Watch Thank You Video and Sneak Peek as DS9 Doc Wraps Up Crowdfunding Campaign on a High Note

The crowdsourcing campaign to fund the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind ends today, and has already passed its final stretch goal. This morning the team behind the doc released one last video to thank the fans, and provided TrekMovie with some details on the status of the project.

DS9 Doc Passes Funding Goal – Team Thanks The Fans

The Indigogo campaign for the What We Left Behind documentary officially ends tonight at midnight (PST). The documentary passed its original goal of $150,000 weeks ago, and earlier this week passed their final stretch goal of $500,000. As of Friday morning a bit over $570,000 has been pledged. To celebrate the achievement and to thank supporters, producer Ira Steven Behr, director Adam Nimoy and the rest of the producing team released a new video, featuring a special guest who hasn’t shown up in any of their previous promos.

One of the producers, Kai de Mello-Folsom, gave us a comment on behalf of the team about the campaign’s success, stating in an email:

We’re still simply astonished at the outpouring of support from the DS9 community. In just one short month, we’ve come further than anyone on our team might have hoped and raised over a half a million dollars, surpassing our initial goal in just one day and now blowing through all four of our stretch goals for the campaign.

Kai also confirmed that due to the amount of support they have received they are now “pushing ahead with our goal to remaster select clips from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the film for the first time in high definition.” In addition, they are already moving ahead with a new round of interviews with cast and crew, which will take place in the coming weeks. These include a new roundtable discussion with Denise and Mike Okuda and the visual FX team for DS9. Kai also tells TrekMovie they plan to reach out to fans to “gather their thoughts and reactions to DS9, its original run, and it’s reemergence in modern society.”

Sneak Peek – Terry Farrell on Dax: Yoda or Grace Kelly?

Also new from the documentary team: a snippet of an interview with Terry Farrell talking about the confusing direction she received from executive producer Rick Berman on how, exactly, she should play Dax:

More fun DS9 Doc campaign promo videos

Throughout the campaign, the production team has released a number of fun promotional videos to get fans engaged. Watch them below.

Read our exclusive interview with Adam Nimoy about directing the doc.

Missed the whole history of the crowdfunding campaign and Terry Farrell’s walk around the Paramount lot? Catch up here.

Stay tuned to for all the updates and news on the DS9 doc What We Left Behind.

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Ira is sincere and heartfelt. I look forward to seeing this!

Not only is it great that they’ll make the movie, it’s great to know they raised enough that they’ll get to earn some profit from it. They deserve it. Looking forward to the documentary!

I wonder if Avery Brooks will make a surprise appearance.

I hope so. It wouldn’t feel right without him. People are saying he might have a medical condition but I can’t find any real news about that online. Which is probably a good thing. Some stuff should be kept private. But I can’t help but wonder, you know?

So far, a textbook example of a crowdfunded Trek production done right. Are you paying attention, Mr. Peters?

Most notably the part where they are asking for money to pay to use the IP :)

😂 so true

Haha I love the one with “number one”

so excited for this!

Wow Andrew Robinson was only in 39 episodes out of 170 episodes? That can’t be right lol. It felt like he was at least in a third of them, especially the later seasons with the war. Wow, he made his appearance that memorable I guess.

That’s what I love about DS9! All those amazingly talented supporting actors almost felt like regulars..

Nice, looking forward to the film

my thoughts exactly “that can’t be right”… the DS9 tailor only in 39 episodes! I’ve just started re-watching DS9 on Netflix… I’ve never paid much attention to the first two seasons because for me (back then) DS9 started with the Season 2 finale, but they are as enjoyable as the rest of the series… I love this serie, I love the cast, too bad there was never a feature film of DS9…

I wish Ira was show running Star Trek: Discovery.

I miss Frakes. I’d love to see him headline a Star Trek series as captain.

Dax & Kira…….. oh my…..