STLV17: Details Announced For McFarlane’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Figures, Role-play, Toys And More

On Saturday at Star Trek Las Vegas, comic book legend Todd McFarlane laid out some of his plans for McFarlane Toys’ recently acquired license for Star Trek. He said they hope to provide figures and toys in a wide range of prices and scales across the Star Trek franchise. Both McFarlane and his brand manager, who joined him on the panel, made a point that both were hardcore Star Trek fans and both very excited to have the license, with the brand manager noting:

We are not just making action figures, we are curating them as well. We are making them for you because it is very important to us.

Todd McFarlane at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Starting with Picard and Kirk

McFarlane unveiled prototypes of their first two Star Trek products, which will be 7″ articulated figures for Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. Both are coming in the Spring of 2018 and will be priced at $19.99. They noted that they chose that price because “we’re trying to put these into your hands at prices that aren’t intimidating.”

Picard 7″ McFarlane figure

They also gave some more details on the the 16 points of articulation for the figures saying they can stand, sit and kneel. 

Articulation for 7″Kirk figure

Discovery figures and role-play too

For the first time, McFarlane announced their plans for Star Trek: Discovery, which will start out with two 7″ figures: Michael Burnham and T’Kuvma, also priced at $19.99. These will be released in the Fall of 2018.

Burnham and T’Kuvma will be first Discovery figures from McFarlane

The McFarlane guys acknowledged that the Discovery costumes are quite detailed and they were working on getting them right, with Todd saying sarcastically “it’s going to be fun” but he promised “all that texture we can get and you will get.” 

They are also planning on doing Discovery role play. The first toy planned is a phaser for $39.99. They noted that they are also working from 3D scans of the props to make sure they are accurate.

McFarlane Toys to make Discovery phaser

Deluxe figures

McFarlane also announced they will be doing 10″ deluxe Star Trek figures, starting with a recreation of the “Trouble with Tribbles” scene with Kirk buried in tribbles. These deluxe figures will be priced at $34.99. They noted that they will cater to both those who like to keep figures in the package and those who like to take figures out of the packaging. The package will have the figures set as they were seen in the episode but outside they will still be articulated and can be posed as you see fit.

Deluxe Kirk with tribbles figure coming from McFarlane


Getting it right

McFarlane made it clear that they spend a lot of time and effort in getting things right with their figures, noting:

The entire role of our company is to get it right. I will have done my job only if we get the likeness right, but then all the subtleties that come with each of the uniforms…

He admitted though that the key is the likenesses and even if you get everything else right, fans really want the faces to match what they know.

In the case of Star Trek: Discovery, they have already been on the set to do 3D scans of Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) and Chris Obi in full T’Kuvma makeup and costume. They plan to bring in more actors for full body scans in various poses and detailed face scans, noting how they even try to get them in various “emotional states.” 

As for the other Star Trek shows where the actor has aged, they will use film clips and “hundreds and hundreds” of photos. He also showed off the sculpt models they had done for William Shatner’s Kirk and Patrick Stewart’s Picard (below).

MacFarlane Toys sculpt for Kirk shown at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

McFarlane Toys sculpt for Picard shown at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Prototypes for McFarlane Kirk and Picard figure shown at STLV 2017

They want to do ‘everything’

Todd noted that they have a license to make products from all of of the Prime Universe Star Trek series – essentially everything except the J.J Abrams-produced Kelvin movies. The McFarlane brand manager said they “want to do everything” with the license, and (perhaps jokingly) gave examples:

I want to do the President of the Federation with his pompadour and his Fu Manchu. I want to make Wesley Crusher with his little game. I want to make Porthos. I want to make everything for you guys.

Todd noted what they do going forward “all depends on what happens with the first stuff.” So if their initial wave of Star Trek products do well, they will keep going.

McFarlane Star Trek license covers all the Prime Star Trek universe

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