EXCLUSIVE: New Cast Photos from Star Trek Continues Episode 3 “Fairest of Them All” + Free TrekMovie Las Vegas Screening and Q&A

UPDATE: We’ve got another new photo of Chris Doohan as Scotty! Check it out.


TrekMovie is excited to bring you the title of the upcoming Star Trek Continues episode, “Fairest of Them All” and exclusive shots of the cast in Mirror Universe uniform. The new episode, written by James Kerwin & Vic Mignogna and directed by James Kerwin, will take place in the mirror universe. The story picks up where The Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror” left off and tells the story of what happened to the mirror landing party after returning to the I.S.S. Enterprise. The episode is set to release June 15 at Supanova in Sydney, Australia, and will be available on Vimeo and YouTube the same day worldwide. Also lookout for a behind the scenes documentary dedicated to the making of “Fairest of Them All”.

We are also thrilled to announce a TrekMovie.com special event. Kicking off the big Creation convention in Las Vegas, this July 31st (Thursday night — Friday morning) TrekMovie.com presents a FREE midnight screening of “Fairest of Them All” with a Q&A session with cast and crew after the show, including Vic Mignogna (Kirk), Chris Doohan (Scotty), Asia DeMarcos (Marlena), Kipleigh Brown (Smith), plus James Kerwin and several members of the crew, and a special appearance by Michael Dorn! Hit the jump for details!

Exclusive cast photos from “Fairest of Them All”
The latest from Star Trek Continues takes us where no fan film has gone before… into the mirror universe established in the famous TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Fairest of them all takes place directly at the end of “Mirror, Mirror” when the mirror crew are sent back to their own I.S.S Enterprise. The episode features BarBara Luna-approved actress Asia DeMarcos in the iconic role of “Lt. Marlena Moreau” plus Trek alumnus Kipleigh Brown (Taylor in “Enterprise”) plays the helmsman — the Mirror version of a special character who will be familiar to TOS fans. As an added bonus, Trek alumnus Bobby Clark — the Gorn from TOS — will appear in a cameo role. Hardcore Trek fans will know that Clark was also in the original “Mirror, Mirror” episode as Chekov’s henchman.

Like the other 2 episodes of Star Trek Continues, “Fairest of Them All” captures the genuine look and feel of The Original Series, as it was shot in the 1960’s. No stone was left unturned in producing accurate TOS Mirror uniforms from genuine cotton velour (as used in the late 60s), and repainting/rebuilding the sets to match the second-season Enterprise as seen in “Mirror, Mirror”. That authenticity is evident in these TrekMovie.com exclusive photos of Kirk, Scotty, Lt. Marlena Moreau, and Smith.

Kipleigh Brown as Smith. Photo by Donald Huston, copyright Far From Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Vic Mignogna as Kirk. Photo by Matt Bucy, copyright Far From Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Asia DeMarcos as Moreau. Photo by Donald Huston, copyright Far From Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Chris Doohan as Scott. Photo by Donald Huston, copyright Far From Home LLC. All Rights Reserved.

UPDATE! New Photo of Mr. Scott

Newly released photo of Chris Doohan as Scotty

More photos released last week
A few other photos have appeared on the Official Star Trek Continues facebook page since last week. In case you haven’t had enough of those sparkly, low-cut, mirror-universe costumes, here are a couple more!

“Your agonizer, please.” Here’s your first look at the amazing Mirror Spock. What a difference a beard makes!

Now for a peek at Mirror Kirk and Uhura, the Terran Empire’s finest! The lighting really brings out the evil, don’t you think?

Special Behind The Scenes Documentary: The Making of “Fairest of Them All”
Besides the release of this latest episode, be on the lookout for the behind the scenes documentary produced by Condé Nast Entertainment. The doc will be several episodes long, with one episode dedicated to the making of “Fairest of Them All”. Star Trek Continues has had the unique aim of making their episodes look and feel like it was filmed back in the late 1960’s. When watching, you can’t help but feel like you are watching a lost episode of The Original Series. This documentary series will provide a glimpse into the unique creative efforts involving costumes, sets, props, and makeup that go into the production. The exact release date is soon to be announced but is currently scheduled for sometime this month.

