Report: ‘Star Trek 4’ May Be Shelved

The latest update on the sequel to Star Trek Beyond seems to spell bad news for the project.

Clarkson moving on

Last April, shortly after Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced that not just one but two Star Trek projects were in development, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot tapped director S.J. Clarkson to helm the follow-up to the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond. In the late spring and early summer of 2018, she met with cast members and there was talk that the film would go into production early in 2019. However, in August, the project stalled over salary negotiations with Captain Kirk actor Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, who was set to return to the role of George Kirk.

Simon Pegg with director SJ Clarkson at the Mission: Impossible – Fallout UK premiere, July 13, 2018 (Twitter/Simon Pegg)

Since that August report, there has been no news on any progress on Star Trek 4. And now comes an indication that Paramount has put the project on hold, at least for now. Today an article from Deadline about S.J. Clarkson’s future, notes that she has been hired to direct and executive produce the pilot for HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series, with the Trek project now “shelved.” From Deadline:

I hear Clarkson was recruited by HBO for GOT after she recently became available. Earlier this year, Clarkson was the first female director to be tapped to direct a Star Trek movie when she was hired to helm the fourth feature in the current series. That project has since been shelved.

This actually isn’t the first time Clarkson’s name has come up regarding jumping over to another high-profile project. Over the fall she was reported to be on the shortlist for possible directors for the next James Bond film, which is currently in pre-production under director Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Now, we wait

In the last few months, a number or the actors attached to Star Trek 4 have expressed optimism that the project will still move forward. Even Chris Pine has stated he hopes to return to the role. But it is clear that the film is not going into production any time soon. Finding another director should not be too difficult. In fact, Mission: Impossible Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie has stated he is interested. The major hangup seems to be related to money with Paramount trying to find a way to make the film with a more modest budget than originally envisioned when they first cut deals with Pine and Hemsworth back in 2016.

TrekMovie has reached out to Paramount regarding the status of Star Trek 4, but they have no comment at this time.

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I. Will go with option 3.

Why do I have the feeling that if they made a 4th KU film for a lesser budget it might actually end up being a better film?

This is unfortunate news, however. The movies are large and bombastic. But when done well they can be fun to watch.

Problem for me is what can they do with a smaller budget. They need to actually concentrate on producing a good story with some substance this time, and that will bring people into cinemas, in numbers. I have little confidence that the current people working on the Kelvin films have the desire to bother, based on what I’ve seen in the three films before. Don’t get me wrong, they are decent films, but they are definitely style over substance.

I agree regarding the current people working on the KU films. The first film was good, if not great, the second was a poorly written Wrath of Khan rip-off, and the third film was just OK, not terrible but again not great.

My assessment is the first one was good, but yes not great. I didn’t hate the second one as much as others but yes including Khan was a HUGE mistake IMO. And while I thought the third one was actually the best, it was also not amazing and not a very exciting film overall. It’s just kind of there.

That’s always been the problem with these films for me, I don’t think any were awful (even if I think STID was subpar) but I don’t think any were amazing either. The TNG films doesn’t have an amazing Trek record but First Contact has become an iconic film for many in the fanbase like TWOK and TUC has. You can probably argue the first Kelvin film is the most popular but because there is so much division of these films in general (look at the current Picard thread about including the destruction of Romulus in its story for that) its hard to say its loved by the general fanbase like TWOK or FC is.

And that’s sadly the other problem, the amount of scorn some fans seem to have for them simply existing. Many people hate movies like Nemesis and TFF but fans aren’t trying to wipe out their entire movie franchises from existent like the Kelvin films either.

Sometimes I feel bad for Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman because their hearts were in the right place but the execution really soured a lot of fans on those films even if they still have tons of fans who DO like and appreciate them (like me).

Orci and Kurtzman were definitely Star Trek fans but I also think that’s what hurt them. Only a fan would think a Wrath of Khan re-hash would be a good idea. I will say I’ve been enjoying what Kurtzman is doing with Discovery and find the fan-hate laughable. Of course, when TNG was announced back in ’87 (yes, I’m old), fans were having a fit. NOTHING would ever replace their beloved Original Series and now most everyone loves TNG.

Yes I agree too. I think STID is an example when people who generally love the franchise gets in their own way. The crazy thing is NO ONE was asking for a Khan movie even before they started on a sequel. There are polls right here on TM that asked fans for years what they wanted in the sequel to the 09 film and Khan was literally at the bottom in nearly all of them. No one seem excited or interested in bringing Khan back And they definitely weren’t interested in turning it into a WOK redux. But I think something told those guys the fans are going to come around once they saw it and boy were they wrong lol.

STID is a really well made film but it created so much bitterness over it that might have sunked any future Kelvin film just like SW fans are claiming TLJ killed any interest in future films and why Solo bombed.

I don’t think any of it is that black and white but there is probably a factor for sure. I really was hoping we get one more film for no other reason to wrap it up and send it off with a high point. I guess Beyond will be the one to do that now, even if a bit subdued.


Except it was my understanding their goal wasn’t to make a “Khan movie” per se, but rather, that the principles involved were blown away by THE DARK KNIGHT movie and set as their goal to make a Trek movie along those lines. The trouble with that being they began looking for a Joker level nemesis for Kirk, and settled on Khan based on the success of that one film when, in the entire body of Trek work devoted to Kirk, Khan was NEVER a near constant returning, recurring, thorn in Kirk’s side as the Joker was to Batman.

And then, after assigning the duty of Kirk Nemesis to Khan, they rewrote his origin so that Marcus, and not Kirk, was Khan’s nemesis which muddied the whole affair as it turned out Marcus was actually Kirk’s nemesis too, but the film never lays the groundwork for a Kirk/Marcus back and forth ongoing conflict through his academy years to eventual command.

I think their goal would have been far better realized had the filmmakers been more familiar with the series and picked a character with which Kirk had actually butt heads more frequently than once every couple of decades which, if you were going to go to the trouble of introducing Klingons anyway, should have been possibly Kor or Kang (I never was able to figure out a method to estimate a definitive amount for the number of reset battles the entity must have caused Kirk and Kang to have before Kirk figured it out in THE DAY OF THE DOVE?)

Disinvited, I think I read somewhere that Kor was originally intended to be a recurring character to meet up with Kirk periodically and become a pseudo nemesis. But when they did the next Klingon episode Calicos was not available. Using Kor in some way in STID may well have been the better way to go. But… No unringing bells.


FWIW Kor reappeared in the animated STAR TREK which the current films have been known to draw upon.

