What Happens At Star Trek Las Vegas 2018… Ends Up On The Shuttle Pod

Another summer and another big Star Trek Las Vegas convention has come and gone. The Shuttle Pod crew was there in Las Vegas, we share our thoughts on the main events of the convention. The biggest, most exciting, news was of course the announcement of the return of Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, also nearly the entire the cast of Star Trek: Discovery came out to Las Vegas, and the 25th anniversary of Deep Space Nine was celebrated. Also announced during STLV was the release date and details for the Blu-ray release of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1.

Listen in as Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt look back at the convention.

Shuttle Pod 56: Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

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The entrance to STLV 2018 decorated in a Discovery Mirror Universe theme.


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I want a podcast related to the NuTrek Pine and Hemsworth Drama. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the most recent podcast, but hope it is covered!

The graphic of the shuttle flying over Vegas reminds me of the Star Trek Experience ride. That was the greatest theme park experience that I have ever had. The way they “beamed” you out of the ride line and on to the Enterprise was fantastic.

Yeah. I’m glad I was able to experience that before it ended. I’ll never forget being on the Enterprise-D bridge and how small it seemed compared to my TV perception of it.

I went to the Experience in ’99 — but I was a kid and don’t remember the transporter effect at all :'(

They have you line up to get on a simulator. Then the room goes dark with some lighting effects going off. When the lights go on you are standing in a transporter room on the Enterprise.

I was at the Experience for the closing week and weekend. Can’t believe it’s gone. So many wonderful memories and meeting so many dignitaries and fans that last night. I really hope a new Experience can happen at some stage and the only place for that is Vegas!

When the first Kelvin Universe movie came out they announced that a new Star Trek attraction was coming to Vegas. That was a decade ago, so obviously nothing came of it. I share your hope that a new Trek attraction will happen there someday.

I have major regrets that I never went to The Experience :-(

The beaming effect was one of those “holy shit how did they do that” moments.

It was disorienting after being beamed up by appearing in a different room, I imagine that’s what the characters might have felt being beamed the first time. What threw me off, though, was I subconsciously expected to step down off the transporter pad, but it was level with the floor, so I tripped a little walking off. That’s what I get for watching 100s of hours of Star Trek!

When I was there in ’04 there was no transporter beaming of the guests anywhere. Just hosts in character guiding us through.

As a 16yr old at the time, the memory of the transporter and finally being on the bridge with a real crew and real effects (where you actually felt you were in space) was one of the most fun memories of my life. Watching TNG and DS9 as a kid and then as an adolescent, stepping on to the bridge of the Enterprise was the culmination of all those experiences. Still to this day that sense of magic and wonder never ever goes away. Truly defining experience and I am glad I went back in 1999. Hopefully in another 5 years something like will be back if Trek continues to rebuild as it is now

I love your description of the Picard show announcement, I’m so jelly of you guys for experiencing that. It is very cool that Patrick Stewart was there to make the announcement. I hope CBS/Paramount do more big announcements at STLV cons inthe future. I just hope to be able to go one day!

Great podcast and I’m only about 25% into it. Kayla, that was a terrific telling of the Patrick Stewart announcement. The Shuttle Pod keeps getting better and better and I feel like I’m hanging out with friends just chatting about our favorite subject. Please keep it up; I look forward to each episode. So, since we’re friends, I do have one bit of friendly feedback. I don’t know what microphone/sound capture apparatus Jared uses, but it’s so tinny and distorted that it becomes a huge distraction when listening — almost to the fingernails on chalkboard level. And I hate fingernails on chalkboard. Please get that man an upgrade. I’d even contribute to a Kickstarter campaign if that helps.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to prep and record these sessions. At a time when I feel the web has been weaponized to extract cash and freedom from our lives, there’s always the valiant Shuttle Pod swooping in for some carefree joy. I lift my glass of tranya to you.

Thanks for kind words. We try to make the podcast conversational, glad to know it feels that way to other folks as well :-)

And yes, we’re working on the tech issues.

Great pod. As usual, chaps. Only caveat is in agreeing with Captain Dunsel – poor ol’ Jared needs a new mike or something as the drop in quality is very noticeable. Set up the Kickstarter – I’ll chuck in my few bucks! (And brig back Anthony when you can)

We’re working on it, we’re trying in earnest to nail down why there’s a difference. We all have the same well regarded podcasting microphone, but it can be set in different modes, etc. etc.

Probably an issue with plasma
leaking into the intake manifold settings on the mic. Or something.

We’re implementing a Level 1 diagnostic.

brig back Anthony

What did I do to deserve the brig?

I will return to the pod, if they invite me ;)

Could be a little harsh to imprison you in a recording booth alright. Enjoyed hearing you a few weeks back, particularly after all the years and years you’ve put into the site! Keep it up!

I mentioned the terrible audio quality of Jared’s mic ages ago and was told I didn’t know what I was talking about. That, coupled with his pathetic cries of “misandry” over the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror (striking a little too close to home, Jared?) led me to unsubscribe long ago.

Awesome, thanks for recapping for those of us not able to attend

Always enjoy the podcast guys! Just thought that I should point out CBSAA is in 5.1 and I think has been for some time.

You’re right. It somewhat recently (sometime in the last few months) got 5.1 support on select devices. It did not support 5.1 at all during the initial release of DSC S1, which is kind of flabbergasting really. They wanted to use a brand new expensively produced Trek show to bolster subscribers but couldn’t even support basic modern features like surround sound.

Interesting takes. I must take them to task on their disc comments, however. Netflix is NOT in the habit of putting their own content on disc before the next season comes out. They used to put discs out at the same time as their streaming premier. Those days are long gone. They will go more than two seasons before making their discs available. Also, I have heard that Amazon Prime allows for a more superior stream. But that really does not solve the problem unless you are already a member of AP. In order to get a better stream you have to spend MORE money? That’s just not right. Shame on CBS.

And the bit about Patrick Stewart… I’m sorry but there is no way I can believe that it was not about $$$ for him. To say “no” first then later he says “yes”? It is not hard to connect the dots there. And again, this is not a knock on Stewart. If he commands the pay then he should hold out for it.

Netflix doesn’t put much out on disc. But for their really popular shows Netflix generally follows the pattern I described.
Example: Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black was released on Blu-ray in June just ahead of the Season 6 premiere in July.

Well, Daredevil and Stranger Things S1 both were not available until after S2 streamed. (In the case of Daredevil LONG after and still waiting on Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and such.) House of Cards did come out earlier than usual, however. But that, I think, was mostly due to the Kevin Spacey stuff.