TrekMovie.com Presents a Free Midnight Screening of “Fairest of Them All” + Q&A in Las Vegas
Please join us for a very special screening of Star Trek Continues episode 3, “Fairest of Them All” at midnight on the night of Thursday, July 31st at the AMC Town Square in Las Vegas. The event is planned to help kick off the big Creation Star Trek convention, which runs from July 13st – August 3rd (note that the con is a week earlier this year). After the show, guests will be treated to a Q&A session with writer/director James Kerwin, producer/actor Vic Mignogna (Kirk), actors Chris Doohan (Scotty), Asia DeMarcos (Marlena), Kipleigh Brown (Smith), and special guest Michael Dorn that will last to the wee hours Friday morning. Admission is absolutely free, and seats go on a first come, first served basis. So, gather your friends, and start lining up for showtime!



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Holy crap that looks amazingly awesome. I LOVE Star Trek Continues!! Phase II I could never get into. That one’s just not quite right from camera angles to lighting to effects shots to actors (and their “acting”). ST Continues is spot-on & truly feels like a continuation of the Original Series!

Why does Scotty have makeup on?

Trekmovie.com presents?? That kinda implies that the site, or it’s MIA owner may be on the verge of reemerging…

3. Al

And why is Scotty sweating?? You’ll find out on June 15th. :)

Great pics guys! ;)

Hi Chris…grats looks like fun…

Kipleigh Brown……sweet Jesus!!!

Asia DeMarcos… OH MY GOD! It IS Moreau!!!

It’s such a pity ST Continues episodes can’t be downloaded…

@9. smike – June 4, 2014

I thought it was the same actress for a minute. Then I did the math, :-)


“Asia DeMarcos… OH MY GOD! It IS Moreau!!!”

I know…right? She looks so much like her and she’s an amazing actress. There’s a great story about how we found her. I let her tell it on
July 31st.


You can download them decent 720p from youtube. Just use something like keepvid.com or a plugin for firefox or chrome that can even download from there Vimeo page.

I got them archived now on a nas. Going to do the same with “Fairest of them all” too. Should be the best episode yet of Star Trek Continues

Excited to see this work by James Kerwin!!

Why is Chris Doohan wearing orange makeup all over his face?


Guys, re: Chris’ look: Have you also not heard of RED ALERT?

Asia’s story is incredible—and if you miss it live, I think there’s at least a couple versions to be online … including one at TREKLAND, which was shot the end of her first day. ;-)

See you at Vegas!

@5. Lots of push-ups?

Awesome! This is TOS Trek done right!

Looks awesome!! Can’t wait!!

Man, I wish I could go to the Con in Vegas!!

Please tell me that someone’s going to film the Q&A so that all of us less fortunate folks who can’t make it will be able to see it.

Also looking forward to the Conde Nast doc!

And this is great—> As an added bonus, Trek alumnus Bobby Clark — the Gorn from TOS — will appear in a cameo role. Hardcore Trek fans will know that Clark was also in the original “Mirror, Mirror” episode as Chekov’s henchman.

16. ados – June 4, 2014

Wow, that is quite touching.

Great, I love Mirror Universe stories!

Wow, this looks AMAZING!!! I’ve never been this excited about a fan series before.

Also, is that supposed to be Yeoman Smith from WNMHGB? Now THAT is pretty darn cool!!

Looks great! Excited to see another episode from these guys. They’ve done an excellent job on their past work too.

@ 21. Cygnus-X1 – June 4, 2014

“Please tell me that someone’s going to film the Q&A so that all of us less fortunate folks who can’t make it will be able to see it.”

I second that, someone should film it & upload it to trekmovie underused Youtube channel.

Chris. As a fan since ’66, just wanted to say how incredible your portrayal of Scotty is! Your dad must be looking down and be very proud.

It looks fantastic I can’t wait Star Trek continues is the best

Moreau’s likeness is insanely accurate. Kirk and Spock… meh. Those actors really do not look the part.

Vic is the most Kirk-like Kirk to emerge in the Trek Fan film world, so far. Spock, not so much, I agree. He’s better with the beard, but so far no one has found a Spock with the correct voice – including J.J. Abrams.

Chris Doohan’s Scotty is spot on – I love it. And if you don’t like his makeup, go back and watch some TOS – it was shot before HDTV. Kirk and McCoy’s eyeshadow was particular sexy on several occasions.