Tiger, I want to say that I really do think that Kurtzman and Orci’s hearts were in the right place when coming up with the first sequel. They were correct in that Kirk needed to really ‘earn’ that chair. But using Khan was just not the way to go about it nor was echoing the Spock death scene and using the KHAN yell. Kirk need not had ‘died’ for the message to be received. Mainly because killing Kirk in the 2nd movie carried little weight as these things tend to come in 3’s. So either way the audience knew Kirk was not ‘dead’. They could have set up a situation where Kirk decided to make the ultimate sacrifice for his ship and crew but for some reason does not perish. Or some last second event stops Kirk. The intent to go through with it ought to have been enough for to show Kirk has learned.

I would challenge your comment, ” Only a fan would think a Wrath of Khan re-hash would be a good idea.” I think most fans would think that would be a TERRIBLE idea.

I recall ’87 myself. (Yes, I’m old too) but I do not recall fans having a fit. It was more like like trepidation mixed with curiosity. Could a new version of Trek capture what the original did? I personally think the answer to that after seeing the finished product was ‘no’. But others disagree. I liked seeing new Trek stories. But the show just didn’t seem to have the heart and camaraderie the original had. It felt like TNG was trying to hard to capture it while the original wasn’t even really trying to do it and it just happened.

Agree 100% but unfortunately the cast alone makes a lower budget film impossible. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana will likely command a combined $40M. The rest of the main cast another 15M. Throw in a villain, famous co-star (Hemsworth or otherwise), and you’re talking a budget already north of $60M before you’ve built a single set, written a script, or turned on the VFX computers.

I would guess any Star Trek sequel with this cast will have a budget no less than $150M, and for that they’ll want a guarantee they can pull in $400M at the global box office.

I was no fan of STID, but very much enjoyed 09′ and Beyond was a fun ride. So, we end up with a mediocre trilogy. Sad news, but not unexpected. Paramount treats our franchise so shabbily.

A trilogy where the odd films were the good ones and the even film was the bad one lol.

I was watching STID again the other day and if not for the rip-off-but-flipped Kirk “death”, and “Khan” ( they could have just had him be another superman from Khan’s era, or jus “John Harrison” ), the movie would be fine – not GREAT – but fine.

But they spoiled it by shoehorning in K.I.N.O. ( Khan In Name Only ).

I feel entirely the same way. That one scene is horrible. I really would be extremely happy if a future special edition of the movie eliminated the Spock scream entirely.

I tend to agree. Using Khan was a TREMENDOUS mistake. It has often been said that film would have been received better had they just had BC play any other guy but Khan. For me that and the Kirk “death” (wink wink) scene needed to be removed. At least, not be a near shot for shot reverse of WoK. Which took me right out of the moment.

I disagree. He didn’t have the swarthy delivery like Montalbán did but Cumberbatch’s Khan was actually a super human and was actually really intelligent unlike Montalbán’s who only sounded the part but (for example) had no clue how dimensions in space works.

In several ways I thought it was a much better performance. Ricardo’s performance is iconic but a lot of that is just getting out of the gate first and it pushes that rose tinted nostalgia button really well now days especially for the people of a certain age for whom “things were better back then”. It happens every generation.

If they simply kept Cumberbatch an augment who was part of Khan’s original team on Botany Bay and not Khan himself it would’ve just went a looooong way better. And they could’ve presented a different Khan in a future film building up to him.

And its not about age or nostalgia, it’s simply about fitting the role you are cast in, especially when we were told over and over he was suppose to be the same Khan from TOS. I thought BC was good too but him being Khan made no sense and was just too distracting for many fans. Nothing about him, nothing, sounded, looked or acted like Khan. He was a different character entirely except for having the same name so what’s the point?

People wanted to see Khan, the character people fell in love with in the first place, not just a guy who seemed to be playing someone else entirely.

Agreed. “John Harrison” would have been adequete. Him being Khan ( with no delving into his background, or flashbacks or ANYTHING ) was utterly pointless.

Their trite attempt to do a 9-1-1 / Tim Osman allegory was utterly woeful as well as disrespectful.

I was about to make the same point. BC could have played some genetically engineered compatriot of Khan’s from the Botony Bay if they needed a ‘super human’ for the part. Personally, however, I’d rather they find some other reason for his advanced skills than have him be from Khan’s group to begin with. But then, it also would have been harder to throw in the Nimoy cameo, too. “Do you know this John Harrison?” “Nope. Never heard of him.” “OK. Thanks anyway.”

Cumberbatch should have been Joachim. They could simply have had him be the one awakened in the alternate timeline instead of Khan. Cumberbatch looks and sounds like Judson Scott, so it would have been quite cool–and it would have solved the movie’s biggest problem.


It wasn’t that Khan had “no clue how dimensions in space works” —he and his crew weren’t experienced in space (or submarine, apparently) combat.

That’s a bummer… I am a big fan of the Kelvin timeline and was looking forward to the forth installment. Hopefully these issue will get worked out and Star Trek 4 will get made… Unfortunately everything comes down to money$$$ and the art of making with substance gets pushed aside… Paramount should sell the movie rights to Star Trek to a studio better suited to promote successful franchises… :(

Every movie studio is out to make money. And most successful franchises these days are big budget blockbusters. So this idea that Trek would suddenly put out better movies just because it’s sold off to Disney or Universal doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Terrible news. We need the Kelvin timeline!!!!

Great news! JJ Trek was never the genuine article

That is gatekeeping and last I checked, it wasn’t okay to do that here.

So now that it looks like the Kelvin timeline is dead, can we finally take a look at Bob O’s original script / treatment for Star Trek 3? :)

I have a feeling that elements of Bob Orci’s original treatment for Trek 3 were going to be part of the planned fourth movie since Payne and McKay were screenwriters on both.

Shatner and Nimoy had parts in the original Trek 3 that Paramount seemed “too Trekkie.” I figure their parts shifted to Chris Hemsworth (who would attract Paramount’s coveted “wider audience” as the idea was reworked.

I am still amazingly curious to see the rejected Orci script. There are a lot of rumors but none can be confirmed as factual.

This is why we cant have nice things. Bad news

There are no downsides to this

For you perhaps, but I liked these movies. When I was a kid, I was chastised for liking Star Trek to the point of severe depression. When the ’09 movie came out, I was in high school, and was able to talk Trek with friends for the first time. People I didn’t know well suddenly became friends because we could bond over that movie.

So yes, there are downsides, and I understand why you don’t like them, but can’t you understand why other Trek fans do?

That’s a nice story, Mark. Glad that happened for you, and that the 09’ film was the key.

I had the same experience with First Contact back in ‘96. Glad you and your friends were able to connect through Trek too, Mark.

