Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 Schedule And Events Highlights

The annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention kicks off tomorrow, and the full schedule has now been released. The event, which we previewed last month, will have 138 total guests, including the recent addition of the cast of Star Trek: Discovery. We have put together some of the highlights too look forward to for the week.

Discovery cast and crew panels

Star Trek Las Vegas promises to have the biggest gathering of Discovery cast and crew than any other con. Actors and behind the scenes people are there for panels as well as autographs and photo ops, including some group photo ops. Here are some of the times for key Discovery panels, all of which are in the Main Ballroom (also known as the Leonard Nimoy Theater):

Day and Time Panel Description
Thursday 12:45 pm Actor Jason Isaacs
Thursday 1:30 pm Inside Star Trek: Discovery Storytelling (Expanded Universe discussion with John Van Citters, Mike Johnson, Erin Prince, and Ed Shlesinger)
Friday 1:20 pm Actor Rainn Wilson
Saturday 1:30 pm Behind the Music (includes Discovery composer Jeff Russo)
Saturday 2:15 pm Discovery Panel – Part 1 w/ Emily Coutts, Sarah Mitich, Oyin Oladeyo, Rekha Sharma, and Sam Vartholomeos
Saturday 3:00 pm Discovery Panel – Part 2 w/ Jayne Brook, Mary Chieffo, Clint Howard, and Kenneth Mitchell
Sunday 12:15 pm Discovery Panel – Part 3 w/ Wilson Cruz, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, and Mary Wiseman
Sunday 1:45 pm Discovery Panel – Part 4 w/ Glenn Hetrick (Makeup) and Gersha Phillips (Costumes)
Sunday 3:15 pm Discovery Panel – Part 5 w/ Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones and Anson Mount

NOTE: Unfortunately James Frain and Neville Page had to cancel due to other commitments. 

Deep Space Nine and What We Left Behind panels

Another major highlight of STLV this year is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Much of the cast and and creatives behind the series will be there, and we are also expecting some news from the team behind the What We Left Behind documentary. The key DS9 panels are listed below, all of which are in the Main Ballroom.

Day and Time Panel Description
Wednesday 12:10 pm DS9 25th Anniversary Celebration Kick-off with Colm Meaney and Hana Hatae
Wednesday at 7pm-8pm Happy Hour at Quarks hosted by Chase Masterson
Thursday 2:30 pm Ferengi Family – Max Grodénchik and Chase Masterson in Nog and Leeta costume and makeup
Friday 10:00 am DS9 Tribute Part 2 with Ira Steven Behr, James Darren, Nicole de Boer, Chase Masterson , and Andy Robinson
Friday 11:05 am Guest Stars of DS9 w/ Cyia Batten, Bertila Damas and Hilary Shepard Turner
Friday 4:30 pm DS9 Documentary (What We left Behind) with Ira Steven Behr and David Sappone
Saturday 3:45 pm The Cardassians – makeup demonstration with Micheal Westmore, John Paladin and Casey Biggs
Sunday 1:00 pm Ronald D. Moore (DS9 and TNG writer/producer)
Sunday 4:15 pm Episode screening: “Far Beyond the Stars”
Sunday 5:00 pm The “Far Beyond the Stars” after-panel with Ira Steven Behr, Mac Scott Zicree, Cirroc Lofton, Aron Eisenberg, Jeffrey Combs, JG Hertzler, Terry Farrell, Marc Alaimo, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman and Nana Visitor


Licensee and expanded universe panels

A number of Star Trek licensees and expanded universe creators are holding panels this year. They will be talking about their past work, latest announcements and some may be making some new announcements as well. Here is a list of some of the notable panels. All panels are in the DeForest Kelley Theater unless otherwise noted.

Day and Time Panel Description
Wednesday 1:00 pm Inside Trek: Star Trek Authors & Their Books (Part 1) with Kevin Dilmore, Robb Pearlman, Ed Schlesinger, and Ian Spelling
Wednesday 2:00 pm Inside Trek: Star Trek Gamers & Their Games with representatives from Star Trek Timelines, Star Trek Online and Star Trek Adversaries
Wednesday 5:15 pm Inside Trek: Star Trek Ship Design with representatives from ANOVOS, Hallmark and Star Trek Online [Main Ballroom]
Thursday 3:15 pm Quantum Mechanix (QMx) presents Articulated Star Trek – Building a 1:6 Universe
Friday 9:00 am Star Trek Adversaries Live [Main Ballroom]
Friday 9:30 am Inside Trek: Star Trek Authors & Their Books (Part 2) with  Mike Johnson, Larry Nemecek, Ethan Siegel, and Denton Tipton
Friday 10:30 am Behind the scenes with Star Trek Online, moderated by TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino
Friday 11:00 am And the Keepsakes Shall Lead: Hallmark and Star Trek [CBS All Access Stage]
Friday 12:30 pm Smithsonian’s Star Trek: Inspiring Culture & Technology course with creator Margaret Weitekamp (Curator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) and Star Trek celebrities  [Main Ballroom]
Friday 3:00 pm Designing Star Trek Collectibles with representatives from ANOVOS, Titan, FanSets, Eaglemoss and Hallmark
Friday 5:15 pm IDW Star Trek Comics
Saturday 11:00 am Star Trek Film Academy LAUNCH with James Cawley
Saturday 1:30 pm Eaglemoss: Hero Collector Into the Future
Sunday 10:30 am First Look at Star Trek Online‘s Next Update

More panel/event highlights

With dozens of guests there are things for fans of every aspect of Star Trek to check out. Here are a few other panels we are particularly looking forward to. All panels are in the Main Ballroom unless otherwise noted.

