SDCC17: New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer And Images

Following the Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con [see TrekMovie report], CBS released a new trailer and images for the show so without further ado, here they are.

New Trailer

CBS version (does not work outside USA)

Netflix international version (does not work in USA or Canada)


New Images

Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca in his “menagerie,” a chamber with his collected ancient weapons and relics.

Pictured: Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: Jan Thijs © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

New Poster

KEY ART – Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coming to CBS All Access. Photo Cr: James Dimmock. © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

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Stay tuned for our full report from the Discovery panel and more updates from San Diego Comic-Con.



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Vidoe is not available.

Why does Harry Mudd look so much OLDER in this prequel than he does in the original series which is set later?

I believe it’s because Rain Wilson is older than the original actor, Roger C. Carmel.

Pretty silly casting then, isn’t it?

He has a full beard that has grey hairs in it.

If he shaved it off, or even down to just that sweet stache Mudd had in TOS, he’d look a lot younger.

I’m glad you’re not a casting director.

I agree, this is just bullpucky griping on the part of some fans.

Also, it’s an odd observation to begin with, considering how much older Roger C. Carmel looked than his actual age. It’s almost like you’re having to stretch to find something to complain about.

Think you are looking for something to moan about

“Pretty silly casting then, isn’t it?”


Only to anally retentive whiners.

No it’s not whining or being anally retentive. They are resurrecting a character that we already know and using an actor that looks nothing like him. This is basic casting people ffs.

It’s like having Hitler played by Dolph Lundgren.
Or like having Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich. Oh wait.

“Basic casting” is casting the best person for the role. Do you work in show biz?

They picked him as Stunt Casting instead of finding the best actor for the role.

If the so called fans are gripping about such ridiculous things as this then please go away. You have zero credibility even when you have something actually worth complaining about.

I guess we’re lucky he’s not a female peddling husbands for lonely ladies.

Don’t know why not its a total Reboot anyway, the JJ films had Harry Mudds hot daughter in the tie-in comics instead of Mudd.

Hadn’t taken his Venus drug

But it was only a placebo

Maybe he doesn’t know that. ;)

But it still worked.

No problem with the age, but I would have rather seen a heavier set, more boisterous presence…here is a certain way Harry Mudd carried himself, with swagger and entitlement. Not sure about this guy. Though to be fair, not sure how Rain Wilson is going to play it, but being in the same Prime universe and this character being THE same, albeit younger, Harry Mudd, I would welcome a few more similarities.

…and why does this show looks so good!!!??? state of the art cgi and special f/x…great production value…top notch actors!!…this is outragious…i want the paper maché sets from the 60’s pronto !!!!

Still skeptical but I’m looking forward to watching the new series.

Honestly, the more details CBS releases about the series, the better. Look at what happened w/ Beyond… One HORRIBLE trailer and everyone was up in arms… But had they done better marketing, there would have been a much better general overall view of the movie. It all comes down to how well you communicate w/ your fans.

Wow, that’s a great trailer. It certainly left me wanting more. It really did feel like Star Trek, just brought up to date visually. Bring on September.

Also, love the new poster.

In what ways did it suggest Star Trek to you?

In all the ways you hate so therefor it’s good.

War, conflict, dark Gritty set pieces that look nothing like anything established in Star Trek before or after?

I don’t see a “forehead of the week” garbage, infantile & preachy moral story straight out of a children’s book anywhere in sight AND that has me excited for this Star Trek.
Next gen executed this concept flawlessly mainly because it was novel and we hadn’t had a new Trek on Tv since the 60s. But Voyager and enterprise turned it into the laziest story trope. Viewers left in droves, Enterprise got cancelled and now we are here with DSC as a result.
DSC is the closest to DS9, the last Trek show to push the envelope

Guess you didn’t actually watch DS9. Then there are the episodes in each series venturing into dark territory. Remember, how many lamps are there? Obviously there is also the established Trek lore about wars with Klingons and Romulans. But I guess you are too blind too see this Captain Whino. Why don’t you pitch your perfect Trek series to CBS, you know, the one that will reinvigorate the franchise. Instead of whining all day about trivial and rather anal bullshit go ahead, create this perfect series for a new generation.

To everybody who cannot see it because of geo-blocking: Netflix has posted a trailer that seems to be available internationally:
It’s almost the same as the the one posted above.

Yeah we added the Twitter version of that Netflix video to our article a few minutes ago.

Not available in Canada


Yeah, none of them works here.
Try this one

I still can’t see it here in Canada.

If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for a new Star Trek, nothing will…

Agreed. If you’re still not excited for the new series at this point, it might be time to just move on and do something else with your free time.

Or perhaps they could Produce Star Trek?
This was a mess, I felt like I was being brow beaten with negative dystopian cynicism – we come from negative, its all negative, the only way is to change things for the worst beyond recognition to negative because the producers are embarrassed to have to produce Star Trek so they try to make it unrecognizable so the Non fans will get into it & the old fans will take it no matter how bad it is just to get some kind of Star Trek.
negative negative negative=Realistic & all else is lame. Ughh.

Trying to give this a chance but it keeps slapping me in the face every time I try.

Just a question, do you object to the distribution model for the show or would you be happy with it being shown on CBS all access if you approved of the content?

Perhaps you could go create a sci fi series that is everything you want Star Trek to be. Of course you’ll be very wrong but at least you’ll be happy

Hey it’s captain Whino. Everything about Discovery is shit, we get it. Even if Roddenberry himself endorsed it you would still say it is shit. Do you know what that reminds me of? The reaction of the so-called fans when TNG was announced and the cast revealed. Same bitter hatred.

Making up excuses to Dismiss real concern from Fans doesn’t make you right about anything.

Actually I was there in 1987 when they announced Star Trek The Next Generation, having been introduced to Star Trek in The Series & Movies on TV I was excited & I was never disappointed because it Was Star Trek. DS9 was horrid, but I watched it anyway. I loved Voyager & Enterprise.
I watched the JJ films like 15 times each in the cinema, I resented its focus on action & Villains & didn’t do any Exploration but they were in an alt reality & fun like the old Goldkey Stories.

Discovery is Supposed to Be Prime Universe it isn’t- it appears to change everything but none for the better.
When the only thing that represents the original show is the props, your in trouble.

But you forget the utter shite that was season one and two, right?

Really? Cause I’m just kinda depressed.

Everything looks fine, but I don’t want a series about interstellar warfare. Yes, I love DS9, but that was a story firmly rooted in an optimistic, primarily peaceful world whose conflict grew organically out the setting and story, as well as and a desire to explore fresh (for trek) territory.

This doesn’t look to be that. It has a feeling of game of thrones in space. Some, maybe most people, will obviously see that as success, but for me the result couldn’t be worse. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. I don’t see much sign of optimism. I see war, death, and collectibles.

How can you possibly get that from this trailer?

Are you serious? It’s all explosions with a portentous voice over. Shenzous’s gonna die. Captain’s gonna die. There’s a war. Seems to be entirely about action schlock. That’s not what I want from Star Trek.

I agree and I hope it’s just in the first episode or two to grab a new audience’s attention and then we’ll get some real Star Trek after that that makes people think rather than do fist bumps

A series will change and evolve!

I suspect your ability to predict what’s in this new show is about like my ability to pick winning lottery numbers. Yep, no success there.

Because they hliterally have said it will be like Game of Thrones lol


They did not say that. That is what your skewed projected reading get’s from it. They made an analogy with the single most popular fiction on air today. A show that holds no punches, that is a masterpiece in storytelling and interpersonal drama, where actions have real lasting consequences and nobody is safe. The comparison is not about outward graphics and projection, which is what you glean from it, but about the inner workings of the fiction, the tapestry. But the only thing you get from it is ‘game of thrones in space’ which is decidedly not what they meant, said or even thought of. It’s called projection, captain.

@Michael I get your frustration. You could be right. Time will tell. But I do think that serialized, season long story arcs are inevitable and could yield great results. I remember someone close to Roddenberry saying he would have done more space battles if they could have afforded it.

Lets keep hoping that the characters, even in the midst of conflict, still ultimately reach for the best ideals and find ways to collaborate and “explore strange new worlds.”

I like to think of the generation that fought World War II and then the optimism of the following decades. World War II was beyond horrible but it reminded the world why we need to strive to become better then ourselves. Even humanity’s shift as a whole to desire peace and create a utopian future came out of WWIII in the canon of the show.

