Report: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Production To Start In July

Earlier today CBS officially announced that Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a third season on CBS All Access. A new report adds some details about the production.

Production starts in July

According to the industry trade newsletter Production Weekly, the third season of Discovery will begin production on July 8th, again at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, where the first two seasons of the show have been produced. At this point, there is no date specified for the end of production.

Filming for the first season, which had 15 episodes, ran for a bit over nine months. The 14-episode second season was in production for just over eight months. So far, there has been no indication of how many episodes are in season three, but we expect the standard order of 13, which was also the initial number for both of the first two seasons.

Pinewood Studios Toronto, home of Star Trek: Discovery

Writers already at work

The writers’ room took a break after finishing season two in December and then came back to work earlier this year. They’ve likely been at work pitching ideas since last month. At the Television Critics Association panel at the end of January, co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman said they had “big ideas” for the third season.

Today, after the official announcement of the renewal, the Discovery writers’ room Twitter account posted a whiteboard shot of “301,” signifying the first episode of season 3. The whiteboard is commonly where writing teams break new stories.

When will season three premiere?

There is no word yet on when the third season of Discovery is set to debut. Assuming a similar timeframe to the previous seasons, the new season could premiere around April of 2020. However, there are other CBS All Access shows to consider, as the streaming service likes to space out their original programming. CBS executives and executive producers for Discovery have also stated they want to create gaps between different Trek series. The new Picard show is set to debut in late 2019 and could end up running into early 2020. So a safe bet would be that we’ll see the third season of Discovery sometime in the second or possibly third quarter of 2020.

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“Hit it!”

What if…
Season Three introduces a new Captain: a Vulcsn, whom Discovery was supposed to pick up at the end of Season 1.

But the Vulcsn is actually a ROMULAN. Not that the Vulcans, nor the Federation, are aware of.

Could create some intrigue… Then again, between a possible Captain Saru, or the rescue/return of the good Captain Lorca, there’s other possibilities, too.

It’s probably too messed up to make this crew deal with another deceptive/evil captain. They’d probably all resign from Starfleet if that happened again to them.

I don’t think we will see a new captain in season 3

I don’t think it’ll be Pike again.

I still feel if Pike leaves, expect Saru to become captain. The response to him possibly becoming captain of the ship has gone over well with the fans and it would be the first alien captain that a Trek show has followed. Why not? The crew obviously respects him.

it would be boring though. I think they learned after season 1 they have to have a standard issue captain for the show to be successful

I used to think that. Not any longer since his new aggressive nature has shown itself. In fact, he could very well turn out to be an enemy in his 2nd stage of life. That last “Sound of Thunder” episode have suddenly given me tremendous doubts about Saru going forward.

I think Discovery had its fair share of people-who-are-not-who-you-think. They should stop using this device for a while…


We reach, brother.

I agree but they are totally making it look like they aren’t. Culber especially ought to be doubted in every way. And now even Saru is entering the mix due to the unknown of what he could become. It’s only a matter of time before he darts someone on the crew it seems.

Just because they were going to Vulcan doesn’t mean the captain was going to be a Vulcan.

So they (or only Michael?) visit Vulcan… I am curious if they are going to bring up that the captain they where supposed to pick up there is still on vulcan. It’s super odd that they would never even bring up his name… oO (but probably they did’t know who it will be / would have been when they wrote it and maybe still don`t know)

Yeah, I feel bad for whoever that was. Did they get a different, crappier command? Is their career in limbo waiting?

They should do a Short Trek showing that person finding out and the aftermath. LOL

That would be hilarious! I’d petition for that XD

If you think about it, it’s really kinda racist just to presume that every person from the MU is inherently evil (that’s mostly on the writers tho) XD and likewise with a secretly romulan heritage. I’ll just say “Justice for Simon Tarses!” here XD

really? You brought racism to a MU discussion?

Well on one hand I tried to do it in a satirical manner. But on the other hand, it could be an interesting and valid conversation to have, so…

I guess it’s more like a cultural racism thing. But also DISC told us there are obviously even biologically differences between MU-Humans and regular Humans (the eye thing).
So I am officially confused there, but don’t use that against me plz ;)

i got you. I guess its just the word itself

The MU is essentially ‘opposite land’. At least for humans. Good people are evil, evil people are good. That is, the serial killer in the prime is going to be a serial great guy in the mirror. The eye thing is just absurd and I do my best to ignore it.

