SDCC17: IDW Panel Reveals Details On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘Boldly Go’ Comics

All IDW can show for Star Trek: Discovery comics coming in October

On Friday IDW Publishing held a panel covering a number of their comic series, including Star Trek, moderated by IDW CEO Chris Ryall. When they got around to talking about the Trek comics group editor Sarah Gaydos started off talking about how excited they were to be working on the just announced Star Trek: Discovery comic book, but she also apologized that they couldn’t say much.  But there was some discussion of that book by co-writer Mike Johnson along with what is coming up for the Star Trek: Boldly Go series.

Chris Ryall, Sarah Gaydos and Mike Johnson at IDW panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Discovery comics will ‘really matter’

Also on the panel was long-time Star Trek comics writer Mike Johnson, who is co-writing the Discovery series. Johnson started writing Star Trek comics with IDW when he was tapped by Star Trek 2009 screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to work with them on the Star Trek: Countdown comic which was a prequel to that film.  He described how working with Kirsten Beyer is similiar:

I am co-writing [the Star Trek: Discovery comics] with Kirsten Beyer who is amazing. She has written great Voyager novels and she a staff writer on the TV show and that gives us – much like Countdown with the movies – working with Kirsten means we have all the inside access that we need. So the story in the comic will really matter and not just feel like a one-off. It is actually able to expand the story you guys are going to see in the show itself.

Johnson couldn’t say much more but did note the comics will have a particular focus on the Klingons. Gaydos also noted that they will have “a lot more” to talk about with the comics at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention in two weeks.

All IDW can show for the Star Trek: Discovery comics coming in October

Boldly Go to tell Kevin’s story – headed for multiple universes

Remember Kevin, the Teenaxi who didn’t have any pants, and got stranded on the Enterprise after the Teenaxi attacked Kirk at the beginning of Star Trek Beyond? Gaydos and Johnson also discussed the ongoing Star Trek: Boldly Go series set in the Kelvin universe, and showed off issue #10 (which comes out next week), revealing that even though it is described as a story about Scotty it really is “Kevin’s story.” Sarah noted that the issue is “one of the best things Mike has ever written. It reminds us of the humor and how smart his writing is so check it out.” Look for my review of Star Trek: Boldly Go #10 next week.

Mike Johnson holding up Star Trek: Boldly Go #10

Looking forward they also provided more details on the just-announced six-issue “I.D.I.C.” storyline that kicks off in October. According to Johnson, each issue will visit a different universe:

It is taking all of these parallel realities and all of the possibilities of what Kirk and Spock could be and having them meet each other.

The first cover shows Kirk split into six different parts and each one is a different Kirk. Johnson identified a few, noting an “AI/robot version,” a female version named Jane Tiberious Kirk (who has appeared before in the comics), a Mirror Universe Kirk (and specifically a Mirror to the Kelvin Universe) and a version of Kirk raised by Klingons after he was captured as a baby following the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelvin. Gaydos also noted that each of the six issues will have a different artist to enhance the differences for each universe visited.

I.D.I.C series coming to Star Trek: Boldly Go this October


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I’m already tired of the Klingons and this thing hasn’t even started yet. I’m sensing one long drawn out arc focusing on Klingons and multiple soap operish mini-arcs getting more into the heads of these guys than I ever wanted. Seems like it would be kind of hard to seek out new life and new civilizations when you’re knee deep in Klingons every episode. But I may be wrong…and I hope I am.

God, I hope they don’t make the Comics “mandatory reading” to understand the backstory of Star Trek: Discovery.

One of the biggest flaws with the 2009 movie, was putting all of Nero’s backstory in the Countdown comic, which explained his motivations for revenge, why his ship looked the way it did, and why Older Spock felt responsible. Add to that, putting backstory about Nero’s time between 2233 and 2258 as “deleted scenes”, made the 2009 a literal mess.

Not everyone has access to these comics, or even interest in reading the comics. Please don’t make them mandatory. If there’s anything important revealed in the comics, it NEEDS to be revealed in the series as well.

I love the work Johnson is doing in the IDW Kelvin timeline comics so more of that is always appreciated.