To me Discovery is a story that’s dark that emphasizes the motivation of the characters in the Original Series and they’re simultaneous distrust of the Klingons and their desire for peace. This is the war with the Klingons plain and Kirk and McCoy and Spock most likely fought in this war as junior officers and so I think the contrast of a darker prequel series as it were will highlight the optimism at the heart of Trek.

We’ve needed to see this initial major conflict between the Federation and the Klingons in the Trek lore forever now. So I for one am glad we get to see it. I just hope that despite everything the show ends on a note of direct thematic and visual transition into the Original Series era.

I’m with you- the producers seem embarrassed by Star Trek & think making it into other shows will “Fix” it & be successfull, that they can draw in non fans.
They are doing Star Trek as a Game of Thrones War series, that perverts the ideals of Star Trek & is Justifying War as an Answer.

@Trekboi – I think you are spot on with this and I find it disturbing as well. But I am reminded of the conflict in STVI on the road to peace. Backing into a conflict to show the moment of transcendence of conflict is something that Star Trek has done again and again over the years. I think it is an attempt to teach us that even in the midst of the conflict there are actions we can take to find a path forward. While I too would prefer to have a vision of what is possible BEYOND the conflict, I am clear how this transcendence narrative works. I would rather see a transcendence narrative than a WAR IS INEVITABLE narrative, but more importantly I would rather see what Star Trek truly excels at – visualizing and demonstrating (creating desire for and inspiring movement towards) what is possible AFTER we have moved past conflict. I wrote a bit about this here if you are interested:

You just copy pasta some meme, how sad. They did not say they wanted to make it Game of Thrones. What they did say was that there would be more emphasis on drama. On lasting effects of decisions made instead of the weekly reboot button. On character deaths that would have lasting effects instead of having an entire crew sit it out for seven seasons without a scratch. That is what they said, but it clearly flies over your head.


Left me cold..I’m so sorry, I really wanted to get on board for this. Seems like any other SyFy series. The Trek feeling is not there for me.

Just wanted to say thank you, tho, to the TrekMovie team for their work today.

Glad to pick up on the sentiment BobWatts made. You guys are really doing a superior job keeping us fans informed of recent goings-on. The site looks fantastic, and this fan really appreciates it.

OK, well it has been nice seeing you on this site. There really is no need to keep coming here to read and comment on things you have no interest in.

I have to agree, unfortunately. Unless this thing is too big to fail, maybe they can reboot or do another series that is more “Star Trekky.” Not sure having your main character partially responsible for war is a good idea. I will watch the first one, though.

That’s the ONLY aspect that appeals to me, if the lead is somebody who has to atone for how she screwed up (sort of like the distaff version of how I imagined Harriman would be, going down in history as The Guy Who Got Kirk Killed.

But the look of things is just very off-putting. The blobby white glows on the ship windows/lights just look very low-rez. Don’t like Frain’s take on Sarek either, which is weird as he is an excellent actor.

Not feeling ANY excitement at this point, which is probably for the best.

Apparently you really don’t have a Trek feeling at all since you are pre judging an entire series based on one trailer.

Five Trailers- 3 with foottage, Interviews, reports, backstage leaks- Not just one trailer causing this concern.

I am tired of this we have to struggle through the darkness to get to the light rubbish, they never reach the light just pay it lip service, like the JJ films that were all action & destruction & the end they promised to now be ready to “Boldly Go” but never did.
No Exploration, just terrorist Villains & Earth/planet based budget saving stories.

So you just said that the far majority of Trek is shit, seeing that they were primarily planet based budget saving stories. Or only on the ship (set) with perhaps some ‘outside’ stuff (also sets). You people forget that Star Trek is not ‘one thing’ and has been many different ‘things’. Even the movies show you many different aspects: from WAR (first contact, yes with shooting) to comedy and even a ‘red october’ ripoff (my favorite by the way). Every series explores different themes, different ideas and different problems while reflecting on current affairs. TOS was a product of it’s time, so was every other Trek series. The whole ‘humans are better now’ morality play of TNG would fall completely flat in this day and time but it worked in THAT timeframe.

Fantastic. I am 100% onboard with Greens acting now. The effects look incredible. Can anyone tell if we got to see the Discovery bridge or Not? Poor USS Europa! Looking forward to the coming shot by shot breakdowns.

I’ll have to watch again, but I didn’t see the Discovery bridge. Love that shot of Lorca putting his hand up to the force field, though. It all looks very cinematic and pretty much nothing like the JJ movies.

I have to disagree, it looks everything like the JJ movies…the whole tone of the trailer down the the modern pop music playing over the silence, wreaks of JJ. going all the way back to his ALIAS days. Every episode ended like that…Jennifer Garner walking around in a montage of scenes silently played over a some appropriate modern song. And I like it, though the actual use of that sort of thing within the episode itself can date a show pretty fast.

Get a life. The trailer is awesome. Shows will never look like they did in the 60s, and if they did they would fail. Exploring this part of Star Trek history will be very interesting.

Yeah, that’s why half their Discovery designs are from 1950’s Sci-Fi movies?
But they can’t use any element of the Original series aesthetic. Riiiight.

Looks epic. Looking forward to it.

Harry was much older.
Not to mention, he weighed more and had less hair.
Great trailer, Bring it on!

And also a completely different accent and a huge personality. Terrible casting IMHO.

Because we can gauge personality from those 5 seconds he appeared on this trailer :)

….and people don’t grow and change over 10 years :)

“You’re mad.”
“I’m Mudd.”

Well, I can dig it.
Sure he sounds and looks like a hipster Han Solo, but well, he’s still young enough for that.

Notice how Mudd holds his hands? Much like the TOS Mudd did as well. nice little mannerism continuity.

TOS is 10 years later. Plenty of time to grow older, get fat and become bald. Happens to the best of us.

Yea, sometimes I feel a strong urge to travel back in time and punch my 10-years-younger me for being such an ass. ;)

Breathtaking! This IS what we’ve been waiting for. Haven’t heard of the USS Europa before, and it looks like she meets an awful end. The Klingon ship looks great in motion – I had my doubts from the only top-down shot we’ve seen so far, but this looked great. Looks like Burnham somehow survives the destruction of one ship in some kind of secured area behind forcefields. I loved Martin-Green’s line delivery. Isaacs looks great, sounds great. Cool, cool, cool.

Looks AMAZING! Very cinematic. Hope the story and characters are equally as compelling.

I’m glad they made an awesome set of communicator, phaser, and tricorder. But everything else about this just looks really, really bad to me. This newest trailer is just bleh and meh. Why is it so serious? And boring? The first trailers for TNG and DS9 were more exciting and they had some humor and wonder. I’ll try the first episode, but I am expecting to be disappointed. But at least we got a great tricorder out of this!

You are just precious.

Like Gollums ring? Thanks! As with all comments, it’s just my opinion, and I enjoyed sharing it. I guess I’m out of their target demographics. That’s ok, you enjoy it.

I have been a trek fan since the 70’s and I am just tired of the negativity. It has moved beyond tiresome, to nauseating.

Nauseating, eh? I’ll tell you what is..People hurling insults just because they don’t like someone else’s differing opinion.

What I find tiresome is the constant negativity towards DISCOVERY. Almost like people WANTING it to fail. I’m a Trek fan from the start. I grew up with TOS an TAS. Watched TNG in my 20s… enjoyed every series they produced… enjoyed tevery movie they put out (including TFF & Nemesis). I have a Star Trek room with action figures and comic books and collectibles from every incarnation of Trek. I am thrilled that a tv show I grew up with is still around after 50 years. There were bad TOS episodes like Spock’s Brain… and boring seasons of TNG… some movies were better than others… but I still watched. Every episode… every show, movie, book… expanded the Trek universe for me.

This IS Trek. You cannot compare ANY of the series to each other because they are all a different experience. Nothing will be like TOS or TNG… th time for those shows have gone. Let a new generation see this world of Trek. If you don’t like it… It’s simple… DON’T WATCH. Just stop whining about how much you hate it and it’s not YOUR idea of Star Trek.

Man, Trek fans are getting worse than Star Wars fans with the complaining and criticism.

I don’t have to like it because it has “Star Trek” in the title. I tried to give the show Enterprise a chance, and I only lasted like half a season before I gave up. I’ll give this show a chance, but if I’m not happy after the first episode, I’m out. And so far it looks like I’ll be disappointed.