The mirror 1701 must have been absolute torture to serve on.

It sure looked that way. Sulu and Chekov both made assassination attempts on Kirk. And both Kirk and Spock had body guards that shadowed them nearly everywhere. And they had “agonizers” and those pain booths. So yes. Torture.

I meant because of the lights. It was way too bright for their sensitive eyes

That was a goofy bit that Discovery created for themselves. But OK.

I think they should think about getting rid of the Michael Burnham character. She just doesn’t work. Her motivations are all over the place and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be identifying with her and, as a result, rooting for her, or if I’m supposed to want her to fail, which I often do.

No dice

I’m just looking forward to shorter gaps between the seasons of various Trek offerings.

I’m hoping to see DSC season 3 out quickly after the Picard show, and the Section 31 / Georgiou show right after that.

I’m uneasy about Lower Decks, although the quality of the Escape Artist Short Trek script is significantly reassuring.

I’m not sure they have the right people at all for the animated kids series. My kids never liked the kinds of products they made. If anything it was Odd Squad, and then TAS that were the entry point for them, and they are serious preteen Trek fans.

I kind of wonder what will we see first after Discovery season 3, season 2 of the Picard show or season 1 of Section 31? They said the latter won’t come until after Discovery third season the earliest but it doesn’t stop them from starting official production on it before season 3 airs either so it could actually come out next year.

And if Discovery starts in July and the Picard show starts in April, their productions will be filming at the same time. Can you say…….crossover episode? Just throwing it out there. ;)

But wow, its feeling like the 90s all over again lol. All these productions happening at once. Its exciting!

As far as Lower Decks, I’m in a wait and see mode. I’m not super excited about it being a cartoon but if they do something really interesting with it like set it in the 26th or something it could be a lot of fun.

Tiger2 Lower Decks is the Rick and Morty of Star Trek.

I don’t see a cross-over happening given Discovery is in production at Pinewood in Toronto, and Picard is committed to California since it obtained state funding.

Given the Section 31 sets are already in place at Pinewood, it seems like they are planning to produce it there. They are probably waiting for the scripts and the funding deals from the Canadian and Ontario funds before green-lighting.

I’m mostly joking about the crossover (for now ;)) but yes you’re right about Section 31. Because they are on the Discovery now, probably a lot of sets and story is being set in place. So they could probably start filming that this year as well and all three shows could be shooting this year. Crazy!!!

And the fact that they are shooting Discovery so soon probably suggests they want that out several months after the Picard show wraps.

Possibly the rumoured Starfleet Academy series.

Rumor was that would end up on CW

That wasn’t a rumor. That was just some fans speculating because CW has ties to CBS and CW has a reputation of making late teen/early 20’s type shows. Nothing came from CBS about it and in fact, the Academy show has yet to officially make it past the “talking about” stage.

While they will be shooting at the same time it will be in different countries. A full crossover seems unlikely but they could fly someone over for a cameo.

I was joking! Thats what the ;) was for.

But that said, these are big huge productions. If they want to fly someone from Toronto to L.A. to be on a show, I don’t think that would be an issue lol.

I’d wager the Picard show appears before S3 of Discovery. Have no idea when Lower Decks starts. But I’m looking forward to that show the most. And that is one I REALLY hope is set in the TNG/Picard time frame mainly because that is the era that feels most rife for humor. Plus the show runners seem to be more TNG fans so….

Great news! WHO is the Captain?

Pike is the captain. If the Enterprise is still broken after the Klingon war.

I hope it’s Captain Underpants.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaptain CAAAAAAAAAVEMAN!!!!!!!!

I’m in!

Captain Marvel!

Captain Obvious.

The brother of the sphere thing from “An Obol For Charon” … aka Captain Planet (ba dum tss)

Hmm. Just had a thought. What if, instead of Pike continuing for Season 3, we end up with Number One becoming captain of Discovery? I don’t think you elevate Saru, as much as I like him, but there have been times he has been downright belligerent and gone off half cocked.

Then if we make Reno Chief Engineer, we will have Saru, Culber, and Stamets, with a full crew of women only.

“Then if we make Reno Chief Engineer, we will have Saru, Culber, and Stamets, with a full crew of women only.”

And the problem there is what exactly? I mean, it’s not in any way accurate and there have been tons of other male characters on screen on Discovery, so I assume you mean in the main roles.

