‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Loses Out On Peabody, CBS All Access Launching New Sci-Fi Show In June

Today’s Star Trek: Discovery news roundup finds no joy at the Peabodys, a new sci-fi show coming soon to CBS All Access, some select tweeting from the Disco cast shooting in Toronto and a fun fan video.

No Peabody for Disco

Last week Star Trek: Discovery was named one of 15 nominees for a 2017 Peabody Award for Entertainment. This morning winners were announced and, alas, Discovery was not among them. Winners were American Vandal (Netflix), Better Call Saul (AMC), Homecoming King (Netflix), Insecure (HBO), Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO), Saturday Night Live (NBC), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon).

But the Discovery team should still take pride in being only the second series in the franchise to be nominated for the prestigious award (see Sonequa Martin-Green’s tweet below). And Star Trek still has some pending award possibilities with 5 Saturn Award Nominations, a Hugo Award Nomination, and potentially some Emmy nominations, which will be announced this summer. Fingers crossed!

New sci-fi show coming in June as CBS All Access continues to spread out their originals

Today CBS All Access announced the original show Strange Angel launches on June 14th, with a 10-episode season airing Thursdays. The new show, which CBS says “explores the intersection between science and science fiction,” is inspired by the real-life story of Jack Parsons. The series was created by Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Skeleton Twins) and is based on George Pendle’s book of the same name. Here is how CBS describe the new series:

Jack Parsons (Jack Reynor), a brilliant and ambitious blue-collar worker of 1930s Los Angeles, started as a janitor at a chemical factory but had fantastical dreams that led him to birth the unknown discipline of American rocketry. Along the way, he fell into a mysterious world that included sex magick rituals at night, ultimately becoming a disciple of occultist Aleister Crowley. Parsons used Crowley’s teachings of self-actualization to support his unimaginable and unprecedented endeavor to the stars.

CBS appears to be spreading out their scripted original All Access content, with one show starting as another wraps up. After Discovery ended its first season, the second season of The Good Fight launched in March, which ends before Strange Angel launches. Strange Angel will likely be followed by the new drama $1 which is currently in production. If the pattern of original launches continues, All Access will have something new in October or November. Of the four other known original All Access shows (The Twilight Zone, Tell Me A Story, No Activity and Star Trek: Discovery), only Discovery is known to be currently in production. However, that is no guarantee it will be the next show for the All Access slate.

CBS is spreading their originals around

The Tilly is back, Culber waits, Pike dreams

Shooting on the second season started on Monday, but the cast of Star Trek: Discovery has been mostly silent on social media. One proof of set life photo popped up on Instagram yesterday, when Mary Wiseman posted a shot of her trailer with the message “The bitch is back!”

The bitch is back! 💙💙💙

A post shared by Mary Wiseman (@morywise) on

And in our update at the beginning of the week, we noted that actor Wilson Cruz was dealing with a lot of weather-related flight delays. In an update on Twitter he revealed that he eventually made it to Toronto, only in time for him to experience a classic filming cliché:

As for new Discovery actor Anson Mount, he Trek-ified the trending hashtag “IdLikeToBeRichEnough with his dreams of being a captain, like Captain Pike.

Fan-made video of the day: Disco intro with TOS Enterprise

This week a big topic has been the genesis of design decisions for the U.S.S. Enterprise as it appears in Star Trek: Discovery, and so this modified version (by CNCcamon1 on YouTube) of the Discovery intro with the original U.S.S. Enterprise is pretty timely.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space channel and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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No real surprise there, the gang at Discovery will need to up their game considerably if they want to start winning awards.



“No real surprise there, the gang at Discovery will need to up their game considerably if they want to start winning awards.” Yeah, because being nominated means you suck! Take that Patrick Stewart!

No – we just need more shots of double-barreled Klingon urination!

The competition was stiff to be honest. But to be only the 2nd series to get nominated I say, if they continue their hard work and grow over time (which is what you’re basically saying), they can win a Peabody. I don’t think they won’t win some of the others they’re nominated for so…yeah

Too bad about DSC losing the Peabody but considering only TNG won one itself its clearly not easy to win. At least it got nominated.

Also, TNG won for an episode that I never thought was particularly great.

This was back when there wasn’t a lot of great stuff on TV, unlike now.

Presumably Discovery was vetoed by Mark McKinnon (the pol hustler who wears the Stetson on Showtime’s The Circus).

He made the right decision.

Okay fine I guess the TOS Enterprise looks pretty old fashioned. I kinda hope they tweak the opening credits in season 2

I have a feeling the credits will probably change each season, if each season features a different year-long arc.

I’m not sure. Did the 1st season intro really mirror what was going on the season? I don’t mind if they update the intro every season. I know that a friend of mine still can’t get used to the style of the credits (he wants to see a more traditional sequence showing the ship in space). In an interview they asked Jeff Russo (the composer) whether the credits would be changed for season 2 and he said that he hadn’t heard anything. At least, nobody had asked him for a new theme. Then again, the score is often something coming very late in the post-production process so if the producers do have plans to change something they may not have told every department.

If there’s one thing Les Moonves knows, it’s occult sex magick rituals.

I was wondering when that would get out.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that Mirror Galt will always make trolling comments.

Literally nobody cares at this point.

Dude, it’s funny. Gosh, I first came here years ago used to the AV Club comments (which were, and sometimes still are, pretty entertaining) and promptly got multiple troll-warnings from Anthony.

Wonder if the Jack Parsons show is going to cover his friendship with L. Ron Hubbard ? Them having sex in the desert to raise some female deity, Hubbard stealing his wife … The series finale will be interesting.

I have to say, that video was much better than I thought it would be. Does anyone know where that riff on Jeff Russo’s Disco theme music came from?