Thank you for sharing that.

With you 100% on that! ST09 was SO BIG that we even watched it in class in high school…twice. I couldn’t believe it. Watching Star Trek? For fun? In class? In high school?!!? All my friends [way more popular than I] were suddenly like oh yeah Star Trek! Totally cool. My eyes couldn’t have rolled back farther. I was the OG fan basically outta the womb. It was soooo validating to have everyone appreciate my franchise for once, even if it wasn’t quite the same as I knew it growing up.

I agree. I had a blast with these movies. They are pretty fun versions of our classical characters, and they were perfectly cast.

I don’t get why the so called guardians of True Trek can enjoy an alternative timeline like the Mirror Universe and then aren’t incapable of enjoy another version of Star Trek. I hate narrow minded people, that is the opposite of what Trek is about, and it seems to me so narrow minded to dismiss this because “its not my trek”. Grow up.



I share your optimistic outlook.

Very sad news. The cast were really getting a feel for their characters and by “Beyond” it started to feel like “Trek”. I hope this is something they can resolve in time to still make this.

Totally agree…

No other cast had less time to find their characters than Kelvin Crew, so they deserve credit on that point, they are good actors for sure.
Its a shame the scripts weren’t better.

I honestly think it’s the writing that defines the characters, and the KT crew suffered from a lack of competent writing in too many cases :(

As expected after no news since the 2 Chris’s salary demands stalled it. Christopher McQuarrie would save it if he really wants it Paramount will let him do it & he could do it cheaper & better than anyone else around right now. But I think Paramount have had enough of Bad Robot & want to do it themselves without a production partner so looks like it will be another new crew in a few years time.

I agree. Let McQuarrie do it for cheaper. And then get Chris Pine back when he finds out some money is better than no money.

Chris Pine has a really bright future in terms of future projects, and knowing what he’s worth isn’t a bad thing. I’m sure you wouldn’t do the same job you’re doing for less when someone else will pay you more for it.

Star Trek is not his passion, it’s his job, and that’s okay.

You might be onto something. Paramount felt burned by Abrams after he signed on to work on Star Wars but they weren’t really in a position to do much of anything about it.

To be honest I have the opposite view. I think Paramount had no problem that Abrams wasn’t directing the third one because he was the guy who got STID budget increased by a huge factor AND took so long to make a sequel in the first place. Abrams is certainly the one who is responsible for reigniting Trek but it could also be argued he helped destroy the hype for them as well with all the issues over STID. The ONLY reason its not discussed more is because it is actually the biggest film in the franchise. But the fact it also cost the most kind of make it neutral.

If the two companies join they can move on to enterprise b, c, f or non-enterprise ship of any era. Captain April or Pike too.

It’s a perfect storm of circumstances. Sure, they probably had trouble negotiating the bean counting to pull this off (and perhaps did indeed try to lowball Pine and Hemsy after previously agree-upon commitments). But this probably also has something to do with a bit of lesser-reported news of the last few months: the fact that J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot’s deal is up at Paramount this year, and they are very likely jumping ship for their next big development/producing/long-term, possibly over to Disney. So it would likely require Paramount re-upping or finessing of the current deal, and all buzz makes it appear as if Abrams will probably be moving somewhere else. Would you want to spend hundreds of millions on not-so-in-demand sequel and a filmmaker who’s temporarily jumped ship (twice already) for a rival studio’s iconic sci-fi franchise? I’m sure Paramount, with everything else that is going on with them lately (scandals, mergers, legal, etc.), sees all this as just another financial hurdle that’s not quite worth investing in at this time. There will be more Star Trek movies, eventually, but for now…(since surprisingly no one else has jumped on this yet) it’s dead, Jim.

This comes as no surprise at all! Time to move on from the Kelvin. Also when there were talks of a Tarantino Trek I remarked (assuming he would be the director) how would he even want to direct this current cast? This guy gets top notch actors….Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Russell….. and so on….

If Chris Pine really loved the franchise he would have took the job and “suffered” the pay drop. He’s now bigger than Kirk. Not an ounce of humility.

Get real. Pine is an actor. Star Trek is a job. It has nothing to do with humility. It has to do with being a PAID PROFESSIONAL who makes movies for MONEY. Stop acting like he should care soooo much about Trek. He’s an actor, not a fan.

It’s kinda been clear from day one that Pine doesn’t really care about appeasing the fan base, given how little he interacts with us. Trek is just a role for him, as PaulB said. Which, I mean, is fine. Not exactly what we want, but fine.

Telling that you use the “appease.”

All I will say is he probably is grateful for the role as it did turn him into a star but I don’t think he ever liked the fandom side of it as I imagine many don’t. Now not saying he doesn’t like the fans, just the hoopla of it all. He’ll sign an autograph and take pictures with fans but he’s not doing a convention. But everyone is different, look at Jason Issacs, that guy has embraced the fandom on a level I haven’t seen in years lol. He became friends with a lot of past Trek actors on Twitter the minute he signed on. He’s constantly interacting with other fans on it. And seems to be the only one out of Discovery crew who has gone to conventions that is NOT an obligation like the Comic con stuff and my guess the LV convention. That guy was on a Star Trek cruise just this week.

But I think for any actor who decides to do Star Trek its one of three reasons: A. Just want a job with notoriety and security but don’t care about Trek as a whole (although many seem to appreciate it in time) B. Love the Trek stories, premise and ideas but no interest of the obsessed fandom side of it or C. Actually love both and its a dream job for them.

I feel Pine is B but he could be A (and thats OK if he is). But I feel very few actors are C and if they do become that it may take some time to truly embrace it all. Obviously I love Star Trek but I don’t know if I would want to do it because of the nutty fans lol. Especially when they turn on you. ;)

You guys realize that it’s his agents that handle most of it? And don’t try to justify paramount putting the blame on the actor since they are the ones at fault as they didn’t want to honour his contract, to begin with. Actors are asked to honour their contracts with a studio or they face consequences, yet the same studios believe they don’t need to honour their contracts with actors and thus give them what they have promised. You guys really believe that Shatner wouldn’t have done the same? Oh wait, he did. He always had big demands. In fact, he commented this situation about Pine by saying he’s totally right.

Actually Jemini I think most people are on Pine side about this, certainly me. I want another film too but I can’t remotely blame Pine for simply getting the money he was promised.

BUT I will say this and that while I disagree with Paramount I do understand it as well. Because Pine only got that raise when he took them to court over Beyond being delayed and wanted a better deal when his original contract ended. And I’ll make it clear it was his right to do, but he did it after Beyond was already in production so he had the studio over a barrel and they knew it. So they gave him a pay bump, one he was probably owed anyway. But this all happened under the harsh light of Beyond and everything that happened with that movie. And no one would be talking about this now if it simply did better at the BO. It didn’t, so Paramount is too afraid to make another big budget movie and who knows how much it promised Hemsworth.