Nothing. The only one of the women I am not crazy about is Burnham, and that’s because she corrects Pike more than it seems like she did Lorca. Overall, I am ok with her character, and Sonequa Martin Green is fantastic. Tilly I have liked from day one, and am really happy we are getting more this year from Detmer. And Reno is the chief engineer we have always needed- Scotty’s genius, with the snark turned way up.

What we have seen of Number One was also good so far. I do think her different style, would clash more with the crew. Burnham and Saru getting shouty with Number One might get more reaction than Pike has given them. (I’d prefer any way possible to continue to have Anson Mount still in the lead role though. – or have the Enterprise with Pike be a sixth series. Even if they only did 6 eps a year of a Pike show, that would be good.

All I can say is…. YAYYYYY!!!!

Why don’t Detmer’s injuries from the Battle of the Binary Stars heal? We just learned that Culber chose to keep one scar, meaning doctors fixed everything else that happened in a 15-meter fall onto some rocks. Detmer’s metal bandaids are visually interesting, but 23rd century medicine should have fixed her by now.

Those are implants to augment the damage parts. Plus it makes her look hot.

works for me

I think of Geordie LaForge. Maybe it is a permanent damage even for 23th century standards. People always complain about Disc to be too advanced. But I think having some medical conditions who can’t be repaired (but could possibly repaired in the 24th century) is a nice indicator of the limits of 23th century tech.

Maybe its even a injury that could be healed with genetic engineering and/or (re)growing organic components, but it is prohibited (as we all know is a thing in Earth/Federation history/law).

The implication for me was that those were major wartime injuries that aren’t going anywhere; if it weren’t for 23rd century medicine she just would have died. My father suffered those kind of injuries in Korea, so I can appreciate what living with them must be like.

I had assumed that Detmer’s hostility towards Burnham over getting maimed for life would be followed-up on, but of course it wasn’t. Maybe they thought doing that would be a little obvious and melodramatic, but it still felt like another missed opportunity to me.

Detmer seems to be doing ok at the DISCO party.

Yeah I catched that too XD

@Michael Hall: Yes, that one screams missed opportunity…

They touched on her disdain for Burnham briefly in S1. Then it seemed to get resolved off screen though some sort of magic. Same with Burnham being a “pariah”. Gone by episode 5.

It seemed more like the shock of seeing her on the Discovery.

Looked like anger to me.

Me too. I thought that was going to be a story line between them and then it was just dropped. I can’t remember if they even had one exchange of dialogue for the rest of the season.

“Magic” as in “talking it out”, maybe?

Whatever it was, it happened quickly and beyond the view of the audience.

Like a lot of things do….

Guess they need to do a show where this pair get caught in a dead turbo-lift together for an extended period in order to really hash things out, like s5 MOONLIGHTING finally did with David & Maddy after the miscarriage. Then again, I guess in TREK they use dead shuttlecraft for these kinds of things, don’t they?

Not for major plot or character developments. Even the bad shows try to make that available to their audience.

So season 3 starts production in July. Maybe season 3 is released next summer after the Picard show is done. I predict the Picard show comes out in September or October. Star Wars and Disney+ is December. I like they want space between Star Trek shows to avoid Star Trek fatigue like Star Wars fatigue. The Nickelodeon Star Trek kids show should be Canon. Lower Decks sounds like Rick and Morty. We are in a Star Trek golden age!

Good point about Star Wars and Disney+. I was thinking about that as well the other day they could be gearing up for the Picard show so soon because Disney+ is going to be a huge force and they already announced the first new Star Wars show will premiere on it. They haven’t given a specific date for it yet but I’m guessing October or November. Picard show could also premiere around the same time. This is why AA has to step up. I have AA but I would drop it in a hot minute if I had to choose between it and Disney+ lol. Star Trek is the ONLY thing that is keeping most people’s interest right now. Meanwhile every week, Disney is constantly announcing some crazy new show or movie for their site. They announced an All Disney Villains TV show like a day ago.

As for season 3 of Discovery, I’m thinking maybe a bit sooner like Sping, April or May. I’m guessing they want about 2 months between the shows but not too much a distance, assuming Picard wraps up by February or March.

They tried that villains kids show. I didn’t like it

Regarding Disney+, I’m going to see if any friends of mine are going to get it and see if they’d be interested in sharing. Otherwise, I’ll wait a bit, get it during a slow month for everything else, and watch what I can from it for that month. Then can it.

