Zachary Quinto Talks Progress On ‘Star Trek 4’; Implies Kelvin Crew In Tarantino Trek

In addition to today’s huge Star Trek TV news, there is a little bit of Star Trek movie news as well. Spock actor Zachary Quinto is talking again about the two Star Trek movies in development.

Star Trek 4 in business/logistics phase

Appearing with his Boys in the Band co-stars on the Sirius Radio Andy show, Zachary Quinto responded to a question from host Andy Cohen about the status of the next Star Trek feature film:

I think we are going to learn more in the next few weeks actually. There is a fourth movie that is being developed right now. They brought in a director who is actually a wonderful woman who I have worked with before, named S.J. Clarkson into the mix to develop and helm that project. It’s now kind of in the business, logistical kind of phase.

This comment is consistent with other recent comments from both Quinto and co-star Simon Pegg, expressing optimism that the sequel to Star Trek Beyond, first announced two years ago, is finally moving forward. Of course the business and logistics Quinto refers to are not a small issue. A script has reportedly already been approved, but that still leaves the issue of setting a budget and arranging financing. It has already been announced that Skydance, who were financing partners for the last two Trek films, is returning, but additional partners may be required.

No release date has been set for the film, but a likely target would be the summer of 2020, which would have the film going into production during 2019. So, Quinto’s mention of logistics could be referring to ensuring the actors in high demand, including Chris Hemsworth returning to play George Kirk, are available.

Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond

Kelvin crew in Tarantino Trek after all?

Cohen also asked Quinto about the reports of the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek project, and the actor may have revealed something when he said:

That would be the one after [Star Trek 4], which I think is also still in the works. He is doing his Charles Manson movie [Once Upon a Time in Hollywood] this summer. So, we will do this one now and then that one down the line.

Quinto’s mention of “we” in the above quote implies he and the cast for Star Trek 4 would then also move on to Tarantino’s film. It has been previously been reported that the Tarantino Star Trek film is something “separate” from the Kelvin timeline films. A month ago Simon Pegg revealed he didn’t know if his Scotty character was even in Tarantino Trek film, but he also noted that he would be finding out “in a couple of weeks,” which would have been around the beginning of this month. While Quinto may have been speaking generally or just speculating, it is possible the has also been clued in on Tarantino’s Trek project.

Watch Quinto talk upcoming Star Trek movies

Keep up with all news on both Star Trek 4 and the Tarantino Trek project at TrekMovie’s upcoming films category.

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Financing to be arranged? Production likely to start in 2019. Fascinating…

I wonder if this lawsuit:

has the potential to gum anything up?

LOL, there you go again!

This will have ZERO influence on JJ Trek 4 financing…you can take that to the bank (pun intended). :-)


Ah, not so fast to admit the flaws in your reasoning as we were led to believe:

“They are obviously in pre-production now, and I would be shocked if they are not filming by the fall…worst case maybe January.” — BorgKlingon, May 13, 2018 1:43 pm

Are you or are you not “shocked”?

“shocked if they are not filming by the fall…worst case maybe January.”

And? I mean if it’s February 2019 instead I suppose you will claim victory after you seemed to suggest it might be years away or never even happen…lol, whatever


Which you followed up with:

“They’ve already signed the director, have a script and have Hemsworth, so your well-meaning daydream I am afraid to say is DOA. They are obviously in pre-production already, and you can expect more casting news this summer.” — BorgKlingon, May 13, 2018 7:19 pm

You tried to claim the following day that you meant “draft script completed” but you made the claim “have a script.”

LOL — right above in this article written by Trekmovie:

“A script has reportedly already been approved”

You were saying?

PS: You can mince my words with all the little minute “gotcha’s” that you want, which I guess gives you some momentary pleasure here, but none of this minutiae negates my overall position (i.e. that this movie is OBVIOUSLY moving forward on solid footing), but it certainly does throw a shitload of water on your “tales of woe” conjecture about this movie probably falling apart or taking years to get rolling due to Paramount’s corporate issues. You can’t really get around that; if you just want to admit now that you overreached a bit on your previous comments regarding this, I will be happy not to keep bringing it up, moving forward?