Oh, and p.s., the Enterprise doesn’t look “old-fashioned”. She’s a beautiful lady and we all love her! ;)

She is a beautiful lady – but she does look old-fashioned. Just like Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space. She’s clearly from a certain era.

Take a look at the Soyuz module. It’s pure ’60s, but it’s still in service. Look at the new Orion module. It’s Apollo scaled up. Space is a functional environment, and I suspect engineers will always opt for simple and robust. It may not make for convincing TV in 2018 (we may never know!), but dollars to doughnuts our spacecraft in 250 years will look more like Jeffries’ Enterprise than the visual milieu offered up on Discovery.

Thats hilariously idiotic Praetor.

Who cares, Who cares? My wife is a Ph.D. engineer, we talk about these things. If you disagree, by all means, look me up in a couple centuries and tell me I was wrong.

You and your wife are the informed opinion in this matter. Form follows function.

I agree completely Arathorn. Doesn’t mean I love the original E any less than I do. It’s just something I don’t think a lot of Trekkies are willing to be honest with themselves about.

…was a beautiful lady…from the new “modifications” I’d say she’s sadly transforming into an armored man.

This show is not worth a Peabody, it’s a shame they rebooted this series. Discovery would probably be better if they simply would have done this in the future rather than rebooting the whole series. I can actually relate to why the Star Trek fans are upset

Friday morning trolling I see…

Brian has a point and and his own opinion. No trolling there.

Sorry danpaine, you’re just plain wrong.

When someone comes into a discussion about something just to repeat how much they hate it, when they’ve said so dozens and dozens of times over the pst 8 months…

…that’s trolling.

Offer something new or get lost. At this point, more than a full season in, these whiners are just polluting the space.

And no that doesn’t mean fans can’t have criticism, constructive or otherwise, but if you ONLY hate it and offer NOTHING but negativity, you need to move on to something else.

Only if they do it specifically to piss someone off. Trolling isn’t the act of voicing an opinion loudly. It’s the act of deliberately provoking others into acting unacceptably. If he did it SPECIFICALLY to delight in how much his actions pissed other people off, then he’s a troll. The term is derived from fishing, where baited lines are drawn slowly through the water to draw bites.

If he’s only doing it because it’s honestly his opinion, and he doesn’t care how mad others get or do not get, then it’s less trolling than yelling.

If it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and flies like a duck, it’s most probably a duck.

Agreed. But that said I’m willing to see what they do next season. Maybe the will (as they said) get it closer to TOS. But I understand why fans are bothered by it even if I’m not that personally upset about it.

I’m a Star Trek fan, I’m not upset. It’s could be better, but at the end of the day, it’s a TV show. And it’s not bad or unwatchable at this point — it’s just frustrating that they focused on some dumb plotlines and fan service (Lorca’s really Mirror Lorca and he’s a Bond villain! Sarek is here! So is Harry Mudd!) and neglected some potentially interesting stuff…

But yeah, I’ve wanted a Trek prequel for decades (and Enterprise wasn’t it) — a little grittier, slightly more Old School. I don’t need it to set up anything in TOS. Personally, I couldn’t care less what happens immediately after Nemesis.

More trolling from you? We heard you the first 20 times.

Thus far the original content on CBSAA beyond STD is lacking. (Sorta like their over the air cousin) And personally I’m only watching STD because it’s Star Trek. Not because it’s great television.

Funny you say that, ML. Same here. It’s Trek, so as a lifelong fan, I’m watching it. Not impressed but don’t want to miss out on it either. As to CBSAA, I paid just enough to binge Discovery and then cancelled immediately. Nothing else on there I’m interested in, and another monthly bill is not welcome. Showtime, also owned by CBS, is a below-average offering too, IMO.

Here, too, Dan. I paid for one month. Watched every episode. Then canceled. There is one thing on Showtime I like… Homeland. It’s way better than Discovery. Yet I don’t pay extra for Showtime. I catch it on the Netflix 10 months after it airs on Showtime. I would like to say I would wait for Discovery too (If it ever gets to Netflix, which I am doubting) but I’m too much of a Trek fanboy to wait. My weakness is CBSAA’s gain I guess.

I live in Canada and did the same with Space (although I’m curious about Krypton). But yeah, watching Discovery with a mix of duty and “maybe this week” hope.

But, frankly, that’s been true for me for every post-TOS series except season 4-6 TNG and 3-6 DS9.

It was only season one and they were nominated. Keep up the solid work and I see an award in their future. Great work Disco team!

I’d like to know how SNL won a Peabody. That show has been terrible for some time. I still watch it from time to time out of respect for what it once was. But it’s rare when there is ONE laugh in it.

I know, right? SNL? Seriously? Its been beyond pathetic for decades.

I think the last few years have been the worst for the show EVER. And that includes the Charles Rocket years… I’m really starting to think it ought to be put out of its misery.

I though last year was pretty great, overall.

Well… You are not alone in that opinion it seems. I found last year to be amazingly lacking and possibly the laziest writing on any comedy variety show ever seen. As I said, it is quite common to go through the entire 90 minutes without even one small chuckle. That is quite the feat.

Thanks for spelling the plural of LOSE correctly.

I enjoyed the first season of Discovery, but I’ll be honest. If it’s going to be six months until the next episode, sticking with CBS All Access in the interim is a hard sell for me. CBS needs more content in the interim.

The new show features “sex magick?” Can we please have a new sci-fi show that I can watch when my wife and kids are around? Yeesh.

Watch the new Lost in Space on. Netflix. it’s family friendly, sci-fi action adventure…10 times better writing and acting and effects than Discovery. You and your family won’t regret it!

That theme for the redo of the Discovery intro? Where is that found??

Jack Parsons was a moron-wacko. Not very excited about this new show.