John Cho Optimistic About ‘Star Trek 4’; Chris McQuarrie Still Wants To Direct Trek

Another actor from the Star Trek movie franchise is expressing optimism that the stalled project will move forward.

Cho optimistic

After movement on the fourth Kelvin-universe Star Trek feature film ramped up in the spring of this year (including the hiring of director S.J. Clarkson), things seemed to come to a halt in August after Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth reportedly walked away from the negotiating table, unwilling to cut a new deal as Paramount sought to reduce costs for the follow-up to Star Trek Beyond. Since that time there have been no indications that work has progressed on the project, but a number of actors have expressed hope the project will move forward, including Pine himself.

The latest to weigh in is John Cho (Sulu), who was asked about it in a new interview with The Playlist promoting his film Searching. Cho told Playlist:

I sadly don’t have any news for you. I wish I [had] more for you there though. I don’t know what the ins and outs at the studio are but I am optimistic there will be another one because I’m optimistic about what “Star Trek” says and its place in our culture and I think it will come back around. I think it’s an important part of American popular culture that speaks to America’s best impulses and I think that there will always be a place for “Star Trek” films and I just hope to be in it and there isn’t another totally different group of people! I’m bullish about it, and honestly, for personal reasons I suppose the last film has a cloud over it, losing Anton [Yelchin] after the last one and for me it would be important personally to make one more at least. I think it would alleviate that part of us a little bit to make at least one more.

Based on reports and comments from the cast from earlier in the year, plans were for the film to begin production in early 2019, possibly even in January. Clearly, that is no longer going to happen. While the August reports regarding negotiations with Pine and Hemsworth indicated that Paramount planned to move forward with the project with or without either Chris, at this point a 2020 release of any Star Trek film still seems unlikely.

John Cho as Sulu in Star Trek Beyond

McQuarrie still interested in directing Trek

While talking to Forbes for the home video release of Mission: Impossible Fallout, director Christopher McQuarrie echoed his thoughts from October, saying again that he’s interested in directing a future Trek movie:

Star Trek is another one of those doors I mentioned, if that door opened I would gladly go through it. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. I grew up on Star TrekThe Wrath of Khan is one of my favorite movies of all time, but we haven’t really talked about it because we’ve been so busy with the work in front of us.

Abrams’ Paramount deal likely to end by 2020

Another wrinkle in the future of Star Trek feature films is that it looks like J.J. Abrams’ relationship with Paramount could be coming to an end, or at least changing. The Hollywood trades are reporting that Abrams is seeking a new “megadeal” that would “encompass films, television series, digital content, music, games, consumer products, and theme park opportunities.” Contenders seem to be limited to Warner Brothers, Universal and Disney–notably not Paramount. The current deal between Paramount and Abrams and his Bad Robot production company ends in March 2020.

Abrams directed and produced the first two Kelvin-verse Star Trek films and produced the third. Currently, Bad Robot has two Star Trek projects in development for Paramount: Star Trek 4 and the Quentin Tarantino pitch. It is unclear what impact an end of the Paramount/Bad Robot deal would have on those projects. Paramount owns all Star Trek assets associated with anything both made and in development, so they could continue on with new producers and production partners. It is also possible for Abrams/Bad Robot to continue to work on Star Trek through 2020 and beyond, the way he has worked with Disney on Star Wars projects while still under his Paramount deal.

J.J. Abrams at Star Trek Beyond fan event at Paramount Studios in May 2016


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Just my two cents, I say jettison the Abrams’ KT and go with the QT production instead. By the time the Kelvin crew gets back in the saddle, Beyond will be in the distant rear view. Leave it as a trilogy and move on.


Also, bring back Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk.

But how do we know QT trek is not KU Trek?

If they can still get one more film out by at least 2020 I would still hope they can do it. But by 2021 it will start to feel like too much time has past. A film really should be out next year (3 years since Beyond). To go 4-5 years just too much time at this point.

But yeah maybe it is best to just end it after the third one and move on. Especially after the death of Anton Yelchin.

they seem to be treating these Trek movies like Alien or Terminator… coming out whenever they damn well feel like it be it 4 years 5 years 7 years

There were significant issues that delayed those sequels in most instances, primarily legal, plus there was bigger money involved in most instances, so they could ultimately throw the dollars at the problems (like Gale Anne Hurd and Hemdale, though the latter wound up selling in order to avoid lawsuits from the principles) to make them go away. Trek situation is hardly the same, as there may not be any money to offer the recalcitrant leads; either that or the studio is just taking a lead from executive branch by being a dick about things requiring bipartisan coop.

I really want to see Clarkson get this chance, even if I’m still largely unimpressed with the casting; I think BEYOND got some key things right that were screamingly awful in the Abrams films, but they’re still mired in these endless endings that just keep going on and dragging out, and perhaps a more disciplined filmmaker (as I believe Clarkson to be) would skim the fat off the script in preprod (not an option on BEYOND given how it had to be written) in order to maximize the dollars available.

And how long was it between Star Trek and Star Trek 2 again? LOL. That’s what almost sank the movie series before, Abrams faffing around.

I think this is a good idea.
The Kelvin films have no juice left for my taste.
Who is actually bothered about another film with this cast?

I would have preferred Bad Robot had a chance to finish strong.

By my count they’ve got one GREAT Star Trek movie, one movie that’s two-thirds good, and a final movie that’s really only one-third. And they’ve yet to make a movie that ties everything up and sends the crew home.

But they got their three movies even if they didn’t make a trilogy out of them. They had every chance. I’m mostly good with just seeing whatever happens.

A Tarantino Trek movie however is just intriguing and NOT an opportunity to pass up (and I say this as someone who does not even really like him). ST’s best people have always been the ones who shook the status quo rather than keeping within it, and far too many ST productions have followed the example of doing the latter.

With JJ out, will they continue without him, reboot (or soft reboot), or put Star Trek away again until people forget?

@Mark Calcagno — they can’t really continue without him unless they do a hard reboot, as they would have to pay him otherwise. Abrams deal is ending, both at Paramount and his TV deal with WB, and with FOX merging with Disney, and Disney owning the Star Wars franchise which Abrams is involved with, I can see Disney making a play to bring him back under one roof. So that means he won’t likely be producing any more Star Trek anyway, and leaving Paramount to safely reboot it with someone else, after enough time has passed for people to forget the BadRobot version.

They already leave enough time between instalments for people to forget about the Bad a Robot movies!

