Exclusive: Alice Eve Reveals Deleted Scene Explaining Brit Accent & More In TrekMovie Interview

Speaking exclusively to TrekMovie.com, actress Alice Eve revealed a deleted scene from Star Trek Into Darkness that explains her British (and not American) accent. The actress also talks about her Trek fandom, hopes for the next Star Trek movie and more. Watch the interview below (minor spoilers).


Eve Reveals Deleted Scene Explaining Accent In Her TrekMovie.com Interview

It was late in the day when I sat down with Zach and Chris and you can see it at the beginning where they were cooling themselves with bags of ice. But regardless of the junket fatigue we pressed on. Watch it below.


Alice Eve explained that before taking on her role she was a fan but now she is even more of a fan…

If there was a such a thing as a moderate Trekkie, I liked it, but now I am a full-blown Trekkie.

[Eve later flashed a Vulcan salute and called those who don’t know how to do it properly “idiots”]

The actress also talked about what she knew about the role before she agreed to the film

I didn’t know it was Carol Marcus…I got a sense of the journey of the character that [JJ] wanted was a girl who was struggling with her relationship with her father…[when found out later] I was happy it was [Carol Marcus] because she was played by a more mature actress and she was in a different place in her journey and it gave me room to do a different place in her journey.

Eve also revealed [answer a question submitted by fan Gary from Liverpool] that there was “ample discussion” of her using her regular British accent (as opposed to the original American accent), and there was even a scene that explained it.

There was a scene that was cut out of the movie where I explain to Kirk that I was raised in England by mother and my father – who is played by Peter Weller who was American – and that is why I had a different accent. But the movie moves at a pace and that scene was too slow

Digging deeper, she also explained why they chose the British accent (as she has done American accents before)…

The association sometimes is that English people are more intelligent than Americans. Of course it isn’t true, but I think we decided to play into that stereotype…because she is such a super-brain.

Regarding returning for the next Star Trek, Eve revealed there haven’t been any specific talks yet.

There have been no official talks about [her returning for next Star Trek film]. I guess Paramount and Bad Robot have to see how this film is recieved and from there we will go forward – so like it! See it! Love it!

We also talked about how the romantic elements of Marcus and Kirk were only hinted at for this film, and how she was happy about that…

I really enjoyed the character I got to play. She was really determined woman in her right dealing with her own struggles. The relationship with Kirk was one she took great support from, but wasn’t definitive for her. And I like it when women aren’t defined by the males they are relating to.

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I thought she did a really nice job in the movie.

“And I like it when women aren’t defined by the males they are relating to.”

Now, bring me a sammich!

While I hope she is in the next film (and we all know there will be one), I could see her and McCoy hooking up first, before she eventually gets with Kirk. It would then be interesting to find out who the father of David is.

Is this you Anthony giving the interview? Good job… and lucky you!

Alice Eve did a fantastic Job. Now that she is on the Enterprise. I hope they bringher back for the next movie.

I got the feeling she was a bit bored. But, those press settings have to be sooo tiring. And for an actor, you put the last work behind you and then you look forward.

Thanks Eve for giving the interview.


Hey Anthony. Great Interview. She is right about anyone who can’t do a proper Vulcan Salute.

NO ONE has ever looked as hot in that uniform as she did in STID! She was amazingly hot and her acting was great too!

Marcus NEVER should have had an accent to begin with. I know I will be bashed like crazy for posting a minor nitpick about the new movie, but its something that really bugs me.

…she would have made a good Dr. Dehner… =)

I love this woman. Very intelligent. Great sense of humor.

Lovely job, Anthony. Thank you.

Is it just me, or does Alice seem like a young Joanna Lumley? If they ever make a new version of Absolutely Fabulous she’d be a shoo-in.

Interesting to hear a little about cut scenes. I hope the script showed the female characters in a better light than the finished film did.

I was amused a couple of days ago to read an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch. In the middle he broke off because he received a call from Alice asking him to go with her to the theatre that evening. He turned her down because he was spending the day doing interviews and still had script pages for Sherlock to memorise. I did wonder what his teenage self would have made of him turning down a girl like Alice.

Anthony, you lucky devil!

The movie did not pass the Bechdel test, alas. I found the underwear scene not unpleasant to view but feminism is one area where the Supreme Court can do a bit better next time.

I didn’t like that she was just a screaming blonde in the trailer, but having seen the movie, I get it now – it is perfectly reasonable to scream when some sort of bone has just been crunched.


Sorry, but that’s such a huge pet peeve of mine when so-called “fans” cannot do the Vulcan salute right. Zoe Saldana and Neil Tyson are two that constantly hold the thumb incorrectly together with the palm. As Alice says: IDIOTS!

Peace out

Wow she is lovely and articulates herself pleasantly well.
Her German Dub so shitty looking forward to see the movie again in the OV (though they only show it in 3D here hated the 3D…)

@ 12. penhall – May 16, 2013

“Marcus NEVER should have had an accent to begin with.”

I’m not sure that it’s physically possible to talk without an accent… I’m pretty sure the original version of the character had an American accent…

Uh oh.

BobOrci can’t do the salute right either.

I guess this might mean no Carol in the next movie…

@15. Classy M

You’re right! I’m not that great a fan of Ab Fab but she’d make a wonderful Purdey if they ever redo The New Avengers.

Please have Carol in the next movie script, Bob! And you can use that deleted scene sequence in it. I thought it was pretty clear since “Wallace” is a classic Scots name, but she could have been tied more to London. After all, perhaps that’s why Section 31 had a facility there…. Alexander Marcus put it there to be near Miss Wallace. Now Carol’s mom has a brother Theodore Wallace…. who married a Janet….

