Watch: Bad Robot Variant Of Star Trek Into Darkness Intl Trailer + Caps Of New Footage

There is yet another version of the new Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer to see. This one was shared by Bad Robot today via their twitter feed and it contains some new footage and a couple of newly annotated shots. See what’s new below.


Bad Robot’s Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

Early this morning the official Twitter feed for JJ Abrams Bad Robot production company sent out a tweet with the message "Further into Darkness" and a link to a new page on the site which has the video of an alternative version of the new international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Watch the new trailer (uploaded to Youtube) below

New footage

The new footage shows a an explosion on a ship, but which ship isn’t clear. The first part shows the explosion blowing a hole in the ship…


…and the second part of the new shot shows people being sucked out of the hole in the ship (which appears to be at warp).

Newly annotated shots

The Bad Robot variant also adds a couple of annotations. Presumably these annotations will be seen in the actual film.

More ‘shot by shot’ analysis

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