‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ Mobile Game Set In Kelvin-verse Announced – Watch First Reveal Trailer

After some mysterious Klingon teasing on social media yesterday, a new Star Trek game set in the Kelvin movie universe was announced today.

Star Trek Fleet Command arrives at the end of the month

A new massive multiplayer real-time strategy and role-play mobile game titled Star Trek Fleet Command was just announced. Coming out on November 29th, the new game set in the Kelvin movie universe is described as the “first free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience to combine role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships—all on mobile devices.”

First reveal trailer

Promises almost “limitless” Star Trek personalization

The game promises an “epic narrative” which allows players to customize their gameplay experience as narrative paths branch and diverge depending on which of the hundreds of available missions they choose to complete and how they approach interactions with other deep-space denizens. Players will be able to build teams based on characters from the movies including Captain Kirk, Spock and Uhura. Fleet Command includes multiple factions such as the Federation, Klingons and Romulans, with each offering unique officers, ships and technologies. According to the release, the amount of personalization offered in Star Trek Fleet Command “is about as limitless as the universe.”

“Star Trek Fleet Command is a unique new Star Trek game that lets fans decide their own fate in a vibrant galaxy full of epic ships and iconic characters. By bringing a massive multiplayer universe to mobile devices, Star Trek Fleet Command expands the franchise in a bold new way.”

Star Trek Fleet Command is being published by Scopely who publish a number of licensed freemium mobile games including WWE Champions and Walking Dead: Road to Survival.  “We wanted to create a cinematic, action-packed, genre-defying game that embraces the heart of the franchise—exploration, to allow players to experience an entire galaxy of quests and missions for endless adventure,” said Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer at Scopely.

Star Trek Fleet Command is now available for pre-registration on Google Play and will be available worldwide as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Thursday, November 29th.

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…may give this a try, looks nice. Interesting, the seeming use of the TNG-era Romulan Warbird in the Kelvin TOS era. Hopefully there’s an in-game story behind that.

That’s not a TNG warbird. It only has single wings.

I could’ve sworn there were a couple of instances where there were smaller Romulan scout ships with single wings in TNG, but I defer, could be wrong.

In TNG: The Defector.
But those are really tiny, presumably about the size of Chakotay’s Maquis ship (so about 50 meters long).

This Warbird reminds me a bit of the Romulan Warbird from Interplays Star Trek: New Worlds game from the early 2000s. That game was set in the 23rd Century.

Ye gods, that ship is ugly — and that’s one of the best angles on it.

It always surprises me when fans dump all over the Kelvin ship designs. I get the dislike of the “apple store” bridge, but the ships themselves have a strong, cohesive, Trek-like aesthetic while still having their own little flares to them that make them distinctively “Kelvin”.

I really quite like them, though in this I do wonder why the chose to use Romulan designs more inspired by TNG than TOS.

I’m with ya Afterburn

well well well

Since it’s set in an alternate universe than Prime, to me that gives license to make it their own, but as you said, still be very much ‘Trek’ in appearance. It respects what came before.

Also worth pointing out that when the reboot was announced, I legitimately feared they would completely redesign the Enterprise into something totally unrecognizable. Would it have a saucer, secondary hull, two nacelles and pylons, even?

Also impressed me how right from the start of the film it FELT like Star Trek, with the familiar TOS blips as the Kelvin came into view. I remember being very hesitant, but when I heard those tones I very specifically thought to myself “okay, this is Star Trek.”

Ultimately the first film was a fun adventure, and a very well made movie, but it wasn’t until BEYOND that I felt the series really captured the spirit of the franchise in any meaningful way.

That said, the visuals were never really the problem. All well done.

I think we’re very lucky to get what we did in the Kelvin films with regard to ship design, visuals, even casting. They could have literally gone anywhere with it. And agreed, those opening TOS blips at the beginning of the 09′ film were dead-on Trek. Literally gave me chills. I thought the 09′ film was something pretty special, and enjoy watching it still. Same with Beyond, very much enjoyed it and very re-watchable. STID, not so much, I’ll probably never watch it again. But to each his own.