Yet TNG was poorly done for the first two seasons. Did you bail on TNG as well?

TNG always had the Star trek Concept/Themes & even when it was bad it was great- the fan reaction was just to doing a new series not because the series was trying to not be Star Trek- because the studios are trying to lie to fans & sell a reboot as a Prime universe series.

I stuck with Enterprise, it was worth it- it was at heart star trek & tried to fit within Cannon, sometimes failing sometimes winning but it was not a Reboot like discovery that betrays the ideals of star Trek & is being sold as a Prime Universe series when it is really a reboot

It should have been called Star Trek Enterprise from the Start. Discovery should be called just “Discovery” as it is not star trek.

Love your comment, I’ve loved Star Trek since next gen, i am so excited for Discovery, it looks truly amazing and the Star Trek for 2017 I hope it flourishes

How dare you tell anyone what to think or Say- your a General Star Trek fan who likes evey thing with the Star Trek Brand Put on it- great- enjoy Trek of Thrones but for those of us who enjoy Star Trek & want to See Star Trek thet resembles Star Trek not just exploits the brand we will let our voices be known until Paramout/CBS realise they are going the wrong way with Star Trek.
The further away they get from the original Concept the more divided the fan base becomes, the less successful each production becomes as it doesnt make new fans & alienates the existing fans. until the studios get this we will have fail after fail after fail.
Nemisis/Enterprise?Beyond ect ect…

How dare I? How dare YOU! I am a Star Trek fan… I do like anything Trek… shows, movies, books, comics. I like the whole expanded universe. YOU are not a “Star Trek” fan, you are a TNG fan… or whatever show you only watch. Do you not want to know about the start of the Klingon war? Do you not want to know about why there was so much hostility between the Federation and the Klingons? Have you ever opened up your mind to anything outside of your narrow minded vision?
You come on here and all you do is whine and moan and complain about the show. WE GET IT. You don’t like what you see. Don’t watch. Leave. You want the same old 60s look and feel of the original…. there are quite a few fan series tailored for you. Damn straight I’m a “Star Trek” fan… and I have nothing to apologize for. I love seeing different takes on Trek as well as new visions of it. The people behind the helm are all experienced Trek people from many different eras.
Every single article that talks about Discovery, you go on and whine about it. Why bother even reading about it? You have already written it off… why torture yourself any more?


I shall repeat myself- If you like Everything with a Star Trek sticker on it, GOOD! I’m happy for you but don’t expect all other Star Trek fans who who don’t like everything CBS/Paramount do & have standards & expectations not to expect/demand quality & continuity.
I love Star Trek- Genes vision is important to me & I am not going to abandon it to be exploited as long as I have a Keyboard & Fan money I can chose where to spend.

Your so arrogant & assume so much- I like all STAR TREK (except DS9- which doesn’t count) I don’t expect all access to do Star Trek Continues & replicate the 60’s show but if they are going to do a prequel within established cannon they have to at least try to make it relate to what is established- JJ did an OK job (except the engine room & Khan)

They are deliberately changing things because they don’t like Star Trek- they are trying to make it Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica or Gaurdians of the Galaxy or now it seems Game of Thrones.
Just Make Star Trek STAR TREK.

As for the Klingons, we know why there was a War- because they are a warrior race & its their culture- there is no real incident, they are making it up not filling out existing lore- Unless there have been books on the subject I don’t know about- but WHO CARES Star Trek is about Exploring new things not dwelling in Klingon Drama.


Let me be clear, don’t belittle me or be condescending towards me because I am a fan of Star Trek. You talk as if it’s a bad thing. And you call me arrogant? You are the definition of it. You are there picking and choosing saying this is Trek and that us not Trek. Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what is Trek. Who made you Trek master.
Yes, there have been books on the Klingons. Klingons and their history with the Federation should be told. It’s a rich history. Klingons have been there from the start and they will continue to be there.
You do know that Trek is more than TOS and more than TNG. I am looking forward to this. You come on these boards and constantly bash it. You have already judged it and hate it… why torture yourself by reading even more about it.

Well said and can’t be repeated enough.

Agreed. For a lot of people, not only do they have to be right: the other person needs to be WRONG.
Denigrating your opponent is not interesting debate.

Agree. It hasn’t changed since 1987. Anyone remember “Trek Classic! Who needs a Next Generation?” I do.
I recently was travelling with the Okudas. We were at a convention and we got them back to their airport.
When asked if I was going to watch it?
I said yes, I’m actually going to embrace it like all the other Trek shows.
Once it succeeds, maybe All Access will see the thirst for more Trek. If the need for more Kirk Spock McCoy is there? Hopefully, they will make it.
Mr. Okuda agreed with my approach.
“Mike and Denise were awesome, by the way. The nicest people who entertained us for three hours. We heard amazing behind the scenes details about 30 years of Trek.)
Back to my point. I encourage you all to watch DSC. If you’re watching it, then you’ve earned the right to piss and moan about it.
Once it’s the worldwide success I hope it becomes?
Show business will kick in. CBS will make more Trek. Star Trek may become the “CSI” of All Access.
We all claim to embrace the IDIC principles in Trek.
Embrace them FFS!

“If the need for more Kirk Spock McCoy is there?”
Wow your out of touch.

Funny you bring up IDIC, when I think about it, Discovery rejects IDIC by embracing Starfleet terrorism & war with the Klingons.
It could be a great Sci-Fi series but its not star Trek.

What captain Whino wants is a generic and safe ‘planet of the week’ show. Guess what, Enterprise did that. Very safe, completely by the TNG book for two seasons. And all of you whining vinegar pissing anti-fans said it sucked. Then they changed it for season three, still you said it sucked. Even in season four, you said it was somewhat better but that season is not about the generic TNG model at all. That season was experimental, very far removed from what you seem to want but when you get it you hate it. Essentially if you are given a carbon copy of what you want you say it sucks. In essence, there is nothing that will satisfy you. There is also a rather complete lack and ability in your mindset to see beyond certain images to see the larger picture. You are oblivious to the actual themes, anally focused on projecting what you want.

Honestly, even if Roddenberry were alive today and gave you a new TNG you would still be here casting your extreme negative bullshit.

I will admit using the familiar Star Trek format & feeling fresh is not easy, but if you can’t do that leave it alone. don’t do a whole different show & stick the Star Trek brand on it.
Getting it right is not easy but I think every series (Except DS9 which isn’t Star Trek) did it well, I liked season 1 & 2 of Enterprise, the fresh eyes take on exploration was energizing. Enterprise was taken down by UPN & CBS/Paramount problems not quality or popularity.
The JJ films were a bit off, they were all action & didn’t deliver any Exploration but Discovery appears to just abandon everything.
I’d rather no star trek than some pro-war insult to Star treks ideals.

If this show endis up being ok & its just bad marketing to get Non fans which happened with Star trek Beyond, i will be pleasantly surprised.

Projection again, your preconceptions and skewed views. DS9 isn’t Trek, really now? What made you the judge on what is and is not Trek? Ludicrous that is what you are, with each post you become more and more like a mad hermit. The first seasons of Enterprise (remember, it didn’t have Star Trek in it!) were ultra-safe, conservative and completely boring pieces of generic sci-fi catering to the TNG crowd. Who hated it. Because it was a prequel, because it had been done before but better, because because because. It didn’t attract many viewers, thus they changed the format twice. Still it didn’t attract enough viewers to justify the enormous monetary investment, it was going nowhere. If Enterprise were a business, it would have been bust after one season. Like so many other shows. If they give you what you want, you still say it sucks.

And pro-war? If anything, this show is about dealing with the fallout of the decisions leading to a war. It is not a glorification of war, it is the antithesis of that. How you people’s brains work to skew intel towards exactly what you want it to be is dazzling.

“Discovery rejects IDIC by embracing Starfleet terrorism & war with the Klingons.”

You know this how from seeing what, two minutes of footage in total?

At best, we know that Burnham argues in favor of some kind of combat, possibly a first strike, against someone. Picard did the same thing (“Pre-Emptive Strike,” “Chain of Command,” FC). Sisko did the same thing (“In the Pale Moonlight”). Archer, too. Then there was Spock in “Balance of Terror,” who argued with Sulu in favor of pursuing the Romulans.

Hmm. Actually, the first TNG trailer … was kinda interesting in that it contained some preliminary effects footage and a lot of non-TNG sound effects. But I wouldn’t call it “exciting” and it wasn’t exactly humourous either:

Looks absolutely epic. Great work !
Haters, please take your hate elsewhere!

