SDCC18: ‘The Orville’ Season 2 Trailer Released

During The Orville panel fans in the Indigo Ballroom were shown a new season 2 trailer. Fox has now released it online.



More of The Orville to come

Fox hosted a press event prior to the panel that TrekMovie attended, so check back later for more from the panel and the roundtable press event.

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True Star Trek, here we go ;-)

Really? I knew TOS fans who rejected TNG because it wasn’t “true Star Trek.” I knew TNG fans who rejected DS9 on the same grounds. I even ran into a guy who didn’t consider any of the TOS films canon because “they have Klingons firing torpedoes out of the deflector.”

I mean, hey, in the big picture everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can we honestly call a pastiche of 90s Star Trek “true Star Trek” any more than “Galaxy Quest” was? (And “Galaxy Quest” was pretty damn great.)

Thanks, I had somehow forgotten about the ‘torps coming out of the deflector’ issue/non-issue from a long way back.

I do remember reading in RETURN TO TOMORROW that they even built a functional hatch for the torp that went unused in TMP. With so much work put into that model (at first by Magicam and then a huge extra effort by Apogee), it’s hard to imagine that Andy Probert did his usual ‘don’t change it’ defense of the original design elements here, so in this case I’m guessing he embraced the change. Pretty sure he brought in some of the guys from art school who worked on embellishing the designs.

So it’s possible to release a trailer without region locking. Watch and learn, CBS.

I think that was because of music restrictions. The US version had Lenny Kravitz, the others did not.

No, i think it’ still part of the Netflix deal, where Netflix has the international distribution rights.

No, it’s also on FOX in the UK, but it airs much later or at least it did last year. Netflix has the international rights for the Star Trek TV franchise and I think some of the films.

ORLY? What music was used for the Netflix trailer? (Were there any scene differences?)

YouTube is a thing. Try it.

…There are so many videos online of trailers that are region locked… it’s not just a CBS thing, but believe what you want I guess. Everyone else does these days.

That is because of rights of Netflix, Bell Media and CBS. Each released their own trailer.

Looks like more of the same in terms of the humor, at any rate. Whether that’s good or bad news is purely a matter of taste, of course.

(That said, i think Carl Sagan would have been entirely on board with Seth MacFarlane plaigarizing him in that manner, even though I suspect that he would find The Orville overall to be pretty silly.)

Carl Sagan wasn’t opposed to silly so he probably would have enjoyed the ride.

Judging by his feelings towards TOS and “Johnny B. Goode” (which only made the Voyager album cut because Anne Druyan, his lover and future wife, wanted it there), I’d say you’re mistaken. I’m a huge admirer of Sagan, but in truth he had very little time or patience for things he considered silly or frivolous.

He was a serious d___ about participating in the planned-for mini-documentary that was supposed to precede 2001 on screen, wanting an insane amount of money (and a %!!!!) for his appearance. But he did make a funny once about TREK, saying something along the lines that you’d have better luck crossing a human with a philodendron than mating a human with an extraterrestrial. (I certainly hope he never saw the V miniseries.)

You do realize his son wrote some Trek eps in the Berman era, right?

And his son is a legit sf writer, yeah. Your point? (and if anybody’s listening, where are my posts from the last six to eight hours in this thread? None of them seem to have shown up.)

Yes, I knew that. Not sure what that has to do with Sagan’s own feelings about TOS, though.

Obviously I can’t prove it, but it’s a good assumption that Carl and his son probably watched some Trek together as Nick grew up.

I don’t doubt that at all. He did admit that he found TOS to have its occasional charms, but still thought it was pretty silly in terms of the science.

His pupil and heir apparent Neil DeGrasse Tyson is much more enthusiastic about all things Trek. :-)

Are you certain that was Sagan? He would’ve been pretty young at the time, and the world notoriety he got from producing and starring in “Cosmos” that would have allowed him to throw his weight around in that manner was still a decade in the future.

Every since reading Agel’s “The Making of Kubrick’s 2001,” I’ve wanted to see that documentary footage. Wonder if it still exists, somewhere.

The new book on 2001 goes into the Sagan thing for several pages, and is my main source for this. It is very informative, even for a 2001aholic like me.

Definitely must look into getting that myself, thanks.