Indeed! I already have.

Too bad Paramount didn’t jump on an Old Man Picard movie idea. Tarantino would probably have loved that. Too late now.

todays Marvelkidz and even the average easygoing non trekkie moviegoers will now literally have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the JJ movies.. esp after Beyond created about as much hype as Superman IV The Quest For Peace. Into Darkness is now 5 years old. a LIFETIME ago in this strange new SM world we now inhabit. those that do vaguely recall JJs 2 Trek movies (which were very big deals at the time but like I said both ID and even more so ST09 are now galactic light years away in everyones collective memory) before he jumped aboard the STAR WARS JUGGERNAUT will only recall it was some star warsy type space movies starring the wonderwoman dude, pegg and cumberbatch before he got to do the real deal.

Well I wouldn’t go that far! I mean you can find all three movies on television right now if you live in America. I know, I just rewatched both the 2009 film and Beyond on cable last week. Its not like they been just wiped from existence (although I know many fans would like to see that happen lol).

But yes I do agree the hype for these films have completely died off and because of that I’m not sure if another film is that feasible unless they cut the budget way down. Beyond did make money, its just its budget was so ridiculous it didn’t make enough for a profit. Maybe if the QT project is still a thing that might be the better direction to go in and get at least some hype and be a nice swan song for the Kelvin movies. But I’m not holding my breath that’s going to happen either.

im half wondering if Pine is playing hardball so the Trek Thor movie falls apart and they fast track straight to Tarantino Trek for ST4. face it if they do Trek Thor it will probably bomb as Beyond underperformed and no one was that fussed about it really and the only hook for ST4 seems to be kirk meeting his pops Hemsworth (who makes little difference to box office outside of Thor) so it could be like a replay of Insurrection/Nemesis whereby Trek Thor would bomb horrifically like Nemesis did and then Tarantino Trek would most likely be shelved probably indefinitely (and certainly without this cast). however if Trek Thor dosnt happen because of the money issues then theoretically they would go straight to QTs Trek (and hes stated he would use the JJ cast) for when he wraps his Manson movie.. Therd be a bigger budget or Pine would probably agree to the less $ as what actor wouldn’t want to be in a Tarantino movie over a 1st time tv director? and the anticipation/thrill/sheer mind blowingness of a Tarantino directed Trek movie would mean Ghost Protocol box office instead of Nemesis (QTs probably planning to finally get Shatner in there too as well as some of his regular people like Kurt, SLJ, Waltz etc as starfleet admirals, Klingons etc ). so Pines probably trying to do himself and the other cast a big favour like Kirk would in a game of risk/bluff

At this point I’m just [SHRUG] … it was nice while it lasted. I love the new crew and would love to see more of them in another movie, but with a better-conceived plot than Vengeance-Seeker v. Galaxy.

Also I find this article curious ..? I can’t imagine it’s a new interview; Cho’s movie “Searching” came out months ago. Unless [haha!] my town was a test market!

The big franchises are eating up theatre space right and left. I guess Marvel’s not going to wear out their welcome quite as soon as I thought. I almost always go, and enjoy them, then forget them. Except Black Panther, which was AWESOME.

I agree in it seems Marvel is not wearing out their welcome as quickly as we thought. Their films are becoming the same thing over and over and over. I mean, RDJ has been the best thing in the Marvel universe but his last couple of appearances have been let downs. When the best thing in the franchise is faltering, it’s time to move on. And Black Panther was TERRIBLE.

Agreed, that was the problem after the 2009 film. FOUR YEARS. Dammit JJ

Bad Robot works for Paramount, not the other way around. If Paramount wants to do another Kelvin Universe Trek project without BR, they can.

Yes, and what is mentioned about Abrams being able to work a deal with Paramount so he’s still free to work with Disney [such as the one he worked with Disney to produce Trek 3, with Paramount] is somewhat hopeful news to me.

But the long production lead time and Pine’s ascending stardom seem to contraindicate any Trek film coming out any time soon.

CBS is definitely making it easier to say good bye to the Kelvin Universe, but any chance for 1 or 2 movies with this team would be great.

“CBS is definitely making it easier to say good bye to the Kelvin Universe”

Nah its the other way around.

“The current deal between Paramount and Abrams and his Bad Robot production company ends in March 2020.”

That’s great news! Hopefully Paramount will reboot the film franchise properly, and return to making lower budget films for the fans. If CBS allows them to return to the prime universe.

The current deal ends, Abrams could always sign a new deal.
We shall see.

Paramount are not going to give up on another Mission Impossible Film are they

As the article mentions, they can, and likely will, continue to do business with Bad Robot. It just won’t be under a big umbrella contract.

Also Mission: Impossible is owned by Paramount, not Bad Robot. For whatever reason people think Bad Robot has control over things like MI and Trek, they do not. Bad Robot is a production company Paramount hires to help make their products.

Thanks Matt

Exactly! There were two successful Mission Impossible movies before Bad Robot ever showed up. But clearly that deal happened because Tom Cruise has such a great relationship with Abrams and its no denying from the fourth film on the movies have only gotten bigger so I suspect Bad Robot will be producing those films for as long as possible.

I will freely admit the only MI film I have seen in the theater was the first one. And I have never seen a Transformers film in the theater either.

That, along with the silly Transformers, seems to be their big money-maker.
I wonder how Bumblebee will perform. I’ve been seeing trailers for months now. Paramount marketing team, take note for future Star Treks, okay, please??

I think its clear unless the 2 Chris’s take pay cuts or back end profit deals & Bad Robot agree to let it go this is not going to happen anytime soon. Its not a priority to Paramount at the prices quoted. Studios rarely go back with better offers if they feel the franchise is not worth the price they will just redo or wait for QT.

I suspect backend profits were discussed in lieu of paying Pine his already agreed upon salary. I bet Pine would rather not gamble on the profits. Even if the “potential” payout might be greater, if Beyond is any indication, Star Trek 4 is not a guaranteed financial success. Just speculating here though.

Something is better than nothing & what about loyalty Pine was made a star by Star Trek 2009! Before then Pine was just another jobbing actor after Star Trek he gradually moved closer to the A list.

you reach a certain age and all anyone cares about is $$$s. its literally all that matters. everything else is just pretend/not important/trivial. its all about M O N E Y and lots of it. in pine and Thors case they used to getting paid big bucks now and are in a position to get more. otherwise they would be like hey don’t worry pay us whatever just abit more than the rest not too much and we’ll do trek 4 because we love startrek..

