Diamond Select Cloaked Romulan Bird Of Prey Joins List Of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Star Trek Exclusives [UPDATED]

NOTE: Article UPDATED 7/11 to include more exclusives and images.


San Diego Comic-Con kicks off on July 18th and we are getting more news about some of the Star Trek exclusives that will be on hand. Today we have news from Diamond Select Toys, Titan Books, Chronicle Books, Icon Heroes, and Hallmark.

Diamond Select Cloaked Romulan Bird of Prey

Once again, Diamond Select Toys goes with a variant of a previously released ship for their Comic-Con exclusive. This time it is a “Cloaked edition” of the Romulan Bird of Prey. Measuring approximately 12 inches wide, this ship is cast in clear plastic, but keeps its famous Bird of Prey logo, “to strike fear into the hearts of the Enterprise crew.”

The cloaked Bird of Prey will come packaged in a full-color window box, with a limited availability of only 200 pieces. It will be available exclusively at booth #2607 for $70.


Think Geek Phaser-controlled Rock Mood Light

The creative people at Think Geek have come up with something different with the Star Trek Phaser controlled Rock Mood Light. This item “faithfully reproduces Sulu’s Alfa 177 planetary experience,” when he had to use his phaser to heat up a rock to survive the freezing cold. By firing a replica Type-1 phaser at the rock, you can “access a whole spectrum of relaxing atmospheric settings and provide an ambient glow in numerous colors.” The Mood Light will be available at booth #3349 for $70 (limited to one per customer).


IDW Mirror Bundle and Discovery Annual blank sketch cover

IDW has two Trek exclusives available at booth #2743 (which you can also pre-order to pick up at the booth). You can collect all 5 issues of the Star Trek Through the Mirror 5-week event, by the Tiptons and artist J.K. Woodward by getting a 5-issue bundle containing unique B&W versions of the Woodward regular covers. This bundle is limited to only 250 sets at $25 per bundle.

IDW is also offering a special blank sketch cover variant of their Star Trek Discovery Annual #1, featuring the backstory on Science Officer Lt. Stamets. The blank cover costs $10 and is limited to 500 copies.


Titan Books Lost Scenes Limited Edition

In August Titan Books will release Star Trek: Lost Scenes, a hardcover book with with hundreds of carefully curated, never-before-seen color photos from Star Trek: The Original Series. All the images have been professionally restored to their original, vibrant colors and are used to chronicle the making of the series. A limited edition version of the book will debut at SDCC, with a Replica Film Cell featuring super-rare images (not even in the book!). The book will be available at booth #5337 for $35. 

Icon Heroes Smartphone Card Holders and Mousepads

Icon Heroes is offering two exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con International. The first is Star Trek Smartphone Card Holders, available in command gold, science blue and engineering red. Each card holder is made of silicone to provide flexibility whether you want to carry IDs, credit cards, cash, ear buds, coins, keys, and more. These self-adhesive card holders fit most smartphones and cases and will be availalbe for $10 at booth #3345.

Icon Heroes is also offering a Star Trek Enterprise D Saucer Mouse Pad, which measures 9″wide and features a “superb tracking surface with vibrant color and the soft touch of fabric.” Priced at $15.00, they will have only 100 of these Next Generation mousepads at booth #3345.


Chronicle Books Next Generation Cats Patches

Chronicle Books is offering a number of patches including two Star Trek themed ones featuring artwork from their Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats book. There will be a Borg cat patch and one featuring Data and Geordi and Holmes and Watson. A limited amount of patches will be available for $5 each at booth #1506.

Hallmark Arex & MRess ornament set and Gorn plush

Hallmark have 2 con exclusives that will debut at San Diego Comic-Con and also be made available at Star Trek Las Vegas in August and New York Comic Con in October. The first offering is the two-pack Keepsake Ornament set of Lieutenant Arex and Lieutenant M’Ress from Star Trek: The Animated Series. The set will have a total production run of 2,800 is priced at $40 and can be picked up at booth #1505.

Hallmark will also be offering a Gorn Itty Bittys, which is the first alien for the Star Trek Itty Bittys collection. The Gorn has a limited production run of just 2,500 and will also be available at booth #1505.

Gentle Giant’s Saru

Finally, Gentle Giant will be offering a Saru from Star Trek: Discovery bust. The hand-painted Saru bust is based on concept models and authentic production files to accurately match Doug Jones’ look in the show. The limited edition busts are each hand-numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity, and will be available exclusively at the Gentle Giant booth #3513.

More SDCC news to come

There will be more news about Star Trek at San Diego Comic-Con coming up, including more possible merchandise exclusives. So stay tuned to TrekMovie.com for all the latest. And we will also have a team at Comic-Con to report on everything Star Trek.

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I really dig the M’Ress, Arex, and Saru pieces. Everything else ranges from #meh to #areyoukiddingme.

In terms of quality,it’s the usual tat. The exception for me is the Saru bust, which looks decent

Tehy’re event items,not exclusives. The second they’re available,officially,outside of the con they loose the right to be called exclusives. It’s all in the name,lol! I like’em though,and might even try to get them while there. Also like the BoP.

Oooops,I meant THEY’re of course,not tehy. Thought there was an edit here at one point?! lol!


Way to go, Diamond Select. You can’t get the Reliant or TNG phaser released, but you can sure release a “repaint” of an existing ship. Either piss or get off the pot!

And it just looks stupid, since the “invisible” look means you can see the interior seams and pegs of the model.

An empty box would be more screen accurate. It really does look awful.

I don’t think anyone would pay us for an empty box.

Yes! This! WTH!?

By definition, a repaint is much easier to produce, as the sculpt does not need to be modified and approved, the sounds do not need to be isolated and approved, the lighting and electrical components are absent, and the price of producing such an item is already established, thereby avoiding a complicated cost analysis. The Reliant and the Phaser are still working through their own issues (both are with the factory now), but you’ll see new Trek items at SDCC — maybe even a ship! No plans to get off the pot, if by “pot” you mean high-quality Star Trek products.

Just so you know eaglemoss is going to release their large version of the Reliant before DST does; how many years did it take you to do a cost analysis to figure out everyone wants the darn reliant? I’ve seen the movie twice in movie theaters I’ve actually made the effort to do so. If by cost analysis you mean how many repaints can we do well yes it’s a fact you won’t be able to repaint the Reliant and call it some other canon ship and frankly you’re frustrating your customer base and losing credibility. Take that back to ground Chuck.

I actually have an older one of those ‘cloaked’ Romulan ships around here somewhere…

You’ll probably find it as it’s about to fire on you. ;)

Haha! 😎👉👉

Is Binney & Smith EVER going to get around to releasing an Odo figure?

Instead of a romulan ship, how about you give us the Enterprise C so I can complete my collection, Diamond Select?

It’s certainly possible! Not as a limited con exclusive, though. Production run on a new ship starts in the tens of thousands.