I’m recalling John Hurt asking Jodi Foster, “Want to take a ride?” in CONTACT. Might be the only laugh in the whole movie, outside of the blind guy insulting James Woods.

I liked Contact, but they violated Movies 101 by including the actual President at the time (Clinton) in scenes, which now makes the movie look prematurely dated.

I believe they were looking to cast Poitier but then got the ‘great’ idea to manipulate the Clinton footage. Then they hired an african-american actress, Angela Bassett I think, to do the dialog with Foster that the Prez was supposed to have. There are good things in the movie, but I don’t really like it.

I liked it better than Sagan’s novel, which I considered to be pretty kludgy and unsophisticated in its construction. Carl Sagan is a personal hero of mine, but as an SF author he was strictly a dilettante.

Nothing wrong with Sagan or his work. At least CONTACT (both book and movie) was better than Nolan’s awful INTERSTELLAR. My scientist/mathematician/astronomer/professor/pilot wife agrees.

I feel the ‘Created by Seth MacFarlane’ in The Orville credits is a bit cheeky for something so heavily inspired by Star Trek.

I would say in practice it’s as close to Star Trek as the spin-off series were, but obviously it diverges in critical ways.

Wow. That was a terrible trailer. ORVILLE doesnt look any more or less interesting, but I just have no idea what I was seeing … they could have just reused clips from last season for all I knew. And we didn’t hear their best asset, the Bruce Broughton Theme until the end — instead, some weird cover of Free’s “All Right Now”. It actually felt like they were parodying the DISC trailer, except we didn’t really learn anything except to tune in for more of the same? Not necessarily a bad thing, but man, they could have produced a better trailer.

It’s better in a lot of ways. The toned down the humour in the trailer compared to season 1. I see a more confident crew and ship. The show received the Saturn award for best sci-fi televisions series for Season 1. So, they are doing something right. Enjoy the ride. As for as the STD trailer, the last part on the elevator/lift thing. It seemed like it tried to be like the Orville. It doesn’t work although Pike and the TOS crew that came onboard seemed more fun.

The VFX and the look of the show still scream “cheap and fake” to me. By contrast, DSC’s look cutting edge.

Agree with you on the tubolift DSC scene though. I suspect that scene will not be in an ep and was just done for the trailer.

Except for DSC’s critter, I can’t disagree more strenuously about DSC’s VFX, even vs. ORVILLE’s between good-and-mediocre work. The DSC spaceship stuff is just terrible looking (not even getting into design here, just execution), sub-WING COMMANDER movie, and it got worse as things went on, to the point where you have that seaQuest-level mirror universe empress vessel.

I should have been more clear — I am talking about the VFX in the new DSC trailer versus the VFX in the new The Orville trailer. Orville’s VFX in their new trailer look like something I could do on my PC if I have two weeks of time — just an overly clean series of very simplistic CGI renderings (look at how silly the VFX photo at the top of this article looks…looks like a giant denture in orbit about a planet, all done using Microsoft PowerPoint…lol).

In contrast, the new DSC Season 2 VFX on it’s new trailer just look fantastic, are appropriately detailed, don’t have ridiculous amounts of background lighting — and are obviously a significant upgrade from the admittedly mediocre effects in Season 1…and they are doing it with much more expensive cameras and in 2.35 to 1 AR…wow!!!

Agreed. I don’t know how anyone could see this as (not) being an improvement unless they have an agenda or bias.

Well said!

Wow. It’s actually a bog standard trailer. Like the vast majority of trailers. Man.

Huh? I did not see any marshes or back-country wetlands of any kind in this trailer?

After watching that trailer,
I have no idea what season 2 is about.

It’s about the same thing season 1 was about. Does everything have to have a story arc now?

Well said.

Yea, extremely lame. So much for them supposedly ramping up the show this season to make it like more traditional Star Trek like instead of “Married with Children in Space.”

After the awkwardly humorous DSC trailer, this seemed downright decent (except for the damn pop music.) Then again, I’m actually looking forward to ORVILLE s2 …

Your tastes in this respect are utterly inexplicable to me, I have to admit.