Day and Time Panel Description
Wednesday 5:00 pm Episode Screening: “The Outrageous Okona”
Wednesday 5:45 pm “The Outrageous Okona” After-panel with Brent Spiner and Joe Piscopo
Thursday 10:00 am Star Trek: Voyager Panel with Robert Beltran, Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang
Thursday 4:00 pm Enterprise Panel – Part 1 with John Bilingsley, Dominic Keating & Linda Park
Thursday 4:45 pm Women of Star Trek featuring Mary Chieffo and Marina Sirtis along with Sara Gulde, Amy Imhoff and Sue Kisenwether
Friday 11:45 am TNG – Part 1 with Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn, and Gates McFadden
Friday 3:45 pm TNG – Part 2 with Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis
Friday 4:30 pm Shakespeare and the Trek-verse featuring Mary Chieffo [DeForest Kelley Theater]
Saturday 11:50 am Illustrating a Universe panel with John Eaves
Saturday 12:30 pm William Shatner
Saturday 5:00 pm Costume Contest
Saturday 9 pm Saturday Night Gala concert with Nevada Pops Orchestra and guest conductors: Michael Giacchino, Dennis McCarthy and Jeff Russo
Sunday 10:00 am Famke Janssen
Sunday 10:45 am Enterprise Panel Part 2 – with Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Anthony Montgomery & Connor Trineer
Sunday 11:30 am Director’s Cut with Rene Auberjonois, LeVar Burton and Robert Duncan McNeill
Sunday 2:35 pm George Takei

TrekMovie Meetups

TrekMovie has a team on the ground in Las Vegas. We will be holding a Meet The TrekMovie STLV Team meetup on Thursday at 8 pm at the Rio iBar. You can meet some of your fellow readers and people behind on the web and social media. We will also be holding a trivia contest with giveways too! Any and all are welcome and you can RSVP if you like at the Facebook Event page.

If you are an early bird and in Las Vegas tonight, TrekMovie is a co-sponsor of the Landing Party, Tuesday at 9 pm at the Masquerade Bar in the Rio. There will also be a trivia contest and giveaway for this event.

Other meetups, events and parties

In the evenings, Creation has a number of events including lunches and dinners, but there are some more unofficial events you may want to check out as well. Here are a few highlights:

More info and tickets

You can download the full schedule HERE. For more information and to buy tickets and reserve autographs and photo ops, visit

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I’m so jelly of anyone that goes. That “women of Star Trek” panel sounds neat. I just hope for lots of great TrekMovie reporting and good IG pics! #stlv2018

Wow pretty cool! It looks like DS9 and DIS are going to have the most panels for obvious reasons but it looks like all the shows minus TOS are going to be represented! And they got so many other mediums there as well. I would love to do the DS9 stuff, that’s probably where people will be most excited to see being its 25th anniversary.

It’s really too bad though there isn’t a SINGLE event for the Kelvin films though, anywhere. Just a half hour panel with one of the actors or something. Those films really do feel so separated from the rest of the Trek family sometimes sadly. I get why but its all still Star Trek.

Well, they do have Shatner there to fly the original series flag at least.

Oh I somehow missed that earlier. Thanks!

And George Takei

Maybe that “Far Beyond the Stars” screening is a secret HD screening surprise… I can just imagine the raucous reaction if it happened… lol.

OMG, that would be awesome! Not too many special effects, so it would be an inexpensive upgrade and could test the waters just like “Sins of the Father” did for the TNG upgrade! And it’s a great episode too!!


It would be a huge, huge surprise and would produce an absolute scream in the audience. In fact I imagine fandom itself would erupt over a single HD DS9 episode.

I’m probably wrong of course.
What gravitates me to this speculative thought process is the screening of “Far Beyond the Stars” is basically the final act of the convention… So what better way to end the biggest Star Trek convention there is, than with the screening of the First Ever HD screening of a DS9 episode, on it’s 25th Anniversary?

We’ll see if my hunch calls true…

My comment about the the film academy seems to have been removed. Any reason for this? I didn’t mean to post anything controversial.

There’s only 1 true s t tos if it weren’t for those original 79 episodes where would all the other franchises be??? Hmmm???

What a huge convention this must be, 5 days. Unusual isn’t it?

I hope that we get some of the panels up on YouTube like last year. Absolutely brilliant watching these.

We basically here some of the same stories every year … but I never tire of listening!