New Star Trek Beyond Clip Features Jaylah and Scotty

In a new clip from Star Trek Beyond, Scotty meets the mysterious new Jaylah. Not that we need to say it here, but… beware of spoilers!

In a new clip just released by Paramount, we find Scotty who has apparently just made it to the surface of a planet in his Kelvin Pod after the Enterprise’s destruction.

Here he comes across the new mysterious heroine Jaylah who offers to help him find his crew mates, in return for his services as an engineer.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in the US July 22nd.

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I think she sounds like Lori Petty. Good clip.

Together with the other TV spots that have very recently been released it’s all looking great. So stoked for this movie.

Yeah, me too! Super excited. With the exception of the first trailer, the trailers,spots and comments from the writers,actors and director make me think this might be the movie I was hoping for before into darkness.
I didn’t get the same feeling prior to into darkness.

Always enjoy a good teaser clip. They released a few for ST09 too.

Shields to maximum. Must keep spoilers out!!

I hear ya. Im generally a spoiler junky. Its weird how little has leaked out about this film. I dont think thats a good sign. But Im looking forward to it. But I cant see it until the 26th when the buddy is in town. So will have to avoid this site that entire weekend…

Shields or deflector to maximum? Haha :P

James Doohan was a miracle worker. Simon Pegg is a bumbling idiot.

Exactly. I want this to be an enjoyable film, I do… But there have already been two strikes so far in this reboot era, and everything I’ve seen so far looks like this will be strike three. I’d much rather see something like Axanar, Star Trek: Continues, or hell, just kick back and play STO than suffer through this juvenile reboot nonsense.

So….Dejected Redshirt…um….why are you here? The negative attention that exciting to you?

Simon Pegg as Scotty is fine. Don’t be a hater.

Simon Pegg is excellent in my book.

Simon Pegg is okay. Not excellent. He’s the comic relief which is fine as Scotty was funny. But again, its an example of them doing parodies of the TOS characters, the stereotypes. Show me a brilliant Scotty taking command. Show me a hits first, asks questions later Scotty. Show me the leader of men Scotty.

In one of the clips it looks like we got Sulu in the big chair which is nice. But I always loved the Scotty-in-Command episodes.

Yeah I have to agree with ya on this. I do wish he’d balance the comic relief with, y’know, doing his job… Hopefully he pulls off some great engineering work in this movie, but it would have also been nice to see him serious-up with maybe a moment in the chair like TOS Scotty did sometimes. That said, let’s not forget that TOS Scotty did have his comic relief moments, like when he was drinking one of the Kelvans under the table. :P

Scotty was a miracle worker, James Doohan was an actor. Lets keep the rose colored glasses on the shelf. He was a good scotty but only a passable actor in general. Perspective please. Pegg is also a much better actor, hands down.

Pegg is not a masterful actor or anything. He’s ok. I’d compare him reasonably to Doohan to be honest.

Love this! :)

Got me with the horns after his engineering line. Pegg’s such a ham, love it! Getting excited…

Love this clip! Especially when he talks about his Starfleet insignia and him being in the engineering division. The humor is also a great touch. I’m so excited for this movie!

Where would everyone be without that unseen MAGICAL universal translator?…:)
Scotty’s great.

The Paramount Pictures channel on Youtube has a few more TV spots that I hadn’t seen before:

Nothing more to add to the discussion other than I enjoyed that 1 minute clip. :-)

I’m not a fan of the edits that accelerate dialog in the interest of ‘moving the story along.’ JJ did it, clearly directed Nimoy to speak very quickly in both movies, and here it is again. Distorts the characters.

Why do I have a feeling Scotty is going to have all the BEST lines in the movie? :D

Anybody else getting a THE FIFTH ELEMENT vibe from this character?