You’re talking to somebody who as a teen when he first read the line, “he disagreed with something that ate him,” found himself laughing uncontrollably for MINUTES. And then when he read it again the next day, the same thing happened. Yet except for a shot of a train running off its tracks and going in a circle, I don’t recall laughing out loud at a Marx Bros movie at all. The most laughs I’ve ever had at a movie theater was either A FISH CALLED WANDA or PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM or THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN (probably because I didn’t see TOP SECRET, which I still find hysterically funny, and clever too, in the theater), but the hardest I ever laughed was when the police with drawn guns surround an innocent non-homicidal infant in IT’S ALIVE.

There really is no accounting for taste. That’s how I reconcile the immense laughs in SUDDEN IMPACT (not from me, though) coming when a fart sound is dubbed in over a shot of a dog’s butt.

More on topic though, I think my biggest problem with DISCOVERY — more far-reaching than the art direction and vfx and continuity issues and even more important than the failings in the plotting — is that I don’t like these characters and don’t care what moves them. There have been a few decent glimmers with Tilly, but Burnham has left me cold the whole time (imagine a Busey playing Harriman in GEN and you’ll get some idea of how unsympathetic Burnham plays for me.)

Whereas the ‘space cadet’ excitement evinced by the ORVILLE bunch over a possible FC, while a little TOO on the nose, is at least something I can relate to (more and more, I’m wishing I still had a script I wrote when I was 15, because tone-wise, I’m recalling it as being a close parallel to ORVILLE, veering between broad comedy and spin-trek-on-its-ear drama.)

Re: “I don’t like these characters” … There’s a term for this in at least one corner of SF fandom: “The Eight Deadly Words,” those being “I don’t care what happens to these people.” SF/F can be about ideas or gadgetry or characters; with live actors it’s usually the latter, and if they fail to connect with the audience — game over, man.

The phrase was popular in the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written in the 1990s to 2000s, and I think it bears wider circulation, simply because it’s so pithy.

Even pre-internet, I remember reading a piece (maybe OMNI?) where the writer found that people didn’t like the characters in ALIEN because they didn’t seem to like each other. I never understood that, because the alchemy of that character mix seemed great to me, even if the movie wasn’t all that (took me decades to finally get around to really liking ALIEN without bitching all the way through it.) In fact, I wished they had done an ALIEN movie with these characters that didn’t have the alien in it, that could focus on this bunch (felt this even more strongly about ALIENS, which I liked right out of the gate.)

To me the neatest trick is in getting the audience to care about the fates of characters they don’t particularly like or sympathize with, the artist being skillful and insightful enough to get us to recognize our common humanity with (to name two recent examples) a Tony Soprano or Walter White. No, I won’t claim that the Discovery producers did nearly so well. But while I didn’t particularly find Michael Burnham likable, I did end up caring about her, because even though my actions have never precipitated a war resulting in thousands of casualties I can certainly relate to the possibility of making a snap decision that winds up completely upending your life, and what I really hated most of all was granting her a cheap, easy redemption in that awful season finale, thus cheating the character out of the possibility of a real one.

And also yanking sympathy away from a lead character in midstream while retaining some appeal (like when Martin Sheen executes the wounded vietnamese kid in APOC) … making horrible actions read in a way that keeps you from turning the station is a neat trick, indeed, and sometimes even experts can’t pull it off. I will never rewatch SALVADOR because of the stuff with the nuns and missionaries, even though I thought it was a terrific movie.

DSC’s fail is on a much more modest level, and I still don’t quite understand how they messed it up, because there should be a mix of sympathy and antipathy for Burnham, but the contrasting textures that deepen character and situation don’t seem to be adding up to anything, just muddying the waters. That’s a pretty epic fail, now that I’m thinking about it, not so modest after all. I find Burnham’s situation to be a GREAT dramatic premise, so folks had to work at it to screw it up so badly.

Hey, I think those are all very funny movies indeed, even if none of them quite rises to the level of HOLY GRAIL or RUTHLESS PEOPLE. (One of my favorite memories from my twenties was taking my then-girlfriend, who was from Burma and had only lived in the States for a couple of years at that point, to a showing of THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN, where the opening scene of Clouseau visiting Dreyfuss at the “Hospitale Psychiatrique” had us both borderline-hysterical within minutes. Her English was pretty good, but she didn’t need it to enjoy the universal appeal of that kind of inspired slapstick which transcends all language and cultural differences, thank God.)