Hemsworth has done a couple of projects that weren’t huge moneymakers. Perhaps they were projected to be, or made before he became a big star.

Pine wont gamble on the profits…because he knows there isn’t going to be any profits!

Maybe — just maybe — they will drop the idea of son and dad reuniting for a more original idea that costs a boatload less money.

It could happen!

I love me some Hemsworth, but his asking price is probably way too high for Paramount. I hope they can still get Pine! He’s such a good Kirk.

It would take them even longer to do. I really want them to just wait for Tarantino at this point.

I wanted a fourth movie to tie the Bad Robot series up, but not if there’s no enthusiasm for it or if actors get screwed.

And if Tarantino ends up using the BR cast, then it won’t matter at what point in the Kelvinverse everything switches over to whatever bizzaroverse he has dreamed up.

But its not the script or director that seems to be the issue, simply the actors or in this case Pine and Hemsworth (that we know about). Maybe the Taratino story will have nothing to do with Hemswroth but its not like Paramount is going to suddenly give Pine more money so the problem stays.

Basically the only thing the can do is pay him what he is owed or replace him or even the entire cast and I don’t think Paramount wants that. But they don’t seem to be in any rush to give in to his demands either.

They could pay Pine more if they’re making a different movie and no longer need Hemsworth. And they unfortunately did offer him more originally. All prior film versions of ST have faced the same problem.

Sure, they can offer him more right now, but here we are. Especially since no one seems to think Hemsworth is even needed but they do need Pine.

Because “right now” they’d be stuck having to make Hemsworth the same offer if they made any concession at all. Fans not thinking he’s needed doesn’t change the fact that Paramount has spent time and money on a script with him in it.

The possibilities have all been covered here:

I know all of that! My only point is Captain Kirk is the star of the franchise, so if they REALLY want to keep this going then they would do whatever they needed to keep the star. Hemsworth is probably going to be in one film and he’s done anyway, he’s not going to carry the franchise. If they can’t get him, fine, then they should cut their losses, keep Pine and write another script. Or as you said just go with Tarantino script.

The fact none of that seems to be happening is exactly my point. They don’t seem to be that motivated at ALL because they probably not sure ANY film is going to make the money they want it to make. I think Beyond really scared them and to be honest I can’t blame them at all. But if they can’t get Pine to lower his asking price these films may simply be dead in the water, regardless who actually directs them.

There’s really no hurry for Tarantino Trek because the studio would have to wait for him anyway. So they can actually afford to be indecisive in the meantime.

If they’re considering other options besides Hemsworth, it would take time to get another script commissioned and written. And if they can’t get a movie out by 2020 as you said (and based on their speed to date I’m inclined to think it’s already too late for them to get a movie out by 2020), then whatever they DO make should be radically different, such as a reboot. Don’t make audiences wait five years for just another Kelvin film.

They’ll have to make SOMETHING eventually. You can be sure they’ll be more interested in ST when their film rights start coming close to expiration.

But I hardly consider dealing with Pine to be insurmountable considering Paramount’s history of negotiating with the likes of Shatner, Nimoy and Stewart.

But the problem is the longer they wait, the less interest these films will have. IMO that was a big issue with Beyond (among others). So I don’t think they want to wait for Tarantino (and he never even said he was directing it, it just all sounds pretty informal which is another issue). And my guess is that movie would only happen if the next one was a big enough hit.

With Hemsworth, they can replace him with another actor, but they seem to think he makes the film.

Sure they will make another film, the question is will it be with this cast or not? I think everyone here has all agreed their time is basically passing at this point. And if we as hardcore fans feel that way I can imagine the casual audience is not bothered either way at this point.

Thats why I don’t think its a big motivator to get Pine back. With Shatner and Stewart, their movies were still going strong and making money. Insurrection wasn’t as big as FC, but it only made $30 million less. Beyond made $120 million less than STID with practically the same budget! Thats BAD! The Kelvin films, even though the first two made money, I suspect never made the TYPE of money Paramount wanted given all the promotion and budget for them. And then Beyond just destroyed the dream completely. I really have a feeling now if we don’t hear anything in the next six months they may just scrap these movies completely and come up with something else (read: cheaper).

If they can’t get a movie started before Tarantino becomes available then time is no longer a factor. And waiting to see how the unmade movie performs becomes moot.

A Tarantino Trek movie would turn peoples’ heads, just for the WTF factor. It wouldn’t matter that the average person thinks it’s already been 7-8 years (since 2013) when we last had a ST movie.

What are Paramount’s other options? They can commission another script, spend more time and money. Meanwhile they’ll already have a script by Tarantino’s guy. Reboot TOS again? Audiences may choose to smell desperation at that point (recall 2012’s [The Amazing] Spider-Man). ST movie with whole new characters? Berman was toying with such an idea before he left. It would REALLY help though if the previous iteration of ST (that being our current one) ended on a strong note.

Obviously Paramount can crawl back into their hole at sit on the rights for (does anyone know how long before they expire?). But it’s not like their options are ever going to get any easier if they won’t gamble.

The prior movie cycles were not always going strong while their actors were playing hard-to-get. The Final Frontier and Insurrection both left the film franchise VERY much in doubt, with sequels that almost didn’t get made. Insurrection and Beyond both made between 20-27 percent less than their immediate respective predecessors, and The Final Frontier made 52 percent less than TVH. During the Insurrection-to-Nemesis drought one studio bigwig said the ST movies needed to be “reimagined, and made cheaper” (those exact words). There is nothing unprecedented about where the ST movies are now.

I’m sure a Star Trek Tarantino film will draw a lot of heads, I just don’t think its a guarantee to be a success either. But my guess is the budget will be lowered but if Paramount doesn’t want to pay Pine more then its probably in the same boat.

As far as future movies, my only guess is they will scrap these and come up with a cheaper set of films and with a new cast they can go cheaper in general. I think thats the main problem with the Kelvin films, they can’t lower the price that much because the cast probably cost a lot now. That was becoming the issue with the TNG films. They could lower the cost of production but every film the cast was making more money, especially Stewart. Remember Beyond was originally reported to be the cheapest made film in the franchise but still ended up being as high as STID, almost $200 million. Now if Star Trek was as big as MCU, no problem, they probably would just shrug. RDJ makes around $50 million dollars for those movies and he mostly just stands around cracking jokes.