Since I never thought for a minute that even Abrams would go for a radical redesign along the lines of the Ralph McQuarrie pre-TMP artwork (which eventually became the basis of the Discovery), I found the 2009 ship to be hideous. But I’ll grant that could be a matter of expectations. As to the film itself, I’ve written — overwritten, some would say — at considerable length on that subject, much of which can probably still be found on the archives on this very site. Suffice to say, Bob Orci was not pleased.

bob orci not pleased with some of the comments on this site? Now theres a surprise

In terms of ‘feeling’ like Trek I’m glad those blips were able to compensate for the fact that much of the Kelvin was filmed in an abandoned factory (with the concrete floors visible in some shots), which is sure unlike any Starfleet aesthetic I ever heard of.

You wanted it filmed in a grey square rooms like TOS? So Starfleet! I’ll agree the factory setting for the ship was a bad idea but let’s not act as if Trek doesnt have a history of hideous and inconsistent quality with regards to set design.

Overall, the Abrams films looked gorgeous, and were much higher quality than previous Trek films. The TNG films looked awful and unless you liked cardboard sets of TOS, cheap.

Would I take TOS’ “gray square rooms” over the factory floor, you ask? Absolutely! (And no, there were no “cardboard” sets on TOS; that’s just a myth.) Since you admit yourself that the factory was a bad idea I’m not sure what we’re talking about here, unless you just want to argue.

(And yes, Trek 2009 managed to look “bigger” than any of the previous films, for sure. It damned well should have, for the price. Still, with its factory, brewery, and warehouse locations, for a $150 million dollar tentpole it strikes me as pretty cheesy.)

What i’m talking about is you attacking the Kelvin films for using sets that “aren’t Starfleet” yet TOS used sets that yes, were made of cardboard and paper (you can see it in many scenes when they bend) and designed as grey boxes.

I’m not sure what is up with your odd accusation either as I was here to discuss my appreciation for the oft-disliked Kelvin Enterprise design (a big part of the video in this article), and you barged into the discussion out of nowhere to attack the sets, casting, writing, and story.

See, this is what I talk about with regards to “haters.” If you hate the JJ films so much, stop reading and commenting on articles about the JJ films. It’s now been a full decade since they debuted, move on.

Nope. No cardboard sets. Plywood, mostly (and paper mache for things like boulders and exterior castle walls, which would still be used today). Set construction was one of TOS’ biggest expenses after the cast, which was why a very heavy FX show like “The Doomsday Machine,” which required no additional sets, turned out to be one of its biggest moneysavers even with a high-profile guest star.

In any case, the Starfleet aesthetic I was referring to, seen not only on TOS but all the spinoffs that followed, was invariably bright and clean, in keeping with the show’s optimistic premise. I have no real issue with giving an older ship like the Kelvin a more “worn” appearance so long as it’s consistent with that look, but that’s not what you get when you film in an abandoned factory with stained concrete floors and corroding equipment. Abrams really should have saved that sort of thing for STAR WARS, which was always his first love anyhow.

As to my other criticisms (which have never included the casting, btw) — jeez, dude, relax. That’s what this site is for, so people can post their opinions on all things Trek. There are certainly things I like that others don’t, trust me. If you enjoy the Kelvin films, that just means we have different tastes, not that you’re bad or foolish or even misguided for liking them. Don’t take it personally.

You realize how condescending it is to tell someone to “relax”? I am plenty relaxed. I’m actually quite amused at you, as you seem to be pretty worked up about all this. The bizarre accusations of “fighting.” I mean, we’re here to talk Trek, right? It’s all just entertainment.

Of a show that indeed used cardboard and paper sets. I’ve heard them talk about it in interviews decades after seeing it firsthand on screen. Sorry, but people in denial over the cheap sets and set designs used on TOS need to wake up a little.

Yes, they did the best they could in 1966 on a tight schedule for a show that required everything to be built from scratch– and all told it looked pretty darned good for the day. But when fans say they’d rather see paper mache and cardboard in TOS style designs is just plain laughable.