This site is for STAR TREK Fans, if your a general Sci-Fi Fan that doesn’t like or respect Star Trek & Star Trek fans (Which You call Haters- a Hater hates for no reason- we have many reasons for concern with this Sci-Fi show that appears to be poised to exploit Star Trek’s Brand) or Star Treks Themes than I suggest you go to other sites.

It seems captain Whino here forgets that the only anti-fans here are asinine vinegar pissing ultra-conservative haters like himself. I am old enough to know that literally every new Trek show had scores of these bullies. TNG, whole armies of TOS conservatives shouting that it wasn’t Trek. DS9, same thing. Over and over again, they will pop-up and do their same song and dance all over again. But oddly, they always forget how asinine they were when a new series came out. In their heads they were always staunch supporters of TNG, DS9 et al.

Is that how you deal with people who disagree with you? Lump them all into one group of mindless “Haters” so you can dismiss their opinions?

You know nothing about me- I was excited for TNG & loved it, I was excited for DS9 (then later Horrified) I was Excited for Voyager & happy with it, I was Excited for Enterprise & loved it almost as much as Next Gen. I was Excited then Cautious for the JJ films & was somewhat disappointed with parts of it but loved the rest.

But now you troll the internets and piss your vinegar everywhere you can. All the while you are blind to what is presented to you, you just project what you think it is and what you want it to be. Based on three or four minutes of moving images. If all wars were based on that intel, we would have been dead and buried long ago. You clearly hate the concept, but reading your trolling you also show an ultra-conservative attitude. That kind of attitude is unbecoming for someone who loves Trek.

Was that the enterprise getting jacked up at the beginning?

Looks like the USS Europa.

It reads USS Europa NCC xx48.
But I too got a classic Constitution class vibe from the look of the saucer.

I am not sure, but I think the Europa has four nacelles in one shot, and the primary hull is segmented in some way.

My impression is that we’ll see the situation that led to the Federation-Klingon Cold War that we see in TOS.

Spock’s adopted sister – a new way to fly! – House of Klingons more sympathetic than the Federation – Now that’s a Star Trek!

I love it!

Some scenes might be from other episodes. There is one where they are exploring what appears to be an empty Federation Ship?

I’d love to know what people are seeing here that appeals to them more than the Kelvin Timeline movies, because I’m not seeing it.

Bob Orci isn’t involved.


Well, Alex Kurtzman is the writer & producer of the show. And the two showrunners did say that they were influenced by the Kelvin movies visual looks.

Yeah it is weird how people keep saying this has nothing to do with those movies and yet one of the creators of those films directly created this. I imagine they will be separate by universe but there will be some symbolic link.

Becasue they are lying. Trying to pass off another reboot as a Prime Universe Series.

Captain Whino here wants ships on strings and beautiful hazy pastel tints. But forgets that Roddenberry himself changed the look and feel of Trek multiple times. Or did you forget Star Trek TMP suddenly? Even when they do try to update that style to something that is palatable for modern audiences, you still think it sucks. Because nothing will ever satisfy you. Other than the holy grail that is Axanar obviously.

Who are you talking about?
Star Trek Remastered was great, I wish they had done more.
I love the TMP look most of all- the inconsistencies were acceptable because years had past in the Prime Universe since the Series, same with Next Gen.
Discovery happens in an already established period so they have to at least try to be consistant in some way.
Aesthetics aside I am less concerned with the look than that it is about.
No Dark Dystopian War-Trek!

Roddenberry changed the entire look and feel of the TOS movies several times, including themes and ooooh war and conflict. TNG was an outrage when it was presented, all those so-called fans were screaming bloody murder. DS9, a series about personal DISCOVERY and WAR –> same thing, outrage! The reality is simple. We live in 2017 and big budget tv-shows have to make money. We cannot go back to the past, that is an ultra conservative idea. And even then, they did update Trek with many, many of the things you consider canon in the movies. And you hated it with all your guts. All this hate, it brings you nothing but a sour taste in life.

Except they arent. You can perceive whatever you want. But this is fiction so it doesnt really matter. But they say its Prime so its Prime. You just have to deal with it.

If so, well they should be influenced by the fact Kelvin was a Prime Universe ship. Makes sense to adhere to a visual evolution from Enterprise to Kelvin to Discovery.

I’m rather distressed about how much it seems influenced by the look of the Kelvin things, especially the exterior VFX with the muddy blobby windows/lights. Main aesthetic dif is that at least on interiors they don’t have the Target-store-cosmetic-aisle brightness, but this particular kind of darker image isn’t a winner for me either.

Given the gilded look of kling stuff, am wondering if the motto will eventually become: If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

I thought of that one myself. 😊

I was until this trailer.

“I’d love to know what people are seeing here that appeals to them more than the Kelvin Timeline movies, because I’m not seeing it.”

If you’re focused just on “seeing” (as in, visual design), then they are very similar, yes. But to those of us looking for more of an original story in the spirit of Trek that’s not just focused on regurgitating old characters and plots from the past, then yes, there’s a lot here that’s appealing. Sure, we have Sarek and Mudd, but they are secondary characters to what feels like a wonderfully exciting new story.

I love the new trailer, and can’t wait for the show. I wish those behind the Kelvin timeline (cough, JJ, cough) had had the courage and commitment to tell a new story on this scale. But they never really cared about Trek. Glad it’s now in the hands of folks who do.

I’m not getting much of a sense of story here at all.

If you’re looking for a simplistic story that appeal to short attention spans and fit in less than two hours, then yeah you’re not going to see it.

Maybe because they are holding back plot elements for the premiere. I assume they are avoiding spoilers.

Id suspect they just didnt forget to include plot elements by accident.

“If you’re focused just on “seeing” (as in, visual design), then they are very similar, yes.”

Which *is* a legitimate concern. The JJverse suffered from so much frenetic sensory overload (e.g., the way phasers shoot, the overly menacing Klingon ship, etc.) that you lose any appreciation for the artistry of the FX and the serenity of space travel. And in terms of production values, who can forget the awful uniforms of the first two JJ movies and the brewery engineering set? DSC would do well not to go too far in this direction.

Probably the ship and sets simuliar to the USS Kelvin? But the Kelvin is from this “real” timeline so that look for this era is cannon? Canon?

The production quality is: WOW!

…a pretty package is just that. Time will tell.

A lot of people liked Trek 2009, but we wanted something more. Here, now to us, it’s clear that this new team has definitely built something that’s expansive and universe-changing. This is going to be a new way of seeing Star Trek. It’s going to be directly challenging what we all think about what we know about the universe.

From the panel we know The Team is truly committed to the ideas of Star Trek. From the tweets, we know Anthony Rapp is saying he cried when he saw the trailer. Doug Jones showed how us how his character moves. Lorca is totally Don Draper of Star Trek. These actors seem very strong, and that they are going to be given the opportunity to actually act.

From the trailer we know Michael is sure to confront similar things to what we think Kirk did as a young midshipman, and Picard with Stargazer.

So let’s see how this goes. I think what we might be seeing is something paced like NCIS.

I just rewatched the trailer. It’s not going to be NCIS.

Very impressive overall! Looks like a ship eats it in spectacular fashion, maybe Shenzou? Europa too. There’s great effects, clearly, although that one shot with the delta logo in the sand is obviously for just trailer purposes. Things that stood out: no lines from captain of Shenzou, discovery is an experimental ship of some sort, and Michael Burnham messed up big time in starting a war. Also love Rainn Wilson in this trailer. I wish it wasn’t so serious, but all in all a vast improvement on other trailers and gives me a lot of hope! So glad they debuted a new trailer

I don’t think so. I think it’s a message to the Federation from a long-dormant Klingon revivalist faction – to get their attention. The starfleet logo disruptor’d into the surface of a planet. Don’t think it’s just for the trailer.

Oh, also, the ship that gets rammed by the Klingon ship is the Europa….you can see it on the nacelle (or cargo pod) if you pause and squint.

Again, style over substance. Like in the previous trailer, basically a bunch of clichés and cheap t-shirt philosophy one liners. Instead of using a Ten Years After song they should have used Round and Round, because just like with JJ’s reboot, it seems likely that’s what gonna happen here. Fanboys are gonna drool all over the visual spectacle, the explosions, the gruesome killings, only to gradually admit years later that, story wise, it wasn’t very good after all.