But what will future movies be, who knows? It could be another TOS reboot or something radically different altogether. But clearly these movies are on burrowed time. Even if the Tarantino movie actually gets made unless its a huge break out hit I don’t know if its going to make a difference long term for the Kelvin cast so eventually they will have to come up with something else.

The Tarantino movie’s really just a one-shot. Someone said it ‘might’ open up for a possible series of films, but I don’t think that would be a measure of the movie’s success.

And with CBS Trek wanting to saturate the ST marketplace for the next five years, Tarantino Trek could be perfect as just a one time event to solidify the film franchise before letting it take a temporary leave of absence (however long Paramount’s ST license can afford to wait before starting up another cycle of rebooted ST features is required).

But mostly seeing what Tarantino does just seems like too unique an opportunity to pass up.

Yes and that’s why I DON’T think the Tarantino film is even a guarantee. Studios don’t do ‘one shot’ these days, they are always thinking of how to feed the machine as much as possible and exactly WHY I don’t think they are in any rush to do it. And there is zero guarantees its going to be a success (or even good. Everyone just pretends its gong to be great, it could also be a total disaster lol, especially if you go TOO far away from fan expectations, ie, Rian Johnson with TLJ who everyone LOVED the idea when it was announced he was making a SW film. Today, not so much ;)).

Clearly no one is moving on that right away which tells you that it doesn’t seem to be a huge priority either. As far as I can tell, Paramount hasn’t made any formal deals for Tarantino to direct even if the project is cancelled later. Why not do that at the very minimum? Or at least a promise that would be his next film after the one he’s making now? Get SOME kind of commitment in writing? Because my guess is this is all just a blue sky idea for now and want to see where the script goes first. But if thats rejected I’m guessing that won’t get any farther than this movie is now.

I guess for me, I’m at the ‘half empty’ view with these movies. Six months ago I would’ve argued its happening but now until there is a starting date, budget in place and everyone officially signed on, its nothing more than a big what if. Until those three happen (or even just any two of the three) I will believe it, but not a moment before then.

Well let’s talk about Ryan Johnson. Do you believe his film is not a success? Or that despite its success it’s just NOT even a good film? Do you think it’s not a good franchise film? Do you believe the vast majority of fans have turned against it? Or just a very strongly vocal and angry minority of fans? How bad of a failure is it if the fans don’t like it? Does the movie completely betray Star Wars’ traditional core values (as ST fans for some reason perpetually insist the latest or next installment of Trek may be unprecedentedly guilty of doing)? Or does it just not conform to fan theories and assumptions? Because we’re obviously witnessing an alternate universe phenomenon here. The critics liked it. Rotten Tomatoes recorded the reviews they’ve compiled as 91 percent favorable. Audiences seemed to love it. The crowds I saw it with applauded, even a month after release (with The Force Awakens audiences I saw were still visibly reacting as late as three months after). Some reviewers specifically said it was the strongest SW film since Empire. And that to me actually sounds about right. But then we have youtube videos “proving” it is just not a good film and “proving” that most raving critics “actually” couldn’t come up with anything original to say about it. You have online fans insisting the user reviews on various sites are somehow the “real” story, though there’s no accounting for what motivates which users to actively participate (desire to see the movie get a low score seems to be strong motivating factor). And finally you have just completely irrational fan-based wishfully cynical theories to the effect that a “disastrous” viewer reaction to the movie is what “really” crippled the Solo film (Not the timing of the latter movie, not a largely nonessential story to add to the SW mythos, not a famous director whose signature style is largely his lack thereof, not a fired director and news of reshoots, and not the still-unanswered question of just how much sense it makes for the media to treat these films as huge once-every-three-year events when they no longer are). It seems to me Ryan Johnson made exactly the movie that was promised, and some fans just weren’t ready for it. I base this on my own reaction, on the reactions of the audiences I saw it with, and on the reaction from critics. Though I fully expect plenty of fans out there have alternate criteria I “should” be considering instead. It’s also interesting to me that the episodic sequels have been the only GREAT installments from Disney to date, while their stand-alones have been merely GOOD to adequate (in that order). And this too reflects the opinions of critics and apparently audiences at large. Whereas with fans this appears to be exactly flipped (or at least WAS, until I’m guessing even fans had to acknowledge Solo was really not a “great” movie). Now critics acknowledged, almost universally, the The Force Awakens’ general story concept was largely remake. They acknowledged this, despite still ranking the film favorably. But they made ONE allowance that many fans weren’t willing to make — being that SW was having to re-establish itself to general audiences following its creator’s flat-footed writing and directing of the prequels. Moving on to Tarantino Trek: So there’s no guarantee it will be a success, “or even good.” I have to ask, is success not at least a partial indicator of quality? And by what measure could it not be good? Would it be the fans turning on it? Or would it be just a forgettable movie? If the fans appeared to turn on it, that to me would be a GOOD sign. The only Trek that did not generate an immediate fan backlash (as opposed to a well-earned one) was VOY, which was essentially nice and “safe” TNG formula for the “Everybody hates DS9 don’t we wink wink” crowd. What I think we can guarantee is a Tarantino Trek will be DIFFERENT. Regardless of whether everyone “pretends” it’s going to be great. And ST hungers for different, STARVES for it, RARELY gets enough of it, and when it does get it the fans immediately renounce it. The BEST Treks are the ones that are different. The Motion Picture. The Wrath of Khan. The Voyage Home. The Next Generation. The Undiscovered Country. Deep Space Nine (errrr… hhhhmmmm… ahhhh… yesillincludeit). And (yes), the 2009 movie. (Now I left out STD, because while it IS a uniquely different type of Trek that’s done some amazing things, its been crippled so far by studio mismanagement, and its 1st season was basically a one-page treatment rushed into actual production. And First Contact, while GOOD, just does not differ enough stylistically from the rest… Read more »

Computer. This is JJ Abrams, request security access…
Computer, destruct sequence 1, code 1, 1A …

Once Bad Robot’s deal is done I would like for Paramount to officially launch what would be a Marvel type cinematic filmverse. You could set it some years after Nemesis and do something fresh using characters people know. You’d have to make it compelling and move away from what some fans want: just let the movies be big spectacles, because if they’re movies they should feel like movies and not extended tv episodes. I think if you did it right, you could establish something really great. And then if Paramount and CBS ever merge, you do something to connect it all.