So Pine is right for sticking to his guns, but I also think Paramount feel they got screwed in the last negotiations that increased the budget for a film that ultimately failed.

And here they back are. Again I can’t blame Pine for what he did. But I can’t blame Paramount either IF all of this is true and probably worried the next film will under-perform (which they should be) and they have to lower it somehow. This is one of those situations where both sides feel they are getting robbed and probably why neither gave in.

Chris..You think the rules don’t apply to you. There’s greatness in you, but there’s not an ounce of humility. You think that you can hold out for more money, but there’s going to come a moment when you realize you’re wrong about that! and you’re going to get yourself and everyone under you in your film series out of a job..

It’s dead, Jim…

They can go back to prime when the two companies are one

As long as Bad Robot is producing, there is no way they’re going to make it for less than the first 3 films which seems to be the goal, and rightly so. At this point, I’d expect feature Trek is dead until Abram’s first look deal expires with Paramount. Then it will be rebooted. Hard to imagine this cast coming back for another installment at this point. Way too many issues standing in the path. Given any possible future release dates, probably not worth the effort to keep the continuity with this cast and timeline anyway.

Yes. It may take a little bit but I think another reboot is coming. And I think the next one will be an ACTUAL reboot. Not an alternate time line.

Wow amid all the exciting TV news we are getting today, its sad the movie side has officially gone the opposite way.

But this isn’t shocking for most of us. It’s been clear now for months the project was all but dead. Once both Chrises walked away and there was zero development since it was pretty clear the movie wasn’t moving forward unless they got at least Pine back. And I was the one who was all but sure a movie was happening back in March and April. Since the summer though I was convinced of the complete opposite.

It’s been evident Paramount was not really motivated to make this movie and I can’t blame them at all. The next movie could flop like Beyond did or even worse. There is just no hype for these films anymore.

Another movie can still happen but I’m not holding my breath. Reality is most Trek fans don’t seem that bothered about them, the TV side is where things are really heating up and most are getting excited for the Picard show and the return to the 24th century. They still made a decent trilogy IMO and we know Paramount will make more Trek movies in the future. When and in what form who knows but they will definitely be cheaper, that’s a guarantee. ;)

I would rather a movie about captain april.

That’s not going to happen.

In my opinion Paramount blew the KU series when they didn’t get the sequel out sooner. After that it felt like they didn’t deem it all that important and the way they pissed away the 50th anniversary marketing sorta suggested to me that 3 would be it. I started to get optimistic for a 4th but when the fighting over the Pine thing happened I was convinced it was dead.

Only $340 million in global box office for STB. Getting shelves is what happens to big budget films that make the same box office as Monster Hunt 2 and Peter Rabbit. It makes me sad, but it’s true.

Paramount will invest that $200+ million for production and advertising into more profitable projects.

Interesting turn of events. With Discovery gaining momentum and S2 around the corner, and the Picard series underway, I have a distinct feeling that both new ST films are shelved indefinitely. I would not be surprised, if we see a few more ST TV series on CBS ACCESS in the coming years, which will be in lieu of these movies.
I just have this notion that Paramount is going to hold tight on any new ST films for awhile, and watch and see how the new Disney+ streaming plays out with their new series coming soon, and watching closely at the DC streaming platform with their new series around the corner.

I know Paramount has their own streaming platform currently, I am wondering if there are going to transfer these ST scripts into streaming movies on either platforms (CBS or Paramount), and save a boatload of money at the production and salary costs, and bypass the whole theater release altogether?
With how well STD has looked (very high quality IMO), the studios could easily go the movie streaming route and probably be more successful than the last theatrical releases combined.

It is really funny on the same day this huge explosion of Trek TV news came out that we get word the fourth Trek film is basically DOA. I don’t think it was strategized that way or anything, it’s just crazy timing.

And the reality is for most hardcore fans Trek belongs more on TV anyway. Trek has definitely made some iconic movies over the decades from TWOK to FC but nothing seems to draw fans in like the shows do. I mean for me, while its certainly fun to watch a $200 million movie on IMAX 3D, story wise, its not going to be any better than what you can do on a $5 million weekly episode. That’s always been the issue, genre movies are about spectacle and big events but not every story NEEDS that to have a big impact and thats what franchises like Marvel and Star Wars do. Star Trek CAN do that, but it doesn’t have to either. That’s why I love this franchise because you can do something big and end of the world consequences like First Contact or you can do something intimate and character based like The Inner Light, both are just as valid.

For a lot of the fanbase they actually prefer the latter which is WHY its so hard to make Star Trek a huge movie franchise in the first place. Because you’re never going to convince most of the non-fans no matter what you do because its still that nerdy franchise underneath it all and the hardcare fans don’t care about stuff like that anyway because they ARE nerds and want substance over action if you could only pick one.

April. Back to the unchartered Captain April era.

Stop trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not gonna happen.

yes its funny both news came out same day that ST4 is DOA and Picard continuing on from the beginning of ST09 (so in a way we’ve lost ST4 with JJcre/Thor but immediately gained another ST4 Countdown sequel starring Patrick Stewart)…

perhaps another reason why ST4 wasnt all that anticipated (aside Beyond being a bore and underperforming) and is now maybe dead is since Beyond theres been Discovery (and the forthcoming Picard series) where you have actual film stars in it (Yeoh and Isaacs and the returning PStewart) that would be a huge coup if they were in a Trek movie appearing in something that looks like it could easily be on the big screen itself sets/FX wise plus you’ve now got Pike (who actually looks like Pike) and Spock and The Enterprise…and now theres Patrick Stewart coming back to front something that carries on from ST09 (so sort of a ST4 in that regard but with a bigger name than a 4th JJ movie could ever hope for)… so its like the movie Trek is now available on Netflix in an extended more intricate and interesting form (I recently watched the first few eps of Discovery and have to say it was alot more interesting and exciting than Beyond) and its not just impersonations of TOS actors AND its set in the Prime verse not some mirrorverse where it dosnt really matter what happens as its just doppelgangers of the original prime versions its like who cares about ST4 and Thor and Pine fighting over who gets the bigger pay check? (think everyone knew fans, casual fans, paramount etc that that St4 would bomb)

in a way its sort of similar to what happened after STIV…you had TNG which maybe dented enthusiasm for STV (and that was before they even got into the 3rd season) as there was something near movie quality on tv every week..maybe Paramount looked back to see parallels to what and figured they didn’t want another ‘Final Frontier’ on their hands..(of course it then caused VI to raise its game and come back with an amazing movie that tied into the TNG series)

Too bad.
Other then STID the films weren’t really all that bad and the actors worked well together.
So I guess for now we’ll have to be pacified with just off center STD and it’s mash up of Star Trek.
Course there’s the creepy return of Picard series the TNG fandom has to look forward too.
At least these are online stories that’ll likely get lost on future generations of fans.