This looks like another great production. Can’t wait to see it.

27. Kayla Iacovino – June 4, 2014


Many thanks to Kayla for putting this all together with the STC team.

This event is going to be an absolute blast. Hope many of you can make it!

I don’t understand the makeup comments — I noticed Mr. Scott was sweaty, which we’ve never seen before… and which can’t be a good sign for the Enterprise (exciting!). But makeup? What makeup? WTF, y’all.

Nice! But still no love for Starship Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection? What gives?

Is it just me or does the mirror Spock look kind of like Tom Green’s Backwards Man from Freddie Got Fingered?


Keep your eyes peeled for the first episode in the Condé Nast documentary series about Star Trek Continues series when they appear next week. Going to be on one of our branded channels. We’ll give links and dates to TrekMovie.com as they become available.

Michael Prenez-Isbell

I don’t get it with people talking about a Spock voice…he isn’t trying to be Nimoy as Spock. He’s being the CHARACTER of Spock. That’s like saying, “well, Christian Bale’s Batman voice wasn’t Michael Keaton’s voice so he’s not Batman. He’s not putting in the time on set and in a trilogy of Batman films cause his voice isn’t like Michael Keaton’s.” All you nitpicking “fans” need to pocket your negativity and turn it into something productive.

38. Michael Prenez-Isbell – June 4, 2014

Will do!

Hope you guys come back to DragonCon this year!

35. dayxday – June 4, 2014

Nice! But still no love for Starship Exeter’s Tressaurian Intersection? What gives?

I watched it. It’s a good, solid episode and quite enjoyable. I like the deadpan humor and thoughtful theme. It’s a bit rough around the edges in places…the dialogue audio mix in particular could do with more crispness and clarity. The production in general is not as polished, sophisticated and nuanced as STC—but definitely fun and worthwhile. I think that Exeter is tighter all around than Farragut, particularly in the performances, though the Farragut stories and how they are presented are quite enjoyable and have a certain, distinct style to them.

One thing I’m a bit confused about is why the badges on the Exeter uniforms don’t look anything like the Star Fleet badges. It’s supposed to be set in Star Fleet and the Trek world, right?

41 Cygnus, I agree with you on Exeter, I like the episodes better than the Farragut ones; acting’s a bit stilted in both. I really hope Exeter can get back into production but my understanding is that it’s not likely.

But Cygnus I am simply shocked, shocked! that you do not know that the insignia in TOS differed from ship to ship — look at Commodore Decker’s badge in “Doomsday Machine” and Cmdr Wesley’s badge in “The Ultimate Computer.” Rare birds, yes, “unit patches” as it were. The Delta Shield didn’t become standard Starfleet insignia until TNG.

You pay attention to science and writing, I, to acting and costumes … takes all kinds :-)

I forgot to say how much I’m looking forward to this “Continues” episode. Are STC managing three eps/year? Wowz!

No one has commented on Michael Dorn appearing. Very cool!!!

I have to say that the whole thing looks astonishing and the acting is really solid, stroke of genius getting Chris Doohan on board too!

I’m sure this has been said before, but even the the CGI shames alot of the CGI on TOS remastered, why oh why didn’t they do better with TOS remastered?

Good Luck, guys and really well done!

Forget Jar Jar Trek, this is the real thing. This has real quality. The guys of STC have done an amazing job. Their work is proof that you can make great quality Trek without millions of dollars. The previous two episodes are Saturn Award and Hugo award worthy. I’m sure this episode will be excellent too. “Fairest of Them All” is also a fitting title. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

One of the things that Vic Mignogna brings to his portrayal of Kirk may seem trivial but *really* helps sell it – POSTURE. He has most of Shatner’s signature poses and ways of moving down pat. Just look at the picture above of him sitting in the command chair.

That’s also a big plus for Chris Doohan as Scotty. One suggestion, Chris? Maybe head down to the galley and look up a plate of haggis. Fill out just a *wee* bit…

(No real criticism intended there. I confess I probably make your Dad look skinny by comparison!)

Seriously, though – entertaining stuff!


I would love to hear your opinion about this video.

#5 Chris Doohan

You look very much like your father. And you look fit sir… Lost a lot of weight if I may be so bold!