not superhuman.

Also, well vetted. Hard to slip an imposter by this division without some inside help … Which of course is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Of course it could also be Cooke too.

I think where the Starfleet servicemen are being sucked out is on the back of the saucer section just right of the impulse engine . In the international trailer towards the end as the Enterprise is in a spin falling to earth, you can clearly a huge chunk of that section blown out.

Looks like the ship with the explosion is at warp since you can see the familiar blue warp steaks behind the sucked out service men. js


or maybe I should read the article lol

If, as I suspect, there is a fair amount of emotional / philosophical depth to the story in addition to all the action we see in the trailers, this will be a fine movie. Can’t wait to see it.

I’m still wondering when (if) they’re ever going to do anything with this still

Trailer is awesome. I am FEELING the magic again.

Ok. Less then 2 months before we can see the Whole Movie.
Then we will all GEEK! OUT!

Judging from the flag, the United Kingdom stays united in 2259. No independent Scotland and no re-united Ireland

3. Nigel

then get back into the prime universe

@15 or they just didn’t bother redoing their flag, heh

Welp, if it would buffer, I’d love to watch it.

12. Josh C.

I know what you mean. I registered at a few months ago and so far nothing’s happened there either.

You mean “Blown” out of the ship :P

Sucks to be blown.

Wait, what?

It’s Blown to be Sucked.

@ 21. Damon.

Well played, sir.


Warp steaks are best served cold. It is very cold in space.

This one is a barnburner for sure. I say this one hits $700m quatloos worldwide. Let’s start the bidding.

I Bid that it will hit at least $741,745,452.42 Million World Wide.

I wonder if “Agent” means he is part of Section 31?

I bid 300 quatloos on the newcomers!

I wonder if Pike dies in the office massacre scene. Might he be the “fallen soldier” and maybe a big part of the impetus of Kirk’s revenge?

Has anyone considered that “Agent” may be refering to Noel Clarke’s character and not Cumberbatch?

Sucked out into space at warp, now that’s a new level of things! Love it.

@12 I asked Anthony about that on Twitter but never got a response. I think the whole “Are You The 1701?” thing got abandoned and it will be quietly ignored.

London: Year 2259 pic looks like a nod to Fringe. I dig it a lot.

Great trailer
Bob Orci if you are reading 2 questions

Are you ready to top this in 2016?
Any chance of seeing Kirk Prime & Spock Prime for 50th Anniversary movie in 2016?

I think ST ID total gross will be $675m+ Worldwide

2+ Academy Awards! :D

0 Razzies!


Is it me, but does the ship that crash into San Francisco harbor look like the Enterprise-E???

Seriously, freeze frame it and look at the shape of the nacelles when it crashes into the harbor. Also in the really wide shot, the shape of the ship looks like the Enterprise-E. And when it crashes into Alcatraz the bottom deflector dish section looks just like the Enterprise-E.

or maybe it’s just me….

30- I think you’re right.

33- I agree, though I have no idea what the blimp things are meant to be.

And it’s a little strange to see a future without billboard screens, we’re so used to that Blade Runner future now that without them there’s this almost totalitarian feel to everything. I’m sure the lack of colour has something to do with it.

Correction, sir, blown out.

A common mistake sir.

Ok ok

@29. Undiscovered Latin Gay Male Trek Character,

Yes Pike obviously dies and is part of the family that motivates Kirk to seek revenge.

@30. Daniel Broadway,

Yes, I think this is most likely — they don’t seem to be aware of Harrison until the attack on them, so Cooke is the agent Marcus references. So Harrison could still be anybody … Anybody from canon, that is …

Ship crashing into sf bay is much much bigger than any star fleet ship seen thus far in Star Trek, I’d guess a mile wide and 3 miles long.

Could be a really bad guess though… I base it on nothing :p

Personally, I’m so excited to be a sci-fi fan right now that I can’t even stand myself. Rejoice friends, imho this is truly a golden age in sci-fi cinema. Trek, Wars, Comics (ok maybe not exactly sci-fi) – Between the stories, the FX/CGI, the quantity, etc… Keep it coming Bad Robot, keep it coming kids! You hear me Bob?

while the nacelles dont look right if you freeze frame the ship exploding and seemingly falling out of orbit you can make out NCC-1701 on the primary hull– — so who knows- its not biggie- its not like I am totally tied to this new ship– but does make one wonder-

The new shot of being being blown into space at warp …. You can see the front tip of the nacelles at the bottom right outside the hole. These match the nacelles in that long distance shot where Kirk is shot into space and the nacelles of the ship that crashes into the water.. Not the Enterprise.

Clearly the villain is Khan…….hehe.

If you look at the very front of the saucer section as the ship is crashing over the buildings (from the ground view), it appears very thin – much much thinner than big E’s saucer.

So it is a movie about terrorism. That fits Star Trek speaking to current events. I thought DS9 covered it quite well BEFORE 911.

I am actually excited if that is the direction they have gone. Especially if the terrorists are working within the world’s governments. Creepy and hard to stop.

I am pumped

As for the Kahn inferences, perhaps the world’s governments found the Botany Bay and have been using the augments as special forces…

That would mean Harrison could be an augment, but wouldn’t have to Kahn

Can’t wait for Harrison to wield his crimson lightsaber when his true identity as Darth Norman is revealed, trained by the dreaded Darth Mudd. “At last we reveal ourselves to the federation, at last we will have our revenge.”

Don’t scoff too quickly; look thru the silliness and plot-wise it may not be as far-fetched as you think?