Have they mentioned the price point for Disney+?

I haven’t heard of investigated myself.

Star Trek needs to avoid Star Wars and Disney in general. Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

If you were Kurtzman, some fans would say “go to hell”… if you were Kurtzman.

Ha! Good one, Salvador.

There both streaming channels, people can watch both whenever they want.

Luckily that’s just an opinion,lol! I like both and don’t think one is better than the other. Yes,believe it or not,it IS possible! I also like Spider-Man!

My tuppence worth :

There is no Star Wars film as good as the Wrath of Khan and there’s no Star Trek film as bad as Attack Of The Clones.

Also The Kelvin Universe films are still better than the SW Prequels. ***

Also – this doesn’t apply for everyone but I think *generally*

Both franchises – the 2nd movie is generally considered the best ( Khan & Empire )

and the 5th movie ( Frontier, Clones ) is generally considered the worst.

*** No matter what you think of STID – it only really failed in the script dept. The acting, pacing, action, cinematography and VFX were all top notch. Attack Of The Clones is just a bad film through and through.

To me, Last Jedi is worst. Clones is bad, but not as annoyingly, infuriatingly bad as Last Jedi, a movie that wasted so much great talent on a spectacularly bad script.

But Last Jedi is still a fresh, horrid memory. It’s been a while since I subjected myself to the prequels.

I loved Last Jedi. I can’t wait to see the next one.

Agreed about it being just an opinion because although I like Star Wars even as a kid in the 70s I always prefered Star Trek

I was never a Spider-Man fan until I starting playing that PS4 game. What a great game.

I’m not a gamer,but that game ALMOST made me buy a PS4,lol! Looks like great fun! And love the fact that Spidey Into The Spider-Verse nabbed an Oscar for best animated movie!

It’s a really fun game. I heard about that Oscar win, good for them. I’m going to rent the movie when it comes available.

I also love the fact that Chris Pine is Spidey in it….kinda,lol! If I ever get a PS4,that Spidey game is the first game I’ll get.

I didn’t know he was in the movie. He’s everywhere except on Star Trek. LOL

I don’t watch the SW cartoons, so just going on the movies:

I completely disagree. The Last Jedi followed up by Solo make Nemesis, ST5, and Into Darkness look like Academy Award best pictures.

And then the Prequels were awful too.

If you could just take Episodes 3.9, 4 & 5 – you do have a really have an excellent set of movies easily on par, or perhaps beating Treks best 3 movies.

You should watch the cartoons, they’re pretty fun. I haven’t seen the new one yet, but I plan to watch it soon.

Resistance is geared for a younger audience than Rebels and Clone Wars. Be prepared for that.

Yeah, but it’s still fun.

Star Wars is better science fantasy but it’s definitely not better science fiction than Trek

They’re all fun sci fi.

Vulcan leaves the Federation, Star Trek version of Brexit in the Picard show. The Romulan Empire is destroyed by the supernova. Romulan refugees invade the Federation, starting a refugee crisis. The aftermath of the Dominion War. The Borg want revenge. Klingons invade Romulan territory. The Picard show opens up new opportunities for Star Trek. Trump like character in Star Trek and so much more.

Throw the Cardassians in there somewhere and you have a full scale crisis lol.

And some people call the 24th century ‘boring’. Uh, OK.

Boring? Only in the executions and the resolutions. And a lot of the characterizations.

But c24 is also where DS9 (good thing) takes place, and if you pulled together all my favorite characters from that era — Garak, Eddington, Yar’s sister, middle years Dukhat, plu maybe a framed or disgraced Jellicoe — and put them on a freighter (after declaring replication was bad for space-time, so you could go back to running out of supplies instead of living off magic-box tech), you’d have something close to the ideal TREK series I’ve been envisioning since the 80s when I was wishing Kirk & co had stayed renegade and kept flying the BoP.

It’s easier to spend money on strange new worlds when you’re not having to keep depicting San Fran and mushroom space docks and all the Starfleet/Fed infrastructure, plus it cuts down on all that screen time spent revisiting all that kind of stuff, so you can put it into the characters. I know, nearly 35 years since that ship sailed (or sank), but even so …

We just have to agree to disagree Kmart! :) And yes DS9 is what I’m mainly talking about and exactly why its my favorite show today.

But I know you’re not happy with most Star Trek.