They tried turning Star Trek into a big spectacle mass audience popcorn flick, and it doesn’t seem to be working. I personally can’t sit through these huge formulaic superhero blockbusters, but have seen all of the older Trek films numerous times. I guess the new films suffer from too much action and not enough story. Throwing more money at it, isn’t necessarily going to make it better.

Weren’t ALL the Kelvin films big spectacles? What am I missing? They all felt like Star Wars movies mixed with Bond action pieces. The only thing (strangely) missing from them is we never got any huge space battles the way Star Wars does it (or DS9 later seasons) with tons of multiple ships fighting each other.

Beyond felt a big less than the other two but it still had big action pieces.

I just don’t think Trek is meant to be a huge spectacle. For that you generally need a simplistic formula, Villain v. Galaxy.

Of all the scripts, I thought Beyond had the best, and the same went for the acting. I liked the action sequence of the swarm attack [and eventual defeat] and how the Enterprise went down with dignity, and Kirk using every last resource she had to offer as he battled to save her crew. I liked that Uhura had more to do. I liked Elba’s character with his slightly more complex motivation than REVENGE!! I liked the emphasis on characters, viz Spock and McCoy. I loved Jaylah.

It’s really too bad Paramount didn’t have their stuff together for marketing the film. Because IMO it was the best of the three. Some bad decisions along the way led to a premature death.

Having seen Paramount’s huge success through marketing and movies that really grab audiences, I can highly recommend this course of action!

It’s dead, Jim. There will never be another Kelvinverse movie, thank God. Let’s hope J.J. gets shoved out the nearest airlock without an environment suit.

It’s funny to read folks knocking Abrams now, when I have been hollering about his missing the target directorially and creatively since first trying to sit through 09 (on homevid, where I still had to fastforward past crap like the snow monsters) …

now if people would just apply same standards to recent Bond, perhaps we could get beyond the current crop of crap and instead get a grit+glamour spectacle with somebody who actually looks like Bond playing 007 instead of a guy who looks like the villain’s henchman or Felix Leiter AFTER he met the shark who chomped him. And with musical underscores that contain recognizable and memorable melodies, something that seems lost in the 21st century. I miss John Barry and Jerry Goldsmith so much!

I think the KT movies would have been much bigger hits if JJ had not purposely created improbable scenario’s like young Kirk finding Prime Spock in a cave, on a planet that was a hundred light years from it’s previously established location, or switch roles between Pine and Quinto in the ridiculous Khan situation. Both of those movies would have been better if JJ did not come along and sabotage them in order to give the middle finger to fans who questioned his loyalty. The things we hate about those movies are the things JJ did to piss off the fans. He knew the general audience wouldn’t care, but he knew the fans would be livid- and that makes him happy.

yes, we fans have such pull where mega-dollar movie spectacles are concerned.

I honestly don’t think Abrams gave a rat’s arse about fans, one way or another, he was concerned about making a spectacle movie and hoping to market toys and such.

As someone said, he wanted -M O N E Y- and he wanted to audition for Star Wars, a wish he got.

Fans do not really enter the equation, much as some of us would like to think so.

My two cents: Leave the Kelvin movies a trilogy and reboot the film side. The era between Star Trek 6 and TNG is mostly unexplored or set them a century after the TNG era. And for God’s sake no more “blockbusters”!

Would LOVE a new set of films set a century after TNG! Just start from scratch in a completely new era and go as big as you want!

a movie set 25years or so after Trek VI/Generations. starring Christian Slater as Captain of Excelsior (or the Enterprise B), cobie smulders as first officer, Dorn as General Worf, Takei as Admiral Sulu (cameo) . Basically what Discovery could’ve been

I still think an Enterprise-B set right after GEN is the way to go … I’ve said it here and on other boards many times, but Harriman post-GEN has the most potential of just about anybody in TREK, having to go through life known as The Guy Who Got Kirk Killed and knowing no matter how he excels, he will be judged against that failure to act decisively. I just wish they’d done it in the 90s when the GEN cast of E-B folk could have been carried over to a miniseries, but even with a recast, it could work, because the dramatic potential is there. Plus that TSFS-TUC era is when Starfleet and Federation seems most retro (i.e., like NOW) in terms of conspiracy, paranoia and political double-dealing, which you could really milk, while showing the occasional brave officer and crew rising above despite the odds (like Mulder & Sculley once the FBI really start trashing them around season 6 or so.)

Could be interesting. I’m not crazy about the idea of institutional paranoia but I guess it worked all right with DS9 and Section 31 … but it was done to death in X-Files.

This is not a movie, this is a series idea, because otherwise there’s just way too much background to explain.

I conceived of it as a miniseries idea after GEN came out, something that starts with welders burning the logo and lettering off the E-B’s hull, and the crew scattered in disgrace. Eventually Harriman is offered an unofficial mission, on an unmarked ship, and he eventually realizes the objective of this mission is wholly antithetical to Starfleet ideals. By the time it is over, the ship gets its registration back, the crew and ship losing their ‘jonah’ status. Harriman is a fall guy again, but there’s a hint that he will eventually be rewarded for his efforts and sacrifice. I’ve got another few pages, but I keep those in the third drawer of the file cabinet, along with the outline for MY idea for what TREK 4 should have been in 86.

OK. I’ll bite. Only because TVH was so very very very bad. What was kmart’s idea for STIV?

I’m on deadline right now, but the short version is that it sets up them staying rogue … after they discover a klingon plot to put roms and Feds at war, and have to infiltrate and do this and that and even get klingon disguises on … and in the end, after the rom fleet pivots and turns on the klingons, and the Fed Council and Starfleet hotshots tell Kirk ‘all is forgiven,’ he blows them off, and you see they’ve painted PRIVATE ENTERPRISE on the underside of the BOP wing as they pull away and finally get to start doing exploration and cool stuff again in their golden years, no longer beholden to the bureaucracy that Starfleet has become. They could have done sequels that spent money on new things because they wouldn’t have to keep spending it on mushroom golf tee spacedocks and all the earth rigamarole, and get right into the story while spending more time with the crew interaction.

Thank you for your answer.

I like that time frame, but enough with dragging in old characters from that era. Nobody but a handful of diehards want to see Lt. Slater or General Worf. Make it a new ship, new crew, no cameos.

Problem with that is that studios don’t want to spend $100M and make $300M. They want to spend $250M and make $700M. But I agree with you, because I just don’t see Trek ever becoming that kind of massive blockbuster franchise. As we fans like it, it just doesn’t have the mass crossover appeal.