I think I would’ve liked the interiors more if there had been more consistency throughout the ship. Apple store upstairs and Nostromo industrial downstairs didn’t mesh very well. Pick a style, guys, and stay with it.

Agreed. In a vacuum, there’s nothing inherently wrong with a more industrial look, but the difference was jarring and frankly, made little sense.

Agreed Gotcha,

I didn’t mind the beer factory engineering look too much but it just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the ship. And all Trek ships have showed a similar style and tone of their bridges with the rest of the ship. The Kelvin Enterprise was the first to do this and it felt too abstract for many I think.

Afterburn, Tiger,

Right, I remember watching the 2009 movie when the captain of the Kelvin (I forget his name) goes from the bridge to the engineering decks and being confused by the experience. What’s happening? Is the ship still under construction? It was very jarring.

I guess the producers thought so, too, since in the latter two movies the lower decks look more like the bridge.

Meant their engineering rooms.

Well, YMMV, of course. If you like it, more power to you. But to my eyes the Kelvinprise design is anything but cohesive — TMP saucer (which is its best feature), an engineering section shoved brutally forward, pylons that are curved, well, just because, and ugly, oversized nacelles to top it all off. Compare the side orthographic profile to the TMP refit, which does look like a cohesive whole that could really fly. The J.J. version looks like Frankenstein’s monster.

If many fans complain, it’s for a reason.

It became much more cohesive in Beyond, but of course they destroyed that ship, so…

Another problem was that they scaled-up the ship’s theoretical size after some FX tests and didn’t bother to adjust recognizable features like the windows accordingly, which makes it even more of a mishmash.

The ‘A’ refit in BEYOND didn’t look bad from the rendered angles used in the film, but the production art I’ve seen suggests that it’s even uglier in some ways than the original.

I’ve seen that production art. Yes, the side angle makes it look like something Batman would design.

Beyond ENT-A should’ve just been the TMP Enterprise..just exactly the same

The Enterprise-D had curved pylons. In fact the D had no straight lines at all, all curves. And it looked great. I like the D over the E any day.

I also like JJ’s Enterprise with one minor complaint: the nacelles are too close together.

And you’re welcome to the ‘D’, thanks. But at least its curvy aesthetic is cohesive throughout the design, which is more than I can say for JJ-prise.

Yes, the close nacelles is my only real gripe and it took me a looong time to figure out that was the problem I was having with it. The angle of the pylons goes too verticle, and not enough horizontal.

But it’s a minor gripe. My model of the Kelvin-prise sits proudly alongside the A, B, C, D and E in my collection.

Same here with the D. The Ent E is just another pretty face.

I think the nacelles are pug ugly, but otherwise it’s not that bad. It looks the best in Beyond IMO.

The Kelvin-prise I’m not a huge fan of. There are elements that just don’t work for me. The neck sweeping down to the tail end. The oversized nacelles. The curving pylons… But I still like it better than the D. That said, it didn’t destroy the movie for me in any way.

The movie destroyed the movie for me, in just about every way.

I genuinely do get the dislike people have for the Abrams films, but I enjoyed them thoroughly. I even really liked STID, mostly because it’s the only one that actually has a geo-political message in the vein of classic Trek.

I’m not interested in designs. I despise the Kelvinverse for being a badly digested pastiche of the authentic Star Trek. It’s a kind of Star Trek for Dummies, the trekkie version of Reader’s Digest.

It’s definitely cheesy, with its vintage muscle-car lines, or whatever they were going for. And has aged poorly since 2009. Abrams’ instructions were probably written on a napkin: “Think cool. Think hot rod.”

It really is an ugly ship that has zero “beauty” angles.

The game looks interesting, but I would like to see some gameplay video. When is there going to be another big Star Trek game for PC and consoles? Sorta tired of all this mobile stuff coming out.

I couldn’t agree more. The mobile games are inherently subpar. I would love to see something come to the Switch, but there is probably ZERO chance of that.

