First Look At Moebius Models ‘Star Trek Beyond’ USS Franklin – Due In Stores In April

Moebius Models is about to release a ship that spans the Star Trek timelines. The USS Franklin was one of the best things to come out of Star Trek Beyond, a pre-Federation ship that’s a predecessor to the NX-01 from Star Trek: Enterprise. Before it disappeared in 2164, the aging Franklin was pressed into service to help in the Romulan War that lead to the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. And in the alternative Kelvin timeline in 2263, the ship was returned to service for one last mission by the stranded crew of the USS Enterprise.

The first look at the (partially buried) USS Franklin in Star Trek Beyond

The USS Franklin stares down The Swarm in Star Trek Beyond

We first saw an early prototype of the Moebius USS Franklin last summer at San Diego Comic-Con. The high level of detail seen even in just a first 3D printed prototype was impressive. Moebius Models is now ready to release the final model kit, it will be available in early-April, at a retail price of $69.99.

Retail packaging

The USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond is the first in an all new all-new series of model kits from Moebius Models based on the new Kelvin-universe Star Trek movies. The kit is a 1:350 scale model. Measuring over 15 inches long and nearly 9 inches wide, this precision-tooled styrene kit features screen-accurate detailing, based on actual digital visual effects files.

The model comes with a Starfleet insignia stand

This skill-level 3 kit includes clear bussard domes and clear windows, as well as a Starfleet insignia display base. The kit also includes decals (with “worn” and “new” options) and a full-color instruction booklet, including detailed painting tips. Packaging features box art by legendary Star Trek production illustrator, John Eaves.

More photos

As a premier manufacturer of specialty model kits, Moebius Models has the pop culture world covered, from nostalgic gems like Lost in Space and Batman the Classic TV Series to modern blockbusters like Batman v. Superman and Star Trek Beyond. For more info, visit their official site at


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Model looks nice … but an electronic version with lights and sound would have been so much nicer.

There will likely be lighting kits for this model as there are for most other ST kits. They’ll just cost a lot extra.

Sadly, I have no talent for that kind of thing and third party modeling jobs do tend to get pretty expensive. I would have preferred a DST style electronic toy/replica.

Gorgeous looking model of a great ship.

“a pre-Federation ship that’s a predecessor to the NX-01”
Should this not be “successor” to the NX-01?

The model looks amazing!

Yeah, the registry was probably was like the NX-Delta and part of the NX test program, not part of the Warp 5 Project. Since this was a warp 4 ship, it’s actual max speed was probably warp 3.something in the first place. Also, the ship probably didn’t get an actual commission until the Romulan War, as Capt Edison was a MACO on Enterprise during the Xindi mission, which is why (in-verse) we never saw it on ENT…

DrBeckett, the actual CANON successor to the NX-01 was the TOS Connie, as that ship was modeled after the NX-01 refit.

No, technically it was built before (I think). It’s confusing though because it looks closer in design to the TOS era than Enterprise. Trekyards has a good video discussing it.

They should have just said first warp 6 ship.

Thanks for the explanations everyone, my bad on this one, and apologies to Matt.
I somehow missed that bit about it being a Warp 4 vessel. Makes perfect sense now :)

I love this ship. Best thing to come out of the Kelvin universe besides Karl Urban’s McCoy.

Yeah, it’s a cool design. Somehow it split the difference between futuristic and retro.

hey guys,
I did a 4 part video series about the building of a test shot of this great kit
here is a link to the finale
you can watch the earlier ones from there

Very nice! Thanks for the link.

I really like the Franklin starship model even though to me it has a bit of a “Bird of Prey” look to it.

I can’t wait to see what the amazing Trek modelers out there do with this ship. That in itself is an art and I absolutely love to see what those incredible men and women do!

Will any of the Target STORES or toys R us have them?

Sound like Toys R Us is soon to be extinct. A better place to get this would be a company the deals specificly with model kits like Hobbytown.

This ship was something good from that movie. What I’d give to have that ship myself!

Nice kit, bit expensive for me in the UK. I’m hoping to see an affordable range of kits I can reasonably afford and collect without the wife detonating like an ejected warp core.

Does it have a Built in bridge?