James T. Kirk Bourbon Unveiled As First In New Line Of Star Trek Branded Spirits

Would Kirk approve of his new signature whiskey?

Today the Silver Screen Bottling Company announced a new line of officially licensed Star Trek-inspired spirits, kicking off with the launch of a James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The new Kirk whiskey is described as “an artisan bourbon that celebrates Captain Kirk’s bold spirit of adventure.”

The new Kirk Bourbon is a small batch release selected from choice barrels aged between 4-12 years. According to Silver Screen Bottling, the Star Trek whiskey “exhibits a depth and richness seen in only the finest examples of bourbon with notes of caramel, Asian 5 spice and pecan” which is “crafted with the highest respect for the whiskey and for the man that bears its name.”

According to Silver Screen, veteran Star Trek graphic designer Mike Okuda contributed to the development of James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

You can reserve a limited quantity today at JamesTKirkBourbon.com. The retail price is $69.99 for each bottle, with pre-orders discounted to $59.99. According to the site, the Kirk bourbon will be released in October.

The James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey will also be featured at San Diego Comic-Con, July 19-22, 2018 in San Diego, CA, with additional spirits set to make their debut.

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Where’s the (Saurian) brandy?

Romulan ale?

I would totally order Romulan ale! That would go down so well with Trek fans. Funky alien bottle, crazy toxic colour… sign me up!

Already ordered it!

I’m going to a bourbon festival in Kentucky in September. Hope it’s there!

I don’t see it offered for $59.99.

Bourbon is certainly my favorite spirit…. wonder who the distiller is?

Montgomery Scott House.

This isn’t Scotch, dude.

That was my first question too. The website claims it to be made from barrels from Kentucky, Tennessee & Indiana. I love bourbon too but am reluctant to spend that much on a gimmick without tasting it first. I’ll probably settle for the t-shirt.

EXACTLY. If this is anything like Jim Beam, I’m out.

I used to think that, but tried “Duke” bourbon (Marketed by John Wayne’s son) and found it a nice drink! Any bourbon with James T on it gets at least one purchase, even if it’s just to have on the shelf.

Star Trek nerds can’t handle liquor.

How do you define nerds? I’d say a lame-ass who keeps visiting Trekmovie.com and obsessively leaving unfunny comments each day, anonymously from behind a keyboard using the WIFI his parents pay for… as a “nerd”. Oh… Hi HN4!



Star Trek nerd that can’t handle liquor also can’t handle a joke.


This nerd would drink you under the table…


You want me under the table?


You have not hung out with the Nerds I know. Just sayin’.

Who would…

Handling liquor is easy – it’s the price that’s so difficult to stomach 🥃 🐿

Waiting for an assortment of beers made in the Enterprise.

So, Jameson doesn’t count?

A perfect gift for William Shatner!

I’m checking Twitter later to see if he mentions it…

No Shit!? Sign me up!

Their order site is MADDENING. Be sure to select the option for “My order has no vintage” or the ******* order form will keep complaining that your haven’t entered valid information, without specifying the exact nature of the error. ILLOGICAL.

I looked at the site. Looks OK to me. Maybe you’re just drunk. Are you OK Scott?

*hic* Huh? Wha? Where am I?

Anyone know how to get this in Canada??

Free samples?

Sends your Mouth into worp.

Leonard McCoy Bourbon seems like a better fit.

Wouldn’t Kirk be a rye guy?

Either way, it kinda gives a whole new meaning to getting a stiff one from the Captain….

Is this the drink that Bones would fix for Kirk when the latter would go into sick bay all stressed out? The could market it that way.

Just pre-ordered two bottles. I shared the link with my buddy who, like me, enjoys a good whiskey. He is not a Star Trek fan but even he said “You know, I could get behind this.” A great way to recruit new Trekkers into the fold!

Unfortunately, I live in an area where I can’t have it shipped (stupid post-Prohibition restrictions) (https://www.washingtonian.com/2016/06/07/montgomery-county-liquor-laws-monopoly-maryland-alcohol-distribution/).

Almost twice the price to deliver to the UK. No thanks. I was only considering this for the novelty. American Whiskeys aren’t good enough to warrant that cost.

They do know that James T. Kirk wasn’t a real person, don’t they?

I pre-ordered one bottle as I do enjoy a nice Manhattan or Old Fashioned cocktail now and then. Since it mentions “line of Star Trek Spirits” could there be Montgomery Scott Scotch(as long as it is not green)? Pavel Chekov Vodka? Hikaru Sulu Sake? Nyota Uhura Rum? Spock Brandy or Gin or Tequila? Although I have to admit a Romulan Ale would be a nice touch.

I am shocked, shocked that they didn’t name this for Leonard McCoy, M.D., foremost consumer of bourbon on the starship Enterprise

@Marja — I agree. Doesn’t seem like it has any basis in canon. Brandy maybe …

I hope they got Shatner to do the bottle Signature.

lol riiight

Why, Bones, you know this stuff is illegal…

Tronya! This is Tronya! I hope you relish it as much as I.

Someone needs to do a list of every episode of TOS in which an intoxicating beverage was mentioned and which character it was associated with.

Complete cash grab but I suppose it’s cooler and more of a conversation piece than most Star Trek Knick knacks. I’d rather wait for some bones booze