Well there is even more when you include the Short Treks in both live and animated form and the new animated shows. So there is a lot going on on the TV end and its nice to see Trek really taking animation seriously, my guess due to the success of the Star Wars shows.

Yay! No more Kelvin timeline madness, no more magic tribble blood and Beastie Boys and Spock/Uhura smooching! No more mechanical phasers or asinine storylines! This is the best Star Trek news I have heard in a while. Let’s put Star Trek to rest until Bad Robot, JJ Abrams and Kurtzman have been eliminated from the Star Trek universe of things. Most real Star Trek fans would rather have nothing than to have the abominations that have been made starting in 2009.

lol when you put it like that you’re right the KT is garbage! So many head-scratching choices made in that series…

@Overmind Unless you’ve done a survey of Star Trek fans, pls. speak for yourself.

@Jack yeah, anyone who uses the silly ‘real Star Trek fans’ argument loses credibility and outs themselves as ‘that kind of trek fan(boy)’. If you read one of these comments you read them all because they all say the same things since 10 years.

Time for the TNG reboot!

Yeah… I think if those characters had resonance that is where the KU would have goneto begin with. I honestly think that apart from cameos on the upcoming Picard show the TNG group is done.

1) i read that this morning before “it” hit the fan… i was like shelved? um that’s news

2) everyone’s reacting to the word “shelved” used by that writer of the deadline article… that and of course her taking this gig… but the word shelved is like a virus spreading throughout trekdom… it could have been something the deadline author just wrote not having any facts about… since paramount was bent on 2 upcoming trek movies i doubt it means the death of movie treks as some have speculated based on “shelved”… but obviously the lack of info since summer meant something was not up… now hopefully paramount is obliged to give fans an update

3) i vote recast the whole crew… save tons of money… then we get pavel back… sadly ditch the father meets son idea to deal with the throughline story of kirk and his dad… then jump right into tarantino trek being written by mark smith with a new cast

Just do the April era or the enterprise B C or F eras. Maybe wait till CBS and p are merged.

Clearly if they don’t want to pay Pine, he doesn’t want to take a pay cut and they don’t want to risk doing the film without him then it basically is shelved. What else would you call it if they aren’t going forward with the movie or at least looking for another actor to replace him? The director was hired back in March! It’s been 10 months and no movement since. Meanwhile the Picard show was announced just in August and it goes into production in April. That says it all.

Shelved doesn’t mean dead, but its not going forward until something changes. And the longer they wait the more complicated it gets with the rest of the cast. Another issue doing ensemble movies.

im just saying its one thing for paramount to officially say shelved and its another for a writer of one deadline post to write shelved… they both have meaning but one might be just superfluous language by a blog writer… OR someone at paramount said that to him. eventually we will have clarity… by your account anything that gets delayed is shelved… we know they are gonna make guardians of the galaxy 3 for example… is it shelved right now or delayed? now keep in mind i am not being snarky as these things can sometimes be misinterpreted

I don’t expect any official word from Paramount until they decide what to do next with Trek. That is (1) find some solution to the Chris Pine problem and move ahead with another KU movie or (2) decide to actually commit to the Tarantino movie or (3) develop a completely new strategy for Trek. I don’t think they will come out and officially confirm that Trek is dead for now but might be come back in some as yet unknown form at some point in the future.

Correct. Movie studios aren’t in the habit of issuing press releases about projects that never went to production. Films fail to get into production all the time, they just quietly fade off into the sunset.

Yep! Look at what Paramount did for the Terminator movies after Genisys failed. They had TWO Terminator sequels already green lit and with actual premiere dates for each. Did they announce they were cancelling the movies? Nope! Instead they just quietly dropped the dates of the sequels and sold off the franchise. To this day they never even commented on letting go of the franchise.


On a related note, I thought that your point might also apply to the 4 AVATAR sequels. The Wikipedia article has them still planned for release through 2025, with filming having already commenced on the first two. It’s a pretty impressive undertaking based on a remarkably hackneyed and forgettable original product.

Cygnus, I agree that the original Avatar was indeed 100% garbage. But a lot of people paid to see that garbage. Unfortunately. Which was why they kept making them. It’s the same reason we have lots of Transformers movies.


Yup. But, James Cameron is a great filmmaker. One of the greatest of all time, I’d say. And I expect more from him than the kind of low-brow pandering that AVATAR is filled with. After T2 and TITANIC, Cameron’s wealth must be enormous. He can afford to focus on the artistic and dramatic qualities of his movies, even if it means sacrificing box-office, not that it necessarily would. But, that should be his priority, if he has the sort of integrity as a filmmaker that I’ve always assumed him to have. AVATAR was far beneath him and his abilities, and I still don’t understand why he made it that way.

Well when your first film makes $2.7 billion they are going to roll that dice lol. Personally I think Cameron waited waaaaay too long to make a sequel to this film but I also remember telling myself I would be shocked if the first film did over $500 million before it came out. I guess the moral of the story is to never underestimate James Cameron.

Shifting gears a little, these upcoming Avatar sequels are an example of bailing on a franchise one doesn’t like early. That first Avatar was crap. So I’m going to avoid the sequels completely. I have no intention of visiting Avatar sites to whine about a franchise I never liked at any time ever. Now if I were in love with the first film and the 3rd one, for example, was crap, then I think it fair to continue watching as it was a franchise I was into. But to hate it from the outset and STILL be watching and following it makes no sense to me.


I’m right there with you. Unless I hear credible reports that the AVATAR sequels are unexpectedly good — a high RT score does not qualify, because all it typically means is that the movie is very likely to be watchable for most people — I’m not going to bother at all with them.

im expecting a big tv special for the announcement lol… oy vey… when it comes to 50 year old franchises no… paramount will tell us what’s going on at some point… or simon pegg or jj or take your guess… the new head of paramount announced the plans for the two movies… somewhere someone will give an interview or an update on the projects… it happens all the time… if there was never going to be another james bond or star wars movie i guarantee you someone would let the movie public know somehow… same for marvel… but that’s not the same as the cross your fingers we’re gonna have 2 more terminators if this one does well… all we have at this point (again) is one word from a blogger at deadline about a different story… everyone calm down… set phasers to relax… there’s not gonna be a press release but something about the next trek movie will emerge… and it wont be as a side matter of fact word in a blog post about something completely different

Everyone is calm.