Maybe the likes of Deadpool, John Wick, and IT can serve as an example that a mid-budgeted film can still do very well, and quadruple it’s profits.

Build a handful of ship sets, do location shooting for an alien planet, hire a largely unknown cast, and don’t do a ton of big FX action sequence. Maybe just one or two. You can do that for under $100M.

I’m happy Cho is still optimistic but its amazing how far this film has been set back. It was around March or April Quinto and Pegg sounded like it was a done deal and it was just a matter of working out schedules. That was nearly a year ago and now no one has a clue what’s going on.

If they can’t get something going by the first half of 2019 maybe its time to let it go. Reading this board, clearly no one here will miss them lol. For the record I would, but I’m just greedy, I want more Trek regardless what version its in even if I don’t love it. ;)

I would miss them too! I’m still hoping for one more with this crew.

I hope for another with the reboot crew! I love them.

Yeah,just one more to kinda round it off. Or continue if it’s wildly successful,lol!

I would say just round it off and wrap it up. No need to continue it, nothing wrong with ending the series on a strong note (if by one chance out of three so far that a fourth film somehow manages to do that).

Just as an aside, Cho is very good in the little-seen “Searching”.

He is. And the story was a good one. How much do families REALLY know about their kids’ online lives ..?

Bad Robot did a good job on the first Trek movie (2009), but then stunk up the place with the next two DOG SHIT efforts.

Time to get some new, and more talented, people to produce the next one!

I think it’s safe to say they won’t be able to find an economical solution for the next Star Trek movie with the current cast, especially as their schedules tighten up. And since Star Trek Beyond didn’t draw the crowds, it may not be a bad idea to try a new direction and a new cast, hopefully something with a better sequel structure that helps to secure some ongoing interest in the follow-up movies. Heck, I wouldn’t object to an all-new Enterprise crew we haven’t met before, then they could be free to tell any story they want in whatever way they want.

I will say while I AM a fan of the Kelvin movies reading these responses proves how divisive they become. And since so many think the next movie can flop like Beyond did proves to me that just making Star Trek about TOS is NOT a guarantee to success. And I will make this clear I’m not saying TOS isn’t a popular or marketable entity anymore, obviously it is. But I don’t really think its going to attract new fans anymore than any other part of the franchise either.

The first film was a big hit (in America at least) because of the curiosity factor for one, but also because they threw $150 million at it with a hot director, pretty and hot young upcoming stars and made it look as slick as a Star Wars movie with tons of explosions and big action pieces. Any Trek film could succeed with those factors. The fact they did it with Kirk and Spock was a bonus, but that didn’t make or break the film IMO. Sure it got all the TOS fans excited but for new fans they just cared it looked cool and it was big. And now nearly 10 years later, it feels like most of those people moved on long ago and why everyone can’t decide if there should even be another film.

And oddly its a lot of TOS fans who have seem to turn on these films the most although many seem to like Beyond but not enough I guess. So if they do reboot them with another TOS cast, fine, but I really don’t think that’s going to be any more of a success if they just did something totally new with it either. Just my opinion.

TOS fans. I am one. But there’s a vocal group who are determined to hate everything new. And there are those who insist Shatner be cast in a film. He’s 86 years old for god’s sake, give the man some peace.

I just don’t think the Vocal Group are likely to influence studio decisions as they seem to think they are. And oh, my, the constant harping on “how rotten anything new in the Trek universe is” has gotten really really tired.

Obviously I agree with all of this. Yes there are Trek fans determined to hate it all sadly and we been seeing that since the first 2009 film and now Discovery. There is nothing wrong to be critical but when you suggest these things aren’t ‘real’ Star Trek then there is no place for the argument to even go sadly.

I don’t really think that factors in to what a studio decides to make of course but they could tell themselves Beyond may have proved enough have turned away from the franchise to attempt another one. Clearly they want to make another one but obviously their heart is not in it like before.

And I don’t think the hate for the films by that particular group will ever go away unfortunately. And after STID and the utter hate for it, maybe the damage can never be undone.

We’ve been seeing it since TNG if not before. As late as TNG’s fourth season you might occasionally meet fans who found no redeeming aspect of the spin-off whatsoever.

During TNG’s run you could still find volumes from the Best of Trek (collection of fanzine articles) which painted a picture of hardcore fans having rejected The Wrath of Khan because it was too violent. And throughout the TNG films it remained popular to bash The Final Frontier as the worst ST ever made (or to compare it to the latest movie for the mere sake of being hyperbolic).

After 2009 fans wanted to pretend they suddenly had amnesia for the whole “Berman and Braga” backlash (Braga hadn’t even been a major executive force behind ST until VERY recently during VOY’s production, and ZERO involvement with the movies after FC), but “B&B” was what greeted both ENT and Nemeis.

The hate didn’t start with 2009 at all; that’s merely how those particular haters wanted it perceived. And even their hate has waned since STD.

Well yeah Star Trek fans has hated Star Trek for decades now lol, I agree. Which is funny because I and others KEEP saying this about Discovery!!! I have said many, many times the hate for Discovery is NO different than the initial hate TNG or DS9 or Enterprise got. They ALL got it to a degree. Discovery is only 15 episodes old so I don’t really understand why people act like this show is being singled out? Its not! And of course that argument gets totally ignored lol.

But I WILL say Discovery like the Kelvin films are the first Trek productions in the age of social media and because of that the scorn just feels more intense because you can literally see the negativity everywhere. When Enterprise went off the air, there was no Facebook, there was no Youtube, there was no Twitter, etc. Today we live in a new age. I get articles coming to me on my phone over a DIS rant. You don’t even have to look for it today. It’s in your face like it never was during the TNG era. ALL the scorn about DIS being ‘too PC’? Yeah, VOY got the EXACT same criticism with Janeway lol.

And those people who say DIS and the Kelvin films aren’t real Star Trek isn’t ANY different than TOS fans who proclaimed TNG wasn’t real Star Trek. Of course eventually many came around. And yes in time some will for DIS too.

But there is just always going to be a very vocal fanbase of haters lol. Every show has them and they have the right to feel that way obviously but you’re not going to convince these people to like it, period. So don’t bother trying!

Agreed that it’s definitely not worth the energy. I didn’t know about STD being too PC, but I suppose it’s not surprising (we went through all that with DS9 and VOY though).