Since so many of the characters in the new universe seem to be based in England, it didn’t strike me as odd that they have accents.

I am loving Alice Eve. She was great, I hope they bring her back for the next one.

Love her accent, and awesome to hear her calling people who can’t do the Vulcan salute “idiots”, totally makes me like her more :)

“There a scene that was cut out of the movie where I explained to Kirk that I was raised in England by my mother.”

Once again, JJ’s Star Trek screws the mothers.

The funniest thing to me is that people make a big deal about Earthlings having the “correct” accent, but the fact that Star Trek aliens rarely have accents doesn’t bother them.

22. ObsessiveStarTrekFan

Nice to see someone else who appreciates The New Avengers.

@3 Remember, McCoy’s father’s name was David… ;-)

@18 Not everyone can actually physically do the Vulcan salute correctly. It’s something about the bone structure of the hand — some people can do it and some can’t. Indeed, I understand that Zachary Quinto can’t actually do it — two of his fingers had to be glued together for the farewell scene with Spock Prime in the 2009 film. (Patrick Stewart has also struggled with it.) Leonard Nimoy has said that if Celia Lovsky couldn’t have done it, it wouldn’t have been introduced in the first place.

Now, my mother couldn’t do it, but I can do it with both hands (as Nimoy can). Go figure…

Annyone notice in the scene where she walks away from kirk she is walking up an open bottom staircase…….ah to be Kesner…

2 – Seriously? That joke stopped be funny about a year ago.

@22 – ObsessiveStarTrekFan – I’m a traditionalist; I prefer Emma Peel. That said, Alice would be great in New Avengers too. Now, who would make the perfect Steed?

#20 U know damn well what I meant. Stop being condescending.

One could speculate the following:

In the original “Prime” timeline, Carol was raised by her American father (and thus “attributed” her accent to him). It’s also possible that both her parents were/are in Starfleet, and in the Prime timeline, she ended up resenting her mother for (possibly) being killed in the line of duty.

Just speculating. I didn’t mind her British accent one bit. This is a different Carol Marcus. And i’m perfectly fine with that (and any other changes).

Have never seen the New Avengers, but some classic Avengers Emma Peel is my cup of tea for sure :)

Pascale, you’re cute! I had never seen you. Nice interview. THANK YOU for everything.

A minor detail I’d like to point out, and then a question I’d like to have answered…

The only time people are referred to as “Doctor so-and-so” in Star Trek are when they are either 1) a medical doctor (e.g. Dr. McCoy, Dr. Crusher…) or 2) not a member of Starfleet, but an independent research scientist (e.g. Dr. Carol Marcus in Wrath of Khan, Dr. Daystrom, Dr. Stubbs), etc.).

What is Carol Marcus’s rank supposed to be? Ensign? Lieutenant? Fleet Admiral? (joking about the last one, obviously). Because it’s never mentioned in the film. The sad part about my having to ask this question is that I shouldn’t have to ask it in the first place. In a universe where one’s rank braids are displayed just about the wrist of one’s uniform sleeves, don’t you think that the women’s uniforms should have, you know…sleeves? Silly, I know…

@30: Nah, I think anyone could do the salute with enough practice. The point is to have the care to learn it correctly.

38) her rank is mentioned in atleast 1 scene in the film.
and as anthony said she is a Lieutenant.

I think it’s insulting to suggest the stereotype is that the Brits are smarter than Americans

When the stereotype is that everybody in the world are smarter than Americans.

Just kidding guys.

Absolutely f-ing beautiful. She did a great job in the film, she got to have a few big moments, and she nailed every one of them.

As an aside, her father Trevor Eve is one of two people to have broken the right front wheel off the reasonably priced car, at speed, in his appearance on Top Gear’s “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment. The other being musician Lionel Richie. (You can never tell about people, can you?)

@27 Jeyl – “Once again, JJ’s Star Trek screws the mothers.”

How is her being raised by her mother screwing over mothers?

This just confirms the obvious, she was raised in England where as the original was brought up in America or a Starfleet base where the majority of her peers had American accents.

Remember new timeline meaning Starfleet postings would be different and as events unfold her parents could have (as an example) split up which may not have happened originally.

@12, I feel the same way, but you have to remember, This “reboot” of the ST franchise takes place in an alternate timeline, so they can do whatever they want with the characters.

@20 – I think that is what @12 was saying here. Dr. Marcus in STII:WOK had an american accent.

She did not want to be there. That was clear. Some interesting answers however.

I’m sure the Vulcan salute comment was in jest, but the agreements in this comment section bother me. Despite being a lifelong ST fan (one of my earliest memories is seeing WoK in the theater w/ my mom and older brother), I have never been able to do it. I physically cannot move my ring finger over to my pinky finger, and that has everything to do w/ biology And nothing about intelligence.

It’s not the movement of the pinky and ring fingers that they were teasing about, it’s people who don’t spread their thumbs out which is something most people can do – unless of course you suffer from severe arthritis.

I would have asked: “Why the bangs?”. Great looking woman otherwise, though. I wonder if AP made a play for her after the camera was turned off.

X – Actually it was more commentary than joke. On social topics I find several TrekMovie regulars that are quite “caveman” in their positions.

If anything, I find some of the STID use of her sexuality over the top. I haven’t seen the movie so hopefully she is depicted exactly as she suggests. Competent in her own right; her intelligence. A valued member of the crew’ not merely shoehorned in for her obvious beauty.

“Idiots…” – Now I officially adore this woman.

#12 No accent? You know that’s impossible right? Unless you think the US is the centre of the universe and only OTHER people have accents.