😴 Total Snoozefest

The 23d is where it’s at.

Yes. Picard sees the fruits of his entire life’s work go to hell in a handbasket. Calls the Borg Queen and says “Take me back!”

I actually think that may be what happens. It would also be interesting because in Kurtzmans Countdown Picard has become the Vulcan Ambassador.

With the loss of Romulus I think they are going to travel to Vulcan as their ancestral homeworld, triggering reunification. Where I am uncertain is if the Vulcans will welcome or oppose the refugees. That could trigger their leaving the Federation as they are either forced to accept refugees against their wishes (the Vulcans did refuse to help during Hobus), or the Romulans begin to assert dominance and it becomes the Capital of a new Confederacy of Vulcan in parallel to the Federation.

“With the loss of Romulus I think they are going to travel to Vulcan as their ancestral homeworld, triggering reunification. Where I am uncertain is if the Vulcans will welcome or oppose the refugees. That could trigger their leaving the Federation as they are either forced to accept refugees against their wishes”

I suggested something similar here a few weeks ago — except I think the Vulcans may want to *welcome* the refugees, but this will be blocked by opposition from some influential Federation politicians (possibly also swathes of the general population), resulting in Vulcan seceding from the Federation.

It makes more sense to me that Vulcan would rather have nothing to do with the Romulans and have no desire to welcome their more “passionate” cousins. Whereas I would guess the UFP would disagree and be more welcoming to the few displaced Romulan refugees. This is what could cause a Vulcexit. Which, let’s be honest, is the obvious part of the story to take. And, if we continue to be honest, is a little lazy.

Actual Vulcexit needen’t be shown at all, just show the cultural stresses, strains, and political ramifications leading to the possibility of Vulcexit. There’s plenty of turf to be mined there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Picard’s mind-melds with Sarek and later with Spock might play into a storyline.

Picard seemed to know when Sarek died, suggesting and entwining of their katras.

While the meld with Spock wasn’t as lengthy, the motivation was to give Spock access to Sarek…perhaps Picard does then also carry some of Spock’s katra.

So, I’ve been wondering what Picard would experience when Spock went over to the Kelvin timeline and back in time.

Does Picard feel driven to complete Spock’s efforts towards Unification of the Romulans (that remain) and Vulcan?

And in terms of cross-over, does Picard carry any of Spock’s other regrets from the 23rd century in the prime timeline?

Interesting notion – I recently revisited most of the essential vulcan/romulan episodes from TOS, TNG and DS9 to kinda prepare for the coming series (I can’t get myself to watch nemesis tho XD).
And I almost forgot how intertwined Picard actually is with the late Spock ark.

I know it was mentioned somewhere in the comment section before, but looking at what is happening in DISC (ot STD? XD) – with Spock, Sarek etc. – some kind of crossover between DISC and the Picard series connected through the events shown in ST 2009 (or just through some vulcan mind gymnastics) is not even that far fetched…

You should check out Nemesis. It’s amazingly better than the Spock Reunifacation episodes from TNG. It’s better than any episode of the series, in fact. Do yourself a favor. Check it out!

While I think Nemesis is often unfairly maligned, I can rattle off a dozen TNG episodes that were better…Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Best of Both Worlds, The Inner Light, All Good Things…

But yes, Unification 1 and 2 were mediocre at best. All sizzle and no steak.

None of the TNG you mentioned can hold a candle to the quality of Nemesis. Yesterday’s Enterprise, while watchable, was merely above average. Both Worlds was as good as TNG got but Nemesis held the greater impact. Inner Light was a good TV episode. But the repercussions of the event were completely ignored. And don’t get me started on All Good Things. Talk about all sizzle and no steak. Colossal disappointment.

I enjoyed Nemesis and i think it was able to lay the groundwork of where Federation and Romulan relations were headed. If after 20 years Romulus and the Federation were in good standing and Picard played an integral part in establishing that relationship the destruction of Romulus would be devastating him. It would be a loss due to a natural disaster, not from war or conflict.

This has the potential to be an amazing show. Fingers crossed.

In the first season of Discovery, there was a group of vulcan logic extremists – but barely explored it. I can´t shake the feeling they may have tried to lay the groundwork to exactly something like this – a brexit allegory angle. If they don´t revisit this in Disc, maybe it will play out in the Picard show, with the groundwork that some isolationist movements existed in vulcan society at least since the 23th century…

I think they`ll have to choose if they want to go with that on “Picard” OR “Discovery”, because both would be too much for my taste.

