Vice Press Issues Remastered ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Poster Art Prints

Providing a perfect companion to their alternative poster art, Vice Press follows with art prints of the original poster design for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

More than just a poster reprint

Following their announcement that they will offer alternative poster art for Star Trek movies featuring new designs by some of today’s best talent, Vice Press is revealing another line featuring a full restoration of original movie poster art. First up, appropriately, will be an art print and poster release of the original poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture illustrated by the late Bob Peak. Peak did the poster art for the first five Star Trek films, and Vice Press has returned to his original source material to show his vintage work at its best. Artist Matt Ferguson reached out to Thomas Peak, Bob’s son, as well as David C. Fein, producer of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition.  Their goal was to produce a print as close to the original source as possible using the highest quality assets.

Vice remaster of the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster

An earlier announcement from Vice Press suggested that all the  Star Trek movies would eventually receive the same attention that has been given to The Motion Picture. In a recent press release, founding partner James Henshaw said that subsequent art may not be limited to Star Trek films, and perhaps fans can look forward to posters celebrating their favorite series entries as well:

“As fans ourselves, with this series we want to give fans of Star Trek the opportunity to collect artwork from both the cinematic and small screen universe in a form that is the highest possible quality.”

No comment was offered on whether “small screen universe” artwork would be new designs, restored original art, or both.

Foil version of Vice remaster of original Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster

Quantities Not Limited

Unlike the alternative poster design released in September—a limited run which sold out in a few hours—the restored art print will be available on an open ordering basis, meaning that the number of prints produced will equal the number ordered: All fans who want a print will be able to get one. Orders will be open for one week, starting Wednesday, October 11th at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT. A separate foil variant of the poster will also be available in a limited run of 200. The regular edition will be £39.99 (about $52) and the foil edition £49.99 (about $65). Both will measure 24×36 inches and can be ordered directly from Vice Press.

Find more info on Star Trek merchandise.

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The most beautiful movie poster in the Universe…

Even more beautiful than the Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes trilogy poster?

There will always be something special about that poster.


Vice Press, if you are reading this, PLEASE MAKE THE JAPANESE ALTERNATIVE VERSION AVAILABLE FOR THIS ONE WEEK RELEASE AS WELL. That’s the one by far that I will buy! THANKS

Peak was simply one of the best in the business. His posters for TMP and APOCALYPSE NOW (which came out around the same time) are iconic.

He did some terrific Bond work too, though my fave of those didn’t get used, I guess because they changed the title, plus by then the studio had started the copout of doing crummy photo-based posters:comment image

peak poster art indeed

It would have been nice to know that these were coming before the limited editions went on sale

Exactly what I thought! It’s like we all found out about the limited editions after they were long gone. The new poster with Ilia is amazing!