But no, I still don’t get your affection for The Orville at all, particularly with regards to the humor. Mercer’s admission that his Picard-esque inspirational speech was mostly cribbed from other sources was fine, if predictable, because it arose from character. But a doofus wearing an elephant’s trunk is still a doofus wearing an elephant’s trunk, however you slice it, and it takes me right out of the story. I’d hoped that the producers would have taken that lesson from season 1 and built on the things about the show that worked well. (Just FTR, overall I thought they pulled off two pretty solid shows, the rest being an admixture of good/bad in varying quantities, which is not very different from my assessment of DSC’s first season). If the Discovery producers are similarly disinclined to learn from their mistakes, 2019 promises to be a very long year indeed.

” I’d hoped that the producers would have taken that lesson from season 1 and built on the things about the show that worked well.”

I wish that too. But I think you and I have VERY different opinion on what worked well in S1 and what didn’t.

Well, put it this way: if Orville were a full-on comedy/spoof I could gladly embrace the silliness while also hoping for humor that was more sophisticated. But it purports to be something serious and meaningful and inspirational, just like Trek, only with dick jokes. That combo just doesn’t work for me, sorry–but then, I’m kinda old-school. YMMV, of course.

See… I felt Orville worked best when they were leaning heavy on the humor. Dick jokes or not. I don’t care. Funny is funny. The humor and light take even covers them when they have a less than stellar way to get out or their predicament. When they were leaning to the more serious side, the show didn’t suck. It had its moments, sure. But they were few and far between. I liked the humor because that was what set it apart from just a TNG homage/ripoff (depending on one’s POV.)

I have nothing against dick jokes per se, and have even enjoyed a Family Guy episode or two on occasion. The problem is that the dick jokes make it impossible for me to take the rest of the show as seriously as the producers apparently would like me to take it (and, I should mention, as seriously as David Goodman’s script deserved to be taken). “The Trouble With Tribbles” was a comedy one-off for Trek, but the reason it worked was that the Enterprise crew always acted in character, and the fun was seeing how theY dealt with the decidedly off-format events of the story. I can buy Kirk being sarcastic with a Federation official, but not slipping on a banana peel. I can buy Mercer cribbing his inspirational speech, or having affection for a 20th century muppet (though the archaic pop references do get a little tiresome). But I can’t buy starship officers acting like refugees from ANIMAL HOUSE, as they so often do on The Orville. Maybe you’re right, and it would have worked better as a straight comedy. But that’s not the show that Seth MacFarlane chose to deliver.

Yes, a straight comedy is not what they were going for. Part of me is thinking they wanted it to be more homage but to sell it to Fox they added the comedic element and went more for the dramedy. That said, I still think the dramatic elements could still work even if they lean a good 30% more towards the comedy side. And I really wish they would. I’ve enjoyed the episodes with more good jokes than the more serious episodes with fewer. But as usual, YMMV.


A FISH CALLED WANDA is a movie that had me laughing uncontrollably and I enjoyed TOP SECRET, too. I know a little German… I haven’t seen most Marx Brothers movies, nor do I intend to, but I did laugh at this scene in DUCK SOUP:
youtube. com/watch?v=xsOf0TZPPWY

It’ll be interesting to see what Season 2 of The Orville brings in terms of the comedy/drama/sci-fi mix, though I find myself hoping that they don’t sacrifice comedy for seriousness too much.

Some of the best dialogue ever, courtesy of AFCW:

Wanda: But you think you’re an intellectual, don’t you, ape?
Otto: [superior smile] Apes don’t read philosophy.
Wanda: Yes they do, Otto, they just don’t understand it!

Leslie Neilsen made the best fart sounds, hands (or cheeks) down. I have plenty of his doing so on tape in person to prove it. His grave marker even states, “Let ‘er rip!”


My bad, Leslie.

Well… You hate the show so it follows you would hate the trailer. Not sure why you even watched it. It’s not like there was a huge universe of Planetary Union shows and movies that were popular with people for decades before Orville came along.

Frankly, I think it is similar to DISC trailer by the quick cuts among mostly action/suspense sequences but when compared to DISC, it contained Mercer’s (played by S. MacFarlane) speech at the dining(?) table and “Welcome to the Galaxy” near the end. These are things I have sorely missed (or did not just notice?) in the DISC trailer…
Also, the moment Mercer is walking and start smiling was really nice.