Re: You were saying?

That it wasn’t approved at the time that you made the claim.


Re: ZERO influence on JJ Trek 4 financing

The contention was never that another Trek film would never be financed, only that it hadn’t already happened with Hemsworth fully contracted, and no evidence that it was happening on your still too accelerated amended timetable after that, which TrekMovie notes has yet to occur.

Are you going to admit now that this is sure to be an international release, or are you going to infer again that Paramount is too broke to do that, and it might only get a North American release?


I inferred no such thing — I only noted an example of woefully inadequate fundraising being cited by you, a level at which you couldn’t seriously suggest that a Bad Robot Trek motion picture would be or was being made. I believe this is the part where one is supposed to demand an apology for being deliberately misquoted?

I have been consistent:

“I think all three of us would be in a better position to discuss the premature nature of your assertion as a well-meaning fan that the next STAR TREK film’s financing had already been secured at the time of your [May 13th] announcement after their [former Chinese partners cancelling their billion dollar Paramount film-financing deal] audit. It certainly was ne[i]ther the position of Curious Cadet nor myself that no STAR TREK film could ever be financed by Paramount ever again.” — Disinvited posting on May 26, 2018 5:23 am in the comment chain of TrekMovie’s article “Simon Pegg Can’t Wait To Start STAR TREK 4, Unsure If He’s In Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Film” by Staff that was published May 12, 2018

THe Force Awakens…936 million, The Last Jedi…620 million, Han Solo…194 million. Is there a trend here? Hopefully S.J. Clarkson s not related to Kathleen Kennedy.

I’m not sure what your point is? Kathleen Kennedy is a producer and S.J. Clarkson is a director. Yes they are both women but all three Star Wars movies you gave in your comment were directed by men.

For someone who’s screen name is Merchant of Vulcan. Your logic is certainly flawed and sounds based in sexium.

Seriously? Do we really need these sorts of overt sexist comparisons here? Aren’t we past that stuff by now?

And BTW, in terms of global box office:

TFA = $2 Billion
Rouge 1 = $1 Billion
TLJ = $1.3 Billion

So yea, if I would be forced to directly answer your asinine question, I hope they are related.

Excellent. The more Kelvin universe the better!

I totally agree! Bring it on!

“It’s now kind of in the business, logistical kind of phase.”

Just as I was saying a few weeks back to some doubters here! Sorry to those doubters, but this movie is moving forward, will be financed, and the Paramount corporate situation will have not bearing on this. Don’t believe all those Hollwood gossip magazines.

“I think we are going to learn more in the next few weeks actually.”

Yes, will will learn shortly that they are beginning pre-production, and the the the movie will start shooting around by January of next year. Again, just as I was saying a few weeks back to some doubters here!

It might make sense to use the Kelvin timeline actors in the prime timeline universe since they are they are the same characters.
Would be another nice way of tying the two timelines together.
An adventure involving both the timeline characters could be confusingly humorist and exciting all at the same time.
Timey Whimey stuff.

Wow a lot of interesting Trek news today! After hearing Picard may be back I’m game for anything. :)

Maybe we will get more news about the movie (like an official announcement and date) at Comic con! Its already rumored one of the new Trek shows may get announced there so you never know.

Hopeful that we’ll see the Kelvin Universe end and see the Prime Universe continue in something a la Yesterday’s Enterprise :)

If the rumors about the new batch of Trek television projects are correct, it sounds like the Prime Universe is going to be thoroughly covered on All-Access with potential TOS, pre-TOS, TOS movie, and post-TNG era projects.

No, no TOS please. It’s from a different time. Minimal budgets meant all the focus had to be on the story. A lot of the actors were professionals from stage (Shatner speaks that way because it holds your attention in a play) and could bring the minimal sets and costumes to life. Entertainment today is completely different, fast paced and special effects galore (compare TMP to ST 11). TNG had a mix of old and new and could work again in my opinion. TOS is fun for tributes like Continues but a reboot just won’t work.

I’m not sure what you are referring to GQMF? CBS is already doing a TOS-era series with Discovery.

TOS era but not remaking TOS… yet.