I don’t agree that general viewers were indifferent to rebooting TOS in 2009, nor that “any” ST film could succeed with younger stars, explosions and slick production value. That is a cynical perception perpetuated by fans who disliked the movie. Recasting Kirk, “Doctor” Spock and Bones was in fact absolutely crucial to the film’s success at that time. And very likely including Nimoy was as well. ST is motivated by two opposing schools of thought, to borrow a phrase from the campaign of a former president: “It’s the characters, stupid” and “It’s the philosophy, stupid.” Roddenberry subscribed to the latter (the chemistry of his original characters eluded him, plus he’d let the praise from fans, writers and professors for his optimistic “vision” go to his head). Under “The philosophy, stupid” it was assumed by that ST could remake itself indefinitely through one (TNG-styled) spinoff after another. This finally failed in 2005, nearly ten years after many of us were switching to Babylon 5 and saying ST was due for a ten-year leave of absence. Whether TNG’s mainstream success places it under the “Characters, stupid” remains to be seen. Stewart’s involvement in the new series means it’s still not time yet to reboot TNG. And I think Picard is the only character who stands tall next to Kirk, Doctor Spock and Bones. If you HAD to pick another character I suppose you’d choose Data (and all four TNG films did). Followed by Worf (who was used to energize DS9; his new role diminished to acting “Klingon!” and pissing the other regulars off). With 2009, someone at Paramount recognized the pop-cultural pendulum for ST had shifted back to “The characters, stupid.” It was time to roll ST back to what casual viewers knew about it just through osmosis (This is the same principal behind successfully adapting superhero franchises to the big screen). So that it didn’t wind up buried under Star Trek: Everything Else. Whether it attracted “new fans” is not something that can be realistically measured. It found a movie audience… and MIGHT have kept it but (seemingly) hasn’t. I anticipated as far back as 2009 that an attempt to re-establish ST on TV would similarly require “at least some” TOS characters as a jumping-off point for general audiences. I was often misquoted on message boards (I think intentionally) as saying they should recast-and-reboot all over again (I probably noted a Starfleet Academy series on CW seemed “likely” but that the Kelvin cast are movie actors and wouldn’t do it). I feel like I remain to be proven wrong. STD has avoided stepping on 2009 movie territory by returning Kirk and Spock to the Academy (it wouldn’t matter “what timeline”), but has still recast Sarek, Amanda and Mudd (with now Spock, Pike and Number One on the way). And it has yet to climb above the obscurity of DS9/VOY/ENT, assuming it still can (I hope it does, because it’s the first Trek on TV since DS9 to break from formula, and besides its production is absolutely gorgeous). A look at CBS’ other proposed ST projects shows they are being VERY systematic in their approach. A “Characters, stupid” series featuring Picard, an animated series directed at the Family Guy audience, a possible “Khan!!” miniseries for die-hard fans, and a possible Starfleet Academy series for the CW demographic (if I recall the rumors correctly, and no word on whether any known characters would be in it). This picture confirms to me that they can’t just do “anything”, and that they’re having to put careful thought into throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. It’s premature to assert ST is suddenly booming on the TV front while it’s dead on the big screen. What’s on TV right now is a ST series that finished its first season but still doesn’t have a logline. I agree with you that rebooting TOS (again) on the big screen won’t be any more successful. It was successful the first time, until the ball was dropped. Rebooting the TOS cast again would just be another case of [The Amazing] Spider-Man. General audiences would respond with cynicism even if it happened to be good. This is too bad, because I really don’t know what else Movie Trek can do yet. It doesn’t have enough of a following (anymore) to shoot off into original cast territory (assuming that’s even something you CAN do on the movie front; Rick Berman was toying with it before he was let go). If I were Paramount I would gamble ALL my bets on Tarantino, CALL him up, then wait for him to finish his current movie. And then give him complete control (in whatever capacity he serves) like they did with Abrams. I think even if he made a terrible movie it would… Read more »

I am a TOS guy. And I was fine with the KU reboot. Enjoyed the first and 3rd ones. The 2nd was the weak link in the franchise. I do not understand why TOS people would be so against the concept of rebooting with new actors. I sure as hell am not. I welcome it.

I was actually surprised it took as long as it did. I had figured we might get a TOS reboot for television after TNG went off the air. Though considering TOS was never really Team Berman’s specialty, I was just as glad we didn’t.

To be honest I’m GLAD we didn’t get that because the universe would’ve felt small again if we just went from TNG back to TOS . I like that they built on new characters and ideas and the universe now feels a lot bigger and more interesting to talk about. And DS9 was the real test IMO. Once they proved fans could watch a show without even a starship involved then it showed Trek could be so much more. While I didn’t love Enterprise I’m happy we got that instead of TOS as well because at least they attempted to tell another angle to Trek.

That said I’m not saying I would be against any TOS reboot for TV I’m just happy it wasn’t then. Today though I would be fine with it. And my guess is they didn’t just reboot TOS on AA because of the Kelvin movies so they just came up with another idea that could at least use those characters when they want to like Discovery is now clearly doing.

I suspect there will be another TOS show in the future, but clearly it will be far in the future when someone is ready to reboot the whole thing and begin again. No one seems to want to that now but in time someone will.

Most frustrating thing about DS9 was the studio learned the wrong lessons when it fell short of achieving mainstream. Essentially asked Berman to go back to TNG again (we can fairly well assume) for both VOY and ENT. Really both shows needed more experimenting than their creators seemed willing to allow.

But I agree that it hasn’t really been time for a TOS reboot on TV, with the movies having already gotten there first. I want to say do the whole CBS/Kurtzman Trek five-year thing first, take another ten-year leave of absence and maybe then it will be time for Classic Trek reboot (in whatever media TV and streaming have morphed into by then).

Want to know what’s crazy kids?

This article was posted 4 months to the day it was reported both Pine and Hemsworth walked away from the table and we haven’t heard a peep sense. I remember reading people thought it was just a media ploy to get either side to cave and that it would all be worked out in a few weeks. Well those weeks have now turned into months lol and clearly no end in sight. Yeah, doesn’t look good.

What do I know….


Here is an idea, how about taking Star Trek movies to Netflix? These days some big name directors like Alfonso Cuaron and Martin Scorsese are doing movies for Netflix with a limited theatrical run. I believe Star Trek can benefit from something like this. Will Smith’s Netflix film Bright was budgeted around 90 million dollars if I am not mistaken, and a Trek film within the boundaries of this budget could work. I wonder if Tarantino is willing to work with Netflix, it might be an interesting collaboration.

