GIVEAWAY: Win “Star Trek Cats”

There are plenty of ways to relive the adventures of The Original Series crew, and plenty more that attempt a mash-up of sorts, but there are few that manage to take such a silly combination of things the internet loves and pull it off so well.

Star Trek Cats is on sale now.

Rick Berman famously uttered that the Internet would not exist without Star Trek and porn. Star Trek Cats proves that he should revise that statement to, well, “Star Trek and cats”.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to write such a glowing review of what is essentially a picture book full of drawings of cats dressed as the TOS crew. There’s no real story to the book. Instead, it’s a series of images drawn by artist Jenny Parks. Like a coffee table book. But of Star Trek. And cats.

The magic of Star Trek Cats is embodied in the sheer delight I felt upon witnessing the specific cats chosen to represent each iconic member of the NCC-1701 crew. Parks obviously knows her Trek. And her cats. What makes Cats worth the $14.95 purchase price is the fact that the personalities of our favorite space explorers are captured perfectly in the faces of cats.

The kitty crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Tell me you don’t immediately recognize every character in the image above, without needing to check the name plate. Captain Kirk is front and center, looking dapper as always. At his right paw are Science Officer Spock, looking kinda weird and lanky yet serious and composed, and Lt. Commander “Bones” McCoy, the scruffy insatiable ship’s doctor. Then you’ve got Montgomery Scott, appropriately depicted as a Scottish Fold, Communications Officer Uhura looking beautiful and bold, Lt. Sulu looking poised and fully capable of taking you down with a rapier (or claw), and — my personal favorite — Ensign Pavel Chekov, just looking kinda dumb.

Do cats like tribbles?

The book goes on to relive some of TOS’s best moments, including scenes from “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “Devil in the Dark”, “Arena”, “Amok Time”, “The Trouble With Tribbles”, and more. Parks fills the pages with an obvious knowledge of TOS, including details that only a Trekkie would notice.

See what I mean? Classic Cathura.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the dedication page, which, as a cat owner, turned me into a puddle on the floor.

The dedication page of Star Trek Cats, which reads “To Mom and Dad, for the love of cats and sci-fi”

Star Trek Cats: The Next Generation
Jenny Parks may be a huge TOS fan, but she isn’t neglecting the other series. Parks confirmed to TrekMovie what she had been hinting at for some time: a Next Generation cats book is in the works and slated to come out in Spring of 2018.


The Giveaway: How to WIN a copy of Star Trek Cats

TrekMovie, along with Chronicle Books, is giving away three copies of Star Trek Cats! PLUS, each winner will also get a promotional button set.

To win is easy:

In the comments section below, show us a picture of your favorite furry (or scaly?) friend and then tell us what Star Trek character they would be. You can upload your photo to Imgur or another photo hosting service, and then link it in your comment. OR send us a tweet to @TrekMovie with your pic and the hashtag #TrekCats. Will your guinea pig man the coms like Uhura? Will your pooch pilot the Delta Flyer with the adeptness of Tom Paris? Will your albino tortoise, living in an alternate timeline, beat up Captain Kirk in a bar?

***Please be sure to use a working email address in your comment (this will not be displayed publicly) so that we may contact you by email if you are a winner!***

A team of editors will judge the submissions and will pick winners by midnight on Wednesday, April 12th (PDT) and notify winners the following days.

UPDATE 04/14: Submissions are closed, winners will chosen and notified this coming week.

UPDATE 04/18: Winners have now been chosen. You guys all have some amazing and adorable pets, and we wish they could all win a copy of Star Trek Cats! Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures.


You can buy Star Trek Cats in stores now and on Amazon for less than $15 or win one from us! Also check out tons more cat nerdery at Jenny Parks’s online store.

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Roody would be Bones. He hate flying and always complains that he’s just a cat when I ask him why he didn’t do his assigned chores.

Am I the only one who finds those pictures kind of terrifying?

I’m assuming someone will, but I’m not among them. The kitty on the pile of Tribbles is kinda cute.

Hep meh… is this what we have come to?

Picture says it all:

I have a cat who could double for one of the Frank Gorshin characters in Star Trek Let that be your last battlefield. But I don’t have cell service where I live, never mind a smartphone. How else can I send you her picture?

Okay, we’ll give this a try. Lt. Riley, anyone?

comment image

My cat, Diana, hunting a (war)bird. I guess that makes her Lt. Styles.

My pug would be Ezri Dax because she had worms in her as a puppy. It also happens to be her name.