I hated Trek 2009 on sight. Trust me — if I find DCS to be that kind of a disappointment, you won’t be waiting for years for me to say so.

I agree 100%. I have a fear that this will tank WAY faster than ST:Ent did and at a larger cost. They are investing too much attracting a Fast and Furious fist bumping crowd whose attention will be on something else with bigger explosions next year. The figures will fall and they wont have the hardcore base that’s been there for 50 years to prop it up.
Then Star Trek will be over for decades at the least.

Hope you’re right, then I won’t have to hear your negativity for decades.

Ah, the vinegar pissing contest is still on. Please tell me, should they wobble star ships on strings? When TNG came out, was their charter to make a series to cater just to the TOS lovers? Because those TOS loving whiners hated TNG with it’s old fart captain. And when DS9 was announced, all of you lot shouted it wasn’t trek because there was no ‘trekking’ on a space station. And as such it was a big pile of shit and you were not going to watch it. Remember that? No probably don’t, selective memory and all. I am always confounded by the ultra-conservative shouting by so-called fans of a speculative science fiction show that is the epitome of liberalism. But no, you want your star trek just like it was 30 years ago or 50 years ago, conservative old farts.

Discovery looks amazing in flight, love it.

Obviously they are picking a lot of intense, explodey things for the trailer, so I hope we see more of the “human adventure” during the show itself. I expect we will.

Well I wish they allowed Jason Isaacs to keep his original accent. It would be more natural. And cooler.

Overall, I like it, but yet, it confirms some of my concerns. Judging by the trailer, it’ll be indeed GoT in space, not an optimistic, hopeful outlook into the future…
But then, Sarek’s lines are probably directly headed at us Trekkies who have to embrace change unless that change will challenge us into not liking this Star Trek for the next generation.
I’m cautiously trying to force myself to keep an open mind. As long as there is no hardcore Klingon intercourse on display or Spartacus-like bloodshed, I’ll have to live with this sort of 21st Century mature stuff…

It’s too adult. Should never be a line uttered about trek. Mature is good.

Sarek’s line about change is similar to Spock at the end of a scene in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Notice that in the production shot above of Burnham, she’s wearing since silver instead of command gold. Her hair is natural/curly instead of straight as it was on the USS Shenzhou. I think these are indicators that she has been demoted and even changed divisions, because she was arrested/detained by Georgiou for insubordination/mutiny attempt. Shenzhou was destroyed in the mission. Burnham survives in a detention cell. Trauma, guilt. Lorca comes and says I need your help. A chance for her redemption.

There’s my theory. Tell me what you think!

There’s a shot at 1:54 in the trailer that could give credence to your hypothesis. Burnham looks to be escorted off a bridge (Shenzhou or Discovery?) by two officers. She looks afraid/guilt-ridden (What have I done? What is happening?).

Exactly, I saw that too, but forgot to mention it. I have had this theory since “day one” and every time they reveal more information my theory is either confirmed or not debunked.

Also, as I have said in other places, they could justify the appearance of these genetically different Klingons by saying they were either in some kind of cryo-stasis (sarcophagus ship) or in isolation since the “augment disease” from ENT. They come to not only unite the houses but genetically reseed the race. It would take more than ten years for that to take widespread hold.

Why do they need to ‘explain’ the Klingons? Look around you, how many different cultures and societies are here on earth right now? And how would that diversity become even more diverse with the advent of powerful medical technology? Trek fans need to understand that societies are not just a homogenous blob, as we’ve been taught by just about every episode involving aliens. Perhaps these Klingons are their version of Asians, Africans or Caucasians.

@Bert, point taken. I would make a distinction between costume/visual culture and physiological differences.

When it comes to costume and visual culture, in general, the designers should “have at it.” Sure, make some connections, but make it interesting and beautiful to our 2017 eyes.

But the physiological differences ought to be explained in-universe. For example the differences between the Romulans and the Remans. If that’s what they are going for then I think they should at some point say it and allow it to inform the plot. But since the originally cosmetic differences have already been acknowledged (DS9) and even explained (ENT), DSC should follow suit. For example we have no idea how the Klingons return to their original appearance after TOS. This could be written as the beginning of that and it could take decades, accounting for why Kirk encounters more human looking Klingons. I

I’m not one of those folks who says it can’t be done. I just think if possible make it work in-universe.

*Sigh*. Right now, here on earth there are many subgroups and subcultures that, to an outsider would look very different to ‘regular’ humans. There are those groups that tattoo themselves completely, groups that are into body morphing, groups that are into goth, et etc etc. Outward projection of physical attributes says nothing about your DNA. Who knows what kind of fringe groups are active within Klingon society. Who knows what those groups do to differentiate themselves from ‘regular’ Klingons. The point is, societies are heterogenous and not homogenous.

I think the changes made by the DSC designers reach beyond “body morphing.” You see it differently. We can disagree respectfully.

But, what about the explanation ENT gives with the augment disease, and the fact that we only saw smooth headed Klingons in TOS? I would just prefer they attempt to give in-universe explanation. Tie it together. It’s not impossible. Make these the Klingons who introduce a cure to the abnormality that takes, let’s say 20 years to completely cure the disease, which would get us to TMP.

This ain’t rocket science. The writers/producers can simultaneously improve the aesthetics, continue to creatively build a consistent timeline, and diversify the Klingon culture(s). Win, win.

Nicely put, did the Klingons shout “cannon violation!!!” when they saw Sisko for the first time after having to deal with Kirk and Picard?!? Lol

> I think these are indicators that she has been demoted and even changed divisions, because she was arrested/detained by Georgiou for insubordination/mutiny attempt.

I think it’s alternative timelines / universes.

The videos from Netflix and CBS are locked in Canada. Even Space Channel, the one that will carry the show here don’t have it yet!!

I found an obscure Youtube channel that has a video that works in Canada

This really frustrated me. You have three partners in this. CBS, Netflix and Bell (CTV & Space). And you cant make sure that the Bell properties have a trailer? Thats almost inexcusable.

Especially seeing some official twitters tweeting links and asking if they work. Clearly the writers and/or whomever else were also frustrated.

They cannot make that mistake again.

It would be nice if cbs could get their shit together and ensure a trailer goes up that us Canadians can frighten watch.

Hunting around the internet to find one is not the way you want your viewers to find your material.

The fact that Spock doesn’t mention his “step-sister” isn’t all that important to canon. He also never mentioned his half-brother Sybok until ST:V. So I think it’s fabulous to be able to see the back-story of Sarek and Amanda.
Discovery appears to be a prototype, and would not surprise me to learn it’s the only one of it’s class.
The Klingon Bird of Prey looked pretty cool, and I notice they don’t want us to get a good look at the Klingon’s of this period, because I suspect they are more familiar then this ancient cast, closer to the look of STID Klingon’s.
I wonder if Michele Burnham’s character is meant to temper Captain Lorca’s aggressive tendencies. He (Lorca) reminds me of the character portrayed in ST beyond who was an ex MACO that just couldn’t get used to the fact the Federation was no longer at war, and could not function well as an explorer.
If so, I will be somewhat disappointed at seeing this type of character once again. I just can’t see Starfleet giving someone like that command of a starship, without having a first-officer with the capacity to temper him/her.

Yet, in spite of everything I’ve seen and learned about Discovery, I suspect we are still being left in the dark about the REAL plot line that will drive the first story arc.

If you pause a particular few frames of the trailer, behind the main Klingon with the “frilly” outfit, you can see some that have more traditional looking costumes – not exactly the same – still more colourful / metallic, but less spider webby and even have sash type belts on them. They are on a raised pedestal behind him. So I think it’s only his house that has the Elizabethan looking collars and spider-web type costumes.

I didn’t see that, I’ll have to watch again. But the dead Klingon looks like he has facial hair and different cranial ridges… like the TOS movie Klingons. I could be wrong, I haven’t been able to freeze the video on that shot yet.

I’m gonna have to let this sink in for a bit but at a first glance I’ll have to say: If giving the show a “cinematic” feel means limiting the color palette to shades of blue and orange, I would’ve preferred a TV-show that looks like a TV-show…

Interesting aesthetic choices. There’s mixes of sepia, chrome, and blue within all of the shots. The space fx are interesting too. Not as crisp and vibrant as TNG:Remastered which I love. It’ll take a bit to orient myself, but I am looking forward to this.

