NYCC: Eaglemoss, Hallmark, Fansets and Diamond Select Show Off New And Upcoming Star Trek Collectibles

In addition to all the Star Trek: Discovery and Picard series news coming out of New York Comic Con, there was also some cool Trek merchandise to check out on the exhibition floor. We have gathered the highlights of the new and upcoming Star Trek collectibles on display from Eaglemoss, Hallmark, Fansets and Diamond Select Toys.


Eaglemoss featured a lot of their new and upcoming ship models and more. For NYCC, they had a limited edition exclusive Star Trek: Discovery model of the USS Glenn, a variant of their USS Discovery model. Only 500 USS Glenns were made, and they were being sold for $80.

Eaglemoss USS Glenn NYCC exclusive

They were also showing off three more upcoming ships in their Star Trek: Discovery line: the USS Buran, coming in November, the Klingon Q’ugh Class, coming winter 2018 and the USS Clarke, bowing in 2019.

Eaglemoss USS Buran

Eaglemoss Klingon Q’ugh

Eaglemoss USS Clarke

Eaglemoss had an NYCC exclusive from their XL line of ships with the USS Reliant, which was on sale at the show for $65.

Eaglemoss XL USS Reliant

Also on display was the XL USS Enterprise C, coming later this month, as well as their upcoming special edition release of the Earth Spacedock model. Their next two planned XL offerings, the USS Excelsior and the USS Enterprise from Discovery, were not on display at NYCC.

Eaglemoss XL USS Enterprise C

Eaglemoss special edition Earth Spacedock (prototype)

Included in their display was the upcoming exclusive collector’s set of 4 shuttles from the Kelvin Star Trek movies.

Eaglemoss Kelvin shuttle set (prototypes)

Lastly, we have the upcoming original Star Trek Kirk bust, with the news that the next bust release will be Spock, of course.

Eaglemoss TOS Kirk bust


Another licensee with a Star Trek exclusive for New York Comic Con was Fansets, the maker of collectible pins. For NYCC they had a Vulcan Rebel Symbol pin, a replica of the one worn by Mirror Sarek in Star Trek: Discovery. It was on sale for $20, with a limited run of 150 pins and each has an NYCC inscription on the back.

Fansets NYCC exclusive Vulcan Rebel pin

Only available at NYCC (and possibly at the upcoming Destination Star Trek con in the UK) were three Star Trek: Discovery Terran Empire division badges, for command, science and operations/engineering. They are priced at $12 each.

Fansets Terran Empire division pins


In addition to their ornaments and collectibles for this year, Hallmark gave a sneak peek of some of their line for 2019, including a number of Star Trek items. Bear in mind that these were either prototypes or in some cases merely stand-in card displays to show the designs, but it gives you an idea of what they have planned for next year.

In terms of hanging ornaments, they were showing three designs – a tribble, the refit USS Enterprise, and a Discovery Saru and Burnham set. There was also a preview of a TOS transporter room tabletop ornament. They also had 3 Itty Bitty plushes for 2019: Vina as an Orion from Star Trek: The Original Series as well as Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. 

Sneak Peek at Hallmark collectibles for 2019

Sneak Peek of Hallmark Star Trek tabletop ornament for 2019

Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys were showing off the latest versions of a couple of upcoming Star Trek items that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer. The Kirk and Spock Star Trek: Into Darkness set of two 7-inch action figures had more of their accessories on display at NYCC. The set is available now for pre-0rder for $43.99 and should arrive in February 2019.

Diamond Select Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk and Spock figure set

Close up on the face sculpts from Into Darkness figure set from DST

Accessories for Into Darkness Kirk and Spock set from DST

Also being shown was the planned USS Enterprise-C vehicle toy with lights and sounds. The Enterprise-C will be priced at $70 and the target for release is 2019.

Diamond Select USS Enterprise-C

Detail on Diamond Select USS Enterprise-C

Diamond Select will be releasing a new Borg figure in March 2019, which was shown at SDCC but not NYCC. You can pre-order the Borg for $22.99. There is no news on the previously announced Star Trek: The Next Generation phaser or USS Reliant vehicle toy, neither of which were on display at NYCC.

More from NYCC

There is more to come from our coverage of New York Comic Con, including a look at new Discovery costumes from Rubies and more interviews. So stay tuned.

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I REALLY HATE YOU EAGLEMOSS! You take so much of my damn money!! There’s a site birthday sale this week for 15% off, after I just purchased five discounted models yesterday from the NYCC online sale…and I’ve alllways wanted an Ent-C model! It’s the last in my Enterprise line to complete. By the time all’s said and done, I’m gonna have some 30 of their stupid ships! I can’t help myself I seriously have a problem. I’ll also have a Battlestar Galactica. And damn I really should’ve gotten that Glenn while I was there…I’m obsessed. Someone help me.

Update: just dropped another 60 bucks. But got a $15 discount for my NEXT purchase over 75 bucks [which will happen as soon as that Ent-C drops, and maybe the Spacedock]. Am gonna have to reconfigure my entire room to fit all this stuff. These ships better be buried with me in my grave so I can play with them in the afterlife.

Didn’t Hallmark do a Refit Constitution back in 2005?

The one in 2005 was the Ent-A from the last three TOS movies. The one in 2019 is the Enterprise Refit from the first three movies.

They’ll definitely be similar.

The Ent Refit sans “A” is my preferred incarnation. Seems like everything refit has the bloody “A” on it!!

I wish Hallmark would go back to selling ships that plug into the Christmas lights like they did in the 90s. I want ships to light up and blink all the time. Not just for 15 seconds when I push a button.

I’ve aged out of the desire to own such things, but I love looking at them!

That golf tee/mushroom dock would make a great pinata! Damn but I hate that thing, it always reminds me of the Moffet blimp hangar, very terrestrial lookings, not exciting and spaceframe-exotic like TMP’s drydock and epsilon-9 constructs.

And I’ve always loved the thing. It’s like a Christmas tree ornament.

I could see it as a treetopper too, yeah, grant you that.

Love the designs in III in general and this one as well!

Try not to lose whatever respect for me you might have had, but I love Earth Spacedock, fully aware as I am of how awesomely ridiculous the thing is. What can I say.

If you think Earth Spacedock is ridiculous, you should get a load of Starbase Yorktown

I like Yorktown.

If they’d just show somebody doing a highdive off the top of spacedock, I’d probably change my mind a little..

What’s wrong with those phaser rifles for the DST figures? That’s probably the ugliest phaser effect I’ve ever seen, and I own those old Playmates figures…

Agreed, if those aren’t removable, its a crime. What are they thinking anyway, would much prefer some figures from Beyond. Kirk in tactical suit?!

Isn’t the tabletop transporter room a redo as well, what is it, larger, not have the sound chip?

Eaglemoss TOS Kirk bust to Scotty, “McCoy was right about this transporter contraption. Scotty, where’d you beam my damn legs?”

DST figure accessories: Phaser dildos for all occasions!

What is a dildos?

Ah, Space Dock!! You little thought!!

That Enteprise C is really the best looking of all the Enterprise designs I’ve seen. I really wish that had been the design they used in TNG.

Looking at those Kelvin shuttles just made me realize how disconnected and incongruous they are compared to the rest of the ship designs from those films. I appreciate the tie-in call-back with the TOS shuttles, but they really have nothing in common with the design language used for the Enterprise in particular. Just another one of the many problems with the Kelvin movies …