Chris Pine Says He Would Love To Do ‘Star Trek 4’

Last month it was revealed that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth had walked away from the Star Trek 4 negotiating table over a salary dispute. While some saw this as Pine potentially exiting the franchise after starring as James T. Kirk in three feature film, the actor indicates that a resolution to the Chris Crisis may yet happen.

Pine would love to do Star Trek 4

Walking the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) today, Chris Pine spoke publicly for the first time about the impasse with Paramount. Variety had a chance to ask Pine “what’s happening” with Star Trek 4, to which the actor replied:

I don’t know. I would love to be involved and we will see what happens. I’ll await the phone call. Until then, I look forward to it.

Chris still at the table?

The call Pine is waiting for presumably is one from his agent telling him that a deal has been struck. This implies that salary dispute talks remain ongoing and Team Pine has not entirely walked away from the table. As we reported last week, Pine’s co-star Karl Urban said he was confident a deal could be struck. At the time Urban noted, “I know Chris. We were all in touch recently and everybody wants to do it and make it happen.”

Kirk's field jacket from Star Trek Beyond

Chris Pine in Star Trek Beyond

Cho is ready to go

Recently we also reported that John Cho was also awaiting word from Paramount about what is happening with Star Trek 4. While promoting his new film Searching, he told Extra, “I would love to do another [Star Trek]. I love those movies. I love that cast.”

The actor was also a guest on last week’s The Stars Wars Show, where he again joked about wanting to make “Sulu: A Star Trek Story,” and talked about parallels he sees between Star Wars and Star Trek fans. He also talked about his own fandom, including his theory of how Yoda is an old Chinese man and the most famous Asian in film.

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await the phone call saying they caved, and gonna pay?

Chris looks old.

I WAS THINKING THAT TOO! I was like daaaamn, is this Shatner in Wrath of Khan lamenting his old age.

Indeed. He looks a little boozy too.

He’s pushing 40. Happens to us all.
They could have probably been on their STAR TREK 5 if not for the STID production lateness.

Well, the first movie came out in 2009, and there really is no excuse to not make one every 2 years. This is a franchise that used to make 26 hours a year. To be asked to make essentially 1 hour per year should be easy, with no dip in quality storytelling.

So if you start in 2009, they should have had movies in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017, and the 6th movie should have been well underway.

So yeah, at least ST5 should be coming out by now.

I’ve seen a lot of comments on this site I disagree with. I’ve seen things I felt were emotionally reactionary, things that I thought were overly judgmental, opinions I thought were ridiculous, even hateful remarks I felt had no place in the fandom.

But a comment that completely lacks basic knowledge and reasoning power might be a new one, and this takes the cake.

if you think annual films are the answer then my good man you should just go watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, and I’m not saying 5 years between films is the right thing to do but… yeah. There are literally hundreds of millions of reasons not to do annual films, why it’s just an ill conceived notion. There are financial reasons, practical reasons, technical reasons, you name it.

BringBackKirkPrime: “So if you start in 2009, they should have had movies in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017, and the 6th movie should have been well underway.”

How is this annual?

BringBackKirkPrime was saying making 1 hour per year should be easy… A 2 hour movie every 2 years is 1 hour a year. This is not saying making a film every year…

Biannual movies is the real answer.

I mean if Marvel can do it … ;-)

People age. It happens. The alternative is rather grim.

I am continually surprised when fans act appalled when an actor or actress looks their age. We are humans. We don’t stay 25 forever no matter what Hollywood may try to make you believe.

And frankly, Pine looks great if you ask me. I’m lucky to look naturally youthful in my early 40s, but he is far more handsome than I.

The point is, if Pine is 40, what does that say about me. I feel like the first movie came out like 5 years ago…and I was 19. It’s not a Hollywood thing. It’s a life thing. Sometimes life surprises you when you are reminded your just a player in it and it’s not about you. No big E.

I think that made him better suited to the character of Kirk in the last film. In the 2009 film he seemed far too young to take seriously as the captain of the Enterprise.

I was just watching his 2009 role as Kirk. I agree. He looked too young. And frankly, I am tired of “fresh out of college” kids being the leaders and heroes in movies.
There is something to bed said about age, wisdom, maturity, and life experience being factors in a good leader/ superhero.

He looks fine and on target at 38.
I’m one of the lucky ones aging slowly.
I look at some of my high school classmates, fat, bald and wrinkled.
I secretly giggle about that.

