Kirk and Krall STAR TREK BEYOND Character Posters Are Here!

Kirk and Krall reporting for duty and mayhem, respectively. Check out the two new Star Trek Beyond character posters, released today.



These are the two latest posters in a set showing off the characters of Star Trek Beyond.

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I REALLY like those Franklin uniforms.

love this!

With it being the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, would it have killed them to have Pine look a little Shatneresque from the 1966 shows? We’ve been treated to a glimmer of that in the past two films.

He should have definitely eaten way more, yes :D

Yes one of the rare times Pine is allowed to invoke Shatner.

Should have had Kirk Prime in this movie. Hopefully that will be my only regret from the movie. It is one that is truly disappointing.

Thought this image of Pine from the latest trailer was reminiscent of Shatner. That same mischievous smirk… similar to Shatner’s Kirk.

That image does give me a bit of a Kirk Prime vibe.

You mean you want him to be paunchier?

Honestly, there’s just no satisfying some people.

Trolling a little hard there aren’t ya chuckles?

you mean like… fixing his eye color?

I think his hair style has definitely become more like that of (TOS era) Kirk Prime than back in the first film…

Love Shatner, my first true hero growing up. He was the best there ever was…even over that dull chrome dome on TNG.

But do we really want Pine to go shave his head to wear a wig, put on a few pounds then wear tight fitting pants and shirts, pause every three words in dramatic tones and knock out a women after a long passionate kiss?

Pine is doing great in his interpretation of the character.

I was looking forward to the Kirk poster until I actually saw it. I absolutely hate those Franklin uniforms, and I’m not too much of a fan of the new Enterprise duty uniforms either, but I think he should’ve been wearing his gold Captain’s shirt in the poster. Damn shame.

Krall ambushe the Franklin crew on their way to the big Drumline Competition.

Why are we calling them “Franklin”? I googled Franklin + uniforms and got nothing remotely looking like these.

Until seeing these latest, and seeing the full spread of all of them, I totally missed that the shiny part forms a delta shield. Subtle, Marketing Wonks, subtle. Helps to sell it as the Trek brand.

Yep! It’s lovely how it can only be seen from the distance. When you see it on the other side of the room, it really pops up even before you see any details of the poster itself. Great idea.

Wow. I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out. Cool.

@CmdrR, Fascinating how they aren’t putting the Star Trek in STAR TREK BEYOND

Well that’s one way to avoid being too “star treky”

We wouldn’t want people to know its Star Trek

Paramount is ashamed of Star Trek
They are always trying to make it into something else

I suppose another reason they aren’t putting STAR TREK on the various promotional artwork could be Paramount just can’t afford it?:

“…Paramount is the most visible example of Viacom’s chaos (its quarterly loss was $136 million)…” — ‘Peter Bart: Sumner Redstone Crisis Is Good News For Ailing Viacom, Where Any Change Is Welcome’; Peter Bart; DEADLINE; June 2, 2016 4:00pm

”It [Viacom] also owns the struggling studio Paramount Pictures, responsible for such big franchises as “Star Trek,” “Mission: Impossible” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”” — ‘What would it take to put CBS and Viacom together again?’; Meg James; LA TIMES; May 28, 2016, 4:30 AM

I’d like a box of “Krunchy Kralls” beakfast cereals.

Sorry, I just hate those Horatio Hornblower uniforms. At least they didn’t get the shield on the wrong side! And Kirk looks extremely Photoshopped for some reason (like the eyes from one shot, hair from another, etc), and very comic book looking skin. Otherwise a very effective set of posters. I like how everyone else is at an angle to Kirk in the center. Can’t wait to see these presented as whole on a construction site somewhere.

@ Curious Cadet: Seems like some people love the new uniforms while others hate them. I hope it doesn’t ruin the movie for you. As to the Photoshop comment: Some of the characters look extremely photoshopped to the point where they are almost unrecognizable (Bones, Scotty). Others look more natural. I don’t know if the marketing department was going for some kind of stylized look to the characters or if they just overdid the “cleaning” of photos. Or maybe these are even painted (some of them look like they might be).

They want the old fogey’s to look young and attractive lol

Definitely won’t ruin the movie for me. That seems to be an NuTrek fanboi perception around here — a negative criticism suggests to some that the movie is doomed, or that the person making it is a troll.

Thanks for confirming the photoshop observation isn’t just me.

I like the new uniforms on their own. Not necessarily as it relates to this era of Star Trek but if they have a reasonable in-universe explanation (ie. they are from the prequel era ship) then it wont bother me.