This looks incredible. I can’t wait to see the show.

Where’s the Star Trek?

@Walter — everywhere

I don’t get it. Another dark Trek. When will Trek explore Strange New Worlds? Again with the Klingons!

So you want a generic sci-fi show with the planet of the week thing? Boring stuff. Done a thousand times before. Why is a show immediately dark if conflict is part of it’s DNA? Without conflict you get the first seasons of TNG, all shiny happy people. And extremely shitty as well. Star Trek fans always say that their show is cerebral. This show is about discovery, personal discovery and personal journeys set within a specific story frame, about interaction and where personal feelings and preconceptions can take you. That goes for the federation as well as the Klingons, all are about to make a journey. That is a much more interesting than any trite planet of the week shit.

Never said planet of the week, personally I wouldn’t want that. Live Long and Prosper!

I agree I want exploration but at the same time I think that’s been done do much on previous shows that its time for something news so we don’t end up repeated stories we’ve now seen dozens of times. We still have episodes of all those other shows for those stories.

@Walter — that’s like saying “make America great again” … Trek never really did that in any consistent way, it’s a myth.

Yeah, I agree. I liked how they did that on Enterprise for a bunch of episodes. I didn’t watch Enterprise until years later and its not my favorite series, but I did like the sense of exploring that it had.

@Cadet-Yeah I know, still waiting.

Somebody please answer this. Does it seem like at times that they will aknowdledge TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY and ignore ENT?

Doubtful. Although its just a rumor for now some are saying Archer will cameo in the premiere episode. Again take it with a grain of salt for now. But since Enterprise is the only show thats truly canon to this one I don’t think it will be ignored. I have a feeling it will be done like the KT films did it and reference it wherever they feel its appropriate.

Trailer definitely felt more cohesive and assured than the first one. For now, at least, I’m fairly impressed.

Catch Spock at the end of this clip….

Thought that line sounded familiar. Nice catch.

A prequel my a$$. They should’ve just made it 100 years after Voyager, duh. And why changed the Klingons, they look like the Zindi from Enterprise. Whatever …don’t question authority. Just shut up and accept it. Hell No, ”a line must be draw here and no further”.

No they dont.

Also, you’re right. Dont accept it. Let us know your plan for convincing CBS of their terrible mistake. I hope the “line” isnt just whining on the internet.

OK that just got me more excited!

It looks like they are going for a very deep story here. I will admit the Klingons kind of bore me at this point but seeing them in this trailer got me a bit excited. Same with Mudd. It looks like we are getting a really different portrayal so I’m on board now. The visuals looks stunning and the characters seem like they are going to be interesting to watch.

I feel this show could get to DS9 level of good. Yes its a tall order but I have a feeling the scope is going to really be there. So even though still not thrilled its a prequel since it feels practically NOTHING like TOS lol I might really enjoy this after all. Again seem like they could’ve stuck it in another period as this looks totally redone but I’m on board for sure!

The Klingons may bore you but I have a feeling these Klingons won’t

Hopefully you’re right. And I don’t mean I find them boring I just mean they have already done so many stories with the Klingons and this looks like this will take up the entire season. I don’t mind SOME focus on them and especially in this period but I don’t need more story arcs about them either.

That said though this one does look and sound different so I’m going to give it a chance.

I think the whole goal is to make the Klingons actual aliens again, terrifying aliens. Not someone with a bump. Because that is what they should be: scary, inhuman and a threat. This is an attempt at diversification as well. We are used to low budget Trek in which an entire alien race is essentially the same. Klingons? All the same. But look around you, how many different cultures and societies are here on earth? Do we all look the same? No. Do we all think the same? No we bloody well don’t. It’s about time someone did the same with Trek: aliens are not all the same. Their societies are not just a homogenous blob.

Now, hold on just a minute. We’ve seen plenty of aliens that “don’t think the same” (Admiral Jarok; the Klingon scientist from ENT; K’helar; the emotional Vulcans from ENT, just to name a few). And humans on earth may not all look the same, but they’re still recognizably a single species. The Klingons we’re seeing in the trailer are not, and if the reason isn’t addressed in universe, that’s a legitimate criticism. You can’t dismiss it as “budgetary issues,” because from TMP on, the markup artists have more or less had the budget to make Klingons look however they want them to look. You can’t dismiss it as “tweaking the makeup,” a la Odan, because we’ve seen many Klingons before.

The Klingons in this trailer are clearly recognizable as Klingons. My goodness. Fake news, everyones.

Really now? So if you were a Klingon you would think that all humans were alike if they visited today? The body morphers, the tattoo gangs, the goths, the many different races and languages. No sir, to an outsider it would not look like a homogenous blob. Just like it doesn’t for the majority of humans themselves. The mistake you lot make is to think from the perspective of ‘one size fits all’. See one Klingon, see them all. It is a space faring millennia old alien race spanning many planets for crying out loud. So who knows how many different Klingons there are, what racial divisions, what augmentations and what subgroups?

I can barely contain my excitement! Epic Star Trek.

Here we go with the “Star Trek is not about battles/war/military conflict” tripe again. “The Battle of Donatu V was fought near here.” – The Trouble With Tribbles, re a battle fought in 2245 between the Federation and Klingons. Why do I have the feeling that’s the event the writers have said has been referred to but not seen before? The timing is certainly about right. How about the time the Feds and Klingons were thisclose to fighting a war before the Organians intervened? How about the repeated brushes with Romulans? War, or the potential for it, has always been a part of the Star Trek palette. TOS was a product of the Vietnam and Cold War era – if it was going to be topical, how could it not have the potential for armed conflict? The keys are that it not ONLY be about that, and that it not glorify war, but point out the waste of it (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, The Doomsday Machine), mixed with the message that sometimes war is required to defend the things we hold precious, which is what Star Trek has always done. I suspect at least the first season will be about the start and perhaps end of one of the ‘brush fire” conflicts between the Klingons and Federation.

Agreed. its so weird that some fans have convinced themselves that TOS was somehow this wonderful tiptoe through the tulips of space. They were literally fighting with someone every episode.

The only difference between TOS and Discovery that we have seen besides budget and effects is Discovery is serialized so we see the long story arc. TOS was episodic and thus, they warred with someone new every episode.

Discovery does not appear to violate the idea that humanity overcame their petty squabbled. They still united and explored space. Just like in TOS. But in TOS, because of the style, the Enterprise was on a deep space mission that explored new planets and new conflicts every episode.

Discovery is clearly dealing with something more internal to the Star Trek universe. And maybe exploration, we dont know.

That was absolutely terrible, literally one of the worst trailers I have ever seen. This show literally looks like a low quality low budget fan film, everyone keeps saying it looks like a generic show on the SyFy channel but actually those shows look way better than this. I am trying to be optimistic but I seriously question those of you who actually somehow think that this looks good cause this is so shameful to the legacy of Star Trek. I hope this gets cancelled and they go back to the drawing board and come up with something that actually deserves to bear the name Star Trek, this is making the Kelvin films look great by comparison and I am definitely not a fan of those. Such a gigantic disappointment.

Just out of curiosity, what trailers have you seen that would rate better? (Specifics, please.)

@Michael Hall,

Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 – Trailer

This is a perfect example of a trailer done well. It has the right balance between action scenes and character moments. Introduced the audience to BSG world, the theme of the show and many of the characters; all that while keeping it fast with some action scenes.

@Ahmed well said and perfect example.

Are you being serious? Pretty much every single trailer that I have ever seen in my entire life is better than this, I literally can’t think of anything that I would consider worse than Discovery, it is that frickin terrible.

But anyways you wanted a specific so I’ll give you one that’s another one of my favorite franchises that’s also at SDCC right now and also has the word Star in the title, the new Starship Troopers film. Here’s a CGI animated film whose budget is probably not even 5% of Discovery’s yet the production quality is so much greater and its trailer looks like it’s for a big budget blockbuster, and yet again it’s just a low budget CGI film.

Well, I was a huge fan of BSG — through its third season, anyway — so that its first season trailer was terrific doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

That Troopers thing, though? Just awful, sorry.

Ha ha ha, are you kidding me? That shite that has nothing in common with the actual movie by Verhoeven? That is your pinnacle of ‘good stuff’ and what makes you all puffed up? A glorified trailer for some generic sci-fi thing with lots o’ guns and even more cringe worthy dialogue? You wish to convey a mature point using that trite videogame turd? And please tell me, why do you think the TNG series trailer was so much better than this? Have you actually ever watched the first seasons of TNG or did you just skip to when it was not a pile of steaming shit anymore?