It suffers from poor proportions, and isn’t as pretty as the original & refit prime versions or the Discoverse version, but it’s got some nice elements to it and I think it’s unfair to call it “ugly”… It’s (and I may get flamed for saying this) far prettier than the quickly-thrown-together-on-a-budget-because-the-Andrew-Probert-design-would-have-cost-as-much-to-build-as-the-hero-ship-single-use-model Enterprise C…

Wasn’t “you have the conn” the tagline of the old “Bridge Commander” 2002 PC Game?

Probably. Why do you ask?

Is that game that old? We still have a small community making mods for it today lol

Bridge Commander mods are the best. There was one that added TWOK music. Thrilling to match the NCC-1701 Enterprise refit and the Reliant up against each other with that Horner score in the background.

I’m glad to see phaser beams back! :)

You’ll be disappointed….:-(

“Limitless”… until they shut down the game, as has happened with so many others.

Kelvin timeline.. loool… bye.

Still wondering why these games (and the TV shows/movies, for that matter), with constructs harnessing incredible energy at weapons and very speedy propulsion, still insist on lining up their capital ships at point blank range and slugging it out, 16th century style. Ya’all can maneuver, right?

Because it’s boring if you can’t see the opponent’s ship. There’s no in-story reason, it’s just a visual storytelling choice. Otherwise you get shots of ships firing into the void.
Similarly, space shots in Trek are usually on a flat plane even though space is of course three-dimensional.


I’m out. It’s just going to be another Pay 2 Win, RNG money pit that cares more about exploitation than fun, just like every other mobile Star Trek game (and most mobile games in general).

Kelvin Universe or the original, the Enterprise is the most elegant spaceship ever designed.

I would have preferred the Kelvin Enterprise A. Maybe in a future update?

The Kelvin Enterprise A was only seen very briefly at the end of Beyond. My guess is they are keeping the option to (somewhat) redesign it for the next movie. That is, if another Kelvin movie gets made.

Does any ship in the kelvin have shields? Nice trailer but freemium and on mobiles count me out.

Nice attention to detail with the Constellation having the same registry number she did in Doomsday Machine and SUPER glad to see the return of BEAM-style phasers.

ALSO maybe this is just my eyes playing tricks on me BUT the nacelle pylons of the Constitution class seem to be straighter (as in not curved) than they ever were in the Kelvin movies, although they seem to retain the same general ANGLE they did in the movies and yet it’s still an improvement IMO.

Other interesting things to note, the Saladin seems to be a Kelvin-class vessel rather than what is typically considered a Saladin-class. Also the Kelvin Timeline visual style still refuses to acknowledge shields and/or shield technology. AND judging by the image of the Enterprise used at the head of this article, this takes place before Star Trek Beyond in the Kelvin Timeline continuity.

…..”said Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer at Scopely”
HA!…Chief O’Brien 🤣


Not one for me.

Unfortunately, the gameplay itself is nowhere near as interesting or dynamic as that trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hf1nCbeEG4

Agreed. It’s so terrible. You don’t even really command ships or anything. Just click and wait.

Kelvinverse still a thing? Who knew..

Whether Trekkies like it or not, the Kelvin universe is how most fans under 25 got introduced to the franchise. It’s probably also cheaper to license :)

That’s a hell of a reach, Afterburn. A hell of reach.

Only Trekkies seem to live in a bizarre altered reality where the truth is a reach (and Fox News viewers).

Go talk to teenagers who have seen Trek, their first exposure to the actual content (not pop culture awareness, but viewing an actual episode or movie) and it’s the JJ films they’ve seen.

If w’ere talking pop culture awareness, you’ll get Big Bang Theory or Family Guy in all likelihood.

The problem is though they didn’t turn into long terms fans after that. Yes, they turned Star Trek into Star Wars style of action with a lot of young hot actors and $150 million budget. It’s not exactly hard to get teenagers to turn up for that. It’s a big popcorn action film end of the day, those will always do generally well. The issue though is it didn’t seem to make them loyal to those movies and why Beyond did so poorly. Also explains why that film had literally no merchandise because none of the young audiences they attracted for the first movie even wanted to buy it and they clearly knew it.