Absolutely right, GQMF.

He was talking about the era, which as stated Discovery is already taking place in. I don’t think anyone is suggesting another TOS reboot and THANKFULLY none of that was hinted at. People kept suggesting a Pike show was possible and that’s still possible since one of the ideas they have are being kept secret but I think they know it would be a mistake to try and do it because fans will nit pick it to death.

LOL, Tiger2, Fans have been nitpicking DSC to death. I think the showrunners can handle that. I think it’s a lot of pish, personally.

Yes but when every conversation out of Discovery from the writers is ABOUT canon I’m sure that’s because they are defensive over it and why put yourself in the corner again if you can just make something without comparisons all the time.

There may be a Pike show but I really doubt it. Not just from canon issues but I think because many just probably want to do their own thing if given the chance.

Of course I say that knowing Khan is being developed (sigh).

TMP probably has as many vfx minutes as trek 11 — not as many shots, but they run for long stretches.

“TOS is fun for tributes like Continues but a reboot just won’t work.“

Umm….it kinda already has. See Star Trek 2009, Trek Into Darkness and Beyond. Opinions aside…all were solid performers at the box office, some a little more-so than others.

That’s true and I do like the new movies a lot but it isn’t really the same feel. I guess it’s easier to do a reboot with movies are they usually have a faster pace. I think a TOS reboot would either be too slow for today’s tv audience or too fast to be loyal to the original show. Will be interesting to see how they handle Pike in Disco.

(Also, as everyone pointed out, it seems I misread the comment before mine anyway, there is no planned TOS reboot that we know of).

I respectfully disagree. The TOS characters are simply the best and the new cast have all done an excellent job playing those iconic roles. I don’t think a Star Trek movie without Kirk and Spock would work today.

Why are people so gung ho about ‘ending’ the Kelvin universe? If you don’t like those movies, simply don’t watch them, period.

The Prime universe is already made up of 6 live action TV shows and 10 movies. And it was announced that universe will get even bigger now with the new various shows.

In other words the prime universe is ALREADY continuing, so what’s the problem?

Agreed! I like that they have two “sandboxes” to play in. And I really like the KT cast.

@Marja — now if only they wouldn’t keep rebuilding the same sandcastles from the first sandbox, in the 2nd sandbox, but in a slightly different way.

You’re talking about a total reboot? If that was the case I would LOVE that. Whats funny is both the Kelvin films and Discovery are basically reboots but no one wants to call them that. But yes more like soft reboots.

I would be fine if someone decided to redo Trek from top to bottom and start completely fresh. Its not like the other shows will just disappear. Discovery proves they want a different take then what came before but same time afraid if its too different it will scare people away I guess.

I agree completely!

Good news but the cast are not the issue they need to at least get a script as good as Beyond then add a few extra layers on top of that for general audience appeal. Beyond brought a lot of goodwill back to the movie franchise I think 4 will have much higher box office if released at the right time (early May works best for these movies).

At this point in the franchises’ history, especially with regard to the KU films, I literally have no expectations at all, good or bad. No skin in the game. I thought 09′ to be great, STID abysmal and Beyond light and fun. So going forward in the films, I have kind of an ambivalent attitude about them. Much more interested in what QT is going to do than the next KU offering, though.

Really looking forward to the follow-up to STB!

Can’t wait for these updates.

….all based on the fact that Star Trek 4 can even turn a profit.

Star Trek Beyond BARELY broke a profit if it even did, so the fact Paramount is willing to take a risk right after Beyond is great….but if ST4 doesn’t make a profit you can all but guarantee Star Trek 5 isn’t going to happen.

Star Trek will never go away— even if Trek 4 bombs, at some point, someone will try to bring it back. It’s a part of our mythology. As long as western civilization continues, there will be Trek.

Star Trek 4 already made an excellent profit and Star Trek 5 happened but did poorly. I think you are actually thinking of Star Trek 14 and 15.

Just want to float this out there. —Just because Quinto is talking about “we” when mentioning Tarantino doesn’t necessarily mean “Kelvin” timeline. For all we know He could play a younger “Prime” Spock. —