All people are saying is it looks like they shelved the film, which seems to be true based on literally zero movement in the last year. Yes Paramount might mention it, they may not, but clearly at some point it will come out by someone.

But even the actors said they had no idea what was happening anymore and this was 1-2 months ago. I mean its not rocket science, Pine won’t budge, neither will they, movie is not happening until one of those factors changed, hence its shelved.

And no one is saying there will never be another Star Trek movie. Of course there will be, Paramount obviously wants to keep making them. We’re just talking about cancelling these set of films, not selling off the franchise. They probably just feel the BR ones don’t do well enough to justify another one and will come up with something else. Star Trek is too valuable for them.

But I have no doubt they will make more in time. It will just be under a new cast and set of producers IF the Kelvin films are truly done. And they may not be.

Star Wars was supposed to be done in 2005 but he-ho it returns in 2015.
I could see the TV shows take centre stage now for a while and then the movie franchise gets revived in 2026 or thereabouts; Star Treks 60th Anniversary.

So what happened to Quentin Tarantino’s project? Has that been shelved too?

The easy answer is…..dump Hemsworth from the movie, give Pine the money originally promised, tighten the budget on special effects and make a movie with a COMPELLING STORY for a change.
Nah, that makes too much sense!

That’s the direction I would personally go. But I’m a fan and while it sucks, I fully understand Paramount’s decision to shelve it.

Nothing has happened with it, therefore it hasn’t been shelved. Tarantino’s not available yet, so it’s too soon to even consider it to be in development purgatory. It’s a flexible project, not predicated on the availability of any particular cast. If Paramount has to reboot, this movie makes the most sense because they can put Tarantino’s name on it.

Cancelling the Chris-and-Chris-in-the-mornings movie is very likely GOOD news as far as the future prospect of a Tarantino Trek is concerned.

The Tarantino project is only at the point where a story is being hashed out. It hasn’t been shelved because there was never, ever any commitment beyond hiring a writer to flesh out a story. QT is busy with his Charlie Manson project, and will be for a couple more years. If he can then turn his attention to a Trek project, and make it for about 100MM, maybe we’ll see it in 2023. If not, my best guess is we’ll see a feature length Trek movie on Netflix or All Access. That seems to be where the talent is going these days, anyway.

Tarantino’s Manson movie comes out this year.

I think I made this suggestion before but how about having Netflix movies for Star Trek? Those seem to be quite popular these days and people talk about them constantly. I think a Netflix Trek movie might be successful.

Netflix put their money into Discovery. I don’t know if they are co-financing the Picard show as well. Why would they invest their money into a Trek movie if they can get 1 or even 2 full seasons of a TV for the same price?

Can’t say I’m surprised…

Got to hand it to you Phil, you and a few others called it! I never pretend I was one of them. I did change my tune but that wasn’t until after we heard Pine and Hemsworth walked away. From that point I was pretty certain it wasn’t happening after a few months passed.

Yeah, unfortunately a hallmark of internet reporting is to grab some nugget of truth (Paramount wants to make another Trek movie, which is true) then backfill the story with details that are nothing more then speculation. Add to that, the last two Trek movies were ripe with misdirection from BR itself – in the runup to the delay announcement for STID Orci was here frequently with updates about how everything was going along great…until it wasn’t. As long as Bad Robot is stirring the Trek movie pot, you just have to take anything they (or their talent, namely Simon Pegg – virtually everything he said in the last six months was bulls**t) say with a grain of salt.

Paramount will make another Trek movie. When, or what it looks like is anyones guess…and don’t bet the farm that the QT project is the next obvious choice. At best, that one’s a wobbler, too.

Knowing what we know about the last two films behind the scenes, I think Paramount has determined its just not worth going through the motions with these films. Beyond sounded really rough to make and they struggled so hard just to get it out for the anniversary just to see it fail probably let the air out of the balloon.

As you said it’s clear they WANT to make another or they wouldn’t be working on two different scripts at the same time but I think they are just questioning why do it if its not going to make a certain amount of money. I think all of them underperformed compared to their expectations, Beyond obviously.

We may still get one more Kelvin film but its looking worse and worse lol. Everyone is now citing the QT movie which is still possible but if its with the Kelvin crew it will be the same problems. I don’t think Pine cares who directs the movie, he wants to get paid what he’s owed. And if they recast they probably have to rewrite the movie because it’s going to be a reboot (again) of sorts.

I wish they took a pay cut and just did it for the fans.

Why? All actors do what they do for the fans, how does that, by itself, mean they shouldn’t get paid what they are worth? Be Chris Pines agent for a moment, with two offers on the table: Warner Brothers will pay me what I’m asking for Wonder Woman movies, and Paramount will pay me 60% less for Star Trek movies. All else being equal, he takes the money. His expenses don’t change because Paramount is pinching pennies.

Frankly, Clarkson traded up in getting that pilot instead of this movie. Good for her!

I’m okay with letting this series of films die. I enjoyed all three of them to one extent or another, but I’ve got no need for another one to ever happen.

How did she trade up? Because you think Game of Thrones is better than the Bad Robot Trek movies? It is generally said that the director has a lot more creative control on a movie than on a TV show. Plus, TV production is said to involve much more grueling schedules, giving everybody less time to get things done. She probably also would have made more money directing a big studio blockbuster than on a TV episode – even if it’s the pilot episode.

All this time i was holding out hope for another one-3 years! Damn, i just wish they made it happen. Star trek beyond was not great, i get that, but every franchise has one movie that doesnt do well. Star trek has to endure.

I’m not surprised they let go of that stupid Kirk’s dad movie tbh because it would be hard to still make that one without Kirk and his dad. I’d be surprised, though, if this means they can’t get another story that doesn’t need both actors, thus still plan another movie but with a different story and writers. They shelved the movie they couldn’t make but does that mean there are no other stories and movies to make?

It is sad for me because I’m a fan of these movies. I prefer them to Discovery and I’m not so excited about TV trek anymore right now for a number of reasons. They are getting over the top forced and desperate now and I fear it won’t end well so I don’t want to get invested and frankly, I don’t care about the new characters enough to waste my time worrying about their future. I will be a lazy fan with them like I had been up this point.
I think, regardless, that the movies have more potential not to mention a bigger audience than shows available only through paid streaming services. As someone who lives out of the USA, it seems to me that discovery is more talked about by americans than the rest of the world.

