New Jaylah STAR TREK BEYOND Poster Revealed

Thought Paramount was done with Star Trek Beyond posters? Think again! Today they revealed this gorgeous close up shot of Jaylah, Trek’s mysterious new heroine.


Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in the US July 22nd.

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Nice one

Looks great but again another poster without Star Trek. Is this what they mean by less Trekkie?


Stop using that word. It’s been rendered meaningless.

Promoting some nameless co-star? Who gives a f&$k? Well, I guess we know someone who did!

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Star Trek Beyond sounded like a condom brand to me, or a feminine douche. Calling it just Beyond sounds like an incomplete thought .. “Have you seen ‘Beyond’?”, “Beyond what?”, “You know ‘Beyond’?”; “Beyond?”, “‘Beyond’ the movie?”, “Beyond what movie?” .. and then it becomes a “Who’s on first” routine. Or a documentary about the retail chain Bed, Bath & Beyond. It’s just perplexing this marketing approach.

You need to spend less time on the toilet.

Your a douche, and a meaningless comment

She won’t be nameless after this

TPTB’s thought process: It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we’re releasing a new Star Trek film, and there’ll be a new Star Trek show, so by all means, let’s make sure *not* to use the name Star Trek anywhere on the posters.

No one cares about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Marketing or not, if people cared it would be all over the internet headlines like Star Wars. But its not. Its sad and unfornunate but that is the truth.

There are sure a lot of marketing experts here.

Niiiice!!! The marketing is flowing now.

I like the very alien-looking eye.

Cosplayers will either love or hate her, depending on how steady a hand they have.


We can only be so lucky if she’s cool enough for cosplayers to dress up as her for cons….

Awesome! They seem to be quite proud of her character/make-up design!

Hey everyone quick question – knowing the current trend in movies these days, do you think Jaylah could be set up to be a Mary Sue character? If so, could this ruin the entire movie experience?

Wow! First thing I noticed was the eyes. They need to make “Jaylah eyes” merchandise available… Cool and interesting.