@sybok — yeah, I think you need to re-watch the DISC trailer. The trailers started the same way with a lofty voice over, espousing the goals of the mission (which is why I thought ORVILLE was a parody), and then DISC went on to deliver on those while ORVILLE turned it into a joke followed by a montage of seemingly routine shipboard moments, awkward jokes, and shots that could have been lifted straight out of last seasons shows.

I think its the version from Puddle of Mudd. Not as good as Free’s, but pretty good regardless

Thanks for the update on The Orville panel. Did anyone see or go to the SDCC Disco Divided Fanbase panel? It would be interesting to read how much interest there was and if a lot of fans bothered to show up!

I like it. I am not surprise about the humor but the scifi parts looks interesting.

…still has the production values of a bad SNL parody and the writing of a bunch of 14 year olds playing a Star Trek RPG. The physical model of the Orville, however, still looks very nice.

I don’t think those were new models shots. They only did one very short shoot with models (less than a week I think) for the pilot, and then used those mostly in the first half-dozen shows, and as reference for the CG shots that proliferated afterwards. Pretty strong textures on the CG ship though.

Thanks for that info, Kmart, I wasn’t aware of that.

I agree that the production design does come up short. But the writing in Orville’s season 1 was light years better than STD’s first season. I hope STD can catch up but I’m not holding out hope for it.

ML31@ stop trolling.

Your idea of what constitutes good writing is certainly different from mine, that’s for sure.

Meh…… Don’t be surprised when FOX cancels it.


A much better trailer than the DIS trailer. And it’s not trying to shoehorn itself into 50 years of existing canon either.

It looks like The Orville is remaining consistent with “Married with Children” canon though. If they violate that canon, there is always “Three’s Company” canon for them to work with.


So my suggestions went nowhere. Lighting is still overdone (shows every seem on the prosthetics) and Isaac has no face (come on, give him a holographic face that changes for diff missions — staring at two light bulbs is BOring!). I’d ask to end the unfunny cultural references and dated idioms, but this is MacFarlane’s show, afterall.

Season One was almost good. I had my hopes up there for a moment.

Seriously, a holographic chameleon skin/sheath/thingie. Good for the actor to show his face… and range. Opens the door for tons of surprise guest star cameos— all playing Isaac attempting to pass for human, with hilarious consequences.

Also — we need to see what happens with Claire and Yaphit, now that they’ve ‘done it.’

Wait, you mean the producers didn’t consult you before they started production on Season 2? With your amazing credentials and respected status in the industry, I find that hard to believe.

I know, right?

CmdrR, some folks like us got vision while the rest just have to wear bifocals. William Goldman’s Butch Cassidy said it better, but the sentiment is still the same.

Even Family Guy is going downhill.

Why is there a glow-in-the-dark gigantic denture in front of a planet in this photo?

Your second attempt at this joke, but keep trying!

The joke is getting rather long in the tooth, to be sure!

And those ‘dentures’ seem to be parked in front of the planet from STAR TREK INSURRECTION, a place where nobody ever needs false teeth.

Fair enough, but come on and be honest with me as well — it does look a bit like a dental appliance from that angle, right?

I’m being honest with you when I say “no”.

Mr. Goodman,

With all respect, I work for a company that makes dental appliances, and I have to agree that it does. Still, I’d never argue the value of a joke with the man behind “Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” possibly one of the funniest things ever written about nerds like us.

I went back and looked at the picture again … and now all I’m seeing is some weird version of the old ‘chattering teeth’ toy (like dentures for Isaac, perhaps?)

Thanks a whole lot MH, this is like when you look at a photo of the moon and the craters all ‘invert’ so it seems like Luna is covered with domes, and you can’t get your eyes to see it right again for days.

Never thought I could be made to see ‘five lights.’ Guess I’m not as tough as Number Six after all.

Ever read Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man? To cover-up the murder of his rival from a cop who can literally read minds, a 24th century industrialist hires an ad agency to write the sort of jingle that you can’t get out of your head for days once you’ve heard it, which serves to cloak his “perfect crime.” Just one of the many ingenious ideas in that book.