@ Michael Hall, if you think that the Starship Troopers trailer is awful but not Discovery, I think it’s safe to say you wouldn’t know a good trailer if it reached up and bit you in the a$$ (a quote from the first film btw). I’ve seen better trailers made on Windows Movie Maker than that terrible Discovery thing, and plenty of people agree.

@ Bert Beukema, actually this film is probably the most like the first film out of all the other sequels. Starship Troopers is far from generic in fact plenty of sci-fi has copied it in one way or another. And lol lots of guns and cringe worthy dialogue? Do you even know anything about Starship Troopers? It’s literally supposed to be over the top action with cheesy dialogue. And btw you lost your ability to convey a mature point as soon as you started talking about fecal matter. I have no idea what you’re even talking about regarding TNG, I never referenced TNG at all plus I’ve never seen any trailers for it either. I think you’re just butthurt cause your precious Discovery is turning out to be the worst Trek ever.

Oh and btw you should check out the YouTube comments of both trailers cause they all seem to agree and they’re hilariously ripping these trailers to shreds. I mean let’s be honest here if you were to take out the Star Trek title and the Starfleet logo along with anything else that explicitly states that this is a Star Trek show, would you even be able to recognize that this is Star Trek? I’m guessing no cause this is literally STINO (Star Trek In Name Only).

Thanks for encouraging me to wade through a fetid swamp of complaints about SJWs and political correctness — entire minutes out of my life that I’ll never get back.

I don’t know if we clicked on the same link for the trailer cause I haven’t seen any of those types of comments. All the comments I read were critiquing the show but none of which complained about that.

*SIgh* and that is EXACTLY what the hating so-called fans said when Roddenberry presented TNG. TNG was not Trek, it just had the name but everything else was completely wrong. Yet here we are today and all of you hating asinine vinegar pissers kneel at the altar of TNG. Ultra conservative bullshit, that is what you produce.

I wasn’t alive when TNG came out so I wouldn’t know (I was born in ’95). And I don’t see where the conservative comment comes into play.

The fact you’re barely 20 explains a lot.

@TUP actually I’m 22 and what does my age have to do with anything? Are you implying that because I’m younger my opinion somehow isn’t valid? My grandfather introduced me to Star Trek and he’s seen every bit of it since its beginning and he has the same opinions regarding this show as I do.

,”@ Michael Hall, if you think that the Starship Troopers trailer is awful but not Discovery, I think it’s safe to say you wouldn’t know a good trailer if it reached up and bit you in the a$$ “

Hmph, very classy. Do you think there are objectively correct and incorrect opinions when it comes to this sort of thing? Can you really be that naive?

I do appreciate your honesty in copping to never being on board with this series in the first place. Just FTR at this point I’m neither on board or not, being more than willing to suspend judgement on the concept — in spite of some reservations of my own — until 09/24. And even if I agreed with you on the quality of this particular trailer, in practice it wouldn’t mean all that much. THE PHANTOM MENACE had a great trailer, and THE WRATH OF KHAN an awful one. Not nearly enough to go on at this s point, unless you’ve already made up your mind beforehand, as you have clearly done.

@Michael Hall you make a solid point in regards to trailers not always equating to the quality of the films themselves. I try to keep an open mind but every time I make a judgment call or prediction as I like to call it I always end up being right, and it’s not that I already make up my mind beforehand it’s more of a prediction as I said, and when I actually do watch something I clear my head so that my judgment isn’t clouded and I do go into it with an open mind, but as I said I always end up proving myself right.

Fair enough. So we’re both open-minded, and we’ll both see if the show is worth a damn come September.

In the meantime, not proof that I’m “right” — there are no right or wrong opinions in matters of personal taste — but evidence that legitimate opinions do differ:

Yes we will see. And yes there are definitely differing opinions, the fandom not just for Star Trek but for other franchises as well seem to be pretty split down the middle on a number of issues.

*Sigh* Starship troopers is not about over the top action with cheesy dialogue. The original movie by Verhoeven used that template because it is essentially a propaganda movie, it is a satire. What you are watching is a recruitment film, propaganda to show how cool the army is. But I guess that is going way over your head. Neither the original Verhoeven movie nor the Heinlein story is about what you are projecting on it. This trailer is simply generic shite about fighting some alien bugs, it misses literally everything that made the Verhoeven movie so damned powerful.

In that regard, this is a movie that does exactly what you say Discovery does: it takes a few cues from the original and then bastardizes it into some generic bullshit. But you laud the one and you hate the other. The word for this is hypocrite.

@Bert Beukema I didn’t say Starship Troopers was “about” over the top action and cheesy dialogue, I said it was meant to have those qualities. You clearly misinterpreted what I was trying to say. Of course it’s a propaganda film that’s one of the many reasons why it’s so great. The trailer may not have the FedNet broadcasts but it sure as hell resembles the propaganda and over the tops aspects of the original to me.

No it doesn’t. Nor did the other ‘sequels’. This is just a generic piece of cash in which you will gladly suck up. Perhaps you should rewatch the original, you know the classic. And while you perhaps did not say certain things, by alluding to this trailer, it’s content and it’s goal you pretty much made clear what you meant. You also have no understanding of the original movie by referring to the skits in the classic, which was about breaking the fourth wall. The entire movie is a satire, a propaganda movie just like Riefenstahl made them. The goal of the movie is not glorification of war or some cool alien bugs. The entire movie is made for an audience that lives within a society in which they are fed state propaganda. But like I said, that clearly flies over your head. Then again, by comparing this trite bullshit with Discovery, that just shows how immature and materialistic you lot are. Enjoy your generic bug hunt movie.

@Bert Beukema it’s amazing that you make that many assumptions about me based off of so little. You don’t know me nor do you know what I think, what I like, what I know, or what I understand. Yet again you seem to be butthurt that I insulted Discovery so now you’re going on a rant insulting me and the Starship Troopers film without any evidence to back up your claims. I don’t know why you’re taking it so personally lol, go read the YouTube comments about the trailer cause there are plenty of other people who also think Discovery is trash.

“No it doesn’t. Nor did the other ‘sequels’. This is just a generic piece of cash in which you will gladly suck up. Perhaps you should rewatch the original, you know the classic.”

Actually the sequels did have various elements of the original but none of them were able to pull it off or live up to the original. And no it is not generic I don’t see anything else resembling it, and yes I will gladly suck it up because I’m excited that they’re continuing the Starship Troopers franchise and the film looks pretty decent. And of course I’ll rewatch the original it’s one of my favorite movies.

“And while you perhaps did not say certain things, by alluding to this trailer, it’s content and it’s goal you pretty much made clear what you meant.”

I have no idea wtf you’re even talking about. What do you think I supposedly meant by it? I was asked to provide an example of a trailer that I thought was good so I chose Starship Troopers cause it was the only other thing that I was following at SDCC, I don’t have any hidden agendas behind it or anything that I’m alluding to.

“You also have no understanding of the original movie by referring to the skits in the classic, which was about breaking the fourth wall. The entire movie is a satire, a propaganda movie just like Riefenstahl made them. The goal of the movie is not glorification of war or some cool alien bugs. The entire movie is made for an audience that lives within a society in which they are fed state propaganda. But like I said, that clearly flies over your head. ”

I actually do have a great understanding of the original, I don’t see how you can assume that I don’t based off of only 2 sentences.

“Then again, by comparing this trite bullshit with Discovery, that just shows how immature and materialistic you lot are. Enjoy your generic bug hunt movie.”

Again how on earth can you assume that I’m somehow immature and materialistic when you literally know nothing about me? Just because I compared another trailer to Discovery lol? If you get that upset over people critiquing Discovery that man are you in for a world of hurt cause literally almost anything is better than Discovery at this point and as I keep saying plenty of people are not liking what they’re seeing so far.

I’m done with you Bert lol you’re pretty much just rambling nonsense at this point. Have a nice day.

LOL. I’m not ‘butt hurt’ at all, but it surely seems you are. You also have some issues actually reading something instead of projecting what you want to read. By stating you have a ‘great understanding’ of the original Verhoeven movie but constantly showing you clearly do not, that comes off as a petulant child. Remember, you are the one who brought up this trailer filled with generic shooting, war and bugs to make ‘a point’. I don’t need to do a personal session with you to ‘know about you’, what you explicitly and implicitly write gives a good picture of your position.