Before Pine lets this happen he should consider without the 3 movies he made his career was going nowhere. Trek raised his profile a lot so he should think deeply about that instead of holding out for the $3m extra salary (which is probably more than the rest of the supporting cast combined!). Even now Pine is not really sought after though apart from Wonder Woman he is not exactly swimming in A list roles is he!

The main reason I was looking forward to this, is that they might have released all of the original films (and especially 2, 3 & 4) on re-mastered 4K to coincide with the theatrical release.

When it comes to the Kelvin movies, I always liked the cast more than the actual movies. There were so many creative decisions that ultimately just felt forced or distracting: bad boy Kirk for the first two movies, Spock/Uhura melodrama, Beastie Boys garbage noise, Budweiser engineering set, etc.

I get that the needs of a studio tentpole movie are different from those of a TV show but the noise ratio was dialed up too high for my tastes most of the time. JJ Abrams just went overboard with his attempts to make Trek hip and accessible to a wider audience and the writing, especially in the first two, was never anything to write home about.

Each movie had its moments but all were ultimately less than the sum of their parts. It’s too bad this cast never was able to get paired up with a creative team that could really get the most out of them.

It’s okay… Close the Kelvin Timeline and create something in the original space-time… :-)

I kind of figured that paramount wanted the QT film so bad that they’d pony up the money for this one, just to get a pair of films out of The Kelvin Bunch.

Am wondering if that one is going away too — Par losing a QT film is a pretty huge goof (though IMO not as big creatively as the Bond people not embracing him for his unmade version of CASINO ROYALE – the bond films this century have been a godawful mess that practically killed my lifelong interest/obsession.)

I don’t think this hurts the QT film very much at all, which probably has a 50/50 likelihood of happening anyway. But if the Chris-and-Chris-in-the-mornings movie went forward, QT would have remained stuck in line behind a film Paramount had very little enthusiasm for.

An off-kilter Tarantino version of Trek would be very good for the franchise though.

I think this might actually make it more possible for the Tarantino film to actually happen. That will be the only one Paramount and the producers could concentrate on and as a result we can have a more focused film with a real “auter” filmmakers vision. I am definitely curious for what kind of a vision Tarantino might have for Trek.

I’m sad we’re not getting to see what Clarkson could do, I really think she is going to get something big and hit it way out of the park very soon, just wish it wasn’t a big fantasy thing like GoT.

Realistically, her TV resume’s probably too good for Kelvin Trek right now.

I feel a little bad for her, but I guess this is typical in Hollywood. It must’ve been exciting lined up for a big film and franchise and the first woman to do it only to watch it slowly fall apart. I’m sure other opportunities will come her way and I’m guessing directing the the GOT prequel is certainly not a bad gig lol.

All the Bond films so far this century have been mega hits… hardly a mess. Star Trek could learn something couldn’t it?

I haven’t fully enjoyed a new Bond movie since 1989, though QUANTUM had a few good moments in between all the ADD cutting, and there was maybe 5minutes of DIE ANOTHER DAY that was okay. In terms of storytelling this century’s Bonds are horrendous, st09 level. They even wrecked the fine template on CASINO ROYALE, which should have been idiot-proof, so this is about a guy who kills people to get their cellphone data, when they are professionals who should keep that info in their head.

It’s sad you haven’t enjoyed them but many of the critics and general movie goes clearly don’t agree. Me myself have enjoyed Craig’s films overall. Casino Royale is a fine debut. Bond films have always been about grand action set pieces so if you don’t like that then clearly you just won’t like them at all. And Skyfall is a worthy film befitting the 50th Anniversary, in a way Star Trek Beyond fails to come close to matching in 2016.


I did a mini Bond marathon over the holidays — THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. And I really enjoyed them. They’re not great movies, but they’re entertaining and charming. And the whole 1970s nostalgia goes a long way for me, too. Afterward, I looked up the box-office receipts for all of the Bond movies and was surprised at how unpredictable they were. Some of the movies that I enjoy most (like THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN) are far down on the list, while ones that I skip over (like MOONRAKER) are near the top. LICENSE TO KILL is dead last. The exercise reminded me of the box-office argument that is often put forward in defense of bad Trek movies: it did good box-office, so therefore it’s a good movie.

That would be a terrible decision to shelve 4. I don’t care what the box office says. Beyond, in my opinion, was the best of the reboots thus far. We finally got to see this new crew (All of whom are excellent in their roles), working together and not as rookies either. We need another movie with the same story telling & character development we saw in Beyond. Also…we don’t need another Time Travel plot…that just needs to stop for now.

They should 86 the idea of Helmsworth and bring Pine back & pay him. His version of James T. Kirk is spot on without doing a Shatner impression. You can basically say that for the rest of the cast.

It would be a bad decision to walk away from this now…there is still plenty of stories that can be told with this crew. They deserve at least one more movie.


While I think generally, I have liked the Kelvin timeline movies, especially 09 and Beyond, I am not exactly disappointed in losing this Trek 4. I think that 2009 and Beyond did enough to deal with Kirk’s feelings about George, that the announcement that George was coming back so Kirk could at long last face him was never needed. This was WAY more about how to we get Hemsworth into a movie than it was about being true to the story or Kirk’s character that he needed to deal with George Kirk.

Plus, it was foolish to think that you are going to get Hemsworth on a reduced salary, and as for Pine, I think it takes a lot of nerve for them to try and reduce what was agreed already on that too. Lastly, this story was one already ditched previously, was it not?

Leave Hemsworth out, and pay Pine what you said you would. Have Simon Pegg and Doug Jung write a new story, or bring forward the QT project.

If you need to bring in some unfinished Kirk business, bring back Alice Eve and put a child David Marcus in the story. Put them in danger where the ship must save them.


Definitely the wrong choice and it doesn’t even make sense from an economic angle. Yeah, Beyond did not so well if compared to ST09 or STID, but it was still lightyears ahead of any of the older movies. The KT movies are the only blockbusters Star Trek ever made…

What makes this even more frustrating: apart from MCU and DCEU, each and every blockbuster franchise out there has generated similar numbers over the last 3 years: 158 million domestically is not as bad as it looks for a Star Trek movie compared to…

Solo: 213 million
Crimes of Grindelwald: 160+ million
POTC 5: 172 million
Transformers 5: 130 million / Bumblebee: around 100 million
War of the Planet of the Apes: 146 million
Terminator 5: 89 million

We’re still talking about a Star Trek movie, that rakes in almost as much as a Star Wars movie, a Potterverse outing, Pirates of the Caribbean and more than two subsequent Transformers flicks!