He’s starting to look like tRUMP.🤢

Looks like he was partying all night…

Exactly. He doesn’t look old, just tired…

Yep, he sure does.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but he’s beginning to look more Pike than Kirk has he gets older (as we all do).

He still has great hair. I wish I had hair like that at that age.

He looks 38. Which he is. You probably prefer your actors with botox and fillers. Chris, on the other hand, is happy to be seen with his graying beard. He’s less shallow than the typical Hollywood denizen.

Give Chris a break. He just finished several months of a difficult shoot. He’s tired – it happens to all of us.

He looks jet lagged and really tired. In later photos after the screening he looks better, probably got some needed sleep.

He certainly doesn’t look like he’s 29 anymore, but let’s be fair: That’s a really bad photo.

I do hope they work it out. These films aren’t my priority like the Picard show but I do like them. It would be nice they can at least make one more with all the original cast. If they lose Pine though, I don’t see them making it at all. They already lost Anton Yelchin obviously. Losing Pine too will feel like a bigger hole.

But if they don’t make this film, there is still the Tarantino idea. Or just start from scratch and maybe come up with new ideas like a different crew or take place in another era.

With the benefit of hindsight, I think writing new and original stories in the original universe timeline would have been the better path to follow. Trying to do rebooted and overlapping stories in a parallel universe has always just felt inconsequential.

They should do another Star Trek TOS reboot, but this time without the Kelvin timeline! They rebooted Spider Man and I lost count of how many times they rebooted Superman. Maybe this time around get better quality scripts and make an all around better production. This version was lacking chemistry between some of the main characters. There was also way too much time between the production of each movie to even keep interest and the movies should have been at least two and a half hours long to allow for better character and plot development.

But Spidey and Supes were never called reboots though,just like Bond and a few others whenever they change actors. Not EVERYthing is a reboot or remake.

Yeah, but in the case of Spidey and Superman, they were reboots even without calling them that. Garfield’s Spidey was not a continuation of McGuire’s and Holland is on his own as well.

You could argue that Routh was a continuation of Reeve, but given how different Superman was in that movie, I would still argue it was a different Earth.

Cavill is not a Reeve continuation.

That said, if cast right, with proper writers, I would be on board with a true TOS reboot on the big screen, but if they do, I want the prime universe, and a more true to form version of the characters.

So just stories in the same universe kinda thing. Yeah,that works too. lol!

Phil is not going to be happy hearing this…

Why would I not be happy about this? Of for that matter, thrilled? It’s a
boilerplate statement on Pines part. Anyone even remotely connected to Trek in the last ten years has been saying the exact same thing. If you read what he actually said, he’s just being coy; there’s no clue that either side has expressed a willingness to compromise.

So, what do we have? A continued stalemate, not even the slightest hint that set prep or FX work has begun, and that first quarter principle photography guesstimate for next year is looking real iffy at this point. All based on speculation of a 2020 release date that no one, anywhere has committed to. Oh, that, and not a peep from Quinto or the rest of the supporting cast in terms of their being locked into a contract.

What’s not to like?


They may need another director as well its being reported that SJ Clarkson is also now being considered to direct the next Bond movie after Danny Boyle dropped out. Pine has aged a lot recently not sure what that is about!

Maybe next movie is located on Gamma Hydra IV.

Hee! Good one, Odradek!

I won’t lie, I had to look that one up lol.

That’s what happens when you aren’t in a rush to get out of pre-development. People move on, you can’t blame them.

Be nice to Pine, he’s only 38. It’s not hard to find voices here who would be happy to have an 88 year old Shatner (assuming principle photography next year) wheeze his way through another Trek movie.

He’s 38 and looks 38. Rare in Hollywood to look your age, but not really anything we should be commenting on.

SJ Clarkson goes from someone we never heard of, to directing the next Trek film, to directing the next Bond movie…lol

She should just sit tight, because within four months they will replace Rian Johnson with her for the next Star Wars Trilogy, and before that starts she can do an art film and win her first Oscar. ;-)

They should cancel the movie if Kirk is not in it. Maybe cancel the whole Kelvin timeline is Chris will not return.

They should move on from TOS all together.Come up with something new.Something maybe in the future past Voyager. Gene Roddenberry always said there’s millions of stories around Star Trek. It seems to me the interest is back to TV shows Maybe Star Trek should bow out for a while from the big screen. Or a DS9 movie. Your guess is as good as mine but for sure Star Trek on the big screen is in flux.

