Star Trek Merch Update: Discovery Phaser, Mr. Spock Album Reissue, Mr. Data Onesie and More

This week brought exciting news for those who want to be armed like an officer on Star Trek: Discovery. We also have a blast from the vinyl past and a way for you to relax like Mr. Data and more.

Anovos ‘Discovery’ Phaser Replica Pre-Order

This week Anovos, mostly known for their high-end costume replicas, announced they will be making a Star Trek: Discovery phaser replica. The interactive replica is based on original screen-used production assets and includes lights to indicate stun and kill settings, a removable “cricket phaser,” a removable magnetic power clip (with indicator light), and a rotating barrel. It also comes with a display stand. The phaser is priced at $500 and can be pre-ordered now at Anovos, with the first 3 waves of 50 units each already sold out. The phaser is a perfect compliment to the Discovery uniform replicas Anovos is working on.

If you are looking for something a bit less pricey, McFarlane Toys announced at Star Trek Las Vegas they were working on a Discovery phaser role-play toy priced at $39.99.

Mr. Spock Album Reissue on Black Friday

Varese Sarabande will be reissuing Leonard Nimoy’s album Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space on vinyl. The album (originally released by Dot Records in 1967) will be available at independent record stores across the US on Black Friday (Friday, November 24). More details and retailer information can be found at

New at Amazon: Spock Puzzle Book

Just released this week from Cider Mills Press is Search for Spock: A Star Trek Book of Exploration: A Highly Illogical Parody, by Robb Pearlman, author of Fun with Kirk and Spock and Reshirt’s Little Book of Doom. The 40-page hardcover “Where’s Waldo” of Star Trek is filled with “activities and crafts, games and puzzles” You can pick it up at Amazon now for $10.50.

New at ThinkGeek: Data Lounger Onesie

If you are looking for something comfy to wear around the house, ThinkGeek have you covered with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Date Lounger. The adult onesie features two pockets, zip-off feat and embroidered badge & rank pips. You can pick it up now at ThinkGeek for $49.99.

New at Entertainment Earth: Star Trek Delta Shield Money Clip 

The latest bit of bling from Cufflinks, Inc. is the Star Trek Delta Shield Money Clip. They might not have money in the future, but for today this can keep your cash tidy. It is available now at Entertainment Earth for $39.99.

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That phaser is absolutely gorgeous, but $500? Really? Priced me right out.

The ONLY thing STD (Discovery) got right was the Phasers. I will get that.

There was supposed to be a ST:BEyond Anovos phaser. it never came to be. hopefully people actually get this product.

give me the phaser

And the electronic starship Reliant is no where to be found…

Don’t forget… MacFarlane Toys will be releasing a Star Trek Discovery Phaser toy replica in Dec 2018 (per their presentation at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August 2017)

Zipping off the onesie’s feat would be quite a feet, IMO ;-)