Well, for the most part, Vulcans have been isolationists. The Intrepid was an all Vulcan crew. Every other ship in the fleet is species diverse, but the Intrepid is Vulcan’s only. Spock and sometimes T’Pou and Sarek are the only non-dick Vulcans we have ever seen. The Vulcan Science academy is nearly closed to all non-Vulcans – likely allowing just the limited few which the Federation has likely demanded the accept. So having a Vulcan brexit would not at all be a stretch.

And the T’Kumbra was an all Vulcan ship in the 24th Century

Wasn’t Sisko’s captain at Wolf 359 a Vulcan?

Indeed he was – good catch!

You are very right there about the Vexit ;) … it’s strange – in my head canon, it’s always been the relationship between Vulcan and Earth that made the Federation possible – the humans representing the (inevitably) emotional part and the spirit of going boldly but sometimes too hotheaded intro the unknown – and the Vulcans as the rational, more reserved but ultimately balancing counterpart.*
For me, Earth alone would maybe even have done some severe mistakes in the 22nd and 23rd century.
(I may have to revisit Enterprise through that lense, i’ve got a feeling they played that out a bit).

I guess my head canon is actually a bit contradictional to what we have seen on screen over the decades (and lately on DISC) oO

*speaking of that, I think that the fate of Vulcan in the Kelvin-Timeline would have severe repercussions on the political landscape of the federation and the alpha quadrant (an imbalance so to speak) – but they never really had any interest in exploring that i guess

I like “head canon”. I would say in my head canon (instead of IMO, it is IMHC) – the Vulcans are only part of the Federation because the other two founders – Earth and Andor, the Vulcan’s don’t trust – and combined Andor and Earth could conquer Vulcan. Do the Vulcan’s believe they receive anything of value by membership? No.. Like the Kaylons, the Vulcans have a strong sense that they are superior to all other races – why would they need Andor or Earth? But they need to be the third seat at the table to ensure their freedom and autonomy.

My thinking was that, especially in the early days, while there was some alien crossover the star fleet ships were manned mostly by the same group of aliens. Hence the Intrepid being primarily Vulcans. I’m sure there were primarily Andorian and Tellerite ships as well. But over time, that became less and less of a thing.

That Vulcan captain from that DS9 baseball episode have an all Vulcan crew. Seemed pretty weird they would give a ship to a Vulcan like that.

and the Federation builds a wall around Earth! JUST KIDDING, but I bet they do bring in current political strife, Brexit and immigration etc.

“We will built a Neptune Defense Perimeter and Romulus is gonna pay or it!” XD
“They’re bringing romulan ale. They’re bringing forced mind melds. And some, I assume, are good people.”

That’s my hope! Not because its ‘political’ but because its relevant to today and thats the kinds of stories I love about Star Trek. I know some complain it can come off one sided and they are right but it should still be tackled IF they are going a more political direction on the show.

I think you’re close but it’s more likely that the Romulans attempt to settle on Vulcan (not invade) and the Vulcans are resistant in allowing them to do so. Despite Spock’s best efforts, reunification was never realized.

I don’t think the Borg will factor in but we may see resistance as a whole to the plight of Romulan refugees.

That would be really interesting if the story are about Romulans who want refugee on their former planet and turned away. They can do so much with that!

I said this before though but for some reason it would bother me everything Spock tried to do in hopes of unification would be undone, especially given he pretty much gave his life to help the Romulans. But it would be a great story too.


Still fingers crossed for that William Shatner cameo!

Puts a new spin on ” … and the horse you rode in on!” when you have Shat and Stewart together.

If it goes down that Shatner does BIG BANG but never does TREK, it will always seem weird to me, almost like if he had cameo’d in GALAXY QUEST (you have to admit, if they had motion-captured Shatner with his trademark melodramatic style of movement and applied that to the rock creature, it could have been hysterical. Imagine a group of rocks organized into a flying kick, or boxing Tim Allen’s ears. If you just motion-sampled Kirk’s running from ARENA and SHORE LEAVE, you’d have a representative hokey look to work from, too, with the arms up in the air. I remember that as a teen in the 70s, I shot some film off the TV of Shatner running and striding 1st season, and then dubbed ‘walk like a man’ onto the soundstripe of the film, and it was a serious hoot.)