Now these movies feels like it’s just the same people watching these movies who has been watching Trek for decades if Beyond is anything to go by.

But I have always said in today’s franchise world it’s just easier for people to move on faster when a franchise isn’t pumping out a lot of content. You got so many other movie sequels coming out at a much faster rate and that was the Kelvin films down fall, especially with the younger crowd. And at the rate they are going with the next film (assuming it even happens) it looks like they haven’t learned their lesson.

they figured they could wait years and years between movies not realising the younger hip n’ happening audience have grown up and when presented with Beyond were like ‘WTF? Star TREK? .. wasn’t that like a thing like.. 20years ago!..like hello theres Star Wars now! and Guardians (oh wait no there isn’t)’ Christ knows what the younger audience will make of ST4 if they ever figure out how much to pay Pine & Hemswoth without bankrupting the studio…’uh? Thor and the WonderWoman dude in sum space movie that isn’t star wars? Like WTF is this!?’

Agreed Afterburn. Some Trekkies will never appreciate what the Kelvin films -like em’ or not- did for the franchise in a positive way.

Pew pew pew

No licensed game has ever captured the Trek feel anywhere close to Sublight’s iPad masterpiece “FTL”…and this is coming from someone who’s been playing Trek games since Vectrex and Starfleet Battles.

Stage 9 on the other hand…

I thought Starfleet Command was a pretty awesome game. Now that is one I would like to see resurrected for mobile.

I agree, Starfleet Command was indeed a great series of games. I also played Bridge Commander quite frequently back in the day, which was another favorite of mine. I also loved both of the Elite Force titles, and Armada 1 and 2 were good as well. The DS9 themed game seemed pretty good, but it was so buggy it was almost unplayable. I REALLY want to see another great single player Trek game, and not the mess that was the Trek game that came out after the 2009 movie. Sadly, we probably won’t get that single player game, since everyone seems to be too busy, and excuse my use of this reference, but orgasming over MMO’s lately.

Oh yay another game I won’t play…yawn…where’s my dang movie?? The hype ahead of this announcement was that they were teasing the next film. Of course we know that ain’t happening 🙄

The visuals in that trailer, I admit, were quite striking. I love Kelvinverse ships, a lot more than Disco. I wish Eaglemoss would make more models of the other ships

They do not know if they are going to continue making films of the Kelvin – thing but anyway they make a game?

The Kelvin universe died. It would better stay dead.

Tried it, garbage.. just another skinned resource building game. Battles are tiny, zoomed out computer controlled things with no user control. Nice trailer for a garbage game…

I want to see another Star Trek 4 made with Chris Pine and the other crew.

I became instantly disinterested with the first sentence of the article that said “massive multiplayer real time strategy”, which is just the same thing as a MMO version of Warcraft….oh wait, it actually IS the same as that, only Trek themed. Might as well be a Kelvin Universe Only skin of STO! I am seriously done with MMO’s of all kinds. What the hell happened to great single player only games? All the good developers are slowly moving towards MMO only titles and it’s honestly just making me more disappointed and sad. So in that respect, when the HELL will we get another good “Single Player with good campaign” Star trek game? The last one was the game titled “Star Trek”, which came out after the 2009 movie. That one was mediocre at best, what with the lackluster controls and poor optimization. So seriously, when will we see another good single player Trek title? And no, I don’t mean mobile or VR, I mean console, PC, or both. I’m probably preaching the choir and will probably never see another new single player trek game, but hey one can dream, right?

Do you guys remember when there were REAL Star Trek games available? The late 90’s/early 2000’s were, in my opinion, the ‘golden era’ of Trek games.

I still play Star Trek Generations, Starfleet Academy and Elite Force 1 and 2 on my Mac using a Windows emulator. Before that I remember playing a Star Trek game on the Apple II at school!

Playing these games make me feel like a real man; games like STO quite simply fail to satisfy…

Why is it so hard to get a AAA quality Trek game on CONSOLES. Yes the MMO Trek Online is fun but I mean something serious. A 3rd person action/rpg. A Mass Effect Andromeda type game without the bugs.