You seem to think that I am hurt because people criticize Discovery, I am not. But if you do by comparing it with a money grab trailer that fucks the original classic movie in the ass, that says more about you than me.

How exactly do you think that I don’t have an understanding of the original? I’ve literally only spoke briefly about it in just 2 sentences. I’m not gonna sit here and over-analyze it to death like everyone else does cause frankly doing that makes it less enjoyable in my opinion. And you’re saying that the trailer for the new one fucks the original; yet it has the writer of the original, two of the main cast members reprising their roles from the original, and four of the main characters from the original, and according to the writer this film matches the scope and tone of the original including the blood & gore, humor, satire, and propaganda. I don’t know how you can get any better than that considering what they have to work with.

I agree OP it looks real bad I was never onboard anyway it does not appeal to me but that trailer convinced me to avoid. I want another Kelvin Movie hopefully we get that not some low budget generic looking mish mash!

@Paul I’m glad there’s someone else out there with some common sense, I was never onboard either and every bit of new information I learned about this show made me despise it more and more. These so-called “fans” will see anything no matter how terrible it is and they clearly lack any critical thinking skills. My grandfather who has seen Star Trek since its beginning got really pissed off at both trailers and I have never seen him get angry at a trailer before, his exact quote “That’s not Star Trek!” Thankfully many people seem to agree with us that it looks like really bad low budget generic trash.

@ TM11 I am old enough to have seen TOS in the very early 1970s & the movies in the 1980s your not the only one who does not think this is the Trek we wanted either! I never liked all the other Trek TV series they are just mediocre cash cows like this. The Kelvin universe movies are however pretty solid I just want more of them with slightly less action & more story as we can no longer have the original TOS.

Some of us would just as soon never see new Trek again, if it had to be anything like Trek 2009.

And that is exactly what all the whining anti-fans said when Roddenberry presented TNG. You lot are nothing more than ultra-conservative whiners. What you are doing today is exactly what they did when TNG was presented. That is wasn’t trek, no sir, not at all. With it’s old fart as a captain and a stupid robot and a Klingon to boot. This hate is nothing more than a cycle repeating itself with every new series. It only shows how far removed you hating fools are from actual fandom.

@Bert 0- absolutely 100%. But lets be clear, its a vocal few are are spamming and trolling with their nonsense.

Some people have legitimate points to make and thats great. But the whiners are acting like their position is much greater than it is. It isnt. And if they are to be believed none of the previous incarnations they supposedly love would have made it past one episode because they would have hated all of it.

@Bert Beukema, what exactly do you mean by “ultra-conservative”? Also what you’re mistaking as “hate” is actually people with critical thinking skills who have legitimate concerns. I think it’s just as bad to blindly accept sub-par content. And who are you to say what constitutes as actual fandom?

@TUP, it’s not a vocal few, see all the YouTube comments of the trailers, in fact I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people see problems with Discovery. Also having a different opinion isn’t spamming or trolling, you seem a little intolerant of other people’s views. People do have legitimate points and I don’t see it as whining.

And all of this you gleaned from a total of three minutes of moving images, all jumbled up? Ultra conservative means that you cannot bare change, that you want the old instead of the new. When TNG was presented, the same thing happened. You should have heard the outrage of the ‘fans’ on TNG. Based on just images, not even a trailer. And now you are doing the same thing as then, you see images and you project your anxieties because they seem to break your established views and safe space.

Critical thinking skills applied would dissect these trailers to spot what themes are explored, what elements they try to convey and what makes it tick. Not staring at images and declaring them ‘not canon’ just because it doesn’t look like what you think it must be. Critical thinking skills also involve the broader picture, outside of your personal shrine of ‘fandom’. Every Trek series was a product of it’s time, this one will be a product of this time. If you cannot apply that knowledge, you do not actually apply critical thinking skills.

And sub-par content? If all wars were started based on four minutes of moving images then we would all have died a long time ago. Judgment should be made on actual intel. On the actual product. Not on what you PERCEIVE it is through colored projection.

hahahaha you know the guy is a troll when he tries to say it looks low budget.

TM11 = troll. We can all move on now.

Enterprise had better looking visuals and effects and that was about 15 years ago. Hell I’ve seen better looking stuff from the 90s.

They Netflix version needs to ditch that indie boy band theme as fast as possible.

My initial impression is that this is a trailer for the masses, not necessarily for the Star Trek fan base specifically. It focuses on conflict/battle/war. With a show titled Discovery, I would love a trailer that zeroes in on the, ya know, discovery (exploration) angle. But I get it. They need eyeballs (more specifically, subscriptions), which results in a mass appeal trailer.

It reminds me of the first Star Trek Beyond trailer in that way (not saying it sucked like the first Beyond trailer though, FYI).

Anyway, it may not have focus on the aspects of Star Trek that appeal to me personally, I am still happy with anything new as we rapidly approach the long awaited premiere.

I am ready and excited to see it!

Well, while I know no more about what the producers plan with this show than you do, I’m guessing that it’s going to be very plot-specific, and not nearly so dedicated to exploration in general as TOS or TNG. Which may be perfectly okay, so long as it manages to explore themes of interest in other ways.

You’re probably right. Pros and cons and all that. I’m sure it will be great even if it doesn’t utilize an aspect of trek that I’ve always enjoyed (can’t please everyone, so it’s all good).

*sigh* Have you EVER considered that the term ‘discovery’ might not be a literal discovery but a metaphorical one? That the whole concept might revolve around discovery as a figurative device? Instead of discovering planets (i.e. generic sci-fi) it seems reasonable to think that it is about the primaries discovering themselves. That internal discovery, relationships, finding your place etc, that is more Star Trek than anything. But I guess you are more interested in the ‘planet of the week’ thing.

Bert, check the condescension at the door, please. I didn’t hate on the trailer. I just made an observation that it may cater to the masses more than the trek fan base specifically. Am I allowed to have an alternate opinion to yours? It would seem not. That’s why I rarely make comments on here because of people like you.

Yes, as more and more of the details have come out, it has become quite apparent that the discovery title is either dual usage (possibly discovering what’s out there as well as what is within) or (not my favorite here) it may be used solely in the within sense. I do like the outward exploration aspect of trek, so yes, I have been hoping that angle of discovery would be in there. So, sue me.

I have no qualms about trek involving conflict and war. It always has and it always will. Some really good episodes and movies include it. It was just that the trailer was heavy on that particular aspect as if it will all be about that. I doubt that it will, and my observation was that the trailer was so heavy on that aspect because it is likely appealing to the masses to draw in more viewers.

If you’d like to respond with your opinion in a constructive way without trying to invalidate my opinion, I look forward to the discourse.

I did not respond to you.

Man…I love the trailer, but the negativity is just too much. I understand being passionate about something we love to watch for the past few decades, but I feel like I am back in 1987 around the time TNG came on the air…I am just gonna watch and then make up my mind later. Seriously…just wait and see before rattling your sabers and crying foul.

There’s a point where you just have to take a deep breath and think: It’s just a show, I should really just relax.

Exactly!!! That’s all I’m gonna do just sit back relax and watch the show.

All looks amazing. So we deal with the Klingons in the pilot, and then move on to the rest of the galaxy, yes?

Here I wake up, scroll through my recommendations and there’s a new trailer… And I love it :) I am very excited and I only hope that Netflix will manage to release it worldwide in the same time…

Wow. Cinematic effects, story-telling on a grand galactic scale, and great acting. Is this finally the Star Trek I’ve been waiting for?

Yes! ?

So USS Europa gets destroyed by, presumably, Klingons?
As an European, I sure hope this is NOT going to be some clumsy American analogy on the ongoing islamic invasion. Last thing I need is some upper-middle-class overseas dudes telling me how to deal with the destruction of my own homeland. :-P

I would take it more as representative of the slow self-destruction of the utterly incompetent EU which lead to the Brexit vote & will inevitably lead to more *exit movements/referenda 😏

yes it hard to judge a TV program just by the trailer , however, this is suppose to be the hook, if it was not a star trek trailer than yeah i am hooked just not so as it is a trek trailer, not given up on it and will watch it, they say it will be trek and will stick to cannon we will see

“The Hlingon Empire has been in disarray for generations.” All right, relax, these are not Klingons :)
Also, we finally get to see some red and green. Waiting for more colors!