To be honest I don’t see the point of that when CBS could simply make their own online films and put them on All Access? That’s the entire reason why they have that site, because now they can produce in whatever format they want, hence Short Treks. Why give it to Netflix when they can make it themselves and all the profits go to them.

Obviously, the reason I am mentioning Netflix in this context is the fact that it’s currently much more popular than All Access both in America and around the world. If they only limit it to All Access, the international Trekkies would get the short end of the stick. Also since they do have an agreement with Netflix for the international rights of Discovery, I think it makes more sense to get the Netflix crowd involved.

No I get why you’re suggesting that, I’m only saying I don’t see why CBS would do it, especially if they think they it will draw more viewers to their site then they would make it for theirs first. Thats what this is all about at the end of the day. If they are already making a dozen shows for AA why NOT also create streaming films as well? This is your chance to BUILD your library so one day they will have Netflix numbers as well. My guess is they want people to think of AA as their future for all things Trek. It doesn’t make sense from a branding perspective to have your rival make movies you can do and promote yourself.

But as you said they have a relationship now with Netflix, so they could just make it for AA domestically and make a deal with Netflix to distribute it worldwide like they do Discovery. Or even come to a deal where they split the cost but in America it would be on AA I imagine.

I know, right? CBSAA could have plenty of streaming Star Trek in addition to “The Good Fight” [which seems to be the only other worthy program on the network]. They could have Star Trek movies or big-name three-part “movies” just as HBO did with “Big Little Lies.” They could probably do several series, airing at different times of the year, so we’re not hanging for months and months in between.

AA is still very tiny in terms of viewership but thats how you expand, simply by producing more content. And now they have a chance to build it up since they do have Discovery and will have other shows. But yes they should also be thinking about movies just like Netflix and Amazon makes them. Even go their direction and make them a studio release for a few weeks as well. This is why AA is just so behind in the game compared to the others, their TV shows are mostly a joke and they have a non-existent film library. So hopefully they do become more aggressive and just build out both more shows and films. It doesn’t have to be $90 million movie like Bright but I can at least see smaller films like what Amazon does, which are well regarded.

AA just needs REAL buzz in general. Star Trek is a way to create that but its still very little. But in a few years that will all change if they are building some quality shows and films.

AA is going to seem even tinier by the end of next year, when Disney Plus arrives with more established content than anyone and changes the landscape of streaming services for years to come…Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, etc., all for about the same monthly price of AA. I agree, Netflix should take Trek over. At least it would stand a chance.

Besides, more and more respectable directors are taking their films to Netflix, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea. To be honest I don’t think All Access will ever reach the heights of Netflix, especially internationally. It might end up relatively successful in America but I live in a country that so far has only Netflix available as an international streaming service.

Agreed Danpaine!

A lot of people probably wasn’t happy when Disney announced it was making its own platform (and of course removing a lot of their movies and shows from Netflix in the process) but that is a company doing it RIGHT! It’s really the first streaming site that will feel like a complete site on day one considering what we know they are planning. It’s not going to all be there when it premieres but they are going to have new shows and movies every few months not to mention their already crazy library of movie franchises and shows. Add to the fact they brought 20th Century Fox to include as well and these guys aren’t messing around.

AA is just a joke and I STILL have it lol. And why I know its a joke, because I never watch it outside of Star Trek. Netflix makes a new original show every month now. They still get tons of high quality movies and shows. For AA, reruns of NCIS and Survivor are nice to have if you’re already a fan but the competition is just too brutal.

No one caress about All Access because there is such little on that site now. In a few years that can change but they have to think beyond just Star Trek spin offs to get the rest of the world’s attention like Netflix, Amazon and clearly Disney will be doing or it will get swallowed up.

What would be really cool if Paramount made a Star Trek movie featuring the crews of all five Star Trek shows. It would also be cool for CBS to put DS9 on blu-ray and allow Stage 9 to continue but these studios aren’t about trying to make fans happy…

Upscale seems to be the only viable way DS9 in HD would ever happen, something they briefly considered (and thankfully rejected) for TNG.

Would it even be worth it? Farscape looks quite beautiful upscaled from SD, but at least they had PAL master tapes to work with. ST wouldn’t have such an advantage. Any PAL broadcast masters for DS9/VOY would exist downstream of the old NTSC digi-BETA masters.

Even if it happened, there’s no guarantee CBS would consider releasing it on Blu-Ray. In a streaming age they might simply use it to advertise that it’s available for streaming in HD (as problematic as HD appears with All Access). But the modest leap in quality might not warrant a BD.

If everybody is getting excited over seeing HD clips from DS9 in that DS9 doc CBS will have to rethink just upscaling the show otherwise What We Left Left Behind will make what CBS does very dated and underwhelming in comparison.

The fact that Chris McQuarrie is actively talking about a future Trek project suggests that he’s aware that SJ Clarkson will probably be moving on to an actual project in the near future.

I would give my first born to see a McQuarrie written and directed Star Trek movie with this cast.

Ditch the Kelvin Universe – Abrams – the Enterprise with the crew.

Bring back Prime – 100% new production team who just have a inkling

to Star Trek. Create a totally new crew….No Kirk – Spock – McCoy or

any prime (old) character – keep the foundation of Star Trek aboard a

New Ship perhaps who’s purpose is to visit just our Solar System and

Star Bases – etc….etc….

McQuarrie would be perfect he already knows Bad Robot having worked with them for a decade & Paramount would get a genuine A List director who knows exactly how to craft action to fit a budget & can give us a story first Star Trek on a reasonable movie level budget.

I have an amazing idea. Paramount can create its own streaming service and have new Star Trek movies go there!

I won’t be seeing the 4th film if Kirk is not in it. At this point if they cannot make a deal with Pine, it may be time to jettison bad robot and start over.

I think we all can agree this cast was awesome.

Every one of them were great in their roles.

The problem was Into Darkness should have been out in 2011 and Beyond should have been out in 2013.

Why Paramount allowed the franchise to go 4 years in between movies was absolutely ridiculous at best. The fire was hot, the audience wanted more, and they could have gotten three movies out before the Marvel Disney BS started.

2016 should have been the fourth movie and 2018 should have been the fifth movie.

Bottom line as much as I personally enjoyed the latest trilogy…I’m on the team that says lets move on.

yet Treks sister franchise (MI) gets away with it (no doubt due to Cruise)

Kirk grows old turns into Shatner the Qt Productions to Kirks rescue and a Trumpian type bad guy to mess things up!