It does seem a bit odd that Star Fleet went from the Enterprise era NASA-inspired jumpsuits to the jackets of the Franklin, to the PJ look of TOS. But if the movie is good, I wouldnt let things like that ruin the experience. Especially if they have a good writer who adds one simple line to make it all make sense.

@ Curious Cadet: I didn’t think you were trolling. It really seems that reactions to that uniform diverge a lot. Reading back your original comment in full, maybe it was wrong of me to suggest that your feelings about the uniforms might influence your overall enjoyment of the movie. I feel that some posters here tend to blow things out of proportion, but I don’t keep track of individual people, so sorry if I interpreted your comment as more extreme on the spectrum than it was :-)

I wonder if these are full on CGI and not even “real” photos?

I wonder where those moany fans are who were belittling the movies “lack of marketing” and Paramount’s “lack of faith” in the film…..oh some are commenting below..:)

They are friggen posters. What thrilling marketing. lol I could have had those made by my graphics guy for free and tweeted. Is that comparable marketing for a $200m film? Im not being critical of the marketing but any of the whiners who are trying to hold this up as an example of strong marketing is laughable.

I find your lack of marketing disturbing…. oh, wait, wrong franchise.

I definitely want some print version of these posters..

Now where are all the whiners complaining about lack of promotion from Paramount?

@Anthony – true! Incredible marketing job being done with these posters that dont say Star Trek. With any luck, next month they will release desktop wallpaper. If there is any money left, perhaps we can get some branded mousepads or something.

@TUP AND a well-received 2nd trailer. AND a first time ever fan event. AND a first time ever premiere with a live orchestra. Etc., etc.

You posted a comment in a thread about posters insulting people who quite reasonably questioned the lack of marketing. I responded to you ridiculous post with sarcasm…and that obviously tweeting out some posters that any decent amateur photoshop user could make is not exactly the height of marketing.

If they hadnt released a trailer it would egregious. So lets not pat them on the back for their awesome promotional job for doing something they should have done before now.

I think the people upset with the lack of marketing were complaining about how little presence Trek had prior to this month. It’s barely two months until the movie, so I would hope they are ramping up the marketing. But it’s hard to ignore the dearth of marketing prior to this month. Outside of Trek websites, the general public had little idea there was even a new Trek film on the horizon, which is in stark contrast to the two previous films.

I really don’t understand why they’ve changed the uniforms from the last two films? I though they looked great; they had elements of the original 1960’s uniforms, but were slightly modernised.

If it ‘ain’t broke etc etc….

it´s just or Krall looks like one of the creatures from planet Phaedus from Countdown to Darkness?

Agreed. Like you say the last two films uniforms have that TOS look but with a touch of a modernized style, I really liked them. But who knows maybe these will grow on me over time.

@JoeStains, Beyond has a different costume designer from the one who did costumes for Trek and Trek into Darkness. As for the Franklin uniforms, I have no idea … maybe that’s the Guardians of the Galaxy thing Paramount wanted.

I’m a big trek fan since the age of 6 with TOS being my favorite series then DS9 followed by TNG, VOY and Enterprise. Love NEW trek too. But man o man, I am having a hard time getting over them destroying the Enterprise. Maybe if they didn’t keep doing I’d be all right. Even when not on screen didn’t you know they did because of all the different letters. Although, I didn’t mind D going cause it’s ugly and the original or Kirk’s original was okay because it had impact, plus it had been around for a while. The ship is special. Far more special than that piece of crap the falcon, look how the like to suck the balls on that thing. I plan on seeing it. It’s just I feel beat down before it’s even in theaters.

My favorite Star Trek Characters, Kirk #2 Spock#3 Cisco#4 (the guy has similar Facial Features like my Dad. How cool is that.) Trip#6 and #1 The U.S.S ENTERPRISE.

I agree with you. The Enterprise is as much a character and an integral part of Star Trek is Kirk, Spock or Sisko. It saddens me that “character” basically gets killed off early on in the movie (or so I hear).

The Enterprise has only been destroyed completely once before and that was at Captain Kirk’s command. “Keep doing it” – hardly. The Enterprise has been badly damaged and been decommissioned in previous films, but destroyed – no, only once – TSFS.

Shouldn’t be to long now before we start seeing TV spots and another trailer….

Honestly I would like to see Pine channel Shatner more. The times he’s done it have worked well imo. As a matter of fact how about at least one scene of Pine preachifying or lecturing his opponent.

@Hugh – agreed!