“They should move on from TOS altogether.”

This^. That includes the current television incarnation as well.

Yeah because the TNG movies did sooo well at the box office.😂🤣

How about something totally NEW? You know, like an original great sci-fi Trek story with all new characters?

Without Bones, Spock, and Scotty…?

Agree here 100%!

As long as they make these films, I will watch them but I do hope whenever they leave they move on from TOS as well. It would be nice to move into a different era completely.

I wouldn’t have any problem sticking with the Kelvin universe though. Would love to see what a 24th or 25th century period would look like. And I’m fine if they stayed in the 23rd century as well but do something INTERESTING with it!

I’m not holding my breath obviously but I think these movies prove nostalgia alone isn’t going to cut it. But I have a feeling that’s what they will stick with but LOVE to be proven wrong for a change.

Seriously? Are you saying that a creative storyteller could not find anything of interest elsewhere in the vast Trek universe that might make for a good movie? Absolutely, positively nothing at all?

Nobody said they couldn’t but that a movie studio wants three things from a Star Trek movie:

1) brand recognition
2) marketability
3) frickin money

If you’re doing Star Trek in a big budget film they want recognizable characters, settings, and situations. If they’re going to create something new they’re more likely to do it on television for Trek or as a film as its own new unrelated film.

Not saying it can’t or would never happen, just explaining why it hasn’t and probably won’t.

“Pine would love to do Star Trek 4”
Someone’s advice:


Hopefully they’ll be able to sign him for Trek 4 and Tarantino Trek.

Tarantino Trek will never see the light of day. And if it did, you guys would revolt against it because it’s different.

That’s why Tarantino Trek needs to happen.

Can’t wait for Sir Pat Stew.

SJ Clarkson goes from someone we never heard of, to directing the next Trek film, to directing the next Bond movie…lol

She should just sit tight, because within four months they will replace Rian Johnson with her for the next Star Wars Trilogy, and before that starts she can do an art film and win her first Oscar ;-)

I’ve asked this since I first saw – is he cross-eyed or something?

I am kind of gone off him if greed is the case now with him and his agent.

Since Paramount has decided not to pay him what they’d already agreed to pay him, I think the greed is all on the Paramount end.

@Corylea — Pine broke his deal first by renegotiating BEYOND, which is how the 4th picture option even came a long. Pine is the bad guy here. Paramount is just playing the game he started. Besides, Paramount has bent over backwards trying to make Pine a star, and he failed to deliver.

Curious Cadet,

As I recall, BOTH Pine and Quinto decided to take advantage of CA’s statute of limitations to renegotiate both their BEYOND contracts.

Hemsworth, never had a BEYOND contract to renegotiate when Grey picked up his option for STAR TREK 4. So Paramount most definitely is a bad guy in attempting to fully contract Hemsworth for TREK 4 at a rate lower than Grey committed them to.

There’s plenty of bad on both sides of the table here.

Reer! So catty about Pine’s appearance… Give the guy a break. And let’s not forget that this is all due to Paramount trying to break the deal that they agreed to.

I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

“I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”


I seriously think the biggest mistake they made was the four year wait between films. If they had made the sequel in 2011 or 2012 we’d be gearing up for the fifth now and Trek would still be on fire. But hey I think Chris looks better than ever. Looking forward to seeing him in Outlaw King :P

“Chris Pine loves money”

He is a bigger star and draw because of starring in Wonder Woman, a huge hit fit which has a sequel coming soon. So he can ask for more money. Other than that he has a string of flops, barely break evens etc. He cannot be blamed for beyond’s failure he did not direct it or write the script.

Many of us are commenting on the same thing. From what I see, he has three major brow furrows and one ancillary line over his right eye, which could be easily reduced with Botox Cosmetic. The prominent eye bags on his right side and presumably on his left can be easily corrected. Not so easy to do would be to lift the entire mid-face, as his cheek bones are surprisingly not as prominent as I had thought before, given away by age, but surgical correction for this could be deferred for a few years, with proper key lighting. That said, his hair line is excellent, although the color is a bit uninspiring.

Karl Urban, I think, but don’t quote me, said that he hoped the next Trek movie would be produced before the cast became too old. We should gently remind him that an aging cast has never stopped Star Trek before.