What do they want? Apart from CBMs, big franchises are faltering momentarily, even within the Paramount line-up… Transformers is toast, and Tom Cruise won’t be able to churn out more MI movies forever.

Are we looking at the same box office totals?? Trek is pocket change in comparison to the revenue the last Star Wars trilogy movies made, and Solo was a fiscal flop. Beyond, as very best, was a break even proposition. The Bumblebee movie is a good example of the problem. Where Bumblebee is going to end up at WW revenue, Beyond would have had to have done more then 600 MM in revenue worldwide. No Trek move has ever done that, and Beyond did about half. That’s the hang up, Paramount wants a Trek movie at 100-135MM budget, and BR is adamant they need to be closer to 200MM. Hence, Trek 4 is canceled.

Most of the movies you mentioned made a lot more money internationally than Beyond did. So even if they didn’t perform very well domestically they still performed better overall.
Solo failed both domestically and internationally. Disney might “ignore” one commercial failure but I’m pretty sure they won’t just continue with business as usual if Episode IX doesn’t bounce back up.
Saying that Beyond made more than the old Trek movies (before ST09) is kind of meaningless because those movies also had much lower budgets. If Beyond had made its boxoffice on a budget comparable to the old movies we would probably have KT Trek 4 by now.

You left out all the international box office which is where studios make most of their money today! Many films can make up to 70% of their money abroad which POTC 5 did.

The ironic thing about your post is that the Kelvin movies were made with an international focus in mind the other Star Trek movies ever had. Thats A. Why they had the budgets they had B. Were in 3D and C. tried to appeal to China.

Unfortunately while the sequels did BETTER overseas wise, it still hasn’t been enough compared to bigger blockbusters and never caught fire like Paramount hoped.

Speak for yourself because I like a lot of the ‘older movies’. People rightly moan about Trek V but at least you had the Original Cast and the great chemistry inherent with that; It’s a fun diversion for me, even if the actual movie is not all that great story wise.

Pardon my cynicism, but I would have been more surprised to read that they were actually making headway concerning that film.

JJ’s Star Trek was like one of those fake Chinese iPhones. Looks the part but ultimately is shit.

Fake Chinese iPhones usually cost much less than the original.

I am disappointed about this. I don’t think Paramount and Bad Robot took advantage of the momentum and good will created by the 09 film. I think the recent Trek films are stronger than the new Star Wars films with the exception of Rogue One. I thought Into Darkness was cool. I had no issues with it. I understand all of the angst about it but I thought it was alright. Beyond was dope. It was the epitome of classic Trek. Elba’s character embodied a lot of those tragic beings with secrets that sometimes made it onto the show. This Trek spent a lot of time trying to please the original series fans and draw in a generation not bound by 40 years of stories and continuity. I think Beyond should have been a bigger movie. A more consequential installment.

I think its more than just money. I think its about direction. Creating a new universe is a great way to cut ties to the original but what are you going to do with it? I am not sure they mapped it out or if they did, they seemed to abandon those ideas. The new universe is its own reality. It is not bound to the original. A lot of purists wanted it to be but Discovery shut that down. I feel like they blew it. JJ got distracted by Star Wars and the creative team was always shifting. If Pine does come back, I could see him bowing out. I hope they figure it out.

I have to be honest and say that I won’t be too disappointed they don’t do another jjtrek movie. For the most part the others have been lackluster. I’m much more interested in the series that are coming around. In my opinion that is really where Trek can be Trek, the movies just turn into action movies in space.

One more thing. The death of Anton Yelchin really makes things difficult. He was amazing as Chekov. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to move on without him and respect what he did.

With all due respect to the late Mr. Yelchin, he and John Cho’s characters were secondary in all three movies. Outside of Kirk, Spock, and possibly McCoy you could jettison the rest of the cast and still have a serviceable movie.

This is a big thing as well. Yeltchins death sort of naturally puts a lid on this iteration for me. The other cast members have said his death really affected them, of course it would. Dieing so young at 27 is a massive shock as it is.

People are forgetting this film has been shelved and not 100% shot down. Paramount haven’t actually made any official announcement about it and until then everything is rumour.

I have mixed feelings about this. Beyond, in my opinion, was the best of the so-far rebooted trilogy. I would have also liked to have seen the nuEnterprise-A in action (and hopefully with no Budweiser parts in it, lol). I would have liked to have seen them attempt to rectify more of what was wrong in ST09 and STID with a fourth movie. (Not to say ST09 was bad, it was an OK movie, but not the “greatest thing since sliced bread” that the media made it out to be on its release).

Though I do have to say that DSC and perhaps the upcoming Picard series are more on my radar. DSC in my opinion is considerably better than at least ST09 and STID. And that’s doing well and I’m looking forward to the second season (though not as crazy impatient as some others are).

Looking forward to paramount cleaning the slate. Hopefully they pick a different era. Preferably no JJ or Kurtzman, bring in new blood

Unless the movie and TV divisions making Trek are merged together, CBS would probably try to block Kurtzman from doing movies for Paramount. That is if he would even be interested. He left the KU movies after Into Darkness and wasn’t involved in Beyond even when Orci was still set to direct.

The Hemsworth movie sounded terrible anyway. The movie with Tarentino at the helm sounds much more Trek like and exciting

I can probably agree with “more exciting” but how can the Tarantino movie sound “much more Trek like” when all that’s known about it is a rumor that Tarantino wants it to be R-rated?

I don’t mind, 3 movies was a good run. There are a ton of shows on the way, we don’t need to over do it, that’s what caused the situation in the early 2000’s.

For the record, it’s really Star Trek XIV right? This is the Kelvin universe BUT was split off from the Prime universe, so the first 9 movies still count as canon right?

This is the 4th movie in the new Kelvin universe series, which started with a movie in 2009 titled simply Star Trek. So this is the 4th movie in that new series. It’s shorthand used by the film trades when talking about this movie.

So yes the first 9 movies aren’t going anywhere, they’re part of the Prime universe continuity, which happily exists on its own.

This is terrible news. I loved these films and this cast. It’s a shame all the stalling in between these movies killed the momentum of the franchise. I have zero interest in seeing any Star Trek films without the original crew characters. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are the best- hands down. There would be no spinoffs without the originals.

Do you suppose Paramount will ever admit that it was their lazy and lackluster publicity campaign that is at least partly responsible for “Beyond’s” disappointing box office? In an era where Marvel and Star Wars movies start their push months out, Paramount gave barely a blip until two weeks before the movie opened. There was no buzz, no word of mouth, it was just suddenly in the theaters, and nobody knew anything about it except us hardcore fans who’d been following it on sites like this one.