Have never read DEMOLISHED or THE STARS MY DESTINATION — I think I’ve only read one short story of his. Am getting a pretty good reading list going from this place (those now I’m in the middle of rereading the Frank Herbert DUNE books – first time since the 80s.

Read ’em and weep, my man. Even with the ’50s anachronisms, it’s brilliant stuff.

It’s funny, this morning I was reading up on John Carpenter and saw that he spent years (decades?) trying to make THE DEMOLISHED MAN before deciding it didn’t lend it self to adaptation (partly due to VFX limitations, partly due to the events not translating to screenplay satisfactorily.)

Carpenter was also apparently offered STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE, making him one of apparently hundreds who turned it down. He was also going to do EXORCIST III, a fave of mine, till it became clear to him that Blatty was so committed to it that he should do it himself. (might be doing a Carpenter interview soon, so I though it would be good to bone up; I love several of his movies dearly, and fervently wish that his ‘serious’ time travel project, VICTORY OUT OF TIME, had gotten made, as I’m sure it would have been a science-minded reaction to BACK TO THE FUTURE and that lighter kind of thing. (Carpenter’s actually got a fair amount of quantum mechanics-minded science tossed about in PRINCE OF DARKNESS.)

The Borg just got zinged by David Goodman, and I lived to see it. Good times!

I like the Orville, but why do we keep getting updates about it on a Star Trek site? Its a good show, but it is not Star Trek.

Let it go 🎶

I remember seeing updates of other projects former Trek actors are involved with on this site – like what Shatner is up to etc. that isn’t necessarily Trek related. Like that “better late than never” thing that he did. That is not Star Trek.

I think the Orville is put into that category by trekmovie as there are former Trek actors in it.

I see where you’re coming from mind you – but I’m biased as I love the Orville lol!

The difference is that the coverage of The Orville is rather excessive.

Yeh that’s a fair point – I don’t mind it personally but I can see why others might.

When it relates directly to Trek I don’t mind: an interview with Jonathan’s frakes, a clip featuring a major Trek guest star, etc.

But the show seems to be getting full time coverage here to the point where it feel like this is an Orville website. If this was a Roddenberry creation (ala Andromeda) I could begrudgingly excuse it.

Part of what I liked about this site is that it was limited to Star Trek and I didn’t have to sift through comics or general geek movie news. If a new story was posted, I would very likely be interested in reading it.

My recommendation would be to move the Orville coverage to its own dedicated section, or start a separate Orville fan page.

@Afterburn — Braga is not Roddenberry, nor is he Berman, but he is a major figure involved with Star Trek, responsible for everything the show evolved into over the last several decades. That combined with the parody approach to the show and the extensive Trek alum working on it, give it a legitimate place on this site to be discussed. If the fans on both sides were more civil about the discourse, there would probably be less resistance to including it here. But alas the two camps have drawn up sides.

Braga is not the creator of the show and I’m really not interested in seeing this site cover every tidbit of a show just because it happens to have a producer who once worked on Trek. Why don’t we see this site cover every episode and nugget related to Outlander? Or heck, even Star Wars episode 9?

Again what I used to really like about this site was that it was strictly dedicated to Trek. Orville is not Trek. And this site is now just any other sci fi site I visit, that also cover Star Trek. I mostly continue visiting out of routine at this point. If they start covering Castle Rock and Lost in Space, I’ll stop altogether.

But with that said, have accepted the coverage of Orville because I understand a lot of fans like and watch it, and every once in a while there is a bit of info that does interest me. But I can’t help but get annoyed at the full time coverage, and wonder if the site is somehow being asked to cover it by Fox. Or even that they are being paid too.

Which if so, I would not begrudge. Gotta make money to keep this place running.


That’s a great idea. Have the Trekmovie main news section that covers Star Trek, and then have a “Other SF Series News” button or tab that fans of those shows can click on to go to different sub-ares of this site to read about and discuss those non-Trek shows on.

That IS a good idea. It would be my hangout, as I watch every epi of Orville, so like to comment on it, but I haven’t seen Disco yet, so never comment on it…and I’m a Trek fan since the fall of 1966 (my favorite Trek era?—the ten year hiatus between TOS and the first movie, when there was no canon and we could make sh!# up according to our imaginations). Orville better enjoy its Canon-free days while they last.