I think the real interesting thing will be, that if Orville gets a Third season (always a risk with Fox) – I’d bet on a Shatner episode in the future on that show.

Maybe bring him out in part 2 tonight as the Union computer destroyer, and he can defeat the Kaylons. Nobody could defeat computers like Kirk!

Help me, help me, help me, help me! Haha I saw that scene from Return of the Archons the other day and it still make me chuckle.

Spock: Congratulations, Sir. A dazzling display of logic.
Kirk: You didn’t think I had it in me, did you Spock?
Spcok: No sir.

There’s been a lot of great Star Trek over the years but there’s no replicating the dynamic between Kirk and Spock.

I’ve seen some Kirk and Spock fan fiction that says different. 😆

I could see Kirk showing up on Disco but it wouldn’t be the Shat

Yeah I fully expect they’ll bring a young Kirk in at some point, and the rest of the main TOS crew in some capacity. It’s inevitable.

At this point in Discovery Kirk has been brooding about losing his landing party to that blood cloud for about a year.

Good call, ML. “Obsession.”

He lost half his ship to it, not a landing party. He was in the phaser control room on Garrovick’s ship.

Good memory. I thought it was Kirk’s first shot at leading the landing party. When he fired at it, it was on the planet. I did not recall shipboard stuff in that part of the Kirk backstory for ‘Obsession’.

OBSESSION has always been one of my faves – one of the first time I ever made a list, it was #3 after BALANCE OF TERROR and DOOMSDAY MACHINE or IMMUNITY SYNDROME AND DOOMSDAY MACHINE. I think Ionly gave up on reading the trek novels regularly after they killed off Garrovick’s kid in one in a stupid throwaway manner (I believe this is during the period when Richard Arnold was messing with the PocketBooks content.)

I mean, they pushed the boundaries with a black and a female captain in the past. What really would be progressive … to have an actual Alien as captain. That was explored very little, and it almost strikes me as a bit “speciesistic” to have mainly humans in leading positions ;D

Maybe you all think of Saru now. I think I would like that perspective. At the same time, I feel that Saru has to undergo a great deal more of development for that. At the moment he is an interesting yet unstable character, a bundle of contradictions and tends really to act irresponsible in my view.

The other thing they may aim for in the long run is making Michael Captain. But I really don’t feel that. In my view, she is at least as unstable as Saru.

Good call. It was already said the new captain was “on Vulcan” (so presumably a Vulcan) but it would be neat to see an Andorian, Tellarite, or some other non-Human.

Shran on Enterprise showed that an Andorian captain could be a lot of fun.

It showed that Jeffrey Combs as a captain is fun. I don’t care if he plays an alien or a human, I just want Combs as the new Captain.

It would be fun to see a Short Trek with Combs playing every role. Weyoun and Brunt and Shran in a time-travel caper of some kind maybe.

It was revealed that if there was a 5th season Shran would be made a part of the Enterprise crew. Wouldn’t THAT have been fun?

I mentioned in another thread that I believe they learned their lesson from the first season that they need a traditional Captain as one of the leads

Prediction: Although I’m leaning towards the Red Angel being future Burnham, it may well turn out to be future Tilly. The character is already undergoing significant personality changes; this matches my previous suggestions that Season 2 initially exaggerated her irritating “Tillyness” in order to contrast this with the far more serious person she would ultimately become.

The whole thing may include some further foreshadowing: Tilly has very long red hair. So…”red hair” = red angel? ;) Too obvious — or is that a deliberate clue by the writers?

If Kirk is going to turn up on DSC, I think the best option would be to use cleverly edited footage from TOS (as I suggested for Spock before Mr Peck’s casting was announced). But if they absolutely *must* re-cast the role, the closest physical match is actually Armie Hammer. The guy really does look very similar to TOS Kirk. His voice is more like Jon Hamm, but a bit of coaching could make it more Shatneresque.

The only major issue is that Hammer is much taller than Shatner! But some CGI or cleverly framed shots could hopefully fix that problem on-screen.

The striking physical resemblance is definitely there, though. Not too old to play someone around 26/27 either (or however old Kirk is supposed to be at this time). Popular actor too. So, Hammer would be my first choice.

Interesting choice, although I think Hammer would be better as Kirk’s brother “Sam”.

Didn’t Shatner play Sam as well?

Yup. That’s why I laughed like I did.

I love this comment and I love you for writing it.