Star Trek Las Vegas Adds More ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Stars For Biggest Disco Con Gathering Ever

Today, Creation Entertainment announced that their Star Trek Las Vegas con in August will be host to the largest gathering of Discovery cast and crew ever.

Joining the previously announced Discovery celebrities are stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, and Shazad Latif. In addition, guest star Anson Mount (Captain Pike) will also be in attendance. This will be the first appearance at Star Trek Las Vegas for all of these actors.

Also announced today for STLV are makeup artist Glenn Hetrick and creature designer Neville Page, both of whom were just nominated for Emmys for their work on Discovery. Hetrick and Page held a panel at last year’s convention that was full of interesting inside information on the show.

Page and Hetrick at STLV 2017

These newly announced guests join the previously announced list of Discovery celebs that includes Jason Isaacs, Mary Chieffo, Wilson Cruz, James Frain, Ken Mitchell, Emily Coutts, Rainn Wilson, Jayne Brook, Sarah Mitich, Oyin Oladejo, and Sam Vartolomeos. Also on hand will be composer Jeff Russo, who will be joining Star Trek movie composer Michael Giacchino at a special concert on Saturday.

Mirror Universe experience

According to the official site, STLV will also feature a “complimentary, fully immersive Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe experience.” This Mirror Universe experience features a photo op with Emperor Georgiou’s Throne along with displays of props and costumes from the Terran Empire featured in the first season of Discovery. This is likely based on the same display that will be shown next week at the Wolf Gallery during San Diego Comic-Con.

You will be able to take a photo with Georgiou’s throne at STLV

Discovery panels on Saturday and Sunday

The Star Trek Las Vegas convention is being held this year between Wednesday, August 1st and Sunday, August 5th at the Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The Discovery actors will participate in panels on stage Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are still available for the event, including newly available tickets for autographs and photo ops with the just-announced Discovery stars.

For more on STLV 2018, check out our preview from two weeks ago and yesterday’s Shuttle Pod podcast preview with tips and tricks for STLV.

For more information and to buy tickets and reserve autographs and photo ops, visit

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This is a big and welcome change from JJ-Trek, where the cast and creators largely shunned our conventions.

Indeed. Even though the convention scene doesn’t interest me, I know how important it is to my fellow fans. And besides, it’s nice to see how dedicated the cast is to the franchise. The JJ-crew could be a litttle less standoffish.

No one wants to hang out with star trek fans. The Discovery cast are saints.

Karl Urban seems to do them though. In fact it seems like that’s where we get a lot of info about the next movie because he’s usually asked questions at the conventions.

It is weird how Orci has never done one though considering how much he loves to come here to talk to fans. I don’t recall him ever showing up at a convention to discuss any of the films. But then again sadly there has been so much division between him and fans after STID I guess I can’t blame him.

It’s worth remembering that most of the JJ cast are big names now. Nonetheless, Urban, Quinto, Pegg and Cho have all attended conventions. Pine and Zaldana are the ones who have mostly avoided fan events, and that is clearly because they are the two biggest stars in the cast and are probably the most expensive to pay to attend (and are probably very busy as well). With all due respect to the Discovery cast, none are on the level of movie star that Pine or Saldana are, not even Isaacs, Yoeh or Doug Jones.

Karl Urban’s even doing the Trekonderoga (or whatever its proper name is) convention this fall – and anyone who had been there can tell you it’s not the easiest place to get to, unlike the big-city conventions (cynically yes, money gets people to anywhere, but they can’t pay what other bigger conventions can). Karl Urban has a reputation for being a bit of a geek himself, and for being great with fans of all stripes – and given he gets attention not just from Trek fans, but LoTR fans, Dredd fans, and other fandoms, thats pretty impressive.

I want to be Karl Urban when I grow up. He just seems like a really chill, cool guy.

Looking forward to more info on the Disco Disco, the planned complimentary fully immersive sci-fi dance experience with special guest Chaka Khan.



Everybody have fun tonight…everybody Garret Wang Chung tonight.

I hope the show runners, cast and CBS are ready the upcoming realty check, when the comic con Q&A starts….assuming the questions aren’t screened. They’re about to step out of the their self-congratulatory bubble and into the real world…I hope they’re ready.

I don’t see anything like that really happening though. Most of these conventions are total love fests. Even if you have people who have real misgivings of a show or film you rarely hear those people at a convention. My guess is you’re going to just get a lot more fans gushing about the show than people who have an ax to grind. Again just based on how most conventions seem to be. A lot of fans supposedly hate Voyager (not me) but you would never know that looking at videos of the actor panels from that show. Everyone seems to always be treated like rock stars. Then again, people rarely blame the casts or actors for a shows problems and usually respect the characters.

And I guess there have been some that does air out their issues. I could be wrong but I heard it was at a convention where people voted STID the worst Star Trek film ever. And it was while it was still in theaters. So maybe there will be some push back but I don’t see it on any extreme level.

You may be right…. being this isn’t a trek convention, the only people going to the panels will likely be fans…who are usually a pretty polite bunch. The majority there, attending, will probably do so out of curioustiy as most will not haven even seen the series. But there will be scuttlebutt in the convention floor. How much of that actually reaches the Disco panel, we’ll have to wait and see.