I’ve been wondering why Trekmovie doesn’t just make a sister site dedicated to Orville. People could go and enjoy it and it wouldn’t feel like one show is continually being “pushed” despite it not being Star Trek

Great idea! Move the non-Star Trek news to a completely different site where fans of non-Star Trek shows can better focus on shows that have minor tangential relationships to Star Trek productions, like The Orville, Strange Angel, etc.

It’s more Trek than Trek.


It’s not and it’s pretty sad you think so. To say this is more Trek is to really step on the thing you claim to be such a fan of. This might be in the same family as Galaxy Quest but Star Trek it aint.

Now you see… Given the tone of Orville using that song in the trailer works much better than using a song in the STD trailer.

Regarding the trailer… I liked last year’s trailer better. But will still be recording it when it starts up again in… What was it… December?

I actually liked both song uses for both trailers.

And yeah its not until December and Dec 30th to be exact so its basically January when the show really starts again.

I think in both cases the songs took away a lot from BOTH trailers. Both were unnecessary distractions.

And Orville is when? February? Your point ML?

You have me at a disadvantage, Captain. What is it are you asking exactly? Please clarify.

This trailer has the same unusual style about it as the show, which I suppose makes sense being that it’s composed largely of clips from the show. I was curious as to whether TNG originated the term “first contact,” so I looked it up. The Wikipedia article has the following, though it’s missing a citation: Murray Leinster’s 1945 novelette “First Contact” established the term “first contact” in science fiction….

I’ve heard the Leinster story cited going as far back as the early to mid 70s when I saw it turn up in various award collections. Leinster, under his real name, also ‘invented’ either front projection or the material later made by 3M for front projection, though I don’t recall whether he made money off its use in movies or not.

Great trailer, cant wait for this


Now that looks like a boost in budget!

I doubt that considering the crappy ratings the show gets.

Looks like fun.

Can’t wait. This and DISCO!

I’m not watching the trailer. The season 1 of The Orville gave me everything I need to see – to follow, support, invest in this brilliant series for years to come. Funny, thoughtful, rude, daring, adventure-filled – a perfect antidote for the dark, angst ridden, pretentions of Discovery. But even if the Star Trek franchise wasn’t in such dire straits right now – I know I would still be enjoying this series. I hope it continues to take chances, deepen, and Seth hears and feels that he has our support and The Orville can take itself even more seriously, because it deserves to.

You and The Orville really need to get a room.

So good!

In their two trailers, Discovery has lightened up, and Orville has stepped up the depth of soul…just what both needed.

It’s a big multiverse, and there’s plenty of room.

Looks pretty good. Like the characters.

Wow this looks good! And its funny they are going to have a story arc I always wanted to see on Star Trek and that is doing a full on first contact and the ins and outs of it. It may not last more than a few episodes but I have always said I would love a story line we spend an in-depth look of making first contact with a species and see how that process goes. I’m not saying thats what the Orville will do but something I do want to see in the future.

And its clear they are turning down the humor a bit so I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ve really grown to love the characters, even a bit more than DIS since these guys smile lol (but it looks like that is changing next season for DIS fortunately). I think for Trek fans we have a lot to look forward to although its sad neither this or Discovery is happening until early next year basically.

I don’t see that it is clear they are turning down the humor. Last year’s trailer made it look like it was full on comedy. That was what drew me to it, to be perfectly honest. But it ended up NOT turning to the laughs nearly as much as the trailer suggested. This trailer not being as funny as the other one, I would not make the assumption they are toning down the laughs. Personally, I’d like to see MORE jokes. To me, what sets this show apart from others of it’s ilk IS the humor. And the more jokey episodes did indeed work much better than the more serious ones. When they take themselves seriously, the show does not work as well.

Can’t wait! Love that show as much as ANY of the Trek shows….and that is saying something.

Glad to see the self-deprecating (this is where an Orvillain would insert “self-defecating”) humor is still intact. I’m onboard for S2 and beyond….however long the ride will last, damn the pontificating critics, full speed ahead, dick jokes and all.

Looking very forward to this season. I’m in for as long as Fox lets this show last.

Late December and early (I hope) January can’t get here soon enough. Really stoked by the trailers for The Orville and Star Trek Discovery!

Wow. That was totally… underwhelming.